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Fridge Horror / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 6

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    The Crystalling 
  • While it all turned out okay in the end, Flurry Heart almost destroyed the Crystal Empire. While you can't blame her since she's just a new-born baby, imagine if the Crystal Heart couldn't be fixed and an older Flurry Heart learned that she was responsible for destroying the Crystal Ponies' homes. Not to mention how the Crystal Ponies would feel about the Princess and her family afterwards.
    • Even with things having turned out as well as they did, Flurry Heart is presumably going to find out about it. It could happen suddenly through something as innocuous as her wondering how she got her name. (Wouldn't that be a cheerful conversation?) Given the way Equestrians seem to handle guilt, it's not going to be pretty.
      Flurry Heart: Mother, why did you call me Flurry Heart?
      Cadance: Oh, just after you were born, your crying shattered the Crystal Heart and nearly caused the Crystal Empire to be overcome by an eternal winter.
      Flurry Heart: What?
  • Take all the Adult Fear of having normal Unicorn and Pegasus babies, multiply it by ten, and you get an Alicorn baby like Flurry Heart. It's a miracle nopony was seriously injured by her magic before Sunburst could fix the problem.
  • At the end there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus where you can see what appears to be a changeling. Is Chrysalis setting her sights on the Empire?
  • Simply put, imagine a baby with the power of an Alicorn. A cute, innocent baby... who can randomly shoot beams of energy strong enough to pierce the walls of a castle made of solid crystal, just when she gets excited or simply sneezes! This potential of destruction in the hooves of a newborn who have no awareness of what she's doing. Everypony got lucky there wasn't any victim. And especially that Sunburst came with a simple solution to put an end to this, or else Flurry Heart's childhood could have been a potentially very destructive one.
  • Sure, Starlight Glimmer's Start of Darkness was tragic; just what happens to Sunburst after earning his cutie mark? His family celebrated that occasion, then he had been sent to Princess Celestia's school for gifted unicorns only to be rejected due to his underwhelming talent. Between leaving and reuniting with Starlight, chances are, he faced disappointment by his family and himself for that.
    • The two of them also seem well aware that they lost touch just when they needed each other most. That can't be good for them, psychologically speaking.
    • Starlight Glimmer founded her cult because of her fear of loneliness spiraling out of control. From what's seen of Sunburst's home, it looks like that after he was rejected from the school of magic, he threw himself into studying every single bit of magical information there was in Equestria while isolating himself from the outside world. The two of them tried to avoid the very thing they feared by diving head-first into the first thing they thought of to avert it with absolutely no outside help.
  • Twilight is capable of re-creating a spell from memory perfectly. If given the right motives, Twilight could re-create Starswirl's altered time-travel spell from memory.

    The Gift of the Maud Pie 
  • In a way, the fact that Suri Polomare is still in Manehattan and doesn't look any worse off after losing Coco Pommel. Thus reinforcing her status as a Karma Houdini.
    • What's also bad is that there has never been a single hint that Suri ever regretted what she did or learned her lesson. So history is probably going to repeat itself.
  • The Inspiration Manifestation book, spikes and all, shows up at the flea market. Rarity (who was its victim in its last appearance) doesn't recognize it, and handles it with no more caution than she would somepony's old photo album. To recap: there's a book of powerful dark magic being sold on the open market, and anypony who's had previous experience with it — and could therefore warn others — mysteriously forgets about it.
    • Last time the book was in an episode, Rarity transformed it to look different, and Spike later ate it. In its cameo in this episode, it looks like it did before either of those things. There's a simple, mundane explanation, and it's probably the most unsettling possibility: what if there's multiple copies of it?
  • Just what would the merchant want with a cannon?
    • Better question is what wouldn't he want with a cannon? If I had to live in a world of Bugbears, Quarry Eels, Cockatrices, Timberwolves, Changelings, Chimeras, Tatzlwurms, Manticores, Cragadiles, whatever the hell Arimaspi and Ahuizotl are, Windigos, Hydras, Vampires, Sirens, and god only knows what else, I'd be scared to use the bathroom in my own house at night without at least a flamethrower and aerial support.
    • It's a party cannon. Maybe he's planning a party.

