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Guesses that don't appear to fit in the other future guess pages. Guesses about things that happened in episodes that already aired go to other sections. If you have a guess about something else, then

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Should they make a Second Season for the series...
  • 24/03/2011 - Greenlit for another series of 26 episodes ^^
  • There will be at least one episode centering around a male pony/ponies. While some ponies will resist and one (maybe Rarity) will dress up for him, but the ponies learn he's a person, too. The aesop will of course be that "boys and girls can be friends."
    • If there is a "stallions and colts are ponies too" episode, it would more likely be centered around the school-age foals like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, as children are the ones that more often tend to be sexist. Considering they're the only colts in the series, if they do have such an episode, it would probably be one to shed some sympathetic light on Snips and Snails. When the events of the episode lead to their humiliation, it seems like no one really cares all that much; I mean, they're just the comic relief guys. But when along comes the Did You Think I Can't Feel? scene...
  • Trixie will join the crew as the Sixth Ranger.
    • Many fans like Trixie because of her various bad attributes. Remove them and she's no longer the Trixie we know and like. Keep them and other fans will complain why the Mane Cast is hanging around with somepony who's always insulting them.
  • Alternately, Derpy Hooves. In case she becomes popular enough to Hasbro consider making a toy based on her. Well, why not? It's not like Trixie doesn't have followers or that can't be made appealing for the target audience. And Derpy is...Derpy — everybrony's favorite pony.
    • The problem with adding another pegasus would be that they would have to add another unicorn and another Earth pony as well. If there were more of one than the others, it might be construed as favoritism and pegasus popularity would rise, resulting in fewer sales of unicorn or Earth pony toys. Remember Hasbro's motto: To sell toys.
  • Why is no one thinking of Zecora?
    • Then she will become a Recurring Character that The Ponies will use for help when they encounter something voodoo, or She'll become a Sixth Ranger of some shorts.
      • Confirmed true: as of the 10th episode of the second season, Zecora has been in 3 of them basically for her voodoo that she does so well (the tale of Nightmare Night, the inspiration and solution for Applebloom's Cutie Pox, and as for why Spike was growing out of control).
  • As another alternative they will add a male Sixth Ranger (Doctor Whooves FTW!) in an attempt to cash in even further on the male audience.
    • Keep in mind that Hasbro started releasing repaints before they've even released molded versions of some of the main cast. I rather doubt Hasbro is paying any attention to anything at all.
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  • What about Princess Luna as the Sixth Ranger? Think about it. Luna has been in the moon for 1000 years. Whether she was awake/percieved it as a full millenium doesn't matter if you realize that any friends she had before imprisonment are probably dead/gone. Secondly, there would be great potential for her development as a character; I'd expect a lot of The Atoner, guilt, etc. Thirdly, there would be potential for character dynamics; it wouldn't be a stretch at all to have one or more ponies still unsure about her, still wary. And fourth... Hasbro could make another *** toy if they wanted to.
  • It will feature longer story arches the way Lauren Faust wanted the show to be rather than episodic.
  • It will add more of the "Sailor Moon" vibe the pilot provided (which was apparently quashed by Executive Meddling), though the majority of the episodes will probably still be the slice of life sort.
    • Highly likely, since Word of God says that season(s) 2 and/or 3 will be introducing villains. (Woo hoo!)
  • There will be an episode where Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy switch personalities, just for hilarity and the fact they're voiced by the same person.
    • Why not Rainbow Dash and Applejack? They share a voice actor too.
      • Never said that couldn't happen either.
    • If not personalities, why not powers? Applejack and or Twilight as Pegasi and Fluttershy and or Pinkie as Unicorns would be awesome

Lauren Faust will include some reference to the '4chan Pony Wars'.
We know that she at least is aware of the shows popularity on 4chan, and considering how wracked the fandom is with the site putting the fan community there into a strangle hold, she's probably going to hear about it at some point. Considering the nods already given to the bronies, I wouldn't doubt one bit that she'd give a little nod at some point as to the plight of the fan community. Perhaps a little dialogue quip or something.

Season 3 will introduce more Elemental groupings.
For example: The Elements of Justice (Intelligence, Patience, Diligence)
  • Jossed. No new Elemental groupings.

Season two will involve a search for the "Seventh Element".
The seventh being "Courage" which is possessed by Spike, however since his young body is too fragile to handle such a power using it will involve a temporary Plot-Relevant Age-Up until he learns how to control it.
  • Jossed for the series overall, and a seventh Element will never come up, as they've been returned to their origins, showing only six places for one.

No matter how hard they may try, Studio B won't be able to give everypony from Season 1 a return appearance.
This will lead to the bronies deciding that the missing character has had an untimely demise between seasons, complete with reading "clues" from the series that supposedly support the "facts" that they will be creating, themselves.
  • Exactly how an animated character can get killed instead of merely Put on a Bus will be a main point of the debunkers.
  • If this guess is correct, expect a Snopes entry before the last episode of Season 2 is aired on the Hub network.

