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Guesses about episodes from Season 6

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    1&2. The Crystalling 
Sunburst's reunion with Starlight
We know he's going to be there, and their reunion won't be as happy as she'd like. But why? Is he aware of her history, and angry at how she turned out? Did he never consider her as good a friend as she did him (ala Twilight and Moondancer)? Or is he upset because he feels she abandoned him by not trying to stay in contact when he left for Canterlot?
  • Alternatively, Starlight may hold a grudge against Sunburst for leaving her. This could lead to a major argument, with Sunburst pointing out what a great opportunity going to learn at Canterlot was, and that Starlight should have been happy for him, which only makes her angrier, leading her to blame him for all the bad things she did.

The "antagonist" of these episodes is Flurry Heart.
She accidentally causes the blizzard with her uncontrolled alicorn magic, and the others have to find a way to fix it and prevent her from losing control again.
* Confirmed. Her power is uncontrolled until after her Crystalling.

Starlight and Sunburst rekindling their friendship will be vital to saving the day.
Sunburst and Starlight are both exceptionally gifted at magic, and if they work together they could be a huge help... but first, they have to be able to get along well enough to work together.

Someone will put a magic dampening spell on Flurry Heart to prevent her from losing control again.
It'll probably be Starlight, and the spell will last until Flurry Heart is old enough to learn how to control her magic, at which point it will probably either wear off gradually or be gradually lifted.
  • Confirmed. Sunburst gives one to Shining and Cadance, and the end of the episode shows that it was used.

Shining Armor will use (or at least attempt to use) his talent to contain Flurry Heart's Power Incontinence.
Shining may have had to do similar things for Twilight when she was younger — in fact, as suggested in another WMG, that may be how he got his cutie mark in the first place. After seeing his daughter damage the palace when she sneezes, he quickly steps in to attempt to control how much damage she can do to the surrounding ponies or property.

The Windigos will be the Arc Villains for the episode.
The second episode's synopsis says that the Crystal Empire is threatened with eternal winter. What Equestrian villains do we know that have ice powers?
* Jossed. The plot is kicked off by Flurry Heart's out-of-control powers shattering the Crystal Heart.

Sunburst won't want to be friends with Starlight.
He probably didn't see himself as being particularly friendly with her to begin with, and finding out all the horrible things she did because of him will cause him to panic at the thought of having to be this crazy mare's source of stability, since he's the one who will get blamed if she flies off the handle again.

There will not be a music number.
In odd-numbered seasons, the opening two-parter has had at least one musical number. Not so the even-numbered.

(post-episode) The changeling in the background at the end of Part 2 is going to kidnap Flurry Heart.
If that little Freeze-Frame Bonus indicates anything, it is most likely foreshadowing the return of the Changelings. As part of her master plan, Chrysalis has the changeling sneak into the castle, kidnap Flurry Heart, replace her with an impostor, as they have done in traditional folklore, and bring the baby to her in order to corrupt her and turn her against her parents as an act of revenge for ruining her Canterlot coup. As time goes on, however, Chrysalis eventually comes to love the baby alicorn like her own child while at the same time realizing that she misses her parents very much, bringing out Hidden Depths of her character. Then, when Cadence, Shining Armor, and the others catch wind of Chrysalis' plan and launch an assault on her base of operations/kingdom/colony/hive, Chrysalis reveals that she doesn't want revenge anymore because Flurry Heart showed her what it means to truly love somepony. Afterwards, she gives Flurry Heart back, and Cadence and the others decide to forgive Chrysalis and the changelings for what they have done by allowing them to visit the Crystal Empire freely so they can have all the love they need. Chrysalis will be made an aunt to Flurry Heart.
  • Alternatively, Chrysalis will stay evil but the replacement Changeling will be the one who gets redeemed—she'll turn against Chrysalis because her time disguised as Flurry Heart had shown her true kindness and love for the very first time; in turn, it'll be shown that Chrysalis is a Bad Boss/Abusive Parent.
    • This might depend whether or not the replacement changeling is an adult or a baby, and whether or not they are Chrysalis' child. If that is the case, Chrysalis may indeed be an Abusive Parent or simply has no regard for her own biological child above her desire for revenge. The end of the episode may then result in Cadence and Shining Armor adopting the baby and raising both her and Flurry Heart as their own, the two then growing up as the new Royal Sisters with Sunburst as their mentor (ala Starswirl).

