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The movie

  • Despite how it ends, the beginning of Twilight's dream sequence has some nice levity, such as:
    • Rarity's insistence on Twilight packing an evening dress to camp — Applejack, naturally, mentions that they're going to camp out in the woods, making it worse than useless. Rarity's response?
      Rarity: If we were going to the moon, I'd insist she'd pack an evening gown. One never knows, darling.
    And of course, she does wear a fancy dress during the gala...
    • Rainbow Dash helps Twilight pack. In something of a Funny Background Event, she takes a hoodie from her closet... and apparently likes it, judging from her body language (which just screams "This would look great on me").
    • Among the things they pack? A toy for Spike, a llama plushie... and a picture of Rainbow Dash, complete with a Rainbow Dash frame. The novelization makes it even better, if only because the picture is stated to be autographed.
    • After the girls mention how Twilight being late is so unlike her, Pinkie Pie asks if she doesn't have an alarm clock, then proceeds to imitate the noise of the alarm, all while making some exaggerated gestures. It's worth noting that said alarm goes off not even two seconds later.
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    • In general, it's also funny because they're all part of Twilight's dream — this is how Twilight perceives them. It's not too far off the mark! Then again, the dream could be repeating slightly altered events from earlier in the day before everything goes to hell.
  • Sunset Shimmer shows off her childish side a few times. It's adorable. For instance, after checking her flashlight works, the first thing she does is shine it up at her face like someone telling a scary story in the dark and make ghost noises.
  • Pinkie Pie, in the bus, mentions all the possible uses of marshmallows... Including using them as pillows. Rainbow Dash mentions that they probably won't do that — and Pinkie replies "Maybe you're not..." and pulls out a big bag of marshmallows. The Stinger shows another possible use for Marshmallows that Pinkie Pie didn't think of. As explosives...
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  • Applejack is looking forward to roughing it in the woods, trying to survive off the land... only for Rainbow to interrupt that they're provided with food and shelter at Camp Everfree. Applejack insists on foraging for food anyway, and later makes her own hammer to help with building the new dock.
  • The rather awkward interaction between Twilight and Flash Sentry. In a nutshell, Flash tries to be nice to her and stuff, before remembering that Twilight — this Twilight, at least — really doesn't know him. And then Sunset Shimmer tells Twilight what the deal with him is...
    Sunset Shimmer: You know how there's that girl who looks just like you when she's here but lives in another dimension and she's a pony princess?
    Twilight Sparkle: Uh-huh.
    Sunset Shimmer: Flash kinda had a... thing for her.
    Twilight Sparkle: Oh.
  • Another one from Pinkie: she basically summarizes the last three films (or, well, their villains)... mentioning their two demon friends, in front of both Twilight and Sunset. Whoops.
    Pinkie: No offense!
    Sunset: None taken. (nudges Twilight) You'll get used to it.
  • When asked what to do at camp, Bulk Biceps suggests arts and crafts. In what seems to be a Lame Excuse, he claims his mom needs new pot holders.
  • Rarity, of course, suggests a fashion show. Gloriosa Daisy claims it's camp tradition, but Timber Spruce remarks that they literally have never done that before.
  • Celestia suggests the camp gift, an activity where the current campers build a gift for future ones, as it had been her favorite activity when she and Luna went there. Celestia points out that the sundial by the gazebo was their camp gift; Luna takes the chance to mention that, apparently, she didn't think it was a good idea back then (or at least, that it fell into Awesome, but Impractical since it couldn't be used at night). It's complete with air quotes, and Gloriosa seems to find the interaction amusing. Just seeing the two act like bickering siblings, like at the Cranky/Matilda wedding, is always funny. Despite how mature they are, they are still sisters. The novelization extends Luna and Celestia's banter:
    Principal Celestia: [after Luna says the above] That may be true. But if some people had a better attitude about it, they wouldn't have been sent to the Moonstone tent.
    Vice-Principal Luna: Luckily, some people were eventually forgiven for their rash behavior.
