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    Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1 
  • Twilight flying to Ponyville to help her friends.
  • Just...the animation from when Luna turns into Nightmare Moon is just...something to behold.
    • And the scene with the Mane Six in the palace, beholding the stained glass windows. This season really steps up the animation.
  • Celestia and Luna have vanished, the world can't decide between it being night and day, everyone looks to her for answers, and the Royal Guard officer tells Twilight that, since she's the sole remaining princess, she has the responsibility of leading the kingdom in a crisis. What does she do? After a moment of fretting and looking uncertain, she orders them, in a calm and collected voice, to continue their search and report anything they find to her, as stilling a general panic is most important right now. Twilight proves that she can be a princess, and a capable leader, in more than looks.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2 
  • We get to see the banishment of Nightmare Moon and the original imprisonment of Discord! Two of the most important moments in Equestria's history.
    • The Princesses use all six of the Elements by themselves, without four other ponies to assist them. That means they embody Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic so strongly between the two of them that they can operate three Elements each.
    • Once you've wrapped your head around that, consider that Celestia later uses all six of them by herself in a situation where if ever her resolve would slip, that would be it.
  • The Mane six fighting a monstrous Cragadile and the vines deep inside the Everfree.
    • Twilight's being gassed to near unconsciousness by evil plants. Out of nowhere, a lasso snares the one about to strike and slams it to the ground. Applejack walks forward with her hat obscuring her eyes, ready for a fight.
    • Pinkie manages to make a party whistle absolutely Badass!
    • Twilight fights her way back into consciousness to one shot a plant monster about to hurt Pinkie.
  • Discord himself got one when he convinced Twilight (in his own way) to go back into the Everfree Forest to help her friends. After she was gone, he actually waved goodbye to her! Looks like his reform is really sticking.
  • Twilight managing to save Equestria by returning the Elements to the tree.
  • With the Elements gone, Discord feels he can do anything he wants now, but Fluttershy manages to use her friendship with the Chaos Spirit to keep Discord under control, again!
  • Twilight doing her own version of a Sonic Rainboom which was shaped like her Cutie Mark.
    • Even if Word of God is that it wasn't really a Rainboom, but just her using her magic to create special effects, it still looks awesome.
  • A villainous one for Discord 1000 years ago. When Celestia and Luna first confront him, he never gives any indication that he finds them a threat, even as they turn him into stone. When watching the scene again, though, note that he is scattering the seeds that become the thorn vines before the princesses even reveal the Elements of Harmony. He's either (a) aware of what's coming and playing one helluva Thanatos Gambit with a straight face or (b) as Crazy-Prepared as he is crazy. Either way, he's good at what he does.

    Castle Mane-ia 
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash have a staring contest while covered with bees. Even wearing beekeeping suits, that takes guts. They only stop because the beekeeping pony needed his bees back!
  • If Luna and Celestia tried to make their castle creepy, they succeeded!
  • Twilight is now able to freeze multiple ponies in place. That should come in handy for the next major villain.
  • Twilight showing almost no fear throughout the episode. When her friends become terrified by the castle's organ, she reveals Pinkie Pie as the hooded figure who plays it.
  • Pinkie Pie picking up organ playing and being damn good at it.
  • Meta-example: When some of the Mane Six are scared by the castle, their faces show genuine expressions of fear. This is owed to the animators working with the then-new animation style.

    Daring Don't 
  • AK Yearling really is Daring Do, writing books based on her real exploits while Clark Kenting as your everyday author. This leads to as much awesomeness as you'd expect.
  • Rainbow Dash manages to out-geek Twilight during their back-and-forth reference battle.
    • And Pinkie manages to follow the entire argument while the rest are just confused.
  • The giant game of keep-away with Ahuizotl's minions.
  • To give Ahuizotl credit, he manages to take Rainbow Dash offguard and capture her, something that isn't an easy feat.
  • Dr. Caballeron taking Daring Do's money and running upon seeing Ahuizotl.