     3. The Gift of Maud Pie 
The gift Pinkie will give Maud is a gem stone
.It's a Rarity episode too, after all.
  • Also, it would make sense of why Pinkie has to sell her possessions to buy it, and after all, a gem stone is just a rock, and Maud loves rocks.
  • Jossed. It's a pouch to carry Boulder in.

Coco Pommel will appear.
Rarity's opening a third outlet, in Manehattan. You bet your plot Coco's going to appear.
  • While it may be just a cameo, given that Coco is a seamstress herself, it's possible that Rarity might want her to run the Manehattan branch of her enterprise.

     4. On Your Marks 

This will be set before The Cutie Re-Mark.
There's been plenty of time for the CMC's to figure out what to do next.
  • Maybe. It's the first episode in the series where none of the Mane Six appear, which means that it could fit in the timeline basically any time after the CM Cs got their marks.

     5. Gauntlet of Fire 

Spike will get some new ability after, and perhaps as a result of, participating in the Gauntlet.
He is growing up, after all, and presumably he'll get more powerful as he gets older. Given that this looks to be another "Spike saves the day" episode, wouldn't it be a good time to introduce one of those abilities? With the synopsis saying that Spike has to compete "to save his friends", possibly it will initially be triggered by The Power of Love and Heroic Willpower, like when Rainbow Dash pulled off her second Sonic Rainboom. The episode will end with the possibility of it becoming a regular thing, thus allowing Spike to become more an active member of the Mane Six/Seven.
  • Jossed.

     6. No Second Prances 

This will be an Apple Family Episode about regrets
Specifically regretting not taking the time to be with family and friends when you have them there. Here we will learn what became of the Apple siblings parents.
  • Jossed. This episode focuses on Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer.

This episode will continue the focus of Apple Bloom taking dance lessons from "On Your Marks".
That would explain the lack of episode summary, as having one posted before the airing of "On Your Marks" would spoil the reveal that Apple Bloom had begun to show some interest in dance lessons as her individual activity outside of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Jossed. This episode focuses on Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer.

The episode involves a character who has reformed, or wants to reform
As the title is based on the phrase "no second chances", that hints to it being about somepony wanting to make up for something: in other words a character who has performed a Heel–Face Turn over the course of the show's run is trying to make up for their past actions. If so Starlight would be the obvious choice, though it could also be about Trixie, Discord, Diamond Tiara, Gilda, or anyone else who has quit being a villain/bully since then. Alternatively, maybe it's instead about a character like Lightning Dust or Suri Polomare who was still a jerk when they were last seen but is now trying to change there ways. Additionally, if it involves a pony like Trixie or Lightning that could be why there has surprisingly been no synopsis revealed for the episode despite ones being listed for future episodes - since it's been so long since they were last seen, the synopsis is being withheld intentionally to make the return a surprise.
  • Confirmed.

The character that Starlight Glimmer befriends is another former villain making a return.
The official synopsis is: "When Starlight Glimmer starts becoming friends with a fellow formerly-bad pony, Twilight tries to stop her." Naturally, with the amount of redeemed villains in this series, this leaves a lot of room as to who that could be. However, since it specifically mentions that the "formerly-bad" character is a pony, popular guesses for a returning character are Trixie, Lightning Dust, Suri Polomare, and even Sunset Shimmer.
  • Confirmed. It's Trixie.

Starlight Glimmer will befriend Prince Blueblood...
...who had been tamed by a mother with a shotgun.
  • Jossed. It's Trixie.

(post-episode) Trixie and Starlight will go on to form a club dedicated to helping the former enemies and rivals of the Mane Six.
Considering how this episode was about two former enemies of Twilight becoming friends, it's very likely that there might be at least one episode featuring such a club. Its members will include:
  • Discord
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Gilda the Griffon
  • Lightning Dust

This group can also double as therapy for each of the criminals, where they each tell their stories to the others and learn to cope with their losses and become better.


     7. Newbie Dash 

Rainbow will completely blow the situation out of proportion
She will decide that the rest of the team see her a joke, and take it to the point where she will attempt to quit the team. Only for one of the senior members to take her aside and let her know about their embarrassing rookie nickname, revealing that its basically a rite of passage for new team members.
  • Furthermore, one of the senior members (either Spitfire or Soarin') will eventually tell Rainbow Dash their own rookie experiences and the nicknames that they received due to their own tenderfoot mistakes (with said nicknames being a inside joke among some members of the Wonderbolts).
    • If it's Soarin', the "reassuring Dash" scene will be another Ship Tease moment.
  • Confirmed.

