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"HEY! I could describe my voice actress in ten seconds flat!"

Ashleigh Adele Ball (born March 31, 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian voice actress and singer.

She has worked on many different shows, but is probably most familiar as the voices of Rainbow Dash and Applejack in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She tends to be typecast as excitable young boys or The Lad-ette.

In addition to her voice acting, she is also the lead singer of Canadian indie band Hey Ocean!. In September 2021, she had a son.

Her personal website is located here.

Solo Discography:

  • Gold in You (EP) (2017)
  • Vultures (2020)
  • Love It (2020)

Notable roles:

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    Video Games 

Tropes about her characters include:

  • Keet: Her most frequent roles are excitable and loud young boys. Oren, Jay, and Jet especially qualify. Downplayed with Gilbert, who is more of an Adorably Precocious Child.
  • The Lad-ette: Most of the female characters she voices are masculine girls. Blythe, Pinky, and Talia all avert this, however.
  • Tomboy: Princesses Hadley and Isla, as well as Rainbow Dash, are all sporty, energetic tomboys.