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    The Beginning of the End 
The story will give wings to Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie; horns to Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy; and earth magic to Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy.

Derpy will appear.
She's shown herself loyal to Twilight at great personal cost in the past.

Grogar will be the one to resurrect King Sombra as part of a Xanatos Gambit
  • He will revive him and allow Sombra to "betray" and overthrow him, so that Sombra can kill the Princesses and destroy the Tree of Harmony. After the 2-parter's done's and Sombra's been thwarted and left again as a near-lifeless horn, Grogar will finish him off, revealing that he only resurrected Sombra to get rid of the Tree of Harmony and the elements, preemptively removing a threat to him, before making sure that Sombra stays dead this time. (Something like Maahox from ''Voltron Force).
    • Confirmed in the original guess, but all over the place with the details. Sombra is resurrected to aid Grogar in his plan, but immediately tries to renege, so Grogar agrees to let him try to take over the Crystal Empire on the condition that, when he fails, Sombra will submit to him or be rebanished. Sombra's initial takeover fails, but in a bit of Xanatos Speed Chess, he follows the Mane 6 to the Tree of Harmony and destroys it and the elements(so you were right on that note, it just wasn't Grogar's original plan). When he's defeated a second time, Grogar makes an example of him by not reviving him again.

The episode will feature more I Know What You Fear traps.

Ponyville will become the new capitol of Equestria by the end of the episode.
Twilight lived in Canterlot before (though being herself, she probably prefers her new home) and Rarity loves the city (and has a shop there). However, moving to Canterlot would majorly disrupt everpony's lives. Two-thirds of the Mane Six would have to leave family members, adoptive or otherwise (the other Apples, the Cakes, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo). Country girl Applejack would have to leave her farm. Pinkie Pie's particular brand of insanity and Rainbow Dash's rambunctiousness go over better in small-town Ponyville than in Canterlot. Finally, Fluttershy, who loves nature (and has just created a big animal preserve) and is still relatively introverted, would not be happy with the move. While Canterlot has been the capitol of Equestria for a while, there's no law saying the Princesses can't rule from wherever they are. Also, while Ponyville isn't quite as upscale as Canterlot, Twilight does already have a castle there.
  • Sorta confirmed? No real traps, but Sombra actively uses his magic to show the Mane 6 their greatest fears, among several others.

Rarity will be gleeful about becoming a Princess.
It's always been a dream of hers, and now she's got it — and without having to marry Prince Blueblood either!
  • Her dream isn't brought up, but she definitely seems happy.

The Princesses will die
Mentor Occupational Hazard strikes again. The somber tone of the trailer makes it easy to make this conclusion.
  • Jossed. They're fine.

The Sombra seen in the episode is not the one from the comics.
Post episode. In the end of the Siege of the Crystal Empire arc, Radiant Hope, Twilight, Celestia, and Luna all use their magic to save Sombra after he commits a Heroic Sacrifice to seal away the Umbrum. Because Sombra had redeemed himself with the full expectation that he would die doing so, the Princesses' and Hope's magic was able to shear away Sombra's remaining Umbrum side/evil, leaving only his unicorn self behind. The Sombra who redeemed himself in the comics is still out there, living happily with Radiant Hope and looking for a way to restore Princess Amore. The one seen in the episode, who was "pulled out of the ether" was Sombra's shed side.

    Sparkle's Seven the 200th episode 
Derpy will play a substantial role.

Cadance will have another foal on the way.
  • Jossed, Cadence isn't even mentioned.

    The Point of No Return 
Post Episode Guess: Spike and Twilight are regulars at the Tasty Treat.
How else would Spike know the menu enough to easily take the role as server?

    Sweet and Smoky 
Garble will get humiliated some more and/or mend his ways.
  • Confirmed for both.

Garble will turn out to be Smolder's brother.
In "Molt Down", Smolder mentioned having an older brother who went through the molt. Garble could well be that brother. This would add an interesting twist to his long-time emnity with Spike, as he has to deal with the fact that his sister befriended the dragon he hates the most.
  • Confirmed.

Garble is not Smolder's brother.
The episode synopsis describes Smolder's brother as "sensitive." While that could conceivably mean "touchy" (in which case it could be Garble), it can also mean "empathetic."
  • Jossed.