     8. A Hearth's Warming Tail 
This will be a straight A Christmas Carol homage.
Its a pretty classic setup for it, Twilight begins reading the story and Starlight will imagine all of the characters as members of the cast.
  • Portrayals should be pretty easy to predict
    • Starlight as Scrooge
    • Rarity as Jacob Marley
    • Fluttershy as the Ghost of the Past
    • Applejack as the Ghost of the Present
    • Rainbow as the Ghost of the Future
    • Twilight as Bob Cratchet
    • Pinkie as Scrooges nephew
    • One of the CMC (Scootaloo?) as Tiny Tim.

Derpy will appear in some role.

Pound and Pumpkin Cake will have received a Plot-Relevant Age-Up by this episode.
  • A promo appears to show them singing with the rest of the mane cast's friends and family. Perhaps they're older toddlers or preschoolers by now? This would fit well with the theory about "On Your Marks" being set before "The Cutie Re-Mark".
  • Jossed.

We'll finally see Scootaloo's parents.
Since this is basically pony Christmas, and it appears that other family members will show up, this would be a good time to show them.
  • Jossed.

     10. Saddle Row & Rec 
This is when Coco Pommel will appear.
It's the grand opening of Rarity's Manehattan branch, after all.
  • Confirmed, but only very briefly. She has to miss the opening due to illness.

Suri Polomare will appear.
After all, we saw in "The Gift of the Maud Pie" that she still lives in Manehattan, and she would have reason to want to ruin Rarity if she could, thanks to Rarity upstaging her in the fashion world and convincing her Beleaguered Assistant to leave her.
  • Jossed.

The tell-tale article is part of a scheme created by Suri Polomare.
Coinciding with the above, the article might be written as part of a revenge plot by Suri, who is probably now bent on getting revenge on Rarity and has decided that the best way to do that would be to ruin her career by crushing her relationship with her friends, whom she believes are the key to her success, as Coco was until she quit.
  • Jossed.
     11. Applejack's "Day" Off 

     12. Flutter Brutter 
This is the one with Fluttershy's brother.

"Flutterbro" is the complete opposite of Fluttershy: confident and outgoing.
  • The confident part is Jossed, the outgoing part still remains to be seen.
    • Confirmed outgoing.

"Flutterbro" is Pop Fly from the Christmas album.
The one who sang "Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas". He's a mischievous troublemaker.
  • This makes a fair amount of sense. For one thing, it would explain why he appears out of nowhere in the album, similar to the way Shining Armor appeared in the toy line before "A Canterlot Wedding" aired. Also, Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness. Pop Fly's song shows his Character Development from being good only for presents to being good year-round because Good Feels Good. Going along the lines of another WMG about Fluttershy's brother being her opposite, it would make sense in a Sibling Yin-Yang way.
  • Jossed.

Fluttershy will end up babysitting again
Only this time, she won't get much of a choice, as her parents, being parents, will basically just dump her brother at her doorstep and ask her to look after him.
  • Close but Jossed. He is an adult who moves in with her from their parents' house and freeloads off of her.

If Flutterbro is younger than Fluttershy, he'll end up becoming best buds with Spike
Because Spike needs more onscreen friends outside of the Mane Six. Given that Twilight has Zecora, Trixie and Starlight, AJ has her extended family, Silver Shill and Rara, Rarity has Coco, Fluttershy has Discord, Treehugger and Seabreeze, Rainbow Dash has the Wonderbolts and Gilda, and Pinkie Pie has just about everyone, it's high time Spike got some non main friends too.
  • Jossed; Flutterbro is older than Spike and Spike has a non-main friend already (Dragon Lord Ember).

Flutterbro turns out to have been yet another bully in Fluttershy's childhood.
Similar to that Buffy episode where Tara's (that show's own resident Shrinking Violet) abusive family came to town, Flutterbro unexpectedly shows back up in Fluttershy's life to make her miserable. Obviously, the theme of the episode will be abusive older siblings.
Flutterbro: Fluttershy, if you don't get in that carriage, I swear by Celestia I will beat you down.
  • Jossed.

