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Guesses about possible crossovers (as unlikely as that is...). Guesses about things that happened in episodes that already aired go to other sections. If you have a guess about something else, then

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There will be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the original My Little Pony series and My Little Pony Tales
  • Do not forget about G3 and G2note . I would like to see Rainbow Dash the 1st and Rarity the 2nd interacting. Tales is the only series that I cannot think of way to canon weld with the other continuities. Hasbro does not have the copyrights to certain G1 characters anymore, but it could still happen.
    • Given that we know MLP exists in a multiverse, thanks to Equestria Girls (and the comics if you consider them canon), this sort of crossover could come about simply by making the previous generation settings other universes and have a plot that spans them all.
  • Alternatively, the G3 ponies could be villains, as a Take That! to the Periphery Hatedom the previous generations get from bronies.

The series 2 villains will include Blackarachnia and Waspinator.
The Transformers Animated art style would go well with that of MLP:FIM, and since TFA ended prematurely, there are a whole lot of unresolved plot threads. Plus, it would allow Hasbro to reuse moulds they've already made.

Blackarachnia and Waspinator would fit well as villains. Both were spurned by their comrades due to events beyond their control. Blackarachnia is hated by the other Transformers because of her organic components, and Waspinator was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Learning about comradeship again would fit well with the friendship them of My Little Pony.

  • If not as a crossover, then a quick appearance as a regular (oversized) spider and wasp with the same voice actors.
  • If I may combine this with the above WMG about Weird Al voicing a character: I AM WRECK-GAR! I AM A BRONY!

The next big villain will be named Alicron.
And he will be gigantic.
Alicron: I have summoned you Queen Chrysalis.
Chrysalis: No one summons me!
Alicron: Then it pleases me to be the first.

Twilight Sparkle gets stuck in a "Twilight" spoof episode.
She'll be harassed by a (very shiny) unicorn named Night Glider, who wants to do EVERYTHING with Twilight. The other five Ponies don't like him AT ALL. Initially, Twilight thinks they're just jealous, but soon finds out Night Glider was very literal with the phrase "be by your side forever". Eventually, he is booted out of Ponyville by the Mane cast (possibly by using the elements of Harmony again) and everyone learns a lesson in "friends look out for each other's best interests."

There will be a My Little Pony/Transformers crossover.
Optimus Prime was going to have a cameo in the G1 movie, so its not entirely unheard of. IDW, who publish the Transformers and G.I. Joe comics, have announced they're gonna do G4 My Little Pony as well and IDW loves crossoversnote . Its only a matter of time, the only question is how to make it work?
  • It would make for some...interesting conversations/conversion of detail. Consider: Transformers: Prime (the current transformers series) is pretty dark in tone, and takes itself very seriously with death, chemical warfare, and some very hard emotional moments. There is some lightness, but never too much to shake off the darkness all around. MLP certainly creates a fairly dark atmosphere with continuity, but from episode to episode it's fairly light on a case by case basis. (two parters aside). Also, there's that whole awkward situation where Transformers are cgi this year and Mlp is flash.
    • Who says it has to be Prime? Rescue Bots would blend so much better... And if Doctor Morocco learned how to harness magic, he could become very dangerous, very easily. Especially since he has none of his own, so he'd have to get it from somewhere else... And what species in Equestria is the most magical? ....And he'd have to power (or, if he didn't get to take it with him, replace) his Chamber of Youth somehow...
      "Oh, I'm truly sorry, my little ponies... But only I can live forever."
    • Pinkie Pie DID make a Transformer sound in "Equestria Girls". Maybe your crossover lies in that Pinkie is a Transformer?

There will be a crossover with either one of Lauren's previous shows.
Ideas on how this would work would be appreciated.

It kicks off with the Mane Six of G4 meeting the ponies of other universes (G1, G2, and G3). Then an absurdly powerful multiversal destroyer emerges, and all ponies from the universes go to stop it. It will end on a Tear Jerker with all but the G4 universe erased from existence.
  • And that'll leave ONE character who'll remember EVERYTHING, and ends up crazy.