Season(s) 2 and/or 3 will be slightly darker than season 1.
By which I mean, there will be slightly darker storylines and elements. For the most part, the show will retain it's lightheartedness. But there will be storylines where the entire fate of Equestria is at stake, and there will be threatening villains. There might even be a sadder episode or two, like Granny Smith dying. This is because Hasbro not only acknowledges the older fanbase, but EMBRACES it. (Crowning Company of Awesome, much?) Hasbro even stated that they won't take down fan-made FiM videos, even the less child-friendly ones, because they promote the show. Since the older internet fans not only watch the show, but heavily promote it through pictures, forums, memes, and videos, Hasbro and the studio will do a little more to appeal to them while still keeping the aspects of the show that made it so awesome and appealing.
  • Confirmed: S2 had more scarier episodes than sad (Having both Discord and Chrysalis, as well as craycray!Twilight), with S3 having quite more depressing ones than scary. No deaths, though. Well, no deaths for someone who isn't a Sauron expy.

The first episode's Foreshadowing will be revealed to have another meaning.
As almost everyone knows, Nightmare Moon was shown in the hourglass in the first episode when it was distorting a statue. If you think about it, they actually could have place Foreshadowing elsewhere... Unless Nightmare Moon was watching Twilight, and has plans for her, plans that involve using her incredible powers as her own.

Cerebus Syndrome will ensue.

Someone will be Killed Off for Real.
  • Celestia, with Luna taking control of the sun as well as the moon. Twilight instead keeps her "friendship reports" in a diary of some sort, maybe a Captain's Log.
  • Granny Smith. Not necessarily killed, but maybe passing on in her sleep, leading to some bonding between Applejack and Pinkie, the latter of whom will have had experienced the loss of Granny Pie when she was Apple Bloom's age.
    • Plus, Sweetie Belle could get her cutie mark singing at the funeral.
  • A villian who is utterly evil and despicable, and somehow immune to the Elements of Harmony.
    • This seems to have happened to King Sombra, but it's a little too early to call.
      • Confirmed for the spoilered character. Everything else is jossed.

Season(s) 2 and 3 will include more references to the various fan works.
  • The Doctor finally having his proper accent and running around with Derpy, Colgate, or Rose.
  • Spike wearing Scott's jacket.
  • A party featuring a Pony Polka.
    • This is looking likely for S4, or at least, Weird Al himself is appearing.
  • Pinkie acting odder than usual with her friends mistaking her for a killer.
  • Big Macintosh shown as being rather popular with the Fillies.
    • I think you mean the mares.
      • Perhaps the OP was subtly referencing a certain other fic which shall not be named...?
      • Remember that in reality, adult women may also sometimes be called "girls", especially in such contexts. It may be politically incorrect and degrading, but it happens.
      • Mares and stallions are called "fillies and gentlecolts" in-universe. So they're both "politically incorrect and degrading". At least they're both treated as such.
  • Apple Bloom developing a crush on Spike.
  • A Massive Multiplayer Crisis Crossover / Milestone Celebration
  • And much more!

None of the villains from previous incarnations will appear.
Keep in mind, the only G1 copyrights Hasbro could retain were on Spike and Applejack. This probably extends to the villains and minor characters, too. However, we could easily get a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo or an Expy of a villain or 2.
  • Officially JOSSED! Tirac of the G1 pilot is back in action for the Season 4 finale!

"Lesson Zero" set up a change in format for future episodes.
Celestia's condition to forget Twilight's punishment was that the rest of mane cast be involved in making friendship report when and only when they discover them. This could lead to the following in future episodes:
  • Because the rest of mane cast can send friendship reports now, there will be episodes where Twilight will be absent, possibly focusing solely on one of the characters, and if they find something to report, they can now do it themselves.
    • This is confirmed to be correct, but it still remains if the second part is also true.
  • Not every episode will have an aesop. Some will just be for fun.

The group friendship reports at the end of "Lesson Zero" will be a parallel to the Grand Galloping Gala from Season 1.
The Grand Galloping Gala (referred to further in this WMG as "GGG" for short) in Season 1 served as a psuedo-Story Arc as a sort of compromise between Faust and Hasbro. There were three episodes in this arc, a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning was the third episode. Season 2 will have the group friendship reports in the same manner. "Lesson Zero", the third episode of the season, is the beginning. At the season's midpoint, there will be a story where the plot focuses on the group friendship reports... somehow, I'm not quite sure. The season finale will be the end as well. I'm not sure how a plot could actually be derived from the reports, perhaps it'll be based on some other aspect of "Lesson Zero", or maybe it'll involve some of the new villains.
  • Jossed; it's just Twilight going bananas over being TARDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Season 3 will finally have an overarching plotline.
Reportedly, Season 3 will have only 13 episodes, compared to the first two seasons having 26 each. True, a coherent story can be hard to get out on a tight schedule, but with only half as many episodes, it would also have the plus of not having to be stretched out as far.
  • HOWEVER, it did start the overarching plot of the Equestria Games, which tie into the plot of four episodes thus far ("Just for Sidekicks", "Games Ponies Play", "Flight to the Finish", and "Rainbow Falls").

There are only (currently) 13 episodes for Season 3 so the FIM team can make a movie/30th anniversary special.
2012 is the 30 year anniversary of the My Little Pony franchise, so they might take some time off from the show to do something to celebrate like a movie.

Season 3 will end with a Series Fauxnale.
  • Confirmed.

