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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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"Do you know you're all my very best friends?"

"I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you; to see you; how much I cared about you! The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all... are my friends!"
Twilight Sparkle

Expect a lot of these considering that The Power of Friendship is at the forefront of this show's theme.

Note: Heartwarming Moments for the comics go to here or here. Heartwarming Moments for Equestria Girls go to here, for the second movie to here, for the third movie to here, and for the fourth movie to here.

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    The Series 

  • Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

  • Every time the Mane Six or CMC do a group hug. It truly cements their status as True Companions, no matter what happens.
  • Fluttershy herself most of the time. Enough said.
    • In the same vein, the CMC for being really moe. Particularly Apple Bloom and/or Sweetie Belle.
  • Same thing with Princess Celestia half the time, especially her personality and being a Reasonable Authority Figure.
  • Rarity is oddly a walking heartwarming moment once you know more about her. She may seem a prissy snob, but she really does have a beautiful heart when it comes to generosity and helping others.
  • In a similar fashion, Pinkie Pie. She may come off as overly hyperactive and talkative at times, but she has made it her life mission to make everyone she knows as happy as she can.
  • The new opening as of Season 4. Instead of just the Mane Six posing together at the end, we have the CMC (that is, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo), Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Mayor Mare, Spike, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Snips, Snails, and Zecora as well, with Discord inside Fluttershy's cottage and Luna besides Celestia as she receives the message!
    • Specifically, what Discord's doing inside the cottage. He's standing at the window, watching Fluttershy feed Angel Bunny with the most melting, adoring expression imaginable.
  • In a way, the references to past generations of the franchise (even the less than flattering ones). It's nice to know that the show hasn't forgotten its roots in the franchise's past incarnations.
  • It can be easily overlooked, but there is one subtle change made in the Season 7 intro. Beforehand, Starlightnote  faced the camera with a slightly worried smile, as if she still doesn't feel she belongs on account of her past misdeeds. Here? She's wide-eyed and confident, cementing that she's finally moving on.
  • Lyra and Bon Bon's entire relationship over the course of the series knowing that they become an Official Couple in the last season.
  • Just Fluttershy and Discord’s entire relationship. Discord was once a sociopathic villain who only took joy from causing chaos and breaking ponies. But then Fluttershy is the one chosen to reform him and against all odds it worked! While Discord can still be a mischievous jerk, he absolutely loves Fluttershy and his friendship with her has helped to rein him in when he’s about to do something bad. And Fluttershy herself adores Discord so much to the point where she’s able to enjoy his chaos when it’s in good fun. And in the finale, while not explicitly confirmed, it’s heavily implied that the two of them have gotten married.