    On Your Marks 
  • Apple Bloom is revealed to be allergic to bees. Now the scene in "Family Appreciation Day" where Granny Smith is harvesting honey and a bee lands on Apple Bloom's nose becomes quite disturbing.
  • Apple Bloom's situation during the episode becomes all the more terrifying when you remember that in Bloom And Gloom, she had a nightmare where the Crusaders started drifting apart. She's experiencing the nightmare again but this time around, it's starting to be reality until the end.
    • If you also think about her losing her parents, and about how she acted about not being with Applejack during the two Sisterhooves Socials, it's not hard to wonder if she might have some form of abandonment issues.

    Gauntlet of Fire 
  • "Dragons don't do friends/helping", but dragon eggs and baby dragons must come from something. Their traditional mating habits could be barbaric. note 
  • The fact that in their culture, dragons must follow the Dragon Lord's orders or suffer a glowing and burning sensation. Thank goodness that kind of power is in the hands of somebody like Ember and not Garble.
  • Spike's punishment on Garble is funny and meant to humiliate the bully rather than hurt him, but Garble will be in serious trouble if he hugs a hostile adult dragon who'll react violently at the youngster's actions. Not to say the psycho doesn't deserve it, but still that's a pretty frightening thought.
    • Not to mention that Garble has more reason to hate Spike and ponies after being forced to do such a humiliating act. There's nothing stopping him from going to raze Equestria when he's fully grown, which can even happen soon if he takes advantage of a dragon's ability to grow up if they give into their greed.
  • Ember enters the Gauntlet in secrecy and nearly drowns in the sea. Imagine if Spike hadn't been there to save her. The daughter of the reigning Dragon Lord would have drowned, and there would be two possibilities for how it would turn out: 1) no one, including her father, would realize her fate or 2) her father would realize what happened after the Gauntlet was over and he couldn't find her. Neither would be a very happy outcome.
  • Look at the Crystal War Timeline in The Cutie Remark. Either before they have a chance to catch their collective breath after defeating Sombra or else while still fighting him, the ponies of Equestria are likely to face a dragon invasion. No Sonic Rainbow—>No Twilight hatching Spike —>No Spike helping Ember win the gauntlet.
  • Daring Do is real. So what if Knuckerbocker (or whatever his true name is) had been in the middle of aiding an imperiled Daring when Torch gave the summons for his farewell?

    No Second Prances 
  • Why is Twilight not amused by Starlight's joke in the cold open? Because before she learned about friendship, trying to solve the problem with ham-fisted magic is something she would have done.
  • Trixie acknowledges that she doesn't have the magical prowess do the death defying grand finale trick on her own, but she still goes through with it even without Starlight's help. Despite the denial of this interpretation from the creators, the depressed attitude she has throughout the entire performance up to that point and last cry out to Starlight makes it easy to assume that she knows exactly what she's doing.
    • It could also be interpreted as a somewhat shameless and extremely reckless attempt at emotional manipulation, intended to force Starlight to save her.
  • Twilight not trusting Trixie actually paints her in a very dark and selfish light when you consider the ulterior motives of forgiving Discord and Starlight Glimmer (Using his power for good and keeping her close and under surveillance to prevent the Season 5 premiere/finales from happening again). Was the real reason Twilight wouldn't trust Trixie was because she had no ulterior benefit to doing so, and only changed her mind when Trixie implying she had lost her only friend hit a little too close to home?

