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Tear Jerker / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Sunset's Backstage Pass

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  • When the plot involves many situations in which Pinkie Pie stops smiling and starts crying, you know you can expect many tearjerker moments such as these.
    • Pinkie ruining the first day for Sunset by getting them kicked out and the two missing the concert they were looking forward to. Sunset is understandably mad at her friend and Pinkie Pie knows it's her fault.
      Pinkie Pie: I'm really sorry. I wish we could do the day all over again. I'd do it different.
      Sunset Shimmer: (swats Pinkie's hand away) Me too. I'd do it alone.
    • Sick of Pinkie ruining the day for her, Sunset ditches her and goes to the concert by herself. Realizing Sunset ditched her for no apparent reason, Pinkie becomes so heartbroken to the point she makes a Sunset figure out of random junk and convinces herself Sunset never left her. The other girls (not knowing the context of Sunset's decision and situation) call out Sunset for ditching Pinkie.
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    • Pinkie fails at convincing the guard to let them through to see the Dazzling's van and berates herself for failing her friends.
    • Sunset telling the Dazzlings she's sick of Pinkie ruining everything for churros and declares she hates churros to them... while Pinkie is standing behind the Dazzlings with a plate of churros she planned on sharing with her friend before she heard everything Sunset said (although considering the fact that she left to get some while she was supposed to be standing guard, Sunset's frustration by that point is more than understandable). When Sunset catches up to her after she runs away in tears, Pinkie can barely talk without crying and her tears keep flowing. Seeing Pinkie like this makes Sunset realize what she's done to one of her best friends and in the next loop, does everything she can to make Pinkie happy.
      Pinkie Pie: Oh well, I'm going to find a nice line to wait in so I don't ruin it for you again... you deserve to have a good day, Sunset...
      [Pinkie runs away sobbing]
      Sunset Shimmer: So do you, Pinkie Pie...


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