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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Spring Breakdown

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  • Since human Twilight is a unicorn in her pony form, how does she have alicorn wings when ponied up?
    • Human Twilight only gets wings when she transforms, and the power for her transformation came from magic she took from the Humane Five (plus Sunset), and their magic in turn came from Alicorn Twilight's crown. So perhaps that is why she has wings in that super powered form, since she is a counterpart of Twilight using what was originally Twilight's power. However, she's still not actually an alicorn in human form, so when she goes to the pony dimension she becomes a unicorn.
  • How did the ship's crew get off the island? It's implied they parted company with the stranded passengers before Sunset led the rest of the gang to the portal, so...where'd the yacht's crew go and how did they get there?
    • Well, as is most likely tradition, the captain probably went down with the ship.
  • Why didn't Twilight use her levitation powers when Rainbow was sinking to the quicksand?
    • At first she was still angry with her, and also knew RD was in no immediate danger. Once the plant attacked though it took all her concentration to hold it back, none left to lift RD.
  • The comic books have featured several mirror portals to a much larger multiverse. How could Sunset have known the quicksand portal would lead to Equestria and safety? Instead of saving her friends, she could just as easily have taken them Out of the Frying Pan.
    • Given how she recognized the magic and in Camp Everfree could outright sense "Equestrian" magic, it seems likely she could feel the energy from the portal was Equestrian and thus she knew where it was going to go. As far as we know, there being alternate pony Equestrias in other dimensions is strictly a comic book thing.
    • Nothing suggests Sunset knew about any other dimensions beyond this one.
    • Sunset didn't exactly have any time to think of an alternate solution with Twilight about to lose her telekinetic grip on the murderous plant monster.
  • Why did the chef ban Pinkie from the buffet? All she did was stand there and innocently try to eat cake. She didn't cause the crazy woman to attack the chef.
    • Guilt by association?


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