Alternatively, there will be a Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths-type crossover

One of the CMC will mess something up in the eyes of their sisiter (or Rainbow Dash in Scootaloo's case) and feel that they'd be better off if they were never born. Que angel/ghost/alicorn/random passerby unicorn.

BIONICLE crossover
The large number of Bionicle voice actors can't just be a coincidence.

There will be a a crossover with Animaniacs
I know, basically dreaming here, but it could work (and be hilarious as hell). The Hub is going to start showing Animaniacs in syndication. It'll be more possible if it's just a promo or two, though.

There will be an episode where the Mane 6 play Dungeons & Dragons
They both belong to Hasbro, so its possible.
  • And it turns out Fluttershy is a D&D boss.
    • "I confirm that critical, if, um, that's ok with you."
  • And Lyra will finally get to be a human.

With Twilight becoming an Alicorn Princess
  • There will be either a shout out or cross with LoZ Twilight Princess. Either that, or there will be more fanfics set in Hyrule.

There will be a crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Where the Mane Six will be flummoxed (then horrified) as to how the Puella Magi don't work together and often actually clash to kill. They will then try to introduce the magic of friendship (especially Homura).

And then Kyubey will trick Fluttershy into a contract.

There will be a Crisis Crossover with Adventure Time.
Ice King, desperate for love, will locate magical portals to the multiverse (which will be low-key versions of the portal technology of the Enchiridion), locating the perfect universe for him the be loved. Because he's using poor technology and is crazy, this will be a disaster of epic proportions: the Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic universes are bleeding into each other, and will destroy each other when the merge. Signs of the End Times will include the genres of the two blending in.
  • The Adventure Time characters will change mostly into ponies when they enter Equestria. Animal-based characters will be different species: for example, Jake will be a donkey and Lady Rainicorn will be humanoid. The inverse will be true when Equestrians enter Ooo.
  • Due to the emergency, the Elements of Harmony will be shared with some of the Adventure Time characters. Who will get what is unclear, but I would love to see Ice King gaining the Element of Kindness, thus bringing back his Simon persona. This means he'll revert back to Ice King afterwards, but Simon is willing to do so.
  • Given how just about everyone in Adventure Time is/has shades of The Woobie, I can imagine the Mane 6 comforting them.
  • Parodying/referencing their shared fan-demonization, Princess Bubblegum will think Celestia is a lax, irresponsible troll, and Celestia will think Princess Bubblegum is a lazy, irresponsible Mad Scientist. They'll quickly realise that the other is ultimately a good person, and work together to solve the calamity. Luna and Marceline will become major BFFs, likely with Les Yay to boot. Added Les Yay if Bubblegum and Celestia are jealous.
  • A team up of the villains!
    • For the jerks: Gilda and Ash will team up to get back at Rainbow Dash and Marceline, though how well they'll get along is up for debate. The Great and Powerful Trixie will be ally with Lemongrab-not because she wants to, but because Lemongrab wants her magic to make Equestria ACCEPTABLE! and given how he's become an utter monster, Trixie is only following him because she's threatening him.
    • For the villains: The chaos will at first result in Nightmare Moon becoming an Enemy Without. The Ice Crown will end up in the hands of Ricardio, creating a version of Ice King completely under the thrall of the Ice Crown. Discord will ally with Magic Man. While Discord has had a Heel Realization, that doesn't change the fact that he's still a troll who likes chaos-he'll just try to make it not break reality. Queen Chrysalis will target Simon's love to feed off, and will fight her paired villain rather than ally. Perhaps she'll try to steal the Nightosphere Amulet, or retool it to feed on love
  • The two main villains who both hero and villain will have to band together to fight are King Sombra and the Lich. They'll realise that while they're going to try and kill each other eventually, they can delay the betrayal to get closer to their objective. Sombra wants to use the Crisis Crossover to merge the two realities into something that lacks both the Elements of Harmony and the zaniness of Adventure Time; a Crapsack World which he can conquer with ease. The Lich wants to witness the process of destruction, and figure out how to extrapolate this to destroy every other reality. Both will absorb power and become god-like. Their scheming against each other could result in fusing the two together ala Brainithor, creating the Sombra Lich: due to having both the cold destructive desire of the Lich and the domineering cruelty of King Sombra, the Sombra Lich will want continuous destruction and death as a state of rule. Also please tell me that a Sombra/Lich merger wouldn't be AWESOME.