This will be episode 11.
The only Saturday left before its DVD release is June 4.
  • Possibly Jossed because they've replaced the episode on the DVD with "The Gift of the Maud Pie".
    • Confirmed mere hours after I posted the previous reply.
  • In broadcast order, anyway.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will help Fluttershy with her brother.
Since the CMC's special talent is helping others understand their own talents, Flutterbro and his confidence issues could be right up their alley.
  • Jossed.

The fandom will actually end up liking this episode.
True, it'll have to be carefully handled to avoid having Flutterbro be an amalgam of the worst listed stereotypes of the fanbase, but the creators have shown their ability to pull off a likeable fanbase stand-in in the comics with Mina. If this happens, Flutterbro will become the latest Ensemble Dark Horse of the fandom.

This episode will show how much Fluttershy has grown
The episode may seems like a retread of "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies", but with the added layer of helping her brother "get over his fear of failure" makes me think this episode will be her teaching what she learnt to her brother.
  • Confirmed, kind of. She is assertive from the beginning, but her family remarks that she's always been like that towards them to at least some extent.

Fluttershy will either have two moms or two dads.
No real evidence for this, other than that it would be nice.
  • Jossed.

     13. Spice Up Your Life 
This will set up a later redemption story for Flim and Flam.
  • Jossed.

The Cutie Map is what sends Pinkie and Rarity to the place where the restaurant is.
  • Confirmed.

(post-episode) Zesty Gourmand will return and will pull an Anton Ego
.]]This troper noticed many some similarities between these two characters, so it would make sense if Zesty were the Ego of Canterlot. In any case, she will return to the restaurant sometime in the future, deciding to try and break her mold and try something different, and afterwards she writes a monologue-esque review that explains how she had been so moved by the growing trend of diversity in the city.

     9. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks 

The episode will address Scootaloo's inability to fly and we will finally meet her parents.
Since this episode is on the "Soarin' Over Equestria" themed release, we can safely assume that it will involve flight somehow. It also has "cutie marks" in the title, which possibly hints at a CMC episode. Months before the episode's reveal on the DVD, it was listed on IMDB with David Stuart playing "Father Pony". The episode's namesake, The Fault in Our Stars, is about a cancer patient in a support group. So in this episode, Scootaloo's parents make her go to a support group for flightless pegasi. She bonds with another flightless pegasus and in the end, she and the rest of the CMC help them realize their special talent.
  • Jossed. The episode is the "griffon Cutie Mark" episode that's hinted about below.

This will be contemporaneous with an episode where the Map summons Applejack and Rainbow Dash somewhere.
That's why it's so delayed.

Post-episode guess. Petunia's Paleo's parents were once pirates.
It would explain their nervousness about their daughter's cutie mark and them buying a pirate costume for her.

     14. Stranger Than Fan Fiction 

Main WMG page here.

This is the convention episode.
Quibble is a well-known fan fiction writer attending the convention. His name even sounds like a portmanteau of "scribble" and "quill".
  • Confirmed that it's a convention episode. However, Quibble doesn't appear to be a well-known fan fiction writer (he does write fanfic, as it's revealed at the end, but it doesn't seem he's very well-known for it).

The episode will poke fun at various aspects of fandom.
It might be Affectionate Parody or something rougher, but it would be a great episode to talk about it.

     15. The Cart Before the Ponies 

This is the episode from the teaser image that showed Ponyville converted into a go-kart racetrack.
  • Given the synopsis, this seems likely.

The episode's moral will be that too much controllingness or competitiveness can ruin an event.
The synopsis says that Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash become involved in the Applewood Derby with their sisters/sister figure and take over the competition. They'll be so focused on either doing things "the best way" (or trying to beat the opposition) that it won't be any fun for Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, or Scootaloo. Eventually, the CMC will talk to them about this and they'll relax, allowing the race to be fun again, even if things aren't perfect and none of them win.

Derpy Hooves and that colt from the promo snippet who appears to be Dinky's brother will win the race.

     16. 28 Pranks Later 

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash compete in a pranking contest.

Apple Bloom will be showing signs of PTSD with the whole zom-pony deal.

There will be some reference to an earlier mention of zombies in the show.
Back in "Bridle Gossip", Spike questioned whether zombie ponies were possible, even if they were unlikely. There'll be some reference to this during the fake Zombie Apocalypse of the episode.

