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This section archives guesses regarding potential upcoming characters that were made as the show was airing. New guesses concerning the finished material go in other sections.

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     Good guys 

Luna will make her own counterpart to Celestia's wonderbolts
But it will be called the Shadowbolts, inspired by the disguise she took while under Nightmare Moon's control, but will be as good, if not better than, the established Wonderbolts. But will have the same problem Luna has to Celestia but it's the Shadowbolts (or of similar name) to the Wonderbolts this time.

We meet Queen Chrysalis' daughter, Princess Pupa
In order to try and establish a sense of Peaceful Coexistence (doubtfully the word used) between Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom, Chrysalis' daughter, the young Princess Pupa is sent over as an exchange student/take a tour of Equestria. The gang expect the daughter to be a fierce, black-hearted warrior-like princess, but when she arrives (accompanies by armed guard) she is revealed to be a tiny, bespectacled and all around adorably sweet Changeling (add in asthma and the frequent use of inhaler) who could rival Sweetie Belle in terms of giving a viewer diabetes by her sheer cuteness.

Of course, we have the usual shenanigans with cultural clashes (bonus points if the Changelings' culture is given an explanation, something from the Far East like Japan and Korea would be really interesting), with a written message/threat by Chrysalis to the Mane Six that if a single hair on Pupa's pig tailed mane is hurt, she'll personally bite their heads off one by one. However, some of the Mane Six decide they want to see if they can pump any secret information about Changeling government and military secrets out of the filly (behind Celestia's back) by sending in the CMC to befriend her. They eventually get nothing and are surprised (despite Pupa's young age and already innocent appearance and demeanor) that she knows little to nothing of her mother's dealings and plans — she doesn't even know about the Canterlot Invasion, which can lead to a classic Fawlty Towers, "Don't mention the war/invasion!" set of jokes.

A good twist in the plot is that the CMC and Pupa go missing, and remembering Chrysalis' warning, begin a desperate search for them. Or a good emotional scene where Pupa finds out and believes the CMC used her, only for them to make up again in the end.

  • And she'll be voiced by Tara Strong in her Omi voice.
  • Jossed

We meet the parents of the Mane cast.
  • It turns out Pinkie Pie's parents are as humorless as she's mentioned, but her sisters are a different case. One is a bit of a klepto and the other one appears to suffer from OCD.
    • And I wouldn't be surprised if one of these sisters was an Elegant Classical Musician.
    • Her parents are, indeed, as stoic as she mentioned. Her sisters all have their own unique personality quirks — as it turns out, Limestone's abrasive and short-tempered, Maud's stoic as stone, and Limestone's so shy and retiring she makes Season 1 Fluttershy look extroverted.
  • Twilight's parents are extremely proud of their daughter, Her mother is a Teacher for young Unicorns and her father is an astronomer. They are also terrified of turning into plants again.
  • Fluttershy comes from an extremely wealthy family, With both of her parents being bombastic and loud, scaring the poor filly to shyness.
  • Rainbow Dash doesn't have a mom or a dad, but was raised by four of her uncles. She doesn't seem to question why her birth parents were never around, but she likes to brag that she has "twice as many parents as you have".
  • Rarity's parents are both artists, though terrible with money. Rarity remembers a rather spartan childhood, half of the money she makes at her shop goes to care for her parents.
    • We've now met Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents. They seem tacky/embarrassing if anything…
  • However we will only need one of Spike's parents who will explain why the gave him up for "adoption" and just why some dragons do this (Perhaps his mother died and male dragons are ill-equipped to raise young.).
  • Confirmed, except for Spike's.

Season 3 will have an episode with the original My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic prototype characters appearing
Posey, Surprise, Firefly, Sparkler. Twilight's moms old friends come back, and the gang notices the Generation Xerox going on. Thumbs up if one of the old gang is related to one of the mane cast (besides Twilight and Twilight).
  • For this to happen, Hasbro would have to somehow regain the copyrights to those characters. If they did that, it would actually be kinda awesome.
    • Considering how popular the series is, I wouldn't doubt it. Plus G1 Twilight appeared as Twilight's mom, though she didn't speak and wasn't referred to by name; it's undeniably Twilight, and Word of God has confirmed it. They could just as easily make the others appear, though their fur tones would probably changed similar to how Twilight's mom went from pink to white.
  • A few previous-generation characters did appear over the show's run, such as Toola-Roola and Coconut Cream in "Fame and Misfortune".

Fluttershy will turn out to have an older brother when we finally see her family.
In keeping with an emerging pattern of the quieter member of each pair in the Mane Six having an older sibling (Twilight has Shining Armor while Rarity is the oldest child in her family, Applejack has Big Macintosh while Pinkie Pie's sisters are the same age as her), when we see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's families, Rainbow Dash will be an only child (although she might have Amazingly Embarrassing Parents with a super-girly mom in a shout-out to her previous incarnation), but Fluttershy will have an older brother with the same large and strong-looking design as Shining Armor and Big Mac. He'll either be a quiet, mellow Gentle Giant that nonetheless can't share Fluttershy's hobbies because Animals Hate Him or a flashy Jerk with a Heart of Gold that intimidates Fluttershy but is still very fond of her.
  • If he's anything like I imagine him, then he'll be kind and a travler. He's not afraid of danger and he travels to different places, much like Cracky Doodle Donkey. He'll also have amazing stories to tell. Rainbow Dash will have adamried him ever since she was a filly. He'll also be the reason why Fluttershy has Angel Bunny.
    • This is actually really close to how I imagined him. However, I picture him as being more zany and crazy (to the point that Discord thinks he's just outright insane), with his humor being a bit more on the surreal side. In addition to not being afraid of most of anything, he usually treats serious problems as though they're nothing and tends to Troll and play games with his enemies. He's also perfectly capable of being compassionate when needed and has a soft spot for children. Now, the reason why he acts crazy is due to the things he has seen and learned in his travels.
  • Confirmed, but we have to wait until his episode to see what he's like.
  • Halfway there — breaking the pattern, he turned out to be her younger brother. He's also, turns out, a slacker and a mooch with a crippling fear of failure. In a twist to the WMG above, he has a crush on RD that she does not reciprocate.

Emerald Ray is connected to the Crystal Empire somehow.
This toy set features him, and has the Crystal Empire logo. Hmm...
  • Emerald ray seems to have only been a one-off toy design.

One of the Mane Cast will turn out to be descended from the crystal ponies.
My money's on AJ. Beause nopony would expect that. And we've never actually seen her parents so...
  • Alternatively, it'll be Fluttershy. Because that would be awesome.
  • Pinkie Pie. She said her parents were rock farmers. Maybe Crystal Ponies can turn rock into crystal?
  • Jossed

A possible idea if new elements get introduced...
Two new ponies join the Mane Cast. And because there are two earth ponies, two unicorns, and two pegasi, they will be a new species of pony. I doubt sea ponies will work, but maybe zebras? Anyway, because each of the Mane Six has an opposite, (Twilight to Pinkie Pie, Applejack to Rarity, and Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash) these two will have opposite personalities as well.
  • One will have a Hair-Trigger Temper, and get angry easily, but at the same time, she's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and cares a bunch about her friends, and is quite clever and can figure the way out of a lot of tough situations. Her element will be either Courage or Assertiveness.note 
  • The other will be a fat, lazy, stupid slob (maybe an Expy of Bunny?) who does nothing but eat and sleep, but is really friendly. I have no idea what her element would be.
  • Alicorns
  • Alternatively, three new ponies, one of each race.
  • Jossed; no additional elements are ever mentioned.

Lauren Faust's alicorn OC will make an appearance.
And, as an added bonus, will be voiced by Lauren herself.
  • Adding to this; she'll appear as Celestia and Luna's mother and her impending visitation will cause both Luna and Celestia to become quivering bundles of nerves, just like Twilight whenever she has to visit Celestia. And it will be hilarious.
  • Jossed

The Celtic Goddess Epona exists in the FiM universe, and is the creator of all ponykind
Epona was the goddess of horses and equines in Celtic mythnote , so she can fit right in like a glove. Plus, the name "Epona" sounds like "pony". Lauren's alicorn OC (as described above) can even be used as Epona.
  • In the fandom, this will lead to crossovers with Link riding MLP Epona.
  • Epona could be the mother of the earth ponies, just as Pegasus is the father of the pegasi.
  • Jossed, insofar as no such character ever appeared on-screen.

