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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Sunset's Backstage Pass

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  • Why didn't they pony up this special? In Rollercoaster of Friendship, they admitted it was unnecessary narratively but needed to promote the toys. So why not here?
    • Maybe the toys in question are old enough it's no longer a priority.
    • Maybe the production staff finally put their feet down and said "No, we're not gonna shoehorn in a "Pony Up" if it's not necessary."
  • So, the Dazzlings said that they looped a vocal track in order to properly sing... how exactly does that work? I'm really confused, they seemed to be singing in real time...
    • They pre-recorded the song, auto-tuned it so it wasn't horrendous like their singing at the end of "Rainbow Rocks" was, set up a speaker to play it during the concert, then lip-synced it a la Big Mac in "Filli Vanilli".
  • Why would K-Lo and Su-Z toss Sunset and Pinkie instruments during the final concert? While the two are good musicians, they have no way of knowing that.
    • The Rainbooms have done enough gigs by now they may be recognized.

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