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    Mare in the Moon 
  • Twilight Sparkle's various first impressions of the other ponies:
    • Pinkie Pie randomly gasping and running off, only to show up later throwing a surprise welcoming party and proceeding to talk Twilight's ear off.
    • Applejack introducing her relatives.
      • Twilight agreeing to eat with the Apple family. Cut to Twilight with a Balloon Belly, having had too much pie.
    • Rainbow Dash's Crash-Into Hello, followed by Twilight's shocked expression when Dash makes good on her claim that she can clear the sky in "ten seconds flat". And it actually does take exactly ten seconds.
      • And Dash trying (and failing) to suppress laughter at what she accidentally did to Twilight's hair.
    • Rarity dragging Twilight into a Costume-Test Montage.
    • Fluttershy nervously swings her leg and introduces herself at barely a whisper before her voice degenerates to unintelligible, nervous squeaks. Then she spots Spike, body-checks Twilight out of the way to start gushing over him, and Spike proceeds to literally tell her his life story.
  • Twilight sums up her first impression of the citizens of Ponyville: "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!"
  • Pinkie trying to answer Nightmare Moon's rhetorical question, and quickly getting silenced by AJ.
    Nightmare Moon: Don't you know who I am?
    Pinkie Pie: Ooh, ooh, more guessing games! Um, Hokey Smokes! How about... Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snooty!
    [Applejack shoves a cupcake into Pinkie's mouth]
    • Applejack is holding Rainbow Dash's tail by the mouth during this time. When Pinkie starts talking, Applejack is concerned and frowning. It zooms in to Pinkie, but when Applejack shoves the cupcake in her mouth, it zooms back out to show Applejack smiling proudly.

     Elements of Harmony 
  • Pinkie gets a lot of them in this episode. First, she manages to find a book on the Elements of Harmony as Twilight frantically looks for one:
    Twilight Sparkle: How did you find it?
    Pinkie Pie: It was under "E"!
  • Twilight and Rarity's (initial) reaction to Pinkie's song.
    Pinkie Pie: When I was a little filly and the sun was going do-o-o-own...
    Twilight Sparkle: (deadpan) Tell me she's not...
    Pinkie Pie: The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me fro-o-o-own...
    Rarity: She is.
  • After the manticore hurls Applejack off of its head, she turns to Rainbow Dash and calmly proclaims "Your turn, partner" while she's still flying through the air.
  • As the Mane Six (minus Fluttershy) charge toward the manticore with determined expressions, Pinkie Pie is just bouncing along, pronking with a cheerful smile on her face.
  • When Rainbow Dash saves Twilight from falling off the broken rope bridge, the pegasus quips "What is it with you and falling off cliffs today?"
  • Nightmare Moon's reaction to Twilight charging her:
  • After Nightmare Moon is defeated, Applejack says something along the lines of "Gosh, Twilight, I thought you were talking a load of hooey, but I reckon we really do represent the elements of harmony!" Meaning that when Twilight was giving that mushy speech to Nightmare Moon about how each of her friends represents an element, Applejack was probably thinking What is this load of horseapples? the whole time.
    • Especially if you imagine that she's still thinking this as the pieces of the shattered stone spheres are rising up and reassembling as necklaces and a crown.

     The Ticket Master 
  • The final chase scene near the end, which is also an homage to The Benny Hill Show's famous chasing montages, counts as a double Funny Moment, since it is insanely funny AND because it caught everyone completely off guard.
  • Rainbow and AJ going right back to hoof-wrestling the second Twilight's out of sight. You get the feeling the ticket was not the only reason.
  • The girls' fantasies about the Gala are all amusingly over the top:
    • Applejack hoping to earn enough money to replace the "saggy old roof" on the barn, Big Macintosh's "saggy old plow", and Granny Smith's "saggy old hip", which leads to Granny suddenly looking more youthful and bucking around in joy after kicking her walker away.
    • Rainbow Dash pulling a stunt just offscreen that earns a literal Jaw Drop from three of the Wonderbolts.
    • Pinkie Pie dashing about trying to take in all the festivities at the Gala while singing a silly song about it. At one point, she plays Pin the Tail on the Pony, only to end up pinning her own tail to it while the fake tail is stuck to her backside. How does that even work?
      • Pinkie Pie, that's how.
    • Rarity's bug-eyed look of glee at the sight of her Prince Charming offering her a huge diamond engagement ring, coupled with her narration: "He would ask for my hoof in marriage, and of course, I would say... YES!"
      • "All eyes would be on us, and then everyone would finally know, the most beautiful, most talented, most sophisticated pony in all of Equestria is Rarity the unicorn! ...(nervous chuckle) And Twilight Sparkle, of course!"
    • Fluttershy gushing about the birds found in the royal gardens of Canterlot: "Hummingbirds that can really hum, and buzzards that can really buzz!"
  • Pinkie Pie's freak-out. "Bats!! Bats on my face! Heeeelp! ...wait!"
  • Spike and Applejack at the end of the episode. Her line "Just like a boy; can't handle the slightest bit of sentiment" and Spike secretly gushing over getting to go to the Gala.
  • Rarity's makeover for Twilight and Spike has some...interesting sound effects. Was that a drill?!
  • After Rarity gives Twilight a make-over, she gives Spike one too... and ends up putting him in a goofy-looking "Little Lord Fauntleroy" get-up, complete with blonde wig and a Nice Hat.
  • Rainbow Dash calling Twilight a "goody-four-shoes".
  • Twilight's rather Timmy Turner-like screamnote 
      • Said scream influences the ponies tossing her into the air to back off... while she's in midair. Cue fall to the ground.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Applejack mentions that she bet Big Macintosh she could get all the Golden Delicious in the barn by lunchtime. If she does, he has to walk down Stirrup Street in one of Granny Smith's girdles.
  • Twilight shouts for everyone to stop arguing, and Pinkie keeps going a bit, showing that she'd rather lost the thread of the discussion.
  • The ponies' attempts to curry Twilight's favor are hilarious, but the funniest has to be Fluttershy's "spring cleaning". Not only is she a transparently bad liar, but Angel Bunny's silent snarking stare when Fluttershy tries to deny playing for favoritism sells the entire scene, as does Fluttershy's brutal honesty after seeing the snarky glare.
  • The starving Twilight's eyes when Applejack lists all the delicious apple themed food that she brought to bribe her for the ticket.
  • Twilight turns down Dash's favor of clearing up the rainclouds directly above her and the rain finally falls on her as well, ruining her meal. Rarity passes by with an umbrella and addresses a completely soaked Twilight:
    Rarity: Twilight! It's raining.
    Twilight: No. Really?
    • When Twilight accuses Rainbow of doing a favor to get the ticket, the scene cuts to Rainbow smiling down on her with the sun forming a Background Halo over her head and a heavenly choir humming in the background.
  • Twilight's mental image of Rarity when she considers giving up her own ticket.