The episode will concern Spike trying to figure out why the dragon eggs aren't hatching.
This appeared in the synopsis, and it would definitely be a problem worthy of some attention from Equestria's heroes. Perhaps it even has something to do with Grogar or one of his lackeys.
  • Partly confirmed. The issue with the eggs is a B-plot mostly between Fluttershy and Ember, while the A-plot is Spike agreeing to help Smolder cheer up her brother, who turns out to be Garble. However, when Spike decides he's had enough of Garble's torment, he decides to go check out the eggs while Fluttershy deals with Garble. He ends up being the one figuring out that the hatching grounds have gone cold, but that was the result of Garble's friends draining the underground lava pool for their own desires (and probably not even realizing that it was hurting the eggs).

    She's All Yak 
Yona will start speaking in proper syntax (i.e. using first person,) as part of her "ponyfication".
The synopsis states that Yona will believe she needs to act like a pony in order to go to a dance with Sandbar, so it makes sense that she'd attempt to speak normally.
  • Confirmed. Among other changes, Rarity has her use brussel sprouts in her mouth to learn to articulate (is that trick actually a thing?), and she makes a conscious effort to use first person. She still slips up a couple times, though.

The villains will bond over shared interests.
Towards the beginning of the episode, they will snub each other (except Cozy Glow). Then, as it continues, they will warm up to each other, and begin to bond as they discover similar interests. Perhaps Chrysalis and Cozy Glow will bond over making art: we've twice seen Chrysalis carve images into wood, and Cozy Glow made a statue out of pebbles.
  • Confirmed in the guess but jossed in the details; they bond over their shared hatred of the Mane 6, particularly Twilight.

Cozy Glow will become upset at the other villains.
Through the episode, she'll be the Butt-Monkey of the group, and Tirek and Chrysalis will ignore her advice and ideas. Eventually, she'll snap and yell at them before running off in tears. Then:
  • One or both of them will feel bad and follow her, either to apologize or keep her safe in a dangerous area.
  • Grogar will threaten the two into getting her back, needing her for his plans.
  • Grogar will be indifferent to the events, which will inspire the other to villians to get Cozy Glow back, if only to spite him.
    • Sort of? They all become upset with each other at various points in an ongoing power struggle. Cozy Glow does get her fair share of abuse, but no more than Chrysalis(Tirek gets spared largely because, once they get to the main mission, he realizes he's screwed from the start and just waits for the others to fail).

Tirek and Chrysalis will disguise themselves as Cozy's parents and call out the Mane Six on sending "their daughter" to Tartarus, as part of the plan to become their allies
And eventually almost legitimately become friends with the Mane Six in the process and grow to care for Cozy.
  • Jossed, the Mane 6 don't even show up, apart from Chrysalis turning into Twilight for a brief gag.

Grogar actually knows about his Legion betraying him
  • It's been established that he used his crystal ball to watch over past events, so who's to say that he just playing along and is planning to deal with his traitors accordingly when the time is right?

    Between Dark and Dawn 
Celestia and Luna will get some experience in compromise and in living like ordinary ponies.
The episode synopsis says the princesses took a day off to give Twilight and her friends some practice and went on a sister/sister vacation. Twilight and her friends will no doubt have considerable problems trying to fill their horseshoes, but Celestia and Luna could also have problems. They're very different from each other and might not have the same idea how to spend their vacation. They could also run into issues while trying to be ordinary ponies. They could even disguise themselves as pegasi or unicorns, resulting in ponies who don't have as much consideration as some of the mane cast treating them poorly because they have no idea that these strangers are their rulers.
  • Alternatively, this will be the subject of a concurrent episode, similar to "Just for Sidekicks" and "Games Ponies Play".
    • Jossed in the basis; they do end up with very different wishes for what they want to do on their vacation(Celestia wants excitement, Luna wants to relax), which sets up much of their conflict. However, they make no attempt to blend in with ordinary ponies, resulting in many a Funny Background Event. Also, the concurrent episodes idea was jossed; the Sisters' and Mane Six's stories go back and forth between each other for the singular episode.

