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    The Crystalling 
  • Starlight is completely unable to find her way around the Castle of Friendship, complete with a lampshade on its apparent Bigger on the Inside and bursting in on Spike in the bathroom (twice).
    • Before bumping into Spike the second time round, Starlight accidentally opens a broom closet and gets buried under its contents.
    • The second time Spike is posing in the mirror, and sheepishly stops when he notices her.
  • Twilight's Obsessed Are The List Makers trait strikes again. She has a large collection of parchment for Starlight's potential friendship lessons, and when Starlight remarks how much she has "narrowed it down", Twilight reveals that this collection is just the lessons that start with "A". She also has a comically long scroll of items to make sure that Starlight's reunion with Sunburst goes perfectly.
  • Spike pulling out a poster of him with the Crystal Heart when he's mentioning to Starlight how he's considered a hero there. The faces of the other ponies in the room, especially Rarity's chuckling, sells it.
  • Rainbow Dash pulling out her baby gift, a Cloudsdale mobile, only for Pinkie to poke it and cause one of the lighting bolt shaped ornaments to fall.
  • Shining Armor's behavior is a little erratic from the stress of becoming a father, and he repeatedly falls asleep, standing up even. note 
  • Pinkie holding onto Flurry Heart, who is flying and dragging her around after her, apparently not even noticing the extra weight.
    • Even better when everyone meets together Twlight is keeping Flurry Heart in one spot (sort of) by holding her in a shield bubble. Flurry Heart is doing loops INSIDE the bubble with Pinkie still holding on and all Pinkie has to say is 'She's a really strong flier' in her usual chipper tone.
  • When Twilight volunteers herself and Pinkie to keep an eye on Flurry Heart, Pinkie happily reveals that the baby's already glomping her face.
  • Starlight trying to delay talking to Sunburst by getting Spike to ramble about his heroic exploits in the Empire (complete with popcorn, which she throws over her shoulder after she can't get him to talk about the Equestria Games).
  • The sheer Cringe Comedy of Starlight and Sunburst's awkward reunion. Spike speed-skimming Twilight's list for a solution makes it funnier.
  • Flurry Heart's Teleport Spam with the Mane Six and her parents in the library.
    • This line, combined with the visuals:
    Pinkie: (chasing after Flurry Heart in her usual skipping gait) Come to your Auntie Pinkie Pie!
  • Cadance asks Twilight if she can remember the spell from the book that was destroyed. Twililght exclaims that she only read it once.
  • Sunburst's first response after Starlight brought up her Old Shame of stealing other ponies' cutie marks and attempting to change the past:
    Sunburst: Did you really travel through time?
  • Once Sunburst arrives to help fix the Crystal Heart he takes a quick look at the shards that are left and says a surprised "The baby did this?!" It is a small moment, but it is humorous to question the destruction a baby can do without even trying.
  • Everypony ducking out of the way when Flurry Heart sneezes post-Crystalling, only for the Sneeze of Doom to be a dud.
  • In a way, the Crystal Heart, the artifact that defeated King Sombra, was shattered to pieces by a baby's crying.
  • The way Sunburst reveals to everyone else that he's not all he's cracked up to be.
    Sunburst: (calmly) Oh, I'm no wizard.
    Everyone else: HUH?!

    The Gift of Maud Pie 
  • Rarity's impression of Pinkie Pie, right down to her bouncing off one of the sides of screen during her pinball impression.
  • Pinkie asking Rarity to help her get the rock pouch:
    Pinkie: Before you go can I ask you a quick question?
    Rarity: Oh, of course.
    Pinkie: (lays down and hugs Rarity's forelegs) WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME???!!!
    • And Rarity's answer:
      Rarity: (eyeing all the shocked bystanders staring at them) Only if you let go of my leg and stand uuuuup!
  • Rarity's shock at seeing Maud Pie gracefully ice-skating.
  • During the trio's time in the flea market, Rarity starts showing Maud a rapid-fire montage of various things that she might like as a gift. These include the Twicane and the stuffed shark from "Slice of Life".
    • Smarty Pants is also seen as well.
    • The best part? Despite the pile of stuff Rarity drags out, Maud is more interested in a crack in the sidewalk. Rarity's freakout is priceless.
      Rarity: All of this, and she likes a CRACK?!
  • Pretty much everything dealing with Pinkie's party cannon being fired.
  • One of the locations Rarity considers is a ridiculously narrow shop-front that's barely big enough for her, Pinkie, and Maud to all squeeze in. She quickly decides it's a little too "snug".
  • To distract Maud while Pinkie is out shopping, Rarity asks her to tell the story of how she and Boulder met. We don't hear the story, but we do hear Rarity's reaction:
  • On "Pie Sister Swap Day", it's considered tradition to sing the "Pie Sister Swap Day Song" before giving each other gifts. Maud sings it along with Pinkie with her usual enthusiasm.
    Pinkie: It's a Pie Sister Swap Day SOOOOOONG!
    Maud: Hey.
  • The reveal that Maud has her own "Maud Sense" and can also perform Offscreen Teleportation. She really is Pinkie's sister!
    • The fact that Rarity doesn't seem all that surprised by Maud's Offscreen Teleportation (she's more worried about giving away Pinkie's secret) whereas the pouch seller has a pricelessly shocked look when he sees it. By this point, it seems the Mane Six have just accepted how bizarre the Pie clan is.
  • Boulder seems to have quite a bit more personality than before. He needs to find a postcard for his "cousin" but can't find any he likes, he thinks a bunch of shiny jewels are stuck up (which Maud seems pretty embarrassed to have to relate), he wanders off to hang out with other rocks, and is told to "play nice" when left sitting on a giant rock formation.
  • The segues involving the map. The first few times we see it, it's marked with an average red line. The line is then drawn in crayon, with Rarity chewing Pinkie out for scribbling all over the map.
  • Maud's wink that's so slow, it's a slorching noise rather than a wink.
  • Pinkie cartwheeling down the stairs, singing "M-A-U-D, what does that spell?" and Maud saying in her usual deadpan voice, "It spells 'Maud'."