     Applebuck Season 
  • Eeeeyup. Just the entire introductory scene and Applejack's and Big Macintosh's exchange.
    Big Macintosh: One pony plus hundreds of apple trees just doesn't add up to...
    Applejack: Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue!
  • The expression Rainbow has on her face when Applejack presses the other end of the see-saw.
    • And before that, when Applejack smacks the ground hard cartoon-style after missing the see-saw.
    • Rainbow Dash getting catapulted over the horizon. Applejack's reaction to Rainbow's panicked scream? "YER WELCOME!"
    • And finally when the catapult just happens to send Rainbow crashing directly into Twilight's balcony, the latter calmly looks up from her book and responds with a perfectly deadpan, "Can I help you?"
    • Then, Twilight catches up with AJ, who's just walked into a tree and can barely hear. They do some Vaudeville for a bit, until:
    Twilight: I need to talk to you!
    Applejack: Oh! Well, why didn't you say so? Whatchoo wanna talk about?
    Twilight: Rainbow Dash dropped in to see me today.
    Applejack: That's quite neighborly of her.
  • And during the impeding cow stampede, Pinkie Pie is bouncing along the ground saying in a shaky voice "Hey, this makes my voice sound silly!"
  • Twilight's speech constantly getting interrupted, especially Rainbow Dash's face when she says "so... AWESOME!"
    • Made funnier by the fact that another face like this has never been made on the show.
    • And there is the sheer size of the stack of cards Twilight intends to read her speech from, and when the Mayor is about to interrupt she throws them in frustration and leaves.
  • Loopy, sleep-deprived Applejack staring at her distorted reflection in the trophy, followed by Pinkie Pie joining in. "Woo! Woo! Woo!"
  • Applejack trying to buck the apples off a bare tree, which leads to Twilight pointing out "A.J., I think you're beating a dead... tree."
    • Also a nice save from the Unfortunate Implications of the, ahem, original phrase.
    • Twilight then says that Applejack is as stubborn as a mule. Then says 'no offense' to an actual mule who was standing just off screen.
  • The ponies freaking out over the aftermath of the bunny stampede. "The horror! The horror!"
  • "No, not baked goods. Baked... BADS!"
  • Slow-motion Pinkie. Enough said.
    Pinkie Pie: Alrighty, I'll get the sugar and the eggs. Can you get me some chocolate chips?
    Applejack: (disoriented from exhaustion), what was that?
    Pinkie Pie: (slowed down, from Applejack's point of view) CHOOOCCCOLAAATE CHIIIPPPPSSS.
  • The moment when Applejack believes she's finally finished harvesting all the apples from the orchard, until Big Macintosh comes along and points out she's only halfway through.
    Applejack: How do you like them apples?
    Big Macintosh: Uh, how do you like them apples?
    Applejack: Mememe wha? Ahh... (faints)
  • The ending scene, when all the mane six are hard at work, harvesting the apples from one tree at a time—while Twilight Sparkle's magic harvests all the apples from at least fifteen trees at once.

     Griffon the Brush-Off 
  • Fluttershy's unexpectedly snarky response to Pinkie Pie's attempts to reassure her:
    Fluttershy: Um, Pinkie Pie, about this party for Gilda, um, do you really think it's a good idea? I mean...
    Pinkie Pie: Don't worry your pretty little head about mean old Gilda! (pats Fluttershy on the head) Your Auntie Pinkie Pie's got it all taken care of!
    Fluttershy: (annoyed) I'm a year older than you.
  • The prank montage near the beginning of the episode.
    • One that stands out is their first prank on Spike, which gives him the hiccups. That is funny on its own, but then his hiccups start sending his dragon fire out, causing him to repeatedly send scroll after scroll to Princess Celestia, literally dropping an avalanche of scrolls on her head with the poor mare having no idea what's going on and just trying to read them.
    • Rarity sneezing from the prank flowers, particularly the expression she makes before the first and her futile attempt to fight off the third.
    • At the end of the episode, when replying to Twilight's friendship report, Celestia suddenly notices she was sent the invisible ink, and just laughs.
  • Gilda lets out the usual cartoon flame breath from the prank lemon wafers set out.... which Pinkie Pie promptly uses to toast a marshmallow.
    • Even better when you know she actually wasn't expecting it, but somehow still had the marshmallow ready.
  • The beginning where Rainbow Dash keeps running... er, flying away from Pinkie Pie... who's calmly bouncing along, and still manages to catch up with Dash. Doubles as a Shout-Out to Pepe Le Pew.
    • Later it's Gilda who tries to keep Rainbow Dash and herself away from Pinkie Pie. In the end, she succeeds. By convincing Pinkie Pie to go complaining about her to Twilight.
  • After Pinkie Pie pranks Rainbow Dash with the telescope, we zoom out to Fluttershy investigating the fake turtle they were using for her prank and poking at it.
  • Rainbow Dash and Gilda singing the chant. The sheer contrast between Gilda's disaffected monotone and Rainbow's over-the-top enthusiasm is hilarious.
  • While spying on Gilda, Pinkie Pie sees her steal an apple from a fruit stand, causing her call Gilda a thief. But then she believes that Gilda will give it back, despite the fact that she ate the whole apple in one gulp.
  • Pinkie Pie jumping on a trampoline to talk to Rainbow Dash and Gilda, who are sitting on a cloud.
  • This conversation between Gilda and Pinkie Pie.
    Gilda: I'm watching you like a hawk!
    Pinkie Pie: Can't you watch me like a griffon?
  • After bottling up her anger at Pinkie Pie for the entire party, Gilda gets humiliated one time too many and has a full-on rage-splosion, showing her true colors as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing by blowing up at every pony in the room. The best part is, despite what Gilda and the audience were led to believe, Pinkie Pie wasn't playing dumb and setting her up as a revenge ploy. Rainbow Dash was the one pranking her, and Gilda exposed how much of a total bitch she was out of paranoia.

     Boast Busters 
  • All the bits involving Spike and his magically-created mustache.
    • In the end, Twilight gives Spike, Snips and Snails all awesome super-staches. Quoth all three: "SWEET!".
  • The end of the episode, with the Ursa Major, which while still terrifyingly big, is also amusingly snuggling its Ursa Minor son like a baby, even giving it a bottle. Keep in mind said Ursa Minor was gigantic and rampaged throughout most of the episode.
  • Twilight making an excuse to leave when Trixie tries to challenge her. "I think I hear my laundry calling!"
  • Snips and Snails' Pinky and the Brain moment:
    Snips: An Ursa walkin' up the street, eh? Snails, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
    Snails: Why is it they call it a flea market, when they don't really sell fleas?
  • The gang using Blatant Lies to consider that Rarity's hair is still beautiful.
    Rainbow Dash: It's fine.
    Applejack: It's gorgeous.
    Spike: It's green. [RD, Applejack, and Twilight look at him unamused] What?
  • After Trixie turns Rarity's hair green, she runs through the crowd shouting about how terrible having green hair is. Cue Golden Harvest/Carrot Top, who has apparently dyed her mane green (hers is usually orange), saying "Well, I never!" and walking off in a huff.
  • When Spike is trying to get Twilight to show Trixie up in the library, Twilight ends her refusal rant by creating a door from thin air and slamming it shut in Spike's face. It opens, Spike basically says he gives up and closes the door behind him...still in the middle of the library. There's a few Beats in silence before Spike realizes his mistake and goes out through the proper door. Made all the more hilarious by Twilight's completely deadpan face.
  • Trixies' attempts at stopping the Ursa Minor are rather humorous; with using a magic rope trick like with Applejack...only for it to wrap around it's two fingers, giving her an unamused look as it casually snaps it without trying. And then gets angry than scared when a bolt of lightning hits it from her dud storm cloud.
  • This joke after the ponies and Spike have to deal with what they think is an Ursa Major.
    Twilight: Is that what I think it is?
    Spike: Majorly.
  • The Ursa sucking at the water tower/bottle like a baby.

  • The fainting-goat panic attacks, complete with sound effects.
  • Angel pulling off a smoker's cough while trying to draw Fluttershy's attention to the smoke appearing over Ponyville.
  • Pinkie Pie's rubber chicken, and her attempt to make the dragon laugh.
    • Rarity's nonplussed reaction to said rubber chicken.
  • This bit...
    Twilight Sparkle: Girls! This is no laughing matter! Fluttershy, you're the expert on wild creatures. What do you think the dragon will be like? Fluttershy?
    Rainbow Dash: Hey! What are you waiting for? An invitation?
    Pinkie Pie: Ooo, I think I have one in my bag!
    (Pinkie pops out with a manic expression and an invitation in her mouth while Rainbow Dash is startled out of her mind.)
  • The dragon's response to Fluttershy's angry tirade against him is an indignant "But that rainbow one kicked me."
    • To which Rainbow Dash nods proudly.
  • Pinkie tries to persuade the dragon by... dressing up like a cross between a present and a four-legged mutant Daffy Duck in Duck Amuck... which leads to...
    • Rainbow Dash losing her patience.
    "We've tried persuasion, charm... whatever it is Pinkie Pie does..."
    • ...followed by Pinkie blowing the noisemaker, making a pathetic "raspberry" noise.
  • Pinkie beat Rarity in 35 consecutive games of tic-tac-toe while waiting for Fluttershy and AJ. And then Rarity's response:
    Rarity: Best of 71?
  • Fluttershy literally being scared of her own shadow.
  • As genuinely awesome as that moment was, the sight of a pegasus marching up the snout of a dragon and glaring into an eye roughly as big as she is while giving it a piece of her mind is inherently giggle-worthy.
  • During Rarity's part of the Lock-and-Load Montage, she puts on an army helmet... before checking herself out in the mirror, deciding against it, and putting on a sun hat with the same camouflage pattern as the helmet.
  • During the same montage... Fluttershy with swimming floaties on each hoof, an inner-tube & a football helmet.

