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  • Acting for Two: Nicole Oliver voices Celestia and Lix Spittle, the latter of whom is part of Captain Celaeno's crew.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Zoe Saldana is once again playing the role of a pirate, albeit in a voice acting capacity this time around.
    • This isn't the first time Taye Diggs played a cat-themed character.
    • When Sia's character makes her first on-screen appearance, a snippet of her song "Chandelier" plays in the background score.
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    • This isn't Tara Strong's first time playing a character that meditates. The only difference is, Twilight is trying to calm down in her introductory scene while Raven has to meditate every day to keep her powers at bay.
    • Captain Celaeno and Grubber on the other side. one is a Space Criminal who leads a ragtag bunch of misfits while the other is a sidekick to a criminal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Actor-Inspired Element:
    • Kristin Chenoweth had some input into what color Princess Skystar's mane would be.
    • Emily Blunt felt that Tempest Shadow would rarely raise her voice, and that Tranquil Fury would make her more intimidating.
  • All-Star Cast: All of the voice actors who played the characters in the show—Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Cathy Weseluck, and so on—return for their respective roles in the movie. However, the cast also includes big name actors like Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Liev Schreiber, Michael Peña, Sia, Taye Diggs, Uzo Aduba, and Zoe Saldana. Considering the movie has three talented voice directors note , this is no surprise.
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Prior to the movie, broken-horned unicorns only existed in fan works and were portrayed as ponies that couldn't use magic properly or anymore.
    • Hippogriffs are officially part of the canon.
  • Avoid the Dreaded G Rating: An odd example that doesn't involve swearing. This is the first piece of the franchise to ever receive a PG rating in the U.S., for "mild action", keeping it in line with most children's animated films rather than risking a G rating. This is especially notable given that the source series has never been rated above "TV-Y", even at its most intense. (The stratagem from The Transformers: The Movie, where parents had to go so they knew which toys to buy, may have been used.)
  • Awesome, Dear Boy:
    • Taye Diggs says that being in an animated film was on his "bucket list", hence why he accepted the role as Capper.
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    • Uzo Aduba agreed to be in the film immediately, having been a fan of the toys as a child.
  • Billing Displacement: Early on in the marketing campaign, none of the series' main actors had top billing, with the new celebrity voice actors getting the limelight instead. While their names technically are on the poster, they're all shoved to the bottom and lumped together in the barely readable billing block. Later posters and trailers rectified this, with one Comic Con poster only giving the show's cast, and the second full trailer grouping them together. Meanwhile, the film itself lists the actors alphabetically in the end credits, giving everyone an unbiased credit.
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • The fact that Sia's character sings goes without saying, but they take it a step further, having Songbird Serenade sing to herself while caged to display just how powerful and unprocessed Sia's voice is, which usually isn't apparent due to the singer's bombastic musical accompaniment.
    • Guest stars Taye Diggs, Kristin Chenoweth, and Emily Blunt, all known for their extensive musical backgrounds, also sing, and so does Zoe Saldana, who only has The Book of Life for her musical experience.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • In a blurb about the movie, Entertainment Weekly claimed that Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenowith, Sia, Uzo Aduba, and Zoe Saldana were all voicing "sparkly-maned ponies." Only Blunt and Sia are voicing ponies; Aduba and Chenowith are voicing seaponies who were formerly hippogriffs, while Saldana is voicing the harpy pirate Captain Celaeno.
    • At least one reviewer apparently assumed Rainbow Dash was male.
    • Another reviewer dismissed the entire cast as "unknowns" who weren't live-action celebrities.
  • Creator Backlash: A minor example occurred with art director Rebecca Dart. While she looks forward to seeing viewers' reactions to the completed animation, she was deeply disappointed with the character models' failure to render properly for the teaser trailer, saying she would have never approved of the teaser had she been in charge of it.
  • Executive Meddling: If the Sony hack is to be believed, Sony's script disagreements were the reason Joe Ballarini was brought in to the project.
  • Fake American: Emily Blunt, an English actress, uses an American accent for Tempest. Ditto Songbird, with Sia being Australian, though she briefly lapses into her native accent during her introductory scene.
