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The latest trend is...confetti!
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    Better Together (season 1) 
School of Rock
  • Maud actually tells jokes, while not breaking her usual stoic demeanor.
    Maud: As you can see, our display is currently undergoing some metamorphic changes. It's been rocky getting this new one off the ground and we're all feeling... the pressure. That's a little rock business humor for you.
  • Maud gets to the really exciting part of the tour — pointing out the sedimentary rocks!

A Fine Line

  • Sandalwood has an odd idea of fun ways to pass the time with friends.
    Sandalwood: Let's do trust falls!
It's then very apparent from the impact felt off-screen that it didn't work out, and someone has to drag him away.
  • Just... Fluttershy.
    Sunset: Do you know what the best part of this game is?
    Applejack: The quest?
    Rainbow: The power-ups?
    Fluttershy: [glowers and clenches her fists with a dark smile] The revenge?

Pinkie Sitting

  • The very idea of the role reversal to Lily reading to Pinkie to put her to sleep.
  • Pinkie's attempts to play out the story while Lily reads quickly ends with the young woman falling onto the couch, exhausted.

Queen of Clubs

  • Applejack attends the photoshoot for the fencing club... hauling a piece of muddy fencing over her head.
  • Trixie poses for her tabletop club photo by posing standing on Snips and Snails. And from their reactions, it was obviously a spur-of-the-moment decision they were not prepared for.
  • Rainbow poses for the chemistry photo with Ash Face, her hair still smoking. And then she poses for the art club photo proudly holding up a crude crayon drawing of herself as a misshapen circle with a tuft of hair.
  • At the end, Rarity reveals that there's one club photo the two didn't appear in. Her club's. She shows the two the picture and reveals the vice-president of her club is none other than Applejack's pig!

The Finals Countdown

  • This short pits Twilight against her friends' bad study habits, such as napping, hiding a fashion magazine inside a textbook, or playing a console game. There's also the fact that Sunset, being around Twilight's academic level, plays chess with her during her personal study period instead of actual studying.


  • Sunset's out-of-control magic lets the audience catch a glimpse at Trixie's thoughts. They are hilariously self-centered.
    Trixie: [singing to herself, while strutting down the hallway] Trixie is great, Trixie is powerful.
  • After Zephyr Breeze once again epically fails to flirt with Rainbow Dash, the rest of the Humane Six laugh... except Fluttershy, who buries her face in her hands with embarrassment and gives a look that screams "God, my brother's such an idiot."

Road Trippin

  • Granny Smith as the world's craziest tour bus driver. That is all.

X Marks the Spot

Friendship Math

  • Twilight unleashes her inner Pinkie Pie by saying "FOREVER!" and Pinkie shows a shocked expression.

    Choose Your Own Ending (season 1) 
Best Trends Forever!
  • Rarity does a "fashion forecast" for the school news, and has to improvise when she forgets her style guide. ("Don't panic, Rarity! You once made a skirt out of slap-bracelets! You can find inspiration anywhere!") She looks to her friends for an idea, leading to one of three endings as chosen by the viewer:
    • "Choose Pinkie Pie" has Rarity declare confetti the next big thing... leading to an excited outburst from Pinkie Pie, followed by her leaving stashes of confetti in everyone's lockers. Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle work together to clean up the resulting mess... but miss the huge confetti bomb in Principal Celestia's office.
      Rarity: This afternoon's trend forecast... [sigh] detention.
    • "Choose Twilight Sparkle" results in all of Canterlot High going around in nerd glasses and using big words. Rarity assures an overwhelmed Twilight Sparkle that dramatic capes are the next big thing... and the students immediately drop Micro Chips, whom they had been carrying around triumphantly, and run off to get capes, and Micro Chips gets up to follow them shortly after.
      • Twilight complains that the sequel to the book she just finished has a month-long waiting list.
      Rainbow Dash: [reading] "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about... Arthropods"?
      Twilight: Pft, not everything, obviously.
    • "Choose Rainbow Dash" results in rainbows becoming the next big thing. As a result, Rarity has trouble picking Rainbow Dash out of a crowd when literally every student starts doing their hair with Dash's trademark rainbow stripes (including Bulk Biceps, of all people). Rarity even goes into a dramatic Twilight Zone-esque Internal Monologue about it. When the actual Rainbow Dash finally shows up, Rarity backs into her, then whips around to face her whilst flailing her arms wildly and shrieking in terror before realizing who it is. Finally, Rainbow Dash says that everyone looks "awesome" today... for some reason that she can't put her finger on.