     Look Before You Sleep 
  • The epic pillow fight between Rarity and Applejack, while Twilight tries to calm them down.
    Twilight Sparkle: [dazed after being hit in the head twice with pillows, her eyes spinning while she speaks] Uh, girls, maybe we should take it down a notch?
  • How Rarity gets into the pillow fight:
    Rarity: Oh, please. I am not at all interested in participating in something so crude. (pillow hits her in the face) OOH! Oh! (beat) It! Is! ON!
  • Twilight's adorkable realization that a pillow fight is Exactly What It Says on the Tin is amusing as well. "Oh, I get it! Pillow fight! Fun!"
    • Heck, Twilight's adorkableness all the way around this episode. Some of the better moments include:
      • "Hooray, slumber party!" while lightly clapping.
      • The fact that she has a book entitled "Sleepover 101" and thinks that doing everything in the book to the letter will officially make the sleepover fun.
      • Even funnier since the book is actually called ''Everything You Wanted To Know About Slumber Parties But Were Afraid To Ask.''
      • Her reaction to the tree that Applejack accidentally pulled into her bedroom is to look all through her sleepover book to see where branches fit into the slumber party.
        Twilight Sparkle: Well, they do have a section about backyard slumber parties. Is that what we're doing right now? Does this count as camping?
  • Applejack and Rarity telling their "Ghost stories".
  • Applejack and Rarity fighting over the spare bed. "Can't hear ya, I'm asleep! *feigns snoring*"
  • The absurdly girly dress Applejack puts on for her dare.
  • "Yeah, that's not gonna happen. GERONIMO!!!"
  • Twilight marvels over the little pony topiary that Rarity makes out of the branch, before adding, matter-of-factly "They're not in the book either."

     Bridle Gossip 
  • Spike's fears of zombie ponies. "Not likely... but possible?"
    • And now we've had an episode with zombie ponies. Not really zombies, of course.
  • Pinkie's song about Zecora. "It's a work in progress."
  • When Twilight inquires Pinkie Pie further about what else does Zecora exactly do that supposedly makes her evil, we get this exchange:
    Pinkie Pie: Well, I think Zecora eats... hay.
    Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie! I eat hay! You eat hay!
    Pinkie Pie: Yeah... but I heard it's like the evil way she eats hay...
  • The reveal of Fluttershy's "Flutterguy" voice. Then his cool jazz rendition of Pinkie Pie's "The Villain Sucks" Song (complete with rhythmic finger snaps in the background) turns the hilarity Up to Eleven.
    • The deadpan and bored manner in which Flutterguy sings it just makes it even more hilarious!
    • Not to mention the way in which Pinkie Pie pantomimes the lyrics as Flutterguy sings them.
    • Made even better by the French dub of this scene. Flutterguy's voice takes the Everything Sounds Sexier in French principle to all his lines, the song included.
  • The sheer fact that Applejack is more afraid of Zecora than her kid sister Apple Bloom is, to the point that it's Applejack who shivers with fright and clings to Apple Bloom during Pinkie's "Evil Enchantress" song.
  • Also of note is when Apple Bloom disobeys her "little" sister, and leaves her on a tree branch in the Everfree Forest. Applejack, one of the most responsible and grown-up ponies, is reduced to throwing a hissy fit.
    Applejack:: Apple Bloom! You come right back here this instant! I'M GONNA TELL BIG MACINTOSH ON YOU! Ah, pony-feathers.
  • Spike's nicknames for the girls, culminating with his annoyance with being unable to come up with one for Twilight. Then after they head out to catch up with Apple Bloom, he comes up with "Twilight Flopple".
    • Plus, "Appletini." So now she has two names based on alcoholic drinks.
    • "Appletini" seems to have caught onto the humor of the nicknames a bit, since she does call Rainbow Dash "Rainbow Crash" while flying around on her later on.
    • In case you were wondering the whole lot of nicknames were Hairity (Rarity's hair had grown long and mop like), Rainbow Crash (Rainbow Dash's wings were upside down, causing her to crash), Spitty Pie (Pinkie Pie's tongue had grown out of her mouth and made her drool and have trouble speaking), Apple Teeny (Applejack had shrunk), Flutterguy (Fluttershy's voice sounded like a dude's) and Twilight Flopple (Twilight's horn had gone floppy).
  • After a shrunken Applejack leaves to follow Apple Bloom, Twilight notices Applejack missing and expresses worry that somepony might have sat on her. This leads to a hilarious scene where the girls spend several seconds trying to look at their own butts. Then Pinkie Pie tries looking in Rarity's hair:
    Rarity: Have you ever heard of personal space?
    Pinkie Pie: Nope!
  • "Appletini" lassoing, then harmlessly wrestling Zecora's ear is hilarious. I love the bewildered "What is she doing up there?" look on Zecora's face.
  • Apple Bloom knows what's going on:
    Twilight Sparkle: Apple Bloom, sweetie, you can't just stand there and tell me this isn't a curse.
    Apple Bloom: This isn't a curse!
  • The ponies' fear of the Everfree Forest.
    Applejack: The Everfree Forest just ain't natural! The plants grow!
    Fluttershy: The animals care for themselves!
    Rainbow Dash: And the clouds move...
    Applejack, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash: ...all on their own!
    [Rarity faints again]
  • "This book is just a bunch of hooey!"
  • Applejack saying that Zecora lives in the Everfree Forest is seemingly accompanied by Dramatic Thunder...but it was only Spike who dropped some pans on the kitchen.
  • Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie blaming Zecora:
    Rarity: You made me look ridiculous.
    Fluttershy: You made me sound ridiculous.
    Pinkie Pie: You made me speak ridiculous!
  • "Will somepony please talk normal?"

     Swarm of the Century 
  • Pinkie Pie's brilliant entrance near the end, immediately followed by Princess Celestia's baffled expression as Pinkie and the Parasprites march by, AND Pinkie Pie's trombone closing the episode are insanely hilarious.
    • Pinkie's utterly serious expression while she's leading the parasprites out of town is what really sells it.
    • That and when Twilight begins to speak to Celestia during Pinkie's "parade", you can literally hear the Princess thinking: "You know what? Fuck it; I'm just gonna accept this."
    • And to cap it all, Celestia's guard don't even blink or crack a smile.
    • Also, when Twilight gives her report ("It's a good idea to stop and listen to your friends if you need some perspective...") there's a distinctly loud crash of cymbals courtesy of Pinkie Pie. Apparently, she agrees.
  • A minor one, but Rainbow Dash high-fiving (high-hoofing?) Fluttershy: apparently it stung enough and she lets out an adorable "Ow..."
  • Hell, even Celestia's admiration of the parasprites is considered this. Plus her sweet voice and the added melody BGM during Pinkie's "parade" is considered to be rather cute by some fans.
  • From the same episode, Pinkie Pie's dramatic "I'll save you!" entrance as Rarity's store is being ravaged. You think she's there to have a Big Damn Heroes moment, but then, she trots past her, grabs a flute, tests it and and runs away. Rarity's reaction is priceless, and the fact that it switches to another scene mid-scream is just wondrously timed.
  • Or Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Granny Smith set to defend the orchard - and then the parasprites bypass them and eat the barn.
    Applejack: Didn't see that one coming.
  • The highlight's got to be poor, beleaguered Twilight Sparkle surveying the devastation... and finally (briefly) snapping and giving orders to the fleeing ponies.
  • Pinkie Pie's backwards running while trying to talk to the ponies rounding up the parasprites.
  • Rainbow Dash's parasprite bikini.
  • When the parasprites start eating Ponyville, Rarity's reaction is to yell "EVERYPONY FOR HERSELF!" and run off to protect her store.
  • A few when Twilight goes to see Zecora. First, Zecora falling off of her meditation pole and breaking her rhyming habit for the only time in the show so far. Then a smaller one when the Parasprites invade Zecora's house and Zecora gains a cute little living clown nose for a moment. Finally, after Zecora pronounces the whole town doomed, you can tell she's still a little annoyed by everyone thinking that she was an evil witch.
  • Twilight Sparkle's Imagine Spot where Celestia is brought into Ponyville and the parasprites carry her out as she screams.

