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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 1

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    Mare in the Moon 
  • Pinkie is so nice that she went out of her way to throw a party for Twilight, even going so far as to invite everypony in town, because she assumed that the new girl didn't have any friends and was feeling lonely.
    • Also the incredible niceness of Ponyville in general. They're all so ready to befriend Twilight Sparkle as soon as they meet her. There's a sort of neighborly charm to everypony, and it at the very least invokes an odd sense of nostalgia.
  • An overlooked moment from the very beginning: After the guards drop Twilight off in town, even though she's clearly in a bad mood, she still takes the time to thank the guards in a pleasant tone and calls them "sirs". Just goes to show you, even before she made friends Twilight was a kind pony who treated those around her, even those technically beneath her station, with respect and compassion. She may have been uncomfortable interacting with others, but when she did, she was unconditionally nice to them. The brief smiles that flicker across the faces of the normally stone faced guards cement this.
  • Despite not even really knowing Twilight and Spike at all, and indeed, only having just MET them not even 5 minutes prior, Applejack declares Twilight and Spike to be part of her family pretty much immediately, and the rest of the Apples are in full agreement.
    • Two small ones related to this: 1) Despite initially refusing the Apple family's invitation to brunch, Twilight is rather easily swayed to staying. 2) Remember later this isn't just any brunch, this is an Apple Family Reunion and none of them feel like Twilight is intruding on anything.
  • After seeing what a bad state Twilight's mane and tail are in, the first thing Rarity does? Give Twilight a makeover, even though Twilight wants to 'get out of [Rarity's] hair' straight away, thinking that Rare doesn't want to be bothered.

    Elements of Harmony 
  • The summoning of the Elements of Harmony in episode 2, complete with Twilight Sparkle no longer wanting to be alone and openly stating how glad she was to see and hear her friends.
  • The reunion of the princesses. Celestia forgives Luna and welcomes her back with (metaphorically) open arms, even before getting an apology. Dawww.
    • The ponies in Ponyville giving Luna a flower necklace in friendship. Aww...
    • There's a Freeze-Frame Bonus there, too. If you look closely at Luna's face when she looks at Celestia, you can see her tearing up out of happiness.
      • Makes valid sense, since the whole point of her Face–Heel Turn was she thought no one liked her or her night. Seeing people were perfectly welcoming and kind to her, despite everything she's done, pretty much relieved Luna's fears she held for centuries.
    • A Genius Bonus too: the flowers are red and white roses, together, symbolizing reconciliation within the royal family, just as the red-and-white-rose of the Tudors symbolized the reconciliation between Lancaster and York at the end of the War of the Roses.
  • The joy and relief on Twilight's face when she sees Celestia safe and sound. Followed by a pony equivalent of family-type hug.
  • Twilight realizing that the other five really are her friends. And then she gets it. The spark.
    • Specifically, the main page quote. By turning to Nightmare Moon for those last few words ("... when I realized that you all are my friends!"), she managed to turn a declaration of friendship into a Badass Boast!
  • "You've been up all night, Spike. You are a baby dragon, after all." Twilight remaining calm long enough for Spike to get to sleep.
    • Also, Spike's reaction to Twilight coming back at the end of that episode. He pushes his way through the crowd and leaps up to give her a hug. His face sells it.
  • All of the five ponies Twilight met have barely known her for a day. However, they all decide and insist on helping her retrieve the Elements of Harmony, even going into a place they were obviously scared of, because they realized how dangerous the mission was and didn't want Twilight to go alone.
  • Let's face it, everyone got at least one at some point during the pilot:
    • The way Pinkie Pie helps everyone past Nightmare Moon's illusions! It leads to the Mane Six all collapsed from laughter on the forest floor — the group's first real moment of friendship together. The laughter even lasts to the beginning of the next scene.
    • Applejack risking herself to save Twilight, then calmly reassuring her she'll be OK and helping her be rescued. She also gets one by telling Twilight they're not letting her go on this quest alone and will be by her side through it.
      • Early on, when Rainbow was accusing Twilight of working for Nightmare Moon for pretty justifiable reasons, Applejack (while she agreed with Rainbow that Twilight knew what was going on) recognized that Twilight was innocent and let her tell her side of the story. The fact that Applejack was willing to defend a pony she just met that day really shows a lot about her character. Especially when you take into account that, from the looks Twilight got at the ceremony when she told Nightmare Moon she knew about her appearance, Rainbow Dash most likely wasn't alone in her accusations.
    • Fluttershy calming the Manticore like a mother calming a child.
      • She does call him a "baby kitty" at one point, which is more like a person being affectionate to a kitten, but it's still a cute scene.
    • Rainbow Dash overcoming Nightmare Moon's Friend or Idol Decision, gladly giving up a chance to live her dream for her friends.
      • Dash drops her suspicions of Twilight being in cahoots with the villain when the unicorn is given a chance to explain herself. Likewise, Twilight doesn't appear to hold any sort of grudge against her for the accusations.
    • Rarity's first meeting with Twilight becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight when she later cuts off a piece of her tail to give to a sea serpent, proving she'd be the wielder of the Element of Generosity. Throwing everything on the back burner to fix up Twilight's messy mane was actually an early showing of her generosity. Sure, she got carried away, but her heart was most certainly in the right place.