    On Your Marks 
  • Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo being completely enraptured with their cutie marks, even briefly getting Apple Bloom in on it too.
  • Apple Bloom briefly forgetting she already HAS her cutie mark.
    Apple Bloom: And the more things we try, the more chances we'll have to finally get our cutie marks! Come on!
    Sweetie Belle: Um... Apple Bloom?
    (Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo show off their cutie marks to remind Apple Bloom)
  • Scootaloo's MANLY yodeling.
  • The CMC trying to remember some activity they didn't do together that was in an attempt to get a cutie mark... and getting nada.
  • Bulk Biceps squeezing his, well, bulk into the CMC's club house. Then he breaks through the floor, twice.
    • Simply the fact that when we first see him, the playground ride he is on is pushed all the way into the ground.
  • When Apple Bloom breaks down a bit, it gets this REEEEAAAALLY scary buildup, with disturbing music playing, and Apple Bloom even teeters on the edge of insanity, and then, she opens the curtains.
  • Sweetie Belle tries to give Apple Bloom and Scootaloo singing lessons. She says it's a "simple harmony" but when she gives them the sheet music, turns out it's not so simple.
  • After Apple Bloom and Tender Taps' sad initial meeting, Tender Taps leaves by gloomily tap-dancing off-screen.
  • There's something hilarious about the girls attempting to make Big Mac their first client.
  • After Tender Taps gets his cutie mark, he wants to show it off, so he sticks his rear in the air, pointing to his flank to two nonplussed passerbys.
  • The CMC talking about cutie marks to the Cake twins.
    Mrs. Cake: I don't think they're too worried about that yet.

    Gauntlet of Fire 
  • Dragon Lord Torch ordering his subjects to react to his speeches. "BE SAD!"
    • Gets a Call-Back later when Ember's first command as the new Dragon Lord is a bellowed "AGREE WITH HIM!!" quickly followed up with: "Just kidding. That's not going to be my thing."
    • Torch points out that Spike is pretty tiny, and he could squash him with his pinkie claw. When Spike gives a nervous laugh in response, a mildly annoyed Torch corrects "that wasn't a joke, it was a fact. When I want you to laugh I will say BE AMUSED!"
  • Twilight and Rarity's surprisingly effective disguises: first they're a rock, then they're a pile of seaweed, then they're a tree stump, then they're stalagmites.
    • Also their Offscreen Teleportation when keeping up with Spike and Ember despite the difficult obstacles they had to go through. Ember even lampshades this.
    • Rarity's reaction to seeing one of the obstacles:
    Rarity: Oh, that looks scary... I mean, you can do it, Spike!
  • One female dragon says that if she became Lord she'd make burps an official greeting, and other said he'd steal all of Equestria's pillows because he thinks that it's unfair that the dragons have to sleep on rocks.
    • After these two plus Garble's plan for total revenge on the ponies, Rarity says "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope the burping dragon wins."
  • In the tunnel, you can see Crackle from "Dragon Quest" trapped in the crushing stone teeth.
  • Garble's many Amusing Injuries and also being Sarcasm-Blind.
    Spike: Nice to see you, too, Garble.
    Garble: I didn't say it was nice to see you. It's not! I don't like you! Was I not clear about that?
  • Pretty much all of Ember being tsundere towards Spike.
    Ember: Please don't make me talk about my feelings!
  • Spike manages to get the Bloodstone Scepter, and orders Garble to go home... and give every dragon he meets on the way a hug, without telling them why they're being hugged. The crowner has to be at the end when he hugs former Dragon Lord Torch, especially since he's many times smaller than Torch's nose.
    Torch: (indignant as Garble hugs his nose) What is the meaning of this?!
    Garble: I can't tell you!
    • Also of note is the first dragon Garble hugs on his way out - a huge, spiked dragon in full armour...who makes an adorable "squee" face after being hugged.
  • Twilight's Squee! over getting to learn more about the dragons so she can write a book about them. Then she notices the looks everyone else is giving, and amends that of course she's happy to go to support Spike too.
    • Blink and you'll miss it: her dragon journal has a crude drawing of Spike on the cover.
  • Garble gets one at the beginning of the contest, in a Black Humor way:
    Garble: (offers a claw to Spike) Good luck! (snatches it back and knocks Spike off the cliff) Just kidding! Hah. I hope you lose.
  • A small one, but the image of Dragon Lord Torch catching his daughter as if she were a fly is pretty amusing.

    No Second Prances 
  • Twilight tells Starlight to set the table without using magic, but unfortunatley Starlight wasn't paying attention and went for it as soon as Twilight said "Set the table." When the plates and utensils go flying toward her, she ducks with a "YIPE!"
    • Her reaction immediatley afterward is this
    Twilight: Did you... how? When? What?!
  • "This plate represents your head. This spoon is your heart. And the knives... are sharp. Always be careful with knives!"
  • Starlight freaking out by the fountain.
    Starlight: Stop stressing... STOP STRESSING!
    • This causes other ponies to look at her in shock, she smiles sheepishly and runs off.
  • Twilight's reaction when she realizes who Starlight's "new friend" is. It's the delivery that sells it.
    Starlight: (excited) She's great!
    Twilight: (just as excited) Great!
    Starlight: (still excited) She's powerful!
    Twilight: (worried now) Powerful?
  • Trixie's introduction. "Hello, Princess." She then lifts her head to proudly display the biggest knowing, smug grin you can imagine, clearly enjoying The Reveal that Starlight's new best friend is Twilight's two-time old rival.
  • While carrying on a conversation with Starlight and Twilight, Trixie casually bends Twilight's carefully laid-out silverware into a facsimile of her, complete with a napkin cape.
  • Starlight uses a bit of magic to force Big Mac to talk, which also makes him articulate. He is horrified and runs off.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction upon learning Starlight doesn't know who the Wonderbolts are must be seen to be believed.
  • Trixie's classic Tsundere behavior to cover up how hurt she is by Starlight's abandonment by insisting she's grateful that Twilight drove off the only true friend she's ever had.
  • Starlight's attempt to compliment Trixie:
    Starlight: You say Twilight's better than you at everything, but that's not true. You're better at magic!
    Trixie: Only when I'm wearing a soul-sucking evil amulet, so I don't think that counts. Funny story: don't need to get into it...
  • Though it's a sad and emotionally charged scene, this bit is hilarious:
  • Twilight attempts to get Starlight to make a new friend besides Trixie. Her choices? Vinyl Scratch, Derpy, and Cranky.
  • Twilight later brings all three of them to the dinner with Celestia. Cranky is wearing a bird who is now wearing his wig, Vinyl is bobbing along to her music, and Derpy is scarfing down a whole basket of muffins.
    • Also, Cranky's reason for being talked into it:
    Cranky: Starlight Glimmer? I thought you said nose hair trimmers! What's going on? I'm hungry! And my nose is too hairy.
  • Celestia's facial expressions conveying how bored and exasperated she is at Twilight's dinner without a single line of dialogue.
    • At one point, Celestia picks up a fork with her magic and twirls it in the air.
    • During all this, Twilight tries to stall for Starlight. Between the indifference of Cranky, Derpy and Vinyl, and Celestia's increasingly unimpressed expressions, Twilight is able to carry almost note  all of the scene's comedy by herself.
    • The Stinger has Celestia still sitting at the table in awkward silence with the others. It's possibly made more funny with the Rag Time credits roll.
    Cranky: How do you get your hair to do that all the time?
    Celestia: *exasperated sigh*
  • Although implications of suicide can make Trixie's performance a tad unsettling, it's still hilarious to hear the normally bombastic and verbose Trixie give her whole performance in a totally flat monotone.
    Trixie: Come one, come all. Come and see "The Pathetic and Friendless Trixie's way-to-go-dum-dum-you-really-messed-it-up-this-time-repentance-tour".
    Crowd: *murmurs in confusion*
  • Both Trixie and Starlight have shady pasts, and they bond over joking about how they did evil things back before they met Twilight.
    • The episode begins with Twilight telling Starlight she has to make a new friend. Starlight gives us this gem:
    Starlight: Hey! Maybe I'll just force friendships by magically enslaving the entire population of Ponyville!
  • When Trixie flies into the manticore's mouth, it pats it's chest and belches.
    • Cut to a shot of the shocked audience and Fluttershy fainting.
    • When Starlight uses her magic to help Trixie out of the manticore, she's all beat up and dizzy, with her mane all frizzled. Then she delivers this line:
  • The manticore bowing at the end of the show.
  • The "grin" Twilight puts on when Trixie quotes her Exact Words on her. It's obviously forced and doesn't alter her still-frowning eyes.
  • The fact that Trixie describes her magic show as "the greatest thing Ponyville's ever seen." Considering some of the things Ponyville's scene, that may be a slight exaggeration.

