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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 5

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  • From Rarity's season 5 sneak peek, said over a clip of her and Spike together: "Diamonds may be forever, but to this pony, dragons are a girl's best friend."
     The Cutie Map 
  • Spike talking about how he'll be discussing sports with Big Macintosh while the girls are away on their adventure. While it's played for laughs note , it's still nice to see that Spike has made friends other than the Mane Six (doubly so as, unlike the Mane Six, he hasn't been seen hanging out with other ponies). Slightly mitigated by the revelation that Spike was also planning to swindle a card from Mac, though.
  • Seeing everyone's Cutie Marks restored. Even though she doesn't have her special talent at the time, Rarity admits it's truly beautiful.
  • While a pony having their cutie mark forcibly removed is an uncomfortable concept, there's something heartwarming about the fact that the marks need to be constantly held in containment of some kind, otherwise they immediately return to the pony they came from.
  • The fact that this time the Mane Six's friendship managed to undermine Starlight's brainwashing simply by how strong it is. Them still being close friends despite their unique qualities and the occasional argument is enough to get some of the ponies to doubt. And the villagers then return the favor by going on a harrowing race to get the Mane Six's cutie marks back.
  • The mane six's actions actually cause a true friendship to blossom among the ponies in the town, most noticeably among the four that help the group chase Starlight, and after they get their cutie marks back, all four of them have a Group Hug.
  • The villagers celebrate the retrieving of their cutie marks with a massive party where they happily use their talents.
    Pinkie Pie: Now those are real smiles.
  • Sugar Belle telling Starlight that they gave up everything for her because they thought she was their friend. The way she says it makes it sound like even after everything that Starlight has done she still wants to think of Starlight as her friend. Though also a Tear Jerker, considering Starlight doesn't accept it.
  • The Mane Six trusting Fluttershy to go on her own as a Fake Defector to bring Starlight down despite her showing weakness in part one. It really goes to show how much faith the mane six have in one another and how much stronger they know Fluttershy is now than when they first met four seasons ago.
    Rainbow Dash: (confidently) Don't worry. Fluttershy will have us out of here in no time!
     Castle, Sweet Castle 
  • The Mane Six getting together for a nice pancake breakfast.
  • A tad ill-thought-out on Rainbow Dash's part, but why does she think Twilight should have some of her Wonderbolts memorabilia? Because she finds Twilight awesome!
    • Considering how long she's probably spent collecting those items and how precious they are to her, the fact that she's willing to simply hoof them over to Twilight without a second thought says a lot about their friendship.
    • The same goes for the other members of the Mane Six trying to help.
  • What the Mane Six sans Twilight ultimately do to spruce up the castle is take the roots of the Golden Oak Library and create a chandelier out of it, even hanging small crystals to remind Twilight of the memories they created there. Twilight is moved to tears, and leaps into a Group Hug with the others.
    • Twilight can't get her old home back, but repurposing its remains is the next best thing. This event is now a Friendship memory for her new place (the first if you don't count initially getting the place).
  • Twilight realizing that the library was Spike's home too as they visit it, where she hugs him. Nice to see she's still thinking of her number one assistant.
  • The reveal at the end that the rest of the Mane Six put their own personal touches into the rooms of Twilight's new castle; Rarity added her usual elegant flair to the dining room, Applejack spruced up the kitchen with an old farmhouse look, Rainbow Dash put up Daring Do posters in the library, Fluttershy added some stuffed animals to Twilight's bedroom and Pinkie Pie's confetti cannons are still hidden all over the castle ready to explode at any time. The Princess of Friendship's castle has a little piece of her friends' style in every room.
     Bloom and Gloom 
  • When Apple Bloom is worried about getting her cutie mark at bedtime, Applejack calms her down by singing a soft lullaby. She also tells Apple Bloom that, no matter what her cutie mark is, that they'll always love each other.
    Hush now, little sister.
    You're loved by all you know.
    You'll never lose your friendship,
    no matter where you go.
    There ain't no call to worry,
    so don't you cry or fret.
    A cutie mark won't change you,
    no matter what you get.
  • Scootaloo flying in the dream clubhouse.
  • In Sweetie Belle's nightmare, the only one to give her a rating more than zero is Rarity.
  • The CMC deciding to send Babs a care package at the end to show they're still friends with her in case she's worried about her new cutie mark affecting their friendship.
  • The assertion that a cutie mark is a reflection of yourself and won't change who you are - especially after all the fan theories worrying about that very same thing.
     Tanks for the Memories 
  • Though it quickly turns sad, Rainbow was genuinely excited for winter when she thought Tank would be awake for it, planning all sorts of activities with him.
    • Heck, all of the scenes where Rainbow Dash is gushing over how much fun she's going to have with Tank with all those winter activities just goes to show how much she absolutely adores him. Sure, all of the Mane Six love their pets to a similar degree, but in these scenes, and especially during the "I'll Fly" song, we see a side of Dash, the rough and tumble tomboy, we barely ever get to see: her softer, caring side. Heartwarming indeed.
    • And Tank, in his own way, also shows that he loves Rainbow Dash as much as she loves him. When Dash pleads with him "Don't you wanna do [various winter activities] with me?!", Tank smiles at her and nods, as if to assure her that he would, if he didn't need to hibernate.
  • In the scene where the Mane 6 are in Rainbow's room, you can see her wearing tortoise slippers, and that Tank has slippers with her on them, just goes to show how much they've bonded.
  • Just after Rainbow Dash has finally accepted that Tank needs to hibernate, Tank buries himself in the ground with goodbyes from the Mane Six. They all leave sans Rainbow Dash, who pulls out a Daring Do book next to his hibernating spot, since she wants to read him a bedtime story.
  • Rainbow cheering on the ponies doing the Running of the Leaves, showing how much development she's gone through in the last year.
  • Fluttershy getting Rainbow Dash to acknowledge her grief and encouraging her to let it all out. Her initial Brutal Honesty comes across a bit as Cruel to Be Kind, but as soon as Rainbow Dash is venting her grief, Fluttershy is the first to join in on the tears.
