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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks

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Sunset is now officially an Equestria Girl.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

  • Sunset's redemption is on the level, and she has been confirmed to be supporting the Mane Six in this movie. In fact, she hangs out with them at band practice and lunch.
    • During the opening credits before the plot even begins, Sunset's redemption is shown as she gently picks up Spike the Dog into her arms.
    • Sunset offering to help the human CMC with their poster. Even if they rejected her help, it's still a nice thought.
      • Though by the end, the montage shows that they seem to have come to view her as a Cool Big Sis.
    • Surrounded by students glaring at her in the gym, Sunset is called over by the Rainbooms and is relieved to see them. Despite the mistakes that she made in the past, it's clear that Sunset needs some friends after what she's gone through; and the Humane Five are willing to give her a second chance.
    • And Sunset's grateful for that. After Fluttershy's face gets covered in glitter and frosting, Sunset takes a minute to pull out a handkerchief and clean her off.
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    • Sunset bopping along to their music is cute as well.
    • Sunset admitting that she had only used Flash Sentry to help further her domination as the princess of the fall formals. Not only coming clean and knowing her old ways were bad, but there's just a hint she might still have feelings for Flash.
      • Though nothing about those hinted feelings come to fruition, the fact that she smiles when Twilight and Flash hug each other shows that she's accepting of her friend and ex-boyfriend getting together.
    • The simple animation on Sunset is heartwarming. In the first film the image of her leering and glaring menacingly was practically an Arc Symbol. This film's promotional material shows her smiling, laughing, and just generally being pleasant. Even if no one outside the Humane Five has forgiven her, it's nice to see her happy after the last film.
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    • Remember when Twilight helped her up near the end of the first film? Sunset returns the favor within seconds of Twilight's return in this one. It's accepted with uncertainty, but accepted nonetheless.
  • The "Better Than Ever" song shows just how much Twilight has touched Canterlot High, with students from formerly isolated social cliques hanging out as friends even without her there.
  • Sunset is perfectly kind and friendly when showing the Dazzlings around.
  • Rainbow Dash standing up for Sunset when the mind-controlled Luna brings up her behavior in the previous film.
  • In the trailer, there's a brief shot of human Twilight nuzzling puppy Spike.
  • When the group's at a loss for not knowing how to contact Twilight, Sunset reveals she still has the book Celestia gave her to send letters when she was her student. And when she first uses it: "It's been a long time since I wrote these words. Dear Princess Celestia..." The fact that she still held onto the book after all this time is heartwarming in itself, suggesting that deep down, Sunset Shimmer might really have wanted to reconcile with her former teacher.
  • When Twilight returns to the human world, the Mane Six run to hug her, but Sunset Shimmer backs off, feeling unworthy of being included. After they all defeat the Dazzlings, they commence yet another group hug, this time including Sunset, showing that if nobody else, they've forgiven her (though, knowing that she ultimately helped the Rainbooms defeat the sirens, all of CHS might have as well by now).
  • Pinkie Pie spontaneously holding a slumber party at her house so that Twilight won't have to sleep in the school library again.
  • Sunset's adorable smile when Rarity takes a photo with her and Fluttershy (and Spike) at the slumber party. When She Smiles is in full effect here.
  • Twilight and Sunset having an awkward bonding moment in the middle of the night (which is interrupted by Maud since they're in Pinkie's kitchen).
    • Their awkward, adorkable smiles when they realize they're Not So Different after all.
    • The scene gets a little callback to the scene where they get trapped under the stage. After Sunset got the Humane Six to reconcile after realizing the Dazzling's Evil Plan, Twilight couldn't believe she didn't realize it herself since she's always able to solve problems. Sunset comforts her and says no one could have all the answers, but you can count on your friends to help.
  • Fluttershy's face when Rainbow finally suggests they play the song she wrote. And it's the song they use to beat the Dazzlings!