    Flight to the Finish 
  • The CMC's first routine really was surprisingly good, quite unlike their previous onstage performances.
    • Scootaloo is shown to be strong enough to hold up Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle on one hoof each. Very impressive.
  • The triumphant reprise of "Hearts as Strong as Horses", when the Cutie Mark Crusaders reconcile and Scootaloo uses her mad scooting skills to help them get to the Crystal Empire in time for the contest. In other words, she may not be able to fly, but she can ride faster than a locomotive typically runs, while towing two passengers with her.
    • The Crusaders winning the contest is another moment of awesome.
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon again mock the CMC for being blank flanks. This time their response is basically "Yeah, what else you got?"
  • As of this episode, Claire Corlett does her own singing. Singing, it's heavily implied, is Sweetie Belle's special talent, which is why Michelle Creber, a professionally-trained singer, stood in as Sweetie Belle's singing voice. Though we have yet to hear her give a real solo, this implies that while Claire's "Squeaky Belle" is sadly a thing of the past, she may have swapped it for a set of pipes to match Michelle's. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Power Ponies 
  • All the Power Ponies have moments of awesome once they learn how to use their powers. Spike also reminds everypony, specially himself, that he's not useless; he basically gives the Mane Six a crash course on how to use their powers, and uses his smarts and genre savviness to rescue them.
  • Spike, often the most powerless of the group, manages to save everyone with elaborate wits alone; Rarity, who has very subdued magic, gets the most flexible superpower of the group; and Fluttershy manages to get the final and most glorious blow with her seemingly incompatible super power.
    • Speaking of, Fluttershy going berserk and Hulking Out after the Mane-iac swats an innocent firefly, even using her newfound strength to rip apart the doomsday device with her own teeth! Even the speech she gives the Mane-iac while transforming is awesome beyond description, as her voice grows deeper and more beastly with each word:
      Fluttershy: Are you kidding me? I mean, I know you're evil and everything, but you'd hurt a teensy, little, harmless firefly?! REALLY?! Why, you're just a great, big MEANIE!!! THERE!!! I SAID IT!!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SPECIAL?!?! LIKE THE RULES OF COMMON COURTESY DON'T APPLY TO YOU?!?! WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEPONY YOUR OWN SIZE?!?!?!' *cue epic roar*
    • And best of all, when we see everypony's reaction shot of her awesome roar, Spike smiles and pumps his fist, as if to say "Yes!" from the awesomeness.
  • The final fight, once the Mane Six have gotten the hang of using their powers. Their performance would make the Justice League proud.

  • Fluttershy, at least during the start of the episode, actually speaks her mind for once. It's made even more impressive when you see that it's against all five of her friends.
  • Flutterbat is too fast for any of the others to catch her, knocks Rainbow Dash back just by flapping her wings and still manages to be cute.

    Rarity Takes Manehatten 
  • It says something about Rarity's ability to improvise fashion lines on the spot when she's able to out-do her original dresses made of her own special custom fabric with dresses made of random stuff she found in her hotel room! All done the night before the fashion show! And win!
  • The Mane Six's display of friendship was enough to inspire Coco to quit working for her controlling and manipulative boss. While that might not seem like much, it's obvious from her character quirks that she's a bit of an introvert and frequently gets bullied. Being able to finally say "enough!" certainly didn't come easy.
  • Suri proved herself as a great antagonist to Rarity. First she convinced her to give some of her fabrics to her, then she was able to recreat Raritys fabrics after seeing them once for a short time. Rarity was not able to do anything about it without giving the impression that it is her who is copying Suri.
    • Even when Rarity still wins the contest Suri simply tricks her into believing that she lost and that Prim Hemline was furious at her for leaving. If it weren´t for Coco and her conscience Suri would still have been victorious.

    Pinkie Apple Pie 
  • Small point, but the fact that Big Mac is able to carry everything packed without noticeable strain, and that it's the wagon that breaks, not him, is pretty impressive.
  • That Big Mac manages to have a strong presence of character despite hardly saying more than a few words is simply excellent.
  • The animation during "Apples Together"

    Rainbow Falls 
  • The return of Derpy Hooves.
  • Rainbow Dash finishing the final part of the relay just in time to qualify.
    • Rainbow Dash pulling off the Diving Save - alone out of the dozens of flyers around.
    • And of course being good enough to be a desirable replacement for Soarin. She's finally made it to the big leagues!
  • Bulk Biceps successfully contorting himself to pass through a ring without getting stuck.
  • Seeing Fluttershy not only flying for a change, but doing it competitively, and without panicking.
  • Rainbow Dash lecturing the Wonderbolts, ponies she usually looks up to, on loyalty and teamwork. And she does this with Spitfire, the Wonderbolts' leader and top-ranking officer at the Academy.
    • Plus Spitfire listens and admits she was wrong.