There will be a character who will be a physical representation of the negative aspects of immortality.
He'll be a Death Seeker sort of character, who seems to be perpetually depressed because he can't find enjoyment in life anymore. he'd be about as old, if not older than, Celestia. At one point in their episode, he gets frustrated over the fact that no one else around him knows what it's like to be him, and gives a "Reason You Suck" Speech to the Mane 6. After sitting down and talking with them later, he agrees to stay with them until they can get rid of his immortality. At the end of his first episode, he's seen smiling for the very first time. Subsequent appearances will show that his time with the Mane 6 and the citizens of Ponyville have VASTLY improved his disposition.
  • Later on, it would be revealed that he never considered the Mane 6 as his friends. He actually viewed them as merely a mean of attaining mortality, probably by use of the Elements they hold. This, of course, affects the Mane 6, because they realize that he was simply using them. May or may not end with him figuring out that he actually did care about them and viewed them as friends; he had simply forgotten what it was like to have friends.
  • Jossed

Emerald Ray of the toyline will appear as a mane character.
That's why he's bundled with the Mane Six's Crystal Pony toys.
  • Jossed

The Baphomet will appear as a character.
And it'll look similar to this (pentagram cutie mark optional).
  • Jossed

This will appear in a later episode
"Names are for friends, so I don't need one."
  • (Might be relegated to a background cameo, though.)
  • Jossed

Snowdrop will be referenced.
Either in a passing mention by Celestia or Luna, as a painting in the background, or both.
  • Or maybe we will Expy (or descendant, technically) will appear,but will have a chance to being renamed, example might include:
    • Snowflake
    • Raindrop
  • Jossed

A future version of Princess Skyla will appear.
She'll show up in disguise to hide the fact that she's an alicorn, then after present Skyla is born, she'll reveal that she's Shining Armor and Cadance's Kid from the Future.
  • So she'll be Pony!Lucina then?
  • Jossed. SA and Cadance's foal is named Flurry Heart and looks nothing like Skyla.

Mystery Ben's OC will make a cameo and he will voice act it.
  • Jossed

A good queen will be introduced.
We all know how Lauren Faust was forced to make Celestia a princess instead of a queen, because the target audience (supposedly) associates queens with evil. Well, would if the Mane Six came to a land ruled by a queen character who happens to be very smart and kind ruler, that way we could change this perception?
  • Confirmed, in the form of Queen Novo of the hippogriffs and seaponies.

This entire theory is true [1]
For those of you who don't read it, it basically says:
  • Tirek's spiritual force is the thing that created Nightmare Moon and Discord, by body surfing his way to power.
  • He also convinced Queen Chrysalis to attack Canterlot.
  • The G1 world is the early G4 world.
    • Also, G3 was Pinkie Pie's lucid dream.
  • They will all come back for season 3, Tirek possessing Celestia, and the group of them performing a massive attack on Equestria.
    • And this person is writing a fanfiction on this subject.
      • Who is?
  • Jossed; Tirek has nothing to do with either Nightmare Moon, Discord or Queen Chrysalis, has no ability to possess people and did not appear into Season 4..

If humans are introduced, they'll be villains

The villains will be the same as the mane six, but without the Elements of Harmony.
  • Twilight Sparkle: Her counterpart will remain friendless, caught up in his or her studies. (Friendship)
    • Possible candidate: Trixie.
    • Another possible candidate: A Katrina (G1 Villain) expy with her henchman lizard creature as a Spike expy, who is abusive towards him and represents making friends through fear and power, like Azula.
  • Applejack: Magnificent Bastard who rips off customers daily. (Honesty)
    • Possible candidates, the Flim-Flam brothers.
  • Fluttershy: Some sort of ruthless animal trainer that treats her pets like garbage, but still withdrawn from society. (Kindness)
    • Possible candidate: Iron Will
    • No, even though Iron Will was portrayed as the antagonist, he is far from being a villain, was never seen treating anyone badly(sure, he uses his goats as mean of transportation, but they never seemed to suffer from it, plus, he takes their opnions in consideration, as shown in the quick reunion he had with then after Fluttershy refused to pay), and politelly left after a reason for not paying was given.
    • As the guy who nominated Iron Will, that maybe true but he could be under the Mind Rape like Fluttershy did.
    • Another possible candidate: Angel. He seems to have no problem slapping around those who don't do what he wants, as opposed to Fluttershy, who never uses physical punishments. He could turn to the dark side temporarily after Fluttershy sent him to his hutch for something bad he did or something.
  • Rainbow Dash: A talented flier with an extreme case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, to the point where no one wants him/her around. (Loyalty)
    • Possible candidate: Gilda.
    • Alternate candidate: Lightning Dust.
  • Rarity: An extremely greedy hoarder who keeps everything to herself.(Generosity)
    • Possible candidate: Female Diamond Dog (extra points for the Stealth Pun).
    • Second Possible Candidate: Blueblood
    • Third Possible Candidate: Spike, once again under the sway of a dragon horde.
  • Pinkie Pie: Child Pinkie Pie turned Up to Eleven, may be a Nietzsche Wannabe. (Laughter)
    • You wanna know how I got my cutie mark?
      • Hilarious in Hindsight now that the first episode of season two is out. what with the villain making the Mane Cast the opposite of their true nature, sans Twilight Sparkle.
      • If Cranky Doodle Donkey is a Grumpy Bear Jerkass and still is in the end of the episode, he is a possible candidate.
      • As the guy who posted Cranky as a possible candidate, he could be possibly possessed on his own will.

There will be a Witch-King of Angmar Expy.
Another ancient villain will return; one whom, according to Predictions and Prophecies, "nopony can defeat". Oh, the mane cast will try, with the Elements of Harmony, but it simply won't work. As the villain's gloating, however, cue Big Damn Spike. This could possibly come as part of an episode of arc where Spike grows up into something more resembling an adult dragon; while he and probably everyone else are iffy at first with his new form, they'll all learn to accept it after he saves them all. Twilight would probably have been accepting the whole time... and maybe Rarity finds the new form handsome.
  • There are like fifty creatures that fulfill that requirement aside from Spike: the farm hands on Applejack's farm, the Diamond Dogs, the two dragons, Gilda, Zecora, Discord... more if we count animal-level intelligence creatures, like Opalescence, Winona, Owlicious?, the Hydra...
  • Jossed

Season 3 will "reintroduce" a team of villains/rivals.
Sure, Nightmare Moon escaped from her imprisonment, but who helped her? Those four stars that we saw always within proximity of the moon. If Lauren Faust is allowed to start putting "magical girl" themes back into the show, this troper could totally imagine the four stars appearing as a team of four villainous ponies who want Luna to "regain her powers" as Nightmare Moon and once again shroud Equestria in eternal darkness, so that the stars can always be seen in the sky.

To go deeper, perhaps at the start of the season we'll see Luna failing to make friends, and become envious of Twilight when seeing her surrounded by the other ponies. In come the "star ponies", who offer her unconditional friendship with a false smile, and she desperately accepts. Thus, the kiddies get to learn about the various ways that "friends" can take advantage of you and play you for a foal. These events would also provide a wealth of plot potential for the creators to work with, both as individual episodes, and as an overarching, season-long storyline that Lauren Faust (and many fans) seem to desire more.

  • Plus, now that Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra have joined the party, the possibilities just keep stacking up.
  • Jossed. The four stars never played any particular role.

Similarly, season three (or five) will introduce Evil Counterparts to the Elements of Harmony.
For example: The Elements of Chaos or Discord.
  • With Trixie being the leader and Evil Counterpart of Twilight.
    • Possible names for the elements, and their good counterparts:
      • Brutality/Magic (Magic needs finesse and training, brutality does not)
      • Distrust/Loyalty (Wielder is in constant fear of being backstabbed, rather than being loyal or trusting.)
      • Greed/Generosity (Self-explanatory.)
      • Insanity/Laughter (Laughter spreads joy, insanity spreads sadness.)
      • Deceit/Honesty (Wielder is always double-dealing, rather than being straight with others.)
      • Cruelty/Kindness (Self-explanatory.)
      • Of course, this also raises the question of how everyone will deal with artifacts just as powerful as the Elements of Harmony, but evil. Not to mention how to deal with Trixie once she's been defeated...
  • Jossed

There will be a future villain named: Krastos the Glue Maker.
However, nopony will understand why he chose that title since the glue that exists in Equestria isn't animal based and never has been.
  • His own glue might not even be made from (or be explicitly said to be made from) horses. He'll be a different sort of villain, perhaps a high-class thief or a send-up of ruthless businesses.
  • Or perhaps he'll simply be a generic bad guy who can't figure out why everypony keeps mispronouncing "Gloom Maker".
  • Jossed

The evil force that took over Princess Luna (and helped free Discord) will return and take over Princess Celestia.
Her evil persona will be something along the lines of "Hellfire Sun". Princess Luna and the mane cast will join together and find a way to purge the evil from her as they did with Luna.
  • Probably not. After all, kid's show.
    • There are plenty of other names that could be used; "Solar Flare" is a popular one. As for how it would happen, the evil force probably wouldn't try and take over Celestia directly at first, as she's too powerful. Instead, it would erode Celestia over time by preying on her greatest weakness: Her fear of being unable to protect those that she loves, which had been previously realized on several occasions (Having to seal Luna away, being powerless against Discord during his return, and straight-up losing to Queen Chrysalis during the invasion). The evil force would bring this to a head by breaking open Tatarus and setting all its prisoners loose across Equestria, throwing the land into chaos. With Celestia in an emotionally weakened state, the force would then influence her into thinking that the Godzilla Threshold had been crossed, and that the only way to "save" Equestria at that point would be to burn everything in it to a crisp with eternal day.
      "I am Solar Flare! All will be purified by the cleansing fires of my sun!"
  • Sorta Jossed. The evil force did return, and a "Nightmare" version of Celestia did appear, but they didn't have anything to do with each other — the Nightmare force possessed Rarity, and Daybreaker only appeared in a Dream Sequence.