    • The fact that Rainbow Dash could cry at all like that in front of her friends, when you think about it. Being the tough, brave, cocky mare that she is, you'd have expected her to, when the first wave of sorrow hit her, tell them to get out so they wouldn't have to see her have a moment of weakness. But she's so upset at the thought of losing Tank, even for 3 months, she doesn't even care if they see. And when she finally calms down enough to stop crying for real, she thanks them for making her feel better.
  • There's something oddly touching about Pinkie Pie recognizing that Applejack was crying on the inside.
  • While the song itself has a somewhat dark atmosphere to it, there's something sweet about the following lyric from "I'll Fly":
    "I'm sorry ponies, this has to be
    For I need my friend and he needs me!"
  • Rainbow Dash literally tries to stop time itself so that Tank won't have to hibernate.
     Appleoosa's Most Wanted 
  • The CMC helping Troubleshoes realize his true calling as a rodeo clown, allowing him to be part of the rodeos he's always loved in a way that his natural klutziness is a blessing for.
  • Scootaloo's congratulatory elbow when Sweetie Belle lifts the keys with her magic.
     Make New Friends but Keep Discord 
  • The episode begins with Discord and Fluttershy spending time drinking tea together, saying that they do this every Tuesday.
  • The fact that Fluttershy has made additional friends beyond the Mane Six on her own terms.
  • Applejack getting teary eyed at the sight of her sister all dressed up for the gala.
    Applejack: My little sister's all grown up!
  • The fact that Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack all invited their sisters (surrogate sister in Rainbow's case) as their "plus ones".
    • Then when Discord scares the CMC, they take shelter behind their sisters, who calmly and unflinchingly stand up to him. Granted, they know he's not really going to hurt any of them, but it's sweet nonetheless.
  • Pinkie Pie and her sister Maud. The fact that Maud agreed to go with Pinkie to another situation involving her friends after the way things were in her debut episode is good enough.
  • Tree Hugger's honesty when she tells Discord that she needs to "cleanse [her] chakras" before she can sincerely forgive him is oddly touching. She isn't denying forgiveness, merely taking a moment to calm down. She doesn't want to offer a false forgiveness while still holding a grudge. Discord also respect her viewpoint on this. Even heartwarming is that she goes beyond forgiveness. This was the promotion to a hug. Someone had tried to banish her in an envious rage and she's already considering giving them a hug.
  • Discord apologizing to the Smooze for being a massive Jerkass to him all evening, and the Smooze layering him a big, smoozy kiss in return.
  • Tree Hugger picking up that the Smooze is covering the Gala in sludge because he's upset, and calms him down with some sort of breathing exercise. Once he's regained his form, the Smooze gives Treesie a big, goopy grin.
  • Celestia being the one who invited Discord to the Gala, knowing full well that his presence would "liven up" the party. It also speaks volumes about their improved relationship in general, shown rather subtly considering the two aren't actually shown interacting in the episode. Fluttershy outright says the two are friends now, Discord is genuinely happy to find Celestia really did invite him to the Gala (not exclude him like he thought), and Celestia proves to find the chaos Discord creates to be fun (so long as no one gets hurt).
    • Also, aside from Pinkie, she's the only pony who laughs at Discord's attempt at stand-up comedy.
    • If you really think about it, if Celestia was willing to invite Discord to the most important event in Equestria, it further demonstrates that she truly does forgive Discord for betraying Equestria in the Season Four Finale.
  • As for the Gala itself — why was Twilight partially responsible for organizing it? She wanted to help Celestia, any way she could.
  • Pinkie Pie warming up more to Discord, happily greeting him and even hugging him when he arrives at Sugarcube Corner. She also has a little smile on her face when she watches his failed attempts at comedy. It is a stark contrast with Twilight, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow, who still seem a little distrustful toward him but even here it a warming relationship can be seen. It is not "sinister villain" distrustful but "class clown" distrustful.
  • In another subtle bit, Twilight is the first one after Fluttershy that Discord checks to see if he can be invited to the gala by, which is fitting given previous episodes have established her as being the pony he is closest to (as far as respecting/being interested in) after Fluttershy. For her part, while she is obviously not happy with Discord's guest, Twilight doesn't tell either of them to leave, instead trying to reason with Discord about how important the night is for her.
    • And Discord keeps his promise on trying not to disrupt the Gala. Most of his antics are revolved around trying to capture Fluttershy's attention from Tree Hugger. The Smooze growing huge and causing havoc was more due to his negligence rather than him purposefully trying to troll Twilight.
    • Celestia also giggling at the two bantering Like Brother and Sister. She can tell things have drastically changed since their first encounter.
  • Pinkie mentions that her first choice for her plus-one to the Gala would have been her mom. This is the first indication we've seen that Pinkie is still close to any of her family members besides Maud. Pinkie's reason for inviting her mom is the icing on the Heartwarming Moment cake: "Because she's my mom."
  • Discord offering Fluttershy a flower as an apology. It doesn't work (since Fluttershy meant for him to apologize to Treehugger), but it's very cute nonetheless.
     The Lost Treasure Of Griffinstone 
  • Pinkie being super happy about having a whole day to herself to bake resonates with anyone who has an artistic job or hobby they really enjoy doing.
  • Pinkie refuses to spit out Gilda's awful scone, even though it breaks her teeth, since Gilda's so proud of her grandfather's recipe.
  • Pinkie persistently asking Gilda for help and advice and generally being understanding towards someone who has been nothing but rude to her most of the time.
  • Dash protecting Gilda from bullies in flight camp and then the two of them singing the Junior Speedsters song cheerfully.
    • Gilda helping save Dash and the two of them making up and becoming friends again after they'd been so grumpy towards each other.
  • The theme of Forgiveness with Gilda reconciling with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.
    • The mere fact that Pinkie forgives Gilda almost instantly, which really goes to show how friendly and optimistic she is.
    • Even Rainbow's anger is heartwarming in a way: she's mad at Gilda because "she was a total jerk to all my friends."
  • Pinkie's tearful "hugging now" line is delivered with such sincere and adorable sweetness it is bound to make your heart melt.