     Winter Wrap Up 
  • Twilight's checklist at the beginning:
    Twilight Sparkle: Scarf, check! Saddle, check! Boots, check! Spike refusing to get up and going back to bed, check! It's a good thing I'm so organized.
    • Accompanied by a drawing of an angry Spike on the checklist.
    • And, as it turns out, Twilight's ready so early, it's still nighttime.
    • Viewers of the DVD may notice earlier, but all that stuff she made a checklist to make sure she wears it? Come time for the real thing, she's not wearing any of it! Probably because she already checked it off as having been done...
  • Twilight wants to help Rainbow clear off the clouds, but...
    Rainbow: Umm... *flaps her wings*
    Twilight: Right. No wings.
  • The reaction to Twilight Sparkle's first feeble attempt to create a bird's nest.
    Spike: That nest needs to be condemned.
    Rarity: Oh, Spike! It's not so bad. Uh... Maybe the birds can use it as a-
    Spike: An outhouse?
    • It's so bad that Rarity spends half the day trying to fix it, gets behind in her work, and eventually breaks down in tears. (The seconds-long reaction shot of her dramatic sob is a CMoF all its own.)
    • And it gets better when you realize Twilight's nest actually looks like a real bird's nest!
  • Twilight's Humiliation Conga when she tries to help Fluttershy wake up the hibernating animals.
    Twilight: (Rings a bell) Hellooo! Wake up little friends, wherever you are! Spring is coming! I wonder what cute, little, furry creatures I've awoken! (Cue a few hissing snakes)
    Twilight: Wah! Snakes! SNAKES! (Backpedals frantically into a large cave... and gets swarmed by bats)
    Twilight: AAAAAAHHHHHH! (Runs and crashes headlong into a tree, causing a beehive to fall and get stuck on her head)
    Twilight: AAAAAAHHHHHH! (Scrambles blindly into another cave... containing skunks)
    Fluttershy: (Watching the skunks wake up and leave a visible trail of their stench behind) Good morning, friends!
    Twilight: Ughhh...
  • Twilight attempting to help with the plowing by using magic. At one point she cuts off Blues, hitting him in the face with snow. She then comes back around and splashes more on him. He gets enough time to look pitifully at the camera before getting his face covered.
  • Twilight trying to skate, leading to herself, Pinkie, and Spike being rolled into a snowman.

     Call of the Cutie 
  • "Apples! Apples! Apples! (Off Screen Crash) Heh... apples."
  • Apple Bloom's hilariously over-the-top hard-sell when trying to become an apple salespony. She browbeats Doctor Whooves into buying some apples, scares off Berry Punch, and tries to trick Bon-Bon into buying a bushel of apples.
  • The ridiculously manly tennis-player pony that appears during the episode, who not only had a manly beard, mustache and hairdo, but also had a hairy chest as well.
  • The montage of Rainbow Dash trying to help Apple Bloom find her passion in life. "Ultra-Pony Roller Derby, GO!"
  • Apple Bloom's motor-mouthed explanations, first to Rainbow Dash and then to Twilight Sparkle, of why she just has to get her cutie mark before the party.
  • Apple Bloom spinning around in circles trying to look at her own flank and see if she's earned her cutie mark. Twice.
  • "Please say Bingo, please say Bingo!"
  • "Don't forget your party hat, Forgety Forgetterson!"
  • Berry Punch drinking out of the punch bowl.
  • "YOU TOUCH IT, YOU BUY IT! We take cash or credit!"
  • Applejack's expression and the accompanying sound effect after Apple Bloom says "That's how you sell some apples and get a cutie mark!"

     Fall Weather Friends 
  • All of Pinkie Pie's color commentary during the race.
    Spike: You know, Pinkie, these two ponies have a bit of a grudge match they're trying to settle. Trying to prove who's the most athletic.
    Pinkie: Yes! And grudge rhymes with fudge!
    Spike: Yes, it... does... What?
    Pinkie: And I like fudge! But when I eat too much fudge, I get a pudge and then I can't budge!
    Spike: So... no fudge?
    Pinkie: Oh, no, thanks! I had a big breakfast.
    • Pinkie and Spike as sports commentators is guaranteed funny.
      Pinkie: Welcome to the official coverage of the Running of the Leaves! You know, Spike, despite its name, the leaves don't do any of the actual running.
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash's feuding eventually degenerating into a Big Ball of Violence.
  • After the Road Sign Reversal, watch Rainbow Dash's face as she says "I'm SURE to win now!" to Twilight. You'll probably laugh.
  • How Rainbow Dash is able to beat Applejack at tug-o-war. She flies over the mud, then lifts Applejack into the air. Applejack realizes Dash is cheating, and...
    Applejack: *muffled* That's not fair! You can't use yer wings to help you win!
    Rainbow Dash: *muffled* Huh?
    Applejack: *muffled* Yer CHEATIN'!
    Rainbow Dash: *muffled* I can't understand you with that rope in your mouth.
    Applejack: *lets go of the rope* I SAID... uh-oh. *falls into the mud*
  • "Get it... eye muscles?"
  • Spike's expression when he found himself as the "bull" for the rodeo, and then after Applejack ties him up says: "How do I get roped into these things?"

     Suited for Success 

     Feeling Pinkie Keen 
  • When Twilight falls down Applejack's Apple cellar, Applejack seems to be completely clueless to her situation before realizing something is wrong.
    Applejack: Twilight! You came to visit my new apple cellar! How nice! Um, Twi? You okay? Uh... Twi?
    • Judging by that reaction, Twilight might not have even been conscious.
  • Greatest moment of the entire episode, and arguably the funniest moment of the show, period, is when a group of pegasus delivery ponies accidentally drop a flower pot, an anvil, a wagon full of hay, and a piano on poor Twilight Sparkle. Bonus points for having Derpy Hooves being part of said group.
  • Spike backing out of Twilight's library with a stack of books is accompanied by the "beep... beep... beep..." warning sound of a truck backing up. Unfortunately, this is after the opening library door has already clobbered Twilight.
  • When the Hydra first appears, Heads One, Three and Four bellow menacingly. Head Two is apparently a little slow, and has a moment of confusion before joining in the roaring.
    • A moment later, Heads One, Three and Four lash out at the ponies, slamming into the mud, a tree and a rock in the process. Head Two, apparently as a bit of payback for being Late to the Punchline earlier, laughs at them.
  • Twilight is going to hold off the Hydra until the others can get across the gorge.
    Twilight Sparkle: Oh, what would a brave pony like Rainbow Dash do? (beat) CHAAARGE!!!
  • Twilight Sparkle's reaction after surviving the leap across the bog. She hits a conveniently-placed cave, shakes her head a few times and does a silly grin while a *squeak* noise plays.
  • At the very end of the episode, Spike is about to send off Twilight's letter to Princess Celestia when CELESTIA OUT OF NOWHERE!
    Spike: ..."twitchy tail"? Holy guacamole!
    • If you listen closely, you can hear a "whoosh-boom" as Celestia lands near Spike. That's right, despite having wings, Celestia seems to have literally fallen out of the sky, just to pick up Twilight's letter (and prove Pinkie right once again).
    • The fact that she just appears, lands with a loud thud, and nonchalantly grabs the letter is what sells it. Apparently this was normal for her.
  • Gummy, Pinkie's toothless pet alligator, gumming her, and her complete lack of a reaction.
    • Not to mention the fact she has a Pinkie Sense reaction just for detecting when there's an alligator in the bath tub.
  • While speculating what kind of horrible fate may have befallen Fluttershy, Spike suggests that she may have spontaneously and implausibly exploded for no reason other than that it'd be a horrible fate. The humor comes from how seriously he and Pinkie Pie take it while Twilight and Applejack do not, especially when Pinkie suggests that Fluttershy may have exploded twice (even more implausible).
    Spike: What if... she exploded... and exploded again... and then
    Twilight: Will you two stop?!
    • During that scene, Applejack says she's trying not to think about what might have happened to Fluttershy, Spike says that he's also trying not to think about it but he's thinking about it anyway.
  • How Twilight looks upon being flattened by the door.
  • Twilight hooking Pinkie Pie up to a bunch of zany scientific gizmos, just look at the main page for this episode! For Science!, indeed!

