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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rollercoaster of Friendship

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  • Applejack and Rarity openly calling each other their best friend and applying to be Caramel Apple Girls together.
  • When Sunset smacks a stuffed parakeet away in frustration it lands in the arms of a little boy, who is overjoyed at his new toy.
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy walking around the park arm-in-arm, and comforting each-other when they’re scared.
  • Twilight, Sunset, and Pinkie refusing to perform without Applejack and standing up for her against Vigenette when she says her name wrong and tries to take over the band.
    • How quickly they all believe and trust in Applejack, even though her “proof” fell through.
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    • As the girls jump down from the stage to confront Vignette, Sunset stops to help Twilight down.
  • Rarity and Applejack reconciling after their fight is full of good feels. It leads into their duet "Photo Booth" as the real Rainbooms reclaim their instruments.

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