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    S4, E1: Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1 
The plot is about Twilight learning about the true responsibility of ruling.
I don't think this episode will have a new villain (the season finale will) but will have a much deeper meaning than anything we've seen before. Celestia will cast a spell to make Twilight play her role during her most difficult time of ruling, the banishment of Nightmare Moon. She's trying to prove to Twilight that ruling a country isn't just about studying Parliament procedures or speaking correctly during interviews, it's about always making the right choices, even if they're VERY difficult choices to make. It will be dark and will elaborate on Celestia and Luna's history more than ever before, and will end with Twilight conceding that despite being a princess she still has a lot to learn, and with her deciding to remain in Ponyville to continue her ongoing studies on the magic of friendship.

This episode will put the second comic arc into Canon Discontinuity.
It will go with The Dark Side instead of Demonic Possession as the origin of Nightmare Moon.
  • It seems to go into the Demonic Possession route (like Lauren Faust intended), as when the transformation actually happens in the scene, Luna looks scared as if something's taking her over.
    • WMG: It will do both. Luna consorted with dark powers to get the recognition she wanted, but they betrayed her and took over her body.

One of the first scenes in the episode will be a Re-establishing Character Moment for Twilight.
E.g. she's shown carrying a ceiling-reaching stack of books, neurotically trying to learn the entirety of diplomatic protocol minutes before an important debate, and ends up nearly having a panic attack. It's all to show the viewers (bronies) that they shouldn't worry—wings or not, she's still the Twilight they know and love.

One of the first scenes in the episode will be Twilight crashing horribly.
To explain why she's got trouble flying in EqG, despite seemingly flying like a pro at the end of Magical Mystery Cure. Her confidence was shattered.
  • I don’t think this episode takes place before Equestria Girls.

The new villain will be one who invades minds
S/he will have taken over Celestia's mind, and Twilight has to go in to have her. Along the way, she will encounter Celestia's most painful memories, like Nightmare Moon and maybe even Discord.

Nightmare Moon will break her new fangs onscreen.
She didn't have them in the pilot.

The scene we saw is a bait and switch.
Twilight will only think Luna/Nightmare Moon is talking to her, but when she tries to reason with her NMM will brush her aside and say "Not YOU! Out of my way!" and storm over to Celestia, who will have been standing behind Twilight. Twi will then realize that she's somehow been sent back in time, meaning that we'll finally get to see what happened between Luna and Celestia on the day NMM was banished.
  • Alternatively, Twilight travels back in time Quantum Leap style and becomes Celestia.

The sneak peek was a flashback from Celestia's perspective, but with Twilight in Celestia's place.
That would explain why Luna ignores Twilight's questions completely and addresses her with "your precious light" (the sun that Celestia controls), prior to transforming into Nightmare Moon.

Twilight will enter the flashback through a mishap with something she finds in Canterlot.
Such as the hourglass that foreshadowed Nightmare Moon in the pilot, or something she finds in the caves.
  • Or it might be in the Canterlot Ruins.
  • Or she gets it as a flashback when she approaches the funny element tree.

The episode is about Luna testing Twilight's mettle
She gained it way too easily and Luna is just trying to get her to prove it.

The episode is a Bait-and-Switch... but about the plot!
It won't be about the past between Luna and Celestia.

Luna will snap and become evil... again.

After this episode, Luna will permanently be in her Nightmare Moon form, but still be good.

Twilight does not experience any kind of flashback, but Luna does.
Twilight, Luna and the place where they meet are all real and in the present. However, Luna has been entranced to relive her transformation into Nightmare Moon. She sees Celestia instead of Twilight.

Zecora will make an appearance.
Her home is going crazy and attacking everything. She would probably have some rhymes to make about that.
  • Alternate Theory: Zecora has absolutely no reaction to what's going on. Living in the Everfree tends to make you numb to certain things.
    Apple Bloom: Are we gonna have to live in the Everfree Forest? But we'd never survive in there!
    (Cut to Zecora in her hut, calmly drinking tea.)
    Zecora: Another normal day in the Everfree, I wonder how honey would taste with my tea.
    (The camera zooms out to reveal that the hut's floor is littered with the unconscious bodies of various monsters. Another monster enters the hut, trying to sneak up on Zecora. Without even looking, Zecora casually backhoofs it out cold.)
  • This Hub Network press release appears to confirm a speaking role for Zecora.

