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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever

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  • What happened to the gifts Applejack got Spike before the doll? Why didn't she give them to Spike by the end of the episode?
    • She got caught up in the Flim-Flam case and forgot about them until they were already on their way back.
      • Keeping in mind that she tossed them away in shock upon seeing Holly the Hearthwarmer, this sounds like the most likely explanation.
    • She's waiting for Flurry Heart to go home, first. The fire-dancing sticks are obviously NOT child-safe. Applejack isn't sure if the ultra-flashy comic book she bought is enchanted or not, and it's not worth learning it is via someone's baby activating it and getting sucked into it by accident.
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    • Actually, the answer is simple. She never bought any of those, she had just narrowed down her choice to one of those two, and then got sidetracked by Flim and Flam's scheme and wasted her money for Spike's gift shutting them down.
  • Why is Gallus leaving for the holidays since "The Hearth's Warming Club" he had no reason to go back and was so desperate to not that he sabotaged his friends Hearths Warming plans?
    • Maybe he's going to be with one or more of them?
    • Not to mention a lot could have changed in the year between the two episodes regarding how he feels about the griffins and the blue moon festival.
    • The school closes during holidays, so nobody stays during them. The incident last Hearths Warming was a special case where Twilight was planning to stay specifically because of the incident.
  • Any reason this is the first we've heard of Aurora, Bori, and Alice? If they are to Hearth's Warming what Santa Claus is to Christmas, it seems odd they'd go four Hearth's Warmings without mentioning or even alluding to them.
    • Ponies don't seem to have a Santa Claus tradition as part of their holiday. They seem to put more focus on the gifts exchanged between friends and family, so the reindeer might not even involve themselves with the holiday.
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    • They are magical gift-givers, but they never associate themselves with Hearths-Warming or any other specific holiday. Also they live near the Yaks, who are apparently bad gift-givers, so they might spend most of their time on them and not ponies.
      • Considering Prince Rutherford was the one who told Pinkie, and they live much closer to Yakyakistan, maybe the Reindeer are indeed part of Yak lore, not Pony lore.
  • What would have happened if somepony drew their own name out of the hat?
    • I tried Googling what someone would have done if that happened in a Secret Santa, and the closest thing to a solid solution I found was to just have them redraw. In the case of the Mane 7 who only looked after everyone had drawn, maybe everyone would have tossed their names back in, Applejack would have reshuffled them, and they'd repeat the process until everyone had a name not their own.
  • If Gallus went to spend Hearth's Warming with Silverstream, what would he have done during the day of celebration the hippogriffs were spending underwater?
    • Well, we know that the pearl can change any creature into seaponies, and they don't even have to wear it, just hold, in lack of a better term, hands with a hippogriff as it transforms. And also, him visiting Mount Aris is just a headcanon, it's not stated where he celebrates.
  • This might be a stupid question, but does Best Gift Ever takes place before or after School Raze?
    • I think after as Cozy Glow does not appear.
    • Word of God is after but before Season 9.

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