    The Ticket Master 
  • Spike's total glee at eventually being invited to the Grand Galloping Gala in "The Ticket Master". After an episode of pretending like he didn't care about the Gala (though he didn't voicing his dislike until he noticed he didn't get a ticket or Twilight didn't consider giving him the other so it's not totally surprising.)
  • The rest of the Mane Cast realizing that they'd forgotten Twilight's feelings in the matter and apologizing, deciding their friendship mattered more to them. Made even more emotional by the fact that Twilight decides she didn't want to go if her friends couldn't, proving her friends mattered more to her than the Gala. Even more so when you realize one of the reasons she wanted to go was to see Princess Celestia again.
  • There's also the fact that Twilight's entire conflict in the episode is based on the fact she loves all her friends too much to choose between them.
    • To be fair, a Freeze-Frame Bonus during the episode subtly implies that of her friends, the ones she was most inclined to give the ticket to were Applejack and Fluttershy. Of course, Fluttershy was the most polite about it, and fans tend to agree that Applejack had the best reason. That said, the context of this Freeze-Frame Bonus is from when she was considering giving up her own ticket instead so that two of her friends could go instead of her and one of them, which is pretty heartwarming in itself, though.
    • Even better is the point where she considers giving both tickets away without the slightest hesitation, only stopping because she realizes that this would still leave out three ponies. She was willing to give up her own chance to go without a second thought if it would make her friends happy.
  • Points to Celestia once you think things over - the two tickets she sent were probably intended for Twilight and Spike to go together, since she knows they're very close. Once Twilight sends the letter declining to go if her friends can't, she immediately sends back enough tickets for everypony. It doesn't take that much of an imagination to hear her "Why didn't you say so?" in a joyously surprised tone of voice, happy her beloved student has bonded with her newfound friends enough to want to take them to the Gala.
  • As pointed out above, Applejack has the best reason to go to the Gala and it really speaks volumes about her character. While the others all want to go either to realise personal dreams or just to have some fun, Applejack wants to go specifically to make money to provide for her family. There's no indication that there's any personal enjoyment to be had from the event (especially as we get to know her character more in the series and learn that she doesn't care for upper class society), it's all for her loved ones. By extension, this also makes her actions throughout the episode more justifiable compared to the others. While they all argue for the ticket and each attempt to gain favour with Twilight to sway her opinion, bear in mind that once again, Applejack is the only one who isn't doing this for herself. Combined with the fan theories about her dead parents, we can assume the Apple family isn't particularly well off, meaning her actions in this episode are born of desperation, not selfishness. And after all that, she's still the first one to give up her claim to the ticket when she sees how upset Twilight is.