    A Hearth's Warming Tail 
  • It may be a good thing that unicorns as powerful as Snowfall Frost and Starswirl the Bearded are so rare, and that ponies are generally good-natured. The sheer power they can wield is terrifying. In Snowfall's case (assuming of course the episode shows true events), with the right ingredients on hoof, she is able to in a matter of minutes develop a spell that would remove knowledge from the minds and records of an entire country or even the world.
  • Likewise the episode again brings up the fact that despite how happy and peaceful a place Equestria usually is, there are multiple forces out there who are determined and quite able to destroy it utterly if the ponies give them the slightest opportunity, and they are nothing if not patient.
  • If the tale in the episode is factual, that means that the Windigos are still out there, that they were not destroyed by the Fires of Friendship, merely banished.
    • Remember the wail at the end of Hearth's Warming Eve? Just the wind or a Windigo sensing a break in an important friendship?
  • How stable can relations between the pony races really be if the story behind Hearth's Warming seems to be the only thing keeping them from reverting back to infighting?
  • Boy, it's a good thing that story was a work of fiction like Daring Do, huh? After all, a made-up story can't possibly endanger anyone, right?
  • One of the lyrics to Say Goodbye to the Holiday is "Calendar shorter by a single day..." meaning that Snowfall attempted to get rid of not just the Hearthswarming festivities, but the day itself. If she had succeeded, she would have erased a day from history. Every pony, gryphon, dragon etc. born on that day would have ceased to exist.
  • Not as bad as the other stuff, but given how Snowfall Frost's actions mirror her own past crimes, Starlight could have easily misinterpreted this story as Twilight trying to guilt-trip her into joining the party.

    The Saddle Row Review 
  • One of the Pinkie Pie clones is still around and looks like she's in hiding. Did she witness what happened to the other clones and escaped into hiding before she experienced the same fate?
    • This also makes the whole "What Measure Is a Non-Human?" aspect of that episode much much darker. If one of the clones is clearly able to function on it's own to the point of integrating into society and living as a normal pony, that pretty much changes "sent some clones back to the pond" to "murdered a bunch of child-minded ponies before they matured enough to understand how to behave." Suddenly all that "Twilight is a murderer" fanart became a lot Harsher in Hindsight.

    Flutter Brutter 
  • Among the food Zephyr's gathered while trying to live in the woods are toadstool mushrooms and nightshade berries, both of which are highly poisonous. Rainbow Dash was right; he really wouldn't have survived the night if they left him there!
    • He decided to live in the Everfree Forest. He's lucky that his sister's bird friend found him before something else did, like a manticore or an Ursa Minor.

    Spice Up Your Life 
  • It's established that the map hadn't worked since Starlight used it for time travel. Roughly halfway through the season do the group actually acknowledge this problem, find the right idea to repair the map and getting it to work again. The problem is, in the time it took for them to fix it, how many friendship problems went unanswered and due to the severity of most of these problems (The equal ponies and the ponies at war come to mind), how many ponies suffered because of it?
    • And if that does happen to be the case, it'd be best if Starlight doesn't find out. She's already doubting her Easily Forgiven status and learning that she possibly ruined even more ponies lives wouldn't be good for her mental health.
    • Considering that the unexplained powers that exist seem to know when a problem is ripe to be fixed, it could be that they even foresaw the map being down for repairs and that no problem would be quite ready until it was fixed.
  • Zesty Gourmand's stranglehold on the Canterlot restaurant scene is unsettling. Not only do ponies seem to blindly follow her skewed opinions, but having the power to single-hoofedly decide the fate of any restaurant in Canterlot leads her to act snooty at best and downright tyrannical at worst.
    • How does one restaurant critic wind up with that kind of power, anyhow?
    • Are there others like her out there, critics elsewhere in Equestria whose opinions on food, theater, music, or whatever their area of expertise may be, have come to take on the force of law?

    Stranger Than Fan Fiction 
  • How many times have Caballeron and his goons used the popularity of the Daring Do book to keep ponies from realizing that they're up to no good?
  • Daring Do says Caballeron steals artifacts in order to "sell [them] to the highest bidder". This, obviously, necessitates that there are people willing to buy such objects. In other words, Equestria has a criminal underworld.
    • We knew from the ponification of Jesús Quintana back in The Cutie Pox that there were sordid individual criminals, but here is the first indication of organized crime.
    • Caballeron's Cutie Mark is that of a golden skull with jewels in it, which fits his motives as an artifact thief. This means that there are ponies who have Cutie Marks specifically for crime.
  • Caballeron seems to be recognized by the general Daring Do fandom... As a fictional character, like Daring or Ahuizotl. Except unlike Daring, he didn't choose for this to happen, and unlike Ahuizotl, he presumably has (or at least used to have) a place in pony society (if he actually is Doctor Caballeron, the doctorate had to come from somewhere). Because of his literary counterpart's popularity, Caballeron may be almost an unperson, a real pony thought of only as fiction.
  • Depictions of Daring Do Bound and Gagged appear on merchandise. That means fetish appeal is canon in Equestria.

