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We’ve got this... together.

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  • The entrance of the Storm King's armada ship with Grubber introducing Tempest Shadow as the armada's commander:
    Tempest Shadow: How about we start with your complete and total surrender?
  • A brief shot reveals that Rainbow Dash and Celaeno have a sword fight!
  • Think the Sonic Rainboom was awesome? Rainbow Dash pulls off a Double Rainboom in a display of the film's incredible animation effects. Also doubles as a nice Fandom Nod to the Double Rainboom animation.
    • This marks the first time since "A Canterlot Wedding", five seasons ago, that she has done a Sonic Rainboom (not counting the season 5 finale that was her first Sonic Rainboom being witnessed by time traveling Twilight, Spike, and Starlight).
  • Tempest Shadow shows that broken horn or not, she is not to be underestimated. Using some sort of magical device to destroy the bridge which sends the Mane Six down and using her fighting moves to take down a giant fish creature.
  • In the German trailer, we see the Mane Six and Spike (sans Twilight) shooting themselves out of Pinkie's jumbo party cannon and into a raging tornado. One of the parrot pirates says they're crazy right before hitting the detonator.

    The Movie 
  • The title makes such an impressive impression for both fans and non-fans of the show. Classical music builds up as a single sparkle follows the "Y" of the 3D logo close up and after the climax, the logo is finally revealed in all of its glittery glory and the main theme tune is played. What a way to start a movie. See it for yourself!
  • Right after the title, the movie plays a Pony variation of "We Got The Beat", accompanied by a long pan-in of Canterlot and its ponies, from the Pegasus ponies, to the Earth ponies, to the Unicorn ponies.
  • The festival was pretty impressive before Tempest crashed it.
    • Generally, the song "We Got This Together". Aside from the wide range of music it uses, it's also a way to establish each of the Mane 6 (and their friendship) for audience members who are new to "My Little Pony".
  • A villainous one, but the Storm King's army did make quite the entrance.
  • Derpy/Muffins becoming a Heroic Bystander by shoving Twilight out of the way of Tempest Shadow's petrification grenade.
    • What makes it more awesome is that because Derpy took Twilight's place, everybody's favorite pony was responsible for saving Equestria by giving Twilight a chance to escape.
    • Even better—Rainbow Dash swooping in to grab Twilight a split-second before the grenade hits doesn't nullify the moment at all: The fact remains that Derpy distracted Tempest long enough to offer Twilight and Rainbow Dash an easy escape.
    • Bonus: Tempest seeing that moment of self-sacrifice first-hoof might have been what inspired her to do the same to protect the Mane 6 against the Storm King's own petrification grenade, making that three ways—initial shielding, buying time, and inspiring a repeat—that Derpy saved Equestria with that action.
  • During her conversation with the Storm King (via "Spell phone"), there's the visual detail of the Storm King being reflected in Tempest's eyes whilst he threatens her with the consequences if she fails. It reflects how dedicated she is to restoring her horn, even though there are high stakes involved.
  • Capper gets a couple of moments:
    • How he introduces himself: On the fly, he comes up with a way to convince all of Klugetown that the Mane 6 and Spike are Walking Disaster Areas who should be left alone. After that, he proceeds to effortlessly guide them through various Klugetown obstacles — all to the tune of a catchy semi-Villain Song.
    • Later, after his Heel–Face Turn and during The Climax, he devises a Trojan Horse — via giant cake — in order to sneak the good guys back into a besieged Canterlot. And when The Storm King's Mooks (justifiably) question it, he uses his silver tongue to persuade them that said cake is for their boss's The Bad Guy Wins party, and that they'd be risking their jobs (or worse) by turning it away — cue Capper not even having to look at them while predicting exactly when they'll relent.
  • Twilight quickly saving Pinkie from plunging to her doom after the rope connecting to the airship breaks.
  • Rainbow Dash convincing the pirates to raise their flags and return to their lives of pirating and treasure hunting.
    • Better still, when Celaeno's ship returns to its former glory (all colorful with rainbow feathers), representing how they've gotten back their individuality as pirates.
  • Thought it wasn't at all well-timed, there's no denying that Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom was indeed awesome.
  • Twilight MacGyvering a bunch of random junk into a hot air balloon in mid-air.
    • She'd seen it all in the ship's hold before they jumped so it was all planned out, but the midair assembly is still impressive.
  • If not for Twilight's attempt to steal the Pearl, Pinkie Pie would have successfully gotten the support of Queen Novo and her kingdom.
    • On that note, Pinkie Pie isn’t afraid to call Twilight out on her actions. It’s the only time she actually stands up to her.
      • Adding to that, the movie actually invoking Both Sides Have a Point. In spite of her choices, Twilight was equally justified firing back at Pinkie after all the crap she herself caused beforehand. They both apologise during the climax, accepting there's different times for either the idealistic approach or serious thinking, which is pretty rounded for a kids movie.
  • Spike, for the first time, deliberately uses his fire against living targets; first to escape from one of the Storm King's minions, by burning his arm; and later, when storming the Canterlot palace, Capper holds him as an improvised flamethrower against several minions at once.
  • Also an Awesome Spike moment, if he hadn't escaped one of the Storm King's minions who took Twilight, and raced back to tell the Mane 5, it would've been all over. Once more, in his own small way, Spike can save the day.
  • Tempest's Villain Song "Open your Eyes".
    • In-Universe of her Villain Song, the fact that she had a run-in with an Ursa Minor as a child and lived to tell the tale.
  • The assault by the heroes on the Storm King occupied Canterlot.
  • Princess Skystar revealing herself to be a Cute Bruiser and physically overpowering Storm King's Mooks who are far larger than herself.
  • Fluttershy manages to reform one of the Storm King's minions simply by having a heart-to-heart talk with him.
  • When the Storm King is about to use the staff against her, Tempest just barely manages to use her broken-horn magic to save herself and simultaneously knock him out.
  • The Mane 5 launching themselves past the tornado using, the one, the only, PARTY CANNON!
  • In the climax, Pinkie Pie assures Twilight that if she is to retrieve the staff and regain control of the storm, "you got this". Twilight corrects her, saying "WE'VE got this.. together!". Working as a team, they become a living chain to reach the staff, if just barely, before the Storm King does.
  • After Twilight and Storm King get pulled into the sky by the tornado, it looked like the end. Then the clouds part as the sun's rays break through, and in that moment, Twilight floats down with staff in hoof as if she were an angel descending from Heaven. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment since the Mane Six first thought they had lost their friend, the Princess of Friendship and Element of Magic, forever after she performed a Heroic Sacrifice to take out the Storm King with her.
  • Tempest Taking the Bullet for the Mane Six and turning it back on the Storm King by petrifying him as well.
    • The writers get one for making the audience genuinely believe that the Storm King died after he was petrified and shattered. Sure, the credits imply he's still alive and trying to put himself back together but until then, the audience thought that the series had its first genuine on-screen death since Sombra (and it's unclear if the credits are even serious).
  • The Storm King was defeated not by some magical artifact like the Elements of Harmony but rather, he was defeated because Twilight chose to save Tempest's life instead of taking his staff. Once again, the day is saved because Twilight offered a sad pony a hoof of friendship.
  • One for Equestria in general: the fact that the film outright states the four princesses are living weapons of mass destruction, and that between the four of them have enough magic to easily conquer the world. Then, after stealing said magic, The Storm King proves it by casually juggling the sun and the moon (in a Call-Back to one of Discord's signature gags from "The Return of Harmony"), then conjuring a massive tornado. All while still getting used to said magic.
  • One for the Mane Six and Equestria in general: the Storm King's laid waste to the south of the planet Equestria is on and conquered them. The previous villains, while potentially world threatening, never seemed to go beyond its borders or the borders of the country they originated in (in Sombra's case). The ponies beat him in the end.
  • Even though her horn remains broken, Tempest uses her magic to give the Friendship Festival the light show Twilight was looking for in the beginning: fire works!
    • Coupled with Songbird Serenade's song, "Rainbow". Nothing sums up what the Mane Six have fought for than to have that song play with all its glory and ideals befitting Equestria.
  • In the credits, it's Played for Laughs, but Photo Finish takes a picture of Squabble, one of Celaeno's crew members, and it turns out looking handsome. Looks like she can still make anyone look photogenic.