    The girls listened wide-eyed, as their teachers sparred. It was easy to forget that they had once been campers just like them.
    • Also, the speculations for the EG-verse equivalent of the NMM incident usually involved violence and/or mental instability on Luna's part. To learn that it really was just a fight over a sundial... is pretty funny.
  • Timber Spruce and Gloriosa Daisy's slight bickering while getting suggestions from the students; besides being rather typical in nature for a brother and sister ("But I thought..." "Well, you thought wrong."), they both make some hilarious facial expressions towards each other. Timber, in particular, has a ridiculous-looking pout. The slight tension is lampshaded by Sunset Shimmer, which leads to another funny moment with both Twilight's and Pinkie's reaction ("Uh... A little..."). Again, the facial expressions is what sell it.
  • Timber flirting with Twilight; besides some corny jokes from his part, he also likes to exaggeratedly wiggle his eyebrows at her — he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. After a compliment that Twilight retorts he probably says that to all campers, he goes to "prove" her wrong by insulting Bulk Biceps (or more specifically, claiming that the tent he got was the worst). Cue Bulk Biceps screaming in frustration, to Timber's slight surprise and Twilight's amusement.
  • Everything about Filthy Rich and Gloriosa's initial interaction; again, their facial expressions are hilarious — in particular Gloriosa's Death Glare, and Filthy being a nigh-permanent Smug Smiler. The moment is also aided by just how over-the-top and ridiculous it is: Filthy Rich appears in a limo in the middle of the woods (alright, in the middle of the camp), while snappy, sneaky "bad guy" type background music plays. It's so oddly over-the-top it's funny. There's also something funny about dainty young woman Gloriosa Daisy literally pushing around what the novelization itself describes as a "hulking businessman with bad hair" — who is about head and shoulders taller than her.
  • Applejack about Rarity press-ganging her into the latter's fashion show. And before that, the novelization added a little gem after Applejack notes how Rarity somehow convinced Gloriosa Daisy to hold a fashion show in the middle of the woods.
    Rarity chose to disregard what Applejack had just said to her.
  • Sunset Shimmer playfully teases Twilight about Timber; moments after that, Twilight's horrified reaction at suddenly using telekinesis by accident on everything inside the tent.
  • After Twilight leaves, Sunset attempts to pick up her sunscreen using telekinesis. If she were back in Equestria, it would have been a simple task for a unicorn like her. But after several failed attempts (which involve Pstandard Psychic Pstance), Spike tells her she's going to just have to use her hands... much to her disappointment.
  • When Sunset goes to get Spike to help her find Twilight, he's having a wonderful dream:
    Spike: (sleeping) So many squirrels...
  • Rarity's "scary" story is about a girl who realized "she was wearing purple socks with a burgundy dress!" She is literally the only person who finds such a fashion faux pas scary. Perhaps what truly cements this as the pinnacle of spooky storytelling are her shrieks of fear — words simply cannot describe them.
    Applejack: Uh, that was a terrifying story.
    Rainbow Dash: Yeah, I'm terrified she'll try to tell it again!
  • Timber Spruce warns the campers that they should hug a friend in advance of his scary story. Spike leaps into a cowering Fluttershy's lap, while Snails hugs Snips... and the two are immediately bear-hugged by Bulk Biceps.
  • When Principal Celestia okays the idea of building a new dock, Pinkie Pie reacts with an awful lot of enthusiasm.
  • Rarity's bit of Power Incontinence: after Applejack's accidental use of Super Strength scares her half to death, she accidentally creates a barrier... that shoots forward and pushes Applejack deep into the woods and into the lake. And later, after Pinkie throws a box of nails, she sets up another barrier that knocks Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to the ground.
  • The Reveal about Pinkie's powers. The comparisons to Gambit and Killer Queen were instant.
    Pinkie Pie: I was just tossing sprinkles to Fluttershy, when all of a sudden they glowed pink and exploded!
