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     The Crystal Empire 
Part 1
  • In the beginning of the episode, Spike prepares an armor made of pillows and a helmet before telling Twilight she's overreacting. After that...
    Applejack: She seems to be taking it pretty well. Considering...
    *BOOM* (Twilight throws her house in the air)
    • Twilight gets two giant stacks of blank flash cards and gives them to Spike, telling him she needs him to quiz her on everything she's ever learned, ever. After a beat, she mutters "that's not gonna be enough cards".
  • As Twilight dramatically sings about not being prepared, Spike joins in singing and dancing along. It's pretty silly.
    • The reactions of Shoeshine and "Bruce Mane" when Twilight magically pours their tea.
    • When she sings about "Friendship's bliss", she picks Spike up, spins around with him and hugs him, only to just drop him when she's done.
  • When Pinkie Pie hears that they're not going to have a celebration party for Twilight, the confetti she shot out of her party cannon is literally sucked back in.
  • "The Ballad of the Crystal Empire":
    • Pinkie playing the crystal horn, very badly.
      • She starts out by literally saying the word "flugelhorn" into the horn.
    • All of the ponies sing of things endemic to Crystal Pony society... except Fluttershy, who covers the petting zoo. It seems to imply that petting zoos are Serious Business in the Crystal Empire.
  • Pinkie Pie's complete failure as a spy:
    • Scaring off the ponies she wants to pump for information.
    • Trying out her night-vision goggles in broad daylight (never a good idea) and running headfirst into a lamppost.
    • Disguising herself as Fluttershy before meeting with the rest of the Mane Six, then revealing herself and saying she's blown her cover.
    • And Fluttershy's reaction when she finds herself standing on the disguise.
  • Rainbow Dash trolling Rarity by saying she doesn't think the Crystal Empire is anything special.
    • The hoof-bump she shared with AJ as the two walk away is what sells it.
  • During the fair, the mare from the library (who wasn't sure she even worked there) shows up and gives a rapid-fire bit of exposition before regaining her full memories and coat, exclaiming, "I do work at the library!"
  • When trying to get information, Rarity is distracted by gushing over how sparkly she'd look if she were a Crystal Pony, causing her audience to nervously back away.
  • Twilight's reaction upon discovering the Crystal Empire's library.
    Librarian: We have plenty of [books].
    Twilight: You do! You really do!

Part 2

  • Rainbow Dash choosing Fluttershy of all ponies to joust against her.
  • Even when the suspicious Crystal Ponies start cornering the rest of the Mane 6, Rarity still has time to be satisfied with her ability to make a hat made out of three pieces of hay and a drinking straw work.
  • This conversation:
    Rainbow Dash: Who wants a flugelhorn?
    Pinkie Pie: I want a flugelhorn!
    Rainbow Dash: Who else wants a flugelhorn?
    Pinkie Pie: *throwing a tantrum* I WANT A FLUGELHORN!
    • More than anything, it's the tone that truly sells it: she literally sounds like a small child throwing a tantrum.
  • Pinkie suddenly being on stilts for no reason other than a "high stakes" pun during the Triumphant Reprise at the end.
  • Rarity's Squee! reactions to the Crystal Empire in general, especially at the end when she temporarily becomes a Crystal Pony.
  • Shining Armor throwing Cadance like a javelin so that she can catch the Crystal Heart at the climax. It's made even better by the fact that it comes out of left field.
  • This little exchange when the mane 5 (absent Twilight) are in the balcony:
    Applejack: Don't y'all worry your pretty little crystal heads! The real Crystal Heart will be here any second!
    Rarity: (in a sing-song tone) I don't know if they believe you...
    Applejack: (same tone) Don't know if I believe me...
  • When the group is still stalling for time, there's a point where they show Pinkie Pie juggling flugelhorns on a unicycle and declaring that even she can't keep the party going forever.
  • Shining Armor: You've gotta stop saving my rump like this. It's starting to get embarrassing.

     Too Many Pinkie Pies 
  • Repeat this scenario out loud to yourself right now: Pinkie Pie clones herself. The jokes write themselves and they don't fail to deliver.
  • Rainbow Dash is relaxing at the shores of pond, with Pinkie playing nearby. Pinkie then proceeds to dive bomb into the pond, but so as not to disturb RD, she stops in midair and then slowly lowers into the water. Rainbow Dash couldn't help but take notice of the blatant Toon Physics:
    Rainbow Dash:...How'd you do that?
