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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip

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  • Despite them seemingly lacking hope and staring at the Mane Six because they have colors, everypony in Hope Hollow is really friendly to them. Even grumpy Moody Root turns out to be a decent old stallion.
  • Applejack encouraging Torque Wrench to be proud of her skills as a repair pony.
  • The way Barley and Pickles introduce themselves to Rainbow Dash - by boasting about each other. It's as if they want to show off how cool their sibling is to their mutual idol.
  • Rainbow Dash takes the time to help the two Pegasus foals who are her biggest fans. She even calls them future Wonderbolts.
  • A minor detail but not once does anypony stare at or draw attention to Kerfuffle's prosthetic leg, instead talking to her like they would with any ordinary pony.
    • Kerfuffle in general. She idolizes Rarity and her excited reaction at getting to work with her on the designs, and they do an outstanding job together. After countless instances where the characters would meet their heroes and become disappointed, its nice to see Rarity set a better example with Kerfuffle. Meeting your heroes doesn't need to be horrible.
  • Sunny Skies' proposal to Petunia Petals. Especially since this was, in his words, the "biggest speech of (his) life" that he was busy writing the whole time, and Petunia accepting the proposal is what brings color back to both of them.