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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever

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  • Pinkie Pie had initially planned to get her friends "matching harmony Hearth's Warming hats", showing just how much effort she had put in for their initial gifts.
    • It's played as a joke, but when the secret Santa idea is put forward, Pinkie Pie's reaction is, "So, instead of lots of presents, I only buy one of you a present? WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THIS?!" Usually the joke would be that the character is upset they'd only be receiving one gift, but Pinkie's upset because she's only giving one gift to one of her friends instead of giving all of them lots of gifts.
  • Before departing for Yakyakistan to ask Prince Rutherford's advice on gift-giving, Pinkie thanks her sisters for the talk they had with a platonic kiss for each. Maud is visibly unmoved, Limestone looks disgusted, but Marble has a small smile on her face.
    • Before she can even say anything, Pinkie thanks Marble for her great advice.
      Pinkie: Marble, you're a genius!
  • Pistachio tries to give back Rarity's custom-made hat, saying that he knows something so valuable was meant for someone special, not a nobody like him. Although Rarity has every right to take back what's rightfully hers, and no one else would ever know what happened, she lets Pistachio keep the hat anyway because he is someone special, and dismisses his talk of being a nobody by inviting him to be her guest at a fashion show, just to inspire him more. Element of Generosity, indeed.
  • Pistachio's parents, despite not sharing his interest in fashion, fully support and encourage his dream.
  • Rainbow Dash wholeheartedly inviting Discord to join the others for Hearth's Warming. Discord responds by giving her a big hug.
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  • When the Winterzilla tears into Twilight's castle, she forms her forcefield around everyone there, including Discord (who is more than capable of defending himself). As troublesome as Discord can be at times, Twilight still cares about him enough to want to protect him along with her other friends.
  • Shining and Cadance show they are a Battle Couple, helping against the out-of-control-pudding monster, saving Rarity and sneaking in some flirting with each other. Even Flurry is having fun seeing her parents in action.
    • When Shining is about to help Rarity, only for Cadance to step in pointing out that she's the one that can fly, Shining isn't the least bit bitter. Instead, he shows off in his own way as a playful competition.
  • Fluttershy learns that the winterzilla is lonely and invites it to spend Hearth's Warming Eve with them.
  • Being such close friends, and knowing it was the thought that counts, nopony is too disappointed with the gift turn-out at the end of the day.
  • While Discord was manipulating Rainbow into catching the winterzilla (knowing full well what would happen when night fell), he did so in order for Fluttershy to be the hero of the day, and get a new animal friend. He even agrees to share the credit for the gift with Rainbow Dash.
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  • Spike's song for Rarity, which earns him a kiss on the cheek.
  • Discord spending Hearth's Warming with the Mane Six, Spike, Shining Armor, Cadance and Flurry Heart. No tricks, no jokes, he's just content to be there, among friends. And when Twilight starts singing, he can be seen bobbing his head in time with the tune.
    • It should also be noted that when he first appears, he tells Rainbow Dash that he wasn't invited, which does imply that he wasn't even going to barge in either, as if he was being respectful for not being invited.
  • Several moments during Twilight's singing at the end, such as Applejack and Rarity sharing a warm nuzzling hug, and Fluttershy giving Discord one of her homemade tea cozies before hugging him, whereupon he gladly reciprocates.
  • Minor example but Flurry Heart clearly enjoys listening to her aunt Twilight sing.
  • During the song at the end, we see others celebrating in their own ways:
    • Starlight Glimmer and Trixie drinking cocoa in the latter's wagon.
    • The Apples and Pies, along with Grand Pear, Sugar Belle, and Mud Briar, spending time together.
    • Celestia bringing Luna a blanket as she takes her nightly vigil.
    • Pistachio unwrapping a brand-new acorn-themed hat from his parents.
    • The yaks of Yakyakistan enjoying Snildarfest.
    • The ponies of Ponyville departing from a gathering at town hall.
    • The Changelings celebrating their own take on Hearth's Warming, first shown in "The Hearth's Warming Club".
  • The song at the end is topped off by the winterzilla giving the Mane Six and their friends a big, warm and fluffy hug.
  • Flurry Heart in her star-shaped winter coat.

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