    • Rainbow Dash's reaction to the image of two Pinkie Pies; instead of freaking out or expressing any form of shock, she just shrugs and goes back to relaxing (although she does look a little bit surprised). She's gotten so used to Pinkie Pie's antics that she just doesn't question it anymore. It's not until at least a dozen more clones show up that she realizes something has gone wrong.
    • Rainbow, being overrun with Pinkies, sets her beach chair up like a barricade and tries to ineffectually shoo them off with her umbrella.
  • Twilight accidentally turns animals into oranges. Pinkie requests that she be turned into an orange as well. The scene then ends with Spike quickly telling Rarity they WEREN'T going to turn her into an orange.
  • All animals like to join Fluttershy's tea party. Even a bear. The bear has its pinky lifted up while drinking tea.
    • Later, when Fluttershy asked if she said something to make the Pinkie clone all worried about choosing between her and Applejack, the bear responds with an "I don't know" gesture.
      • The Pinkie clone immediately zips back to say "YES!"
  • Real!Pinkie quizzing the other clones to see if they can remember all of her friends names by showing them pictures; a test that includes a picture of Pinkie Pie.
    • The fact that the Applejack picture is almost identical to Jappleack. Considering the fact that members of the MLP staff have apparently seen the PONY.MOV series, one can't help but wonder whether or not this was an intentional reference...
  • As the sides of the Apple's barn come crashing down, one clone, who is happily dancing a merry jig, narrowly avoids being crushed (she was in the path of an opening). What really makes it is that she continues to dance without even batting an eyelid.
  • The freakouts of Pinkie Pie and it's made funnier when it's like Rarity's overdramatic freakouts.
  • The Apple family corrals the Pinkie clones like cattle.
  • One of the duplicate Pinkies makes the face of a G3 My Little Pony. She gets zapped by Twilight a second later.
    "Betcha can't make a face crazier than this!"
  • What's the ultimate test to see who's the real Pinkie? Watching paint dry. Whoever focuses the longest without distracting themselves is the real Pinkie.
  • Spike is so overly excited about watching paint dry that he grabs a bucket of popcorn. He soon gets bored later.
  • "Ooh look! It's a birdie!" *zap!*
  • A few of the Pinkie clones get distracted by the frog-orange from earlier.
  • One Pinkie clone tries to entertain herself by giving herself fingers. Lyra would be jealous.
  • The face Fluttershy makes asking Twilight if they're gonna lose the real Pinkie Pie.
  • While practicing for a possible Two-Timer Date, Pinkie seriously entertains the possibility that it might work if she can shave 20 minutes off her time.

     One Bad Apple 
  • The sheet that Apple Bloom wraps herself up in makes it look like she's being dragged away in a straitjacket.
  • "Bad Seed" contains a few funny moments.
    • One scene shows Babs appearing on the theater screen and drinking out of the animated soda cup.
    • There's a scene where the CMC are dressed as the Three Little Pigs and Babs as the Big Bad Wolf. It's as funny as it is adorable.
  • Sweetie Belle: "Why does life have to be so ironic?!"
  • Scootaloo playing the bongo drums.
  • Scootaloo sheepishly admitting she'll have to revise her very long Cutie Mark Crusader initiation charter.
    • Even funnier: not only is the list of synonyms for "friend" incredibly long, Sweetie Belle mispronounces most of them!
  • Apple Bloom's wonderfully deadpan, "Seriously?" to Pinkie Pie.
  • All of Pinkie Pie's puns.
  • The fact that Pinkie Pie's cart was made out of actual lettuce rather than being made out of wood like the other floats. If you look at the wreckage, there's nothing else in it but lettuce!
  • The fact that Rarity has emergency edible boots, and how it's just dropped into an offhand comment. None of the characters react to it, but many a viewer was likely left going "Wait, what?"
  • Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo demonstrating the clubhouse's features like flight attendants, plus Apple Bloom having to prod them into it.
    • Especially when she shows where they eat their lunch, and Sweetie Belle overdramatically mimes eating something, apparently deciding that an explanation was necessary.
  • When the crepe cart passes by, the smell initially attracts Spike, lifting him off the ground...only for Pinkie to hijack the scent, blow Spike a raspberry, and then follow the smell. Spike then trails behind her on all fours.
