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Funny / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 5

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"They told me not to do anything memeworthy! BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN!"

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    The Cutie Map 

  • Spike pretending to be a giant and stomping on a model map of Equestria, leading to this:
    Pinkie Pie: (seeing a model of her family's rock farm) Hi, Mom and Dad!
    (Spike steps on the model of the rock farm. Pinkie Pie bursts into tears.)
  • Almost all the Mane Six declare they'll go to the spot on the map. Then they realize Fluttershy hasn't spoken yet and all look right at her. She then suggests that she stay behind with Spike... only for Spike to reveal that he and Big Mac are going to spend the day talking about "hoofball" (complete with a foam finger and soda hat), which immediately prompts the very feminine and very non-athletic Fluttershy to change her mind.
    • Even better: Spike has gems in his soda hat!
  • Everytime Rainbow Dash mentions/hears danger.
    Twilight: It could be dangerous...
    Rainbow Dash: YES!
  • Pinkie Pie leading the group into the mysterious town, zipping under rocks before hiding under a massive boulder... which then falls on her, and she edges it away.
  • During the town's "I Am" Song, Fluttershy starts bobbing her head to the rhythm. Cue Pinkie giving her a Death Glare and meaningfully shaking her head.
  • Rarity almost pukes at the sight of dull brown cloaks being advertised as "fashion".
    • We also have her initial reaction; she screams "WHAT IN THE NAME OF EQUESTRIA IS THAT!?" before we even get to see the cloaks, making it sound as though she had just witnessed some horrible monster or a murder or something.
  • Sugar Bell reading off the menu. They have "muffins..." Cue long Beat.
  • While it's rather chilling too, the cast trying to be themselves without their cutie marks is Black Comedy for this show.
    • Rarity despairs that she can't tell if the curtains where they're being held prisoner are tacky or not!
    Fluttershy: Well, I think they look nice.
    (Rarity's equal mark throbs, and she bursts into tears)
    Rarity: So do I!
    • Applejack can't make any "countryisms" and struggles to think of one.
    • Pinkie has her enthusiasm struggling to be dampened, eventually leading to this:
    Rainbow Dash: (talking about the despondent Party Favor) This guy's a barrel of laughs.
    Pinkie Pie: (deadpan) Laughs don't come in barrels. They come from inside you as your body's response to delight.
    (Cue Rainbow, Applejack, Twilight and Rarity all staring at Pinkie with confused expressions)
  • Fluttershy's reluctance to pretend to be brainwashed into Starlight's way of thinking:
    Fluttershy: I hate to lie to them... they've been so welcoming and friendly. Aside from locking us in here and trying to brainwash us into abandoning the things that make us special...
  • After Fluttershy pretends to be converted to the town's way of thinking she's living with Starlight... before night falls and she pops out of the chimney.
  • While on top of the roof of Starlight's house, Fluttershy wills herself to head for the vault. We get a small time skip to Fluttershy walking as she figures she must be getting close... until the camera pans down and we see she's not even off the roof yet.
  • Fluttershy throws a bucket of water at Starlight to expose her cutie mark. Starlight just steps aside and the water splashes on the ground. Oops.
  • After being exposed, Starlight's blatant hypocrisy can come off as hilarious. She's obviously bragging about her superiority at this point.
    Starlight: It's my magic that makes all this possible! You'd all still be living your miserable lives thinking you're better than everypony else if it weren't for my magical abilities! I brought you friendship! I brought you equality! I created harmony!
  • In the midst of Starlight's Villainous Breakdown, Twilight makes yet another speech about The Power of Friendship, leading to a hilarious Shut Up, Kirk! showing that Twilight is not used to her speeches being interrupted and that Starlight is clearly unhinged.
    Twilight Sparkle: Everypony has unique talents and gifts, and when we share them with each other, that's how rea—
    Starlight Glimmer: (vein-poppingly furious) QUIET!!!
    (Twilight stares in flabbergasted silence)
    • A bit of Freeze-Frame Bonus. While the rest of the Mane Six look shocked and intimidated by Starlight lashing out, Rainbow just looks perplexed.
  • Rarity's attempts to batter down a door.
  • When everypony bursts into Starlight Glimmer's house to chase after her, Applejack takes a moment to knock over a pitcher and break it, with a smirk on her face.
  • Pinkie Pie after eating all of Sugar Belle's disgusting muffins. Not only does she practically roll down the stairs after gaining a Balloon Belly, we get this line:
  • As Double Diamond welcomes the Mane Six to the town, in the background Party Favor can be seen staring at Rarity, creeping her out.
    • Double Diamond himself spends the entire first episode way too close to her for comfort as well. At one point, Rarity takes a step back, only to end up with Diamond's muzzle stuck inside her ear. Even better, he doesn't react to it at all, and keeps his same creepy perpetually-smiling expression the whole time.
    • Double Diamond's behavior after getting his Cutie Mark back is rather amusing too; it turns out that his position as The Dragon and faux-sinister nature is the result of having his personality deluded by Starlight's magic. Once restored to his normal self he turns out to be a Surfer Dude.
  • Party Favor's true special talent is both this and incredibly awesome. He can make seemingly anything, ranging from working binoculars up to a bridge, using BALLOON ART!
    • When he makes the binoculars, Pinkie Pie grabs them herself and looks through them. She loves them immediately.
  • Fluttershy seems to have issues with the show's creators: "Even Tweets don't make sense anymore!"
  • When the ponies start chasing Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash attempts to fly after her at full speed, but since she's still without her cutie mark she instead perfectly matches pace with the other members of the Mane Six — who, similarly hampered by the lack of their cutie marks, can only manage a slow trot. Starlight and the village ponies quickly leave them in the dust.
    Rainbow Dash: Oh come on!!!
  • When the Mane Six make plans to go inside the restaurant, they determine that Pinkie Pie has to eat all of the terrible muffins that they've been served. Cue a freaking dramatic zoom on the muffins complete with ominous music.
  • It's supposed to be really creepy, but there's something rather hilarious about Starlight's brainwashing spiel, especially since she's basically saying the same thing in different ways.
    In sameness, there is peace. Exceptionalism is a lie. Free yourself from your cutie mark. Choose equality as your special talent. Difference is frustration. To excel is to fail. Be your best by never being your best. Conformity will set you free. Accept your limitations, and happiness will follow. You're no better than your friend.
  • In the middle of the Mane Six's argument about the town, some of the villagers cover the foals' ears as if they were George Carlin.

    Castle Sweet Castle 
  • Twilight Sparkle intentionally kicking Angel Bunny into the mud. He then becomes all floofy after being washed.
  • Fluttershy trying as politely as possible to tell Twilight to go home by making an exaggerated yawn.
  • Fluttershy gets locked out of her own cottage.
  • Pinkie made pancakes for her friends for a breakfast party in Twilight's castle and tells them she lost a spoon in the batter in the process. Which she later coughs up.
    • After being told this, Rarity starts telekinetically inspecting each of her pancakes.
  • Everyone at the table is eating pretty much how you'd expect a horse to eat.. except Rarity, who uses silverware, with her magic.
  • Twilight falls asleep in her chair during the pancake breakfast, eventually falling into her pancakes and snuggling into them like a pillow.
    • "I'm pancake! I mean, awake..."
      • And she has a pancake impaled on her horn when she wakes up.
    • Which, when Rarity removes it, is promptly eaten by Pinkie, who pops up from under the table in a sudden "Jaws" shoutout.
      • The fact that neither Rarity nor Twilight respond to that. Once again, everyone's become so used to Pinkie Pie's randomness that they just don't acknowledge it anymore.
  • "I'm saying this with love, but... have you looked in a mirror lately?"
  • Somewhat unsurprisingly, Spike sleeps with a plushie of Rarity.
  • Rainbow Dash's idea of generosity filtered through her egotism is truly a marvel to behold.
    Fluttershy: Are these your trophies?
    Rainbow Dash: I prefer to think of them as everypony's trophies, but with my name permanently etched onto them.
  • This little exchange:
    Rarity: [sniffs one of quilts brought by Applejack and heaves] Are these quilts vintage?
    Applejack: Nope! Just old.
  • Bulk Biceps busts through the wall of the spa as the masseur to give Spike a massage. When he takes Spike out of the room (By carrying him in between his pectoral muscles), he smashes through the wall again.
    • Even better, the dialogue implies this a regular thing with him.
    • Also Spike's This Is Gonna Suck expression upon realizing Bulk will be the one to massage him.
  • Fluttershy going Deadpan Snarker on Pinkie Pie about the confetti cannons is something that must be seen to be believed. Also quite cathartic after "Filli Vanilli."
  • Pinkie Pie's confetti cannons; so well hidden even she doesn't know where they are and when they're gonna shoot.
  • The Mane Five's utter relief at Spike breaking the ice over how bad the throne room looks so none of them have to do it.
  • When reminiscing over the library, Pinkie suddenly shouts "Remember that time it got BLOWN UP TO SMITHEREENS!?" with a giant Slasher Smile on her face.