Celestia and Luna are trapped in the tree.
We see their symbols on it, after all. Maybe the Elements of Harmony are angry or corrupted.
  • More like Jossed. They were trapped beside the tree by something else. The tree itself, once it was recharged dispelled the corruption.

Discord refuses to get involved with the conflict because he considers the Everfree's expansion a good thing.
He's not evil anymore, but Discord is still chaos incarnate and an asshole. The Everfree Forest is the one place where the ponies can't control nature, so an expanded Everfree would mean that pony civilization would completely subject to nature's whims. And in Discord's mind, that's a good thing. So when the ponies ask him for help, he'll build Fluttershy and maybe the others a bomb shelter and then go find a good seat for the end of days.

The Everfree Forest is sentient, and has recently gained enough power to start expanding.

Assuming the Everfree's expansion is being caused by an outside force, the villain is an evil druid of some sort.

The sneak peak from Comic Con is the ending of this episode
Nightmare Moon has returned! Equestria is dooomed! *cue happy theme music*
  • That sneak peek's timestamp apparently indicates it's at the tail end of this episode.

This Summer Sun Celebration will involve the masks from the Crystal Princess Celebration toyline.
"The ponies wear beautiful masks to dress up for a special celebration!"

Discord will act like he's going to be unhelpful, but gives them vague hints that eventually do end up being useful.
If we take his character development as mirroring Q's - antagonist who is defeated by heroes, later gets into a situation where he can't/is told not to use his powers and is stuck with the heroes until their humanity/friendship rubs off on him enough that he does a Heel–Face Turn and becomes an ally - as an ally he's going to act as a Trickster Mentor; being helpful but in a roundabout way where the Mane 6 have to think about his hints and figure out what he actually means.
  • Sota kinda confirmed. He does exactly that, but it happens in the next episode, not this one.

Steven Magnet will have a Cameo in this or the next episode.
For the first time since Season One the Everfree Forest plays a large role in a story and the ponies probably will travel deep inside. What better time could there for another appearance of the big, friendly sea serpent?

There will be a sideways Fandom Nod...
...when somepony says something along the lines of "Time Turner's got his own problems today" or "Time Turner's reliving the worst day of his life right now."

    S4, E2: Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2 

Celestia and Luna have become trapped in the Tree of Harmony somehow, and the Elements are needed to free them.
Based on the the shot at the end of the new promo - the Tree seems to have their cutie marks embedded in it.

The Everfree Forest will become "tame", or at least a bit safer.
Thus making it easier for Twilight to inhabit its castle in the next episode. Said castle might also get repaired.

The Tree of Harmony is Equestria's Yggdrasil.
Thinking about it, it would make a lot of sense. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time the show has referenced something from real world mythology. Seems like now would be a good time as any to bring Norse Mythology into the show.

    S4, E3: Castle Mane-ia 

There will be shoutouts to Castlevania other than the title
Maybe a character name Simon Belmount?
  • Either that or a character (aw, heck, it'd be Rarity) will throw a "punch" glass and say "Enough talk. Have at you!"
  • Confirmed, if we count the Pony of Shadows, though only in name.

The ruined castle will be fixed
  • And become Twilight's castle.
    • Jossed; the start of the episode confirms once and for all that Twilight is staying in Ponyville, though the Mane 6 working in the castle in "Power Ponies" suggests that it still might happen.

The Bat Ponies/Luna's Guards will make a reappearance
The "Pony of Shadows" mentioned in the synopsis won't be a villain but rather just a shy and reclusive bat pony who as taken to living in the old castle.
  • Jossed; no other ponies besides the Mane Six are in the castle.

The Pony of Shadows is actually Celestia and/or Luna.
They went back to their old castle to pick up some of their old belongings. The Mane Cast mistook them for an evil monster. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Jossed; the Pony of Shadows is rumored to be a ghost born from Nightmare Moon's dark magic.

The Pony of Shadows will be a Male Alicorn.
Why not?

The Mane Six will mistake each other for the Pony of Shadows.
Think about it: Princess Celestia sends Twilight and Spike to her old castle on their own; the rest of their friends each have their own reasons for being there; not one of the ponies (save maybe Applejack and Rainbow Dash, if them hugging in fear in the previews is actually from this episode) knows the other is there; and all of them are convinced or come to believe that the place is haunted. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Confirmed. This is pretty much the plot right here, with the lesson of not letting one's imagination get the better of you.