  • Scootaloo's facial expression when the CMC are expressing their enthusiasm at the train station for Babs' arrival. Also, Applejack's unamused face in response to all of the CMCs' antics, having clearly been putting up with this for quite some time.
  • While Applejack tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders that Babs was bullied in Manehattan, Pinkie Pie drives past in her parade float. She simply drives past. It doesn't have any bearing on the scene. Under most circumstances, this wouldn't constitute a joke, but the fact that it is Pinkie Pie, coupled with the fact that it shows she's taking part in the parade, somehow makes it funny.
    • Her float being a giant cabbage certainly helps. In terms of vegetables, those things are inherently hilarious.
  • The pig rising up wearing Diamond's tiara.
  • "Did ya bring the thing? From the place?"
  • Scootaloo rump-bumping Babs during her tour of the clubhouse.
  • Sweetie Belle sitting under a lantern which Scootaloo turns on when she has an idea.

     Magic Duel 
  • Spike is turned into a Dragon Ball.
  • One scene shows Applejack and Rarity being turned back into pre-cutie mark fillies. With their new smaller size, Applejack's hat becomes too big for her and winds up covering her entire head.
    • Also "Old Applejack" and "Male Applejack". They all turned out to be Applejack's family and Sweetie Belle disguised as Applejack and Rarity.]
  • Trixie torments Rarity by zapping her into a tacky dress.
    Rarity: You beast! This shade of brown is only to be used for accents!
  • Trixie removes Pinkie Pie's mouth and puts in a computer Recycle Bin, and then doesn't give it back for the rest of the episode.
    • The fourth wall-ripping ending that ensues from this gag: Pinkie Pie still hasn't had her mouth restored, and emerges from the Iris Out to protest. Twilight appears as well and fixes Pinkie Pie with a quick spell, at which point Pinkie Pie draws in a delighted gasp of breath — and then we smash to Closing Credits.
  • Fluttershy tries to alert everyone about where the amulet came from, but she's so quiet that they don't hear her.
    • Her Big "WHAT?!" when she learns she's the crucial part of the plan to alert Twilight.
    • Fluttershy's luck does not improve from there:
    Applejack: What do you say, Fluttershy? Can you handle the mission?
    Fluttershy: No! I'll crack under the pressure! I'll snap like a twig!
  • Twilight gives reasonable explanations as to how she and the rest of her friends pulled off the elaborate tricks she performed in the second duel. When Trixie, sputtering, asks how she managed to have Pinkie Pie play ten instruments (especially considering she had no mouth), Twilight responds with a cheerful, "That's just Pinkie Pie!"
  • Trixie, after using a smoke bomb to run off in a manner similar to her first appearance, trips and falls flat on her face before getting up and continuing to run off.
  • "The Great & Powerful Trixie doesn't trust wheels."
  • How indignant Trixie looked and sounded when she ends her tirade on the fact that she had to take a job on Pinkie's family's rock farm.
  • The annoyed look on Zecora's face when Twilight keeps knocking over her tea.
  • Once again, Fluttershy channels her inner tree.
  • Rarity demonstrates her top-notch espionage fashion again by dressing Fluttershy in a black suit . . . complete with droopy blue bunny ears.
  • The look of panic on AJ's face when Twilight announces she can do a gender-swapping spell.
  • Trixie's Jaw Drop when she sees that Twilight has turned Applejack and Rarity into fillies and afterwards duplicate Rainbow Dash!!
  • The magic shop owner insists the Alicorn Amulet is far too dangerous to sell to anyone...and then changes his tune instantly on seeing a huge bag of gold coins.
    Shop Owner: Would you like that gift-wrapped?
  • Fluttershy finds out from her animal friends where Twilight is: the Everfree Forest. She leaps back into the log she was hiding in and has to be carried out and flown into the forest by her birds.
    "Oh, this is me being brave! But I want to be brave at home, locked in my closet with my teddy bear!"
  • At one point during the second duel, we see Lyra in the background nonchalantly sipping a drink, looking as if she doesn't have a care in the world.
  • Trixie growing a mustache during the first duel. The scene then cuts to the rest of the Mane 6 laughing their heads off.
  • Fluttershy being overly worried that something will happen to her animal friends when Twilight practices her magic on them, screaming "Look how scared they are!" It immediately cuts over to Fluttershy's animals, looking absolutely fine and without a single worry.