Season 3 will be the Grand Finale.
  • Jossed; not only was it followed by a movie, but S4 is currently airing and there is a fifth season confirmed.

The show will end with a Big Damn Movie.
  • Whether the show ends after the third or fourth season or lasts even longer, it's possible it could end with a Big Damn Movie. The past My Little Pony franchises have all had movies, furthermore, it seems a show like this would go out with a bang. It may not end up in theaters but it could be on TV. It would involve the Mane Cast fighting an evil that threatens to destroy not only Equestria, but the whole world.
    • Partially confirmed, maybe. A theatrical (non-EG) movie is planned for 2017. Whether or not it functions as a series finale, and what the plot is, remains to be seen. Hasbro confirmed in 2014 that G4 was planned to stick around for 5 more years, though there is no clear indication as to when Friendship Is Magic will end.

By the end of S2 everyone of the mane six with have had an at-least 70% sanity slippage.
  • Jossed, if by sanity slippage you mean all six of them will go the way of Lesson Zero and Party of One.

The show will end with a Mass Super-Empowering Event.
In which every single pony in existence is turned into an Alicorn.

At least one member of the mane cast will get a Love Interest.
And the fandom will hate him, subjecting him to Die for Our Ship and Ron the Death Eater within hours of the first episode he appears in airing. That or they will subject the member of the mane cast he is a Love Interest for to Die for Our Ship and Ron the Death Eater, and pair him off with some other character.
  • RD will get a male Love Interest. What happens next is better left to everyone's imagination...
    • Here's an idea of what would happen if she did: The fanbase would be highly divided, one side being happy that there is proof Rainbow Dash isn't a lesbian and supporting the new canon RD pairing, another screeching about how RD having a boyfriend "ruins her character" and that Hasbro is homophobic and giving in to the demands of Moral Guardians, and a third bombarding RD's Love Interest with Die for Our Ship and Ron the Death Eater for "getting in the way" of their RD pairings (considering that she's a Launcher of a Thousand Ships). However, if Rainbow's boyfriend is likable enough and their relationship is believable, the majority of the fandom might support it. Either way, Ship-to-Ship Combat is bound to ensue.
  • Hilariously confirmed for Twilight, but Flash Sentry is Equestria Girls-exclusive. The fandom reacted as stated, only without pairing him off with anypony.

Mare Do Well is only the tip of the iceberg.
There will be more hero expies later on, including a ranger team, an adventure archeaologist, and a crack team of royal guards on the run for a crime they didn't commit.

Each of the Mane Cast's Gala fantasy will come true this season.
In "Sweet And Elite", three of theirs already did (see below). At some point, the other three will have theirs come true, and possibly the other two whose weren't the episode's focus will have episodes devoted to it.

  • Rarity: She met a high society stallion who behaved like a true gentleman towards her. Sure, there's no implication of a Love Interest with Fancypants, but he still treated her like a lady and truly liked her for who she really was.
  • Fluttershy: She made friends with some of the animals in Canterlot garden. If revisited, perhaps a future episode will involve her making friends with them (perhaps they get sick and Celestia calls her in to act as vet, knowing how much she wanted to befriend them before?)
  • Pinkie Pie: She got to enjoy a big party in Canterlot and have a great time. Hers got more focus, seeing as she threw a big party for Twilight's birthday in Canterlot's ballroom, so a second episode might not be needed exploring this.
  • Rainbow Dash: At some point, she'll get to hang out with the Wonderbolts for real, perhaps even get the chance to perform with them once (not join probably, but actually take part).
  • Applejack: She make money for her farm and family somehow, though she did destroy the old barn so a new one could be built in it's place, so hers may have already come true too.
  • Twilight: She'll get the chance to spend time with Celestia for real. Perhaps Celestia decides to take the day off and spends it with her for real.

Spike and Rarity will eventually become an Official Couple.
Due to the recent developments it seems to be leading up to this. BUT, there is a rather evident age difference and I doubt it will be openly allowed.
  • There could be a case of Jail Bait Wait, on Rarity's part.
  • Dragon Quest seems to have shades of this.

The display of The Power of Friendship to defeat the Windigos is Foreshadowing.
It shows it's possible to utilize a Circle of Friendship attack of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? strength without having the Elements Of Harmony, at least not the physical elements. A future villain will somehow steal the Elements again, but ultimately be beaten by the Mane Cast using the Rainbow Of Light without the physical elements.
  • In the two-episode pilot, they were able to summon the elements because the spirits of the elements were still there. So yeah, it's pretty much already confirmed that the spirits of the elements alone can be enough to defeat evil.
    • Confirmed, sort of. The Mane Cast don't do it, but Cadance and Shining Armor manage to repeat what was used to defeat the Windigos in order to put down Chrysalis and her swarm.

Discord's origins will be revealed.
And it will turn out he was originally a being with little power at all, until a source gave him Reality Warping abilities turning him into who he is today.
  • This troper came up with the idea that Discord was created by a combination of the Windigos, beginning to starve from the new-found Harmony between Pony-kind, and whatever it was that made Nightmare Moon.

The Fire of Friendship will serve many roles later in the series
  • The beacon will be transported in a torch and later re-lit as the full beacon in the Equestrian version of the Olympics.
  • The beacon will be a source of power for the six when the Elements of Harmony fail them somehow.

