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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rollercoaster of Friendship

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  • What's the basis for the villain being Easily Forgiven this time? They more-or-less outright say their actions would have seriously hurt or killed people, and they weren't corrupted by magic, have a Freudian Excuse, or an otherwise likable person like the others.
    • Because it’s better to forgive and redeem the villain rather than letting them go to plot their revenge and continue doing evil later on?
    • They did mention the corrupting effects Equestrian magic seems to have on others in general at some point. It's possible she was being corrupted somehow and they just didn't do a good job of actually showing it.
    • We do see Vignette becoming more and more obsessed with using her phone to create her idea of "perfect." She was all about superficial appearances from the start. The magic in her phone was just making her even more out of touch with how things actually are. In the first scene, she was dealing with people, even if she found it exhausting. Later, she just resorts to using her phone if things don't go her way.
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  • Why did the magic phone just happen to teleport everything into that one blank white room in the park of all places? It seems like kind of a cop-out.
  • Why are they foot stomping apples as opposed to using a machine? Even in Equestria, the Apples have a mechanical press. And unlike grape pressing, I believe apples are so much tougher it's humanly impossible to juice them without mechanical aid.
    • Plenty possible reasons. Maybe Granny Smith is that of a traditionalist. Or their mechanical press is broken. As for apples being tough, that's not a problem with AJ's super strength.
  • Why is Rainbow Dash afraid of a roller coaster (besides Rule of Funny) when her pony-self wasn't in "Grannies Gone Wild"?
    • Pony Rainbow would have spent her whole life used to the things scary about a roller coaster (like heights).
    • While Rainbow does like high speed and flying she might have a problem with not being in control and on a rollercoaster you are at the mercy of the ride.
  • Why did Vignette barricade off the tables where she had been using earlier?
    • She seemed to think that that table had something to do with her phone gaining magic. Considering she has zero idea how that worked, why risk a more disastrous repeat? Or maybe she sees her "new app" as something only she should possess.
  • Why didn't Applejack use her super strength to simply bulldoze the room so that the crowd wouldn't be crushed.
    • Perhaps a concern about vandalism.
  • They mention Equestria Land has a "Nightmare Moon's Haunted Castle". Given this worlds Luna could only have become Nightmare a few decades ago, (very BIG) if at all, where'd Nightmare Moon come from and how'd they get so historically significant?
  • If Vignette went to the trouble of hiding her magic phone discrediting Applejack's accusations, why'd she continue doing acts that exposed her and just admit them to Rarity a minute or so later?


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