Advancing from the above, the evil force that took over Luna will function as a (rather light, though) Knight of Cerebus.
  • Jossed

A pony will forcibly become the next Nightmare Moon.
Using the issues they have with subtle manipulation of their memories, how they hear things, or thoughts, as well as promises for power.

Ponies that may become the second Nightmare Moon:

  • Twilight Sparkle
    • Her mother
  • Pinkie Pie
  • The Great and Powerful Trixie
  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Cadance
  • Princess Luna
  • Shining Armor
  • Discord
  • King Sombra
  • The comic series has this as a plot point; it ends up being Rarity.

We will get a Villain Episode.
Where the focus is on Trixie, Gilda, and the other Evil Counterparts on the group. The episode might end with them either hating each other's guts or moving on with their own lives.
  • There were several episodes focusing on minor and major antagonists reappearing, although they shared the spotlight with the mane six and didn't appear alongside one another.

King Sombra will be Affably Evil like Discord and most of the time the actual conflict between them and the Mane 6 will be Go-Karting with Bowser.
Until the season finale where he will Take a Level in Badass and suddenly become the Knight of Cerebus...
  • That would be an interesting angle; a villain who's genuinely likable would be a nice addition to the show.
    • Jossed like a mofo. Not only is King Sombra an evil bastard to the core, but his first appearance was pretty flat in terms of characterization and in his second he was plainly hostile to everyone else.

The girls will meet a possibly Evil Counterpart race for each of the pony species
They will be descendants of the followers of Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon pre-banishment. After her exile they went into hiding, or fled to another land/world. If they are really an Evil Counterpart Race , they might attempt to somehow re-transform Luna into NMM, or work for the new villains. But if they are just more oriented to the moon and darkness, not necessarily evil, they may assist the mane cast, maybe even with a new member joining the cast's rank, functioning as a G-rated Anti-Hero, who could function as a Shadow Archetype to one of the cast.
  • Or maybe followers of Discord? Maybe not everypony's been brainwashed by him. For all we know, some probably followed him out of their own will.
  • Jossed

The Mane Cast's Psycho Rangers/Evil Counterparts will represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Spike's counterpart is Lust like he had over Rarity.
  • Pinkie Pie's counterpart is Gluttony on account she ate all those sweets.
  • Rarity's counterpart is Greed for her love of gems.
  • Applejack's counterpart is Envy for her jealously to anyone who's better than her.
  • Rainbow Dash's counterpart is Sloth of her slacking off.
  • Fluttershy's counterpart is Wrath of her snapping.
  • Twilight Sparkle's counterpart is Pride over her being Celestia's top pupil.
    • Rarity and Applejack could switch sins. Rarity got very envious of Fluttershy's fame, while Applejack is the one who sings about making money.
      • Applejack sings about making money for her family. Earlier she mentioned using it to get a new barn and plow and replace Granny Smith's hip. So Greed still fits Rarity better.
      • As the guy who created this WMG, Rarity can be Prideful herself, and Twilight can be Wrathful since she evolves to Rapidash.
  • Jossed

The next villain after Discord...
There are three basic types of villains. Type one is a dark spirit that cannot have its own form, but must take the form of others (Nightmare Moon applies). Type two is a physical being who represents a form of evil, like Discord representing chaos. The third type is a mix; a physical being that is not truly human/pony/whatever. They represent all forms of evil and can have their own form. However, they are composed completely of shadow and are usually a dark counterpart. My guess is a group of dark versions of the mane cast will appear and attempt to destroy the Elements of Harmony.

Opinions are appreciated.

One of the villains this season will be a Music Meister.
Considering the entire cast are pretty much fantastic singers as we've seen so far, it'd be a shame not to do a Musical Episode, but most of the songs done so far have had to have been limited to one per episode...or most often done by Pinkie Pie. Word of God has confirmed there will be more villains this season, why not take advantage of it and have one of them be an excuse for a Musical Episode. And end it with someone who doesn't like singing (perhaps Sweetie Belle, which could also go a little bit, or even all the way, into earning her Cutie Mark) having to beat the villain in a singing contest or something.
  • And this Music Meister will be played by Neil Patrick Harris I assume?
    • Better, Hinton Battle. And he will do a killer tap dance!
  • How about a pony/creature that can hypnotise ponies to do his evil will using music? For instance, he sets up a stall in Ponyville claiming to be a great musician. He bewitches around half the town (the other half are doing their jobs, etc. Applejack is at Sweet Apple Acres. These people start stealing valuables and spreading gossip as he keeps hypnotising ponies until Twilight realises everyone's acting weird. She confronts him and he tries to hypnotise her, but she uses a spell that makes her immune. Then she stops him and reverses the town. I reckon that would make an awesome season finale/premiere.
  • Jossed. In any case, these don't seem to relate to any particular recurring villain archetypes anyway.

The next big enemy of the ponies will try to replace Celestia's rule with a bureaucratic order where emotions like friendship would be abandoned in the name of efficiency.
Until now, we had Eternal Night and Eternal Chaos, so why not Eternal Order as the next big threat? It would be as much antagonistic to Friendship as Eternal Chaos, and possibly even more than Eternal Night. It's definitely a possibility.

One of the new villains will be an old minion of Nightmare Moon.
Perhaps a Golem or other mechanical creature, lying dormant for a thousand years but suddenly awakened. Luna will probably feel some guilt about the harm that comes to other ponies (Bonus points if she actually created the villain in the first place if it is artificial or magical in nature) due to this villain's rampage. The villain may try to return Luna to her Nightmare Moon form.
  • Jossed.

The next villain will force be Discord Threshold level.
Possibly the "order villain" suggested elsewhere but the situation will become so bleak they have to release Discord.
  • Bonus points if Discord gives Celestia a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about her needing him to spread chaos.
  • Confirmed for the Season 4 finale; Celestia asks Discord to take care of the new villain, although Discord was released and even reformed by Season 3.

Some part of "Hearth's Warming Eve" will foreshadow a coming villain.
  • Shortly after Return of Harmony, part 2 aired Jayson mentioned another villain. At some point in this episode, there will be a hint of the villain's nature, perhaps they will somehow have been involved in the blizzard.
    • This has some merit to it. The Windigos are hinted in the episode to still be around. All they need is a little interspecies animosity.
    • Jayson was probably talking about Chrysalis.

Medusa will appear somewhere in the series.
Either as a Monster of the Week, a monster recalled in another story about Equestria's past, referenced somewhere, or even a Big Bad. Why?
  1. It'd be awesome.
  2. Pegasus (so maybe, the first Pegasi) came from Medusa, and that could be referenced in this series.
  • Jossed.

There will be a villain with the power to take away cutie marks.
When the cutie marks are gone, so are the talents that they represent. However, the Mane Six manage to defeat him using their secondary talents.
  • That'll probably be Discord seeing as he is able to take away wings and horns.
  • Primary WMG mostly confirmed, the season 4 finale's villain can take away cutie marks. We don't know what the exact effects are yet, but they're probably gonna be pretty bad based on how the victim reacted to the removal process. However, it's not Discord's doing, it's an updated Tirek from all the way back in G1.
  • Confirmed with the Season 5 villain, Starlight Glimmer. Instead of removing Cutie Marks as a side effect of stealing magic, de-Marking ponies is her primary schtick.

A Complete Monster will be introduced as a future villain.
Because of this, he/she will be the only villain that is played completely seriously and his/her actions would be so vile that King Sombra and Lord Tirek would cringe in fear.
  • Jossed.

The Changeling King will appear at some point.
His name will be King Cocoon and he'll assist Chrysalis with her future plans to conquer Equestria. And he'll be voiced by either Tom Hiddleston (who better to voice a magic-wielding schemer than Loki himself?) or Sam Witwer (using the same voice he did for The Son, who also happens to be a cunning, shapeshifting villain with supernatural powers).
  • Jossed.

At least one of the toyline characters will appear as a antagonist.
Most likely on the level of Trixie, Gilda or Diamond Tiara, rather than an out-and-out villain like Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, or Sombra. After all, the immense popularity of characters like the Great and Powerful Trixie and her promotion to a toyline character proves that they're marketable, and such a storyline could help a God-Created Canon Foreigner stand out more among the crowd... and sell more toys!