After Friendship is Magic gets its series finale, there will be a sequel series.
Possibly featuring the offspring of the FIM cast as the new main characters, maybe even some characters related to side characters like Zecora or even Derpy. Like The Legend of Korra, it would place the characters in a different situation to avoid repeating the events of the first show, perhaps having the characters travel all over Equestria or even the world to do research. It might even have an overarching storyline as opposed to "slice of life" episodes that are dominant in FIM.
  • A possibility: The offsprings are meant to wield the Elements of Harmony... But unlike their parents, will have to develop to fit into their roles.
    • That would be pretty cool.
      • "Pretty cool?" This is the best idea ever!
      • Seconded! I WANT!...And now I will try my hand at this as a fanfic! To my writing program!
  • Though, if the Mane Six went on to mother foals, who would be the fathers? I can just hear the outraged screeching of fans as their ships sink...

Alternatively, there'll be a prequel series.
With young!Celestia and young!Luna as the protagonists, along with young!Discord possibly being a deuteragonist. It would expand greatly on Celestia and Luna's past and follow their adventures as they grow up, use all the plot potential that probably won't make it into the current show (such as how they found the Elements of Harmony), and be a bit Darker and Edgier. It'd also have Foregone Conclusion when it comes to things like Luna's eventual transformation into Nightmare Moon.

Each character will get a solo Image Song this season
Rarity's already had "Becoming Popular", which works as one for her. "Smile, Smile, Smile" is one for Pinkie Pie. Word of God has already confirmed Twilight will (or was going to) get a solo song as well, which would be hers. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack will get there's at other points.
  • AJ has one with her family in "Pinkie Apple Pie". Rarity gets one more suited to her in "Rarity Takes Manehattan" with the song "Generosity". Nothing really true to them for Twilight, Rainbow (who STILL hasn't had her own song yet), or Fluttershy.

We'll get a nod to the myriad crossovers the fandom has produced. Especially those with "macho" franchises.
Ideas are welcome and encouraged.
  • A MW3 parody, perhaps? The villain of the day could even be a huge bear voiced by none other than Roman Varshavsky! (Varshavsky voiced Makarov in the games).

The show will end or will begin its last arc of episodes with someone's death
Because what better way to end a quest to report findings on friendship than by having a report of what happens when the friendship meets an untimely end?

Lyra Heartstrings will get some screentime.
With all her appearances, a quite consistent haughty personality, and even spoken lines, Bon Bon is all but a borderline secondary character at this point in the season; time for Lyra to get some characterization.

DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch will be named and/or speak.
To make it up to those fans who are still upset about the Derpy incident, DJ PON-3 will get a similarly-focused scene. Nobody could be offended by DJ PON-3 right?
  • "They mispronounced her name!"
  • She and Derpy have been upgraded to "secondary characters" in Equestria Girls (which didn't feature the common background ponies, save for them). This didn't happen in S3, but S4, maybe. The fanbase will be displeased at her voice not being what they want, because as Rarity has taught us, you can't please everypony.

Season 3 will be the last season and will only make 13 episodes.
I just realized: 26+26+13=65AKA: The limit of most kids shows... for the love of Celestia! Tell me I'm wrong!
  • Technically, this limit is mostly imposed by Disney, which doesn't own the MLP line.
  • Well there were 13 episodes in season 3, but season 4 was confirmed, so this is only half correct.

The series finale will Torch the Franchise and Run.
  • They will do this to ensure the G4 characters will not be corrupted with Seasonal Rot and, should a new series be made, will force the creation of a fresh generation.
  • The S3 finale is already being accused of this.

If a Big Damn Movie comes out, there will be a remixed version of the Extended version of the sing-along on the DVD.
To punctuate a particularly incredibly cool and amazing moment.

If a movie comes out, it will be an alternate version of Return of Harmony.
Retelling the events of Return of Harmony to make up for what seemed like rushed storytelling and/or lost potential in the original episode.

There will be an episode about the Other Mane 6 (Derpy,DJ Pon-3,and other backround ponies).
  • Possibly confirmed, as a episode in season 5 is supposed to be focused on ponies who are mostly in the background.

Only Changelings are supposed to be able to use the power of love
That's why Chrysalis is surprised. Maybe Shining Armor is/can use a small amount of changeling power.

Compared to the past two seasons, the third season will have a noticeable decrease in background pony clones...
...implying that changelings really were lurking in previous episodes.

The Third Season might never actually come.
If worse comes to worst, Hasbro might eventually get tired of bronies arguing and fighting each other (e.g. "Derpy Drama") that they cancel the show giving them nothing. They might make a mediocre CGI movie though. Regardless, if we're not careful, the My Little Pony we all know and love right now could eventually be Ruined Forever.

All the villains will return...
...But working together, putting aside each other's petty differences in either an attempt to steal Equestria and the world, or just general revenge against the Mane Cast, with the Changeling Army functioning as mooks for the villains.
  • Jossed on the principle that Discord is good now, Sombra has been Killed Off for Real, and since Luna is pretty happy now, it's unlikely Nightmare Moon will be making a reappearance.