...And then the Pony of Shadows will turn out to be real.
  • Once again, confirmed.

The episode will tie into the mysterious chest revealed in the season premier.
Perhaps Celestia thinks that the castle will hold some kind of hint as to what the chest holds or even where to find the Keys, which is part of the reason why she sends Twilight and Spike to the castle.

There was a book explaining the nature of the box, but the Pony of Shadows removed it.

The Pony Of Shadows was Zecora.
  • Because who else lives nearby the Castle of Two Pony Sisters.

The Pony of Shadows was no pony.
It was the villain of the season finale (not naming because spoilers).

    S4, E4: Daring Don't 

The author isn't the Daring Do book series' only one, just the latest of multiple ones.

They're going to mine the Mane Cast's adventures for the book.

Some bits on the Daring Do page on This Very Wiki will become Ascended Fanon.

Rainbow Dash will find one of the keys this episode

The writer of the books is Daring Do
The books are a spiced up version of her real expeditions as a archeologist.
  • Confirmed. Even Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash were shocked.

Information about the Chest of Harmony will be revealed in this episode
The writer of the Daring Do books will be quite knowledgeable about archeology and end up revealing that she knows something about the chest and keys.

Twilight Velvet is A.K. Yearling
Not only does she use a pen name, she knows a bit of magic to disguise herself when making public appearances. Only her daughter knows A.K.'s true identity.
  • Jossed.

"Daring Don't" will turn out to not be the exact title of this episode
It's happened with this season's three episodes so far ("Princess Twilight - Part 1" turned out to not be the exact title of "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1", "Princess Twilight - Part 2" turned out to not be the exact title of "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2", and "Castle-Mania" turned out to not be the exact title of "Castle Mane-ia")...

    S4, E5: Flight to the Finish 

Scootaloo will get artificial wings at the end
It will be revealed that she was born with deformed wings, and she will use the artificial wings to fly. It will keep the credibility of the disability story while still giving Scootaloo her happy ending.

On the contrary…
It will turn out that Scootaloo will never be able to fly, as Lauren Faust might have intended.

The episode will be centered around both Scootaloo and Twilight learning how to fly.
It'll go for a "you're never too old to learn" Aesop. Or even better...

Twilight will be the one to call out Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
Preferably in front of everypony in the midst of the play, but it's not that hard to imagine Twilight getting upset and calling the bullies out by admitting that SHE'S still having trouble flying too; "So why don't you pick on me as well?!" The bullies back down and hang their heads in shame, knowing that they'd never dare insult an adult, let alone an alicorn princess.
  • While this is definitely a great idea, this troper finds HOW "The Reason You Suck" Speech or any calling out is executed is very important when regarding the context of the situation. Anyone can do a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, but it's not always done right or realistically. With DT and SS, surely they should be scolded, but it should be done in the manner of how an authority figure should scold a defiant child, not in an overblown, over-the-top manner in which it's clearly the writer talking and doing so to satisfy the fanbase, which is the case of so many fanfictions. Therefore, I prefer a dialogue more along the lines of this:
Twilight: "You two can't fly, but nopony gives you hard time, do they?"
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: (together, clearly looking ashamed) "N-no..."
Twilight: "So what gives you the right to make fun of Scootaloo's problems?"
  • Jossed. Twilight doesn't appear in this episode.

Scootaloo won't get to fly but its her determination and skills made up on scootering that assures Ponyville the Equestrian Games
We affirm her disability that's been implied by Word of God, find there's no way around it beyond artificial means, but she struggles to prove herself to still be worthy to be the flag carrier, impressing Ms. Harshwhinney for the Games. Unlike the above WMG about gaining artificial wings, she remains without a way to fly without help (eg Rainbow Dash), but comes to accept that.
  • Confirmed. She may eventually fly some day, and she might not. But the point is that she comes to accept that she is still special in her own way; e.g. her sick scooter skills.

We will finally see Scootaloo's family.
And they will be entirely normal. No abuse, no abandonment, just a normal family.
  • Adding to that it's gonna be revealed neither of Scootaloo's parents are pegasi so she never had anyone to teach her to fly.
    • Jossed. We do see her room, but no one in her family.

Filthy Rich will finally lower the boom.
"Diamond Dazzle Tiara, I am very disappointed in you. Mocking Scootaloo's problems like that..."
  • Jossed.