Possible plotlines include:

  • Using the Glimmer Wings line for a "I Just Want to Be Special" arc that calls back to the spell used in "Sonic Rainboom", where they're using the same spell to get attention. Notably, most of the Glimmer Wing ponies are already pegasi, who could've seen Rarity with her temporary wings.
  • A False Friend who just wants to get closer to one of the Mane Cast so they can brag about being BFFs with a hero. Likely a Manipulative Mule In Sheep's Clothing.
    • Alternately, somepony who honestly wants to be friends, but is way too aggressive about it, for An Aesop about how you can't force friendship. To avoid a Broken Aesop, wouldn't get what she wanted by the end; the lesson would be lost on her as she kept trying to force her 'new friend' to choose between her and the others, then get offended when they stuck with the Mane Cast.
      • Wait, didn't they already do that plot line, only it was with Pinkie toward Cranky?
  • Jossed.

Twilight Sparkle will have a Dark Magical Pony rival.
A future villain will either have this pony working for them, or the Dark Magical Pony will be the villain her/himself. Twilight will eventually befriend the pony (probably after defeating them) and they will do a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Bonus if he/she becomes Luna's student after the aforementioned Heel–Face Turn, so that he/she still remains an opposite to Twilight without being evil. A second bonus if he/she becomes the Seventh Ranger to the Mane Six and represents an altogether different Element (though what that Element is opens a different story).
    • Does Magic Duel count? Because after Magic Duel, the only thing left for this theory to be completely confirmed is if Trixie ends up as Luna's student. Perhaps in keeping with the theme of differences, instead of being capable of great feats of magic under her own power like Twilight is, Trixie is dependent on magical foci (like, say, a wand). As for the conceptual Element: Trixie went through hell to get the Alicorn Amulet. Perhaps Determination.

The next villain will be Pink!Celestia
She's Celestia's evil clone who seeks to turn all Equestria pink to make it more marketable to young girls. She'll begin by turning each of the Mane Cast pink. Except Pinkie. She'll turn her orange.

If the Crystal Empire arc has an antagonist, they'll be an Anti-Villain
Perhaps a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wants to restore the Crystal Kingdom to its former glory... whatever the cost. Their Villain Song will be a Dark Reprise of 'Crystal Fair' explaining how they intend to do this. (Hey, the song does mention 'saving the crystal ponies')

The final Season 3 villain will be Twilight Sparkle herself turning evil.
We all saw how bad her Super OCD is and Word of God said that something possessed Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon. Whatever causes her to turn to the dark side, she would become a Knight Templar type of villain who demands order. She's essentially the opposite of Discord, where order instead of chaos would reign. Her Superpowered Evil Side will show that extreme Order is not good. Her friends and family are forced to stop Twilight even by any means necessary. But most importantly, can she stop herself?
  • Or, alternatively, she becomes so overwhelmed by her negative emotions (e.g. anger, sadness, desperation, anxiety, etc.) that she completely loses her mind as well as all hope in Equestria and transforms into an Omnicidal Maniac hell-bent on destroying Equestria along with its every inhabitant.
  • In addition, she will not let anypony or anything try to control her or get in her way; not even the villains.
    • Speaking of the villains, Twilight's friends are forced to pull an Enemy Mine with Discord and/or Queen Chrysalis. For the former, they'll point out that he can no longer make anyone miserable if they're dead, and the latter, they'll point out that there won't be any love for her to feed off of.
  • Jossed, as there was no villain for the Season 3 finale. However, the conflict is Twilight's fault.

There will be a villain who would be a Social Darwinist.
Said villain would personally believe that emotions such as remorse and forgiveness are for the weak, with only the strong may endure. Granted, we've had villains with a Lack of Empathy, but we have yet to see a Might Makes Right type of a villain who forgoes morals over practicality (Think Objectivism). While the heroines may disagree with their methods, they do see that the said Villain Has a Point.
  • Jossed.

...nicknamed Crystallion, has been leaked from official websites as a possible Season 3 villain. Let the WMGs begin. I'll start:

  • "Crystallion" isn't a pony. He's a Qilin or some other oriental mystical creature. Yes, there are Qilins with a single, curved horn.
    • Following the above hypothesis, "Crystallion" is not normally a villain. Qilins are typically depicted as noble protectors of the innocent. But he could be corrupted by an outside influence that turned him evil — possibly the same dark magic that first tainted Nightmare Moon.
      • From what I've seen in the episode, he certainly isn't a pony anymore.
    • Jossed. He's a unicorn, kirin are entirely different creatures.
  • He's a Decoy Antagonist. The mane cast will spend most of the first part of the season opener (Assuming he appears in the season opener) thinking he is the one behind all the trouble, but then the real villain(s) appear near the end of it. Bonus points if he is incredibly incompetent at being evil.
    • Nope. He is the Big Bad of the third season premiere. He's very competent, and extremely evil.
  • He'll appear to be evil at first, but then he'll turn out to be a hero who plays a big part in defeating the real villains.
    • Jossed.
  • He is Cadance's Evil Uncle, and wants the Crystal Empire for himself.
    • Partly Jossed. He's no relation of Cadance, but he sure wants the Empire.
  • Season Three will have a story arc, and he will be the Disc-One Final Boss.
  • He will be a Big Bad Wannabe, and the only reason he will be a threat in the slightest is because he has very powerful allies who agree with his ideas, or because he has an incredibly powerful minion who will betray him at some point and become the true Big Bad.
    • Confirmed, but not for Season 3 — he ended up playing this role in Season 9, where he ends up vastly overestimating his power and is set up to fail by the actual Big Bad to cow the other villains into compliance.
  • He will borrow elements from Ganondorf just as Nightmare Moon did with Maleficent, Discord with Q and Queen Chyrsalis with Ursula.
    • Actually, he borrows traits from Sauron.
  • He will be a recurring villain and have the voice of Andrea Libman, which would tie in nicely with this tweet.
    • Nope. He's voiced by Jim Miller, and even then mostly in grunts.
  • He will embody Lawful Evil in much the same way as Discord Embodied Chaotic Evil. The five-minute preview of the episode shows ponies from the crystal empire in chains, suggesting that he enslaved the populace of the Crystal Empire, likely for some sinister purpose... or possibly just to make sure they stay in line. Order above all, and woe betide anyone who puts a hoof out of line...
    • Broadly confirmed, accounting for the usual YMMV applying to character alignment.

Eventually, we'll meet Babs Seed's bully.
And he/she will make Diamond Tiara look like a saint. Look at how insecure Babs is and what her idea of bullying is, both of which are much worse than the insecurity of the CMC or the bullying Diamond Tiara regularly dishes out. Perhaps someone on par with Eddy's Brother.
  • Jossed.

Foil characters ahoy!
The show has a lot of foil characters, less-than-stellar reflections of the Mane Cast and their close relatives. Let's try to come up with some. Examples of existing foils will be included to let you know what is being talked about. Note, a foil is more along the lines of a Jerkass (and they don't even have to be particularly antagonistic), not a threat to national security. At least, not in their introductory episode.
  • Twilight Sparkle.
    • Existing Foil(s): Trixie
    • WMG Foil: Another one of Celestia's students, jealous of Twilight getting Princess Celestia's personal attention. Time displaced Starswirl the Bearded (it turns out he was a much bigger jackass than history remembers him to be).
      • Looks like Sunset Shimmer will be getting this prize in the Equestria Girls movie. A former personal student of Princess Celestia no less.
      • Interestingly, jackass Starswirl The Bearded seems to be taking form in the Micro comics, though we have yet to see him time-displaced.
  • Rarity.
  • Applejack.
    • Existing Foil(s): Flim Flam brothers.
    • WMG Foil: The Pear Mafia.
  • Pinkie Pie.
    • Existing Foil(s): Cranky Doodle?
    • WMG Foil: Overly excessive party animal who blares loud music at 3 AM (possibly even DJ-Pon3, who, despite her fan status, might have personal issues). One of the Gala/Garden Party planners, who is meant to come across as an overly stuffy jerk but is deeply upset and offended by Pinkie's attempts to "improve" them, and is even more insulted that Celestia chose Pinkie over her to plan Cadance's wedding despite the former's repeated destruction of her own events.
      • Looks like it's going to Cheese Sandwich, of the upcoming "Pinkie Pride" episode, but we'll have to see.
      • Not sure how to count this. Foils are usually antagonists and at least somewhat mean/jerkish, but Cheese Sandwich was nothing but nice.
      • Possibly adding Sonata Dusk. A perky, quirky girl who openly cheers at the implication of Taco Tuesdays, and uses singing to bring people under her sway, but in an evil manner.
      • Gilda has been retroactively entered as a foil, given that they have both been the best friend of Rainbow Dash and are both terrible bakers who learn to become better, but have opposite attitudes. And hey! They've both made Fluttershy cry!
  • Rainbow Dash.
    • Existing Foil(s): Gilda, Lightning Dust.
    • WMG Foil: Former disgruntled Wonderbolt.
      • Wind Rider come on down! A disgruntled former Wonderbolt who framed Rainbow Dash for a crime she didn't commit.
  • Fluttershy.
    • Existing Foil(s): Iron Will?
    • WMG Foil: Cruel animal trainer working in a circus. Or a ponified equivalent of Leeky Windstaff.
  • Spike.
    • Existing Foil(s): Dragon bullies.
    • WMG Foil: An assistant who uses his position to blackmail his employers.
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders.
    • Existing Foil(s): Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
    • WMG Foil: A breakaway branch of the Cutie Mark Crusaders who pick on no-flanks (species who don't have Cutie Marks). A Craig Tucker-pony filly who is just sick of the CMC rampant destructive impulsiveness.

