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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Forgotten Friendship

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"I've missed you, Sunset Shimmer."

  • After years of fan theories and speculation, Sunset returns to Equestria and finally apologizes, in person, to Princess Celestia for the years of being a Spoiled Brat. Celestia's stern face worries Sunset, until Celestia simply raises her hoof, smiles at Sunset, and says "I've missed you."
  • After being absent since season 4 it is good to finally see Pony Flash Sentry again. Apparently he has been reassigned to Canterlot, which also puts him closer to Twilight and eliminates a possible Long-Distance Relationship between them. Also, in a small moment, when Sunset and the Princess pass him to enter the library, Flash keeps a steady forward gaze like any other guard, except for when he briefly gazes at Twilight as she enters the library. He doesn’t bat an eye at Celestia or Sunset when she stops to stare at him, but he still glances at Twilight.
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  • The song "We've Come So Far". It's a song about Sunset thanking her friends for giving her a chance despite how she used to be and how much she cherishes the memories she made with them so what else can it be but extremely heartwarming? Seeing the clips showing how far these girls have gone is sure to make one shed a proud tear.
  • Trixie believing Sunset's story about the Memory Stone, saying she understands wanting to be seen a certain way, and agreeing to help her find out who stole everyone's memories and get them back.
    • Later, Sunset telling Trixie that even if everybody remembers her as the tyrant she used to be forever, at least she'll have one friend left in Trixie.
    • While Trixie is initially her usual self with Sunset, when she realizes something has actually happened to her and Sunset is in trouble, she drops her usual hammy smugness and tries to console her.
    • And finally, at the end, Sunset actually puts Trixie in the year book as "the greatest and powerful-lest" student.
  • While crossing over with Tearjerker, when Sunset saves her friends from losing all their memories at the cost of her own, she can't remember anything about the human world and the first thing she does is call out for Princess Celestia.
  • Sunset's and Princess Twilight's reunion. It's a friendship we've seen bloom since Rainbow Rocks, and it's every bit as wonderful to see once again.
    • After Sunset has discovered that none of her human friends remember her, she writes Twilight asking if they're friends. There's a pause where she quietly begs Twilight to write back, and then...
      Princess Twilight: Of course we're friends!
  • A meta example: Wallflower's motivation is that she feels overlooked and forgotten. After the lackluster reception to Gloriosa and the disdain Juniper evoked, the fandom gave Wallflower a warm reception for her sympathetic backstory, humorous moments, cute design, and great song.

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