    Newbie Dash 
  • Rainbow Dash impersonating the other members of the Mane 6 in a desperate attempt to erase her terrible first impression with the Wonderbolts.
    • By the time Dash gets to her Rarity persona, Rainbow Flash, Soarin starts getting confused and a little creeped out.
  • Pinkie Pie getting the pony running the cotton candy stand to make her cotton candy "Bigger!", until she leaves with a wad of cotton candy that's twice her size (and leaves the cotton candy salespony exhausted).
  • Rainbow stuck in Stunned Silence for about ten seconds after being informed she's becomes a full Wonderbolt.
  • The nicknames reflect a goofup the Wonderbolt who got said nickname did on his or her first day. Daisy (Dizzy), Slowpoke (Surprise), Hoof-in-Mouth (Motor Mouth), Flatfoot (Fleetfoot), Clipper (Soarin), Rainbow Crash, and Spitfire's nickname that apparently came to be 40 times worse than Rainbow Crash.
  • Spitfire's completely deadpan "so-do-not-want-to-deal-with-this" stare as she casually tips her clipboard forward to get rid of the notes Rainbow gives her on improving performance. Mean, but very funny.
    • Shortly after, Rainbow tries to talk about how she did research to improve their performance, only for Spitfire to interrupt her with a megaphone to the face.
  • When the Wonderbolts first fly by the crowd during their show, the force of their speed is so strong that Fluttershy ends up being blown into Twilight's lap.

    A Hearth's Warming Tail 
  • The main plot is A Christmas Carol with the whole cast replaced with ponies. Starlight is Ebeneezer Scrooge, and so on.
  • Derpy Hooves acting as the star on the Hearth's Warming tree in Twilight's castle.
    • Earlier, she accidentally breaks a decoration after Rarity sings for her not to.
    Rarity: (STILL singing) Oh goodness sake! (facehoofs)
    • Derpy glowing elicits a laugh later on.
  • Granny, riding in a cart pulled by Big Mac, tosses presents to the other ponies. One large present is tossed out and squishes a unsuspecting filly.
  • Twilight and Spike's reaction to Starlight not loving the holiday.
  • At the start of the story, after drawing a comparison between Snowfall Frost and Starswirl the Bearded, Twilight can't resist fangirling about the latter until Spike snaps her out of it.
  • When Snowfall sarcastically says that her assistant Snowdash can go home and celebrate, she yells "Sweet!" and flies out before she can even finish the sentence.
  • Spike lampshading the Hypocritical Humor of Starlight thinking that Snowfall Frost's plan was disproportionate.
  • The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past phases through Snowfall, making the character shiver. Kinda makes sense given, ya know... ghost.
  • Pinkie Pie as the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Eve Presents. Not Present, Presents.
    • The presents she pulls out include a toy of what might be Cheese Sandwich and Perry the platypus.
    • AND she shanghais a reluctant Snowfall into the town.
    • And then there's her exit where we can see her repeating the word "ever" to make it sound like an echo. Four "ever"s means "forever".
  • Twilight jollily singing the last verse of the SHWP's song (And the reason is to be with your friends~) in what Starlight refers to as her "Pinkie Pie voice." Twilight denies this with adorable sheepishness.
    • The fact that she sang along implies that the songs are actual parts of the story.
  • Right before the climax of the story, Spike interrupts to go get a refill on his cocoa... right before a commercial break.
  • The Record Needle Scratch when Snowfall barges into the Hearth's Warming Eve party and announces she's brought presents.
    • Snowdash's Spit Take when she sees her boss.
  • The ghost figures that the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet-to-Come creates being blown away by the wind is haunting... until you realize that they're being blown away in the opposite direction of the wind.