    Three's a Crowd 
  • Twilight and Cadence fighting off the Tatzlwurm, using their magic in perfect sync so that it seems almost effortless for them.
  • The Tatzlwurm gets one, too. It succeeds in making Discord, a Reality Warper and Mad God, sick!
    • Cadance is capable of using magic strong enough to keep herself and Twilight from getting sick from the same sneeze.
  • Discord getting a song for the first time, complete with some of the most far-out visuals in the series ever (which is saying something considering Discord's character).
  • Rarity and Applejack telling Discord to his face he got what he deserved at the end of the episode. Especially since he made them sick earlier despite faking it himself.

    Pinkie Pride 
  • The "Goof-off" polka duet between Weird Al's character and Pinkie Pie could give the Discord song from the last episode a run for its money.
  • The party Cheese and Pinkie plan together is awesome Up to Eleven.
  • Pinkie Pie has her Party Cannon. Cheese Sandwich has a Party Tank!
  • Pinkie snaps out of her first Heroic BSoD on her own, mid-song.
  • The fact that Pinkie was the one who inspired Cheese Sandwich to become as much of a Crazy Awesome party pony as he is.
  • Cheese Sandwich somehow teaching himself how to bend time and space the way Pinkie Pie does.
  • Despite forfeiting, Pinkie Pie would have actually out-goofed Cheesenote  if it weren't for the accident of her dancing-on-giant-pinata-while-singing-in-spanish trick breaking off and falling on Rainbow Dash.
  • That one of the most-anticipated, funniest and silliest episodes with the guest character ended up being part of the Season 4-long arc. They could have just given us funny Weird Al and songs, and it would have been great, but the fact it helped to deconstruct Pinkie's character at the same time. And was a full-fledged musical episode. There's good reason why this has ranked very high on many fan's scales as one of the best episodes of S4 if not of the entire series.

    Simple Ways 
  • Tabitha St. Germain's performance as Country Rarity. She has to play two accents other than her natural one, as a character putting on an accent while occasionally slipping into her "real" one, and it sounds completely natural.
  • Applejack was pretty much a walking Moment of Awesome this entire episode, constantly aware of both Trenderhoof and Rarity's obsessive attempts to impress and remaining the voice of reason throughout. Then when she realizes Rarity was going too far, she knew exactly what to do to get her friend back to normal AKA faking a personality switch the same way Rarity was doing.

    Filli Vanilli 
  • We get to see and hear Fluttershy singing an extended solo, and it is, as Applejack put it, "A Little Slice of Heaven".
  • Then we get to hear Big Macintosh sing, and its just as grand.
  • While played for laughs, Applejack's deductive skill is pretty damn impressive, with her putting together the Ponytones' whole scheme in a matter of seconds by drawing on experiences from three seasons ago.
  • Fluttershy finally joining The Ponytones for real can count as one. While she isn't quite ready for prime-time yet, its still a great accomplishment for such a shy pony.
  • A meta-example for the writer of this episode, Amy Keating Rogers, for NOT falling into the cliched trap of "character with stage fright conquers stage fright by the end of the episode" that other Western Animation shows fall into. Fluttershy's stage fright is handled realistically and isn't totally cured, but rather, she's working her way up slowly to overcome her fright, by simply singing for her best friends and her animals as a start. As Fluttershy said best, "Baby steps, everypony. Baby steps."
    • And speaking of Fluttershy character development, her saying "no", politely but assertively, to Rarity's request to join the Ponytones was quite impressive. And the cherry on the sundae? Rarity didn't try to guilt her into joining after the fact had been made that Fluttershy wasn't comfortable about singing onstage; someone respected and understood Fluttershy's fears for once.

