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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Sunset's Backstage Pass

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  • After making Pinkie cry and blame herself for ruining Sunset's day, Sunset stops thinking about herself and ending the time loop and resolves to give Pinkie the best day ever in the next time loop. Which leads to a heartwarming scene of Sunset playing around with Pinkie rather than trying to keep her restrained and ending with both girls having a much much better day than they would've had otherwise.
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  • In the second to last loop, the guard being moved to the point he couldn’t stop crying when Sunset gave him a kitten.
  • Remembering Sunset treated him with respect and that she “gets it” during the last loop, the guard lets Sunset and Pinkie back into the concert area after he was forced to throw them out earlier.
  • Sunset asks Pinkie if she’s alright with not seeing the show if they manage to stop the time loop. Pinkie’s response? Screw the show! These people put her friend through a horrible experience and she’s going to make them pay!
  • After Pinkie and Sunset destroyed the artifact and finally stopped the time loop, Sunset convinces K-Lo and Su-Z to accept that their performance doesn't need to be perfect and that they should just focus on having fun and rock out. This results in K-Lo and Su-Z finally reconciling and doing a honest performance they enjoy. Not only that, but they end up inviting Sunset and Pinkie to perform along with them as a thanks. K-Lo even invites them to take a picture with them at the very end.

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