There will be a story arc that isn't restricted to two episodes.
And the story arc will have the Mane Cast travel across Equestria to teach other villages or species An Aesop, separated from each other, all because they're either dealing with a brand new threat, or all of the previous threats.

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse will appear
Pestilence, War, Famine and Death (With Death’s name changed, this is a kid’s show after all) Will show up for some reason. Most likely as major villains. After all, these horses are supposed to signal the end of times, and what better finale than to save all life on whatever planet Equestria is on?

Derpy's next speaking role
Will be ordering muffins from Suger Cube Corner and will go like this:Mrs Cake: Hello Derpy what can I get for you today?Derpy: I'll have my ususalMrs Cake: Two Dusen assorted muffins coming up

A future Big Bad will be beaten using Storge and Agape Love
The show is Phileo Love, Eros Love was used to defeat Chrysalis. Perhaps another villain will be defeated another type of love.

Possibilities (Please, add your own):

  • Spike and Twilight's Brother/Sister Love for one another.
    • Manifests: In some kind of Fire Spell, probably green.
  • Celestia's unconditional love for her subjects.
    • Manifests: ???
  • Twilight, Shining Armor, and their Parents' familial love.
    • Manifests: In a gigantic explosion of magic.
  • Twilight's love for and/or faith in every living creature in Equestria as well as everypony's faith in Twilight
  • A Flashback showing Celestia's banishment of Luna after her corruption into Nightmare Moon.
    • Manifests: As the concentrated rainbow beam seen in the storybook opening.
  • The familial love of the Apple siblings.
    • Manifests: ???

Connecting to the above, the final Big Bad will be defeated by all of The Four Loves together
The Mane Cast using the Elements, Shining Armor and Cadence using their love for each other, Celestia and Luna using the love for their people, and...someone using family love, possibly the rest of the Apples.

Next season's major villains will all have a theme
This season was Emotion Eaters, Discord off of disharmony between ponies, the Windigos off the Power Of Hate, and the Changelings off the Power of Love. If the Flim Flam Brothers and the teenaged dragons are included, then the theme was [Manipulative Bastard manipulative villains]] (Flim Flam Brothers manipulated the entire town and the Apples, and it's pretty obvious that the teenage dragons were manipulating Spike into joining their gang to use him as phoenix bait). First season only had one major villain, Nightmare Moon, but pride and jealousy was the theme behind every villain that season, Gilda seems at least partly driven by jealousy over Pinkie being Rainbow's friend, Trixie was prideful, and Nightmare Moon was jealous of her sister. The next season will have it's own theme when it comes to villains.
  • S3 had a theme in the form of tyranny of all things. Sombra, Babs (as an Alpha Bitch), Lightning Dust (is a stretch for the word 'tyranny' because she was only the leader of one other pony), Trixie, and New Fluttershy. S4's theme seems so far to be that all the villains contrast the Bearers of Harmony (Suri Polomare and Cheese Sandwich thus far)

Season 3 will introduce another mode of transportation (and add it to the opening sequence)
Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon has been there since Season 1, and Season 2 brought the Friendship Express Train.
  • And it will be an Airship.
  • Well, Twilight got a new mode of transport, but it was nothing new or different.

Trixie will return, and be given redemption.
Why wouldn't she? I'm sick of people painting her as a destined villain. I want her to be forgiven, and part ways with the Mane 6 under kinder terms.
  • ...Painting her as a destined villain? If anything, Trixie is popular in the fandom, and at worst, people simply don't care for her. And there's the question of how she would be redeemed. She's loved for her arrogance and Small Name, Big Ego personality. Redemption would mean taking them away, and therefore depriving her of her most-liked traits.
  • You better bet your bits she got redeemed. "Magic Duel" was all over this in the end. After... well, a tyrannical reign over Ponyville but...

Perhaps even in an episode that airs in 2013.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents will have one or more speaking roles in Season 3.
They're the only characters listed in this email who haven't appeared in more than one episode...yet.
  • Sadly jossed.

Applejack will be removed from the mane cast at some point in season three
The writers don't seem to know what to do with her character, and in almost all the (Very few) episodes she gets the spotlight in, she ends up being overshadowed by somepony else. So, they will either kill her off (Unlikely due to the nature of the show), or put her on a bus. She may reappear at times or get a few mentions (i.e Rainbow Dash checking her mail and getting a letter from 'Jack) , but her role in the show will be drastically reduced. Methods by which she may be killed off/ put on a bus (Feel free to add more):

If the above WMG proves to be correct, Applejack's replacement will be...
  • Cheerilee
  • Braeburn
  • Trixie

Season 3's first cold opening will involve an extremely intimidating villain being introduced...
...but in the very next scene, Celestia swoops in and handily (hoofily?) takes care of his/her mess. The episode, a two-parter like the other season openers, then goes on to be a Day in the Limelight for Celestia, in which we delve into the history of how she and Luna came to power.
  • Jossed.

Twilight will become Brainwashed and Crazy by the next Big Bad.
And only her friends will be able to change her back to normal.

Rarity will fall for Fancy Pants
She'll do her best to gently put Spike down, as the episode will be about how a first crush won't ever be the first crush you'll have.