There will be a crossover with Vocaloid and Touhou
They are all constantly crossed over with stuff (THEY HAVE RULES OF THE INTERNET FOR IT!) by fans, It would be a nice touch to cross them over officially.

MLP will cross with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Or at the very least have characters that are direct references to them in some way or form possibly represented by their body colors and cutie marks
  • Johnathan Joestar: Yellow body, dark blue mane, and a purple star. His special talent is chivalry.
  • Joseph Joestar: Purple body, brown mane w/headband, and a green star. His special talent is strategy.
  • Jotaro Kujo: Navy Blue body, black mane w/signature cap, and a platinum star(get it?). His talent is Oceanology.
  • Josuke Higashikata: Blue body, cobalt mane styled like a pompadour, and a pink star. His talent is healing magic.
  • Giorno Giovanna: Gold body, gold mane styled into rosebuds, and a white star. His talent is growing plants.
  • Jolyne Cujoh: Blue body, green mane, and a yellow star. Her talent is rope-tying.
  • Johnny Joestar: White body in a wheelchair like Stellar Eclipse, red mane, and a blue star. His talent is racing.
  • Josuke Higashikata (part 8): Orange body, black mane, and a green star. His talent is bubbles.

MLP: FIM will crossover with Littlest Pet Shop.
One way this could happen is if one of the show's cast was transported into the other show's universe due to an accident from the magic-related abilities of a character from each show. For example, a spell from Twilight transports the Mane 6 and Spike to Downtown City or a magic trick by Sunil transports Blythe and the pets to Ponyville.

The Sha from World of Warcraft will show up because...
They are the seven (formerly six) manifestations of negative emotions and cause chaos wherever they go. Not to mention, they spread faster than Discord's plunderseeds. One pony has to have only one negative emotion (say, feel Pride) to make a Sha appear. The Elements of Harmony would also have a VERY hard time finding a way to counter a pony being Sha-possessed (turning grey and emitting black smoke) since EVERYONE in the entire world feels negative or semi-negative emotions at some point. Such as Rarity. She would NEVER be able to fight Pride, not even on her best day. Fluttershy could NEVER face Fear, again not on her best day. It would give the writers a way to see the Elements overcome their worst negative emotions to combat a foe greater than even Tirek and Discord had been (Discord could not help because of his own Pride getting the best of him in the end, or his Despair and Doubt over betraying the Mane 6).
  • The Sha manifest in REALLY gruesome ways. This would have to be toned down for the show. The Sha of Despair, for instance, manifests in suicides. The Sha of Pride manifests in making you think you're so much better than everyone else that you should rule the world (and it WILL happily give you power strong enough to at least make a Tirek-worthy attempt). Imagine Rarity with Inspiration Manifestation taken Up to Eleven and you get what Pride can and will do.

    • In World of Warcraft, it takes three godlike beings and ten to twenty-five other people to take down one Sha. Celestia and Luna would even have Sha problems. Pride or Doubt would likely turn Luna back into Nightmare Moon. Despair and Fear would take down Celestia. Twilight would also be afflicted with Doubt. We've seen how many times she doubts herself and her powers. Imagine something Tirek-level powered influencing this doubt.

In a crossover with Bayonetta:
  • Trixie, Luna, and Moondancer will reveal that they are part Umbra Witch and sing Fly Me To The Moon and Moon River during their epic fight scenes.

In a Mega Man crossover movie...
  • Trixie is revealed to be X from an alternate universe, mind-wiped and banished to Equestria by Tirek Sigma who couldn't drain or destroy her since she was too Great and Powerful. Her best friend and fellow fighter Starlight Zero (Glimmer), also from said universe, jumps into Equestria, effortlessly defeats some of its vicious creatures, and takes Trixie back to the X AU so both can destroy Tirek Sigma together. While Trixie gets her memory jogged, she also reunites with her other former partner, Axl Sunburst.

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