    Twilight Time 
  • Just seeing the new skills the Cutie Mark Crusaders are learning. While the show seems insistent that they won't be getting their cutie marks anytime soon, it's nice to see that they are definitely growing and maturing as ponies and as characters.
  • Twilight putting Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in their place when they start mocking the CMC again.
    • And earlier, this line from Sweetie Belle, enough to make Diamond Tiara pause.
      Sweetie Belle: "I don't have to go all the way to Manehattan to hang out with a famous and super-cool pony! Me and my friends hang out with Princess Twilight all the time!!"
  • Diamond Tiara's butler performing backflips and other acrobatic feats count as one since the pony is clearly old and aged and shouldn't even be doing these things.
  • Sweetie Belle uses magic!
  • Sweetie's Imagine Spot of magically throwing Diamond Tiara around. Now we wait for the time that we can see something like this for real...
  • A rather subtle one. When Sweetie Belle levitates the flower and floats it over to Twilight in a very specific route, and placing it in a specific spot, behind Twilight's ear. Shortly after, we see her levitating a broom, one of the heaviest objects we've seen a unicorn lift with telekinesis, with similar coordination. By doing this, Sweetie Belle is demonstrating skill and precision not seen since the likes of Trixie or Rarity. While Trixie's actual amount of ability is debatable, the fact remains that Sweetie Belle, a little filly, is showing magical prowess on par with ADULT unicorns! Whether this is the result of her own natural talent or Twilight's teaching methods, it is rather impressive.
  • In a way, the Perspective Flip in this episode is pretty awesome. We're used to seeing Twilight as the adorkable heroine and Audience Surrogate, but here we get to see her from the perspective of the young ponies in town: as a super-cool celebrity and authority figure.

    It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 
  • Fluttershy again shows how much the assertiveness lessons paid off while dealing with a group of bees about to attack Seabreeze. When the diplomatic approach doesn't work, she instantly switches to ordering them to back off, or else.
  • Twilight's spell to transform the Mane 6 into Breezies is one of the most complex spells we've seen her use.

    Somepony To Watch Over Me 
  • Applejack's Big Damn Heroes moment, defeating the chimera all by herself to rescue Apple Bloom, using all the Noodle Implements she mentioned to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
    • When she makes her arrival, there's one particularly awesome shot of her leaping Out of the Inferno with a face that says "You varmints are dead if you so much as touched my sister!"
    • Also, Apple Bloom evading the chimera long enough for Applejack to arrive and rescue her. The little filly even manages to save the pies' cart.

    Maud Pie 
  • Maud throwing a rock so hard and far it causes a shock wave.
  • Though immediately overshadowed by Maud's feat, Rainbow Dash's ability to lift a boulder into the air and hurl it a considerable distance is a testament to just how powerful she is (even more impressive when you remember that, as a pegasus, she doesn't have any natural Super Strength the way earth ponies do).
  • When Pinkie Pie ends up in danger of being crushed by a falling rock, what does Maud do? She races towards Pinkie at lightning speed, then repeatedly pummels the rock with her bare hooves until it's nothing but rubble, complete with a jackhammer sound effect!
  • Rainbow Dash has a moment of brute strength when she becomes fed up with the "Camouflage" game, uncovering herself from a pile of boulders in a blink of an eye.

    For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils 
  • Rarity manages to create three amazing outfits for Sweetie Belle's play virtually from scratch, while also finishing a big order for Sapphire Shores, all in about 24 hours. Eat your heart out, Suri.
  • A minor one that shows some real progress for Sweetie. When she opens the box to sabotage the headdress she does so with magic. Won't be long now until she can actually use it to mess with Diamond Tiara.
  • When Sweetie jumps out of bed after waking up from her nightmare, the bedclothes fly into the air but settle perfectly back into place.
  • We saw her in the same role before, but Luna continues her role as Equestria's dream watcher perfectly. Not only does she help Sweetie realize her mistake, she also helps strengthen the bond between two sisters. Plus she helps repair the headdress using Sapphire Shore's 'lucky animal' - a dolphin, because they swim with her in her dreams.
  • Scootaloo managing to hover slightly higher and longer than ever before—a sign she may realize her dream someday.

    Leap of Faith. 
  • Applejack taking down a tree on a single kick to save Granny Smith; even if she didn't need to be rescued, it was pretty cool.
  • Applejack lassoing Granny Smith in mid-dive.

    Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3 
  • Fluttershy gets one when Twilight and Rainbow Dash start arguing. Unlike in the past wherein her pleas would be drowned out by others, this time she talks normally at first before she finally puts herself between them and yells "Girls! STOP!!", and telling them that they shouldn't fight. And it works. Even better, she doesn't immediately apologize after shouting, like she would have in previous seasons. That's character development right there!
  • After losing confidence in herself, Twilight and Rainbow Dash fly over Ponyville to have a heart-to-heart talk. While this appears to be heartwarming. It manages to be awesome as well. In Ponyville below, her friends, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and practically the whole town help out by reenacting all the information that she needed to learn. Rainbow Dash absorbs it and retains that information. Ingenious.
  • Twilight has one by organizing the town reenactment after realizing that Rainbow is very observant when flying, allowing her to learn subconsciously.
  • Rainbow Dash not only passes that Wonderbolts test, but aces it. with a score of 100%!
  • Fluttershy's way with animals is shown to be even greater than we realized, as Angel—a rabbit— is snatched up by Owlowiscious—one of the Thousand—and Owlowiscious doesn't eat Angel, nor does Angel die of fright.
  • Rainbow has Sherlock Holmes levels of observation/multitasking so long as she's flying.