    Bloom and Gloom 
  • In each of Apple Bloom's dream sequences, background items get weirder and weirder:
    • During Apple Bloom's wake-up calls, the Rooster is normal, but then it lays an egg. Then instead of a rooster crowing, it's Pinkie Pie in her chicken costume from "Luna Eclipsed" floating by on some balloons.
    • Similarly, the Apple Family's breakfast gets progressively stranger. First it's a normal pancake breakfast, then it's something Pinkie Pie would eat, then it's a chocolate cake.
      • Said scene with chocolate cake also has fish in a fruit punch bowl.
    • In one of the dream sequences, Apple Bloom gets continuously changing cutie marks, one of them being Apple Bloom herself. And it WINKS TO THE CAMERA.
  • During the first dream sequence, the elderly pest control pony that tutors Apple Bloom is such a Deadpan Snarker it has to be seen to be believed. Highlights include when he says "Anypony with a trombone can get rid of parasprites", and his remark when Apple Bloom keeps questioning him on his previous statements:
    Pest Control Pony: You're going to need to stop repeating everything I'm saying and pay attention if you're going to learn anything.
  • When Apple Bloom gets electrocuted, you can briefly see her skeleton, and in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, you can see that in her stomach there's something apple shaped. Truly making her an Apple to the core.
  • Apple Bloom's ridiculous derp-eyed dolphin cutie mark in her third dream. Better yet, we're given absolutely no explanation what it means.
  • Luna shows Apple Bloom what Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are dreaming, surprising Apple Bloom. Luna sums up "It's been a busy night for all of us." No kidding.
  • Scootaloo's nightmare has her going down a huge jump ramp on her scooter when she gets her cutie mark... in cooking. She ends up riding down the ramp on a giant egg beater and flying into a canyon full of whipped cream, screaming her head off the entire time.
  • When Apple Bloom calls the dream meeting to order, she puts her hoof down twice... and the sound of a horn honking is heard. Luna only barely contains a snicker.
  • At the very end of the episode, Apple Bloom says that she wishes getting a good night's sleep wasn't so exhausting. This causes Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, and Applejack to exchange confused looks.

    Tanks For The Memories 
  • Rainbow Dash giving an Aside Glance — it turns out she's just looking at the rest of the gang.
  • Rainbow's little freak-out when Twilight says they know she's angry.
  • The entire Who's on First? routine.
    Open Skies: Where did our fluffy clouds go?
    Clear Skies: Fluffy Clouds? He's right over there!
    • Perhaps the best part is the Skies' delivery of "Open clear skies!" in unison, implying they've pulled this routine before and even rehearsed it.
  • After deciding to stop winter, Rainbow Dash gives off an evil smirk that looks all too familiar, especially considering the situation.
  • During her song, Rainbow Dash does a number of silly things to delay winter, such as hide a pile of skis under a patch of sod (leaving a large, lumpy bulge) and wear a Paper-Thin Disguise to distract some geese from flying south for the winter. And all throughout the number, Tank remains as lethargic as ever, even as Rainbow Dash is dancing through the sky with him.
  • Rainbow Dash doing Mobile Shrubbery with a cloud while sneaking into the weather factory.
  • The Disaster Dominoes sequence Tank and Dash accidentally set off in the weather factory.
  • Twilight saying ominously, "Winter is coming."
  • The giant snowball launched from Cloudsdale forms a mushroom cloud when it hits the ground, as usual. Guess we could call that a Nuclear Winter.
  • Rainbow Dash has slippers with Tank's face on them, and Tank has slippers with her face on them.
  • When Rainbow Dash's friends visit her home to comfort her, everypony else walks through the door while Pinkie Pie just strolls through the fluffy cloud walls.
  • After Rainbow Dash resumes crying, Fluttershy starts to cry out of pity, and then Rarity and Pinkie Pie begin crying only because Fluttershy's crying.
  • Applejack's reason for not crying when nearly everyone else is:
    Pinkie Pie: Applejack cries on the inside, Twilight!
    Applejack: It's true.
    • Also the moment before. As the others all start crying and hugging each other, Applejack pulls the brim of her hat over her eyes as though she's about to join in.
    Twilight: You too?
    Applejack: Nope, I'm good.
    • Then there's the fact that Pinkie Pie actually calls Twilight out for being the only one who is not feeling sad over the situation.
  • Twilight magically shoving Applejack toward Rainbow when she starts crying. You can just see her thinking, "Yeah, a friendship lecture isn't going to fix this, so time for country wisdom!"
  • The incredibly drawn out manner in which Rainbow Dash cries. Loudly. She carries on so long that Fluttershy, the most sensitive of the ponies, says she has to be done soon... and then Rainbow Dash gets her second wind and cries even more. Then Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity all pile on top of her while sobbing.
  • Fluttershy's expression while Rainbow Dash initially bawls her eyes out is also hilarious considering just how cavalier it is for the flippin' Element of Kindness.

     Appleloosa's Most Wanted 
  • Upon learning that Troubleshoes is in town:
    Sheriff Silver Star: All right, now, I called for a meetin', not a mob scene!
    (Cut to two ponies throwing away a torch and a pitchfork in disappointment.)
  • Troubleshoes is so massive, the cot in his jail cell can't take the weight and he falls through it. Cut to an annoyed Sheriff complaining that he's running out of spare mattresses, and the camera shows a pile of similarly-destroyed ones.
  • Sweetie Belle face-planting twice while climbing over something the other two Crusaders handled with no problem.
  • Applejack manages to win a big trophy in haystacking... Which promptly gets ignored by the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they're watching Trouble Shoes perform in the clown rodeo.
  • Troubleshoes' many Disaster Dominoes and Amusing Injuries are pretty funny.
  • At one point Troubleshoes is trying to jump through a hoop all too small for him carried by another, much smaller pony. Said pony realizes what's gonna happen and high-tails it out of there, with Troubleshoes in tow still trying to jump through it. The entire scene is both hilariously horrifying, and horrifyingly hilarious.
  • Sweetie Belle playing the Only Sane Man and being the only one to consider that maybe they shouldn't be running off in the middle of the night during a storm.