  • The very existence of this movie is an awesome moment in and of itself. Not only is it a testament to the staying power of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and its fans, but it's also a rare example of an American theatrical 2D-animated movie in The Millennium Age of Animation, which has mostly been dominated by CGI-animated films after the success of Shrek and Ice Age.
  • Despite bringing in Celebrity Voice Actors, the cast still includes Tara Strong, Cathy Weseluck, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, and Nicole Oliver as their respective characters from the show (similar to how Ratchet & Clank (2016) still managed to get James Arnold Taylor, David Kaye, Jim Ward, and Armin Shimerman as their respective characters from the games despite its own cast of Celebrity Voice Actors).
  • The animation previewed in the teaser trailer. Even with said teaser being uploaded with bad rendering, it's still clear that using ToonBoom has resulted in a huge boost in animation quality. This was cemented further with the release of the official trailer, which shows off the animation in full.
    • Not to mention it's done with far greater fluidity and detail than the budget & deadline constraints of a TV show can allow, making it as close to actual hand-drawn animation as you can get.
    • Special mention to the spectacular first shot of the new, more three-dimensional design for Canterlot.
  • The amount of cameos of characters shown in just the trailer alone.
  • How about the fact that both the San Diego Comic Con poster and the second official trailer actually credited the main characters' voice actors.
  • The simple fact that the climax lacks the series' usual Care-Bear Stare, leading to an epic final battle.
  • The Awesome Music deserves a mention, especially considering that it's written by the same composer/songwriter as in the TV show (Daniel Ingram) and finally has the budget to do so with a full orchestra.
  • The fact that after Sony dropped the movie while in development due to Creative Differences, Hasbro funded the movie instead 100% themselves, and found Lionsgate as its new distributor!


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