  • The eye of King Grover's statue glinting at the end of the episode. It's played for laughs due to Pinkie's reaction, but it also seems to indicate that the old king's spirit may well be watching over his kingdom, waiting for the day it comes back to its former glory.
     Slice of Life 
  • Cranky and Matilda are getting married.
  • Steven Magnet reveals to Matilda that Cranky thought of her the whole time, even when they were adventuring together. And then when Cranky loses his toupee in a freak accident, he recalls Rarity's kindness to him and sacrifices part of his moustache to make Cranky an emergency toupee. What a nice sea serpent.
    • A bit of a fridge heartwarming moment, but Cranky's friendship with Steven Magnet explains why Cranky so readily accepted that wig Pinkie gave him in his first appearance; it looked a lot like Steven Magnet's hair, so it reminded Cranky of his best friend!
  • The fact that Pinkie Pie, the pony who managed to reunite them, is Cranky and Matilda's wedding planner.
  • The royalty of Equestria putting a hold on their duties and going to Ponyville to the wedding is quite a noble gesture considering they don't know Cranky and Matilda. Celestia and Luna have royal duties while Shining Armor and Cadance need to manage the Crystal Empire, yet they still take a little break to attend such a beautiful occasion.
    • Celestia's attendance is wistfully heartwarming when it's remembered that Cranky and Matilda met in the Grand Galloping Gala that she hosted years ago. Perhaps she watched their romance years ago and was happy to finally see them get married after they were separated for so long.
  • One of the guests is a Changeling, making it the first time in Canon their Race is shown in a positive light or he might be there to get a snack.
    • Word of God is that the changeling is a friend of Matilida's. This begs the question, which is more heartwarming, that a donkey would make friends with a changeling, a creature that would normally be her worst enemy, or that the changeling values her friendship so much that he is willing to sit in a room full of ponies, a race of creatures who have justified reasons to fear and hate him, just to be present on her wedding day?
      • Season 6 shows that yes, some changelings value friendship very highly.
    • The fact that Shining Armor and Princess Cadance at least don't make a big deal about him could imply they harbor no ill will towards the Changelings for all the horrible stuff they did on their wedding.
      • Aside from a few understandably nervous-looking schoolponies, none of the ponies in the whole room, who are perfectly justified to dislike and distrust changelings, seem to have no qualms about his presence there either.
  • Our first real look at just how close Lyra and Bon Bon actually are, with Bon Bon insisting her double life doesn't mean anything about their friendship has been fake. Then they make up over the excitement of revealing their deepest secrets.
    • Similarly, we get to see some very nice moments with Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, and Derpy and Doctor Hooves, each a Fan-Preferred Couple as well.
  • Derpy at Doc's laboratory is downright adorable; while Doc is talking about his time-traveling research, Derpy is looking around the place like a kid in a toy store. Even better, despite previous episodes establishing Derpy as a Walking Disaster Area, and having just made a serious mistake with the invitations, Doc never loses his cool with her, and allows Derpy to watch and touch pretty much everything, and is obviously enjoying her juvenile joy and appreciation of his work.
    • If you watch the scene closely it is clear that, perhaps out of everyone in Ponyville, Derpy and Doctor Hooves get along the best and are true friends. The Doctor never looks annoyed at her and even when it is clear he wants her to stop doing something Derpy isn't upset... she gets a little smile on her face like "Yeah, okay, I had fun but I guess I need to stop. Thanks for letting me play though!" Of course the hug at the end of the episode that the two share means they might be more than friends...
  • If you think about it, the revelation of Gummy's philosophical thoughts and existential crisis adds some depth to his relationship with Pinkie. He's clearly intelligent enough to do anything he wants, but chooses to stay with her. Who better than Pinkie - the embodiment of laughter itself - to bring joy to someone with such a bleak outlook? Pinkie lives for making others happy, and might just be the only thing keeping Gummy from Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and going full-blown Straw Nihilist.
  • Shining Armor gets so emotional that he starts bawling before the ceremony even starts.
  • Mayor Mare's speech when she's bringing together Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda in marriage. All while panning over the audience, which is made up of all the secondary and support characters seen over the show's run. It really is a love letter from the DHX crew to the fans for their support over the years.
    Mayor Mare: It makes you realize, that everypony is the star of their own story. And, it's not just the main characters in our stories that make life so rich. It's everypony, those who play big parts, and those who play small.
    • The part of the speech about ponies of all walks of life being brought together by love could be taken as referring not just to the in-show wedding guests, but to the show's fandom and the large, diverse, and creative community that has been built around the show.
    • During the speech, you see Cadance snuggling against Shining Armor, who wraps his foreleg around her, and Celestia and Luna silently reconciling over the spat they had earlier. Luna's expression is heart-meltingly adorable.
    • In a meta-sense, what makes the Mayor's speech so heartwarming is the person voicing the speech: Cathy Weseluck. She's been with My Little Pony since almost the beginning; she was the voice director for G1's My Little Pony Tales and got into voice acting herself by the G3 incarnation of the show. With over 20 years and 4 generations of experience under her belt, and having seen fans of all ages come and go, it's appropriately fitting Mrs. Weseluck give this massive "thank you" to the many fans who keep the show's interest alive.
    • Despite the Mane 6 being locked out of City Hall thanks to Derpy and having to watch the wedding from the outside, Twilight smiles and says, "You know something, girls. We are so lucky to live in this town. I love you all!"
  • The fact that the ENTIRE EPISODE is basically one big love letter to the fandom.
  • One especially heartwarming (as well as tearjerking) one for Whovian bronies that's easy to miss, given Word of God confirms Doctor Hooves is the Doctor: Look at the Doctor's flameless fireworks that needed love to ignite. What flower are they shaped like? Roses. It could very well be a reminder of the Doctor's love for Rose Tyler.
     Princess Spike 
  • The delegates showing the 100% Adoration Rating that the Princesses have by declaring their love for them. This claim is heartwarming for each princess for what it means for her.
    • Twilight is a Humble Heroine who feels a little out of place since her ascension. Watching her be praised as a princess after the previous season finale where she doubted her place as a princess is very endearing.