     Sonic Rainboom 
  • The opening scene, where Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy review the cheering exercise:
    • Fluttershy inhales deeply on her third try: "Yaaayyyy..."
      Rainbow Dash: Ugh... (Falls over in frustration)
      Fluttershy: ...Too loud?
      • And the greatest part is that Fluttershy genuinely believes she's being loud. When she walks into Twilight's library after Rainbow crashed into the bookshelves, she gives us this gem of a line:
      Fluttershy: *gasp* Did my cheering do that?
    • Made all the better with her reaction at the actual show, when Dash manages to pull off the Sonic Rainboom, and Fluttershy cheers loudly while Dash's other friends are dumbstruck.
  • Twilight Sparkle saying to her friends: "Thank you so much for helping me clean up all these books, guys. It was a crazy weekend of studying."
  • Also, the following exchange:
    Rainbow Dash: (After performing her sonic rainboom) I did it! I did it!
    Rarity: You sure did! Oh, thank you, Rainbow Dash! You saved my life!
    Rainbow Dash: Oh, yeah. I did that too.
  • This episode gives us Rarity's flying attire. Wow.
    • Preceded by Rarity's Evil Laugh discovering that the rest of Cloudsdale is in awe of her wings. "Wah-HAHAHAH!"
    • Seriously, every attempt at fangirling for Rainbow Dash is Adorkable Up to Eleven.
      Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash, you rock. Woohoo.
  • Pinkie's reaction when she (literally) tastes the rainbow, made all the funnier by her apparent love of spicy stuff in earlier episodes. Apparently, rainbows are too spicy for even Pinkie Pie!
    • For extra icing on this piece of hilarity, Pinkie's lower lip quivering from the spiciness and neighing as she fled (cue galloping effect). Really.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to meeting the Wonderbolts, getting the best young flier crown from Celestia and her friends hoisting her up on their backs, complete with joyful wiggling during the last one.
    Rainbow Dash: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!
  • Rarity wants Twilight Sparkle to find a spell that will allow non-pegasi to go to Cloudsdale, but Twilight isn't sure how to find anything in the mess Rainbow Dash's crash-landing made.
    Pinkie: A flight spell? One sec... (hands Twilight a book) Page 27!
    Applejack: How'd you do that?
    Pinkie: It landed on my face when Rainbow Dash knocked into the bookcase!
  • Just the sentence "I think we better move on before Rarity ruins winter and causes a drought."
  • Seeing Derpy enter the Best Young Flyers competition. If you still don't get it watch her scene in "The Last Roundup".
  • When the pegasi stare in awe at Rarity's wings, in the background you can see one of them letting go of a jackhammer, which proceeds to vibrate away from him and drop through the clouds.

     The Stare Master 
  • In the opening, Rarity's shell-shocked expression when Sweetie Belle's attempt to fetch the ribbon ended up trashing her whole shop.
  • After having to clean up the mess Sweetie Belle made of her work space, Rarity complains that she can't have any more interruptions. Naturally, someone knocks on the door, prompting a frustrated "What now?!" from Rarity.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders' attempts at fixing Fluttershy's table:
    Apple Bloom: Hammer.
    Scootaloo: Hammer. (passes a hammer to Apple Bloom)
    Sweetie Belle: Hammer.
    Scootaloo: Hammer. (passes a hammer to Sweetie Belle) Hammer. (beat) Hammer. (picks up a hammer)
  • Fluttershy trying to calm down the Crusaders with the "Sshh" game. The Squee! she makes when she grins makes the scene.
  • Sweetie Belle's version of Fluttershy's lullaby counts as both this and Awesome Music.
    • It also amusing that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo cover their ears while Sweetie Belle is clearing her throat, they know what's coming.
  • It's both awesome and hilarious when Fluttershy confronts the cockatrice and scolds it like it was a mischievous schoolboy, threatening to tell its mother if it didn't turn both Fluttershy's chicken and Twilight Sparkle back to normal.
  • Scootaloo and Apple Bloom discussing chicken-calling techniques:
    Apple Bloom: You're just chicken!
    Scootaloo: Am not!
    Apple Bloom: Oh, wait, now I know how to call a chicken! Scootaloo! Scoot-scootalooooo!
  • Fluttershy realizing what she's got herself into by having the crusaders at her cottage.
  • The CMC panicking over the cockatrice.
  • Then there's Opalescence, who has apparently started to hate the whole family - enough to slice off a chunk of Sweetie Belle's mane in one swing of her paw.
    • Then she gives Sweetie Belle this really smug Cat Smile.
  • The CMC trying to get cutie marks based on arguing, then wondering what that would even look like.
  • At the end, Rarity's reaction to Fluttershy easily getting the Cutie Mark Crusaders to listen to her.

     The Show Stoppers 
  • The entire musical performance by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • The Crusaders Comically Missing the Point by ignoring their real talents.
  • Scootaloo repeatedly Head Pianoing when she has trouble coming up with a song.
  • "You're not using power tools, are ya?"
  • A subtle one, from Scootaloo: "Coming up with words is... like, hard."
  • Scootaloo's lyrics:
    Sweetie Belle: (reading Scootaloo's lyrics) With these Cutie Marks, we'll rock Equestria... We use our stomachs to... digestia?!!
    • Especially funny once you realize there's a certain ruler whose name rhymes perfectly with Equestria...
  • "Dumb fabric!"
  • During the crusading montage, Apple Bloom becomes so fed up with the psychic card game that she mashes all the buttons at once. The machine then spits out cards at Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
  • The crusaders attempt, and fail, to climb a mountain that's not even higher than a fully-grown tree.
  • After the crusaders borrow a book from Twilight (in addition to their numerous other Noodle Implements):
    Twilight: What do you think they're up to?
    Spike: I have no idea, and I don't know if I should be excited or scared to find out.
  • Applejack's reaction to seeing the CMC practicing. It ends with her backing away slowly.
    Applejack: ...Well, gosh; sure wasn't expectin' that.

     A Dog and Pony Show 
  • When Rarity starts tormenting her kidnappers:
    Rover: ENOUGH! Your whining... it-it HURTS!
    Rarity: "Whining"? I am not whining; I am complaining! Do you want to hear whining? [in a whiny voice] Thiiiiiiis is whining! Oooh, this harness is too tiiight! It's going to chafe. Can't you loosen it? Oooh, it hurts and it's sooo rusty! Why didn't you clean it first? It's gonna leave a staaain! And the wagon's getting heeeavy, why do I have to pull it?!
    Spot: Whaa! Make it stop!
    Rover: Stop whining!
    Rarity: [stomping her front hooves] But I thought you waaanted whiiiniiing!
    • In the Japanese dub, before she gets there, she gives them an option to call her 'Ojou-sama' which translates to 'Young Mistress'.
  • Not to mention when the Diamond Dogs try to force her to work again.
    Rover: Make the noises all you want, but move while you make them! [smacks her in the rump] Hya, mule!
    Rarity: Did you just call me a mule?!
    Rover: Uh...
    Rarity: Mules are ugly! Are you saying that I too am ugly?! [bursts into tears]
    Spot: What are these noises?!
    Rarity: He called me ugl-l-ly!
    Rover: No! Mule! I said mule!
    Rarity: An old, ugly mule! And it's TRUE! Just look at me! I used to be beautiful! B-b-but noooowwww...!
    Fido: No! You're still beautiful, pon—uh, Miss Rarity!
    Rarity: You're just saying thaaaat!
    Spot: No, you're still pretty! A-And, er...
    Rover: And nice! Yeah!
    Rarity: I don't believe you, YOU NEVER LIKED ME!
  • Prior to that...
    Rarity: [horrified] Good heavens! What is that smell?
    Rover: [exaggerated bad breath visual] Smeeeeeeeeeeeell?
    Rarity: [flat tone] Ah. Mystery solved. It's your breath.
  • Earlier, Rarity's fan-girl freakout when Sapphire Shores (the Pony of Pop) comes to commission some new outfits, giving this exchange:
    Rarity: [gasp] Sapphire Shores, the Pony of Pop!
    Sapphire Shores: Good afternoon, Miss Rarity!
    Rarity: [stammering] You sa-... Y-y-y... You know my name.
  • Whenever Spike did his Big Nos.
  • Spike's fantasy about rescuing Rarity.
    • Not to mention Spike using Twilight as his steed as he charges to rescue Rarity.
      Spike: Heigh-ho, Twilight! Away!
      Twilight: And just what do you think you're doing?
      Spike: Please, Twilight. Just give me this.
      Twilight: [exasperated sigh] Fine.
  • When Spike and the girls are falling through the tunnels of the Diamond Dogs' lair, Pinkie Pie appears to be having the time of her life. At one point, she does a swan dive falling down a shaft as everyone else in the rescue party is freaking out.
    • What makes it even funnier is, she probably somehow knew that they were all going to be just fine — either through Pinkie Sense or because she's aware they're in a children's cartoon and none of them are going to die anyway.
    • If you watch the whole sequence closely, you see Pinkie doing other stuff too. For instance, at the start, when everyone else is doing a chain of mouth-on-tails, Pinkie (the last one) instead just grabs on to Fluttershy's tail and tucks her feet in. So while everyone else is sliding on their hooves, she's waving in the air enjoying herself.
    • And when the chain of ponies goes flying over the gorge, look quick and you'll see Pinkie is actually riding on Fluttershy's back.
  • The Imagine Spot of Rarity freaking out as she finds every surface covered in dirt. After it ends, the rest of the mane cast decides they "really" have to save her.
  • While the Diamond Dogs are dragging Rarity down into their hole, she shouts Spike's name and tries to grab onto the edge of the hole, only to quickly let go and shriek, "Ah!! Dirt!"