  • Applejack finally agreeing with Rarity's suggestion that they wear costumes for their performance after spending the rest of the movie beforehand severely disagreeing and arguing (and annoyed) with her over that.
  • Following on with Fluttershy's song, its lyrics are a complete contrast to the Dazzlings who are singing for the love of their victims, thus giving them complete dominion over them, where as the Rainbooms are singing not just to free the school, but because it's what they love doing. This is something any artist of any media can relate to.
    Twilight: The one and only thing/ that I am here to bring is music; is the music, the music of my soul!
  • Sunset Shimmer stepping up to sing proudly in front of a school that's spent the entire film shunning her, helping the Rainbooms power up to defeat the Dazzlings. The sequence is complete with Sunset transforming into her own anthro-form and a streak of red joining the light of the Rainbow Power the group produces. If there was any lingering doubt over the validity of her Heel–Face Turn during the film, the climax shatters it with this.
  • Flash glomping Twilight at the end, and Sunset giggling at them along with everyone else. After seeing him placed under the Hate Plague for much of the movie, it was great to see good ol' Nice Guy Flash again.
  • The Group Hug just after with all of the Humane Six, and Sunset at the center. The look on her face going from surprised to a smile is absolutely adorable.
  • The end credits show that Sunset has been accepted and forgiven by more of the student body, as the Crusaders help her with her books, Bulk Biceps helps her and Fluttershy to rescue Angel from his perch, and she rocks out as part of the Rainbooms. The credits theme "Shine Like Rainbows" doesn't hurt either.
  • After a long absence, 3 simple words were enough to bring many fans to tears.
    Dear Princess Twilight,
    Missing you already, and I hope you'll be back soon. Things are definitely looking up for me here at Canterlot High. But I know I still have a lot to learn about friendship. Hope you don't mind if I write to you for advice when I need it.
    Your friend,
    Sunset Shimmer.
  • In the Holiday Comic that takes place after the movie, Sunset and Twilight continue to communicate through the book. They truly have become friends now.
  • It's not obvious, but THIS Pinkie Pie? She still lives with her family, considering that Maud is living in the same household. Heartwarming because it's clear Pony!Pinkie loves her family dearly, even if she never sees them. This version of her does, and we see that she's still the same Pinkie.
  • The brief glimpse of Lyra and Bon Bon's duet, the closest the franchise has ever come to making their Les Yay relationship canon. Though it could also be interpreted simply as a rather intense Friendship Moment.
    • On that note, any non-solo entry in the Battle of the Bands aside from our main characters. Even in their competitive mindset, the students are still willing to team up to accomplish their goals.
    • On the note of Lyra and Bon Bon, a blink-and-you'll miss it one occurs at the end of that sequence. Even with all the fighting amongst the students, the two of them are holding Derpy Hooves back from getting violent with Bulk Biceps. It could easily be interpreted as them trying to avoid any physical altercations despite the competitive attitudes.
  • During "Better Than Ever", Big Mac has a stoic look on his face when getting his photo took by Photo Finish, but as the human CMC photobomb his photo session, you can see Apple Bloom sitting on Big Mac's shoulder smiling and hugging each other in the following two shots. Shows that even in this world Apple Bloom and Big Mac have a close bond and love each other.
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming: While Rainbow Dash's insistence that the Rainbooms only play the songs that she wrote (and ignoring Fluttershy's contributions) is a source of conflict, it also implies that it was in fact Rainbow herself who wrote "Better Than Ever" - a song about friendship, togetherness, and overcoming differences. The song has a softer tone than "Shake Your Tail" (let alone the ego-trippy "Awesome As I Wanna Be") and reflects a softer, friendlier side of Rainbow herself.
  • Another bit of Fridge Heartwarming: Celestia is sending Twilight cartloads of books from her own library, presumably to replace the ones Tirek blew up. A very generous and thoughtful gift from the princess, who of course knows just how much her books meant to Twilight.
  • In a roundabout way, the Battle of the Bands itself. Sure, the Dazzlings destroyed the overall school spirit and sense of camraderie between the students, but the students still get together with their respective friends to claim victory. Even the Hate Plague of the Sirens couldn't destroy all the friendship at CHS, some bonds are stronger than that.


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