    • Even though Cadance now lives and rules the Crystal Empire, it's quite nice to see that she is still beloved in Equestria, the place where she grew when she was young, despite the long distance to her kingdom.
    • Luna is surrounded by subjects that appreciate her, which is what she always wanted to have in the first place. Not only that, but she can appreciate it with Celestia again and share it with Cadance and Twilight.
    • Celestia may have been in this situation countless of times, but this time around she can share it with her long lost sister, the niece she adopted and raised to be a princess, and her personal student who grew up to be like a daughter to her.
  • The delegates helping Spike mend the statue he broke, simultaneously cooling their mob fury.
  • Twilight is amazingly forgiving and restrained when admonishing Spike. Much like Celestia has done with her in the past, she uses the fiasco as an opportunity to teach Spike something rather than simply punish him.
  • Cadance being a good sister in-law and insisting Twilight get some sleep, then checking up on Spike repeatedly.
  • At least one griffon has come to take part in the summit and seems quite happy. Clearly Gilda's efforts to help the griffons remember what it is to care for others are already having an effect.
     Party Pooped 
  • The yak calf Pinkie meets outside the gates. In sharp contrast to the others of his species, he's perfectly friendly and shows Pinkie inside with a big smile.
  • The fact that Pinkie has party plans for her parents' 100th anniversary is very sweet, because she's sure they will live to see it.
  • In the background at the party, there's a pretty adorable moment with Sweetie Belle using magic to put on Scootaloo's bike helmet. Bon Bon is also shown sticking a flower in Lyra's hair.
  • Pinkie managing to get through to the Prince so Yakyakistan will become an ally of Equestria instead of an enemy.
    • As well as the Prince giving Pinkie a bear hug after the pony thought for a second that she did something to upset the Yak after hugging him.
  • A big one when the Mane 6 discover Pinkie's secret party planning cave and understand how hard Pinkie works to make parties for each and every person she knows. This is taken Up to Eleven when Pinkie was secretly eavesdropping on a conversation between the other members of the Mane 6 about how much they appreciated her hard work. When Pinkie hears this she bursts into tears and happily tells them how thankful she is and how much she cares about them.
     Amending Fences 
  • The very premise of Twilight going back to apologize to her old friends back in Canterlot. It shows how much she's grown as a character.
  • How about Minuette and her friends forgiving Twilight for abandoning them? They didn't feel hurt at all, saying they knew Twilight was a busy pony and just were happy for what happened to her later on.
  • Moondancer accepting Twilight's apology. It's the emotional equivalent of unlocking a door, walking out of a fortress and hugging the person outside the gate.
  • Twilight and Pinkie going the extra mile for Moondancer's party, by inviting another trio of ponies who see her as a friend: the librarian, a bookseller and her sister.
  • Twilight getting one of her new friends to help save one of her old friends, plus the fact that she flew all the way to Ponyville and back just to get Pinkie's help with the party.
  • Twilight taking responsibility for Moondancer's feelings despite the fact that she didn't have to, and she never once mentions that she had been sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia. She's really becoming like royalty in her humility and willingness to bear all the blame whilst trying to help someone out.
  • The fact that Spike had a gift for Moondancer, suggesting that she was a friend to him too. And the fact that he remembers to give it to her by the end.
  • It also ends on quite a beautiful scene, when Spike gives Moondancer his gift for her first party. It's revealed to be a picture with her, Twilight and the other girls eating donuts at, presumably, Donut Joe's. This shifts into a scene of Moon Dancer playing ball with the others while the picture hangs on her wall.
  • Here, we learn that Lemon Hearts, Minuette, and Twinkleshine live in Canterlot. But their many appearances show that they love Ponyville, and not just because their good friend Lyra is there. Even with the chance that any given visit will turn terrifying, they just keep coming back, whether it be to celebrate some filly's cuteceañera, or wrap up winter, or hang out with locals at the hayburger joint, or stare at the top of a house. And one of them does big dinners at Canterlot Palace, so it's not that they don't have access to fancier locales. They're just as much at home in Ponyville as in the places where their houses are.
     Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep 
  • A minor one but still heartwarming after Nightmare Night in Luna Eclipsed; Luna says to the dreaming citizens "There is no time for bowing, my friends."
  • In relation to the above and Twilight's claim that everyone who knows Luna trusts her, there is how everyone is overjoyed to see Luna in the shared dream. They don't demand answers for why this is all happening, they're just happy to see her and trust Luna must have a good reason for doing all this.
  • Spike watching over the others in their sleep during their first attempt to fight the Tantabus.
  • When the others wake up and Spike asks if they're okay, the first pony he goes to is Rarity.
  • Fluttershy having her mane brushed by a giant Angel.
  • The others convincing Luna to forgive herself. Or at least to believe in the trust they have in her.
  • Lyra and Bon Bon are overjoyed to discover they've been fused together in the shared dream. "Nothing like a best friend," huh?
  • Rainbow grinning at Scootaloo after she gives herself giant wings.
  • Luna's peaceful dream in the end. It's about sleeping peacefully. She certainly deserves it after all this.
  • Seeing Spike, Big Mac, and Scootaloo finally fight alongside the Mane Six. Spike gets to help his friends for once, Scootaloo gets to fight alongside her idol, and Big Mac gets to help his sister, and it's clear all three are loving this.
  • Applejack not judging Big Mac for wanting to be an alicorn. She doesn't look shocked when he transforms, she simply smiles at him as he flies by.
  • A *very* minor one, but it was kind of nice to see Rainbow Dash with Tank again, however briefly, after "Tanks for the Memories". In addition, this is the first time Owlowiscious appears since we last saw him flying away from the ruins of the Golden Oak Library.
  • Another minor one: The dream Rainbow-Powered versions of the Mane Six hugging Luna in happy cheer. You'd think they just saved their friend from an evil spirit instead of (presumably) defeating a rogue ruler.
  • Yet another minor one: What's one of the things Pinkie Pie dreams about? A giant ice cream cone that she shares with all of her friends in Ponyville (which happens to be the entire population of Ponyville)! Too bad this ends up allowing the Tantabus to escape.