The villain in the Grand Finale will the the most sadistic and depraved villain to ever appear in the series.
I can't be the only one who's noticed the Serial Escalation with how evil each villain is, so it only makes sense. Bonus points if...
  • It's a female, because there seems to be a pattern with the villain's genders.
    • Nightmare Moon — female
    • Discord — male
    • Queen Chrysalis — female
    • King Sombra — male
      • Well, consider that pattern broken since the Season 4 finale villain is male.
  • He/she has caused troubles for them in the past, like he/she was the one who killed Applejack's, Spike's, Scootaloo's, and maybe a few other's parents.
  • Even Discord is afraid of him/her.
  • He/she turns out to be related to one of the Mane Cast.

Nightmare Moon will return...
Only this time, it isn't actually Nightmare Moon herself, but is instead a clone. The creator of the clone created her in an attempt to take over Equestria. It becomes fairly obvious that the clone isn't 100% complete, as the clone seems to be more like an animal. This is hammered in by the fact that she doesn't speak, but instead roars and growls and has Empty Eyes and/or Glowing Eyes of Doom. She'll also have a perpetual Slasher Smile plastered on her face.

The final villain of the series will be Spike.
And it will play out similarly to this.
  • Jossed.

There will be a future villain who will be an Expy of Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, or Goenitz
Basically, their role as the villain will be similar to the originals:

Geese: Unicorn. He came to Equestria when he heard of the Alicorn Amulet. He wishes to get his hands (hooves?) on it and become more powerful. The twist to this one would be that Trixie is the one who stops him, either because she realizes that he'd be nigh-unstoppable if he does get the Amulet, or because he killed her father, thus providing the Terry Bogard expy.

Goenitz: Pegasus. Might be one of Sombra's loyal followers. He wishes to find a way to bring back Sombra so he could rule all of Equestria. And even though he's a pegasus, he has access to Sombra's powers. Might get stopped by Shining Armor and/or Cadance. In the end, he vanishes with the wind.

Rugal: Earth Pony. Despite being an earth pony, he has use to some magic after Goenitz had given it to him. He holds a tournament to test his strength against others, and if he wins, he turns the loser into a statue. Twilight would eventually be the one to defeat him. When this happens, he blows up his castle, but his body will be nowhere in sight. He will then later return as a more powerful being with a paler body and mane, similar to Omega Rugal.

One of the future antagonists will be an expy of Melkor from The Silmarillion.
Going even further from how Sombra was an expy of Sauron, this character will be revealed to have a large impact on the setting, to the point that Sombra had known of him/her/it and either worked for him/her/it, was taught by him/her/it, or otherwise been aided by him/her/it. This character will possibly be the Ultimate Evil of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • He'll be a Satanic Archetype who used to be an alicorn(possibly Faust Pony's brother), since Melkor was basically an expy for Satan.
  • Jossed.

Prince Weevil, Chrysalis' slimy younger brother.
He is first-in-line to the Changeling throne and Chrysalis' second-in-command. Ambitious, self-absorbed and murderously jealous of his big sister his entire life, he has his eyes dead set on the throne and cannot make his treacherous goals more obvious, consistently undermining her authority and attempted to overthrow her leadership every single chance he gets. He's straight-up The Starscream to Chrysalis' Megatron.

If there is another villainous Shadow Archetype to Rainbow Dash, then the new character will be another Scrappy/total villain for the fans.
It happened the last two times already.

The next villain will be similar to Ultemicia in mannerisms
Discord was similar to Kefka in being a psychotic joker, Sombra was more reserved and a change from the villain before him like Sephiroth so the season 4 villain may be like Ultemicia in being manipulative, cold and filled with hate and resentment.
  • Jossed.

There will be a villain who is a ponified version of Soundwave.
The character would wear a mask, and is usually seen just standing around idly doing nothing at all.
  • Jossed.

There will be villains who use the Elements of Harmony for ill intent.

Discord's mom will appear.
Unlike her son, who's a jackass Reality Warper, she'll be an outright Eldritch Abomination embodying strife and chaos, given the name Eris. The good news is that she's isn't malevolent, merely doing her job. The bad news is that her job is being responsible for strife itself, with her mere presence destroying Equestria. It'll turn out that she has been floating through space through eons, and has just arrived in Equestria's solar system. The threat will be so massive previous villains, including Discord will appear-though in Discord's case, he'll be fine with it until he realises mama Eris is too crazy for even him. Pinkie Pie will [{Sanity Slippage be driven mad]] and turned into Eris' herald, becoming the equivalent of Nightmare Moon. While they won't be able to beat Eris and certainly won't be able to redeem her(her system of ethics is too insane for that), and Equestria will only be saved by moving it out of the way of Eris. The mooks will be the equivalent of insane cultists. Discord may have been a former Dragon of Eris, searching for worlds she feels needs more strife, but decided to screw with Equestria because he's a troll and can't troll a world burnt out through strife.
  • Jossed.

Scorpan will appear.
And much like his G1 counterpart, he's The Dragon to a villain who follows orders hesitantly. At one point, the Mane Six will notice that he seems to be oddly protective of Spike (again, as a reference to G1). It would be revealed that Spike reminded Scorpan of his own son, who vanished a few months prior, and that he only joined up with the villain in the vain hope to locate his missing son.
  • He technically appeared, but only in narrative flashbacks.

There'll be a villain in the form of Celestia and Luna's brother/Cadance's father, Prince Solaris.
He'll be a Noble Demon conqueror who's a good dad to Candace in contrast to the other main villains who are rather dark compared to the rest of the series. Like them, however, Solaris will be a major threat since Noble Demons are not Soft. Solaris' motive is that he wants to replace Celestia as ruler of Equestria, since he used to be in charge of the Sun and believes it and the respect Celestia gets were stolen from him. The reason why it was taken in the first place is probably because Solaris was irresponsible with it, letting his lackwit son be in charge of it.
  • Jossed.

The villain of the Season 4 two-parter premiere (or a future villain after that) will turn Twilight's friends against her.
As a setup, there may be some small bit of resentment between Twilight and her friends (Twilight would be treated differently, and the rest of the mane 6 jealous of her ascension). The villain would exploit that, telling Twilight that Might Makes Right, and everyone should bow to her, while the mane 6 would have said resentment exploited.
  • Jossed.

Firecracker Burst from the toyline will come as a fire loving Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
She will be a unicorn who takes joy in setting things on fire. However, she knows that something is wrong with her, and became a recluse to stop herself from hurting others, instead of actually finding help. Unfortunately, something will happen that will set her over the edge, her craziness finally taking over. Eventually, the Mane Six will manage to calm her down and actually get her to find peace with and control pyromania, making her take a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jossed.

One of the villains in Season 5 (or after that) will be a Knight Templar who is trying to kill (or at least defeat) Discord.
He remembers Discord only as the Mad God of Evil that he used to be. Not understanding that the character has changed, he'll try to strip away Discord's power like Tirek did, that way he'll be easier to defeat.
  • Jossed.

One antagonist will turn out to have been set up for his/her crimes.
S/he will believe Celestia backstabbed them and sealed them away for all eternity as a power play, and wants to get as far away from her as possible. When s/he finds out who really screwed them over, limbs start flying.
  • Jossed.

A Changeling Emperor will appear — one that rules over hundreds of other Changeling colonies in the world — and the love-sharing transformation of the Changelings we know at the moment is one of the reasons why he's coming for Equestria himself.
He will seek the capture or destruction of Equestria not for his own gain but rather solely because he utterly despises the mere existence of ponies, considering them to be "a sickeningly sweet race of rainbow-colored horses that spread friendship and happiness around like a disease" and using the newly transformed Changeling hive as a basis for his claim. As an Emperor he's directly related to Queen Chrysalis, and his motive is exactly why she exists; seeing that the "root of the ponies' happiness" is love, he specifically created Chrysalis as a creature that feeds on love so that she would form a hive and then condition it to stealing love by starving her people so that they would suck Equestria dry and win the battle for him. It's not until said hive is taught to share the love instead by Starlight Glimmer and a rebel Changeling (except for Chrysalis who remains loyal) that he starts bearing an even deeper resentment for ponies and making a decision to do the job on his own. As for why he hasn't been mentioned or even hinted at yet, it is because there may exist a law among the Changeling rulers that says not to reveal the existence of any other rulers besides themselves to anyone — including members of their own colonies — so that their enemies never find out there are many more of them than they know of and thus preventing them from hunting down other colonies, especially in such a populated community like the Changeling Empire where exists a big potential for traitorous Changelings.
  • Jossed.