  • This 2011 journal entry from Lauren Faust, where she thanks all the fans for such a great first season, along with the heartfelt comments left by the fans.
  • The Hub released its extended "Equestria Girls" promo to fansite Equestria Daily first, and included two very big shout-outs to the Periphery Demographic—using the term "brony" and officially dubbing a pony with a popular fanon nickname. And it was also apparently addressed to "The Hub's favorite pony fans"!
  • This interview with Lauren Faust that was done specifically for Equestria Daily. Not only is it awesome to get such an in depth look into the work that went in to just START the series, but at the end, Lauren gives an extremely touching thanks to all the Bronies who support the show. Along with this are the numerous posts in the comments of fans thanking Lauren, the production team, the EQD posters, and the fandom as a whole for everything it means to them. If many of the comments are to be believed, it also counts as a Tear Jerker for many a brony.
  • This journal post by one of the show's storyboarders, telling the story of how a soldier stationed in Iraq sent a box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers to the studio as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work.
  • In Cathy Weseluck's interview, you can really tell how much she enjoys working on the show, and how much she loves playing Spike.
    • She pretty much confirms that Spike sees Twilight as an older sister.
  • This video was done by young Chrissy, a girl whom Lauren babysitted and drew Pony artwork for. She has never forgotten Lauren. Now, look again at the Season 2 finale. Just like Cadance for Twilight, Lauren herself was best babysitter ever. Best Reality Subtext Ever.
    • According to this video on the Unreleased Tapes of the Bronies documentry, Chrissy met Lauren Faust at BronyCon 2012!
  • John de Lancie apparently is planning on making a documentary on bronies. Why? He's appalled by how bronies are usually portrayed by the media. May double as a crowning moment of awesome, too.
    • And it's moved past planning and is in the funding stage. specifically via this kickstarter page.
    • Even better; its goal of $60,000 was reached within 3 days. If this isn't proof that the bronies deeply care about the show and their fandom, then what is?
    • John crashing a My Little Pony panel, from him hugging Tara Strong to saying how he genuinely finds bronies fascinating.
    • This quote from him comparing the Star Trek fandom to the My Little Pony fandom:
    "When I came into Star Trek with Patrick, the Star Trek fan base had already been established. I feel like I'm at the beginning and watching of a new fan base and I want to invite you who are Trek fans to embrace Friendship Is Magic fans because I discovered that we all have a lot in common."
  • Tara Strong phones a young fan of the show after she had to cancel an appearance.
    Twilight!Tara: I love you, Dragon.
    Dragon: [stunned, muttering] you too, Twilight.
    ** it just goes to show that, as bronies, Tara is our Queen FOR A REASON!
  • A fan at BronyCon asked John de Lancie if the Brony community would change Q's views on humanity. In character, he answered:
    Q: [My Little Pony] has caused humanity to become a kinder, gentler society. Thank you.
    • Heck, BronyCon 2012 in its entirety is one giant CMOH.
      • Case in point, this gift the fans gave to Lauren Faust at the end of her panel that Saturday.
  • On 02/08/13 Hasbro sent a Cease and Desist to the Mane6 development team, effectivly ending development of the Fighting is Magic fan game. To say that the fandom's reaction to this was negative is being extremely kind. The heartwarming part was when Lauren Faust not only expressed sympathy for the devs but she offered the team New OC's for a new game. Granted they wouldn't be Pony OC's but even so the thought most definitely counts here.
    • She didn't just offer sympathy, she joined Mane6. Doubles as Moment of Awesome. All of these you read now, lead to the new game Them's Fighting Herds.
  • Even after all the controversy surrounding a certain pegasus that eventually led to her being phased out of the show, beloved fandom mascot, Derpy Hooves, has made several blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos in Magical Mystery Cure, after having been absent the entire season. Whether this is either her final send off or a subtle hint that she's returning remains unknown. Rest assured, however, that this gesture did NOT go un-appreciated.
    • As of "Rainbow Falls," Derpy is again part of the show—see her section above.
  • Noted Pony-artist PixelKitties is known for her sharp wit and her show-accurate style, so much so that she has recieved commisions from many people involved with the show, including many of the show's voice actors, for various Brony conventions. Most of the time, they usually thank her with signed glossies of her art. But in the case of Sam Vincent, the voice of Flim, he went a step getting the entire cast and crew to sign all the Season 2 posters. This act of kindness and gratitude has not gone unappreciated by PixelKitties, as she recounts the milestones in her time as part of the My Little Pony franchise.
  • From the 2013 GalaCon in Germany, Andrea Libman (the voice of Fluttershy) took part in an auction, where she would sing "Hush Now, Quiet Now" to the highest bidder. For bonus heartwarming, she even invited the lucky guy on stage so she could sing it to him in person. Awww.
  • At BABSCon's first-year pony convention back in April 2014, Nicole Oliver did the following during the two VA panels:
    • Invited all the kids in the audience to sit at the front of the room.
    • Made sure that any kids who had questions got to ask them first.
    • Let two kids sit next to her on the stage during the second panel.
    • Sang "You Are My Sunshine," in Princess Celestia's voice, to a brony who requested it.
      • Separate from these panels, she visited the children's activity area and read to them from one of G.M. Berrow's books in Celestia's voice.
  • At EQLA 2015, we experienced a first: Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of the My Little Pony franchise, and Lauren Faust, the creator of Friendship Is Magic, finally met and shared a panel together. In the most heartwarming moment from that panel, Lauren thanked Bonnie from the bottom of her heart for creating the Pony franchise, saying that it shaped her life forever, inspiring her to be the wonderful creator she is today. See it for yourselves. D'awwww.
  • Seven years on the run and still loved by all.
  • For a Christmas album put out by Hasbro, Rainbow Dash sings a variant of Jingle Bells, recounting a story of how she gives some of her friends a ride in a sleigh. It's made clear through the lyrics that said friends are absolutely terrified (including Applejack actually resorting to trying to hide from Rainbow in order to avoid the ride), as are various citizens of the town. Rainbow clearly seems to be cheerfully oblivious to all the terror she's causing but nonetheless, it's still kind of sweet that she's doing this specifically for her friends, thinking that they'll appreciate the gesture.