    • Before that, Fluttershy threatening Twilight if anything goes wrong.
  • Rainbow Dash laughing when tickled by Trixie casting what was supposed to be a pain spell.
  • While all of the ponies are being forced to redesign City Hall into Trixie's palace, the Cakes are pulling a throne into place. A throne in which Pumpkin Cake is riding with a massive smile.

     Sleepless in Ponyville 
  • Sweetie Belle's application of her Puppy-Dog Eyes to convince Rarity to go camping, complete with an exaggerated frown.. Extra points for the fact that she isn't even facing Rarity and it still works.
    • Earlier:
    Sweetie Belle: And I'll get Rarity to come, too! Rarity loves camping!
    (Cut to Rarity in her boutique)
    Rarity: I despise camping!
  • Rarity's massive cartload of luggage. In fact, most of the first part of this episode, Rarity herself was a walking CMOF and so was Sweetie Belle.
  • When Scootaloo trips over herself early in the episode, chicken noises play as she crash lands.
  • The Are We There Yet? sequence.
    Applejack: The last thousand times you asked that the answer was no. This time it's actually yes.
  • Rainbow Dash is worried about Scootaloo snoring in her sleep; later, it turns out she's the one who snores. Which is to say she whinnies in her sleep.Well, she IS a horse...
  • Sleep-deprived Scootaloo.
  • The scene where Scootaloo falls asleep riding her scooter to the second camp site.
  • Scootaloo tries to tell everyone an overly-happy, sugar-coated campfire story to try and keep herself from getting nightmares. Madeline Peters did warn us about all the Out Of Character Moments in this episode.
    Scootaloo: There once was a really really nice pony who lived in a bright and sunny land, where there were rainbows everyday and lots and lots of happy friends...
    • This gets even funnier if you think about this premise as a satiric nod to what most people probably thought/think about the whole My Little Pony franchise.
  • When Rainbow Dash tells the story about the headless horse, Applejack starts questioning the logic behind it.
    Applejack: If it doesn't have a head, then how in tarnation does this pony know where it's going?
    Rainbow Dash: It's headless, not brainless. (continues) Looking for little lost ponies.
    Applejack: So where's its brain?
    Rainbow Dash: Ugh.
  • Sweetie Belle eagerly starts a campfire song, going from "99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall" all the way to zero. Then she just drops to sleep instantly after.
    • Sweetie pushing Rainbow Dash off of the rock in her eagerness. Looks like Dashie was just about to start a song herself too.
    • While admittedly the root cause for this is sad, on a purely surface level it's pretty humorous to watch Scootaloo continue to bob her head to Sweetie's terrible song while everypony else expresses unamusement before gradually falling asleep to it.
    • And she almost loses count more than halfway through. Imagine if she had to start over...
    • The near-perfect comedic timing at the end. Sweetie concludes with a loud "...OATS ON THE WALLLLLLL!!", waking the other four. Cut back to Sweetie with a wide grin on her face with not a trace of being tired. Beat. And then. bam, asleep.
    • The clincher for the whole scene is that Sweetie Belle, easily the best singer of the CMC, sings the whole thing loud, screechy and off-key, mainly due to the fact that Claire Corlett was evidently finally allowed to "sing" for Sweetie Belle (and also perhaps because Sweetie Belle was sleep-deprived).
  • The ending, where Rainbow Dash shows up in Scootaloo's dream to give back the Olden Mare her rusty horseshoe, and the mare thanks her politely and trots off.
  • Rainbow Dash imitating Rarity, complete with mane flip.
    • It almost seemed like a satiric reference to G3 Rainbow Dash.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Scootaloo rides by Cherry Berry and Shoeshine at super speed, twisting them together.
    • What does Granny Smith do when Scootaloo's about to crash into her? She calmly arches her back and Scootaloo's scooter slides right under her with Scootaloo flying overhead.
  • Scootaloo's snout when Rainbow agrees to hang out with her.
  • Scootaloo's attempt to retrieve firewood on the second night, including trying to summon branches to herself.

    Wonderbolts Academy 
  • Pinkie Pie with her giant megaphone.
  • Cloudchaser catching Fluttershy, then getting irritated when it turns out she's also a pegasus.
    • When the trainees save the other members of the Mane 6, Bulk Biceps makes sure to save Pinkie's care package.