    Make New Friends but Keep Discord 
  • First there's Applejack getting emotional at the sight of her sister looking all grown up. Then she proceeds to blow her nose... on Rainbow's tail.
  • The Metal Gear Solid reference as Pinkie Pie happily notices Discord who happens to be in a very familiar -looking cardboard box and an exclamation appears once he's discovered. Even better is that she barely even looks at the box (which, as mentioned, Discord is inside of and out of sight) before greeting him, in a move rather reminiscent to Rainbow Dash in "Party of One". No wonder the exclamation mark appeared.
    • Followed by Pinkie cheerly greeting him with a hug and a happy smile, while Discord looks as if he's having second thoughts about asking her to take him to the gala.
  • After many years of fans joking about Pinkie Pie Breaking the Fourth Wall, she finally does it for real when she shakes the camera vigorously in excitement when Discord announces he wants all the cakes.
  • While watching Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, we get a shot from Discord's point of view. His vision looks like a sniper rifle's targeting scope. The reticule even turns red when it focuses in on Tree Hugger! And it's crazier than that: he's actually looking at them through a submarine's periscope that he made appear... for some reason.
  • Then there's Pinkie's reaction to Discord canceling his order after all of the cakes had been put in boxes.
    Pinkie Pie: You mean you want NONE OF THE CAKES NOW?!
  • When Discord realizes none of the Mane Six are taking him as their Plus One, he goes home to sulk, and decides the best way to do that is to un-clean up around the place. This includes laying out a few (literal) dust bunnies, running a squeegie up the windows to get them all wet, and de-scrubbing clean dishes into a smeared and messy stack.
  • There's just something about a Blob Monster wearing a little top hat and bowtie that is oddly endearing and hilarious.
  • The adorably awkward face Fluttershy makes after Discord tries to get her to tell a story about them to Tree Hugger.
  • When Discord uses a vacuum cleaner to suck the ooze off of Rarity's dress, it ends up taking her entire dress off. Rarity covers her front with her forelegs while trying to shuffle away. It's even funnier considering ponies normally don't wear clothes anyway. And the next time we see Rarity, she's wearing a dress again. With no explanation whatsoever. Is she that Crazy-Prepared after what happened at the last Gala?
  • At one point in the episode, Discord shoos the Smooze into a broom closet... WHICH HAPPENS TO CONTAIN ALL OF EQUESTRIA'S SHINIEST TREASURES INSIDE!!! Whatever reason they're there, next time we see him, he's about the size of the ballroom itself.
  • Discord trying to tell jokes and failing... a beautiful mix of Cringe Comedy, Epic Fail and So Unfunny, It's Funny.
    • The only one of his jokes that gets a laugh is when he makes fun of Twilight's flying abilities...and the only one laughing is Celestia.
    • Meanwhile, Twilight's giving her a What the Hell, Hero? look.
    • To top it all off, Maud gets a bigger laugh than he does.
  • Maud Pie gets a Deadpan Snarker zinger in on Discord:
    Discord: (after a failed knock-knock joke) This is the most basic of jokes!
    Maud Pie: You're the most basic of jokes.
    • Before that, commenting on Discord's stand-up:
    Rainbow Dash: I think they're supposed to be...jokes?
    Pinkie: Maud! Jokes!
    Maud: My favorite.
  • Applejack calling Rarity out on her skewed priorities while everyone is trapped in the goo.
    Rarity: My shoes will be ruined forever!
    Applejack: THAT'S what you're worried about? Really?
  • While the Smooze is flooding the Gala, we can see Pinkie Pie, standing on top of Maud like a raft and rowing along with a big silly grin on her face. Maud, of course, does not seem to mind/care/notice.
  • Discord's reactions to Tree Hugger in general are pretty hilarious, especially when trying to wrap his head around her hippie-isms.
    Tree Hugger: All he needs is some, like, calming auditory therapy. I know I always feel really at peace when I'm being bathed in positive vibes. Maybe he'll calm down with some sonic bliss.
    Discord: Do you even know what you just said?
  • There is also Tree Hugger's "sonic bliss" in and of itself:
    Tree Hugger: Ahhhhhhhh... NHEEEEEE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HEH. Ahhhhhh... NHEEEEEE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HEH
  • Even though it's a tense moment where Discord threatens to banish Tree Hugger to another dimension, there's something funny about Tree Hugger's horrified reaction to one of its residents: a live-action Mexican sock puppet.
    Tree Hugger: Woah, dude! What is that!?
  • That Discord is Easily Forgiven for all his heinous acts, for once not bad writing and deliberately humorous. Trying to send a pony into another dimension earns him stern scolding about being jealous and a forced apology. Tree Hugger, being a Mellow Fellow, happily accepts it too.
  • Pinkie Pie dancing with the Smooze.
    Pinkie Pie: It's not a party until somepony smears magic-resistant ooze uncontrollably over the ballroom!
  • Celestia tells Twilight that this is the best Grand Galloping Gala ever. Even better when Celestial reveals she deliberately invited Discord precisely to liven up the night. It just goes to show that after all these years, Trollestia's still got it. Twilight's Big "WHAT?!" sells it.
    Twilight Sparkle: But there was ooze all over the place! And one of the guests threatened to send somepony to another dimension!
    Princess Celestia: I know! Can you imagine how dull it would have been if I hadn't invited Discord? (pushing a wide-eyed, utterly stunned Twilight in front of her) HA! Come on, the night is still young!
  • Blended with Nightmare Fuel, Spike wakes up to find that he's sharing his bed with Discord.

     The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone 
  • Pinkie noticing that her cutie mark is blinking, calling her to the map. She feels the need to whisper this dramatically to Gummy.
  • Pinkie leaving Gummy in charge of the baking she just started, which ends with her shoving a whisk in his mouth. Once she's gone, its weight makes him sloooowly topple over. The last shot of the episode reveals that he didn't move at all from that spot.
  • Twilight's passive-aggressive moping about not getting to go on this mission.
  • Rainbow's impression of Twilight. Her mane even mimics Twilight's hairstyle.
  • Pretty much everything about Gilda's Grandpa Gruff.
    • Gilda imitating his movements behind his back when he starts telling the story. It even gets a giggle out of Pinkie.
    • "...and we all lived miserably ever after! The end!"
    • His reaction to Pinkie's reaction to the tale of how the Idol of Boreas was lost:
      Pinkie Pie: (teary-eyed) That was the saddest story ever...
      Grandpa Gruff: Aw, well... Tough tailfeathers! No refunds!
    • When Gilda insists that the griffins aren't "sad" about the loss of the Idol, the moment is rather ruined by Grandpa Gruff trying to climb out a hole in the throne-room wall and getting stuck.
  • Rainbow Dash barging into a shop to proudly announce her intent to find the Idol of Boreas... and being greeted with nobody but a single bored shopkeeper.
  • Pinkie Pie having a one-sided conversation with the decrepit statue of King Grover... and making the statue talk back.
    Pinkie Pie: It's sad what happened to your town, king... but Rainbow Dash can't be right! This can't all be because of a missing hunk of gold! (moves the loose jaw on the statue) "You're right, Pinkie! And you've got amazing hair!" Ah, King Grover, you old charmer... (The statue's lower beak falls off)
  • Later given the most hilarious of Call-Back when they're leaving.
    Pinkie Pie: (seeing the statue flash a light in its eyes at her) See you later, you old charmer...
  • Griffonstone apparently has a "no singing" ordinance in place.
    Pinkie Pie: But how do you break into uplifting musical numbers with no singing?
    Gilda: (deeply sarcastic) Yeah, that's Griffonstone's biggest problem, lack of uplifting musical numbers.
  • Pinkie's over-the-top outrage at the lack of singing, party supply stores, and bakeries.
  • This exchange:
    Pinkie Pie: Grampa Gruff's recipe is good, but it's missing one important ingredient!
    Gilda: Don't tell me. "Friendship"? (Jazz hands)
    Pinkie Pie: Uh, no. Baking powder.
    • Made funnier by the way Pinkie Pie says "baking powder". Even she sounds weirded out that Gilda would consider the possibility of friendship being an ingredient.
  • When Rainbow Dash gets stuck in Abysmal Abyss, she asks Pinkie Pie to throw down a rope. Pinkie does... but without tying it to anything, so it just falls in a useless coil around Rainbow Dash.
  • The set up leading to the above scene is hilariously crafted thanks to the perspective (Rainbow observing Pinkie from a distance) and the way the lines are delivered. Especially the bellow after Pinkie appears to leave Dash in the abyss, Rainbow's frustration in palpable:
  • Gilda and Rainbow's reconciliation is interrupted by the ledge they're standing on starting to crumble.
    Pinkie Pie: Hugging later, climbing now!
  • After Pinkie's inspirational speech about how the griffon's don't need gold, "you just need each other".
    Rainbow Dash: Wow Pinkie, that was... really sappy.
    Pinkie Pie: Eh, what can I say? That's how I roll.
  • Pinkie Pie suddenly going into a Retraux Parody Commercial after teaching Gilda how to make friends. "Baking powder makes baked goods and friendship fluffy and delicious!"

