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Applejack was indeed given a hat by her father, but it's not a Series Continuity Error; she just only wears that particular hat on special occasions.

Working on a farm is rough and dirty, and it's understandable she wouldn't want her father's final gift to be tarnished. So she instead wears hats of the same style to still remember him, but they don't have the same sentimental value so it matters less when they get messed up. She wore her father's hat for Hearth's Warming as a way to have him be there for the holidays when he couldn't physically be there.


Discord used Rainbow to bring the winterchilla so he wouldn't get in trouble.

He was going to get it for Fluttershy as a gift anyway, but realized he'd probably land in hot water with her friends if he brought it. So he used Rainbow, believing they would be more forgiving of her.

Discord and Fluttershy had been working together to mess with Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy's conversation with Rainbow sounds a little teasing/trolling. She had planned with Discord beforehand, the end result being that both of them got to mess with Rainbow, and Fluttershy got a new animal friend she wanted- the winterchilla. Discord's gift of making her the hero was his own idea, one he hadn't told her. Holly the Hearthswarmer wasn't part of the plan- Fluttershy felt the first conversation was enough messing with her friend for her.


After the Heart's Warming Club, the rest of the New Six decided that each year one of them invite Gallus, so that he doesn't have to spend the holiday in Griffonstone.

This in particular is the first occasion, and he is visiting Mount Aris for the Three Days of Freedom Festival.

  • It would make the most sense as he wasn't with the Yaks nor the Changelings in the end, and the Dragons probably wouldn't be a fan of having non-dragons hanging around their lands.

The Gift-Givers, while having a lot of parallels to him, are not strictly this world's version of Santa.
They never say they only help with gifts on Hearth's Warming, after all. Plus their existence isn't common knowledge, at least to ponies. It's more likely that, since they live near the Yaks who are apparently bad gift-givers, they spend most of their time helping them instead of ponies.

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