The episode will involve the moral that it is possible to take a "lesson" too far.
Fans are already complaining about its resemblance to "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", which had a similar theme of one of Dash's more potentially annoying characteristics getting out of hoof and her friends attempting to teach her a lesson. However, this time, the authors will acknowledge the potential problem of this and the previous episode. The "lesson" will get a little too intense and traumatize Dash, to the horror of the others, who just wanted her to learn not to take her pranking so far. The hypocrisy of the fact that they are now the ones who took the prank too far may be pointed out. Dash will ask why they didn't just talk to her. The episode will end with the Aesop that it's important to make sure that a "lesson" is not too intense for it to benefit the recipient, and that sometimes, talking is better.

Rainbow Dash will turn out to not care.
Everyone will assume that Rainbow is just selfish and would protest if the pranks were done to her. However, once the prank is revealed, Rainbow will burst into laughter, shocking the Re-Mane 5 and whoever else joined in. Rainbow will tell them that taking jokes so seriously will damper one's enjoyment of life, and that they really need a sense of humor. If anyone tells her that they simply could not find her pranks funny, she'll tell them to just tell her themselves instead of putting her through what she considers an awesome prank.

     17. The Times They Are a-Changeling 

Main WMG page here.

This will be about Fantastic Racism against changelings.
  • Confirmed.

The episode will tie into the season finale.
Since the hidden changeling in the premiere was a possible hint towards their involvement in the finale's plot.
  • Confirmed.

The "Pinkie clone" in "Saddle Row & Rec" turns out to have been a changeling.
That would definitely be an Author's Saving Throw to what would appear to be support for the "Twilight is a murderer" meme, and it would offer an alternate explanation for why the other Pinkie looked nervous — having her and the original in the same room was a good way to blow her cover if anybody saw it.
  • Likely jossed. At least, the clone was never brought up and it seems it will remain a one-off gag.

Kevin the Changeling from Slice of Life will be the main focus in this episode.
If this episode is about Fantastic Racism, then it would serve to explain why all the children near Kevin in this episode were visibly frightened while at the same time providing an Author's Saving Throw to explain why he lives in Ponyville.
  • Furthermore, the Fantastic Racism could be taken to a point where some ponies think he's a spy working for Queen Chrysalis.
  • Jossed. The changeling, Thorax, was an original character who hadn't appeared before the episode.

The episode will provide a glimpse into Changeling culture and its customs.
Just like Gauntlet of Fire did for the dragons, this episode will do the same for Changelings. It could even perhaps provide some background for the Changelings themselves, including some kind of explanation for why the Changelings attacked Canterlot back in A Canterlot Wedding or even an origin story explaining how the Changelings came to be the emotion-eating shapeshifters they are now.
  • Sorta semi-confirmed. It provided a glimpse into Changeling biology and behavior, if nothing else.

Flurry Heart is kidnapped in this episode.
It won't happen onscreen, but it will be implied at some point in the episode. It could even end on an ominous note with Chrysalis gloating about how she will soon have her revenge on Cadence and Shining Armor for foiling her attempted coup at Canterlot.
  • Jossed.

A colony of changelings move into Ponyville.
Through a series of hijinks and accidents, the Mane Six accidentally end up destroying a nearby changeling colony/hive/kingdom. As restitution, Princess Twilight grants the Queen/Head Matriarch and her people temporary residence in Ponyville. Of course, this doesn't go over Too smoothly with resentment and reservations from both sides, and tensions and division quickly rise between the pony locals and their new changeling neighbors. The key thing here being that both sides are as pugnacious and argumentative as each other.

Things get so bad they end up building a wall dividing the town in two ala East and West Berlin, but things are resolved by the half hour's end, with the ponies and changelings, while they don't have to like, must learn to get along with each other.

  • Jossed. It was about a single Changeling in the Crystal Empire.

The Mane Six find a lost baby changeling and must return them home.
The Mane Six stumble across a lost baby changeling and are at odds about what to do: keep him/her and raise them as their own, or take them back to the changelings on a "road trip". A kind of nature vs nurture issue, though without necessarily vilifying one group for not wanting the kid around.
  • Likely Jossed. As far as the synopsis and trailers show, the episode seems to center around a panic in the Crystal Empire due to a suspected Changeling spy (who may or may not be the same Changeling shown in the same as Spike's friend).
  • Jossed.