    Slice of Life 
  • Cranky and Matilda realize that their wedding day is that day, rather than the next day, and Matilda quite understandably freaks out. Cranky's thoughts on the matter?
    Cranky: I told you we should have eloped!
  • Sweetie Belle notes that, if it's a friendship problem the Mane Six are talking about, it'll hopefully be cleared up in a half-hour or so.
  • During the fight with Bugbear, the monster captures Pinkie in its arms... and gives her a noogie.
  • The Reveal that Bon Bon is a former secret agent from an organization that used to serve Celestia hunting monsters, and she's been hiding out in Ponyville under a fake name since the organization was disbanded. That's right, fans — Lyra is the normal one in that relationship! Lyra's reaction to the above information is a Flat "What", likely mirroring the fandom's reaction.
    • Lyra's fond memories of their friendship includes "the benches we sat on."
  • Cranky mentioning his past escapades with Steven Magnet to Matilda, while forgetting the fact that he's a sea serpent.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, the DJ stand that Vinyl and Octavia ride to the wedding literally jumps the shark.
  • When the camera quickly moves back and forth between characters as they're about to go flying into the wedding area, you can see a group of real-life people wearing horse masks.
  • Berry Punch is clearly having the time of her life amidst the chaos of being caught in Vinyl's rolling stage.
  • At the same time, when the rolling stage hits the Twilight scepter and causes everyone to go flying, while most of the ponies are in various poses, Mr. Cake is being outright majestic, along with others like Truffle Shuffle, the "Flashy" pony from "Hearts and Hooves Day", the Jelly Pony from the same episode, and Berry Punch.
  • Gummy has an internal monologue where he laments his miserable existence and how he can't have a Cutie Mark because he's not a pony. Followed by licking his eye.
  • Celestia and Luna bickering like...well, siblings, because they thought the other was bringing the wedding present. And quickly shutting up and plastering smiles on when anyone gets close enough to overhear.
  • Shining Armor apparently cries (read "bawls his eyes out") at weddings.
  • Lyra, mad at Bon Bon for keeping her secret agent past to her, reveals that she ate some oats Bon Bon was saving.
  • One of the guests at the wedding is a random changeling. What makes it even funnier is that several of the guests in the back with it are cowering, while it's just sitting there, not threatening at all. Also, the fact that no one else seems to notice it. Its facial expression, which pretty much says "How did I even get here?" Word of God is that the changeling is, in fact, a friend of Matilda's, which begs the question of how that even happened.
  • Derpy accidentally locking the Mane Six out of the town hall, forcing them to watch through the window (though not the same one Steven Magnet is watching through, oddly enough).
  • When Doctor Hooves meets The Dude and his friends, he gets confused when The Dude keeps ending his sentences with "Man", saying he's never heard that word before. Then when they invite him to go bowling, he sees it in pure mathematics and freaks out, saying bowling is too hard because there are too many variables, until they tell him to just roll the ball straight at the pins.
  • The facial expressions in the episode are just hilarious.
  • The entire episode is basically one long funny moment, considering all of the fandom nods it goes through.

    Princess Spike 
  • Sleep-deprived Twilight muttering "I just need a quick nap... napkin! Tell the delegate from--" before collapsing onto a heap of books and snuggling up to them. Later, she gives Spike some scheduling advice: "Just put the hay in the apple and eat the candle."
  • Spike taking his duties of making sure Twilight isn't disturbed very seriously, to the point of scaling a tower just to shush a songbird, breaking up some chatty poloponies playing outside her tower, and shushing a gardening pony with a chainsaw and a construction pony with a jackhammer.
  • After the ballroom gets flooded, Spike pathetically tries to bail it out with a tiny bowl.
  • Spike notices the crystal statue has miraculously survived the destruction of the hall. Then the dragon-sneeze trees set off his allergies and he sneezes the statue over.
    Spike: Ah, bless me...
  • "What is it now? There's an angry mob here that demands satisfaction!"
  • The end of the episode, which has somepony hand him a bouquet of dragon sneeze flowers, and the credits roll right before he presumably sneezes the statue down again.
  • The fact that the pony attempting to saw down the dragon-sneeze trees has a very obvious Canadian (Caneighdian?) accent.
  • Just the fact that Canterlot HAS something called Dragon Sneeze trees. Considering that Spike, who everypony probably KNOWS is Princess Twilight's personal assistant, IS a dragon, it's just begging for trouble.
  • When the angry delegates turn up at Twilight's room to yell at her over "her" bad decisions, Twilight turns and asks Spike what's going on. We then see that Spike is trying to escape through the window.

    Party Pooped 
  • While they were the source of the problem for most of the episode, the Yaks were fairly silly with the way they react to anything they didn't like (by breaking everything).
  • Rainbow Dash had a trophy for the most things broken in under a minute. Which was broken by the Yaks both figuratively and literally.
  • The Mane Five minus Pinkie all look uncomfortable when Twilight asks who read the seven volume primer on yak culture she prepared. Rainbow's excuse is "I had a thing."
  • Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie try to entertain Prince Rutherford and his friends with "animals, Yakyakistan-style"... which involves strapping fake horns onto some of Fluttershy's animal friends (including a pair of baby ducks who have one comically-oversized horn each).
  • Rarity shows off some rare fabric from the Crystal Empire to the yaks... and then they start chewing on it.
    Rarity: I hope you'll find them... delicious.
  • The scene at the thrones where the Mane Six are trying get a handle on how to please the Yaks. Between a panicking Twilight, the others trying and failing to spin things in a positive light, and Pinkie having a nervous breakdown the scene has some of the best facial expressions and moments of the Mane 6 playing off each other in the episode. It is all helped by the quick and snappy editing.
  • This exchange:
    Rainbow Dash: Why are your eyes darting around like that?
    Pinkie Pie: It's what I do when I'm not nervous! (laughs like a madmare)
  • Before having Rainbow Dash make it snow for the Yaks, Pinkie says "tell your faces to hold onto their frowns, because they're about to get turned upside-down!" Rutherford's reaction to this?
  • Pinkie Pie panicking on how to make the yaks enjoy the Yakyakistan party when everything seems to set them off.
    Pinkie: Even Fluttershy made them mad! Fluttersh-shy!
  • Applejack says her fruitless search for Pinkie Pie lead to finding a pair of Granny Smith's dentures, "So not a complete loss..."
  • Cherry Jubilee claims she and her boys were up all night counting cherries for their cherry delivery to the Crystal Empire. She wasn't kidding.
    Pinkie Pie: Counting cherries? How many?
    Cherry Jubilee: Four-hundred and seventeen thousand, two-hundred and thirty-four.
    • Cherry Jubilee's reaction about realizing her dream about a ravine came true.
  • Twilight finds that the other members of the Mane Six have tried (and failed miserably) to organize their own party in Pinkie's absence.
    Rainbow Dash: (tangled up in streamers) It's sort of panic-themed...
  • Pinkie going through a whole "Behind the Music" story, with a ponified version of The Beatles no less, in a single afternoon.
  • Pinkie's monologues, which all begin with her narrating an epic quest before ending with "y'know what I mean?" in her usual cheery voice. Especially the third one, where the camera pans out to reveal she was talking to Cadence!
    • The set up just makes it look like Pinkie was just narrating to break the fourth wall like usual, then it turns out for once she wasn't.
  • Pinkie's Big "NO!" when the sled she's on zooms back to Ponyville and deposits her on her bed, right after she got to the gates. Even funnier when you look at a map of Equestria, and find that she went around Equestria in a spiral, over the course of a few hours. And she maintained a Big "NO!" the whole time!
  • The revelation that Twilight is afraid of quesadillas.
    Twilight: They're just so... (shudders) cheesy!
    • Just the fact that Pinkie has files on everyone in town.
    • Small detail, but Fluttershy reads Twilight's file smiling, saying that she likes vanilla ice cream, red balloons, and dancing. Her smile goes away the moment she reads the last part of the list, presumably because she knows how good Twilight is at dancing.
  • After Pinkie goes up the slide in her secret party planning cave, a confused Fluttershy asks the rest of the Mane 6 how do they get out.
    Fluttershy: So, um, do we walk back up the slide or... or what?
  • Twilight is relieved when the yaks call off the war... then notices Celestia behind her with a face that says "Um, what?"
  • Twilight's reaction when she discovers that Pinkie has gone to Yakyakistan:
    Twilight: If Pinkie Pie says she'll be back in time for the party, she'll be back. We have to trust her, right? Heh heh... no reason to FREAK OUT!!