    Trade Ya 
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy need to make a deal with a lamp trader, but he's on break and won't be back until he's gotten some food. Rainbow and Fluttershy proceed to hijack the food stand and start serving up the food at breakneck pace, with Rainbow using the floorboards as a catapult to launch food packages into waiting ponies' mouths.

    Inspiration Manifestation 
  • Spike shows his fire isn't just for sending mail, as he melts a lock with it.
  • Spike finally standing up to the Artifact of Doom-possessed Rarity at the end, despite his worry that it may ruin their friendship and being genuinely afraid of her at this point.
  • Book!Rarity uses Reality Warper magic almost rivaling Discord's.
  • Owlowiscious. No one moment in particular, but just for the fact that the writers injected some personality into him after his debut appearance established him as a borderline Gary Stu whose only real trait was "better than Spike at everything". He might look down on Spike's harebrained schemes, but when push comes to shove he'll still take part in them best as he can.

    Equestria Games 
  • Spike saves everyone by using several pegasi as stepping stones to reach a frozen cloud about to smash into the ground before melting the whole thing in mid-air!
  • Ponyville didn't get gold in the relay race (they did get Silver though), however, they managed to win the medal count with 36 medals in all, effectively winning the Equestria Games overall.
    • On that note, seeing as how the other team in the relay were three of the Wonderbolts, placing second against them was pretty dang impressive. And it was a close second. Rainbow Dash briefly had the lead over Spitfire in the final leg, and wasn't more than a pony-length behind her at the finish.
    • Even better, that one silver medal was the one that made the difference, so to sum up, while the Ponyville team were the runners up to the Cloudsdale team in the relay in a narrow loss, the Cloudsdale team became the runners up themselves to Ponyville, again in a narrow loss.
      • Also, despite Bulk Biceps being the last pony to give his relay, Fluttershy still managed to beat several of the pegasi that started flying before herself, so Rainbow wasn't that far behind Spitfire after receiving the relay.
  • The fact that so many pegasi in the stands immediately fly up to help stop the falling ice cloud from falling, with barely any hesitation at all. Even Fluttershy.
    • If paying close attention, Celestia and Luna fly up to assist as well, but we don't actually see them help out in any way. Still, this proves that when their citizens are in danger, the Royal Sisters will protect them. If that is not awesome, nothing is...
    • And who immediately takes charge of the efforts to stop the ice cloud? Rainbow Dash, of course.
  • Bulk Biceps doing bench presses with Fluttershy sitting on the bar.
  • Say what you will about Spike's rendition of the Cloudsdale anthem but you have to give him props for improvising a song on the spot. He managed to match the key of the music and even kept up with the rhythm.

    Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 
  • Lord Tirek is confirmed to be the newest villain of the season finale. This is a moment of awesome not just for the show, but for the franchise as a whole, considering Tirek wasn't seen since GENERATION ONE, from his one and only appearance since Rescue at Midnight Castle shown thirty years prior.
  • How does Discord capture Tirek? He just snaps his fingers and a pair of unbreakable handcuffs appear on his wrists out of nowhere, then nonchalantly dodges Tirek's magic beam by splitting his own face in two. Go Discord! If he hadn't been so easily swayed by Tirek's smooth talk, the entire conflict would have ended right then and there.
    • He's pretty uncharacteristically serious looking during this scene, too, just in case it wasn't already inherently badass enough.
    • Until he starts trolling Tirek with his usual shtick (including a police getup when he busts him, and donning an angel harp when he mocks him for turning good), then it becomes as funny as it is awesome.
  • After a whole season of building up to the chest being opened, who actually figures out how to do it? Discord.
  • Sure they fail, but you gotta hand it to the background ponies for trying to take a stand against Tirek.
    • While the Unicorns and Earth Ponies are too stunned to do anything while Tirek takes their magic, the pegasi actively fight back. Sure, they stood no chance, but it was awesome to see the Wonderbolts, Bulk Biceps, Derpy Hooves, and more flying towards Tirek with no intention of going down without a fight.
  • Tirek's introduction where's he's a mysterous figure in a hood. Considering how genuinely creepy he is.