  • Pinkie Pie throughout the whole episode:
    • Thinking that either Rainbow Dash can't focus or had already forgotten about her and her friends.
    • Checking the mail box every three seconds.
    • The Insane Troll Logic justifying why she has to deliver the care package in person, because if she doesn't, it might culminate with another pony getting Rainbow Dash's memories of them and becoming their friend while Rainbow Dash forgets she ever had friends.
  • Spitfire getting a horn blasted into her ear at the start of the obstacle course.
  • Rainbow Dash trolling her friends at the very beginning.
    Rainbow Dash: ...I didn't get in.
    The rest of the Mane 6 all give her upset looks.
    Rainbow Dash: Fooled ya!
  • The ending.
    Pinkie Pie: (to Rainbow Dash) Wait! YOU FORGOT TO OPEN YOUR CARE PACKAAAAAGE!
  • Spitfire going Drill Sergeant Nasty on Bulk Biceps, or more accurately, Bulk shuddering.

    Apple Family Reunion 
  • When Granny Smith says that they never found Great-Great-Auntie Applesauce's teeth in the jars, Applejack gives a worried look to the camera.
    • The way Granny just gives an embarrassed "Yeah..."
  • Applejack uses Spike as a lighter for the cooking pots; complete with sparks and appropriate lighter sound effects.
  • Applejack getting shocked by Rainbow Dash's rain cloud and Rainbow's reaction hints that it may have been a deliberate prank.
  • When Applejack gets the supplies for fritter-making, Pinkie Pie pours honey right out of a beehive. She then pours some directly into her mouth, and burps up a bee.
    • Afterwards, Pinkie then shouts "Don't forget the glitter!" and tosses a bucket of luster dust at Applejack, causing AJ to get covered in the stuff.
  • Rainbow Dash uses a rain cloud to help Applejack fill up a row of buckets. Then the cloud 'accidentally' zaps Applejack with a lightning bolt, prompting some unconvincing whistling from Rainbow.
  • Look carefully during the scene when the Apple family arrives at the farm. Apparently, Hayseed Turniptruck is related to the Apples.
  • "There'll be plenty of time for family bondin' while you're racin' against your other cousins." Is there any better oxymoron?
  • Applejack shows off the new sewing machines at the quilting tent, which rattle so loudly they literally shake Aunt Apple Sauce's new dentures out of her head.
  • Apple Bloom giving a Wilhelm Scream when she gets too dizzy to stand up during the obstacle course.
  • Big Mac sniffing and then eating a fresh-cooked apple fritter, while trying to make sure nopony is looking. Then Applejack catches him in the act...
  • "I can't feel my tongue..." "Me neither!"
  • The "Raise This Barn" song has some amusing moments:
    Bow to yer partner, circle right
    Get down if you're scared of heights
    • Especially the look on that pony's face while she was clinging to the crossbeam, like she had no clue how she'd gotten up there.
  • The adorably funny photo of Apple Bloom and Babs Seed "reporting for duty" with nail buckets on their heads like helmets.
  • "Is that the finish line? It's like a mile away or somethin'!" - Babs' perfect delivery makes this one of the best lines of the episode.
    • From that same scene, Apple Bloom delivers another deadpan "Seriously?"
  • This exchange:
    Granny Smith: Granny is a little rustier in the giddy-up since the last time the Apples all got together.
    Applejack: You may be a tad old, Granny, but you're as feisty and full of spark as ever.
    Granny Smith: WHO'RE YOU CALLING OLD?!
  • at the end of the episode, amidst the other pictures from the reunion and subsequent barn-raising, we see Bushel, a pony of unspecified relation to Applejack and her siblings, being lifted into the air on a crate, looking down nervously. Imagine a big strong broad-chested stallion, AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!

     Spike at Your Service 
  • Spike finally accomplishes the list of things he's always wanted to do: Touch his nose with his tongue, play bongos on his belly, and smell his dirty feet.
  • Bored, Spike kicks a toadstool off camera, where it apparently hits a cat.
  • Rarity's face when eating the burned pie Spike made. Spike then comments that even Rarity's chewing is beautiful.
    • Rarity's reaction to the loose pipe Spike dragged out.
    • Spike's eager expression as Rarity tries the pie. Nobody can say "no" to that cute little face, even if it means eating a terrible pie.
  • Rainbow Dash is apparently attempting to write a novel about "A totally awesome Pegasus who joins the Wonderbolts".