When Spike befriends the Changeling, Twilight Sparkle will show signs of PTSD connected to the Changelings' attack on Canterlot in A Canterlot Wedding.
Since this episode marks the official return of the Changelings, we will likely see some, if not many, references to their debut episode. That being said, Twilight's feelings about Spike befriending the Changeling may be a combination of an Adult Fear and PTSD. She will be afraid that the Changeling might try to turn Spike against her in the same way that Chrysalis did with her friends, brother, and teacher. The episode could even feature flashbacks to A Canterlot Wedding.
  • Alternatively, Twilight will have a nightmare showing how she fears a repeat of the Canterlot incident.
  • Halfway there. These concerns and bad memories were indeed brought up, but mainly by Shining Armor and Cadence.

Chrysalis will appear, but only as a Sequel Hook cameo
At the end, we'll see her watching her changeling spy somehow (perhaps with a crystal ball or something) and become furious at his Heel–Face Turn, declaring him a traitor. Or perhaps more shockingly, she'll return in person, yell at the changeling for failing his mission and take him away, with Spike and the rest of the Mane Cast resolving to save him in the finale.
  • Well, she appeared in a flashback to Thorax's past, at least.

Spike being a dragon will be mentioned.
Either Spike will challenge the fear the others have of his new friend by pointing out that he's a dragon, a species generally considered dangerous to ponies, or one of the others will realize it on his/her own.

     18. Dungeons and Discords 

Discord arranges a LARP.
  • ... sort of. It's not a LARP per se, but he still uses his chaos powers to bring a tabletop game session to life.

The episode will be about the main characters playing a D&D-style game, with Discord as the Game Master.
  • Semi-jossed, semi-confirmed — Discord did play a stand-in for D&D, but with Spike and Big Mac and not any of the Mane Six.

The episode will revolve around Discord learning to play fair
Discord, being Discord, will most likely end up making his character an obnoxiously overpowered God-Mode Sue by exploiting made up loopholes and creating rules from cloth to make himself the strongest character in the game. Eventually, Spike and Big Mac will quit and storm off in a huff, leading Discord to decide to play by himself...only to realize that the game just isn't fun anymore because he's the only one playing. Eventually, Discord will decide to be a little more fair, realizing that a game is only fun if everyone is enjoying themselves.

Discord will make the RPG more fun for him and the boys by bringing the whole thing to life
After all, this is Discord we're talking about.

There will be a Medium-Shift Gag.
Discord obviously knows about other dimensions with different mediums. Thus, in an attempt to make the game more interesting, he'll try to zap them through different mediums, only to cause more trouble for the three of them. Bonus if it includes a toy dimension and dimensions styled after previous generations.
  • Extra bonus if G3 Minty has derped eyes or repeats a Derpy Hooves foible.

     19. Buck Ball Season 

There will be a reference to Spike's status as a sports fan.
"The Cutie Map" already showed us that he's a fan of hoofball. Maybe he's a fan of Buck Ball too and will be a bigger part of the plot than usual (or at least get a few moments).
  • Jossed. He was not present in the episode.

     20. Viva Las Pegasus 

Fluttershy will become Flutterbat at one point in this episode.
With Fluttershy confirmed to be among the ponies playing a main role in this episode, there's a likely chance the writers will have her becoming a bat pony again (in some form) just so they can do the one reference a number of older viewers are expecting.
  • Jossed

Flim and Flam will land in the Gray-Bar Hotel.
  • Jossed.

In a twist, Flim and Flam will not be behind the "suspicious goings-on".
It will initially look like the duo are causing trouble again, with Applejack suspecting they're causing trouble after dealing with them twice before. However, it will turn out that they're innocent.
  • Confirmed

It will turn out that Flim and Flam were busted over the tonic incident, but the cop failed to read them their Mareanda rights, and the case was tossed out.
  • Jossed.

The episode will have at least one nod to the infamous "Las Pegasus Unicon" incident.
  • Jossed.

     23. Where the Apple Lies 

This episode will reveal what happened to Applejack's parents
The synopsis says that Applejack once told a lie that put the entire Apple family in the hospital. It's likely that while everyone else survived, Applejack's parents were badly hurt as a result of that incident and were barely holding on as a result of it. Applejack's mom probably lived long enough to give birth to Applebloom, but the long-term effects of her injury were so severe that she eventually died like her Dad. In turn, Applejack feels so guilty for having a part in the death of her parents that she makes a vow to them that she will never tell a lie again just to ensure that she never puts anypony else's lives on the line again.
  • Jossed.

Applejack will have fibbed about completing a farm chore that turned out to be urgent.
  • Jossed.