     Green Isn't Your Color 
  • Rarity's little fits of envy, especially "I'm the one who should be mobbed by strangers wherever I go!"
  • Pinkie Pie being ominous. "Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend..." "Forever!"
  • Pinkie Pie's creepy ability to hide in the unlikeliest of places. She eavesdrops on conversations from a small basket of sponges and a mirror reflection.
  • Fluttershy letting out what may be the quietest frustrated scream ever. Later, she throws another hissy-fit and kicks a vase... so gently that it barely wobbles before righting itself.
    • Even better in the European Spanish version, in which Fluttershy's VA didn't get the memo and actually screamed, leading a commenter to state that the vase probably explodes in this version.
  • Twilight's sabotage attempt.
  • Spike confessing his "secret" crush on Rarity to Twilight and Pinkie Pie. Twilight's reaction is priceless, as is Pinkie Pie's. He's then inexplicably wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Rarity in a heart on it.
    Spike: I'm gonna tell you two a secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone.
    Twilight Sparkle: I promise.
    Pinkie Pie: Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye! *sticks a hoof in her eye*
  • Twilight accidentally sticking her hoof in her open eye while reciting the Pinkie Pie Swear.
  • Pinkie's promise to keep Twilight's plan to sabotage Fluttershy's fashion show (so she can get out of modeling) a secret, which involves zipping her mouth closed, locking it with a key, burying the key, building a house over the hole, and moving into the house. (It's almost all miming, though, and Twilight's reaction seals this.)
  • Anything and everything that involves Photo Finish; her accent is really what does it.
    • ZE MAGICS!
    • "Nervous? Don't be ridiculous! You're only facing a large crowd of ponies who will be watching your every move and silently judging you."
  • Struggling hard to keep from divulging either pony's secret, Twilight stuffs the entire contents of a fruit bowl into her mouth. It's a funny visual on its own, but what pushes it from "amusing" to "hilarious" is the way she glances around the room in a very forced attempt at casualness afterward, while the other two ponies spare her no more than a half-second's befuddled pause before continuing their conversation.
    • Little before that Twilight stuffs one of her hoofs in her mouth and then both of them struggling not to reveal what Rarity and Fluttershy told her before trying to keep her promise. After the fruit bowl she buries her head into a vase nearby like an ostrich.
  • The "secrets known to Twilight" dam finally bursting: "SPIKE HAS A CRUSH ON RARITY!"
    Pinkie Pie: (randomly appears in a mirror and sighs) And you were doing so well.

     Over a Barrel 
  • Braeburn's lightning tour of Appleloosa.
    "As you can see, we have all the finest comforts, like horse drawn carriages! And those there are horse-drawn horse drawn carriages!"
    (whip pan to a group of ponies sketching a passing coach)
    • That joke is made even funnier by the sight of a clearly sentient pony dragging a carriage in which another pony is riding.
      "Okay, you pull now."
      "Aw, we just switched!"
  • From the same scene:
    Braeburn: Here's where we have our wild west dances! And here's where we have our mild west dances! (cut to a bunch of ponies dancing weakly)
    • Also from the same scene, the local watering hole, the Salt Lick, is seen. Right after we see it, this happens:
      Bartender Pony: That's enough salt for you! *throws a dehydrated pony out*
      Dehydrated Pony: *in a very dry voice* Can't I at least get a glass of water? *passes out*
  • Applejack reading a bedtime story to an apple tree, and getting defensive when she thinks Rarity called Bloomberg (said tree) a baby.
  • The chat in the sleeping carriage, especially when Fluttershy claims she'd like to be a tree.
    Rainbow Dash: Pssst! Pinkie Pie... you asleep yet?
    Pinkie Pie: No, are you asleep yet?
    Rainbow Dash: (holds up a light and gives her a deadpan look) If I was sleeping, how could I have asked you if you were asleep?
    Pinkie Pie: Oh yeah! (giggles)
    Rainbow Dash: (looking worried) When we get to Appleloosa, you think we'll have to carry that heavy tree all the way from the train to the orchard?
    Pinkie Pie: What tree? You mean Bloomberg?
    Rainbow Dash: No, Fluttershy.
    Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy's not a tree, silly.
    Twilight: (suddenly appearing) What's going on?
    Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash thinks Fluttershy's a tree!
    Rainbow Dash: I do not think she's a tree! I was just—
    Twilight: Did you say she was a tree?
    Rainbow Dash: No. Well, yes. But not exactly—
    Twilight: You... know she's not a tree, right?
    Pinkie Pie: She's not a tree, Dashie!
    Fluttershy: I'd like to be a tree.
    Spike: (sitting up) Oh for Pete's sake!
    • And right after that:
    Twilight: Well, that was kinda huffy.
    Fluttershy: Huffy the Magic Dragon!
  • Rainbow Dash plowing headlong into a signpost while trying to chase down Little Strongheart.
  • Pinkie Pie's, erm... song. So cringe-worthy that both Sheriff Silverstar and Chief Thunderhooves agreed that it was the worst performance they've ever seen.
    Thunderhooves: It appears that Sheriff Silverstar and I have come to an agreement.
    Pinkie listens.
    Thunderhooves: That was the worst performance we've ever seen.
  • The apple pie fight.
  • The Running Gag of Braeburn pronouncing Appleloosa as "AAAAPPLEOOSA!" complete with a horse neigh sound bite in the background.
  • "We have a long and winding stampeding trail that we have run upon for many generations. My father stampeded upon these grounds. And his father before him... and his father before him... and his father before him... and his father before him..."
    • Meanwhile, the other buffaloes are trying to stay awake while the chief goes on and on.
  • At one point during the pie fight, a buffalo smashes through a haystack. Right afterwards another buffalo does on a different haystack and smacks right into an anvil.
  • Twilight Sparkle's letter at the end saying the importance of caring and sharing, and an angry Pinkie Pie breaks the fourth wall points she said that too and nopony listened.
  • Rarity's hilarious Death Glare at the beginning.
  • The hilariously over-dramatic reaction to the chief getting hit in the face with a pie, which is treated by both the characters and the show as if it were a heart-rending death scene.