    The Saddle Row Review 
  • Plaid Stripes, the landlord's very... quirky daughter that Rarity is forced to hire, who wants to sell glow-in-the-dark teeth and clothes made of spoons. She also replaces the bell above the door with a bicycle horn.
    • Spoon clothes are actually quite useful.
    • Rarity recoiling in pain when Plaid practically yells right into her ear.
  • The reveal that Mr. Stripes is a collector of miniature doll furniture — which is never brought up again in the episode.
  • When Rarity goes up to ask the club to turn the music down, the stoic bouncer won't even let her in.
  • Three words: Sick Miss Pommel.
  • Rainbow Dash's hilariously hammy impersonation of Rarity.
    Rarity!Rainbow Dash: Dahlings! I'm absolutely doomed! DOOMED! DOOOOOMED!
    • And then she proceeds to ask the reporter: "You're not writing this down, are you?"
  • Twilight literally begging Rarity to let her organize the clothes.
    • Later on, after sorting everything by color, she realizes Rarity probably wouldn't want them organized that way, and has to "reluctantly" start over again.
    • After explaining the intricate way she organized the boutique's clothes and how Rarity will be able to find anything in "three seconds flat", she smugly leans on the diner's table and says it some of her "best work". What sells the moment is that she sounds so darn proud of herself, like Rainbow Dash would after breaking an athletic record.
  • Dash is put in charge of hiring staff for the boutique, and quizzes them on fabric despite the fact that her knowledge of clothes is limited to "she can distinguish between clothes and not". In the end, she makes them race for the job... and then hires all 3 of them anyway because they were too slow.
    • Even funnier if you know that her previous incarnation in G3 was the fashionista of the group.
    • When the race begins, the two earth ponies dash off... while the unicorn just casually trots.
  • As Pinkie Pie wonders how to deal with the rave going on upstairs, she imagines up a Good Angel, Bad Angel pair in Rarity's likeness... and they both think Pinkie should make the party even wilder. Then the Devil-Rarity stops Pinkie and points out "You know I would never say such balderdash!" Yes, the Devil one calls her out, make of that what you will.
    • Angel Rarity saying "Raise the roof! Get jiggy!"
  • The club members' reaction to the new music Pinkie got DJ Pon-3 to play.
  • Pinkie Pie eating a lot of food during the interview, and then awkwardly passing the bill to the reporter.
  • Fluttershy hiring the raccoons as waiters, and also bringing them along to the interview in the restaurant.
  • Twilight audibly sweeping to the sounds of the rave above them.
  • Twilight "accidentally" locking Rarity in the window display until they can fix the mess they've made.
    • The said scene of Twilight locking Rarity in the window display is immediately followed by a shot of Fluttershy at the diner asking the reporter not to include the information about said incident in the article.
  • When Rarity wished she could clone herself in order to get the store ready for the grand opening, the scene then cuts to an interview segment with Pinkie Pie that's basically a Call-Back to Too Many Pinkie Pies, with the bit ending with the reveal that one of the clones had somehow survived and is sitting right behind Pinkie Pie during this interview.note 
    • Said clone is also wearing a fedora and a Conspicuous Trenchcoat, and is revealed when Pinkie takes a massive bite of her pancakes.
  • The episode closes out with a scene of Plaid Stripes at the diner, eating soup with one of her "spoon gloves" before giving the camera a goofy smile.

    Applejack's "Day" Off 
  • Pruny Rarity. Creepy, yet also hilarious.
  • Spike getting so many pies he nearly falls over trying to balance them.
  • Applejack and Rarity bumping into Rainbow Dash of all ponies at the spa. Rainbow adamantly denies she's there to get a "froufrou" spa treatment, only for a spa pony to inadvertently reveal that she is.
  • Twilight and Spike's attempt to feed the pigs, all while mystified by her instructions.
  • When Aloe is leading Applejack and Rarity to the laundry room, you can see the Cakes getting massages. Mrs. Cake seems to be enjoying herself... Mr. Cake, who's getting a massage from Bulk Biceps, not so much.
  • The Running Gag of the pony with the hot towels always getting one draped over his face.
    • After Applejack fixes the steam leak, the towel pony, overjoyed at only having to do laundry once a day now, runs into the steam room himself.
  • The goofy things Applejack does to feed the pigs, including making faces at them and randomly doing a chicken dance. All while she's rambling about ponies not knowing when the way they do things is ridiculous and inefficient.
    • Blink-and-you'll-miss-it: when Applejack comments "Being a chicken, I couldn't very well open the gate", she briefly pulls a face as if she just heard herself.
    • Plus, this scene was released out of context as a preview for the episode, making it even more baffling.
  • Spoiled Rich brags about how she has a mansion, only for everypony in the room to roll their eyes as if to say "Nopony cares."
    • Even better, first-time viewers might not recognize her as such!

    Flutter Brutter 
  • Rainbow Dash's reactions when Zephyr keeps assuming she's into him. You get the feeling she's tried, and failed, to convince him to take "no" for an answer for a very long time.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when Mrs. Shy is convinced that Rainbow Dash was "pining for him". Rainbow Dash is speechless. It's also a good thing Fluttershy showed up to interrupt the conversation, because it looked like Rainbow was about to fire off some choice words about her son.
    • Zephyr's attempt to make Opal do his job at Rarity's for him results in the cat having a rainbow-colored tail. Zephyr comments that he's "Kinda into this look."
  • Fluttershy being uncharacteristically angry with her slacker younger brother throughout the episode.
    • For that matter, the many, many, many annoyed and exasperated facial expressions she has during the episode. You can tell this is not the first time this has happened.
  • Once they're back in Ponyville, Fluttershy admits to Rainbow Dash that she's "peeved" with her brother, which leads to an affronted mother pony covering her foal's ears. A few moments later, Rainbow repeats the word with the same mother pony reacting by pushing her foal away.
    • While things like "Pony Feathers" and "Horseapples" have been used in place of curses before, this is the first time we've heard what is without a doubt an in-universe swear, as this is the first time it's been reacted to appropriately. This makes Fluttershy, of all ponies, the first character in MLP to canonically swear, which makes the whole bit even funnier.
  • Fluttershy bumping into Rainbow's back when they stop.
  • Angel Bunny getting annoyed with the lawn gnome bunny Zephyr puts out. Later on he seems to have warmed up to it, then he gets annoyed again when Zephyr takes it with him along with the salad bowl.
  • It's funny, in a sad sort of way, to see Zephyr hit rock bottom and try and live in the woods.
    Rainbow Dash: Honestly, I don't think he'll make it through the night.
  • At one point, you can see a pony in the background who looks just like Link. Complete with a green cap and lugging a cart full of rupees.
  • The revelation that Fluttershy was the bold/bossy member of her family.
  • Rainbow Dash cautions Zephyr that she has prepared a set of straightforward, simple tasks that not even he can mess up, and that if he tries to weasel out of them, she will immediately zap him with a storm cloud. Cut to Zephyr looking like he's been hit with more than a few lightning bolts.
    • The mental imagery conjured by the scene is even better: you have to imagine Rainbow really enjoyed shooting him with lightning.
  • Wherever Zephyr goes, he always carries plenty of vanity portraits of him.
  • Pinkie Pie apparently has a wallet in her mane that has hundred of photos... just to guess names.
  • Spike not realizing that he's just been tricked by Zephyr to do all his work until Fluttershy and Twilight come back.
  • Zephyr's reaction upon finally completing the required hair styles:
    Fluttershy: I knew you could it, Zephyr.
    Zephyr: I didn't! *gives a shit-eating grin*