    Griffon the Brush-Off 
  • When Pinkie Pie finds out Dash was about to squirt Fluttershy, she immediately calls her out on it knowing that their most harmless prank (squirting) will hurt Fluttershy. Dash does casually agree.
    • The entire pranking spree. Really, when is the last time we saw a cartoon character pull a prank that left the victim laughing?
  • A heartwarming action that does not get reciprocated but still sweet. Pinkie Pie decides she must stop interfering with solid confirmation that Gilda is a thief and bully (to Fluttershy nonetheless), Pinkie decides she must deal with a party in hopes of making Gilda change for the better.
    • Related, Pinkie going into protective friend mode when she sees Gilda bullying Fluttershy, noting that while she can take a prank, or even being bullied, "No one treats Fluttershy like that!"
  • Rainbow Dash, despite her past with Gilda, instantly defends her friends in Ponyville when she reveals her true colors. Special notice in that she specifically points out her friendship with Pinkie Pie.
  • Fluttershy, after being bullied to tears by Gilda and terrified of being at the party, is shown happily enjoying herself with the others after Dash disposes of Gilda.
  • Am I the only one who found it adorable how Pinkie Pie was hopping around, trying to catch up to Rainbow Dash? Sure it may come off as stalking, but Pinkie really cares for Rainbow Dash.

    Boast Busters 
  • After Twilight thinks that she's alienated all her friends by showing vast magical power in defeating the Ursa Minor in "Boast Busters", and she tearfully begs them not to hate her like they did Trixie, the Mane Cast's collective Jaw Drop at the very concept of hating Twilight Sparkle. They honestly couldn't grasp what Twilight was worried about; of course they don't mind her being powerful, she's their friend!
    Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry. Please, please don't hate me!
    (chorus): Hate you?!?
    Rarity: Why, whatever do you mean, darling?
    Twilight Sparkle: Well, I know how much you all hated Trixie's showing off with her magic tricks, and I just thought—
    Rainbow Dash: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Magic's got nothing to do with it. Trixie's just a loudmouth.
    Rarity: Most unpleasant.
    Applejack: All hat and no cattle.
    Twilight: So... you don't mind my magic tricks?
    Applejack: Your magic is a part of who you are, sugar cube, and we like who you are. We're proud to have such a powerful, talented unicorn as our friend.
    Rainbow Dash: And after whuppin' that ursa's hindquarters, we're even prouder.
    • A few later episodes and a slew of fanfics imply that Twilight might've been bullied and ostracized as a filly because of her smarts, her magical skills, and the fact she was Celestia's personal student. This may have been one of the reasons (yet to be confirmed in canon) of why she started off as a loner at the beginning of the show. Hearing these words really helped Twi realize that her new friends truly accept her for who she is. Her face after Rainbow and Applejack states how proud they are of her tells it all.

  • Fluttershy standing up to the dragon, but later comforting him, in "Dragonshy".
    • Especially the "you're not a bad dragon; you just made a bad decision" part.
    • There's also the fact that we see her first solemnly walking back down the mountain after revealing her fear to everyone...then we find out she was hiding behind a nearby rock the whole time. Even though she was completely terrified of the dragon, she never left her friends...
  • Fluttershy happily tending to the animals (even carrying worms in her mouth for the birds) in the opening.
  • Applejack saves Twilight from being crushed during the avalanche. When it clears and she asks if everypony's ok, Twilight responds by saying 'Thanks to you, I am' and gives her a grateful nuzzle.

    Look Before You Sleep 
  • Rarity and Applejack making up after arguing like (a stereotypical) cat and dog for most of the episode was fairly sweet.
    • Not to mention their make-up hug. Applejack puts cucumbers over Rarity's eyes in an attempt to cheer her up after getting muddy, and Rarity feels around blindly for her so that they can hug.
  • There's also a moment from Twilight that shows that even back in her Ice Queen days, one of the things she'd always wanted to do was to throw a slumber party.