This episode will kickstart a mid-season arc of the Mane 6 learning various lessons on how to be effective rulers.
  • This episode shows them learning that leaders aren't expected to do everything and it's OK to delegate tasks. They have a lot more to learn about leadership before they're ready to take over, but this is a good start.

    The Last Crusade 
The thing that threatens to break up the Crusaders will be Scootaloo possibly having to move.
The episode mentions Scootaloo's aunts coming to town. The aunts have previously been hinted as being like parents to her and the fact that the problem arises from adults rather than children makes it less likely that it will be something like an argument. The aunts wanting to take Scootaloo to a different place would definitely seem like a threat to the Crusaders.
  • Confirmed in the basis, but it's actually her parents that try to move her. Her aunts end up doing the opposite, moving to Ponyville when Scootaloo is allowed to stay so she has someone to stay with.

    Daring Doubt 
It will be about replacing writers.
Daring Do is going to retire and the new author is going to take over the series. It will be an allegory for Friendship is Magic ending and being replaced with G5.
  • Jossed. The new author who is actually Caballeron in disguise is writing a Perspective Flip story with Caballeron as the hero and Daring Do as the villain, and the episode goes for a Both Sides Have a Point theme.

    The Big Mac Question 
The episode will involve Mac proposing to Sugar Belle.

    The series finale 
The episode will end on a similar note to how the first episode started.
As the Cold Open of the very first episode started with Twilight Sparkle reading a book under a tree, the finale will close out the series with Twilight Sparkle once again reading a book under the same tree. The final shot will be of the book Twilight is reading, only this time with the camera zooming out of the page with the words "The End" on it before the storybook closes to mark the end of the series. Unlike said scene, however, Twilight will be much older, looking more like Celestia. Also, her friends will be shown to be reading the book while reminiscing about the old days.
  • Alternatively, the episode will end much like how the finale of Adventure Time ended, with pony that looks similar to Twilight Sparkle, possibly either a descendant or student of hers, reading the book.
Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack will gain horns; Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity will gain wings; and Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy will gain earth magic.

Spike will get to be the hero of the finale and become Equestria's Prince of Friendship
This would certainly make up for him being pushed back into the sidelines in part 2 of the premiere.

The Final Battle will be the Heroes of Equestria (Mane Seven, Princesses, Pillars, Royal Guard, Discord, the other Royals and allies), along with EVERY pony and minor character we've seen as well as a few redeemed villains (Perhaps even Tirek, Cozy, Chrysalis, Flim, Flam, and Ahuizotl, etc.) against Grogar's monster army (which will include revamped G1 villains such as Arabus, Lavan, Squirk, Crunch, etc.) in the Kingdom Of Tambelon

The Student Six will save the day again.
As foreshadowed by "Uprooted", the Student Six will have a role to play in the show's finale, this time helping to turn the tide of the final battle and bring Grogar down once and for all.During the battle, the Students will use the Elements of Harmony in the same way that Mane 6 did in the first episode, complete with the elements being reforged from shattered pieces into new symbols that represent each of the Students, unleashing the Rainbow of Light and destroying Grogar once and for all.

The ending will feature a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
After Grogar is defeated and all is said and done, the show will feature a montage that explains the fates of all the major characters in the show, both good and evil. This montage will feature a narrator that is later revealed to be either Twilight Sparkle or a descendant of hers.

The Princesses will die in this episode
It still seems unlikely they'll leave the show unscathed. With Twilight reaching the end of her character arc permanently, Celestia and Luna are no longer as necessary as they once were. And what better way for Grogar to demonstrate his monstrous villainy than to kill the Big Goods?

The Superpowered Evil Side of one of the princesses will appear, but not because of a Face–Heel Turn.
Borrowing from the WMG immediately above, one of the princesses will die at Grogar's hooves. The survivor, consumed with grief and fury, will turn into Nightmare Moon/Daybreaker to aid in the fight against him. Bonus points if she ends up suffering a Heroic RRoD or Superpower Meltdown as a result of struggling against her Enemy Within so as not to succumb to the evil impulses of that more powerful side of her, allowing her to join her fallen sister.