    Spice Up Your Life 
  • Spike attempting to perform Percussive Maintenance by tapping on the map table, and once the map is fixed by Twilight and Starlight it "boots up" in a glitchy, computer-like way.
  • As the map "boots up", it rapidly lists places to go in a random fashion, eventually leading to "Twilight and Twilight in Twilight's castle" which considering Equestria Girls is a combo that is actually possible.
  • Spike at some point has moved his seat at the map table so that it is next to his crush (Rarity) instead of Twilight.
  • The fact that at the beginning, nearly all the places on Restaurant Road are virtually the same: similar tiny, bland, sushi-like portions, similar minimalist decor (differing only by shapes and colors), even similar waiters.
  • All of Coriander Cumin's deadpan cynicism.
    Coriander: Welcome to the Tasty Treat. You can eat here if you want, or not. Who cares?
  • Pinkie eating the fancy food by slamming her head down onto her plate, with it all gone when she comes back up.
  • The rest of the Mane Six are less than impressed with Rarity's gushing over Canterlot. Even Pinkie says she's being silly about it.
  • Pinkie gagging at Zesty's choice of food and later looking in horror that the Tasty Treat is serving said food.
    "Not that! Anything but that!"
  • Pinkie's assessment of Zesty's food preferences:
    Pinkie: What kind of food expert doesn't like flavor? THAT'S INSANE!
  • Coriander is pessimistic that he expects Rarity to fail in convincing Zesty Gourmand to come to their restaurant, to which Pinkie responds that he really doesn't know Rarity. When Rarity comes back announcing that she accomplished the task (albeit not without some difficulty), Pinkie gives him a smug "See?"

    Stranger Than Fan Fiction 

    The Cart Before the Ponies 
  • After Cheerilee reveals that the Applewood Derby is coming up, Snails remarks "For a second, I thought we were gonna have to, y'know, learn stuff." Then Cheerilee reminds her students they've got a lot to learn about how to make a cart, and Snips moans "I knew there was a catch!"
  • The reveal that Rarity lost the prize for "Most Creative" when she was a filly... to Derpy. Rarity looks really angry about it as well. It's made even better by the fact that Derpy's cart simply looks like random wood nailed together and yet she stands on it with utter pride while those gathered beam at her.
    • Derpy shows up to help a younger pony (possibly her sister) in this race as well. Their cart is a solid block of wood on wheels with "#1" painted on the side.
  • Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle both screaming at how fast they're going, followed by Apple Bloom screaming in frustration at how slow she's going.
  • During the "Derby Racers" number, Applejack's cart is passed by a pony walking by on hoof.
  • Rarity activates the wings on her swan cart and it gets in the way of the two carts behind her. The ponies in the other carts, one them being Derpy, all give Rarity unamused Death Glares as they frustratingly try to pass her.
  • After the crash, Rainbow keeps pushing her wrecked cart toward the finish line, because that would still count as winning the race.

     28 Pranks Later 
  • The fact that Rainbow Dash actually scared the daylights out of Fluttershy just by saying "boo" in completely deadpan manner... and she did that immediately after Fluttershy denied her accusation of being scared too easily.
    Rainbow Dash: You're too easy. You're scared of everything.
    Fluttershy: That's not true.
    Rainbow Dash: Boo.
    Fluttershy: AAAH! [leaps onto a tree and clings to the branch upside-down, trembling with fear]
  • Rainbow using a whoopie cushion on Twilight. Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy stare at her with wide eyes and you can practically hear them think "Did she really just fart"?
  • Rainbow Dash's pranking montage has some good ones:
    • Pulling a Kansas City Shuffle on Rarity, making her think she'd put Sweetie's Filly Guide uniform on top of a booby trapped cake... and then replacing Rarity's sewing machine with an exact replica made of cake, which Sweetie eats with gusto after the ruse is revealed.
      • "The sewing machine cake tastes better than the cake cake!"
    • Moving Applejack's bed all the way to the pig pen while she's sleeping... somehow.
      • And this despite Applejack's defenses.
    • Swapping out Cranky Doodle Donkey's toupee with a live skunk.
    • Tricking Spike into sending hundreds of scrolls to Princess Celestia. Poor Celly is literally buried in them.
    • Somehow dropping a huge boulder in Big Macintosh's cart.
    • Putting a brick in Mr. Cake's sandwich.
    • Drawing a crude picture of Cheerilee on the chalkboard at school.
  • Gummy joining in on pranking Pinkie.
  • When she tells Pinkie about her cookie prank, Rainbow Dash tosses her one of the cookies like a dog biscuit. Sure enough, Pinkie jumps up and eats it exactly like a dog would.
  • After revealing everyone in town was faking being zombies, Rarity pulls a comb out of nowhere and takes the time to fix up her mane.
  • The "zombies" themselves. You can tell it's not meant to be taken seriously when the ponies get rainbow on their faces and start acting like a zombified Cookie Monster.
  • Upon realizing the reason behind the zombie prank, Rainbow Dash says a hilariously deadpan, "Oh, I see what you did there."
  • Part funny, part Nightmare Fuel; this was a scary story involving Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and rainbow baked goods. Did they just make a subtle Cupcakes reference on the actual show?
    • In a similar brand of overthinking - when Rainbow visits the Cakes, Pound and Pumpkin Cake are seemingly affected too. In a faked Zombie Apocalypse scenario. It's kind of like pulling something as strange as a subtle dead baby joke.

    The Times They Are a Changeling 
  • Among the items Spike packed for the trip to the Crystal Empire is his Rarity plushie.
  • Spike's "disguise" is a Conspicuous Trenchcoat... with an orange clown wig.
  • Spike has now started getting annoyed at the Crystal Ponies fawning over him every time he visits, but when he finds out no one is around, he takes his disguise off... and is instantly mobbed by fans.
  • Spike and Thorax doing the Mirror Routine. Spike finds the changeling out when he turns around to see his "reflection" picking itself off the ground and dusting itself off.
  • The goofy faces Spike and "Crystal Hoof" make while trying to act casual.
  • A small little detail, but Flurry Heart sleeping through some of the major things going on right in front of her like everyone freaking out when Throax's disguise fails in front of them or Spike's musical number.
  • When Spike first tries to tell the guards about his new changeling friend:
    Spike: Defeating a changeling would be brave, but do you know what would be glorious?
    Guard 1: Defeating two changelings?
    Guard 2: Defeating all the changelings?