    Bridle Gossip 
  • Even if she had good reason to be upset with Mane 6 for accusing her of being evil, it's still refreshing to know that Zecora can't find it in her heart to hold a grudge against them, as is evidenced by the fact that she's willing to cure them of their Poison Joke ailments. Combine this with the Mane 6 seeing how stupid they've been about the whole thing, and you have a fresh baked Humble Pie.
  • Sort of a Fridge Brilliance example: evidently, Apple Bloom meant no harm leaving her shrunken older sister on that branch. You could say that, whether or not it was intentional, Apple Bloom may have actually protected Applejack from becoming a bad sister in the sense that Applejack was being overprotective of her and once the truth came out about Zecora, you realize that if Applejack hadn't been that overbearing, she would have let her little sister find out the truth right from the start. Apple Bloom's genuine concern for her big sister and the other ponies in this case is evidenced even further when she's eagerly willing to help Zecora cure them of their ailments and towards the end when the ponies' ailments are cured at the spa, she worriedly looks around when Applejack appears to be missing. Turns out Applejack got her own little bath and shows absolutely no resentment while her friends are in the bigger tub.
  • The fact that, despite eventually considering the possibility, Twilight does not automatically assume Zecora is bad.
  • Pinkie's puppy eyes to Fluttershy, when pleading her to sing Pinkie's song, as Pinkie can't.

    Winter Wrap Up 
  • The "Winter Wrap-Up" song.
    Twilight: How will I do without my magic? / Help the earth pony way? / I want to belong, so I must / do my best today...!
    • And its instrumental reprise near the end, when Twilight finds a way to help get the cleanup done on time and the whole town turns out to thank her for it.
  • This brief exchange in the intro:
    Twilight: Spike! Wake up!
    Spike: *sleepily* ... Mommy?
  • Twilight and Applejack sharing a hoof-bump during the Earth Ponies' organized snow plowing, which shows that Applejack's forgiven Twilight for the giant snowball incident she caused earlier at her farm.
    • Granted, Applejack did look pretty guilty right after she made Twilight run off in tears for the trouble she caused.
      • And since it's made clear that Twilight and Applejack are still on good terms when everypony starts working together, it's highly evident that they both apologized and earned each other's forgiveness.
    • Also worth noting. When Twilight offers her organizing skills to the town, Applejack is shown smiling alongside the other ponies, indicating that despite Twilight's earlier mishap of going against the no using magic rule and her spell ended up creating a bigger mess for the Plant Team's snow plowing, Applejack was willing to give her another chance.
  • Twilight getting her own vest in thanks for her hard work.

    Call of the Cutie 
  • Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle standing up for Apple Bloom during the cuteceañera and telling Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon off.
  • Rainbow Dash taking time out of her day to help some filly she doesn't even know. And her choice of activities for Apple Bloom is very telling: she clearly thought the little pony in front of her was awesome and just wanted to help that awesomeness shine through.
  • Despite getting her Cutie Mark and leaving Apple Bloom the only one in their class without one, Twist never once stops wanting to be her friend; she earnestly offers to go to the cuteceañera with her like Apple Bloom wanted (though it may have made Apple Bloom feel worse at that point), and dances alongside her right after she, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle become the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

    Fall Weather Friends 
  • Spike enjoys being the announcer at the Iron Pony competition so much that he wants to do it again for the Running of the Leaves, only to feel bummed out upon discovering that Pinkie Pie has already taken that job, so Pinkie cheers him up by letting him be her co-reporter.
  • The ending also counts. After a whole episode of watching Applejack and Rainbow Dash try to one-up each other, there's just something nice and serene about seeing the two competitive ponies run together through the autumn leaves.
    Applejack: What do you say, friend? Wanna go for another run?

    Suited For Success 
  • After the first disastrous fashion show, the mane six decided to create Rarity's dress by scratch to make up for their mistakes. Best of all, Rarity was happy about her own dress being made and accepted it.
  • Rainbow Dash showing her true heart of gold side by apologizing to Rarity for what happened before and Rarity forgives Rainbow Dash.