  • Minor example: while some of the ponies' dreams are quite simple and not exactly combat-ready (example: Lyra and BonBon fusing together), anyone who can help fight against the Tantabus does. Two of the more prominent examples outside the main cast are Filthy Rich - who uses his obsession with money similar to Frozone - and Derpy - used as a massive flying steed for Spike to better attack the Tantabus.
     Canterlot Boutique 
  • While she was the cause of the mailpony's misfortune and postponement, Pinkie Pie did a nice thing offering to personally deliver a letter to her friend.
  • Rarity finally gets to achieve her dream of opening a boutique in Canterlot!
  • In spite of her control freak tendencies, Sassy does what she does out of respect for the boutique and Rarity, even if she does overstep over bounds. She and Rarity reach an understanding and she does strive to be a better manager for Rarity.
  • She also does ask Rarity if she wants her friends to help her out.
  • What makes Rarity's heart soar? The moment a pony sees that special gown that she just adores.
  • Rarity showing off even more of her amazingly generous spirit by giving a geeky-looking pony, who's nervous about her appearance, a stylish dress. Her grin makes the dress shine!
  • Rarity was generous enough to give Sassy a second chance at managing Canterlot Carousel. And best of all, the lesson seems to have stuck with Sassy.
  • Rarity being struck speechless as she sees the light shining through some gems and onto the Princess Dress, filling her with inspiration once more. And then jumping back into her work with gusto as she makes modifications to the dress. After seeing her worn down by long, monotonous work, it's wonderful to see her so alive again and full of love and enthusiasm for her craft.
  • Even if the Canterlot Boutique was a success, Rarity was always going to stay in Ponyville with her friends, she never wanted to leave it for the big city.
    • Goes double if you remember the series premiere when she said she always dreamed of living in Canterlot. This goes a long way to showing how much she's grown to value her friends.
     Rarity Investigates 
  • After the events of Canterlot Boutique, it's nice to see that Rarity and Sassy Saddles are getting along as good business partners should.
  • When Rainbow Dash hears that Spitfire's mother is sick (supposedly), the first thing she does is express concern for her.
    • Just the fact that Spitfire would drop everything to help her mom like that.
  • Rarity doesn't believe that Dash is guilty for a minute, and quickly agrees to help her clear her name.
  • Rainbow apologizing to Rarity for doubting her.
  • Rainbow's loyal nature is shown once again when she refuses to let Spitfire miss the show and heads out to locate her and bring her back.
  • Rainbow getting to fly in the show after all.
  • Soarin giving Rainbow Dash a chance to clear her name. The Wonderbolts are so sure of Rainbow Dash's guilt and Soarin probably had the authority to boot her right there, but he's willing to give Rainbow Dash the chance to defend herself instead of outright shunning her.
    • Even sweeter? This is likely positive Laser-Guided Karma for what she did for him in "Rainbow Falls". Since she refused to take advantage of him back then, he was willing to give her a chance to prove her innocence.
  • The fact that Rainbow Dash and Rarity, perhaps the two members of the Mane Six that interact with each other the least, get to share an episode with each other.
    • Making this sweeter is that another of those rare occasions was "Sonic Rainboom". Back then, Rarity's actions of becoming uncharacteristically egotistical made Rainbow very nervous about winning a flight competition with her taking part in it. However, as Rarity nearly died as a consequence, Rainbow was able to pull off the Sonic Rainboom to save her life. Here in this episode, Rarity returns the favor by saving Rainbow Dash from losing her reputation with the Wonderbolts.
    • Also, out of all of Rainbow Dash's friends, you'd think that Rarity would care the least about Dash's dream of becoming a Wonderbolt coming true, due to them having such a difference in interests. But when Rarity shushes Soarin' and tells him to let Dash have her little happy dance at hearing the news that she could fly with her heroes, you could see from the smile on her face that she was happy for her friend.
    • The fact that, in the opening, Rarity expresses genuine excitement that Rainbow Dash is getting the chance to live her dream, while Rainbow is eager for Rarity to come with her to the reception that night. Again, these are the two who probably have the least in common, but this episode shows how much they value each other's company.
  • Rarity booping Rainbow Dash's nose when applying sunscreen on her.
  • A rather subtle one: when Spitfire talks up Rainbow Dash's talent to Wind Rider, Rainbow modestly downplays it to try to keep the focus on him. Given how she's usually only too happy to talk about her own accomplishments, her modesty goes to show how much she genuinely respects her heroes.
     Made In Manehattan 
  • Everypony in that part of Manehattan becoming a little closer.
  • Rarity buying Applejack a new cowpony hat after her old one got trashed.
  • Rarity saving a passerby from buying a horrible hat. Yeah, nothing world-shattering (and it does get the hat-seller mad), but her going out of her way to help a complete stranger, including giving her one of her own hats for free, is a great showcase for her generous spirit.
     Brotherhooves Social 
  • Rainbow acting as a Cool Big Sis and racing with Scootaloo despite not being her actual sis.
  • Sweetie Belle being happy to be at the Social so she can cheer Dash and Scootaloo on even though she's disappointed she can't participate herself.
  • Big Mac is willing to be Disguised in Drag so his little sister can have a good time.
  • The fact that the judges didn't actually care that much about Big Mac being a guy and that they're willing to stretch the definition of "sister" for the fillies wanting to participate.
    • And the fact that while everypony on screen stares a bit, nobody treats him poorly for it. Or even if they find it silly, nobody says anything to him that's genuinely mean. Sweetie Belle even says that while she does find it a bit weird, it's still sweet that he did this just to help out his little sis.
  • The ending, when Big Macintosh confesses he was so desperate to help Apple Bloom win a ribbon because Applejack's heroics make him feel insignificant. He wanted Apple Bloom to see him as a hero like Applejack and not just the-guy-that-does-chores. Apple Bloom gives him a big hug and assures him that he does matter.
    • Adding to this is that he doesn't begrudge Applejack for being an amazing big sister. He just wants to be seen in a similar light when it comes to his little sister. Apple Bloom realizes her mistake and decides to spend some time with him rather than race off to see Applejack.