    Dungeons & Discords 
  • Discord snaps his fingers and turns the world into an opposite dimension where he is "excited" to have fun with Spike and Big Mac. It backfires horribly when Fluttershy becomes Opposite Fluttershy, a Jerkass with No Indoor Voice who yells at and scares Discord.
    Fluttershy: Well guess what, sassafras?! I'm Opposite Fluttershy! AND I'M SICK OF BEING NICE AND QUIET ALL THE TIME!
    • Immediately after Discord returns things to normal, in a blink you'll miss it moment Fluttershy has her front hooves over her mouth and her eyes are wide in shock for about two seconds, practically thinking, "Did I really just say that?!"
    • Discord recoiling and immediately turning everything back to normal implies that he didn't expect that outburst at all.
  • In his final attempt to make Fluttershy stay, Discord messes with the train. Most people would make the train break down or cause an avalanche on the tracks. Discord creates an entire active volcano, with the train tracks running directly into the crater. Fluttershy's unamused reaction sells it.
  • Pinkie's comment on packing for the Yakyakistan trip:
    Pinkie: I brought yeti food! (everyone stares at her) Did I forget to mention there's a pony-eating yeti on Frosttail Glacier? We're gonna have so much fun!
  • "I do like basking in things."
  • Spike and Big Mac's "Guy's Night!" cheer/secret hoofshake thing.
  • Discord's over-the-top entrance to Spike and Big Mac's "guys' night", from Discord clones dressed as footmen to bursting through a painting of himself as a basketball player.
  • Discord made a list of "the rowdiest establishments in Ponyville" for guy's night. He holds up a piece of paper with two places on it.
  • Spike repeatedly saying the word "imagination" in a dramatic voice.
  • A lot of little details from Spike's Ogres and Oubliettes campaign are hilarious, like having to rescue Princess "Schmarity" from the clutches of the evil Squid Wizard, or "Squizard".
    • Discord lampshading Spike's obvious Paper-Thin Disguise for using Rarity as the princess.
      Discord: Don't worry, your romantic delusions are safe with me. *zips mouth shut*
  • The fact that when Discord transported Spike and Big Mac to the 1940s style dance club, he transported the Ogres and Oubliettes game with them, which Spike then proceeds to set up at the first table he sees.
  • "Should I be worried he's using the scary voice?"
  • Spike knowing that Discord was probably still hanging around within earshot after he "left".
  • Discord trying to say sorry. The key word being "trying": every time he gets to the word "sorry" his mouth closes and he starts blowing spit everywhere, like it physically pains him to apologize.
  • The Mane Six walk in on the boys still playing their game (with Discord still using his powers to create a full-scale simulation of the game in Twilight's lobby) the next day. Most of them think they should just leave quietly and let the boys have their fun, but Dash and Pinkie Pie think the game looks so awesome that they jump into the game as well, yelling "Guy's night!"
    • On that note, the mere fact that Rainbow Dash was the first one of the Mane 6 to ask if she could join a game of Ogres and Oubliettes, knowing that it seems almost exactly like something she'd pass down as nerdy or "egghead stuff."
  • The bit where Discord's character fails to cast a spell and turns his hand into a parsnip. The guard watching laughs, and after a successful dice roll, the guard calls his friends over, and they laugh as well. The delivery of it, and Discord's increasingly angry expression at Spike's description (combined with Spike and Big Macintosh laughing), is what sells it.

    Buckball Season 
  • Applejack bucks an apple out of the tree, prepares to kick it in dramatic slow motion... and then is interrupted by Rainbow Dash, which causes Applejack to spin wildly as she misses bucking the apple by a mile.
  • The montage of unicorns trying out for the buckball team.
    • One of them is distracted trying to put on makeup in the middle of the game.
    • Another mare spins her bucket fast enough she gets dizzy and nearly pukes.
  • The over-the-top angry faces Fluttershy makes when telling Applejack and Rainbow Dash off for putting so much pressure on them to win the game.
  • Snails' advice on dealing with pre-game nerves? Don't think about it.
    Snails: Seriously. I don't think about anything. Ever.
    • And him saying that he is still up for playing in case Applejack and RD are worried after Fluttershy and Pinkie quit is both heartwarming and funny at the same time.
  • Derpy's cameo, wearing a Dr. Seuss-esque hat and face paint that's all one color, like she just dunked her head in the bucket.
  • During the "practice" round, Fluttershy smack-talks Rainbow and Applejack.
    Fluttershy: Looks like you two really DO need the practice!
  • When Applejack and Rainbow Dash explain that they need a unicorn from their team, Pinkie stage-whispers to Fluttershy "They know we're not unicorns, right?"
  • After Applejack and Rainbow Dash's overwhelming pep talk about being "in the zone," Fluttershy has this to say:
    Fluttershy: ...I don't know what 'zone' Rainbow Dash is talking about, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be in it.
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash are looking for Pinkie and Fluttershy, who are hiding in the baggage car:
    Applejack: We know you're in here! We looked in all the other cars.
    Fluttershy: (from hiding) Maybe you need to look again!
    Pinkie Pie: Yeah, because we're definitely not in here!

    The Fault in Our Cutie Marks 
  • Petunia's parents are relieved that their daughter's cutie mark means she'll be an archaeologist. Scootaloo sarcastically asks if they thought she'd become a pirate. The parents toss away a little pirate costume while unconvincingly claiming they'd never considered that. Apple Bloom is clearly not having it.
  • The Visual Gag of Petunia slowly lifting the ponisaurus skull out of the hole as her parents laugh nervously.
  • Just Gabby's almost-constantly cheerful and peppy demeanor. It's a hilarious contrast to other griffon characters we've seen on the show, who are Jerks With a Heart of Gold at best.
    Scootaloo: (being squeezed by one of Gabby's hugs) Yeah... this... griffon's... not... cranky!
  • The Running Gag of Gabby putting the Cutie Mark Crusaders in crushing bear-hugs.
  • Gabby is a Genki Girl griffon who gives Pinkie a run for her money. Pretty much every moment she's on screen she's bouncing off the walls with energy. Even the CMC's are aghast at how hyper she is.
    Sweetie Belle: Aaaand she's off again...
  • Sweetie Belle's BSOD when Gabby shows up with her fake cutie mark.
  • The CMC's tell Twilight that Gabby got a cutie mark. Seeing as this has never happened before, Twilight reacts exactly how you would expect; proposing a full scale research project.
  • The entire episode is basically the CMCs getting a taste of their own medicine, with Gabby constantly checking for her cutie mark and pestering them about how to do it probably making them think back to how much they bugged their big sisters.