     Amending Fences 
  • When they prepare to say hi to Minuette, Spike says it's not too late to go home and "forget [he] opened his big mouth." Twilight replies, completely sincerely, "I'm glad you opened your big mouth!"
  • Twilight luring Moondancer to the party using a Trail Of Books. Very, very boring books.
  • Twilight's attempts to talk to Moondancer in the library, culminating in her entering the book she's reading, with the other ponies confused at the sight of Moondancer talking to a book.
    • Twilight's smug expression after Moondancer asks her how she got into her book, as if Twilight's thinking "Gotcha now!"
    • Twilight broke one of the cardinal rules of the library: keeping quiet.
  • Twilight and Minuette wearing gag sunglasses as a Paper-Thin Disguise.
  • In the picture of the old gang, Twilight predictably has her nose buried in a book.
  • Spike is at his snarkiest with the sarcasm after Minuette is positively giddy reuniting with Twilight after all of the latter's moaning of abandoning them:
    Twilight: This is perfect, I can apologize to all three of them at once!
    Spike: Let's hope they aren't as traumatized as Minuette.
  • Once Twilight's met up with Minuette, Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts, all four of them decide to go to Moondancer's house and greet her together, complete with big smiles and a cheery rainbow background. Moondancer reacts by... groaning and slamming the door in their faces. Cue the rainbow background melting away while the group hold their positions awkwardly. Here.
  • Several times when annoyed, Moondancer lets out very Twilight-esque groans, for an amusing take on the Shadow Archetype angle.
  • The entire flashback to the six friends in Science Class. The highlight is probably Twilight and Moondancer being too engrossed in their books to realize that Lemon Hearts has somehow gotten her head stuck inside a flask. See here.
    • And leading into the flashback, Lemon Hearts seems a bit miffed at Minuette bringing it up.
  • Twilight's completely non-ironic statement, "I've been studying a new studying technique."
  • Moondancer reunites with the rest of Twilight's Canterlot friends after years. Moondancer has No Social Skills, leading to some hilariously awkward smalltalk.
    Minuette: So, uh, what are you studying these days?
    Moondancer: Science, magic, history, economics, pottery. Things like that.
    Minuette: Yowza! *awkward laugh* You planning on being a professor or something?
    Moondancer: No.
    Minuette: So you're just... studying?
    Moondancer: (to Twilight) Can I go now?
  • While the overall scene is certainly mostly a dramatic Tearjerker, there is something giggle-inducing about how Moondancer literally throws herself out of view when she starts crying.
    • Before Moondancer's tear-jerking meltdown, one has to wonder if it was a good idea for Twilight to hand Moondancer a piñata stick.

     Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? 
  • The Mane Six trying to groom their pets while exhausted.
  • Pinkie still being a Genki Girl despite being exhausted.
  • Twilight dictates a letter to Spike, yawning throughout it. When she finishes she tells him not to include the yawns, and he smiles and crosses them out.
    • Luna shows up the instant Spike sends the letter.
  • Fluttershy apparently has a secret desire to be a pet, in addition to being a tree.
  • Rainbow Dash's nightmare: Her pleasant dream of being attacked by and beating the stuffing out of a horde of Changelings turns into a bright pink setting with colorful singing flowers. Luna's expression tops off the moment beautifully.
    • For that matter, Rainbow Dash screaming and covering her ears while the flowers sing.
    • She also seems to be the most traumatized when they wake up.
  • The dream sequence at the end boasts a few examples:
    • Derpy is giant-sized, and meows. Then Spike takes on his knight form to ride the giant Derpy into combat with the Tantabus
    • Big Macintosh as an alicorn princess with an anime-style Transformation Sequence.
      • Even better, the music is incredibly reminiscent of the DiC dub of Sailor Moon.
    • Lyra and Bon Bon are fused together. They don't seem to mind.
    • Filthy Rich has money powers. As in he shoots coins at people.
  • The fact that the channels in Pinkie Pie's brain seem to be set on random shuffle.
    • Even better is one of Pinkie's random channel changes cuts off Luna mid-sentence.
      • And cause Luna to fly face-first into a giant statue of Spike.

     Canterlot Boutique 
  • Pinkie Pie popping up outside the window in a Jump Scare.
  • Why is the mail pony late at the start of the episode? Pinkie had him try one of her "strawberry cinnamon cilantro" cupcakes, and it made him feel queasy.
    • To cap it off, Pinkie eats one herself despite saying it's not very good. Then she has another while Rarity reads her letter.
      • She does this while making the strangest face when she pops the whole thing in her mouth.
  • Pinkie Pie continually taking expressions literally.
  • You recall that odd pony photo on the inside of one of the locker doors in Tanks for the Memories? Not only does said pony actually exist (as she shows up at the end of the episode), but she is depicted as being morbidly obese with her Cutie Mark consisting of an image of her.
  • Fashion Plate's Large Ham reactions to all the dresses.
  • The Funny Background Event of Sea Swirl seeing a dress she likes but walking away when she sees the price tag becomes funnier when you remember everything was on sale at the time; either the tag displayed the original price and Sea Swirl forgot about the sale, or it was displaying the sale price and it was even more expensive originally.

     Rarity Investigates! 
  • Rainbow barging into the boutique and disturbing all the dresses Rarity had carefully arranged.
  • Rarity frequently changing outfits.
    • And the repeated Lampshading of said frequent costume changes by Rarity and Rainbow Dash.
  • Rarity pausing during the investigation to admire herself in detective outfit in the mirror.
  • Rainbow trying to clean Rarity's dress with a spit shine.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to getting asked to fly with the Wonderbolts is to do a celebratory dance in full view of the stadium. She does the same dance again at the end of the episode when they ask her again, too.
  • The entire Film Noir portion of the episode is a goldmine of comedy, from Rarity's fully narrated black-and-white POV to her constant snap-backs to fully-colored reality.
    • On the first leg of their investigation:
      Rarity: (narrating) We had a long road ahead of us, Rainbow Dash and I. Well, not too long because we didn't have much time, but the point is...I was up for the challenge.
    • While investigating the crime scene, Rarity randomly begins admiring herself in the reflection of her magnifying glass.
    • Later:
      Rarity: (narrating) Rainbow Dash was getting antsy, but I had faith I could clear her name and find the real culprit.
      Rainbow Dash: What are you doing?
      (the color returns to normal)
      Rarity: Uh- wha- o-oh, just thinking thoughts.
    • Then we get this:
      Rarity: (narrating) Rainbow Dash was right. In order to solve the mystery, we had to be focused. Driven. One hundred percent in the— (Rarity's eyes slowly drift to the side to focus on the castle drapes) Ooh! The damask pattern on these curtains is exquisite! Oh, and this velvet rope-holder... Oh, it's just—
      Rainbow Dash: Ugh, we don't have time to look at the decor!
    • During the interrogation:
      Rarity: (closeup on Rarity's eyes) Rainbow Dash was questioning my methods. But I knew what I was doing.
      Rainbow Dash: Do you?
      Rarity: Oh, oh, oh. Did I say that one out loud?
    • Finally, at the very end when the mystery has been solved:
      Rarity: So my friend got her moment in the sun. Or the center of an aerial flower, as the case may be. And as for me? I got a chance to show off my Femme Mystique Chic collection!
      Stormy Flare: That's nice, dear.
      Rarity: Oh, did I say that out loud?
  • The Good Cop/Bad Cop routine with the guards.
    • Rarity starting off the Good Cop by reclining seductively on a chaise lounge that appears from nowhere. And Rainbow Dash's facial reaction to this.
    • Rarity shoving Rainbow out of the way and climbing onto the table to grill the guards. Rarity crawling around the table as she shoots off questions.
  • When Rainbow Dash starts to believe she really did commit the crime, this happens:
    Rainbow Dash: What if I wrote that note when I was asleep?! Do you know what I do when I sleep?! Because I sure don't!
    • Especially if you remember that we do know what she does when she sleeps: snore really loudly.
  • When Wind Rider confesses to framing Rainbow Dash, she immediately thinks it was because she ate the last piece of broccoli before he could get it. She's wrong, but the way he's considering an answer suggests that he really did want that broccoli.
  • When Rarity is explaining Wind Rider's motive.
    Rarity: I heard him when Spitfire said you were close to breaking his record. He said, and I quote, "Heh heh." That's the polite, but disingenuous laugh you make when you want to seem happy, but really, you're not.