     Other factions 

We are going to see glow-in-the-dark ponies soon.
The reason Princess Luna flipped out and became Nightmare Moon was due to loneliness and jealousy (no ponies were staying up to enjoy and admire her work, like they were for her sister). The problem is that although she became Princess Luna again, there still aren't any ponies who are usually up all night.
  • Jossed.

Rhinos will appear on the show.
And they will be a Take That! against Rated M for Manly.

Rarity will gain a new Lust Object in Season 3.
After having her dreams of marrying a prince dashed at the Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity will move on to another eligible bachelor pony. This might also end in failure when she finds what is wrong with this one. The cycle will continue in later seasons.
  • Alternatively, Rarity finds herself in an actually decent relationship with an actually decent stallion, prompting the rest of the mane cast to deal with feeling neglected when Rarity spends so much time with him instead of them. Dealing with jealousy of attention when one's friends start dating is a real concern for teenagers, after all. To preserve status quo, her love interest might live in Canterlot and thus not be able to show up very often.
    • Well, while jossed for Season 3, Season 4 has her crushing on a travel writer named Trenderhoof. However, her problem with him is that he's crushing on Applejack. No one ends up with anyone by the end of the episode though, and Rarity seemed to lose interest with him as well.

Season(s) 2 and/or 3 will feature a real shout-out to Bronies...
They'll be portrayed as Oni (Ogre-like creatures from Japanese Mythology). The Bro-Oni are either going to be brutish but ultimately friendly creatures who befriend the ponies or villainous and minions to a Big Bad.
  • Jossed.

At some point the Mane cast will encounter a gigantic subterranean monster.
It'll cause earthquakes just by moving and will be so massive all they can see is its eye. After 20 minutes of trying to communicate with it or fight it Celestia will show up and say "sorry we woke you up mom, me and Luna will try to play more quietly now."
  • If we're going that route, this is my idea: There will be a crisis not even Princess Celestia or the six Elements of Harmony can resolve. Maybe a giant meteor on a crash-course with Equestria or something. Anyway, a truly gigantic alicorn (bigger than even the Ursa Major here) who looks like he's made of dark matter, and possibly has stars for eyes will save Equestria. After some awkwardness, Celestia and Luna will introduce their father, Ouranos, Lord of the Cosmos.
  • Jossed.

One of the Mane cast will get romantically involved with somepony, causing tension with the others.
For example, Fluttershy and Big Macintosh start working together on something, then they start spending all their time together, then both Applejack and Angel get jealous and come up with a series of antics to break them up. And in the end Big Mac and Fluttershy assure them that they're Just Friends (for now).
  • Jossed.

List of Original Characters that would appear in Season 3.
  • Harry the Bear
    • Would initially shock Rainbow Dash, considering she thought she made him up. Though tends to get grumpy at times, he may ultimately have a soft spot for ponies and may be good friends with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy down the line.
      • And he will enjoy both playing seashells and collecting volleyballs.
    • Confirmed.
  • Krastos the Glue Maker
    • A giant, powerful, and bloodthirsty warrior who targets ponies to make glue out of them. More detailed bio would either be: A) a Villain of the Week who becomes recurring as the season continues along, and either the hired help of the Big Bad and/or the leader of a group of thugs; B) an ancient evil that was initially defeated by Celestia and Luna eons ago and no has recently escaped the prison he was trapped in and had been merely a scary story until then; or C) one of Tirek's many monikers.
    • Jossed.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will gain another member.
Who it might be:
  • Dinky Hooves.
    • Already saw her a couple times with a cutie mark, even though they aren't consistent.
  • Somepony we haven't met yet.
  • A pony who thinks they "got the wrong cutie mark" (this member only sticks around for one episode).
  • Someone who's not a pony at all, but thinks the can still earn a cutie mark (A griffon, or perhaps another baby dragon. Maybe Little Strongheart will come back).
  • An adult pony who after all these years still hasn't acquired a cutie mark.
    • Bonus points if the adult pony is a stallion and the Professor Utonium to the trio's Powerpuff Girls.
  • Shining Armor and Cadance's future child
  • A baby Changeling. He pulled a Heel–Face Turn and ran away from Chrysalis after her defeat at the wedding. He joins the CMC because Being Evil Sucks and he wants to find another use for his powers.
  • Queen Chrysalis' daughter, Princess Pupa, as explained in the Good guy section.
  • Well, they got a Sixth Ranger. Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed.

The mane cast will meet a Spear Counterpart.
They'll show up out of the blue with their own elements and help the girls out with the problem of the day.

The toyline pony Lily Blossom will appear in season three.
She's one of only four toyline ponies with their own boxart, and is the only one of them that isn't a region exclusive bonus pony.
  • Jossed.

Spike will meet and befriend some other young dragons.
  • He will do the things dragons like to do with them. Initially Twilight is happy for him, but these dragons try to make Spike spend less time with his pony friends, believing that dragons are superior. They also pressure him into doing things he doesn't want to do. At some point they try to forcibly keep them away from him, but Twilight and the rest of the mane cast tell the dragon's mothers on them. The mothers make them apologize for behavingly so terribly and Spike goes back to hanging out with his pony friends. The lesson will be that true friends aren't always the ones who look and act the most like you, but rather the ones who treat you right.
    • Seeing what being a "real" dragon is like, Spike will be put off by it and prefer his pony friends/family, but will learn something about being a dragon that comes in handy (maybe he'll want to start hoarding stuff, good for Rarity...not so much for Twlight's house!), so he won't ignore it entirely. And Celestia won't spam him with letters ever again! (necessary, I know, but the poor thing...)
    • He kind of already did that in "Owls Well That Ends Well". My guess would be that there will be an episode where some of his dragonish instincts kick and and he begins hoarding gems (and other forms of treasure) rather than eating them all right away. The conflict will come when Rarity's collection is wiped out and Spike must choose between helping her and keeping his collection (naturally he'll go with the former). The end of the episode will reveal that the rest of the ponies all chipped in and helped start a new collection for him and Twilight setting aside the basement of the library as his "Dragon's Cave".
  • Broadly confirmed by the events of "Dragon Quest", where Spike met dragons he wanted nothing to do with, and "Gauntlet of Fire", where he met a dragon he got along with much better.

There will be an episode where one of the ponies gets a boyfriend.
And the others will do everything in their power to break up the relationship, since they're worried it might break up their friendship. (And since their friendship powers the Elements of Harmony needed to fight off serious threats to Equestria, this is a little less selfish then it sounds.) The boyfriend will most likely leave at the end of the episode.
  • Maybe, though if he leaves at the end it could present a Hard Truth Aesop if it isn't handled well.
    • It could just be revealed that their relationship was purely platonic and the other ponies were wearing Shipping Goggles. Or they decided that their relationship wasn't going to work out and became Just Friends offscreen.
  • No such episode for the main cast, although Big Mac does get hitched.

There will be an episode where the Mane Cast find a hippocampus washed up on a beach.
A hippocampus is a mythical creature with a horse body and a fish tail instead of back legs. Faust has expressed interest in using them, so it's a possibility. After some problems at a weather factory, there is a HUGE storm. After things clear up, the Mane Cast goes down to the beach to clean up, where they find a hippocampus washed up on the beach. She swam too far away from her home when the storm came and she ended up getting blown VERY far away. Parts of the seas can be dangerous, and she does't know the way home. The Mane Cast gets a boat and uses their skills and knowledge to help her get through a safe, quick route home. They succeed, and the end moral will be something like "Friends should team up to help others" or "Helping others is a good way to make friends".
  • Sorta. This particular plot or concept didn't happen, but hippocampus-style seaponies did appear.

Applejack will be forced to deal with her nasty cousin "Crab Apple".
It seems like no matter what they do to cheer him up (Parties, new clothes, all the books he wants) he's still grumpy, complains about everything, and makes the others feel bad. In the end, They leave him to brood on his own with the Aesop of "You can't please all the people all the time".
  • Then again, it can be twisted into other aesops: Crab Apple was upset about something that happened back home and wasn't in the mood for socializing ("People need time for themselves too.") or they actually ask what he likes, and it turns out he simply doesn't like the stuff they have been doing, and enjoys other activities the mane six normally wouldn't consider fun, like playing in the mud or something. ("Not everyone's ideas of fun is the same, and it's only fair we all get to do the things we enjoy.")
  • Well, Apple Bloom had to deal with her cousin Babs Seed.

There will be a bit character who is an older male pony, accompanied by two young, beautiful, and curiously-dressed female ponies, and his name will be Hugh Hoofner.
'Cause, you know, just for funny.
  • If they can sneak that by the censors, of course.
  • It'll be Doctor Whoof, dressed like Hefner
  • Jossed.

There will be more background ponies with hourglass cutie marks.
An older stallion named William Hoofnell will appear (in a coat that originally belonged to Sir William S. Gilbuck or Sir Arther Seymour Sullimane), and there will be another in a long colorful scarf.