Twilight will become a Spotlight Stealer in Season 3.
The writers will realize that they didn't give Twilight enough focus episodes in Season 2 and will try to make up for that by making most of the episodes in Season 3 center around her.
  • WELL... no but she did get an upgrade? And she did get a few focus episodes. Four of them, anyway.

Season three's intro will be an English-translated version of the Italian intro
It's obvious. Season 2 had a remix of the Season 1 theme song, so we will get an English version of the Italian intro.
  • Jossed, it's the same as S2

Alternatively, Season three will have an all-new theme song
  • Jossed.

Rarity and Spike will get married in the series finale
Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this. It's been made pretty damn obvious by now that Rarity has officially fallen for Spike, especially in Secret of my Excess. And it's only fitting for them to get married in the series finale, since, well, doing it in the middle of the series would screw up the plotline. The episode will end with the news of a baby that happens to be the first ever hybrid of a pony and a dragon.
  • Some of the producers have joked this will happen... in season 12.

There will be an episode in which Apple Bloom finds a very special somepony.
The episode will be titled Bloom is in Love.

If Discord does return, he'll try to eliminate Twilight.
Obviously, he'll want to get rid of the very pony who foiled him last time. He will believe that since Twilight holds the strongest element of the Elements of Harmony, with her out of the way, nothing will stop him, not even the other 5 holders.

An ex-wielder of an Element of Harmony will return....
But as a villain.
  • Again?
    • Soooo... Confirmed?
    • I know. Luna was the Element of Loyalty, Discord the Element of Laughter and Chrysalis the Element of Honesty. There is still room for two more original wielders turned evil. Poor Celestia lost all her friends.
  • Jossed, as we see that the only ponies who handled the elements were Luna and Celestia.

In the episode Discord returns in, he will have a song
And it will be awesome.
  • Jossed for his return episode, but he does sing in a commercial! And he does show up several times!
    • He also does get a full song in Season 4. Not exactly a villain song though, more like a troll song.

The show will have a Gainax Ending

If the Crystal Empire has a big role in season 3, then the Big Bad will be a Mythology Gag to either Lavan or Porcina
The show loves its mythology gags, and both those villains would fit such a place.

Trixie will return seeking vengeance...
On Snips & Snails, because they're the ones that brought the Ursa Minor to town. Depending on what they say to her, she might end up going after Spike as well.
  • Confirmed, but she seeks vengeance against Twilight first, then all of Ponyville for making her a laughingstock.

An episode will focus on the Apples trying to modernize the orchard.
Both seasons have had an episode where all of their hard work just plain didn't cut it. The third season will have an episode where Applejack tries to prevent that from being an issue.

Shining Armor is pregnant.
By Queen Chrysalis. The episode will consist of finding a way to abort the pregnancy before it's too late. Hey, she has some other insect-like features, so why not that one?

It will turn out Fluttershy has had a husband and children all along.
At some point during season 3, just around the time when the new "Fluttershy and the family" playset will hit the shelves, we will suddenly discover that Fluttershy is actually married and has two sons, the rest of the cast will act like they knew it all the time, and Fluttershy will start singing a diabetes tasting song about how much she loves her family, with flashbacks revealing that whenever there was a scene inside of her cottage, her family was always in the next room. Then the fandom will go dawww about what a great wife and mother Fluttershy is.

There will be an enemy so strong that not even the Elements of Harmony's usual Finishing Move will be able to stop it. Just when it seems like the enemy is about to finish the Mane 6 off, Twilight stands brave, proclaiming that she'll never let him/her win and that she will protect everyone she loves and cares about. Just then, her crown and all of her friends' necklaces start to glow. The enemy laughs it off and proceeds to fire a powerful blast at her. Suddenly, the necklaces fly off their bearers and surround Twilight, protecting her from the blast. Afterwards, the necklaces transform into armor for Twilight, with the crown transforming into a helmet.
  • Pretty much this is what happened in Magical Mystery Cure, but Super Mode was more a permanent Power Upgrade, but it was brought on by her combining all the Elements together and in a non-battle sequence.

The Crystal Kingdom will be part of a story arc.
Shout Factory has announced a DVD with the title Adventures in the Crystal Kingdom. This means that there will be more than one episode taking place there. All previous DVD sets had five episodes each. I don’t think they will travel to the Crystal Kingdom fives times — that would get old fast and they don’t even travel into nearby Canterlot that often. So what is the most logical explanation? Five-part story arc!
  • The Friendship Express DVD were only loosely tied by three of the five episodes having a train in them, and the Royal Wedding DVD will include episodes unrelated to the Season 2 finale. Its more likely the Crystal Kingdom episodes is the two-part premiere, though I'm sure we're all welcome to a surprise.

The show will reach over 100 episodes.
If the show remains popular after Season 3, it just might happen.
  • Confirmed. Seasons 1, 2, and 4 all have 26 episodes, with Episode 3 clocking in with 13 episodes, that makes 91. A fifth season has been announced, meaning there will be over 100 episodes.

Season Three will have a season long story arc.
William Anderson, the background score composer for the series, put this message on his DeviantArt journal. Lauren Faust mentioned that adventure stories are harder to plot. Could season three be shorter because it's a season long adventure serial?
  • Jossed, but it did start the Equestria Games arc, which is the focus of three episodes, and the cause of a fourth.