    The Cart Before the Ponies 
  • The map for the derby had overlapping paths which, of course, caused all the racers to crash. Were previous derbies set up this way?
  • What did Spoiled Rich do/say to Diamond Tiara after the pileup, and what will she do/say if Diamond doesn't win in any category? Diamond Tiara may have stood up to her in public but one wonders what her mom might do to her in private.

     28 Pranks Later 
  • While most of Rainbow's pranks are harmless, her prank on Mr. Cake, putting a brick in his sandwich, could have seriously injured him and ruin his teeth. note 
  • What if Rainbow Dash found a weapon during the "zombie apocalypse"?!
    • They'd drop the act immediately, of course, but there's that couple seconds between attack and reaction where tragedy could have occurred.


    The Times They Are a Changeling 
  • Sure, it's great that Thorax made a lot of new friends and is willing to share his knowledge of friendship with his fellow Changelings but who knows what'll happen when he returns to the Changeling's kingdom? Queen Chrysalis might not appreciate that one of her children is spouting off friendship and love between Changelings and will possibly take measures against a possible threat to her kingdom.
  • A bit of Fridge Tearjerker concerning Thorax's birth. According to him, he wanted love and friendship the moment he was born and obviously searched for his mother to get that love he craved. Except Chrysalis, herself a Changeling, shows no love to her own children. Thorax as a baby likely realized he wouldn't get the love he wanted from his own mother mere moments after his birth.
  • Thorax shows that Changelings can mimic inanimate objects like rocks as well. Just imagine the paranoia resulting from learning that Changelings can not only hide as anyone, but anything. Queen Chrysalis herself could be in your home, and you would be none the wiser.
  • Yes, it is of course terrible that all the (otherwise ridiculously forgiving) ponies so willingly demonstrate Fantastic Racism against the Changelings. Except that, as Thorax's flashback shows, they're right. Thorax appears to be literally the only Changeling who has any problem with the Changelings being evil.

    Dungeons & Discords 
  • There were mentions of zombies before, but the skeletal goons of Squizard clearly show that ponies understand the idea of necromancy. Just where did such generally benevolent creatures get such an idea? Perhaps an evil unicorn mage like Sombra or maybe someone dabbling in dark magic to revive a deceased loved one?
  • Normal Fluttershy is basically the kindest, gentlest pony ever. Now think what that would make opposite Fluttershy...
  • Discord made Spike and Big Mac able to feel pain in the game world. How fare would he go in the name of realism? note 

    The Fault in our Cutie Marks 
  • A minor example; at the end of the episode, the CMC have the rather fun task of informing Twilight that the first griffon cutie mark was a fraud.
    • Most likely Twilight is going to be very disappointed but still glad that the CMC helped Gabby. Possibly even more glad since Gabby will definitely help Gilda and sow more seeds of friendship across Griffonstone.
  • As the beginning of the episode shows, it's very possible for other ponies to misinterpret another pony's Cutie Mark and possibly become afraid of that pony. Imagine being Petunia's parents when their child got her Cutie Mark and thinking she was destined to be a pirate until thankfully, the Cutie Mark Crusaders cleared up the confusion.
  • It's a good thing that Gummy has Pinkie Pie to cheer him up since this episode pretty much clearly states it's impossible to get a Cutie Mark if you're not a pony.
  • Gabby may be lucky that the other griffons pushed her away. With selfishness so deeply ingrained in griffon culture, and Gabby so eager to help, they could have easily taken advantage of her and milked her kindness for all it was worth, or worse.