  • Followed by her repeating it, and making the cookie dough mess even worse. Subsequently, Sunset Shimmer warily asks Pinkie Pie to stop touching things, and she carefully grabs her arm to pull her hand away from the table. Her worried discomfort and Pinkie's obliviousness make it all quite chuckleworthy.
  • Rainbow Dash's as well:
  • In the novelization, after Pinkie Pie states that something at camp must be giving them their new superpowers, Fluttershy reacts by more or less saying that a T-shirt would've been enough for her.
  • Derpy gets a line in this one, saying that she ran out of arrows during archery. Because she somehow broke all of them. The mere thought of Comically Cross-Eyed Derpy trying to hit a target is funny in itself.
  • After accidentally hearing Gloriosa's second mental roar, Sunset asks Fluttershy to kindly please stop screaming.
    Fluttershy: [confused] I didn't scream.
    Rainbow Dash: For once.
  • After Twilight's second Catapult Nightmare, Sunset wakes up doing karate moves, all with her eyes still closed and drool on her face. Then, she notices Twilight accidentally made her bed levitate with telekinesis.
  • After Timber tells the legend of Gaea Everfree and strange things — like in the tale — start happening around camp, the students are rightfully nervous about it. When someone notes that they don't really want to do anything because they're (probably) threatened by an angry forest spirit, The Great and Powerful Trixie tries to summon her. She more or less goes "Show yourself, spirit! The Great and Powerful Trixie commands you!" And while she does this, Pinkie Pie facepalms, with a clear "you're being really stupid right now" expression plastered on her face. It's Hypocritical Humor.
  • After Sunset discovers she has Touch Telepathy, she has her hand put on Pinkie's forehead. Sunset sees Pinkie skipping through a world made of candy where everything is smiling, and we see Pinkie eat a piece of taffy off a candy person's head. As Sunset removes her hand (with a Thousand-Yard Stare, no less!), all she can say is "That explains SO much".
    Pinkie Pie: Yep!
  • During the song about accepting their Magic, Flash Sentry, Valhallen and Bulk Biceps are struggling to erect one of the gate posts. After the three of them do so, Applejack walks by and does the same thing with one hand while eating an apple. The look on their faces (and Lyra's, who is standing in the background) is priceless.
  • The fact that when Applejack wears the outfit Rarity made for her, Applejack likes it so much she wants to keep it. Rarity's satisfied smug grin while watching her makes clear just how much of a praise she sees this as.
  • Meanwhile, for some reason Sunset and Twilight's outfits are being kept on goofy-looking mannequins consisting of sticks with painted pumpkins stuck on top.
  • When Gloriosa turns into Gaea, seals Twilight and Sunset in the cave, and makes her way to the camp grounds, she passes by Snips and Snails, who are making water balloons, apparently for mischief. That's kinda funny, but the real deal comes when they see Gloriosa-as-Gaea: first, they try to hide what they're doing (even if they have a bucket of balloons right besides them), and this is followed by them, apparently, not noticing that Gloriosa has turned into a monster. Gloriosa pays them no mind, and they note that she looks different... namely, she looks taller. Which is not wrong, since she's hovering above the ground.
  • The group's reaction to Gaea Everfree covering the camp in vines during her Villain Song.
    • What makes it funny is that everyone else is rightfully horrified about what's happening... except the Humane Five (Sunset and Twilight aren't present), who react more or less annoyed about it. Rainbow Dash, in particular, gets pissed off when Gaea inadvertently destroys the dock. Again. Right after they finished it.
    • The fact that Fluttershy, the girl who's scared of almost everything, is the one who says it makes it even funnier.
      Fluttershy: [deadpan] Why do these things always have to happen to us?
    • And Pinkie pops in from the side of the screen to point out how freaky it is that Gaea is floating above the ground.
  • During Gaea's villain song the camp begins to be covered in vines. Timber Spruce thinks quickly and grabs an axe, which is sadly ineffective as they grow too fast. The funny part comes when Gaea not only traps his axe, but causes it to be lifted high off the ground with Timber still dangling from it. Just before Timber is completely out of view, you can see him finally look down and realize he is no longer on the ground.