    Twilight's Kingdom Part 2 
  • How does Celestia react to Tirek angrily demanding what she did with her magic while he's got her suspended, powerless? She smirks.
    • In addition, before being sent to Tartarus with Luna and Cadence, she delivers probably one of her most powerful lines to Tirek: you will NOT prevail, Tirek!
  • Shining Armor gets some points for attacking Tirek, likely knowing that he had no chance of beating him at this point.
  • Tirek shows how insanely powerful he has become by worfing Discord.
  • Lord Tirek vs Princess Twilight! To quote Boomstick, "When did it become Dragon Ball Z with baby girl horse toys?!"
    • The entire battle between a magically-empowered Twilight and Tirek features a fight sequence that might as well have been ripped straight out of DBZ or Gurren Lagann. That is not hyperbole — they duel with humongous laser beams that cause huge explosions, and they absolutely ravage the landscape in the crossfire. As well as punching each other through mountains and shaking it off like it's nothing.
    • Consider the magnitude of the power they're both channeling. Twilight has the power of all four princesses of Equestria. Tirek has his own power, the power of all the ponies in Equestria, and Discord's power, too. Awesome indeed.
    • Twilight had been having trouble controlling even basic-level spells before the fight. How does she manage to battle him so evenly? Sheer rage and determination. She's not holding anything back.
    • Tirek himself deserves a CMoA in this fight. He faced off against the magical power of all four alicorns in existence, and it's a stalemate!
    • Twilight frequently makes use of Teleport Spam during this fight. Someone's been brushing up on their Cell Saga.
    • What drives Twilight into fighting Tirek in the first place? He destroys the Golden Oaks Library and Twilight goes all out on him.
  • Everypony Tirek drained is restored to normal after his defeat in a World-Healing Wave.
    • Seeing the Princesses getting their magic back and being freed from their prison in Tartarus.
  • In a move straight from Usagi's handbook, the mane six gain the Rainbow Power and hand Tirek a Curb-Stomp Battle! What could be more impressive? The DBZ-style battle with Twilight barely hurt Tirek. The individual beams the mane six shoot at him are enough to send him staggering in pain before they combine into a Wave-Motion Gun.
    • The dialogue when they do it may be one of the best exchanges in the history of the show.
    Tirek: How is this possible!? You have no magic!
    Twilight: You're wrong, Tirek! I may have given you my alicorn magic, but I carry within me the most powerful magic of all!
    • It fits nicely with Twilight's similar speeches to Nightmare Moon and Discord. To the first she proclaimed she had found the element of magic because she realised the others were "[her] friends". To the second, the acknowledged that friendship may be hard, but it's "worth fighting for". Now, having taken this all on board, Twilight recognises the magic within herself and is able to realise and accept her role as Princess. There's a lovely continuity there.
    • Credit to Tirek, he tries to fight back when the heroes prepare to make him taste the rainbow. It doesn't do a thing, but he's the only villain that's gone down swinging.
  • The Writers got one too. The 'Twilight's Princess status wasn't used much this season' thing everyone complained about? It wasn't sloppy writing, it was foreshadowing the finale!
    • After two season finales that had major Broken Bases, they were able to pull off another one that everyone loves.
    • They also deserve serious props for giving Discord one of the most genuine and powerful Heel Realizations ever. If you weren't sure about Discord's reformation already, you will be now.
  • Derpy flying into the sky after getting her flight back.
  • Applejack's face when said betrayal is revealed. Fluttershy is sobbing brokenly, and AJ cradles her in her hooves just as she might hold a heartbroken little sister. The Death Glare she throws at Discord is powerful enough to peel paint. She might not be able to do anything physically harmful at the moment, but rest assured, she is gonna make Discord suffer. She also deserves credit for, without any hint of malice, throwing Discord's own words right back in his face after he's betrayed by Tirek, just like he betrayed Fluttershy.
  • Twilight managing to save Owlowiscious Just in Time when Tirek destroys her home.
  • A meta one: During the credits in the Hub's screening of the episode, a promo clip is shown, inducting Twilight into the Hub Network Hall of Heroes.
  • Tirek himself for being possibly one of the darkest villains in the show. As well as one of the most badass.


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