    Viva Las Pegasus 
  • The Flim-Flam Brothers remain antagonistic at the end and merely replace Gladmane as the top conmen, so why would the map fix their friendship problem if nothing otherwise changes for the better? Does the map only deal with fixing friendships, disregarding any potential consequences? Would it have tried to fix Tirek and Discord's "friendship", consigning Equestria to doom, if it were around at the time?
    • Perhaps the map was only concerned with the other two friendships, and the Flim-Flam Brothers just so happened to be part of the solution. That's not much better, since it would raise questions of how the map chooses friendship problems and whose standards it judges by.
  • What if the Flim Flam brothers hadn't stopped Gladmane? It's implied he was going to apply his friendship-splitting cons on other attractions in Las Pegasus. Would his influences have spread beyond Las Pegasus? Would it have come to Ponyville?

    Every Little Thing She Does 
  • What if Starlight had known those spells back in Our Town? And what other brainwashing spells does she know?
  • Just what exactly was that creature Big Mac was hiding in the mud from?
  • Twilight was going to be gone all day. Given how out of hand things got in the brief time the spell was active, how much worse could it have gotten if things hadn't been stopped when they were?
    • If Twilight hadn't come back when she did, when was Starlight planning to undo the spell?
    • Given the difficulty Twilight says she had with it, could Starlight have undone the spell?
  • Fiducia Compelus becomes even more terrifying when you remember that a throwaway Big Lebowski Shout-Out in "The Cutie Pox" establishes that sexual predators exist in Equestria!

    P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) 
  • The piñata. A game the consists of blindfolding someone, spinning them around until they're dizzy, and handing them a stick to blindly swing at something with is a terrible one to play on a boat. Unless, of course, you WANT someone to fall overboard. note  At least they were relatively close to shore, meaning this error in judgment wasn't as potentially dangerous as it could have been.

    Where the Apple Lies 
  • The flashback takes place when Filthy Rich and Spoiled Milk were engaged and before Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara were born. What are the odds that they're getting married because they just conceived Diamond Tiara? For that matter, could Diamond have been the result of Spoiled Milk using The Baby Trap to force Filthy Rich into marriage?
    • Might this be why Spoiled treats her daughter so harshly?
  • Speaking of Spoiled Rich, the episode reveals that her maiden name was Spoiled Milk. What kind of parent names their kid that? Suddenly, the idea that Spoiled was herself abused seems a lot more credible...

    Top Bolt 
  • It's a miracle that Sky Stinger became friends with Vapor Trail right when he needed her. If not for her, he would've continued trying to get his parent's attention. He might soon realize that negative attention is better than no attention...