    Made In Manehattan 
  • Twilight's exaggerated bored moaning, followed by revealing it's because she's finally read everything in the castle's giant library. And when she again gets left behind on a map mission, she's desperate enough to swipe Spike's comic book.
  • Rarity's reactions to learning where the map is calling them, from her sheer giddiness to her fierce declaration about returning there with a purpose.
  • Rarity's little "pfft-kh" when Applejack estimates the population of a certain neighborhood.
  • Applejack's Frogger-esque attempt to cross the street.
  • Rarity freaking out when she sees a pony... trying to buy a hat that doesn't suit her at all, and instead offering one from her own collection. And subsequently earning the wrath of the hat vendor for stealing his customer.
  • Applejack's hat getting run over by a lawnmower, crushed by a statue and causing an old bench to collapse.
  • Rarity's Peanuts Shout-Out, especially since it comes completely out of nowhere.

    Brotherhooves Social 
  • Four words: Big Mac in drag! Also Sweetie and Scoots' reaction to seeing meeting "cousin Orchard Blossom"... priceless!
    • Sweetie Belle's deadpan reaction as she and Scootaloo give Apple Bloom a look to match the tone.
      Sweetie Belle: ...that's Big Mac in a dress.
    • Ten seconds later, Mac has convinced Sweetie not to tell anyone with a simple compliment. Apple Bloom's expression can best be summed up as "What the hay Sweetie Belle?!"
    • Add to it the fact that absolutely nopony is fooled by it... not the Crusaders, not Rainbow Dash, not even the judging committee, who disqualify Macintosh for his poor sportsmanship rather than his flimsy disguise. Well, one pony is fooled, a middle-aged pony in a straw hat and bolo tie who tries to flirt with Orchard Blossom and even brings "her" flowers.
    • Said poor sportsmanship includes doing a touchdown dance and almost spiking Apple Bloom like a football!
  • Big Macintosh's voice slipping during the singing competition, complete with wobbling Adam's apple.
  • Big Macintosh clumsily failing at every event, thanks to being a last-minute substitution.
  • Big Mac and Apple Bloom struggling to adjust their song lyrics that specifically reference Applejack, apparently not thinking this would be a problem until that moment.
  • Apple Bloom when it's clear that Applejack really won't be able to do the Social: "Your awesomeness is backfiring on me!"
  • After miserably failing their "sisters" cheer, Big Macintosh accidentally kicks Apple Bloom into a bucket of apples. She emerges from the pile, spits out an apple, and concludes the routine with an icy and very deadpan "Yay".

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark 
  • When the CMC agree to try and help Pip, they clap their hooves together. Pip then tries to join in, but he's too short, requiring Sweetie Belle to use her magic to boost Pip up.
  • Diamond Tiara's egotism gets funny in this episode.
    • She boasts about getting her dad to fix a broken window in the school, and shows off a stained glass window featuring her that wouldn't look out of place in Canterlot Castle.
    • She uses the campaign slogan, "A vote for Diamond Tiara is a vote for more Diamond Tiara!"
  • Diamond Tiara's arguing why she's definitely NOT insecure about her cutie mark.
    Diamond Tiara: Yeah! Because I have my cutie mark! And I'm not struggling at all to figure out who I'm supposed to be or what I'm supposed to be doing with this mark that's already on my flank!
    Applebloom: Uh... are you sure about that?
  • Cheerilee's expression and general demeanor when Diamond protests the election results; it's obvious even she hates having to put up with Diamond's nonsense.
    • She smirks as she says "Pip won", like she's enjoying the fact that Diamond Tiara's attitude cost her the election. Who could blame her?
  • Diamond's Big "WHAT?!" that shakes the screen when she recounts the votes herself and finds out she lost.
  • The moment Spoiled Rich chews out her daughter is mostly a Tear Jerker, but it's still hilariously ironic when Spoiled Rich chastises her daughter for losing to Pipsqueak, and subsequently notes that it would be even worse if she had lost to a blank flank. Guess she missed the memo: Pip is a blank flank.
  • The various wild takes and funny faces Diamond Tiara makes throughout the episode. Especially this one, which is an imitation of her insufferable mother.
  • Twilight randomly showing up to help build the new playground. Given how bored she was in her last appearance, she was probably just grateful that there was something to do.
  • Sweetie Belle's blink-and-you-miss-it expression after Spoiled Rich insults her and her friends in front of the school, primarily because it's more confused than angry or insulted.
    • Scootaloo's likewise blink-and-you-miss-it expression toward the end of the episode. When Diamond Tiara points out the trio's Cutie Marks, you can briefly see an expression on her face that screams "Wait, our what?"