We'll see more changelings in the future
Certainly their queen will try to take over the kingdom again, but we might meet one of the rogue Changelings. This little one in particular will still feed off of love, but he finds that if he gives a small amount of love to others, he gets a lot back in return, more than enough to sustain him. He is opposed to his species policy of forcibly extracting love, and only uses his shapeshifting powers to get ponies to trust him more. He will come across either Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie, and they will be the first to accept him as a changeling.
  • And as a shout-out, he will be voiced by Greg Cipes.
  • That could work as the "forgiveness episode" theorized elsewhere... also, The Reveal of the changeling's true form would also be quite the Tear Jerker / Heartwarming Moment:
    • "You... still love me? But what I did... what I am.."
  • Confirmed. Changelings became a recurring species after a species-wide Heel–Face Turn, although only one rogue changeling existed before that.

A Changeling Mook.
Will be reformed, but the cast will be suspicious. Will appear for one episode. Part of his character will be figuring out how to feed without hurting anyone to be a Friendly Neighborhood Changeling. Applejack and Rainbow Dash will not like him/her at first.
  • Confirmed, through Thorax, although the character focus was on Spike, Twilight and the Crystal Empire residents.

This green Earth pony stallion is an upcoming character from the show.
All of the other G4 toy stallions, molded and otherwise, have been characters from the show: Big Macintosh, Chance-a-lot (Caramel), Goldengrape, Meadow Song, Mosely Orange, Noteworthy, Royal Riff, Shining Armor, and Twilight Sky. On the other hand, we don't know if this green guy is actually going to be released...

Spike will meet a pony raised by dragons.
An inversion of Spike being a dragon raised by ponies.
  • Jossed.

The Crystal Ponies will have crystal cutie marks.
Cadance has a blue crystal heart for one, and she rules the Crystal Kingdom/Empire. It's reasonable to assume that the ponies she rules have cutie marks containing crystals as well.
  • Semi-Jossed. Crystal Ponies seem to be Earth Ponies with extensive exposure to a magical artifact. Crystal-based Cutie Marks are no more common among them than Equestria-normal ones.

We will meet a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Emperor Norton.
You know, this guy. I don't actually expect this to happen, but the idea amuses me. Even better, one or all of the Princesses takes a liking to him and lets him take over ruling for a few days, which he proves quite good at.
  • Jossed.

The two fillies Babs Seed will recruit in the CMC's Manehatten branch are..
This WMG is guesses as to who you think Babs Seed will recruit into the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Please post them here:
  • Toola-Roola and Starsong.
    • Toola Roola appeared in "Fame and Misfortune" as a filly living in Ponyville.
  • Ultimately, the two fillies in question never appeared.

There will be a group of vampire ponies.
They'll turn out to be really nice characters, and the reason they stay away from other civilizations is because people are terrified of them. Instead of drinking blood, they would be feeding on "life energy" (to keep it G rated), and it will be explained that they feed off the animals around them. One of the Mane 6 (probably Fluttershy) will end up accidentally be turned into one, and they spend the rest of the (two-parter?) episode trying to change them back.
  • Jossed.

This pony will play a major role in Season 4, or at least the premiere
This mysterious masked mare was spotted at the 2013 New York Toy Fair among toys of the Mane Six and Princess Twilight also wearing masks. With such a unique cutie mark, she might be more important than just a random toyline only pony.
  • You know, she's somewhat reminiscent of Philomena, Celestia's pet phoenix, in her color scheme, and her cutie mark makes sense (a sun with a heart in it, or something). Maybe there'll be a changeling plot, when Philomena gets turned into a pony for the night and needs to hide behind a mask for... some reason.
  • Well, we now know that her name is Sunset Shimmer and that she's Celestia's ex-student. There's a couple of ways that could go.
  • Jossed, in that Sunset didn't play any role in the main series, but she did become the main spinoff's main character.

General guesses about Sunset Shimmer
So apparently this pony has been revealed as a former student of Princess Celestia. Guess away.

There will be a trio of changelings who will appear.
One might be a large Boisterous Bruiser, who talks rather loud. Another might be more of a Deadpan Snarker who seems mostly indifferent to what goes on around them. And the last one might be a Shrinking Violet who, of course, is incredibly shy and timid. (Bonus points if the last one gets a Twice Shy moment with Fluttershy.)
  • Jossed.

There'll be a character that'll sound like Foghorn Leghorn.
He could be a pony, and dress like a Southern Gentleman. He'll even say some of Leghorn's phrases like "Pay attention, son! Look at me while I'm talking to ya!" and "That's a joke, son! You missed it!". If he's a villain, he might try to buy off the Apple Farm. At one point, Pinkie Pie will use his phrase against him.
Pinkie: That's a joke, son! You missed it! I've got a million of them!
  • Jossed.

     Characters from Past Generations 
G1 Ponies will reappear.
Twilight's mom is more-or-less Twilight from G1 (I believe it's Word of God too), and Moondancer was mentioned in the pilot. Aside from sea ponies, I expect some more G1 Ponies.

Toola Roola and/or Star Song will make an appearance, and maybe get their own toys.
They're the only two ponies of the G3 Core Seven who haven't yet appeared in Friendship is Magic.
  • Starsong had a cameo in "Sonic Rainboom".
  • Toola Roola showed up with a speaking role as a filly in "Fame and Misfortune".

Updated villains from previous MLP generations will appear.
Hell, Tirek's appearance alone make for an awesome bunch of episodes.
  • Confirmed! Tirek is the villain of the Season 4 finale.
  • Confirmed again; Grogar is season 9's main villain.

List of G1 character that would appear in Season 3.

More G3 ponies will appear with re-imagined personalities.
Most of the main characters are G3 ponies with new personalities or Expies of G1 ponies, so it makes sense they might bring back more G3 ponies with new personalities.
  • Confirmed. Toola-Roola and Coconut cream appeared as one-episode characters.

Spike will meet a young female dragon based on Whimsey from G3.5
The two will develop a mutual crush on each other. She is, like him, an assistant to some other pony who visits Ponyville for the episode but at the end she must leave with the two of them starting a correspondence.
  • Then the pony who Whimsey is the assistant to will get a crush on Twilight.
  • Jossed.

Tirek will appear as the My Little Pony version of Satan Himself.
Tirek will be a former Alicorn, and one of the very first. Formerly the Alicorn of Magic, Tirek is now the Baphomet of Bewitchment, as a result of trying to steal the power of Zachiere Pony. Despite being locked up long ago. The Alicorn Amulet? It's a fragment of his power. Discord going from a Mad God to a God of Evil? Tirek used his ignorance of friendship to make him a threat against the alicorns. Nightmare Moon? The archbaphomei are to blame. King Sombra? A mortal king who made a Deal with the Devil.
  • Jossed. Tirek did appear, but as a tyrant and conqueror from another land who apparently was always a demonic centaur. He doesn't have any links to other villains' Starts of Darkness, although it's implied Tirek and Discord knew each other in the past.

     Voice Actors 
Andrew W.K. will voice a character
"Weird Al" Yankovic will appear as a pony in a future episode.
  • He has already been asked by Jayson Thiessen. Maybe he'll appear as Pinkie Pie's uncle. He's got the frizzy hair, wacky sensibility, and love for accordions that Pinkie does, so why not?
    • And his name will be Allegro, or something similar.
    • Whether or not he will be related to Pinkie Pie, he will be the one who taught her how to deal with the parasprites.
      • I'd love to see Weird Al in a cartoon. But will his cutie mark be a bologna (unlikely)? Or something to do with polka?
      • Perhaps a musical episode, as suggested elsewhere? Since it's Weird Al, the "soundtrack" would have parodies of popular songs (I'd love to see a ponified "Moves Like Jagger"!)
      • Hooves Like Jagger!
    • Maybe he'll voice King Sombra.
  • Confirmed! He voices Cheese Sandwich.

Whatever character "Weird Al" Yankovic is asked to play will have some relationship to Pinkie Pie.
Recently, in a Twitter feed, Wierd Al was asked to Voice Act for the show. He hasn't replied, but if and when he does, the character he plays will have some relationship with Pinkie Pie. Because, let's be honest, its too good of a chance for anyone to miss.

Brad Swaile will voice one or more character(s) in Season 3.
Think about it. The original My Little Pony was the first show Brad ever worked on. Plus, all generations including G4 feature several voice actors from the English Death Note cast due to being dubbed by the same company (i.e. The Ocean Group). We already have Rarity/Princess Luna as Naomi, Spike as Near, singing Pinkie Pie/Silver Spoon as Misa, Fancy Pants/Iron Will as Aizawa, Vincent Tong (Matsuda) as Prince Blueblood, and the Flim Flam Brothers as Sidoh and Gevanni. So why not put a cap on this voice actor connection by getting Light Yagami himself on the show?