Fluttershy's Butterflies

  • Fluttershy needs help overcoming her stage fright for a school play. When Pinkie first suggests they all try out, and mentions how they could all be humiliated, she turns to Fluttershy only to see she has already left with only an outline of herself remaining.
    • "Choose Vinyl Scratch" has Fluttershy decide to get Vinyl Scratch to help her instead of Rainbow or Applejack. Vinyl helps with her entrance by dimming the lights and using smokescreen, laser lights and loud music for Fluttershy, but the crowner is Fluttershy doesn't even really go on stage, a hologram of her does and she quickly delivers her line "down here we mine for coal."
    • "Choose Rainbow Dash" has Rainbow build up Fluttershy's confidence by having her be the announcer for a soccer game. Fluttershy starts off quiet before slowly getting louder, then it cuts to her audition with her shouting her one line.
      • During the first few minutes of her announcing, she mumbles her way through describing the game, concluding with "Help me, somebody."
    • "Choose Applejack" has Applejack tell Fluttershy to just imagine everyone in the audience as a chicken. She says everyone knows that trick, and the chicken Fluttershy asks agrees. After the audition, Fluttershy says that she imagined everyone as Applejack instead. AJ admits that her backup plan wasn't very good — a flock of actual chickens she brought from the farm, which drive Big Mac to distraction.

Driving Miss Shimmer

  • From the "Choose Fluttershy" ending:
    • Fluttershy's seemingly-endless "Driving Safety Rhyme".
    • "I know all this safety business might seem boring to you... and it is..."

Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot

  • In the "Choose Applejack" ending, Maud prompts an Imagine Spot of Rarity hugging a giant gemstone.
    Maud: Are you imagining yourself hugging it?
    Rarity: Yeah, yeah I am.
    Maud: Me too. [camera pans back to show Maud on the other side of the gem]
  • Trixie and Rarity have dueling Internal Monologues as they muse they can outlast the other before one of them cracks and make shows of getting comfortable, all without a word vocalized aloud. Ham-to-Ham Combat has never been so passive-aggressive.
  • This Ironic Echo:
    Rarity: [narrating] The moment she strutted into my office, I already knew she was guilty. Only guilty people strut like that. That's a guilty person strut.
    Trixie: [narrating] The moment I strutted into her office, I knew I could outsmart this buffoon.
  • When Rarity questions Pinkie, she immediately cracks and confesses. Rarity has to remind her she couldn't have stolen the boot, she has an airtight alibi, she was at the mall getting frozen yogurt. In fact, it's still in her hand! Cue the camera panning back to show Pinkie holding a cup of frozen yogurt, which she begins eating without question.

Text Support

  • In the opening, Pinkie announces she made a new cupcake-icing flavor in chemistry class:
    Sunset: That...wasn't the assignment.
    Pinkie: [scoffs] You sound just like my lab partners!
  • When Twilight receives an all-emoji text from Timber Spruce that she has difficulty understanding, we get this gem.
    Twilight: My brain feels weird! I'm not used to not knowing things!
  • Fluttershy's ending shows her encouraging Twilight to send animal emoji. This is not because of any meaning because "adorable animals are always the answer." Apparently, Timber thought she was suggesting a date to the zoo.
  • Rarity's ending has her taking Twilight's phone and then talking, and flirting entirely in emoji. Twilight has no idea what she's saying but clearly knows what's going on. It ends with Rarity explaining (she set up a date for Twilight and Timber to get ice cream), tossing the phone back, and nonchalantly saying "you're welcome."
  • Sunset's ending shows her asking why they don't just call and ask him. This ultimately leads to gibberish from the normally articulate Twilight:
    Twilight: You just... boy talked... mouth words... phone!

