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Funny / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts

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Make Up Shake Up

  • The entire short, which appears to take place during the dress-up montage in the first movie, is Rarity giving Applejack a Makeover on the level of "Apple Jewel".
  • In the midst of applying massive amounts of make-up to Applejack, Rarity stops to pour herself a cup of tea with cream.
  • Applejack's exaggerated horrified reaction to the Uncanny Valley Makeup job she gets from Rarity, complete with a dramatic zoom-in and musical sting.

A Photo Shoot Story

Raise This Roof

  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash dance with their respective little sister figures (Apple Bloom and Scootaloo), until they get too caught up in their "line dancing vs. hip-hop dancing" competition. Which inspires Apple Bloom and Scootaloo to team-up and out-dance both their sisters.
  • After the dance-off, Pinkie Pie awards Apple Bloom and Scootaloo a trophy... an "emergency trophy" she apparently keeps around "in case of epic dance-off."

Steps of Pep

  • Fluttershy tries to be a cheerleader at a Wondercolts soccer game. She's not much better at cheering than her pony counterpart.
  • Pinkie Pie tries applying her cheer-leading skills to glee club practice (complete with a humanized version of the Ponytones)... and also the chess team, where Fluttershy's style of cheering ("Yay!") is a bit more suitable.

Monday Blues

  • Sunset Shimmer has what appears to be a bottle of Mane 'n Tail (a brand of horse shampoo) in her bathroom.
  • Sunset seems to live up to her name, because this short demonstrates she is Not a Morning Person. After repeatedly hitting snooze on her alarm clock (which is slightly cracked, indicating she's been much rougher with it in the past), she rushes through her morning routine, even deciding to go out with a serious case of bed-head... but not before shooting herself some Finger Guns in the mirror.
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  • When Sunset and Twilight make it to school, they find their friends haven't had such a good morning either: Poor Rarity has messy hair (some of it still in curlers) and is desperately trying to fix her runny make-up, Pinkie is stuck in her straight-haired mode from the rain, Fluttershy has twigs and a birds' nest in her hair, Rainbow Dash burned up her shoes running to school at Super Speed, and Applejack accidentally walked all the way to school in her bedroom slippers.

Pet Project

  • At the end of the pan over the seven girls' pets, Spike the Dog is sitting there looking smug as if to say to the audience, "You were expecting Owlowiscious?"
  • When Sunset admits she would like a pet after all, Fluttershy yanks her off camera so fast they don't even leave a blur.
  • When Sunset asks for a pet that's less "furry", Fluttershy introduces her to a surly-looking beta fish that just happens to have Sunset's yellow-and-red color scheme.
  • With a little encouragement from Sunset, her new pet Ray the gecko mugs for the camera during the photo shoot at the end.

Subs Rock

  • Principal Celestia gradually losing her cool as she keeps getting called away from the science class she's been substituting for in order to deal with one problem after another, from an "impending cafeteria crisis" to Rainbow Dash kicking a soccer ball against the wall just outside the classroom.

Shake Things Up!

  • There's something amusing about seeing Applejack, usually the most normal and strait-laced of the cast, goofing around and having fun, juggling cups like a flair bar-tender while working at a juice stand.

The Art of Friendship

  • Pinkie Pie is trying to think of something to paint for an art project, and Sunset Shimmer tells her to go looking for inspiration and "get those creative juices flowing". Pinkie Pie decides to... go to the cafeteria and order some juice.
    Pinkie Pie: [to Granny Smith] Are you sure these are the creative juices?!
  • Granny's baffled expression also sells the moment, as she looks totally lost.
  • Next, Pinkie tries to get in tune with nature... by sitting in a tree dressed in a bird costume and shouting "CHIRP! CHIRP!"
  • Pinkie's third attempt involves relaxing by playing on her drum set... but she gets caught up in the moment and starts drumming on the walls all the way back to the art room.
  • Inspiration finally strikes Pinkie when Sunset Shimmer suggests she paint something that makes her happy, and she does a portrait of Sunset... while splattering paint all over everyone and everything else in the room, including the real Sunset.
    Pinkie Pie: I painted you, Sunset!
    Sunset Shimmer: [inspecting her paint-spattered clothes] Yes Pinkie, yes you did...

Epic Fails

  • The whole short is the girls recalling their most hilariously-embarrassing moments:
    • Twilight's chemistry lab experiment literally blowing up in her face.
    • Applejack and Pinkie Pie burning some pies they were making... and getting drenched when the sprinkler system goes off.
    • Rainbow Dash nearly knocks over a pyramidal stack of soccer balls, but catches an errant ball at the last minute. Then she gets carried away show-boating and tries to kick the ball into a nearby net, causing it to ricochet wildly and knock over the ball pyramid anyway. As the cherry on top, the scene ends on a freeze-frame of a ball hitting her in the face.
    • Fluttershy finds the downside of being a Friend to All Living Things when the birds try to style her hair... and end up with a tangled mess that distracts several passers-by.
    • Sunset trying (and failing) to alert Rarity to something stuck in her teeth... by chewing on a leaf from a potted plant.

The Canterlot Movie Club

  • It seems in the Equestria Girls verse, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are still the CMC... but here it stands for the Canterlot Movie Club.
  • Pinkie Pie and the CMC treating Pinkie's missing plush alligator as Serious Business.
    Sweetie Belle: Never fear, Pinkie Pie! We will save your gator from... MORTAL PERIL!
    Pinkie Pie: [providing dramatic lighting with a flashlight] Ooh! Mortal... peril!
  • Scootaloo's epic crane-game playing.

Get the Show on the Road

  • The outrageously dilapidated old school bus Applejack found to serve as the Rainboom's tour bus. As she bangs on one of the front fenders, it falls apart in a spectacular fashion.
    Applejack: Heh heh, might need a little fixin'...
  • Twilight opens the hood of the bus, and finds a pack of raccoons living in the engine. The raccoons end up helping clean the bus (presumably with a little persuasion from Fluttershy).

Leaping Off the Page

  • Rainbow Dash imagining herself as Daring Do while re-reading The Forbidden City of Clouds... while ignoring various real-world sounds intruding on her fantasy (like Slingshot making car horn noises, or a parrot chirping out a ringtone).
  • At the end Rarity and Twilight come to get Rainbow for the movie premiere and find her sitting on top of her bookshelf reading, having apparently climbed up there during her fantasy.

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