  • Follow the Leader: We have a movie centering on a princess associated with the color purple, who goes on a dangerous journey with those that she's close to, with their bonds being tested. In addition, it's also known for casting some big name actors and songs reminiscent of classic Disney material. That's pretty much point for point taken from Sofia the First, though this series came first.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: According to Michael Peña, Grubber was added to the script after he was approached to appear in the movie, and was specifically asked to "just go and say funny things". He later clarified in an interview that it wasn't just mindless ad-libbing, as he still required direction and context.
  • He Also Did:
  • I Knew It!: Due to the movie entering production before Season 5, many fans debated whether or not Starlight Glimmer would make an appearance in the film. The official trailer would confirm that, yes, Starlight does make an appearance, albeit only as a silent cameo.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Played straight with Twilight, who, despite both her voice actors being professional singers, only sings once in the entire movie, having a single verse to herself in "We Got This Together". Curiously, she was present for all the songs except the opening and "One Small Thing".
  • Late Export for You: South Korea and Japan are the last two countries to release the film direct-to-video, in May and December 2018, respectively.
  • Method Acting: Kristin Chenoweth self-allegedly wore her hair to match Princess Skystar's mane style during her recording sessions.
  • Milestone Celebration: The movie came out on October 6, 2017, which was just four days before the show's seventh anniversary, and just a year after the 30th anniversary of the original movie.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: Certain scenes and lines in the trailer are absent from the film, such as Tempest confronting her Storm Guard for painting his nails pink, to Twilight's "What could possibly go wrong?" narrations, to Capper's "Y'all ponies are crazy!" line.
  • Network to the Rescue: If not for Lionsgate stepping in after the deal with Sony fell through thanks to the hacked email incident, who knows what would've happened to the movie.
  • Novelization First: The junior novel adaptation of the movie was released on August 29, 2017, over a month before the film's release. A "Look and Find" book also outlined the entire plot of the film another month before that.
  • The Original Darrin:
    • In the Italian dub, Camilla Gallo is back as Rarity's voice after being replaced by Chiara Francese in Season 7 of the series.
    • In the German dub, Hannes Maurer returns as Spike (he last voiced the character in Season 4, passing the character down to Jan Makino).
  • Playing Gertrude: Queen Novo is the mother of Princess Skystar despite Uzo Aduba being younger than Kristin Chenoweth. Specifically, the former is born in 1981 while the latter is born in 1968.
  • Playing with Character Type: Liev Schreiber has a penchant for getting typecast as gruff, intimidating villains, and the Storm King is no exception, except here he's more of a Laughably Evil variety.
  • Production Posse:
    • The movie was supposed to come out about a month after Animal Crackers (2017) , another theatrical film with Emily Blunt and Tara Strong playing major characters. Curtis Koeller and Jamie Thomason also serve as voice directors for both movies. However, the latter film was delayed indefinitely until Summer 2020.
    • Kevin Munroe is attached as a consultant and a storyboard artist. His previous works include TMNT and Ratchet & Clank (2016). The former has Jamie Thomason as the voice director and Tara Strong voicing minor characters. The latter has both American and Canadian actors, the latter of whom are MLP regulars.
  • Reality Subtext: Uzo Aduba and Kristin Chenoweth, who play mother and daughter respectively, have also played Glinda in different stage versions of The Wizard Of Oz: the former in The Wiz and the latter in Wicked.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Emily Blunt, Liev Schreiber, and Michael Peña all joined the film for this reason. In Schreiber's case, he has gone on record saying he was desperate for some kid-friendly roles that didn't give his little tykes the impression that he was a bad person, especially after he allegedly showed them X-Men Origins: Wolverine in a sadly misguided attempt to assuage their concerns. Ironically, they wanted him to voice the Big Bad, though his character is still considerably more appropriate for kids.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Liev Schreiber improvised at least one scene in the movie where the Storm King has trouble connecting with Tempest Shadow's "telephone" spell.
    • Most, if not all, of Grubber's dialogue was thrown in by Michael Peña at the request of the writers.
  • Typecasting: Even when playing a My Little Pony character, Emily Blunt still portrays a Jerkass Woobie who starts off antagonistic but ultimately earns her redemption.
  • Voices in One Room: Played with, just like with the main series. The behind the scenes special showed all the Vancouver actors together while Tara Strong and the American celebrities recorded from their own studios throughout various places in Los Angeles and New York.
  • What Could Have Been: Has its own page.
  • Word of God: The movie takes place between Season 7 and 8 of the show.

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