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"Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff... *ba-dum-tssshhh!*"
— Bad joke

Bob tried to make a joke, but it didn't turn out as good as he hoped. Maybe he shoehorned a reference in too awkwardly (shoe goes on, shoe goes off), or he has bad comedic... timing, or he just wasn't able to tell what was supposed to be a snappy joke in a snappy manner, so the wording he used ends up taking up way too much space for something that really wasn't worthwhile to anyone who was reading it in the first place. Or maybe he relied on a Stock Shtick that everyone's heard a million times.

For those who are not drummers, the "ba-dum-tssshhh" you think of when someone says rimshot is not a rimshot. A real rimshot is when you hit the edge of the drum and the head at the same time. The "ba-dum-tssshhh" is called a "sting".

In case you're wondering if you really do get that sound from two drums and a cymbal falling off a cliff, someone's already tried it. It works!


You can also get a rimshot on demand here.

Compare Fanfare, Drum Roll, Please, Dramatic Timpani.

Alternative Title(s): Ba Dum Tish


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