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A Charming Birthday

  • Early on, Minty catches a bunch of teacups that fell from the head of another pony, only to end up breaking all but one (of course, green) when she bows at the cheering crowd.
  • When everyone suggests ideas for charm bracelets, Minty has her usual suggestion.
    Minty: Let's make it green!
    Everyone else: (unamused) Green!?
  • When Pinkie Pie suggests that everyone do what they always do to solve their charm bracelet problem, Sunny Daze immediately says "Go play!?"
    Pinkie: (whispering) Later!
  • When Minty says that one of her friends must go to Kimono to solve their issue, everyone next to her backs up in unison so that she's the one to go.
  • Kimono's Only Sane Mare moment. Minty comes by and, in an extremely transparent fashion, gets some advice on how the eight of them should handle the fact that they're all basically making her the birthday present. After Minty walks off, Kimono comments, "This is why I live out of town."
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  • Razzaroo walking in on Minty chiseling a giant mint.
  • Minty saying that she didn't understand what Kimono was trying to say at first "because who understands her at first?"

Dancing In The Clouds

  • Scooter Sprite accidentally bumps into Sunny Daze while roller-skating, causing their manes to be tangled together.

Friends Are Never Far Away

  • Baby Honolu-Loo flying smack into the ice cream mountain.
  • Pinkie... isn't the best singer...
    Sky Wishes: (after hearing Pinkie's singing) Well, it's a start...
    • What's funnier is that Sky Wishes is even worse.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight is Rainbow Dash's skepticism about the existence of pegasi.

A Very Minty Christmas

  • When Pinkie Pie announces that Walking Disaster Area Minty is flying a hot-air balloon, every pony in town lets loose a collective Gasp!.
    Rainbow Dash: Is she in danger, darling?
    Pinkie Pie: She's Minty, isn't she?
    • This exchange.
      Pinkie Pie: Minty, why are you in my house? And why do you have a sock on your head?
      Minty: I was trying to be Santa...
      Pinkie Pie: Why? What's wrong with the real Santa?
      Minty (mumbling sheepishly): ....broken...
      Pinkie Pie: You broke Santa?
    • It's just how Pinkie says it that sells it. People who dislike G3 even actually laugh a bit at that line.
  • Also, this one:
    Minty: Want to come with me?
    Thistle Whistle: When you say "with you", do you mean "fly into the clouds with you", or "wave goodbye and wish you good luck with you"?
    Minty: Come on! It'll be sort of like an adventure.
    Thistle Whistle: (whistles) When you say "adventure", do you mean "fun and games kind of adventure", or do you mean "'It's scary out there!' kind of adventure"?
    • Before that, Minty comes up with a lie for why she was out at the balloons, saying that she was just looking at them and she wanted to take a ride. Thistle Whistle crosses her arms and gives her a Disapproving Look. She doesn't believe that for a second.

The Princess Promenade

  • Minty trying to explain the cave-in, and Tiddlywink and Tra-La-La deciding that without Zipzee, they'll just stay outside the cave.
  • This exchange.
    Zipzee: Whatcha got there?
    Pinkie Pie: (whispering) She doesn't want to say it, but it's a weed.
    Zipzee: (loudly) A weed!?
    Tiddlywink: What're you doing?
    Pinkie Pie: Weeding.
  • More snarky Pinkie Pie.
    Spike: That's it! Spike! Spikes, spikes, spikes! I'm Spike!
    Pinkie Pie: I guess when you've been asleep for a thousand years, you think others don't hear you.

The Runaway Rainbow

  • Rarity's default reaction to everything, even danger, is to want to do it again.
  • Rarity accidentally zaps herself to Breezie Blossom and runs into some Breezies. This exchange occurs.
    Tiddlywink: What's that bump on your head?
    Rarity: It's not a bump, it's my horn! where did I put that magic wand?
    Zipzee: Magic wand?
    Tiddlywink: She must've really bumped her head.
  • After Rarity's song, she ends up in the mud, and she accidentally splashes Rainbow Dash with it. When Rarity notices, cue RD pulling a hilarious Death Glare, as pictured above.
    • And then, when Rarity says that she wants to go home, the other ponies drop RD and just leave her there. Some friends they are. Rainbow then gets as close to Tranquil Fury as we've ever seen her, and assures Rarity that if she knew where Unicornia was, she would be glad to tell her.

My Little Pony Live

  • In My Little Pony Live, the salsa rendition of "I'm A Little Teapot."
    • Spike and Rainbow Dash randomly dressing in disco gear, then adding a hip-hop beat. Especially hilarious for the latter when you remember her pre-Core 7 personality.

Twinkle Wish Adventure


  • has two different listings for the DVD My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure, one of which calls it Persistent Monkey Grip Sculpture of Yesteryear. (This has since been fixed.) And since many other websites' listings are based on Amazon's, those sites also have pages for PMGSoY!
    • Since "Persistent Monkey" has the same number of syllables as "My Little Pony," it can even be sung to MLP's Title Theme Tune. Persistent Monkey, Persistent Monkey...