Opening Night

  • Most of the actors in the play either speak over-the-top with their lines (like Rarity) or very blandly (like Rainbow).
  • Twilight and Flash play as Selfie Soot's parents, and when Twilight is telling her to give up her dreams as a dancer she almost hits Flash with her frying pan. Flash ducks just in time to avoid it and Twilight grins sheepishly, realizing she almost hurt him.
  • "Choose Sunset Shimmer" has Sunset rush into the stage to improvise an ending in order to let Fluttershy save grace. What follows is perhaps the silliest ramble we've ever seen Sunset delve into.
    Sunset: Oh, Coal Miner #2! It is I, the Assistant Director, um, of the play... of life!
    Fluttershy: [gasp] This isn't in the script!
    Sunset: [whispers to Fluttershy] Follow my lead. [back to normal voice] You're a genius! You crashed this bell on purpose. For this bell is a metaphor, is it not?
    Fluttershy: It is?
    Sunset: Whether it's our families' expectations to WOOORK, in the coal miiiine! Ooor, if it is a feaaar of the spotlight! We allll need to let go of what's holding us back! The pressures of life turn us allll into DIAMONDS!

    Better Together (season 2) 
Sic Skateboard
  • Rainbow Dash has Tank go down a ramp on a skateboard. When the end result doesn't amount to much, she tells him she'll edit it to make it look cooler. Cue the moment being shown cheaply edited with obviously fake flames.

Street Chic

  • Rarity gets Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash to try her summer fashion during cold weather. As this summer fashion involved them having less clothes than they had before Rarity made them change, the three of them are shivering from the cold.

Game Stream

  • Sunset Shimmer does a gaming stream with Fluttershy, and has Fluttershy pick the game. Fluttershy plays the game like a pro while Sunset finds herself getting angry due to not understanding how the game works.
    Sunset Shimmer: What do you want from me?! TELL ME WHAT YOU NEEEED!

Cheer You On

  • The fact that Fluttershy of all people is the one who carries Micro Chips to safety, and does so effortlessly at that. It's even funnier seeing as Sunset is shown running alongside Fluttershy without her hands full, despite likely being at least as capable of the same task given her previously exhibited athletic aptitude. It's not hard to imagine that Sunset and Fluttershy had planned on helping Micro Chips to safety together, only to find that Fluttershy alone could handle the job.

     Choose Your Own ending (season 2) 
Wake Up!
  • In Pinkie's ending, Pinkie helps Sunset wake up with a tray piled high with sweets. Cut to Pinkie and Sunset on a massive sugar rush... in front of a stage where a guy is playing mellow folk music on acoustic guitar.
  • Spike gets in on the sugar rush too, at one point running onto the stage and screaming "I am a golden dog!" before diving off the stage.

The Road Less Scheduled

  • Fluttershy's ending has Fluttershy, of all people, changing into an over-the-top heavy metal outfit (and it's apparently based on the one Vignette Valencia designed in Rollercoaster of Friendship), complete with a light-up staff covered in horse skulls.
  • Celestia's ending has her say that she should have Twilight send her letters after every music festival telling her what she learned. She quickly says she is kidding, since that would get old.

Lost and Pound

Tip Toppings

  • Applejack's ending is a Gambit Pileup between Pinkie and Applejack, with Pinkie wanting to pick a candy topping, while Applejack insists that she pick a fruit topping. Pinkie attempts to trick Applejack by pretending to pick the cherries while she actually scoops some candy cherries into her yogurt, but Applejack gets wise and replaces the candy cherries with real cherries while Pinkie's not looking. Pinkie doesn't notice, and the short ends with the two simultaneously muttering "Sucker..." under their breaths.
  • Fluttershy's ending is pure Schmuck Bait, as Fluttershy warns Pinkie (and by extension, you) before the choice pops up that her animals aren't allowed in the frozen yogurt shop. Sure enough, picking her almost immediately causes the animals to run amuck, forcing the store to close down. Particular highlights of this ending include Fluttershy's Oh, Crap! face as Pinkie opens the door to let her in, and Pinkie sitting on the curb in the aftermath lamenting that she'll have to go toppingless.


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