    • The whole thing ends with both of them choosing to watch the sunset together rather than go greet Applejack, and Apple Bloom asks Big Mac to do the Orchard Blossom voice again before the credits roll. *sniff*
  • At the start ,Applejack clearly knows something is up and approaches him about it. She doesn't get angry when she gets one word answers and is persistent but gentle with him. She's just as good a sister to him as Apple Bloom and if she hadn't been called away... well the episode would have been shorter.
  • The last time Big Mac spoke this much was also to Apple Bloom in "Ponyville Confidential", which didn't end well. Not only is any implication that Big Mac is still angry with his baby sister thoroughly abolished with this episode, but he similarly goes into a rare advanced conversation, not once, but several times. It seems Apple Bloom is one of very few ponies that can bring him out of his quiet shell.
     Crusaders Of The Lost Mark 
  • The CMC helping Pip win the election, and even though they don't get their cutie marks from that, they don't seem to mind much.
    • And Sweetie Belle magically lifts him up so he can join their hoof bump.
  • The CMC response to watching their worst enemy, lose an election and learning her friend didn't vote for her, then run off? Go after her and make sure she's okay.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders, upon realizing that Diamond Tiara has no friends besides Silver Spoon (at least until she snapped at her during the election campaign, at which point it became no friends at all), decided to try and keep her from feeling lonely instead of gloating. Because of this, Diamond Tiara starts to warm up to them and undergoes some serious Character Development.
  • The very fact that the cutie marks of the Cutie Mark Crusaders complement and match up so well is heartwarming in itself. Looks like they'll probably be lifelong friends, since their true talent is helping other ponies discover their true selves and talents, a talent that warms the heart in itself since it often entails helping a lost, possibly alone, and confused pony find something to be proud of.
    • Add in that the first they say, in unison, on seeing their marks is: "We all got the same cutie mark!" It's not about their individuality, but they'll be life-long crusaders together.
  • Seconds before getting their marks, Scootaloo declares that as long as she's with her friends, she doesn't mind waiting for her cutie mark, and pulls in the other two for a group hug. Made sweeter when you remember that she wasn't too thrilled about being pulled into one in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles". That's some good Character Development.
  • Applejack telling Apple Bloom that their parents would be proud is both this and a little bit of a Tear Jerker, as it seems to finally confirm that the Apple parents are indeed dead.
  • Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash singing about how proud they are of the CMC finally getting their cutie marks.
    • In particular, these lines all have shades of the So Proud of You moments:
    Rainbow Dash: I'm so proud of you, little buddy. You've taught me a thing or two. (gives a high-hoof)
    Rarity: You've inspired everypony around you, and you have inspired me too. (Sweetie blushes at this)
  • When the Crusaders triumphantly march into town, everypony turns to see these three fillies who've been running around town doing everything they could think of to get Cutie Marks and wonders why they look so happy and excited. Everypony then see their flanks and grins when they realize that these three fillies finally got their Cutie Marks. The Crusader's big sisters and the rest of the Mane Six are not the only ones proud of the Crusaders. ALL of Ponyville is celebrating the Crusader's finally earning their Cutie Marks!
  • The Triumphant Reprise of "The Pony I Want To Be" as Diamond Tiara shows how good a pony she can be when she embraces the true nature of her cutie mark (guiding others to work for good rather than just getting what she wants from them). She uses her previous knowledge about the ponies with Super Strength and big teeth to get them to help out. Before she had made them feel bad about those things in order to get them to do what she wanted, but here she convinces them to use them to help everypony else.
    • And she helps Silver Spoon mend a fence. It's a small moment but it shows that, even though they may have been snobby Alpha Bitches, they do still care for each other.
  • When the Apples are congratulating Apple Bloom on her cutie mark, Big Mac is in noticeable tears and it's clear the big red lug is going to start bawling at any second. Guess the talk he and Apple Bloom had in the previous episode about not holding back their emotions anymore really worked.
  • The picture of showing the Mane Six's Cutie Marks...with the CMC soon joining them in the middle. It's a sign that they have grown up and can stand side by side with their big sisters.
  • The fact that the Crusaders are so tight-knit, they essentially get the same cutie marknote  at the same time is one on its own, but it gets better when you remember Apple Bloom's fear that their talents would separate them, especially if they got their marks at different times. That episode might have shattered that fear, but this episode obliterates it by making it a moot point.
    • The fact that their Cutie Marks relate to finding the meaning of other Cutie Marks means they don't even have to change their name. The Cutie Mark Crusaders really will last forever.
  • Diamond Tiara: "These are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and they are my friends!"
  • In perhaps the most heartwarming moment of irony for the entire series, Diamond Tiara, the one cruel filly that tossed around the 'blank flank' slur for 4 and a half seasons, and was the whole reason why the Cutie Mark Crusaders were formed in the first place, is the first to comment on their newly acquired cutie marks, saying that "They're amazing!"
    • Look in the background at Cheerilee when Diamond says this. She's smiling and looks like she's almost tearing up. It must have been an honor to witness three of her beloved students finally getting their cutie marks, and to see the problem child of her class finally come around.
  • The episode ending with Princess Celestia and Luna seeing the celebratory photograph. Luna had mentored each of the three fillies individually and she is delighted to see them earn their Cutie Marks.
  • The love for this episode on a meta sense. The last time that something this big happened,it was met with either scorn, meh, or love. This time though, almost everyone loved it and were on board for such a change in our characters.
    • Also in a meta sense, the general assumption that the Crusaders' true talents were obvious, and they were just too obtuse to see them. Even Twilight thought she had them all figured out. But nope; this episode shows that their journey to self-discovery was just that...a process and a journey. Their destiny is one they all chose together.
     The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows 
  • Regardless of how one might feel about it, the very fact that Cadance and Shining Armor are having a baby is a pretty big one in itself. The baby is also incredibly lucky to have Cadance and Shining Armor as parents as well.
  • After her initial shock over the surprise, Twilight gets really happy and excited and rushes to hug her brother and sister-in-law. The look on her face when she figures out she's going to be an aunt makes everything Pinkie Pie had to go through to keep the secret worth it.
    Twilight Sparkle: (excited) This is the best prize ever!