    Viva Las Pegasus 
  • Applejack's slow recognition of Flim's voice.
  • Do Flim and Flam, having had a taste of working for altruistic purposes, finally see the error of their ways and resolve to become respectful, law-abiding citizens? Heck, no! They promptly seize control of the resort and return to conning ponies, much to Applejack's annoyance. What makes this especially funny is that if you listen carefully to what they're saying, they're convincing ponies to pay to stare at an empty stage! And it works!
    Flam: While this establishment undergoes a slight change in management, my brother and I want to assure you that it remains the pinnacle of Las Pegasus entertainment! Which is why we invite each and every one of you to experience the wonder of the Ponet Fantastique Theater – at half the normal cost of admission!
    Flim: And while you're appreciating this historic venue totally devoid of any performers of any kind, we invite you to use the wonder of your own imaginations to fill the space at no additional charge!
  • Admit it: it's sometimes hard to take Gladmane seriously as a villain when his voice continues to be a dead-on Elvis impersonation.
  • Minor detail, but the way Fluttershy's hair falls perfectly into place after removing her "Impossibly Rich" wig can elicit a few chuckles.
  • In general, Applejack's facial expressions and deadpan reactions towards Flim and Flam during the entire second half of the episode make it abundantly clear that she isn't enjoying the partnership.
    • Speaking of facial expressions, Fluttershy's uncharacteristically smug demeanor when she convinces Applejack to help the brothers in the first place.
  • Look closely during the acrobatic-magic act; the bunny is clearly not comfortable being on a trapeze.

    Every Little Thing She Does 
  • Spike continues as Twilight's loyal Servile Snarker.
    • Twilight is estimating how long her guest-lecture will take and Spike chimes in with "twenty moons".
    • Twilight tells Starlight that she will be back by evening because it will be a "brief" lesson. Spike, who is carrying about ten books, mutters, "keep telling yourself that".
    • The sigh and slouch he does when Twilight asks him to help her sort a pile of cue cards by three categories.
  • The Mane Six (minus Twilight) and their Literal-Minded behavior under the influence of Starlight's mind control spell.
    • Starlight tells Pinkie to "keep following the instructions" when making cakes, and Pinkie proceeds to fill the kitchen with cakes as she follows all the instructions.
    • Starlight tells Rarity to make a dress like the one in a picture, and Rarity proceeds to make a drawing of the dress. Then Rarity tries to make a real version of the dress... at the same scale, with a mouse wearing lipstick modelling the dress for her.
    • Applejack tells stories about the photos that somehow leads to her saying a famous quote that was presumably said by one of her relatives.
    • Starlight tells Fluttershy to round up all the animals in the foyer. The next time we see Fluttershy, she managed to get every animal in the castle into the foyer... including the spiders, snakes, and other tiny creatures that are now crawling around every inch of Fluttershy's body.
  • Everypony acting hung-over after Starlight's spell wears off.
    Rarity: Can we all please argue at a lower volume?
    • Furthermore, Rarity tells Fluttershy to speak more quietly.
  • Pinkie acting grumpy and indignant because Starlight casting a mind control spell on everypony caused her to burn a perfectly good cake. "I never burn cake!"
  • "Here's a friendship lesson for you... don't cast spells on your friends!"
  • The surprise reference to Predator of all movies. With Big Mac seemingly as Dutch. How fitting.
  • The first picture Starlight picks up asking Applejack what was the story behind it started with Granny Smith looking for a pie tin. It somehow ended up with her trying to make a pig do the backstroke.
  • The fact that Twilight of all ponies says this line:
    "Maybe there's such a thing as too much studying."
  • Twilight's response to Starlight's friendship lesson:
    Twilight: What made you think that casting a spell on your friends to do your bidding was even remotely a good idea?
    Starlight: Well, when you put it that way, it sounds really bad.

    P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) 
  • During the teaser, Pinkie Pie climbs over the train to avoid going in the same direction as either Rarity or Applejack.
  • The exaggerated versions of Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity during the "Rashomon"-Style flashbacks. Rarity imagines Applejack as a grizzled, ocean-mad sailor, Pinkie Pie imagines Rarity as a bossy cruise captain, and Applejack imagines Rarity as a snooty upper-crust lady in Post-Edwardian era clothes and Pinkie Pie as an even bigger Cloud Cuckoolander than normal.
  • Pinkie Pie's excuse for not attending Twilight's tea party is "I'm in the middle of a very important cup-cake."
  • During Pinkie Pie's story, she claims Rarity had a huge team of porter ponies to carry her luggage.
  • Spike gets increasingly frustrated when no one mentions how they got back to shore after being stranded in the middle of the ocean. Turns out being "in the middle of the ocean" was another exaggeration; they all washed up right next to the dock. It's even funnier if you accept the implication that they never left the dock at all.
  • While Applejack and Rarity send their pets with notes explaining not going to the party, Pinkie wrote one on Gummy's belly. It seems Twilight sends her a message the same way, as she says she might not have noticed except it was Gummy's bath time.
  • In Applejack's version of the story, Rarity scowls at her for losing the cucumber sandwiches.

    Where the Apple Lies 
  • The fact that Big Macintosh used to be ridiculously talkative. Further that he was incredibly sarcastic and a great foil for Applejack.
  • Spoiled Rich's name before she married Filthy Rich was Spoiled Milk.
  • Applejack manages to distract Granny Smith by getting her to tell the story of her first time dealing with apple blight. By the time Applejack returns to the barn, Granny is still going on a bit of a tangent:
    Granny Smith: ...dropped my second best teeth in the pig-pen, and that was the worst case of apple blight I have ever seen!
  • At the end, Apple Bloom concludes that the most important lesson she learned from Applejack's story is... Granny Smith is the one in charge at Sweet Apple Acres!
  • Big Mac's reaction when Filthy and Spoiled show up with flowers for Granny, if only for how long-winded it is.
    Big Mac: Look, sis! Our good friend Mr. Rich and his fiancee! Are here. Oh, and they brought flowers! For Granny. On account of she's "sick". Like you said. Ain't that sweet.
  • Granny's threats carry enough weight that even years later Filthy Rich is terrified of the idea that Granny might even think he tried to make off with Cider.
  • At one point, as Applejack's lie spirals even further out of control, Big Mac opens his mouth to start remonstrating her again. Applejack shoves an apple in his mouth.
  • During Applejack's attempted deception in the hospital, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus moment where two Creepy Twins fillies are standing at the end of the hall facing the camera, in a clear reference to The Shining.
  • Big Mac Stating the Simple Solution to Applejack's latest scheme:
    Big Mac: Why can't you pretend to be Granny? You're her size, and this all your fault in the first place.