    The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows 
  • Pinkie freaking out anytime she hears something involving babies and/or royals and/or surprises in this episode.
    • When Pinkie Pie tells Gummy not to steal from a baby and Rarity asks why she mentioned a baby.
      Pinkie Pie: "Did you take that from Pound Cake again? Don't you know it's wrong to steal from a baby?"
      Rarity: "What's all this about a baby?"
      Pinkie Pie: "What? Who? What? Who said something about a baby?!"
      Rarity: "You did, Ms. Pie, just now. What were you talking about?"
      (Gummy puts the pacifier into Pinkie Pie's mouth and she walks off sucking on it while Rarity looks on with a confused expression)
    • Pinkie Pie chuckles nervously when Twilight mentions that Shining Armor used to carry his doll around like a baby.
    • When Featherweight asks for a balloon shaped like a baby pony unless it would be a "royal pain", it leads to this:
      Pinkie Pie: "Interesting choice of words, Featherweight."
      Featherweight: "Was it?"
      Pinkie Pie: "I don't know. Was it?"
    • When Fluttershy points out that baby carrots are Shining Armor's favorite, Pinkie Pie says that they are like regular carrots but smaller and cuter like foals compared to their parents.
    • When Pinkie Pie learns that the slogan for the crib sale is "treat your foal like royalty", Pinkie Pie screams and imitates the wacky-waving-inflatable-foreleg-flailing-tube-pony, leading the stallion to say, "Well, I thought it was clever."
  • Pinkie going to ridiculous lengths to avoid running into other ponies while making deliveries.
    • She avoids Rarity by delivering her box via a piece of wire.
  • Gummy "steals" one of the babies pacifiers. In reality, Pound Cake put it in Gummy's mouth while Pinkie was reading Shining Armor and Cadance's order. According to Pinkie, this is a common occurrence.
  • At one point, Pinkie bumps into Fluttershy and her disguise sticks to Fluttershy's tail. Later on, an old pony with the same color as Fluttershy and a beard that resembles her tail greets the disguised tail like it was another pony. Fluttershy is visibly mystified by this.
  • Pinkie discovering the list of Pinkie Promises she made and commenting that she's been getting liberal with those Pinkie Promises.
  • Upon hearing about the Furniture Store owner's crib sale slogan, Pinkie screams and flails her forelegs in sync with the inflatable she brought to the store.
  • In a meta sense: literally one episode after getting their cutie marks, when Pinkie crosses paths with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they admit that they're bored.
  • Pinkie unconsciously makes a balloon baby bottle while making balloon animals for the kids and tries to pass it off as a puppy. Scootaloo has a hard time buying it.
    • When Scootaloo starts questioning it, Pinkie shoves the teet of the 'bottle' into her mouth to shut her up and she just walks off in annoyance before Featherweight comes up.
  • Shining Armor acting like a kid in a candy store when he sees the room Twilight put together for him in her castle filled with stuff he liked as a kid.
    • It is interrupted midway by a scream of horror of finding his copy of the Equestrian version of Action Comics #1 is burnt to ash, but it is such a rapid moment and sandwiched between the others that his horror is also funny.
    • Said burnt comic was caused by Spike trying to blow the dust off, only to use his fire breath instead. Spike then tries to stuff the ashes into the bag, hoping Shining won't notice. Given the aforementioned fact that it's the Equestrian version of Action Comics #1, it's a wonder Shining Armor let Spike live.
    • We don't hear Shining Armor scream in delight/horror, mind you. The sound being used is actual horse noises.
  • Pinkie Pie literally falling apart at the seams (or in this case, the Flash symbols) at the end of the episode (out of relief).
    • During the build up to Twilight figuring it out, Pinkie was going borderline INSANE (or more so, as the case may be).
    • And in the scene after Pinkie falls to pieces, we see Pinkie adjusting her mane as if she's literally putting herself back together.
    • She's bouncing around Twilight in relief, as Twilight just stands there in shock.
  • Pound and Pumpkin Cake being infants as usual. They are acting very silly in this episode.
  • Right at the end, when Cadance congratulates Pinkie on being able to keep the secret, Pinkie says it was a piece of cake. Cue the Iris Out to Pinkie very emphatically looking at the camera and mouthing "Noooooo..."
  • Twilight and Fluttershy "aww"ing over Applejack's baby picture, much to A.J's embarrassment.
    • The build up makes it funnier. Applejack's Oh, Crap! expression when she finds out they're going to look up her birth certificate. She knows what's coming.
    :Applejack: ...I don't like where this is headed.
  • This rather odd line:
    Pinkie Pie: You're right, spooky reflection of Rarity that I know is actually my own imagination.
  • Overall, the numerous silly faces Pinkie makes during the whole episode. She's usually quite expressive, true, but rarely gets to show it as often and with that much variation. And it's hilarious.
  • Maybe it's the inflection in her voice, but there's something funny about this line from Rainbow Dash after she complained about starving when everyone was heading to the town square.
    Rainbow Dash: (After finding that Cadence and Shining aren't in the square when they arrive) UGH! I need a hayburger in my belly! Right! Now!
  • Pinkie saying "Gotta bounce!" and then turning into a ball and ricocheting around the room before exiting by crashing through a wall.
    • Followed by Rainbow Dash saying what everypony's thinking:
    Rainbow Dash: I know the bar is set pretty high, but does anypony else think Pinkie Pie was acting weirder than usual?
  • When Twilight starts gushing about getting books as scavenger hunt prizes, Pinkie says what a lot of fans are probably thinking after hearing about her book obsession for four and a half seasons:
    Pinkie: (getting right in Twilight's face) We get the picture! You like books!
    • Normally Pinkie would take her time and have fun in a scavenger hunt, but she's rushing her friends to finish. She gets annoyed when their friends stop for a moment to make a joke or reminisce, because she really doesn't want to keep the secret any longer than she has to.
  • During the scavenger hunt, when the Mane 6 are looking at the paper Twilight bought from Featherweight for the next clue, Rarity takes a moment to compliment a dress Mayor Mare is wearing...a dress she made herself.
    Rarity: Ooh, look at that dress Mayor Mare is wearing in the social report! Why, it's stunning!
    Applejack: Uh, didn't you make that, Rarity?
    Rarity: Yes, what is your point?
  • PINKIE of all characters getting the chance to be a Deadpan Snarker. It's justified given her situation, but still...
    Twilight: [Shining Armor and Princess Cadance] have a lot to take care of!
    Pinkie Pie: They're gonna have a lot more to take care of soon...
    • The context of what she said: she knows that two parents taking care of a baby, even just one, is going to be no small feat.
  • When Pinkie Pie's friends tell her to tell, she blurts out "SHINING ARMOR AND CADENCE ARE GONNA HAVE A—" but ends up keeping the secret anyway because Shining Armor interrupted by saying, "An awesome weekend with the best little sister in all of Equestria!".
  • We find out that when Pinkie Pie made a promise in the past, she said nothing would prevent her from keeping the promise and used a hypothetical that was exactly what happened.

  • Applejack's shocked reaction to Pinkie Pie somehow holding up nineteen hooves at once.
  • Anytime Applejack and Pinkie Pie Speak in Unison.
  • The contrast between Pinkie's parents and Granny Smith's ways of talking, as seen when they greet each other.
    Igneous Rock: Surely thy name is naught but Granny Smith. I am called Igneous Rock Pie, son of Feldspar Granite Pie.
    Cloudy Quartz: Thou shalt know me as Cloudy Quartz.
    Igneous Rock: May Providence favor thee well, and to thou comfort our humble homestead bring.
    (Granny is craning an ear towards them throughout this, as if having trouble hearing them)
    Granny Smith: Y'all gabbin' with words real funny-like. Wh-wh-what'd you say them names were? (To Igneous) Iggy? (To Cloudy Quartz) And I'm just gonna call you Big Mama Q!
    (Igneous and Cloudy Quartz glance dubiously at each other)
  • Limestone yelling at Pinkie whenever she stands on Holder's Boulder. Pinkie responds in typical sibling fashion ("I'll just be a second!" "Sheesh..."), made funnier by how rare it is to see Pinkie looking annoyed with someone.
  • Applejack's reaction to the various Pie family traditions are loaded with Cringe Comedy. One particular moment is when she tries the rock soup, which is highlighted by Limestone Pie grinning with sadistic pleasure.
    • Not to mention that the rock soup is literally rock soup. And the Pie family actually eat the rocks, as shown when Igneous Rock takes a bite out of his.
  • Pinkie putting her parents and Granny Smith together (after deciding two other teams first).
    Pinkie: Don't think of it as Team Old. Think of it as Team Three!
  • Pinkie tries and fails to cheer up Applejack when she blames herself for ruining Hearth's Warming.
    Applejack: I'm too ashamed to go back up there. Your family, my family, they all must think I'm such a nincompoop.
    Pinkie Pie: Aw, no one thinks that! Pushy, mean, aggressive... oh, I'm not helping.
  • Apple Bloom and Maud have an...interesting conversation when looking for the obsidian stone.
    Apple Bloom: What does the rock look like?
    Maud Pie: It looks like something that formed when volcanic lava cooled quickly.
    Apple Bloom: Oh.
    Maud Pie: Have you ever wished you could turn into a rock?
    Apple Bloom: I had a dream once I was an apple.
    Maud Pie: We have a lot in common when it comes to thinking about turning into things.
  • Maud's Hearth's Warming carols. "They're all about rocks."
  • Big Mac's bunk at the Rock Farm is right above Apple Bloom, and he's so big and heavy that said bunk is weighed down so much that the poor filly (not that she actually minds) is nearly squished.
  • As the Pies are pushing Holder's Boulder up the mine, the camera randomly cuts to Maud, who says "I'm pushing as hard as I can too".
  • While the Apples and Pies work together to push Holder's Boulder back up to the farm, Pinkie remarks that they've started a new tradition involving Applejack knocking the boulder down every year.
  • Big Mac is paired up with the similarly taciturn Marble, with predictable conversations.
    Marble Pie: Mm-hmm.
    Big Macintosh: Eeyup.
    Marble Pie: Mm-hmm.
    Big Macintosh: Eeeeeeeeeyup.
  • Granny and Pinkie's parents' attempts to speak each other's dialect.
    Granny Smith: Eh, lemme see here, uh... If thou ask-eth me, uh, thou two art, eh, okay-eth in my book.
    Igneous Rock: Yee-haw.
  • The montage of rock dolls (that actually look like their respective creators), followed by Applejack's slug shaped rock with a stickman face.
  • Twilight, once again, got Spike a book for his present. This would be amusing enough on its own, but she just looks so proud about it like he couldn't possibly have seen such a great present coming. Adorkable at its finest.
  • When Pinkie wakes with her sisters, Marble and Limestone start panicking, and Limestone falls out of bed. Maud doesn't wake up.

    Scare Master 
  • Spike the dragon decides to dress as... a dragon... again. Granted it's a two-headed dragon this time but it's hilarious that he's once again going as his own species.
  • Pinkie repeatedly going out-of-control on her roller skates.
  • Fluttershy's "scary" tea party.
  • When Granny Smith brings up the grapes that may be eyeballs in the maze, Fluttershy stammers out "Please tell me it's grapes!"
  • Derpy's Twilight costume.
  • Pinkie's ghost story, ending on an Orphaned Punchline about a balloon never having been inflated. For some reason, it scares the other four.
    • Immediately followed by Rarity's story, about the night that a mannequin came to life, and haunted all the costumes. Which is the entirety of the story. It causes Pinkie to scream, jump and fall over backwards.
    • The balloon story is even better in context, as it comes shortly after Fluttershy actually does get startled by a balloon, and not one but two earlier episodes feature Nightmare Fuel scenes involving Pinkie Pie and balloons.
  • Angel Bunny's evil little grin when he prepares to tell Fluttershy his plan for a Nightmare Night scare on the Mane cast.
  • Rarity's fish costume has such a lengthy tail that she accidentally smacks Fluttershy in the face with it as she turns.