    Feeling Pinkie Keen 
  • It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but when running from the Hydra, the four ponies (plus Spike) have to cross a deep ravine. There's a nod to Dragonshy. Fluttershy is terrified of heights but to get herself to make the first jump, she mutters to herself, "A hop...skip...and a jump!" Small, but very sweet.
  • Twilight defending her friends from the hydra. After spending over half the episode with her being skeptical and frustrated in trying to figure out the Pinkie Sense, it is nice to see that Twilight really does care about her friends and would be willing to risk her neck for them. Such examples include:
    • Grabbing Pinkie out of harm's way of the hydra when she was frozen in fear.
    • Running back to save Spike when he got stuck in the mud.
    • Tossing Spike to safety onto the first platform before even thinking of her own.
    • Offering to distract the hydra in order to buy her friends enough time to cross over to the other side of the cliff safely.
  • Though it's more or less rather subtle, Twilight realizing how skeptical she's been for the wrong reasons for the majority of this episode and finally being able to accept that a great many unexplainable things are no less true than they already are and whether or not you choose to believe in them, it sometimes takes a good friend to help you make the choice.
  • The ending where Twilight joins Pinkie in wearing an umbrella hat at the end. It really shows how much closer the two have become in being friends.
  • Fluttershy moving the frogs into Froggy Bottom Bog when she noticed the pond was overcrowded. There's plenty of room and it's a nice place and all the frogs get to survive. Win-win.

    Sonic Rainboom 
  • There's just something so wonderful about Fluttershy finally breaking out into loud cheers over seeing Rainbow Dash finally do a Sonic Rainboom. Like a coach/friend finally seeing a friend's work pay off. When you take the Cutie Mark Chronicles into effect as well, Rainbow Dash was probably Fluttershy's first real friend, so in effect, Fluttershy's going wild over seeing her formerly nervous lifelong friend succeed, and that her cheering goes into Squee mode just makes it so wonderful.
    • If you look closely, Rainbow Dash even tears up a bit when she sees this!
    • The very scene leading up to the eponymous Sonic Rainboom. RD is making a desperate dash to save Rarity, the rest of the Mane Cast are almost starting to lose hope... and then we see a Mach cone starting to form around RD's forehooves. Cue Manly Tears.
  • Rarity realizes what a jerk she'd been and apologizes to Rainbow Dash and the others for her selfishness.
    • Related to this: Even after all Rainbow Dash had put up with from her that whole episode, the moment she realized Rarity was in danger, she immediately came to the rescue without even thinking about it. Heartwarmingly awesome, that bit.
  • Sure; once the attention goes to her head, she's the cause of half the episode's problems, but the reason everypony ends up going to Cloudsdale in the first place is because Rarity recognizes Rainbow Dash's stage fright and insists that they find a way to support her.
    • She also volunteered to be the guinea pig for a spell that Twilight wasn't sure she could pull off, when nopony knew what the side effects would be. Even PINKIE was too nervous to volunteer!
  • Fluttershy yelling (well...the Fluttershy version of yelling...) at the trio of colts that were bullying Rainbow Dash. Admittedly, it's not a great show of power, and it makes them laugh...but this is Fluttershy. That took a lot of guts.
    • Especially when after watching a certain episode you realize it's almost like Fluttershy's returning a favor.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to meeting the Wonderbolts. Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh...
  • By the beginning of the Young Flyer's Competition, RD is in the middle of her breakdown induced by nerves and Performance Anxiety. Despite that, however, she calms down a little and smiles when the Wonderbolts make their entrance into the coliseum. It's sweet to see that, although the possibility of failing in front of them scares her to death, Rainbow Dash also genuinely draws a lot of strength from her heroes.

    The Stare Master 
  • Fluttershy volunteering immediately to take the girls when Rarity couldn't.
    • The fact that, even after all the trouble Sweetie Belle caused her, including taking some valuable material without permission, Rarity made it clear that her refusing to host their sleepover wasn't a punishment, but because she literally couldn't.
  • Twilight tells Fluttershy that she's going to the Everfree Forest, to Zecora's. Fluttershy asks her worriedly, "You'll be careful, won't you?" It's the incredible concern in her voice that makes it a CMOH.
  • The fact that the CMC immediately stop playing and are utterly ashamed of themselves when they break Fluttershy's table. It doesn't last long and their attempt at fixing the table doesn't go so well, but it was sweet of them nonetheless.

    The Show Stoppers 
  • After the talent show is over, who (apart from Twilight) does come backstage to congratulate the CMC? Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom's big sisters (Rarity and Applejack), plus Scootaloo's hero and future sister figure — Rainbow Dash.