Diamond Tiara will finally get the punishment she deserves.
And it won't be your standard "scold or trowel" approach like the previous times. It's gonna be a downright Humiliation Conga or Laser-Guided Karma the likes of Discord or Sombra.
  • What, you mean like every other appearance of Diamond Tiara? She ALWAYS gets punished. Diamond Tiara may have a long list of Character Flaws, but being a Karma Houdini has never been one of them.
    • Hell, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have gotten away with more crap than she has.
  • Like Discord or Sombra? Isn't that a bit harsh? The are just schoolyard bullies, not maniacs who’ve taken over whole nations and terrorize the inhabitants.
  • Jossed. The only 'punishment' that DT and SS receive is not winning the competition, and even that doesn't bother them that much.

Scootaloo will get her cutie mark.
  • Jossed.

It will have the same ending as this comic.
Rainbow Dash fashions a cloud scooter for Scootaloo, who will be able to make more as needed.

This episode will be dedicated to the memory of the children who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootout.
The air date for this episode is December 14th and seeing as how this is Scootaloo's Day in the Limelight, it would seem like a nice way to commemorate the lives that were lost exactly one year ago.
  • Jossed

Fluttershy will talk to Scootaloo during this episode.
After all, Fluttershy had trouble flying when she was younger, she would be perfect to give advice.
  • Jossed. Fluttershy doesn't even appear.

    S4, E6: Power Ponies 

It will be a Spike episode, and will reveal his love for superhero comics.
The opening sequence will be about Spike gushing over the “Power Ponies”, a group of six pony vigilante superheroes who each bear a strange resemblance to the Mane Six. He will mess with Twilight when she’s casting a spell, and it will land them in an AU universe where they’re the superheroes. The only way to get back is by defeating the villain and grabbing some sort of artifact/activating some sort of contraption that Spike mentioned during his nerdgasm in the opening.
  • Confirmed.

Celestia will play the role of a hilariously hammy antagonist.
Judging by the villain’s facial appearance and hair in the clip (I’m counting out the horn, because with all of that hair it’d be difficult to fit in right) I’m going to guess the villain is a Celestia and Sedusa combo.And it. Will be. Hilarious.
  • Sadly, it appears that the villain is a new character.

It’s a Twilight Zone-style anthology episode.
I mean, come on, the Mane Six and Spike are sucked into a superhero comic where they assume the roles of the superheroes and have to defeat the villain, and that within the first five minutes of the episode? Does this seem like a normal episode to you?
  • The setup is too fast to be an entire episode dedicated to the super personas, and Spike + the Mane 6 seem confused about being there. It would thus seem possible that this is but one of three "fiction" escapades they experience due to some unwanted magic or the like. Which means...
  • Jossed.

Daring Do will return.
See "Anthology above", if the Supers part is just one of three fictional situations, this primes the ability to bring back Daring Do in a second sequence.
  • Jossed.

"The Mysterious Mare Do Well" will be referenced.

The whole episode will be a dream that Spike's having.
The clip showed Spike laying down and opening his eyes. Maybe he went to sleep reading comic books and dreamed that he and his friends were superheroes.
  • Jossed.

It'll be an Inception shout out.
The Mane Cast (or one of them) will be deeply troubled and not know why, so they'll go to the Princesses for help. Luna will use her dream magic to help them, leading to them entering each others' dreams to get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Jossed.

Trixie will make a cameo as a Magical Girl.
I saw this and said yes!
  • Jossed. Would've been funny, though.

There will be a Sixth Ranger
The whole Power Ponies thing seems to be a parody of Power Rangers. What good Power Rangers parody can there be without a Sixth Ranger. Possibilities:

There will be a giant robot
  • Any good power rangers parody requires them to Form the Megazord.
  • Jossed. And it's not really a Power Rangers parody. Powerpuff Girls, more like.

The villain will have a Freudian Excuse and origin story.
Though it probably won't be taken too seriously.
Villain: I wasn't always like this, you know. I was a mane stylist once. I loved manes, the way they felt and moved, and I was sharing my love with the rest of the world. I was giving ponies the manes they had always wanted. Manes beyond their wildest dreams! My future was assured...but then, tragedy struck! While I was experimenting with a bold new mane styling technique, I accidentally spilled permanent mane remover into my coveted coiffure! The medusan mop you see before you is...(sob)...a wig! A pale imitation of my beloved mane! From that day forth, I vowed that if I couldn't have a good hair day, than nopony could! So enjoy those manes while you can, Power Ponies, for I'll be wearing them soon enough! So says the fabulous Dr. Follicle!
  • Apparently, the Mane-iac has the same origin as the Joker, falling into a vat of green glow-y stuff and gaining hair powers.
    • Confirmed. We get a brief explanation of her origin.

