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Twilight Sparkle

  • Summer Mane subjecting Twilight Sparkle to jazz music, specifically "The Boogie Woogie Pony Boy of Stable C"
    Summer Mane: This is good stuff. Once you hear it, you can't get it out of your head.
    Twilight Sparkle: That's what I'm afraid of.

Rainbow Dash



  • Flax Seed and his obsession with Filthy Rich's billboard. "Always. Watching."
  • Rarity tries to convince the hippy ponies about the effectiveness of the hard sell. Cue them shouting the virtues of their products to a terrified Derpy as she flies by.


Pinkie Pie

  • The Pinkie Pie issue naturally has a few laughs, but possibly the best line in it comes from Twilight. When Pinkie is doing her song and dance number to cheer up Ponyacci, he turns to Twilight (who's playing piano) to ask if she's trying to convince him not to retire as well.
    Twilight Sparkle: No, I'm just providing props and background music.


  • Applejack nodding off as she lies in wait for the Sass Squash:
    Applejack: Apple cobbler. Apple burrito. Apple... apple.
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  • Applejack's attempt to get into the mind of Sass Squash:
    Applejack: "Gorg! I love the woods!" "Hurk! Bein' elusive is the life for me!" "Bork! Moss is comfortable and delicious!" Now I'm gettin' it!
    (AJ notices the rest of her family staring at her)
  • Applebloom brainstorms different ways to catch the Sass Squash:
    Applebloom: Oh, oh, we could put on a play! That it would want to come and watch? Or, or...I could play my fiddle! "Music soothes the savage beast!" Maybe if we could coat the ground with gumballs it would trip on them? We could train Winona to sniff it out! Magnets! How do they work?!
  • Applejack attempts to use mirrors to catch the Sass Squash in the act. It seems like a sound tactic at first....until she finds her brother of all ponies, using said mirrors as a vanity!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders


Princess Celestia

  • Apparently Raven, Celestia's secretary, can appear at a moment's notice... even when Celestia is alone in her private chamber.
  • The first page gives us pony versions of the Malfoys and... Gordon Ramsey.


Princess Luna

  • The inside cover — Luna standing on a pile of empty coffee cups and thermoses, with wide bloodshot eyes, proclaiming "I feel like I could do anything! I'll bet I could fly!" And at the bottom of the pile Celestia is calling up "I'm switching you to decaf".
  • Luna referring to the citizens of Canterlot as "the peasantry." When Kibitz notes that's not a nice word for them, Luna offers "serfs" and "peons" as other terms before Kibitz finally accepts "civilians."
  • When Luna is getting bored of the guards' stories, we're treated to a dramatic page of a sinister-looking cloaked figure going into a condemned part of the turns out its just Celestia sneaking into a hidden fancy spa to enjoy her day off.
  • A very tired and hungry Luna begging Kibitz, with Puppy-Dog Eyes, to let her have cake for lunch.
    Kibitz: Do you know what all that refined sugar will do to you?
    Luna: It will make me most happy.
  • Luna reading today's mail to Celestia from Twilight, there's tons of it.
  • Kibitz reassures Luna that Celestia must fully trust her to do her duties...before cutting in that Celestia must also be watching in the shadows in case Luna does screw up so the former can fix it. Cut to Celestia sleeping in the spa with cucumber slices and a magazine...
  • She also appears to jump as much as she walks or runs, it's just as adorable as it sounds.
  • The face Luna makes as she goes "WHAT."
  • Luna plays Pony Chess with Fancy Pants. When Kibitz pulls her away to her next task she has to be dragged by the tail shouting "YOU ARE MAKING ME LOOK MOST UNDIGNIFIED. LET ME GO BACK TO MY FESTIVITIES AND SMITE THINE BLUE-HAIRED ENEMY!"
    • Then comes The Stinger, where Fancy Pants and the party guests are still standing there long after the day has ended, waiting for her to come back.
  • Luna falls asleep and wakes back up as someone is speaking to her, providing this exchange:
    Mare: And after the drum circle, Shining Armor will come out with the ceremonial torch and light fire in the-
    Luna: Yes. Yes. Fire Shining Armor. All good. What's next on the agenda?
  • Luna shutting Kibitz up by way of stuffing a bunch of papers down his throat when she's had enough. The way his mustache flies up, especially!
  • The brief mention of the latest Dance Crazy in Equestria, "The Navigator"
  • At the end, when Luna confesses that she will no longer take Celestia's duties for granted and would want "the night back", Celestia calmly grants her request, then goes to sleep. Luna forgot that the day has ended and now it's night.
  • The comic ends recounting just what Luna was doing the night before the comic, where she looked around for the forest for a pet, a creature of the night worthy of a princess. She chooses an opossum, which she names Tiberius.

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