    Top Bolt 
  • As Spitfire is giving an introductory pep talk to the potential Wonderbolts Academy cadets:
    Spitfire: Will it be hard? Yes! Will you cry? Maybe. Will you fly so much your wings fall off? That has only happened once.
    Angel Wings: She's just exaggerating to make a point, right?
    • This is followed up when Twilight and Rainbow Dash show up, and the potential cadets are in awe at Rainbow Dash:
    Angel Wings: (to the other cadets) You don't think Rainbow Dash is the pony whose wings fell off, do you?
  • Spitfire complains about having to train the new recruits, to which Rainbow objects that she loves yelling and blowing her whistle at them. Spitfire smirks. "Yeah, I do."
    • Gets a Call-Back later when she yells at a recruit and blows her whistle at them, and before flying after them gives an aside to Twilight and Rainbow, "I love my job."
  • Rainbow Dash brings an airhorn to class to wake up students put asleep by Twilight's lecture. When Twilight begins said lecture, Rainbow is asleep in seconds. Cue an annoyed Twilight blowing the airhorn to wake her up.
  • The airhorn was so loud that the first time Rainbow used it, it made Twilight's eyes go all googly.
  • The pictures of the Wonderbolts in the classroom. All of them have their noses raised in quiet dignity... save for Rainbow's portrait where she's got a huge grin on her face.
  • When Vapor blurts out the truth at Sting, we cut to a horrified Rainbow Dash and a comically gleeful Twilight Sparkle.
  • Rainbow Dash gives Vapor and Sting a choice to stay mad at each other or help each other become Wonderbolts... then asks them to pick the second option because she doesn't want Spitfire to be mad at her.
  • When Twilight and Rainbow arrive at Wonderbolt HQ for to fix the friendship problem, one of the new cadets, Angel Wings, tells them they are her two favorite ponies in Equestria. After Vapor and Sky pass and get into the academy, Angel Wings tell them that they are her new favorite ponies in Equestria.
    Rainbow Dash: HEY! I Heard That!
    Angel Wings: *visibly panics and flies off as fast as she can*
  • As a Brick Joke that Book-Ends the episode, Rainbow Dash getting to Twilight's castle only to find out she has to go back to Wonderbolt HQ due to a problem. Both times this happens she complains that she was literally just there.

    To Where and Back Again 
  • Derpy Hooves' big entrance, crashing through the window of Twilight's castle and crash-landing in a pile of books.
  • Trixie is comedic gold throughout the whole finale. Some stand out moments include:
    • Starlight Glimmer is worried about going back to her old village, so Twilight recommends she brings someone she can trust with her, someone kind and supportive... which convinces Starlight to invite Trixie. Cue Trixie looking ridiculously smug, and Twilight clearly struggling to keep to herself the fact that she meant her.
    • Trixie promises that she's "got [Starlight's] flank:"
    Starlight: Is that a promise?
    Trixie: Not just a promise. A GREAT AND POWERFUL PROMISE! (cue smoke bomb... and them just standing there coughing)
    • The Sleep Deprived and Grumpy Trixie turns out to be even more obnoxious than normal:
      Starlight: I think I figured out what's wrong with my friends!
      Trixie: I have a whole list of things wrong with your friends, we can go over it in the morning...
    • "Of course, Princess Celestia, I'd be happy to perform for peanut butter crackers."
    • Waking Trixie up causes a load of fireworks to go off inside her caravan, which flushes her outside, gagging and teary-eyed from all the smoke.
    • Trixie, grumpily and with great reluctance, repeats what she told Starlight Glimmer earlier ("Even Trixie's made mistakes") without being told why. She proceeds to ask, in the most adorably angry tone imaginable, if Starlight is happy now.
    • When Thorax appears to them, Starlight is forced to seal Trixie inside a soundproof bubble when she won't stop screaming. She remains there for the rest of the following conversation, pulling hilarious faces.
    • At the very end of the episode, she notes how she'll ask Discord for help "when pigs fly". Discord complies, making the metaphor hilariously literal (with Trixie riding on one).
    • All of the interactions between Trixie and Discord. Special mention goes to Trixie creating the Trust Password "klutzy draconequus" that basically is a joke on a de-powered Discord.
  • Even amongst the changelings pretending to be the Mane Cast, "Spike" is still treated as the Butt-Monkey.
  • Discord lampshades the episode's premise on his arrival, noting the collection of secondary characters and asking where the main cast is.
  • Starlight asks Discord how she can be sure it's him and not a changeling. Discord's response is to do his thing.
    "Shall I continue?"
    • And nopony in the group bats an eye at the end result.
  • Discord pulls a second Trixie from Trixie's hat for a joke. After looking at each other in surprise, they both glare at him as he keeps talking.
  • Starlight remarks that none of them knew they wouldn't be able to use their magic in the changeling lands. Thorax, who had tried to tell Discord about it but kept getting interrupted, says in an annoyed tone "I did."
  • When the gang enters the Changeling Hive, they find that it's constantly shifting, with doors opening and closing at random. Thorax says only Changelings can find their way around; for everyone else "it's total chaos." To which Discord grumbles "It's decent chaos. I don't know if it's total chaos."
    • Making it even funnier, even Thorax gets lost eventually.
  • The group of Changelings, that Discord was trying to distract by using a standup routine, not getting Discord's bug joke. Except one in the back snickering.
  • When Chrysalis finds out that the Starlight she subdued was Thorax in disguise, she instantly looks round to her throne in expectation of Starlight using the distraction to destroy it... only to see the real Starlight desperately but ineffectually smacking it with a rock. The fact that it had previously been noted that they lacked any means to destroy the throne and they had just decided to hope that things would work out when they got there made the rather embarrassing attempt all the more hilarious and tragic.
  • Upon changing into the Changeling King, Thorax is momentarily unaware of his drastic transformation. Confused by Starlight's Jaw Drop, he looks upon himself as though sheepishly wondering "What, do I have something on my flank?"
  • After her throne and nest are destroyed, Chrysalis angrily emerges from the rubble, only to be met with a small army standing against her: Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor, the Mane Six, Discord, and her reformed former subjects, with their new leader Thorax. Even little Flurry Heart is scowling angrily at Chrysalis, ready to kick her butt. The way her expression goes from royally ticked off to Oh, Crap! when she realizes she's probably mere moments from being on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle is what sells it.
  • When faced with a swarm of changeling guards, they opt to have Discord distract them with a stand-up routine, using a microphone from Trixie.
    Discord: (walking up to the changelings, tapping the microphone before speaking) Hello, changelings and changelettes! Believe me, I was just as surprised as you are that I'm here! When I heard that I'd be playing for a bunch of changelings, I was beside myself! Then I realized, it was just one of you.
    (Rimshot, the changelings snarl at him)
    Discord: But, seriously, this isn't the toughest crowd I've ever been in front of. But it's definitely the easiest to bug!
    (Rimshot, the changelings look confused)
    Discord: "To bug"? Is this thing on? (taps microphone)
    (Changelings snarl and approach as Starlight, Trixie, and Thorax slip behind them unnoticed.)
    Discord: Well, if you think that you can do any better, be my guest! (Tosses the mic at the changelings and runs as they give chase; Starlight and co watch from inside.)
    Trixie: (deadpan) It is absolutely ridiculous that that worked.

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