There will be a Shout-Out to the Avengers film, or at least to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
"I have a death ray!" "We have a Pinkie Pie."
  • Fluttershy gets Hulk powers. I'm petty sure that counts.

An alternate version of Celestia will appear as the Power Ponies' superior.
Like their police contact. Or a one-eyed leader of a secret government agency.
  • Jossed.

The main villain will be a Lord Zedd pony voiced by Robert Axelrod.
Seems to be Jossed. By all accounts, the bad guy is a Doc Ock/Sedusa pony.

The aesop will be about not knocking something until you've tried it.
As proposed above, Spike will be revealed as a comic fan. Twilight, being something of a book snob, thinks his hobby is juvenile and childish. Over the course of her superheroic adventure, she learns that there's actually some merit to comic books and that she shouldn't have been so quick to condemn.
  • Jossed. It's an "you're more helpful than you think you are" aesop.
  • Also, Twilight isn't dismissive of Spike's fanboying and getting caught up in comic storylines, because being a bookish nerd herself, she knows that feeling quite well.

The Mane Six and Spike will be made into Super Heroes/Heroines through being pulled into an alternate dimension
It would explain why Spike woke up somewhat groggy in the animatic and why they all for some reason have outfits on and ponysonas despite seeming to still be the same characters.
  • This was already pretty much confirmed here.

Spike will defeat the Mane-iac by setting her mane on fire.
I mean, she probably uses a lot of flammable hair products on it.
  • Jossed.

The episode will tie in to the ongoing Story Arc.
Either the Pony of Shadows gets involved or the Mane Cast learn something about the chest.
  • Unless the renovation of the castle leads to something later, it doesn't look like that's the case.

    S4, E7: Bats! 

The fruit bats want to eat the Apple Family.
Because they all have apple cutie marks and the bats are too silly to tell the difference. Apple Bloom's immune due to a lack of cutie mark.
  • Either that, or it's because the Apple Family diet consists mostly of apples.
  • Jossed. The Vampire Fruit Bats are only interested in the fruit, and none of the ponies.

Some of the ponies will get bitten and turn into fruit vampires.
The good news is that it's reversible and they're only interested in eating fruit. The bad news is that, again, they want to eat the Apple Family. Because they're silly.
  • Bonus points if it's Applejack who becomes a vampire and the episode is about her trying to get rid of the bats and become normal again, while trying not to give in to her vampiric instincts.
    • We now have a screenshot of what appears to be Applejack with a bat wing. Take that as you will.
    • And a clip of Fluttershy drooling over an apple.
    • Confirmed! Fluttershy does become a fruit vampire, though not by being bitten.

A batpony will be involved.

    S4, E8: Rarity Takes Manehattan 

Uncle Mosely Orange and/or Aunt Orange will appear in this episode.
If not scripted in, then they possibly could at least cameo.
  • Jossed.

Babs Seed, her big sister and/or the Manehattan CMC will appear/make a cameo.
  • Jossed.

Rarity will get her own Rival and/or Evil Counterpart.
Because Rarity needs someone to compete with in both fashion and scenery-chewing.
  • Confirmed! Rarity comes into conflict with a designer that plagiarizes her work, Suri Polomare.

Rarity will find one of the keys in this one
Well, she got this weirdly important-looking spool of thread. So...jossed, but the spirit of the guess is the same as what happened. Unless it turns out the spool is the key.
  • From the look of things with the newer episodes, it seems confirmed.

The episode will parody revenge stories.
Rarity takes the plagiarism very badly and goes on a crusade to destroy the rival designer. It eventually becomes clear that Rarity's drive for revenge is self-destructive and threatening the innocent people around her. While the rival is eventually found out and punished, Rarity threatens to take it to far. It's at this point she realizes what she has almost become and learns an Aesop about the futility of revenge.
  • Mostly jossed. When Rarity has her designs stolen, she enlists the aid of her friends to help design a new line in short time, but pushes them too hard, making them miss-out on activities. The lesson Rarity learns is that just because some ponies may take advantage your generous nature, you shouldn't stop being generous yourself.