    • Followed by Rarity's snarky reaction.
    Rarity: However did you come up with that ingeniously woven, intricate plotline?
    • Applejack's reaction to Rainbow Dash mentioning she has a novel of her own. You can practically hear her say "How the hay did she find out about that?".
  • Spike trying to "help" Applejack with breathing, by sticking a bellows in her mouth and inflating her like a balloon.
  • Pinkie's over-the-top plan to stage a fake disaster by shooting Applejack out of a cannon into a hornets' nest and having Spike catch her in a butterfly net.
    Pinkie Pie: I'll wear this mustache!
    Applejack: ...No.
    • Immediately after, we see that Rarity is inside the party cannon for no apparent reason.
    • Pinkie then insists on asking if she can wear the mustache while staging a timber wolf attack. Later on, she doesn't even say anything. She just tells Applejack she has one last question, before it cuts back to her wearing the mustache. When Applejack refuses, she kicks her party cannon away in disappointment.
    • A bit of Fridge Hilarity: that plan probably would have worked better than the one they actually used.
  • We learn the one way to get Twilight's attention when she's busy reading: Move one of her things slightly out of place and/or threaten to damage a book even by accident.
  • The fact that Spike fell for all the bad acting and the poor timber wolf design until he noticed the fake timber wolf didn't have bad breath.
    • Rarity and Pinkie's part deserves special mention: Rarity does her usual Large Ham routine, Pinkie screams with a huge smile on her face, and then they both trot off happily.
      • When Spike realizes that the timber wolf was a fake, the puppet wolf turns its head as if to say "Oh crap, he knows!"
    • Also, when Spike comments that the fake roar was spot-on, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy hi-hoof each-other, and Fluttershy is still wearing the barrels that she used to emulate the timber wolf's footsteps.
  • Spike manages to beat a giant timber wolf by making it choke on a rock. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The giant timber wolf making a "wait a minute" gesture, while it was choking to death.
  • Spike helps Apple Bloom clean a huge, fat, pig to the point it sparkles. One scene later, it's wallowing in the mud and as dirty as it was before.
    • Immediately after showing AJ their job well done, Apple Bloom asks if she can leave so she won't be late for her CMC meeting:
      Apple Bloom: We're gettin' fitted fer water-skis!
      • Made funnier by the fact AJ treats this as a completely normal occurrence.
  • Applejack tries to think of something for Spike to do, considering the possibilities of a plow, a bucket of paint, and an ax. Finally, she settles on having him deliver a pie to...
    Spike: "Rarity!?"
  • One of the things Applejack has Spike do to keep him busy is count all the blades of grass at Sweet Apple Acres. He apparently has no trouble doing so.

    Keep Calm and Flutter On 
  • To prepare for Celestia's arrival, Pinkie shined her hooves just like Rarity would. Rarity praises her because she's able to see herself in them and then admires herself in them in the background of the next shot.
  • Twilight's understandable but also hysterical response to Celestia bringing Discord to Ponyville.
    Twiilight: With all due respect, Princess Celestia, how could you bring Discord here?! *beat* Your Majesty."
  • Discord living with Fluttershy. That premise would make a great sitcom.
  • As Fluttershy is explaining to Twilight The Plan to get Discord to cooperate by befriending him and having him as a houseguest, Angel is trying to get back his seat in the couch, with Discord playing "keep away".
  • The fact that Discord and Fluttershy are having a perfectly normal conversation while her house is in mid air and spinning on an axis like a ball and Fluttershy is okay with this.
    • Then there's the Wilhelm scream heard during the scene.
  • When Fluttershy reveals that she knows that Discord's behind the flooding and has only been indulging his shenanigans to win him over as a friend:
    Fluttershy: Do you all think I'm a silly, gullible fool?
    Everyone Else: (Struggling for words showing that they did indeed)
    Rarity: Only in the sense that you're... silly and... gullible.
  • After Fluttershy says that she won't use her element against him, Discord freezes Sweet Apple Acres and starts skating on it. Then the camera pans to 3 Discords all judging him by giving him a "10"
  • As Celestia is reminded of what Discord pulled in his last appearance, Pinkie's contribution is "making yummy delicious chocolate milk rain all over the place without a single dollop of whipped cream to go with it anywhere in sight. NOT A SINGLE DOLLOP!"
