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Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 9

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    The Beginning Of The End 
  • Grogar - a villain from the old G1 series - makes an appearance and leaves quite the impression; for one, he reveals that he's very powerful by summoning both Tirek and Cozy Glow out of Tartarus and King Sombra out of his non-existence after his defeat all the way back in the Season 3 premiere (along with Chrysalis), and he makes it very clear he's not fooling around. Hell, when King Sombra disobeys his demand to team up and subsequently gets defeated by the Mane 6, Grogar provides his defeat as an example and warning to force the three remaining villains to join him, prompting them to become visibly nervous. Remember that Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow have all done major damage to Equestria themselves; if they're showing submission in front of Grogar, then it tells that he is among the most feared of Equestria's enemies...
    • He's also apparently weaker than he was in his prime, yet still did all this. If he ever gets his bell back...
  • Grogar is noted to have created a large number of monsters which he let loose upon Equestria, and his reign was noted to be a particularly unpleasant time for the ponies.
  • Thanks to Grogar, King Sombra makes a comeback and really shows his might and relentlessness.
    • First, he attempts to enslave the Crystal Empire once more, and after being defeated by the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony, he decides to wait until they return the Elements to the Tree of Harmony before destroying both the tree and the Elements that it bore. And this isn't even like the time Nightmare Moon tried to destroy them in the show's very second episode - the physical embodiments of the Elements of Harmony and the tree are now truly and absolutely gone. King Sombra also makes sure to let out a terrifying Evil Laugh just as the first part ends. The Tree was also previously shown to be sentient, so this is effectively a murder as well.
    • When Sombra begins to gain control of the Crystal Empire and moves on to breach the castle, he doesn't immediately go for either Shining Armor or Princess Cadance. He goes for Flurry Heart instead.
    • The spell that Sombra casts on the Mane 6 brings out their greatest fears. Though they snap out of it quickly and we only get to see Twilight's nightmare, the scene that follows is pretty disturbing to watch as Twilight sees a giant Celestia and Luna looming over her as they denounce Twilight, complete with a black background and "black magic" eyes. The scene ends with the princesses turning into Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.
      Princess Celestia: Oh Twilight. How disappointing.
      Princess Luna: Equestria was in your care, and you let it be destroyed!
    • The part where he goes to conquer Ponyville and take the throne in Canterlot sows darkness in its wake, turning the once sunny setting into something glum and drab. The ponies he proceeds to enslave are of special note as he turns them into mindless minions with Sickly Green Mind-Control Eyes and a creepy blank face expression. It's a very eerie callback to a timeline where King Sombra was at war with Celestia.
    • When Discord confronts Sombra, he makes an offhand comment about Fluttershy being his favorite among the Mane Six. Sombra promptly has the worst kind of Eureka Moment one could have and sends a blast of dark magic directly at Fluttershy to get Discord to let his guard down.
    • Despite being an excellent moment for the Mane 6, Sombra's surprisingly Family-Unfriendly Death can really catch a first time viewer off guard. It looks like his skin is melting off as he disintegrates, and if you time it right, you can see what looks like his jaw disintegrating with it. Of course, his first death was not all that family friendly to start with.

  • Grogar's bell apparently cannot be destroyed. Which means that he can keep trying and trying to retrieve it until he finally does...
  • After getting fed up with their constant bickering, Grogar effortlessly restrains Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, and says that it's only a fraction of his power and that he is more powerful than the three of them combined. Think about that. Three of the most dangerous and powerful villains (well, two, really) in the show's history have nothing on this guy.

    Student Counsel 
  • Unlike some other monsters in Equestria, cockatrices are apparently not a solitary, one-off creature, but an entire species that breed in large nesting grounds that they aggressively defend from intruders. Even worse, they migrate, meaning that you get flocks of aggressive creatures that will turn any creature to stone at the slightest provocation travelling over large distances on a regular basis.

     The Last Crusade 
  • The whole scene with the wild cragadile attacking the classroom. Adult Fear at its worst.

     She Talks To Angel  
  • A baby elephant is swallowed whole by a snake. It is played for comedy.
    • That's just the start. The Ascended Fridge Horror of the issues regarding keeping animals at different levels of the food chain in the same sanctuary isn't just a one-off joke; it's a signifigant part of the plot. The worst part is that Fluttershy's solution of only having the predators eat vegetables while they're there wouldn't actually help; the bear and raccoons could probably do it, already being omnivores, but the wolf and snake would get sick at best and end up dead at worst.

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