Lauren Faust will find out about Fallout: Equestria.
And make it into a Darker and Edgier MLP spinoff series! (But it would be Lighter and Softer than the original fic.) Come on, you guys know how cool this idea would be.

The cilivization of the Crystal Ponies is being destroyed by the windigoes.
The official map of Equestria includes an area called “Frozen North,” part of which are the “Crystal Mountains.” No points for guessing that the Crystal Mountains are the home of the Crystal Ponies. However, why is the north frozen? Is it possible that the Crystal Ponies are torn apart by hatred, causing the windigoes to make it snow? That would explain why they need saving. The whole Crystal Fair thing might be an attempt to reunite them.

Griffons are the French people of the pony world.
Okay, I’m having too much fun with this official map of Equestria. Anyway, looking at it, it seems that Equestria is supposed to be an alternative reality version of North America. Note how there is an arrow labeled “Yonder To Griffins” pointing to where France would be. This fits perfectly with the fact that Gustave Le Grand was clearly French. Also, before you ask why Gilda doesn’t have a French accent, maybe her parents moved to Equestria before she was born. Or hatched. Hmm, do Griffons hatch from eggs?
  • Alternatively, Yonder Over Where Griffons Are is Europe in general. Gilda is a snotty British-Equestrian...or..something. You get the idea.
    • That would raise the question why Photo Finish isn’t a Griffin since she has an accent that is apparently supposed to be Austrian.
      • I'd guess that she's from the reclaimed Old Country, and the languages have diverged.

Trixie and that leaked possible season 3 villain are one and the same pony.
Okay, I have to credit VladimirMacHolzraum on DeviantArt with this idea. Some images of Trixie wearing an amulet with the same color scheme as that possible season 3 villain have shown up. So far the theory has been something along the lines of: Trixie has joined the villain in exchange for an amulet that makes her even greater and more powerful. What, however, if that amulet actually turns her into the villain form? It should also be noted that the amulet is apparently called “Alicorn Amulet,” so it is plausible that it is an amulet that turns you into an alicorn and gives you all of their powers.
  • Jossed. Sombra wasn't an alicorn, he was a regular, if powerful, unicorn turned into a being of shadow, and he's been trapped in ice for ages.

That one kooky grandpa from Ponyville retirement village. . .
Is actually Starswirl the Bearded and will feature in a future episode.

Zecora will become a far more prominent figure after season 3.
When Twilight becomes a princess, she'll probably have a lot more responsibilities and will be expected to do more. Her magic studies will probably go to the next level, meaning she'll have to do more research and will probably need to make new discoveries of her own. As such, it would be appropriate for Zecora to become an official second mentor. Zecora knows about things that even the most well-educated ponies in Equestria don't know about, and studying with Zecora would allow Twilight to learn about brand new things for her magic studies. As such, this may lead to Zecora getting more character development and backstory.
  • Jossed thus far; she hasn't shown up at all in Season 4.
    • What are you talking about, she was in the Season 4 premiere.

If the rumors are true and a new character is added to the Mane Cast, ...
It will be a Unicorn. This way, the ratio of the 3 primary pony types in the Mane Cast will be balanced again.

The studio will hire a better art team for Season 4 and we'll stop getting the freaky faces
Hey, you can dream, right?

When Friendship is Magic ends, there will be either a sequel series or a spinoff.
With the ratings the show gets and the merchandise it sells (both the stuff for kids and the older audiences) Hasbro would probably try to link future lines of the franchise with Friendship is Magic. The next My Little Pony series could be either a sequel series or spin-off to Friendship is Magic, with new characters to create a new toyline, though the Mane 6 might make appearances once in a while.

Possible premises:

  • The new series would follow a new magic student. Could be a unicorn, but could also be a Pegasus pony or an Earth pony who wants to use magic, even if she can't shoot it from her horn. She would be a student of Celestia, but would also receive instruction from Twilight. The show would take place in Canterlot to offer a different environment from Ponyville and better allow for different stories.
  • It would be about a group of ponies travelling through Equestria and beyond to learn and research. They would answer to Celestia and Twilight, though they wouldn't appear too often. Different ponies in the group would have different things they want to learn about. One wants to learn about animals and plants, another wants fashion and architecture, another wants sports, another wants food while another wants artifacts, and another wants to learn about magic.
  • It will be an Anthology Series or will have Different but intersecting plotlines. might be implemented with the above. Different ponies would have different adventures and would report their aesops to Celestia, Twilight or someone else.
  • It would be a CMC-centric series and would ether be aimed at the same target audience or follow Disney Junior's example and be targeted at an even younger audience (though designed on the writing quality and whether it averts Viewers Are Morons it might attract some bronies as well).

The series will end with the Mane cast dying.
They would all die at once in a self-sacrifice to save Equestria. (though "death" would not be stated directly) But they either manifest as spirits, or they reincarnate and meet each other in their next lives, with Celestia and Luna keeping an eye on them.

The things that glow rainbow at the end of the episodes will become the keys to the locked box

This means the spool of rainbow thread for Rarity, and the thunder medal for Rainbow Dash, as of episode 11. Am I missing anyone?