  • Not the dress! NOT THE DRESS!!!
  • "He fixes this or he goes back to being stoned!"
  • It's a small thing, but Discord's line "Well, it's hardly my fault if the soup tureen finds the term 'something fishy' to be offensive!". Just how matter-of-factly he says it.
  • Discord's over-the-top reaction to Fluttershy using The Stare on him.
  • What's the first thing Discord does after being freed? Turn a squirrel and a rabbit muscular.
    • Just as funny is Pinkie's reaction to it:
    Pinkie: Make that bunny cute again! NOW!
  • After a long negotiation with a beaver to take down his dam, he finally agrees...and removes a single load-bearing twig.
  • Discord breaks Fluttershy's lamp, then reassembles the shape of himself, holding the bulb in his right hand and wearing the lampshade around his waist.
  • When being attacked by animated candlesticks whose flames she's just extinguished, Rainbow accuses Discord of making them attack her. His reply? "No, I think you just made them mad."
  • Fluttershy slipping on the ice as she gallops angrily towards Discord, and also slipping as she sulks away.
  • It's funny to watch the credits and see "Starring Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity and Gravy Boat". Yes, she voiced the gravy boat.

    Just For Sidekicks 
  • Spike wonders who took his gems even though he was the one who ate them.
  • As everyone says goodbye to their pets, Pinkie goes overboard on "Who loves who more" with Gummy, while Rainbow makes sure no one's watching before nose rubbing Tank.
    Pinkie: (affectionate) No, no, no, I love you more. (angry) No, I love you more! (enraged) I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!
  • Spike gets knocked unconscious by a flying Tank.
    • Heck, even OUT of context, that phrase is funny!
  • Looks like the CMC aren't going to get their cutie marks for pet care... or pet grooming.
  • Spike rushing to the CMC's treehouse.
    Scootaloo: Has anyone seen Tank's head?
    Spike: What have you done with the turtle?!
  • The Industrial Size Pet Hair Dryer and Winona happily flattened under its force.
  • When getting Rainbow Dash and Rarity to agree to him petsitting, he pays no attention to Rainbow's directions for Tank, but happily draws out quill and scroll to take down each and every one of Rarity's over-the-top directions for Opal. There are so many that the quill bursts into flames
  • Spike rolls the pets in a ball a la Katamari Damacy. Then his sheepish look when Granny Smith catches him. Her expression is priceless.
  • Sweetie Belle's voice getting so high-pitched at the prospect of going to the Crystal Empire that it's barely intelligible; complete with her going into an adorably funny squeal and trotting combination just like her big sister.
  • The CMC trying to get skydiving cutie marks, with no idea how they would do it.
    • How they intended to pull it off gets a quick Call-Back later. When Spike has to quick find extra ponies to get on the train with, he finds the CMC lined up and ready to jump off a nearby bridge.
      • A bridge that's only slightly taller than the average pony, mind you.
  • A recovered Screw Loose is dropped off at home, and then her nurse gets a scare from Winona's barking. From her expression, Screw Loose is just as terrified that she might be relapsing.
  • Sweetie Belle gushes over Angel, calling him the cutest little thing you've ever seen; cue all five of the other pets aiming Death Glares at him.
  • A subtle one, but there's something really funny about Twilight saying "Oh really" with an owl on her back.
  • Opal slapping Tank... and then nuzzling him.
  • Rainbow Dash instructing Spike on how to care for Tank:
    Rainbow Dash: All I'm saying is that you might want to think about a helmet. You only want to get hit in the head by a flying turtle... once.

    Games Ponies Play 
  • The Dramatic Irony of Ms. Harshwinny walking around miserable while the Mane 6 entertain some random mare off the street gives the whole episode an undercurrent of laughs.
    • The Running Gag of the inspector getting splashed by puddles... including once by the tourist.
  • Rarity's increasingly hamtastic attempts to do Cadance's hair in the traditional royal head-dress, up to and including treating it like life-saving surgery.
  • Pinkie Pie attempting to give the tourist (whom she believes to be the games inspector) a tour of the castle. They stop in a rotunda, and...
    Pinkie: So. You see this here? This big, ROUUUNNNDDD room. It's known for its...ROOUUUNNNDDDness. And bigness! And did I mention that it's...RRROOOUUUNNNDDD?
  • The tourist flirts with Shining Armor!