     A Bird in the Hoof 
  • Angel Bunny trying to get Fluttershy to the tea party in time which ends with him locking her out of her house to keep her from repeatedly coming back and thanking Angel.
  • Rainbow Dash making a series of faces to attempt to get a reaction out of the guard-pegasi.
    Rainbow Dash: Ooh, you're good. *beat* Too good. I'm bored.
    • Evidently, Pinkie Pie has been rubbing off on her...
  • The various neurotic Ponyvillers at the party with Princess Celestia:
    • Rarity in one of her Pimped Out Dresses freaking out over getting it ruined, leading her to back out of Sugarcube Corner like a bank-robber with a hostage once the party's over. "Nobody move, and my dress won't get hurt!"
    • Applejack's uncertainty about what course to eat first, ultimately giving up in frustration. Then leaving with as many leftovers as she can carry.
    • Mr. and Ms. Cake (repeatedly) refilling Celestia's tea, which tempts the Princess into faking them out.
    • Pinkie, by contrast, is as hyper and happy-go-lucky as ever, perhaps moreso. She hits herself in the face with a pie, dips her head into a chocolate fountain, then proceeds to go up to the princess of Equestria, blurt "YOU GONNA EAT THAT!?!" and wolf down Celestia's cupcake. Naturally, the Cakes give a horrified Gasp!, quickly move Pinkie out of the way and replace the cupcake. Meanwhile, Celestia just smiles serenely, unfazed by Pinkie's antics.
    • At the end of the party, Pinkie cartwheels out of Sugar Cube Corner, kicking another hapless pony in the face on her way out!
    • Twilight freaking out over her friends' behaviors cause she really wants them to make a good impression to Celestia, despite already meeting them in the first episode.
  • Twilight Sparkle's prediction on what Princess Celestia might do to Fluttershy once Celestia finds out Fluttershy "kidnapped" Philomena.
    • Fluttershy bending her cage's bars in Twilight's Imagine Spot as if they were made of rubber.
  • "I'll write to you when you're banished. Unless I'm banished too, somewhere where there's no post office, then you'll have to write to me. Deal?!"
  • Twilight giving Philomena some "tough love":
    Twilight Sparkle: Make her straighten up and fly right!
    Fluttershy: She can't fly...
    Twilight Sparkle: No excuses!
  • A second Yakety-sax inspired chase scene towards the end of the episode between Philomena, Twilight and Fluttershy who are all equally desperate to avoid the attention of the guards looking for the bird themselves.
    • Complete with a rather funny A Hard Day's Night-inspired gag involving Philomena in a Paper-Thin Disguise.
    • Then when Philomena comes across a lost pet flyer of herself, she draws the disguise on it.
  • At the end of the episode, after Philomena dies, revives, and is revealed to be a phoenix, it's revealed that much of the episode's plot was Philomena basically trolling Fluttershy.
  • Rainbow Dash getting Philomena to tickle a reaction out of the royal guards.
  • Sickly, pre-regeneration Philomena, period! Look at that thing! Like a comical, floppy, sickly, cartoon-chicken-thing. Look!
  • Twilight casually picking up Rarity who demands to be put back on the ground. Twilight does this with minimal effort which suggests Rarity is light but when she lands, she creates an earthquake and a dust cloud.
  • On second viewing, Philomena's introduction is this when you realize her timing was entirely intentional.
    Celestia: As princess, I care deeply about all creatures great and small.
    Philomena: (Immediately starts coughing her head off)

     Cutie Mark Chronicles 
  • Applejack describing Manehattan as "the most cosmopolitan city in all of Equestria", while her flashback shows a bystander telling a young Applejack "Outta the way, ya rube!"
  • Pinkie Pie apparently forgetting what she was talking about, where she caps off the story of how she got her cutie mark with "And that's how Equestria was made!", followed by offering to someday tell the Cutie Mark Crusaders the story of how she got her cutie mark.
  • Fluttershy introducing her story with "You'd never guess, but when I was little, I was very shy."
  • Twilight dancing around in a circle going "Yesyesyesyesyesyes" at the end of her Cutie Mark story, and her subsequent reaction to everypony staring at her.
    • Also in Twilight's story, her parents' reactions when her magic goes haywire. They're absolutely horrified... before Twilight accidentally turns them into household plants. When Celestia helps Twilight get herself under control, they have the biggest "WTF" looks when they return to normal. Meanwhile, baby Spike just doesn't give a buck. Not even when turned into full-grown dragon, prompting Celestia's intervention.
  • Young Rarity's deadpan expression when her horn drags her for hours on end to what she can only assume to be her destiny, and her reaction when she finds what it's led her to...
    A rock?! That's my destiny? What is your problem, horn? You dragged me all the way out here for a ROCK!? Gah... DUMB ROCK!
  • Young Spike's utterly unfazed look when suddenly aged from a newly-hatched infant to a massive adult dragon and then back to an infant again, and then he starts sucking on his tail.
  • Hey, you know Applejack? The rough-and-tumble close-to-earth cowpony? Compare that to the "little lady" seen in the episode and you're sure to get a chuckle or two.
    • She sounds like Rarity.
  • Twilight's dad's reaction when he's turned back into a pony, staring at his hooves with a "What the heck?!" expression on his face.
    • And then her parents' surprisingly enthusiastic approval of accepting the apprenticeship, despite being plants not 20 seconds ago. Or maybe not so surprising...
  • Scootaloo's reaction to the Group Hug, followed by:
    Fluttershy: Hey, how about a song?
    • Rainbow Dash's expression when Rarity says "We've been =BFFs= forever and we didn't even know it!" just before the Group Hug.
  • The abrupt cut to Twilight telling her story, with no explanation of how the CMC got roped into hearing it. Immediately, cue Scootaloo burying her face in the table.
  • Also, Scootaloo's reaction to Rarity's Cutie Mark story, after having to listen to Fluttershy and Applejack's stories:
    Scootaloo: These namby-pamby stories aren't getting us any closer to our cutie marks! They're all about 'finding who you really are' and boring stuff like that!
  • Spike's reaction to the contents of Twilight's letter to the princess.
  • Rainbow Dash's expression and entire body after the sonic rainboom. Instead of her normal rainbow trail, her mane an tail are indistinguishable from the full fledged rainbow behind her, she turned into a nyan cat!
  • Apparently the sophisticated ponies from Applejack's story don't know what a rooster is.

     Owl's Well That Ends Well 
  • Scootaloo consolidating her Hero-Worshipper status by pretty much offering to be Rainbow Dash's servant. Dash jokingly tells her to throw out her apple core and Scootaloo joyfully obliges, eliciting an incredulous look from the older pegasus.
  • Spike's first meeting with Owlowiscious:
    Spike: Uh, hi! I'm Spike. I'm sure Twilight has told you all about me.
    Owlowiscious: Hoo...
    Spike: Uh, Spike? You know, assistant number one?
  • When Spike tries to get some new quills for Twilight, he first tries to buy one...
    Spike: But the store's called "Quills and Sofas"! You only sell two things!
    Storekeeper: Sorry, junior, we're all outta quills until Monday... you need a sofa?
    • Then he tries to borrow one from Pinkie Pie, who manages to find a quince, a quail, a quilt, a quesadilla, and a quiche, but is fresh out of quills. Bonus points for (mis)pronouncing all of them with the same initial "kw" sound.
    • Then he tries to get one from one of Applejack's chickens, who manages to put up quite a fight.
      • Plus, Spike appears to be in the resulting Big Ball of Violence by himself for the last couple seconds.
    • And when Spike finally gets back to Twilight's with a feather, only to find Owlowiscious has beaten him to the punch again, he gets so mad the feather in his hand spontaneously combusts. note 
    • While he's searching the library for a spare quill, Spike pulls open the shower curtains to find Owlowicious in a hair-net.
  • Spike's Dastardly Whiplash get-up when he plots to get Owlowiscious in trouble.
    • What's even better is that in the middle of his scheme, Twilight and Owlowiscious walk in. The "she's-standing-right-behind-me-isn't-she?" look on Spike's face is priceless.
    • And what was Spike plotting to frame Owlowiscious for? Killing a mouse. Something all owls are known to do anyway!
  • There's something amusing about Twilight telling Spike Owlowicious is "in the library" when the entire building they're currently standing in is, in fact, a library.
    • Though she probably meant the actual library part, as she and Spike were in Twilight's bedroom/living quarters at the time.