  • Boneless the rubber chicken for Pinkie Pie.
  • And now the Breezie Flower for Fluttershy. This just leaves Applejack and Twilight. Applejack's probably going to get her key next, given Twilight's role in the series. Twilight's more likely to get hers last.
  • Confirmed. Twilight's final key, ironically, came from Discord, who got it from Lord Tirek.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders won't get their cutie marks before the series ends.
  • Let's face it, it's been what, 3, 4 years since they formed their group?
    • Or they simply haven't realized what they're best at; many kids are like that. We, as an audience, know Applebloom is at least somewhat of a proficient alchemist and/or woodworker, Sweetie Belle is the best/least painful of them at singing and/or songwriting and Scootaloo's proficient at sports and athletics (considering Lauren had intended for Scootaloo to have a physical handicap and Flight to The Finish left the question as up-in-the-air as before, this might mean something not related to flight); but many people have trouble figuring out what they are proficent at well into even high-school; a trio of elementary-aged kids being blissfully ignorant about things they happen to do well in isn't all that implausible.
      • Jossed is season 5 episode "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"

Somepony will get a Sanity Slippage Song.
Sanity Slippages are disturbing common in this series, which is well known for its Awesome Music. Combining them would be no big deal.

The series will end with a music video.
And every single character ever to appear in the series will be seen dancing to the song. Every. Single. One. Including the background ponies. And the villains.

The series will end with And the Adventure Continues.
Allowing for the fans, and alternate media (like the IDW Comics) to continue to make whatever stories they want after the series has concluded, albeit not without something big at the end.

Mage Meadowbrook'a journal will be published shortly before Season 8.
The incident with the colt that Twilight read in "A Health of Information" is just enough of a tease to stimulate interest in such a book or books. It will probably be a serial in a style similar to Judy Bloom's work.

Possible Character Deaths
Before you you fling your pitchforks at me,I DO NOT , i repeat, NOT gunning for anybody to die in the show and I highly, Highly, HIGHLY doubt there would be any main characters deaths in the show (unless if it’s a really evil character) it's just a fun, if morbid, idea...please don't kill me.

  • Celestia and Luna- sacrificing themselves to save Equestria and passing down their magic onto Twilight and Cadence
  • Granny Smith- dying due to old age/natural causes
  • Shining Armor- is overpowered by a powerful threat, out a magic and his horn broken, he shields himself to save his love ones.
  • Older Sister Trio (Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash)- AJ is killed by a assassin that vwas hired by xenophobic members of both the Pear and Apple Clan, Rarity being murdered by a fashion rival and RD is slain in air battle by a superior flying pegasus. Before their deaths all 3 manage to transfer their magic to the little sisters, (Applebloom receiving AJ’s strength , Sweetie Bell inheriting Rarity’s fashion and gem-detecting skills, and Scootaloo inheriting RD’s flying abilities and weather manipulation).The CMC, along with Spike and the remaining mane 3, seek to avenge their sister’s death by slaying the murderers.
  • Queen Chrysalis- Absorbed by the Tree of Harmony or is slain by either the Mane 6, Celestia and Luna, or Cadence, Shining and Flurry.
  • Mane 6 and the Pillars- both groups are slain by the Big Bad but not before transferring all the magic to the Student 6 in order for them to vanquish the Final Boss once and for all.
  • Twilight Sparkle- 1.Equestria is magic has been drain of its magic by the Big Bad, who is then vanquish by Twilight. Twilight casts a spell that restores the land of horses (and other creatures) but at the cost of her lifespan. 2. The planet in on the brink of destruction Twilight teleports everyone to a different dimension and battles the final villain on her own. The villain has been defeated and Twilight teleports away. Twilight manages to find her friends but quickly succumbs to her wounds, she gives one final goodbye and her soul descends to the heavens, eventually being rebirth as a new star.

Our Heroes will learn new magic and skills

  • Twilight- Learning Advance Sorcery from Starswirl

  • Rarity- Being taught Crystal magic by Cadence and transmute matter like wood and stone into solid gold and jewels , and Conjure up many things though her powerful imagination

  • Rainbow Dash- controlling and absorbing 7 different weather elements based on her rainbow color scheme (Red-Heatwave, Orange-Dust Devil, Yellow-Lightning, Green-Tornado, Blue-Rain, Indigo-Hailstorm, and Violet-Thunder)

  • Fluttershy- telepathic ability to talk and summon animals, able to mimic the characteristics of animals and morph into any creature at will, also stun her enemies with a mere glare.

  • Pinkie Pie: Learning Chaos Magic by Discord

  • Applejack: Super strength, such as moving and lifting objects at least 3,000 times her size and atomizing objects and enemies with a powerful kick

  • Spike: Pyrokinetic abilities, such as creating and manipulating flames with his mind and Teleport his enemies into far away places using his emerald flames

  • Starlight: Learning Dark Magic

  • Sunburt:Creating Flame Alchemy

  • Celestia: covering herself with a flaming coat and call upon the corpses and ashes of the enemies who were incinerated by her flames.

  • Luna- Manipulating gravity to control the ocean tides , freezing enemies, transmuting things into cheese , and conjuring black holes

  • Cadence- learning Healing Spells

  • Shining Armor: Learning spells that allows him to swap weapons, armor and clothes at will

  • Flurry Heart- making inanimate objects come to life and conjuring up her imaginative friends.


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