The episode will end with the Princesses officially retiring and pronouncing Twilight and her friends the new Princesses of Equestria.
They'll make some speech about how change happens, and it isn't necessarily bad, with Celestia and Luna both getting a chance to address their subjects (thus answering the concerns about Celestia accidentally overlooking her sister). They will announce the Mane Six as the new rulers and declare, "The princesses have retired. Long live the princesses!"

The last scene will be an elderly Derpy finishing the narration.

Should the Student 6 be able to use the Elements of Harmony, the Elements will gain new titles.
It's happened once before when they passed from the Pillars to the Mane 6.Recap  So it makes sense that they get renamed again upon passing to new bearers. Magic might outright become Friendship(especially since its Student Bearer is implied to be the non-magical Gallus), but I'm not sure what the others could become.

We will finally see Scorpan, but...
...only briefly in Tirek's final scene of the series. The events of the season will reform Tirek, and the ponies will set up a reunion with his brother for him. Even having changed his ways, Tirek will be nervous about what Scorpan will think of him — but Scorpan will be full of nothing but love and forgiveness, overjoyed to finally have his brother back. The two will share a tearful, heartwarming hug of reconciliation. This will probably happen as part of an epilogue montage.

In a surprising twist, villains will help save the day
Chrysalis, Cozy Glow and Tirek are all currently unredeemed and "following" Grogar's orders with plans to overpower him themselves. But despite that, Grogar will come into power anyway and will threaten Equestria and all its inhabitants. The good guys will try to defeat him but it won't be enough, and will possibly face certain destruction... Then cue the three aforementioned villains banding together with Equestria against Grogar (reluctantly or willingly), demonstrating The Power of Friendship in order to defeat Grogar once and for all, and possibly finally redeeming themselves in the process.

Alternatively, the above will happen, but no real redemption will happen
Instead, Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis will declare that they plan to stay evil and plot against Twilight and her friends again...only this time, they'll do it as FRIENDS; they'll have truly discovered what makes friendship magic and their friendship will be genuine...they just plan on using it for evil instead of good. After this declaration, they'll escape and Twilight will reluctantly let them go, deciding that she and the rest of the Mane Cast can deal with them later before proceeding to her coronation; the implication at the end being that the Mane Cast's adventures will never truly end, as there are still bad guys to fight and still mysteries to solve.

Grogar, Daybreaker, and Mean Twilight will be the Final Bosses in a Big Bad Duumvirate or a Big-Bad Ensemble
With Mean Twilight having somehow been brought back a few episodes ago. It will be up to the heroes, with the aid of Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow to defeat all three of them and save Equestria. The series finale will also be named "Mean Twilight's Kingdom", a reference to the Series Fauxnale "Twilight's Kingdom".

Mean Twilight will be resurrected by Chrysalis.
Once she's strong enough, Chrysalis will use her power to resurrect Mean Twilight and use her to further her own goals. Given that Chrysalis seems to regard her old hive as being like family to her, she could use this opportunity to groom Mean Twilight and raise her as a daughter while trying to keep her from stepping out of line again.

Grogar's master plan will include a way to neutralize Discord.
Grogar has been watching events unfold in Equestria for centuries. While Discord usually prefers not to get involved when it comes to saving Equestria, Grogar will know that there are rare occasions when he does step in to help, and seek to keep that from happening again. Using his knowledge of ancient magics (and his minions), Grogar will find a way to trap and/or De-Power Discord, thereby preventing him from assisting the Mane Six.

Grogar and the Legion will try to slander Twilight
Twilight's freakouts over minor things have been occurring more frequently than usual, likely due to the stress of preparation for taking over for the Royal Sisters. If the villains were learn about about this, they will use her freakouts to turn everypony against her, saying that she is a terrible leader for Equestria, and use this moment of weakness to take over the land.

Grogar is secretly discord in disguise
In a misguided attempt to help Twilight get ready for her ascension to the throne, Discord arranged to have the other villains freed and have Twilight defeat them. Which in turn will allow Twilight to become less nervous for her promotion and be ready for everything.
  • You watched one of the leaked episodes, didn't you? You know this is true!
    • what are you talking about? This is just a random guess.

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