    • As Twilight is hugging Shining and Cadance, the siblings have this exchange:
    Twilight: I love you guys! And I can't wait to meet your little foal!
    Shining Armor: Neither can we.
    • The rest of the Mane 6 were ecstatic over the news, too.
  • Shining Armor and Cadance are very understanding about Pinkie having trouble keeping such a big secret and don't get mad when they walk in on her almost spilling it.
  • We finally get to see Derpy and Dinky together!
  • Shining Armor's joy at Twilight recreating his old room (and likely thinking how much his kid will love it). The end of the sequence has him picking her up and twirling her around.
    • Twilight herself seemed overjoyed at her brother's excitement as well,happy that he loved his surprise.
  • The CMC weave in and out of the story twice, all cutie-marked up, and it passes without comment, showing that this was a much easier and more natural change in the status quo for everypony to adjust to (both in universe and out) than Twilight's ascension was.
  • While mostly funny, there's something quite sweet about Pound Cake riding on Gummy's back, and giving the baby alligator his pacifier (which Pinkie implies to be a regular occurrence).
  • Shining Armor calling Twilight "the best little sister in all of Equestria" and referring to her by her special nickname. Even with Twilight as an Alicorn princess and him as Prince of the Crystal Empire, it's clear the two are still as close as ever.
  • Shining Armor and Cadance having a child is very likely this for the entire Crystal Empire. For many of them, they had to endure Sombra's tyranny their entire lives, and are now experiencing the joy of having kind rulers for the first time. For them, finally having a benevolent heir to the throne will be a day to truly celebrate.
    • Also, remember that the couple had to Earn Their Happy Ending for both the changeling invasion during their wedding and saving the Crystal Empire from Sombra. The fact that they're starting a family made everything they went through worth it.
  • At the end of the episode, Cadance gives Pinkie Pie a piece of the cake and thanks her for managing to keep the news that she was pregnant a surprise.
  • There's something oddly endearing about learning that Shining Armor is as big a geek as Twilight.
  • Spike may not be too thrilled about his gift, but Twilight is just so happy, grinning ear to ear to see Spike with the present she got for him. On a deeper level, the fact that they have Hearths Warming traditions is further confirmation that they see each other as family, and it's one of the first times we see them acting like this.
  • Applejack and Pinkie Pie's new cousinhood bond is as sweet as ever. Even better, they're bringing their families together for Hearth's Warming!
  • The whole montage of the Pies and the Apples finding they actually do have some things in common during the rock scavenger hunt.
    • Apple Bloom unexpectedly bonds with Maud, first over their dreams about turning into other things, and ending with her petting Boulder and giving him a cake.
    • The story of how Igneous and Cloudy Quartz were married, involving something called a "choosing rock." Looking past their monotone and archaic speech, it does sound like a magical moment. Them blushing at Granny's prodding makes it more adorable.
    • Pinkie encourages the equally shy Big Mac and Marble to talk to each other, leading to the most adorable delivery of "Eeyup" in the show's history.
  • A small moment but when Pinkie wakes up, we see that she was sleeping in the same bed as her sisters.
  • Minor one, but the moment Limestone starts to threaten Apple Bloom ("Cross me and I'll--") a glare crosses Big Mac's face and he starts to raise his foreleg. It's probably best for Limestone that Pinkie didn't let her finish.
  • Near the end, Apple Bloom is sitting with Maud and petting Boulder, when Limestone Pie comes over with a plate of sweet buns and offers them to Apple Bloom with a kind and gentle smile. Considering Limestone's treatment of Apple Bloom earlier, it's very sweet.
     Scare Master 
  • Spike gets several throughout the episode, first by encouraging Fluttershy to hang out with the rest of their friends (even though this sort-of backfired) because both he and they would have more fun with her there, then once again displaying his Undying Loyalty for Rarity by going back for her when she trips, and even pulling Pinkie away from the monster later.
  • Rarity's expression when Flutterbat snatches the fake head off his costume. It practically screams, "Look out, Spike!".
  • Rarity giving Spike a Security Cling when Flutterbat has them cornered.
  • Fluttershy sincerely apologising to her friends for scaring them, clearly feeling bad about it. Then, when she confesses that she still doesn't enjoy Nightmare Night, they're completely okay with it.
  • Throughout the episode, the Mane Six constantly try to make sure that Fluttershy is as comfortable as possible, understanding how much the holiday scares her.
  • The fact that Angel Bunny decided to help Fluttershy out with her scaring attempt. There's even the implication that what he really wanted was to push her into overcoming her fear so she could spend the holiday with her pony friends, or at least not be so stressed out every year.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus during the maze, Derpy can be seen dressed as Twilight. We don't see the Mane 6 interact with the background characters that much, so it's sweet seeing Derpy is apparently on such good terms with Twilight she decided to go as her.
     What About Discord? 
  • After Discord's karmic retribution goes on for a minute or so, Twilight sees how upset he is and figures he's been punished enough, making a peace offering with a reference to his own in-jokes with the others and letting him join the Everybody Laughs Ending.
    • Adding to this, Discord then flashes back to normal size and brings all of them in for a great big hug.
    • Mostly, this episode shows that Discord is finally developing a genuine, friendly bond with Spike and the rest of the Mane Six.
      • This is very notable during the scene where Twilight gives them the potion assuming Discord brainwashed them, besides calling out Twilight for assuming they wouldn't know if they were brainwashed or not, they also defend Discord by calling Twilight out for assuming he'd do such a thing. This really shows how they've gone from being very wary of him to fully trusting him.
  • Discord pulling out a chair for Fluttershy to sit down in.
  • While Discord was trolling Twilight the entire time, he seems to hold it important that, rather than just enjoy watching her stew in silence, she open up and not feel ashamed by her jealousy, and thus that his otherwise somewhat mean prank for once ends with mercy on its victim and have some happy, positive effect. This is especially notable given Discord's previous bout of envy.
  • While she says it in an awkward way, Twilight seems geniunely sincere when she tells Discord it's good to see him.
     The Hooffields And Mccolts 
  • Twilight is finally summoned to solve a friendship problem and she couldn't be happier!