Tom Kenny will appear on the show sometime.
He's been in both of Lauren Faust's previous shows, and he's worked with The Ocean Group before, so why not?
  • Preferably as a Changeling, specifically Chrysalis' slimy younger brother, Prince Weevil, and he'll be The Starscream to Chrysalis' Megatron. Made more fitting as Tom Kenny did in fact voice Starscream.

Grey DeLisle will voice someone.
She'll voice either a villain or an old friend/relative of Twilight's for some Reality Subtext, since Grey and Tara Strong are good friends in real life.

Steve Blum will appear on the show at some point.
He'd most likely voice either a villain or an Anti-Hero.

The next villain will be voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Sam Elliott will voice an Apple Family member.
IMO, he's got the perfect voice for such a role.

Charlie Adler will voice someone.
Since one of his first roles was G1 MLP, it would make a good Mythology Gag. I imagine him voicing either...
  • A villain, using his Cobra Commander voice.
    • Preferably Prince Weevil of the Changelings, Chrysalis' little brother and second-in-command and naturally, The Starscream to her Megatron.
  • An overdramatic woobie character, note  using a voice similar to his Ickis or Chicken voice.
  • A female pony, using his Cow voice.
  • A dragon, perhaps a long-lost relative of Spike's.
    • Perhaps as a cousin, using his Cousin Boneless voice.

Jessie Nowack will voice Vinyl in a short cameo.
From the Epic Wub Time? This woman has an amazing vocal range and needs to get a good break!

Peter Cullen will voice a father/mentor figure to a member of the mane cast and/or Spike
Using his Optimus Prime voice.
  • He could also voice Celestia and Luna's father, the King of Equestria. And whatever his role may be, odds are that he will say "Friendship is the right of all sentient beings."
    • Or a character that starts out seemingly weak, done with his Eeyore voice. But then when he gets mad... Voice and demeanor change and "The Touch" plays out of nowhere.
  • Or perhaps using his Admiral Grimitz voice.

King Sombra will be voiced by...

June Foray will voice a character or two.
Come on, the idea is just WAY too cool. I mean, this is a great way the show could connect to the older cartoons, and am I the only one who wants to hear June's beautiful voice coming out of an equally adorable pony?

Johnny Yong Bosch will voice a pegasus.
  • One of Rainbow Dash's relatives, no doubt. For hilarity's sake, he will be named the Equine Typhoon, Dash the Stampede.

Stephanie Sheh will voice one of Fluttershy's relatives.

Rob Paulsen will voice a relative of Pinkie Pie's.
Using a voice similar to either another Pinky or Jack Fenton.

Rachael Lillis will guest-star sometime.
Possibly voicing a female dragon. As an Actor Allusion, she could call the Mane 6 "twerps" and/or go flying into the air at the end of the episode.
  • For bonus points, she could also be accompanied by a character voiced by Eric Stuart.

Charles Martinet will voice a dragon.
Using his Paarthurnax voice.
  • Or the voice he did here.

Jason Spisak will voice a future villain.
Using his Vulpes Inculta voice. The villain themselves would be either an Elite Mook Changeling, or a Diamond Dog.

John DiMaggio will voice a Diamond Dog.
He's certainly no stranger to voicing talking dogs.

Phil LaMarr will voice a zebra.
Using his Kit Fisto voice.

Grey DeLisle will voice Derpy.
You all know where this came from.

Carl Banas will guest star.
He hasn't voiced a character in a cartoon for almost two decades, but he's still working as a radio host, and he's Canadian, so there's a possibility.

Mark Meer will voice a commander in the Equestrian Royal Guard.
Using his Commander Shepard voice.
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else want him to be a Diamond Dog? Specifically a German Shepard?

Corey Burton will star.
Either as the voice of a wise man or a villain, or a villainous wise man.

Robert Picardo will be a guest star
During Everfree Radio's interview with Robert Picardo, who managed to get roped into a donation drive after an incident in one of the Brony conventions, he said he would not mind doing a guest voice.

Josh Keaton will voice someone.
He's said that he'd like to be on the show, so it's a possibility.

George Takei will be a guest star, preferably a Changeling.
He could voice the Changeling Ambassador or Chrysalis' top adviser.
  • Then him and Fluttershy would say "Oh My..." at the same time.

David Kaye will voice someone.
Possibly a Big Bad (using his Megatron voice), a Changeling commander (using his Hardshell voice), or a Royal Guard (using his Optimus Prime voice).

A few characters in the Japanese dub will be voiced by Norio Wakamoto and/or Nobuyuki Hiyama.
(I don't know any of the people voicing in the Japanese dub, so delete this if this is already true.)

R. Lee Ermey will voice someone.
Perhaps as a drill sergeant for the Royal Guard academy. Either during Shining Armor's training days, or when the Mane ponies are sent off for training now that Twilight is an alicorn princess. Or he could even be Slowflake's coach dad, hence why he's always so pumped up.
  • Sadly jossed. He died in 2018.

Christy Carlson Romano will voice someone.
Possibly a pony. Perhaps one with relations to Rainbow Dash. She might say "what's the sitch?".

Kath Soucie will voice somepony.
An Actor Allusion to the Pony Puff Princess from Dexter's Laboratory.

The creators will summon the ghost of a great deceased voice actor to guest star.
Here are some possibilities. note 

Gary Chalk will voice someone.
Possibly a Royal Guard. His rival or enemy would be whoever voices David Kaye (like the theory above).

Will Friedle will voice someone.
Maybe a Royal Guard rookie.

Jason Marsden will voice someone.
Maybe co-star with best friend Will Friedle. Their characters would be best friends too.

Cheech Marin will voice someone.
Maybe a burro (donkey). Or a Diamond Dog, the second dog character he would voice.

Jim Carrey will voice someone.
Maybe he'll be a rival for Fluttershy, maybe as a Pet Detective?

Ringo Starr will voice someone.
Come on, after his guest appearance in The Powerpuff Girls the creators will be BEGGING for him to make a guest appearance!

James Arnold Taylor will voice someone.
Since the guy's pigeonheld into doing Johnny Test which is MADE in Canada, he might be available to do a guest role for MLP, perhaps as a wise old mentor akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi perhaps Zecora's Father or something like that, or maybe he might do Button Mash if he ever gets a speaking part.

Ian James Corlett will voice someone.
Given that his daughter voices Sweetie Belle this should be a no-brainer. Perhaps using his Goku voice or his Coconuts voice.
  • Confirmed. He voices Silver Shill, a character in Season 4. Although the voice he uses there is a bit timid.

Keith David will voice a zebra.
As Zecora's husband, lover/friend, or brother.

Billy West will voice someone.
Maybe a character Phil Hartman would have voiced.

David Spade will voice somepony.
He'll have the same lanky body as Snails.

Jon Lovitz will voice somepony.
Maybe two. The other will be female (his elderly British woman voice).

Stephen Ouimette will voice someone.
Possibly using his Beetlejuice voice, maybe another rival of Pinkie Pie? Or even Discord?

Rene Auberjonois will voice another draconequus.
Maybe a long lost brother or friend of Discord. He'll go around wrecking havoc, and Discord is the only one who can stop him.

Whoopi Goldberg will voice someone
Either some sort of predator, or a wise old mentor figure who's antagonistic toward Discord. Bonus points if it's both.

Paul Rugg will voice someone.
He'll use his Jerry Lewis-esque voice (like Mr. Director in Animaniacs) to voice a character with a similar personality. He'll switch between Comically Serious (more in line with Rarity), a real loon (in line with Pinkie Pie), and a coward (in line with Fluttershy) who'll one point scream "OH MONSTER!!".

Gabriel Brown (AKA fan musician Black Gryph0n) will voice a colt that Apple Bloom forms a relationship with.
As a reference to how he's friends with Michelle Creber in real life.
  • Bonus points if the character he voices is an actual griffon, and the plot is about a young griffon chick/cub getting transferred to the school and befriending Apple Bloom.

Kirby Morrow will voice Sunburst if he makes an appearance.
He and Starlight Glimmer's VA Kelly Sheridan have played couples in numerous other projects, so why not have the two play childhood friends here as well?
  • Jossed, Ian Hanlin voiced him.

William Shatner will voice someone who knows or meets Discord.
Obviously, it's a reference to both Shatner and John de Lancie being former Star Trek stars. Jim Miller has even invited Shatner to appear on the show (and Shatner was interested), so it's a big possibility.

Shatner will voice somepony in the rumored convention episode.
The plot of the episode will be a reference to Shatner's get-a-life sketch.
  • Jossed. However, Shatner is doing a voice in Season 7.

Larry David will voice a friend of Cranky's.
That friend will have the same personality as Larry's Curb Your Enthusiasm persona and he'll antagonize the mane six.

Yuri Lowenthal will voice someone.
He makes a really good teenage Ben 10, whose younger self was voiced by Tara Strong. He could voice and older Spike from the future or gone through puberty, or he could voice a male equivalent to Twilight (not the whole Gender Bender thing, just a similar character).

Star Swirl the Bearded will be voiced by:


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