Applejack's lie will turn out to have something to do with her relationship with Big Mac.
Possibly she lied to show him up in front of Granny Smith, or to put up a front in front of him. This may also wind up being why Mac has changed from then to now — he blames himself for the damage Applejack's lie caused.

     24. Top Bolt 
Wind Rider will be out for revenge against Rarity and Dashie.
  • Jossed

Lightning Dust will return in this episode.
  • Jossed

     25-26. To Where and Back Again 

At least some part of this episode will be a reference to The Hobbit.
The episode title, at least, is already a reference in itself to The Hobbit's full title, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again.

Starlight's team.
It has to include Sunburst, Thorax, Trixie and Ember. Maybe Discord and Spike. Why? Each of these characters has had at least one or two episodes this season that focus on them and their character development, and thus it would make sense to show how much they've grown.

Alternately: Starlight, Spike, Trixie, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Starlight as the main focus, Trixie as Starlight's best friend, Spike as the one who's closest to the Mane 6 and would have the strongest incentive to rescue them, and the CMC participating in their first own act of true heroism in their sisters' shoes, the episode proving to be a potent part of their arc as well as Starlight's.

  • Thorax, Trixie, and Discord did end up on the team.

The threat mentioned in the synopsis will be…
The Windigoes.
  • 1. They've been around for at least a thousand years. (The summary mentions that return of the one of Equestria's "Oldest threats".
  • 2. The Summary says that it's the return of an ancient threat, implying that this will be something we've seen before.
    • If we want to be technical, "return" seems to be meant in an in-universe sense, as in the threat being something that is already known to ponykind, but not necessarily to us, the viewers.
  • Jossed. It's Chrysalis.

The threat is a villain that predates all the threats that Equestria has faced, including the Windigoes.
While the Windigoes are oldest to date, it's likely that there are other villains out there who are even older than them, and have existed long before Equestria was founded and Celestia and Luna were made its rulers. These villains were probably beaten by Celestia and Luna when they were much younger, who were perhaps doing so to cement their place as the land's protectors.
  • Jossed. It's Chrysalis.

On the contrary, the villain will be Queen Chrysalis.
The synopsis says that the villain will be “one of the ponies’ oldest and greatest foes.” Now, the first villain was, of course, Nightmare Moon, but the writers are hardly going to make Princess Luna evil again after averting this twice and making it perfectly clear that she has no interest in doing so whatsoever. The second–oldest major villain would be Discord, but they already did a season finale in which he turns evil again, and he regretted it and thus isn’t likely to do so, either. The third–oldest major villain is Queen Chrysalis, which would make sense since changelings have not only appeared in this season, but also in the new Guardians of Harmony toyline and a recent flash game.
  • Confirmed.

If Queen Chrysalis is the villain, she will be brought down by the end of the episode, and Thorax will be instated as the new ruler of the changelings.
  • Confirmed. Thorax takes Chrysalis's position, and she flies off swearing vengeance.

Starlight and her team will become the new Elements of Harmony.
The two-parter's plot is similar to that of the Season 1 premiere, with the main protagonist being a unicorn leading a ragtag group to stop an ancient evil that threatens Equestria. In turn, it wouldn't be surprising if Starlight and her own group will obtain the Elements of Harmony and use them to defeat the antagonist of this two-parter. They could even obtain the Elements directly from the Tree, which tells them that it has grown strong enough to survive without the elements on its branches. By doing this, the Tree will be effectively Passing the Torch from Twilight to Starlight.

  • For example, let's say Starlight's team consists of herself, Spike, Trixie, and the CMC. Starlight would hold Magic (obviously) and the CMC the Elements of their respective older sisters (Scootaloo - Loyalty, Apple Bloom - Honesty, Sweetie Belle - Generosity). Spike would hold Kindness as it is a virtue he has showcased throughout the season (standing up for this virtue against his own kind in Gauntlet Of Fire, showing friendship to Thorax in The Times They Are a-Changeling), and Trixie would be left the element of Laughter, as while not the most comedic, she does have a strong knack for entertainment and bombast.
  • Jossed.

This episode will set up either a spin–off or a successor show.
It has been known for a while now that Hasbro has trademarked the Guardians of Harmony IP for “an ongoing animated television series for children.” Now, Jim Miller has claimed that, as far as he knows, Guardians of Harmony is just a toyline; however, the show creators have denied upcoming stuff before. Meghan McCarthy denied any knowledge of a feature-length My Little Pony movie a full four months after she finalized the script for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and who remembers when Tara Strong claimed that Twilight Sparkle wouldn’t turn into an alicorn?