    A Dog and Pony Show 
  • When Twilight Sparkle (reluctantly) agrees to be Spike's noble steed, when he wants to play the knight in armor to save Rarity. She even reared and whinnied!
  • The scene right before Rarity is kidnapped. Spike fighting off the Diamond Dogs long enough for Rarity to get away is one... And Rarity not running away is another. She wouldn't leave without him.
  • The scene in which Rarity gives Spike the gem in return for a hard day's work. And on Spike's part too; he's been eyeing the gems since hours before, but can't bring himself to eat one that's from Rarity. And when they need the gem as bait, he gives up his precious present from Rarity in order to save Rarity herself.
  • After spending an entire episode worried that Rarity was helpless, her friends congratulated her with how she managed to get out of her situation and swindle all of the Diamond Dog's gems.
  • Spike fantasizes about rescuing Rarity, including her giving him a Smooch of Victory, only to find (to his embarrassment) that he's been puckering up at Applejack instead. Instead of being weirded out or making fun of him, she just smiles knowingly.
  • The entire Aesop of the episode; it shows that being lady-like is not a sign of weakness, and that you don't have to become butch to be tough. That's an extremely important message for both young and old and male and female in this age and time.

    Green Isn't Your Color 
  • Fluttershy and Rarity admitting how they really felt about Fluttershy's rise to fame, then reconciling at the end of the episode.
    • Yes, it made things worse, but Rarity standing up for Fluttershy when the crowd turned on her was still touching.
  • Rarity's absolute disgust with herself for being as jealous as she is. One part of her is completely, hatefully jealous of her best friend—and she's terrified of it.
  • When the first photo-shoot seems to end in disaster, Fluttershy apologizes to Rarity, who immediately assumes all responsibility, refusing an easy opportunity to pass the blame for her disappointment on someone else.
  • A small one early on, when Twilight, Pinkie, and Spike are helping Rarity adjust her new dress on Fluttershy. Rarity is clearly stressed and is being rather short with everyone. Then, in the middle of it, she pauses to thank them all for their help and apologize if she's being rude.

    Over a Barrel 
  • Fluttershy, of all ponies, glomps Pinkie Pie when she sees her safe and sound returning from the buffalo herd.

    A Bird in the Hoof 
  • The start of the episode is just diabetes-inducing sweetness, Fluttershy taking care a of a little mouse with a broken leg, and returning him to his little mouse family to the delight of his little mouse child. And she put him in a little wheelchair that she pushes with her nose.
  • At the party in the beginning of the episode, Rarity is rather paranoid about her dress. Not too far out of character, and definitely very funny. Then you remember that her dress is not only what she plans on wearing to the Gala, but something that her friends made for her.
  • Pinkie being Pinkie bouncing around eating everything sweet she sees, she the hops on the table and eats Celestia's cupcake. Rather then be angry or offended Celestia gives a little smile at Pinkie's antics.
  • Twilight probably deserves a mention here when she tries to take the blame for Fluttershy stealing Philomena. Twilight has flown into a panic on multiple occasions at the mere THOUGHT of disappointing Celestia, yet here she doesn't even hesitate to divert Celestia's wrath upon herself in order to protect Fluttershy. Of course, it's Celestia we're talking about, so all was forgiven.
  • Philomena giving Fluttershy a beautiful feather as an apology for messing with her over the course of the whole episode.
  • Celestia may enjoy an occasional little prank (like with the tea at the party), but upon realizing Philomena's outright trolling of Fluttershy, she's not pleased, and sternly tells her pet to apologize.note 