  • Gloriosa's usage of her Catchphrase after transforming into Gaea Everfree. It's the delivery that sells it.
    Gaea Everfree: Filthy Rich wants this to be the last year of Camp Everfree! But don't worry! I GOT THIIIIIIIIS!
    • Later, Timber tries Talking the Monster to Death. It doesn't go much better than Rarity's attempt.
      Gaea Everfree: I appreciate the concern, Timber, but I got this!
  • Heck, many of Gloriosa's line deliveries are hysterical.
    Gaea Everfree: WHY are you FIGHTING me?! I'm DOING this to save our camp! I'm doing this for YOOOOOU!
  • The Humane Five try to talk down Gaea Everfree, when Rarity explains she can't stay at Camp Everfree because she'd miss her weekly visits "to the spa." Gaea's reaction (given that Filthy Rich wants to replace Camp Everfree with a spa resort) shows just how bad that attempt at reason is.
    Gaea Everfree: [twitchy eye, speaks in mocking falsetto] To the spa? [suddenly shouting] TO THE SPAAAAAAA!?
  • During "Legend You Were Meant to Be", there's a picture of Rarity being scared of a fish she just caught.
  • During the same song, there's a shot of Bulk Biceps dancing in a pink tux with shorts instead of pants, his same angry face an amusing contrast to his enthusiastic dancing.
  • The Humane Five and Sunset teasing Twilight about her newfound crush in Timber at the end, especially Sunset giving her a suggestive eyebrow when she sees the two separating at the end of the party. It just concludes with a blushing Twilight punching Sunset's arm playfully as the two girls end up blushing from the situation.
  • The Stinger where Pinkie tosses marshmallows onto the dock they built and blows it up. Everyone else's reaction to seeing the dock destroyed once again sells it. Rarity even squeals and faints dramatically.

The blooper reel

Naturally, this short is all about funny moments. The best parts include:

  • Rarity screaming about a bird sitting on her head, right after Rainbow Dash says that this kind of thing only happens to Fluttershy.
    Rainbow Dash: Or not...
  • Timber's exaggerated "Long Island Lockjaw" accent, delivered while wearing a set of Groucho Marx joke glasses. Twilight tries and fails to keep from cracking up.
  • Pinkie trying to figure out the past tense for "glow", while differentiating the homophones "glew" and "glue". What really sells it is Sunset telling her to cut it out while barely holding in the urge to burst out laughing.
    Pinkie Pie: I was just tossing sprinkles to Fluttershy when all of a sudden it glowed! (beat) It's "glowed" right? "Glew"? "Glowed"? Glow-glow-glew? "Glew" sounds like it could be right, but I don't mean "glue" like it's sticky. I mean "glew" as in the past tense of "glow". But maybe "glowed" is right. It just sounds wrong, am I right? Glowed? Glowed? Glowed? Glowed? Glew? Glowed?
    Sunset Shimmer: (barely holding her laughter) Pinkie, just tell us what happened!
  • Luna randomly hiccuping mid-sentence.
  • Adorkable Celestia. As she's cheering very enthusiastically, everyone else (Luna included) stares at her in surprise/amusement; and she doesn't notice for a while.
    Celestia: [visibly embarrassed] So lonely, cheering as one person.
  • Twilight flubbing her "rock quarry" line and spending a full 20 seconds trying to say it properly. It's so realistic, you have to wonder if Tara Strong actually threw it in apart from challenging Spike to say "rock quarry" five times fast.
  • Maud Pie appearing out of nowhere and taking a pebble (presumably Boulder) out of Sunset's hand. Then she starts "feeding" it crackers, as in Rainbow Rocks.
  • Sunset getting another glimpse inside Pinkie's mind. Not only has nothing changed, but she even joins in on the fun. And much like her previous blooper scene with Pinkie, it's her reaction that sells it.


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