It probably isn’t a coincidence that they are now announcing an episode in which “Starlight Glimmer assembles an unlikely team of heroes” (the titular Guardians of Harmony?).

The question is whether this new series will be a spin–off, in which case both shows will run concurrently for a while, or a successor show, in which case To Where and Back Again will be the Series Finale.

If the former is the case, it might mean that Spike will leave the original show, since, judging by the toys and the new flash game, he will be one of the Guardians of Harmony. (Also, he will either grow big or gain the ability to grow big.)

  • Jossed. Not only is Friendship is Magic confirmed to have a seventh season on the way, but given the end of the episode, it's likely that Starlight's team will go their separate ways.

If the finale does tie in with the "Guardians of Harmony" toyline, Shining Armor and Spitfire will be part of Starlight's team.
Both characters were some of the first figures to be featured in the toyline. Not only that, but the Guardians of Harmony flash game has both of them as the two playable characters from the start, while the Mane 6 members who are playable (Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle) all have to be unlocked. That may be teasing that the two of them will end up joining forces with Starlight if they are involved with the Guardians of Harmony. Additionally Starlight has met Shining Armor during the season, and while she has never encountered Spitfire, Rainbow Dash has told her who she is so she may remember Rainbow bringing the Wonderbolts up, which could also allow it to work as a Brick Joke where Starlight finally learns who the Wonderbolts are.
  • Jossed. Shining Armor was actually one of the Changelings' victims, and Spitfire was absent.

"Oldest and greatest foe" is meant in terms of the setting's internal history, rather than the order in which the villains appeared in the show.
In that sense, Nightmare Moon would be a more recent threat than Discord (since the princesses sealed him before Luna fell) and the windigoes are older than both (as they predate Equestria as a nation). Taking this into account, I see three ways this can go:
  • Option one, it's the windigoes. They appear to be the oldest threat in the show so far, as all other villains were specifically identified as attacking Equestria. The two episodes they appeared in also implied they were never truly defeated, only chased away, and could return at any time, although how much of this real and how much is fiction is up for debate,
  • Option two, it's Chrysalis and the show'll give her a new backstory to make her fit the "oldest foe" descriptor. The least likely, since it would require a more drastic break between the show and the comic than anyone involved might want, but still possible.
  • Option three, it's a completely new villain, revealed to be the first major threat ancient ponykind ever faced.
    • It's Chrysalis.

Garble, Zesty Gourmand, Gladmane, and whoever the antagonist of Top Bolt is will be on the baddies' side.
They might even have incapacitated the Mane Six plus Spike.
  • Jossed.

Trixie will re-acquire the Alicorn Amulet in the finale
To increase their firepower against the Big Bad, Trixie will recover the Alicorn Amulet to give them a better chance. However, through The Power of Friendship, she will be able to resist its effects and take it off when it becomes clear it's too much to handle.
  • Jossed.

In part 2, it will be revealed that Princess Luna is actually Queen Chrysalis and always has been.
  • Jossed. Both are seen in the same place at the same time near the end.

     The episode with Gabby the Griffon 
This episode will be a Cutie Mark Crusaders-focused episode.
Since the animatics for the episode was shown at a closed door event during the New York Toy Fair (with no photography being allowed), the only information that we know about the episode is that it involved a new griffon character named Gabby, with the episode's plot strongly suggesting that griffons can get Cutie Marks as well. Given this information and the idea that the Cutie Mark Crusaders' main talent is helping other ponies with their Cutie Mark problems, it won't be surprising if Gabby is a young griffon, and the CMC assist in her getting her Cutie Mark.
  • Confirmed.

Gilda will appear.
Maybe she'll be the one to bring attention to Gabby's situation.
  • Confirmed. While she appears only in flashback, Gilda not only appears in the episode, but she also serves as the other reason for Gabby's visit to Ponyville: as a mail griffin, Gabby is delivering a letter from Gilda to Rainbow Dash.

     The convention episode 

This will be a parody of William Shatner's "get-a-life" sketch.
Quibble's name is a Shout-Out to the Tribbles. Shatner himself will voice somepony (possibly Quibble). Possible title: "The Quandary with Quibble".
  • Jossed. No such parody happened.

     Rumored/Unconfirmed Episodes 

"Where No Pony Has Gone Before" is William Shatner's appearance.
  • Jossed. No such episode aired.


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