  • Upon seeing the cold and starving animals living in the Smokey Mountains, Fluttershy immediately offers them food and shelter. She even uses her own wings as blankets for the poor animals while they hug her for warmth.
  • The two families forgiving each other and choosing to work together. We see them cooperate on building and farming, and several of them brohoof. They even build a statue of their respective founders brohoofing.
    • The statue in itself allows the audience to see the two friends posthumously apologize and mend their friendship.
     The Mane Attraction 
  • The flashback to Applejack and Coloratura at summer camp being best friends, and performing a lovely little song about how much "Rara" loves her homeland of Equestria.
  • Coloratura making it a point to go talk to Ponyville's schoolponies, and later saying that her favorite part of each performance is to meet the kids. You can tell she really loves interacting with all of them.
    • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are among them, being genuinely happy without insulting anypony, and showing that their Heel–Face Turn really did stick like some fans were worried about.
  • The fact that Coloratura even remembers Applejack and the two of them get along great after all this time, when other shows with a plot like this might end up with the famous character not remembering anyone from their former life.
  • The climactic performance of "The Magic Inside" (see the storyboard preview here), with Applejack shedding Tears of Joy as she watches Coloratura sing and be Rara instead of the gaudy role of Countess Coloratura.
  • The reprise of the "Equestria" song at the end of the episode by Coloratura and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The kicker is at the end when Coloratura invites Applejack on stage and, with some help from Sweetie Belle, AJ plays the same triangle note she played back when she and Coloratura performed the song at summer camp.
  • Meta Heartwarming: This was Amy Keating Rogers's last episode before she moved on to work for Disney. Between references to several other episodes she's written and the aforementioned "Equestria" song, this episode was likely written to be a beautiful swan song and a final, loving goodbye.
     The Cutie Remark 
  • Starlight Glimmer being forgiven. For a pony who tried to ruin the Mane Six's lives twice and by extension, doom Equestria seven times over, she really deserves it. It really goes to show that anyone can change if given to make the choice for themselves and not have it forced on them by others.
    • The montage of Starlight spending time with the mane six - having a dress made by Rarity, hanging with Fluttershy and her animals (and getting a literal bear hug), "flying" with Rainbow Dash, bucking apples with Applejack, baking cupcakes with Pinkie Pie, and finally, reading with Twilight. It's just so sweet seeing them all reach out to her in their own ways, and Starlight just looks so happy the whole time.
    • The residents of Our Town have every right to hate Starlight for what she did to them but the moment she sincerely apologizes, they instantly forgive and hug her.
    • That the Mane Six themselves are able to forgive Starlight after what she's done. Particularly Twilight, whom she's just put through what may have been the worst experience of her life.
  • After seeing Carousel Boutique boarded up, Spike's first instinct is to check if Rarity is okay.
  • Starlight talking down the bullies who were hurting Fluttershy's feelings. It shows a pretty nice Pet the Dog moment, even if her motives were ulterior.
    "I convinced them not to be bullies because everypony should be equal! Stopping the rainboom is just a bonus."
    • Similarly, in another timeline, Starlight helps Fluttershy fly better so the bullies can't mock her for it.
  • It's not entirely 'heartwarming' (in fact, it's a little depressing), but in the future with King Sombra, Pinkie and Maud are on the front lines together as a perfectly synced fighting team.
  • Zecora being the only alternate version of one of Twilight's friends to show her compassion and help her, and even taking on Chrysalis on her own to buy her time to fix the past (and given what she knows, likely knowing if Twilight succeeds she will cease to exist). Shows how fundamentally good a person Zecora is.
  • The Nightmare Victory Timeline, in a weird, twisted way. All the other timelines are grim and full of destruction, but Nightmare Moon's rule is oddly pleasant in comparison. Nightmare Moon is ruling with an iron hoof and won't stand for rebellion, but for the most part her subjects seem content and fully loyal. The castle even has viewings for tourists!
    • Even better, Nightmare Moon seems to be aware of the "if Night is eternal then everyone dies" problem, which is a heartwarming thing in itself.
    • Also, AU Rarity, while a bit cold to Twilight and mistaking her for a tourist, remains polite and seems content in her position as the curator for the castle.
    • Twilight also takes the time to warn Nightmare Moon about the timber wolves.
  • A bit of a fridge heartwarming moment. During the Discord Timeline, we see that Discord is torturing both Celestia and Luna by making them his clowns/jesters. Why is Luna there when she should still be Nightmare Moon? It would mean that Celestia, without the Mane Six or the Elements of Harmony, managed to get through to her sister and convince her to give up being Nightmare Moon. Of course Discord comes along soon after but still.
    • Or also heartwarming in it's own way, Discord liked Luna enough to free her from corruption himself. So he could torture her, but still.
  • Moondancer can be seen in the audience of Twilight's lecture at the beginning. She not only looks much happier, but she also appears to be much less disheveled, making it clear that she's making a recovery.
  • Throughout the past seasons, we've seen how close Twilight was to her mentor, Princess Celestia. Now she has a chance to replicate that with Starlight and you can be sure she'll be as good a mentor as Celestia was.
  • Sunburst got his cutie mark while protecting his friend. Even though he didn't end up as a powerful magic user, just that once he was a hero.
  • In the end, Twilight was able to stop Starlight, not with any magic, but by talking her out of stopping the Rain-Boom. She finally delivers a proper Friendship Lesson about the importance of having diversity in friendship. And the cherry on top is Starlight taking Twilight's outstretched hoof in friendship, marking a truce.
    Starlight: (Tearfully) How do I make sure nothing bad happens?
    Twilight: I guess it's up to you to make sure they don't.
    • The Rain-Boom finally happening after being denied several times. It's a show of, not only the Mane 6's friendship forming, but the friendship between Twilight and Starlight.
    • What this all signifies: by letting go of the past and accepting Twilight's friendship, Starlight has done something truly beautiful. Not only has she allowed the past series as we know it to happen, but opened up a new future for episodes yet to come. Future friendship problems being solved, the Mane Six's friendship continuing to grow, Cadence and Shining Armor's foal being born, it's all now possible because Starlight found it in herself to forgo her revenge.


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