    To Where and Back Again 
  • The changelings are very much like eusocial insects, and Chrysalis is a queen, meaning a female capable of reproduction. Given time, she can establish a new hive, and a new population of love-starved changelings.
    • Related to the above, we don't know if there are any other female Changelings capable of reproduction, meaning unless Thorax and the rest of the changed Changelings are immortal, they're doomed to die out while Chrysalis' Changelings continue to multiply.
      • In real-life, bee hives can make a new queen by feeding any random larva royal jelly. The changed changelings could possibly do the same. That is, unless their new forms no longer rely on the same method of reproduction.
    • Chrysalis isn't totally alone, either. The changelings she planted in the places of those who were abducted are still out there, and there's no reason not to think they're still loyal to her.
  • If Starlight had taken Twilight back to her village instead of Trixie (as Twilight had wanted), Chrysalis would have had two choices on her hooves: Either the changelings likely would have struck while they were together, and Starlight would have been replaced along with Twilight. Then there would have been nopony left to stop them. Or Chrysalis would have to risk kidnapping the Royal Family and the other Element bearers anyhow, leaving Twilight to rally a veritable coalition of allies to storm her hive, smash her Swarm, and save her friends and family. These would be allies like Dragon Lord Ember and Prince Rutherford, i.e. rulers from another nations and species. Equestria might have had something close to a World War.
  • Did the Changelings just render the Cutie Map kaput again by using it as a phone? There's nothing to suggest those communication devices actually drew power from the map. They seemed to have their own source of magic, but the possibility is a worrying one.
  • Changelings NEED love to survive and can starve without it. Chrysalis outright says she had her people bringing love back to her. How many Changelings have starved simply due to Chrysalis' gluttony for power? More importantly: Chrysalis has now lost her entire hive and everything she has. Will she starve? Will she become desperate to eat? There are many ways that could end badly, for her and for others.
    • If she assumes Derpy's form and learns how to break the Fourth Wall...
  • When we see The Royal Family and the Elements of Harmony trapped in their cocoons, one has to wonder how long they have been trapped in there since their kidnapping, compared to how long Celestia was stuck in one back at the Royal Wedding, and what would happen if Chrysalis had truly won and conquered Equestria...Would she let them go? Would she keep them in the cocoons for the rest of their lives? The mere thought of the Royal Family and Elements of Harmony starving to death unless the cocoons are keeping them nourished somehow comes to mind. There are many ways that things could have ended badly for them had Starlight and Thorax not pulled out a miracle that resulted in the destruction of Chrysalis' throne and freeing them from the cocoons.
  • This episode showed that the Changelings were holding back during "A Canterlot Wedding", as they effortlessly infiltrate the entirety of Equestria with no resistance, taking the places of the Royal Family and Elements of Harmony in Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Crystal Empire in short order. With Chrysalis on the warpath now after losing everything, when she comes back there might not be anything anypony can do about it.
  • Chrysalis's treatment of Thorax implies that he wasn't the first to try and leave the hive. Just how many Changelings were done in by her for simply wanting a friend or to not starve?
    • Or even worse, starved to death by being shunned and beaten away by ponies seeing only a monster, just like Thorax was, until he happened by chance on someone who could empathise with his plight.
  • Given Thorax's transformation and how he was born with a need for friendship, it's implied that this might actually be how the Changlings were meant to biologically react, but Chrysalis twisted them into the vampiric monsters they were and trapped them in what would be their "nymph" phase permanently. Starlight wasn't kidding when she said she was exactly where Chrysalis was; this was no different than denying Ponies their Cutie Marks. Essentially both of them kept their subjects in line by denying them maturity. In Chrysalis' case, the clue is even in her name; a chrysalis is an insect's cocoon, and she was keeping her subjects from literally pupating into their adult forms.
  • Unlike Starlight, who was simply a good pony driven to evil by a traumatic experience, Chrysalis was born evil. There's a high chance she will never be redeemed and continue being an evil and starving Changeling forever.
  • In the end, Chrysalis swore revenge not on the Royal Family, the Mane 6, or the three tagalongs from this episode, but on Starlight Glimmer specifically. Given what kind of person we've seen Chrysalis is (and her ability to just flat out replace someone) and how fragile Starlight's own self esteem is right now, this pony is going to be in for one hell of a trip if Chrysalis ever reappears in the series again.
  • The changelings who took the places of Shining, Cadance, and Flurry Heart would have had easy access to the Crystal Heart. They would probably be able to feed off it with no real limits, and if not, could easily sabotage it.
  • Discord is extremely lucky his ill-thought attempt at teleportation ended up with spell dumping the party at the edge of no-magic zone. Had the party been vaporized instead like all the things Discord summoned to test it...
    • Speaking of which - the creatures he conjures. Are they merely figments of his imagination, and not truly sentient, or are they living, thinking creatures that are born from his magic and cease to exist as soon as the spell unravels?
  • Chrysalis should count herself very lucky she had her magic dampening throne. Otherwise, there would have been nothing stopping Discord from torturing her, or worse, for taking Fluttershy. There would be no physical limit to what he could do, and without Fluttershy to reprimand him, no moral limit either.
  • Chrysalis was also lucky that she chose to flee while she had the chance after Starlight offered her a chance at redemption. Judging from the Death Glare she was receiving from the Royal Family, Mane Six, Discord, Trixie, Thorax, and her reformed Swarm, she was about to be given the beating of her life, if not condemned to Tartarus to face Cerberus instead, for everything she's put the Princesses, Shining Armor, and the Elements of Harmony through, both here and back at the Royal Wedding.
  • If Discord knows about the Fourth Wall, what horrors has he cooked up for the authors of Pattycakes and Sweet Apple Massacre?

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