    What About Discord? 
  • Spike makes sure Twilight knows how he feels about a three-day weekend holed up in the castle by putting on a hammy act about not recognizing the sun.
  • The series of Noodle Incidents Discord and the others keep bringing up.
  • Discord turning Fluttershy into an orange for the sake of a pun. It must be seen to be believed.
  • When Twilight tries to get the others to retrace their steps, they end up arguing over whether Rainbow Dash saw a snake, a hose, or "a stick that looked like a hose, that looked like a snake."
  • Zecora admits that the big bubbling cauldron in the middle of her cottage is just for show.
  • When Twilight goes crazy and begins believing that Discord has brainwashed her friends, Applejack neatly summarizes the thoughts of everypony present.
    • When they're first called to the map room, Rarity wonders if they've got a map adventure awaiting them. Pinkie Pie proceeds to inspect her and everypony else's cutie marks.
      Pinkie Pie: Nope, no glowing tushies here!
    • The build up gag:
      Twilight: We're going to have fun today.
      Pinkie: Yes!
      Twilight: Just one tiny, minuscule, microscopic thing before fun-time. I need every pony to sip this potion to break Discord's spell on you. [smiles]
      [The other ponies stare baffled at Twilight]
      Applejack: [beat] What now?
    • Rarity pouring out her cup over the side of the table as soon as it was handed to her. While she was talking. In contrast with her polite tone and words, she doesn't even try to be discreet about the drink-dumping.
    • Pinkie Pie gulping down most of Zecora's anti-spell potion while acting indignant at having been asked to drink it.
  • The fact that Discord managed to shrink The Smooze down to the size of a baseball and wears him around his neck.
  • Spike's beleaguered expressions whenever Twilight scoffs at Discord's antics or digs herself in deeper:
    Twilight: It's not that funny! I know funny!
    *Spike rolls his eyes*
  • Discord mimicking Bob Ross. Twice.

    The Hooffields and the McColts 
  • In a combination of Black Humor and Getting Crap Past the Radar, Ma Hooffield's order to restart the attack on the McColt homestead is quite funny simply because it's the absolute last thing you'd expect to hear on a show called "Friendship is Magic".
    Ma Hooffield: Reload the tomater slingshots! We're gonna paint their mountaintop red!
  • Big Daddy McColt in general. For one he's really tiny. And there's the way he always says HOOFFIELDS.
  • After Big Daddy rattles off a Long List of pumpkin-based foods they'll have to scavenge from the ones the Hooffields lauched at them:
    Big Daddy: Actually that all sounds pretty good BUT IT'LL GET OLD!!!
  • After Twilight's grand introduction as the Princess of Friendship, Fluttershy can only say "I'm Fluttershy, and I'm here too."
  • After Twilight gives a speech to both sides telling them to stop fighting, she eagerly watches her cutie mark, waiting for it to glow to signify mission accomplished...instead, a tomato thrown by the Hooffields lands perfectly on it.
  • When Twilight shows Fluttershy that she packed everything for them.
    Twilight: Snacks, books, blankets, books...
    Fluttershy: You said books twice.
    Twilight: There are a lot of books.
  • At one point, Twilight does a Head Desk onto the ground from a standing position.
  • A blink-and-you-miss moment: When Fluttershy concludes her speech to the frozen Hooffields and Mc Colts, look at that one pony about to eat a cupcake. The minute Fluttershy finishes, he closes his mouth in an ashamed pout.
  • At one point, Fluttershy is trying to get a turtle to take shelter. It move so slowly that she eventually just shoves it out of sight.
  • Fluttershy's attempt to defuse the situation:
    Fluttershy: Um, if you could just not yell so much, or maybe stop saying words altogether...

    The Mane Attraction 
  • "Twilight! Applejack! Rarity! Rainbow Dash! Fluttershy! Spike! Pinkie Pie! Oh, wait, that's me."
  • Pinkie's mane standing on end out of shock that Applejack hasn't heard of Countess Coloratura.
    Pinkie: My frizz has been freaked!
  • In the flashback to summer camp, Applejack punctuates Coloratura's heartfelt song with a single note on the triangle.
    • In a bit that is also heartwarming, Applejack, with some assistance from Sweetie Belle, plays that single note on the triangle again when Coloratura performs the same song with the Cutie Mark Crusaders at the end of the episode.
  • Applejack getting the same response everyone does at admitting they've never heard of some huge star.
  • After Coloratura's manager quits and Rarity tries to dress her up for the show, the former is freaking out and pacing around while the latter is trying unsuccessfully to put a headdress on her. Rarity's annoyed expression just adds to it.
  • When Applejack tells the Crusaders to run along, Apple Bloom does a four-legged Moonwalk.
  • Pinkie reveals that she has a huge straw collection.
    Pinkie: I call this straw 'Fernando'! [wiggles her eyebrows suggestively]

    The Cutie Re-mark 
  • Twilight is giving her speech and calls for the next slide, but Spike, the projectionist, has fallen asleep after helping her practice the previous day.
    • Once he wakes up, Twi continues to give her speech unawares as Spike first puts in a slide of him on a beach, then puts in the slide of Twilight and her friends upside-down, and then fixes it.
  • One of the futures Twilight visits is ruled by Discord. The World of Chaos she briefly sees has Discord with a royal cloak and scepter riding a unicycle chasing after Celestia and Luna, who are dressed like clowns.
  • One of Twilight's failed attempts to get the Sonic Rainboom to still happen has her engage in an epic magical duel with Starlight... which distracts Rainbow Dash and the bullies so they stop the race to watch. Complete with popcorn.
    • Another failed attempt has Twilight try to talk Rainbow Dash into doing the Rainboom without the bullies to race against. This leads to a very awkward conversation, not helped by Twilight being very friendly and touchy with filly Rainbow, who has no clue who she is.
    • There's something darkly hilarious about the fact that Starlight manages to put Twilight in the position of arguing in favor of bullying.
  • A moment of Black Comedy: Nightmare Moon orders Twilight to take her to the map that will let her travel through time, but Twilight warns there's timber wolves near it. Nightmare Moon points out she's Nightmare Moon. Cut to a timber wolf fleeing, whimpering like a dog, as Nightmare Moon blasts it apart without changing her casual stride or even turning her head its way.
  • Near the end of the second part, as the background ponies are presenting, you can spot Granny Smith asleep among all of the smiling faces.
  • While it is a bad thing, the type of abuse filly Rainbow Dash goes through that results in a change in the present borders on hilarious after a while.
    • The face Starlight makes after Twilight misses her and freezes filly Rainbow practically screams a sarcastic "You're doing such a good job stopping me".
      • She even does a sarcastic little clap! It's as if she's saying "Thanks for doing my work for me ;D"
  • Starlight has to pause her Evil Gloating when she notices Twilight and Spike's prison has slipped beneath the surface of the clouds. She rolls her eyes and groans before floating to the underside of the cloud and picking up where she left off. The dark music that has been playing while she ranted likewise pauses and then starts again once Starlight goes down.
  • After Twilight and Spike are sucked into the spell, Pinkie comes in with a cake. Seeing the room empty, she shrugs and buries her face in it.
  • Every future is worse than the last. The Flim and Flam future is after Discord, Tirek, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and Sombra futures. Flim and Flam taking over is worse for Equestria than all the show's major villains, and the only thing worse than them is a wasteland completely devoid of all life. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • Twilight asks filly Rainbow Dash to stop, to which Rainbow stops on a dime, causing Twilight to plow into a cloud.
  • In the first bad future, when Twilight tells Applejack to follow her to the map and runs off, Applejack initially ignores the request and turns back to her cart, only for Twilight to grab her with her magic and drag her away.


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