    • The faces Shining makes when she's flirting with him! It almost looks like he's pleading to the audience, or violently ill.
  • Twilight and Cadance's Secret Handshake getting shoved into the background in favor of Rarity swooning over the decor.
  • Spike's initial problems with the pets made the whole library shake, before the Mane Six got on the train.
    • Twilight's reaction makes the scene even funnier.
  • After getting a vase stuck on her head, the tourist panics and runs away. Rainbow Dash flies after her to pull it off... and when she does, the tourist stops cold, letting inertia take hold and send Rainbow Dash off through the air until she hits the spa window. Rarity doesn't even blink before going back to fixing Cadance's hair!
  • After they find out that the tourist is not the inspector.
    Rainbow Dash: We got the wrong pony?!
    Pinkie: (dramatically with camera zooming out) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (camera zooms back in) I mean (zooms out again) YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
    • Then, just before they cut to commercial, we get a brief shot of Twilight desperately trying to keep herself from losing it by manically performing her breathing exercise.
  • The gang's cheer leading routine is quite amusing in itself.
  • When Cadence discovers Twilight and friends accidentally greeted the wrong pony at the train station, Pinkie sheepishly offers her a cinnamon bun, with the expected "squeaky smile" noise.
  • Rarity's horrific first attempt to fix Cadence's mane. Step twelve is not optional.
    • Rarity magically messing up Twilight's mane as a visual aid when the later asks her just how bad this mistake was.
      Twilight: Come on, how bad could it be?
      Rarity: Imagine her mane turned into a porcupine.
      Twilight: Oh...

    Magical Mystery Cure 
  • During the opening musical number, Twilight goes to a restaurant, jumps onto a table and starts tap-dancing. The waiter joins in.
    • At the beginning, when Twilight wakes up Spike, he wakes up, still sucking his thumb, looks confused, and then flops back onto his pillow face-first.
  • The first musical number getting stopped cold, song and all, by Twilight getting doused with water.
  • The first musical number, period. It comes off as one giant Out-of-Character Moment for Twilight, because it's so weird seeing her that cheery and energetic.
  • Tragic as it may be, it is funny seeing the ponies fail miserably at doing each others' jobs.
    • Rainbow Dash doing her best Tom impression and running head-first into a mousehole.
    • Pinkie pushing a plough (it's meant to be pulled) from the front, and shaking a water chute while being ontop of it.
      • Pinkie Pie putting on a Southern accent.
    • Applejack, of all ponies, trying to sew and cringing. You know it should not be funny, but the way she sings "Lookie here at what I made, I think that it's a dress" halfway in Sarcasm Mode is more comedy than it should be.
  • Twilight slamming the door on the mailpony.
  • Pinkie drinking a glass of water so she can do a Spit Take.
  • Rainbow Dash is so bad at handling animals, that the critters revolt and try to eat her!!!
    • During the song "A True, True Friend," after Fluttershy and Twilight finish taking care of all the animals, Rainbow points out that she's still tied up and in a pot of water.
  • Shining Armor quips that his tears of joy are "liquid pride".
  • After Rarity gets her cutie mark back:
    Rarity: Huh? Oh my! What a terrible dream I had! (sees Applejack's badly-made dresses) Or... maybe I'm still having it.
    • Applejack's embarrassed smile sells it.
  • The scene in which Twilight fixes Starswirl's spell can be seen as a bit of Black Comedy. When the magic from the other Elements of Harmony is absorbed into Twilight, most fans assumed that she would transform into an alicorn once it was over. Instead, it looked like she had been vaporized by the Elements of Harmony.
  • Right after Twilight becomes an alicorn, and the rest of the Mane 6 are all reacting, Pinkie's really takes the cake, and acts as a sort of Moment Killer of sorts:
    Pinkie Pie (as she swings in on a rope with a party hat on as a horn and cardboard wings on her back and noisemaker): ALICORN PARTY!!!
    • Made even funnier by everypony else just staring dumbfounded.
  • What is Twilight's reaction to becoming a princess? Wondering if there is a book she is supposed to read on the subject. Even when becoming a princess, she's still the same adorkable pony her friends know and love.
  • During the song "A True, True Friend," after restoring Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, Twilight sums up the next crisis in five words.
    Twilight Sparkle: Applejack's trying to make dresses!
    Rainbow Dash: Say no more!
  • Four words: Spike dances Gangnam style!

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