    Cutie Mark Chronicles 
  • Within the flashbacks:
    • Applejack going home after realizing Sweet Apple Acres is where she belongs after all.
    • Rainbow Dash standing up for Fluttershy, telling off the bullies.
    • Fluttershy's song, and her comforting the animals after they get scared by the Sonic Rainboom.
      • The song is heartwarming enough, until you go past the cutesy lyrics and finally get hit that it's about a little girl discovering true nature for possibly the first time.
      • Particularly enjoyable is Fluttershy's singing going from soft and timid to a strong voice just belting out the song.
    • The Reveal that Twilight Sparkle hatched Spike really helps confirm Twilight's status as pretty much equivalent to a mother for Spike.
    • Pinkie Pie cheering up her family by throwing her first party.
    • Rarity's face after she realizes that the rock is full of gems. After being dragged around by her horn and briefly thinking that her destiny was a rock, it's heartwarming to see just how completely and utterly joyful she is when she realizes that it was all worth it.
  • But the crowning moment is when they all realize that Rainbow Dash helped them all get their cutie marks.
    • And the hug.
    • At the very start of the episode, when Scootaloo asks who's the coolest pony in Ponyville, Apple Bloom immediately says "Applejack!" and Sweetie Belle says "Rarity!" The fact that to them, of course their big sisters are the coolest ponies in town, that's just sweetness right there.
      • Also, even though it's supposed to come across as Comically Missing the Point, they both think very highly of Fluttershy's flying. Yes, the pony who has self-confidence problems regarding this issue (among a number of others).
  • A very brief moment, but after Scootaloo exclaims, "You have no idea how much I've been through to hear that story," and eagerly plops down to listen, Rainbow Dash turns to the side a little and gives a genuinely flattered smile.

    Owl's Well That Ends Well 
  • The ending, after Spike and Twilight reconciled (this was after Spike spent most of the episode thinking Twilight didn't love him anymore). This is also the first time Twilight explicitly calls Spike her friend, rather than just an assistant.
    • It's also incredibly sweet just to hear Twilight outright say that she loves Spike, and to see how important that love is to him.
  • The meteor shower scene is a Heartwarming Moment in another way too, when you think about it: Twilight and her friends, and many other residents of Ponyville besides, are staying up late to appreciate the beautiful vista of the night sky. Imagine how Princess Luna felt about that.
  • It's easy to miss, but during the meteor shower, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are shown climbing onto their big sisters' backs. Very cute and sweet.
  • Seeing Spike get as much attention from the girls as he does during that get-together is also pretty enjoyable. Just in case his Butt-Monkey status left you wondering if the girls really respected him, this scene shows them all looking at him at the same time and smiling, then Pinkie petting him, then Rarity saying she made a bow-tie for him. Afterwards, Twilight says that's enough, but still, it was clearly very fun for Spike while it lasted.
  • Twilight and Owlowiscious coming to Spike's rescue from the full-grown dragon.

    Party of One 
  • Rarity sticks her head into a trash can just to keep the party a secret is heartwarming. Even more, considering Rarity's own moments of Super OCD in previous episodes.
  • Pinkie making up with her friends and apologizing for assuming the worst when she finds they were throwing her a surprise birthday party.
  • Rainbow Dash sees a hay-bale with a glasses-nose-mustache disguise, a jacket, and a ballcap in the middle of the street and doesn't even blink. Just "Hi Pinkie Pie!"
  • Doubling as a CMOF, Rainbow dragging Pinkie to her surprise party. Even with Pinkie stubbornly refusing to go wrongly thinking that the others are going to abandon her, Rainbow refuses to quit and leave Pinkie. Not only is it great because Rainbow represents the Element of Loyalty, but it's also fitting considering the two's friendship as seen in the past.
  • The timing of this episode's events show that Pinkie Pie's and Gummy's birthdays are only a day apart. It is entirely likely that Gummy was Pinkie Pie's birthday present last year.

    The Best Night Ever 
  • It's a small one, but Applejack giving free apple fritters to Rarity and her clearly jerkass date. It's just so sweet.
  • The part where Soarin' buys one of Applejack's pies the first minute she set up shop. Of course it's only noteworthy in retrospect, after we see that everyone else is too pompous to enjoy Applejack's food. This, combined with their interactions with Rainbow Dash, cements the Wonderbolts as the only (non-Mane Cast/Celestia) kind people at the entire Gala.
  • Everyone hanging out together after their respective horrible nights at the end of the best night ever.
  • A buzzard of all creatures protectively shielding a squirrel and some ducklings against the insane pony rampaging in the gardens. Say what you will about the garden animals, but they stick together.
  • Consider The Ticket Master where Applejack had the most noble reason for wanting to go to the Gala. Now consider how each of the Mane Six declare that this is going to be the "best night ever", including A.J. That's right, according to Applejack, a night where she can provide for her family isn't just "the right thing to do", or even just a "good night". Doing this for her family make it the best. Night. Ever.


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