     Party of One 
  • Pinkie Pie delivering a singing telegram invitation to Gummy's birthday party to each of her friends in the opening, wearing herself out in the process.
    • What really sells it is Gummy, the birthday gator himself, who just kind of stands there in the middle of whatever elaborate costume Pinkie Pie has on at the moment. Also helping are all of her friends' reactions to their singing telegram.
      • Speaking of said reactions, the best one has to be Twilight Sparkle's; her expression can only be called concern.
    • When she gets home, Pinkie decides "I think I'll just pass out written invitations next time..." before collapsing.
  • During Pinkie's birthday party for Gummy (not to be confused with the 'After-birthday Party'), we get this exchange between Pinkie & Rarity concerning the punch...
    Rarity: This punch is simply divine. Is this the same recipe you used for your "Spring Has Sprung" party?
    Pinkie Pie: Nope! Something new.
    • Gummy the baby gator is swimming in the punchbowl. Rarity spits the punch in Pinkies face and Pinkie has absolutely NO REACTION TO IT and continues with...
    Pinkie Pie: It's Gummy's favorite!
    • Rarity forces herself to take another sip (as to not offend Pinkie), then spits it out in a potted plant when Pinkie isn't looking.
  • Pinkie's friends making a variety of flimsy excuses to avoid going to the "after-birthday party" Pinkie is throwing. These include Rarity sticking her head in a full garbage pail so she can use the excuse "I Have to Wash My Hair", and Rainbow Dash drawing a wristwatch on her foreleg so she can use the line "Oh, look at the time! Gotta go!", followed by her and Fluttershy engaging in some Stereo Fibbing.
    • Pinkie finding said Stereo Fibbing to be the most plausible excuse of the set.
      • Keep in mind that said Stereo Fibbing involved some weirdness about visiting a bear named Harry who lived in a house-cave who liked to go to the beach.
  • The stealth montage and the chase that follows afterwards, where Pinkie tails her friends once she starts finding out something's up. Describing it fails to do it justice.
    • Pinkie Pie's disguise during said montage gets increasingly complex, conspicuous, and goofy, starting with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, then a bale of hay wearing a pair of glasses, and finally a bale of hay wearing glasses, a jacket, and a baseball cap. Rainbow Dash recognizes her without a second glance.
      • Plus, Rainbow's rigid Oh, Crap! pose right afterwards.
  • Pinkie Pie angrily knocking on the door to Applejack's barn with her head!
  • When Pinkie starts interrogating Spike, forcing him to confess. Spike, not understanding what's going on, begins to confess to random things, such as using up all the hot water to take a seven-hour long bath and that he likes to flex in front of a mirror. This ends up making Pinkie even angrier.
    • And the last one he confesses to:
      Spike: And sometimes, when no one's looking, I do this. (pulls out a mirror and flexes in front of it) Lookin' good, Spike. Lookin' REAL good! (hangs head in shame)
    • Spike ruining Pinkie's Corner of Woe moment.
    • Right after Spike reveals what he does in the mirror, Pinkie has a look on her face that pretty much says "Yeah... I didn't need to know that".
  • Pinkie going over the edge, and trying to hold her "after-birthday party" for Gummy with inanimate objects (a bucket of turnips, a stack of rocks, etc.) as the guests.
    • Then Rainbow Dash shows up, and ends up arguing with the stack of rocks until she realizes what she's doing.
      Pinkie Pie (as "Rocky"): She ain't going nowhere, chump!
      Rainbow Dash: Who are you calling a chump, chump?! (some rocks fall) *sigh* That's it, party's over.
  • The fact that no matter what his expression never, ever changes, or the fact that he's a tiny alligator with no teeth who acts like a cat, but Gummy is usually the funniest part of any episode he's in.
    • Also he has a tendency to come out of nowhere - it can be a (relatively) normal scene and then BOOM. ALLIGATOR.
      • Gummy is a NINJA!
    • The way Gummy grabs a balloon in his snout but he is unable to pop it due to his lack of teeth, so it just kind of squirts around between his jaws.

     The Best Night Ever 
  • The episode opens with Pinkie Pie randomly bouncing into frame while gushing about going to the Grand Galloping Gala. Zoom out to reveal she's jumping up and down on a trampoline for some odd reason.
  • Rarity objects to Spike being allowed in the boutique while the girls are getting dressed, and Applejack points out that they don't normally wear clothes anyway.
    • It even funnier when you remember that Applejack is the only one of the mane six who actually does consistently wear an article of clothing (her hat).
  • Applejack is scrubbing one of Fluttershy's hooves as they get ready for the gala. Then she spits on it for added polish. Fluttershy looks as though she's not sure how to take that.
  • Twilight shows off her new spell to turn mice into horses to pull their carriage to the Gala. The other ponies' reaction to that is priceless enough. Then, Opal scares them off, and this exchange occurs:
    Twilight Sparkle: Those horses were supposed to pull our carriage! How will we get to the Gala?!
    Rarity: Whatever shall we do?! {walks over to a couple of male ponies} Uh, excuse me, would you boys mind pulling our carriage to the Gala?
    {Gilligan Cut of the ponies harnessed to the carriage}
    Twilight: Oh, yeah, right.
    • What's even more hilarious is the animation error on the stallion on the right when Rarity charms them (a part of his face and mane disappears for a moment).
  • No one else thought it funny when Spike cracked the reins on Caramel and Blues on the way to the Gala? Their reaction (and Spike's face) were priceless!
  • Rainbow Dash doing a Diving Save to catch a dropped pie, followed by her fangirl Squee! when she gets to hang out with the Wonderbolts.
    • Soarin' happily gorging on said pie. At least one pony had a good time at the Gala.
    • Am I the only one who thought he looked like a stoner with the bags under his eyes, big appetite, and Surfer Dude accent? Sure sounds like one to me.
  • Pinkie Pie entering the ballroom at the Gala, and interrupting the proceedings with an overly-enthusiastic song-and-dance, stopping only when she notices everyone else glaring at her.
    • Later, she tries to get the party jumping with another song... the "Pony Pokey". The visuals accompanying said song make it even funnier.
  • Rarity smashing her glass slipper so that Prince Blueblood can't find her may well be the Crowning Moment of Funny for the whole season.
    Pinkie Pie: Ooh! Rarity, your glass slipper! Now your prince is sure to find you.
    Rarity: (screams in horror) NO!!! (runs back up the stairs and deliberately stomps on the slipper) Ugh. Let's go!
    Pinkie Pie: (stares at crushed slipper in shock until Rarity drags her off)
    • Actually, most scenes with Rarity and Prince Blueblood are hilarious. Both keep hinting at the chivalrous things which Rarity ends up doing like paying for food, opening the door and putting a piece of clothing over a puddle.
      Blueblood: One would hate to slip.
      Rarity: Yes, one certainly would.
      Blueblood: One's coat should take care of that.
      Rarity: Oh, of course it will.
      Both: *Awkward pause until Rarity covers the puddle*
  • Fluttershy, the kind and compassionate member of the group, slowly losing her temper because none of the animals will hang out with her. Which eventually leads to her trying to trap them, and even carrying a squirrel with her teeth near the end!
    • You can briefly see a vulture hiding on a tree with some small ducklings (its prey) and even shielding them with its wings from the rampaging Fluttershy.
    • At one point during Pinkie's song, nearly drowned out by Pinkie's singing, you can hear Fluttershy screaming in frustration- Actually, scratch that. You can hear her ROAR in frustration. LIKE A DINOSAUR.
    • A little early on, when she scares off the animals the first time, Fluttershy comments on being a loud mouth.
    • Fluttershy tries to trap one of the animals with a carrot and a box and ends up catching the garden's caretaker.
      Fluttershy: Gotcha! It's okay. I promise not to hurt you. I just want to be your... friend?
      Caretaker: Mmm, sounds good to me.
    • Fluttershy getting caught in her own snare.
    • The fact that Fluttershy is the one to produce what is possibly still the very best Evil Laugh to yet happen within the entire series. It even came with background crashes of lightning.
  • As Celestia sees the chaos at the Gala rising to a peak, she offers Twilight the following advice: "Run". Twilight and her friends are quick to follow that advice. Bonus points for coming as Fluttershy hits her breaking point:
    Twilight Sparkle: Well, it can't get any worse...
    Cue the door slamming open and all the animals rushing through, revealing a pissed-off and very exhausted Fluttershy...
    Fluttershy: You're... going to LOVE MEEEE!!!
    Twilight: Um, um, uh... Eugh.
    Celestia: Run.
  • Right before the end, Spike drowning his sorrows in doughnuts and cocoa to the point that the shopkeeper's worried for him.
    Spike: Hey, Pony Joe. Another donut.
    Pony Joe: Don't you think you've had enough?
    Spike: (Slams mug down on table) ANOTHER DONUT! EXTRA SPRINKLES!
  • Rarity's angry face after Prince Blueblood refuses to open the door for her is priceless.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus while Dash is trying and failing to get the Wonderbolts' attention, we see Derpy in the VIP area.
  • At least some of the ponies Pinkie tosses into the air are some of the ones she got to toss Twilight into the air back in "The Ticket Master".

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