As for the parody part? Remember, these are fashionistas. All of Rarity's vengeance-driven plots are horrifying from their perspective, but ridiculous to a general audience. (Like say, Rarity tricks a number of ponies into wearing white after Labor Day. The rival and a number of innocents treat this as heinous.) This lets them get the message across without things getting too dark.

  • White after Labor Day? This would go down as Rarity's Moral Event Horizon.
  • Seems confirmed by the extended synopsis.
  • Jossed. It goes in a very similar direction, but Rarity doesn't seem to care about getting revenge on Suri, just winning the fashion show.

Rarity's Rival will either have a sympathetic reasoning for stealing her designs...
The rival could have seen Rarity as an idol and was inspired to work the same line as Rarity, but had to steal her work to try and gain notice/validation.
  • Jossed. Suri's assistant ends up being sympathetic, however.

... or not.
The rival is probably a snob who steals to gain notice for their "originality" and fame.
  • Confirmed.

Rarity's career will suffer a setback...
...but not an insurmountable one.
  • Confirmed. Having her designs stolen means that Rarity has to create an entirely new line in a very short time period. She enlists the help of her friends but pushes them too far, then fears she has lost their friendship. (Making the new dresses WAS a small setback, but one she recovered from quickly. Not only does she win, but her fears that her bossiness drove her friends away turns out to be unfounded. AND she makes a new friend in Coco Pommel, who is inspired by the generosity and affection Rarity and her friends share.)

A future episode will reveal, or at least mention that Coco becomes a successful designer in her own right
She came up with all Suri's designs, after all, and Rarity gave her the opportunity to work on a Bridleway show.

    S4, E9: Pinkie Apple Pie 

Applejack and Pinkie Pie will discover that they're related.
Which is why Pinkie Pie is part of the song about the Apple family.
  • Adding to this, Pinkie will try to help around the farm and Hilarity Ensues...then tears.
  • Also adding to this, it may be that Pinkie discovers that she is adopted, and that one of her biological parents is an Apple. Maybe that is where the Apples are headed, to visit Pinkie's parent(s)? We appear to be getting an episode about disabilities, why not one about adoption?
  • Pinkie did mention a Granny Pie, so maybe her full name was Apple Pie.
  • Half-confirmed. The plot is about Pinkie and Applejack trying to find out if they're related.

One of Pinkie's sisters is marrying an Apple.
Adding to the above.
  • Jossed

Pinkie just decided to come along for fun.
She may have been visiting Sweet Apple Acres just as the Apples were preparing to their road trip, after being told what they're doing decides to come along as it sounds like a ton of fun. Applejack, seeing her friends as honorary family, warmly welcomes Pinkie on the trip.
  • Jossed

The episode will be Pinkie-centric and focus on dealing with changes in your life and (for the parents and Bronies) coping with a job you don't like.
The Cakes have hit hard times, and have kept Pinkie on as long as they could, but they are no longer able to. The song is when Pinkie has found a niche in SAA.
  • Jossed

Pinkie was invited along by the Apples to give her a positive experience with a farm family for a change.
We know that most fans don't take Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark story seriously, so how about she confesses that her life with her family was largely as hellish as she described and her new interest in parties didn't have a lasting effect on her family? So, Applejack sees Pinkie getting depressed at this memory and decides to invite her along with her family on that trip? Within this context, Pinkie's reaction to the Apples' song would have that much more impact to see her respond to a family having the kind of loving togetherness she didn't have with her own.
  • Jossed

This is the episode where Pinkie's family visits
The SDCC panel affirmed there will be an episode where Pinkie's family visits her in Ponyville. Pinkie may not be looking forward to the visit (perhaps some event that caused strife within the family forced her to leave the farm), and the Apples sing her this song to help her remind her the importance of family.
  • Jossed, we don't see any of Pinkie's family

If, as guessed above, this is the episode where the Pie family visits...
Then there will be a reprise of "Apples to the Core" at the end sung by the Pie family. And, as with many things related to the Pie family, it will rock.
  • Jossed

The reason she's part of the family is because of the Destiny Spell incident
She was a temporary Apple for a time...
  • Jossed

Either Applejack or Pinkie Pie will find a key to that chest in this episode
  • Jossed

Pinkie will be revealed not to be an Apple.
Presumably via an exception to the One Steve Limit rule?
  • It is not actually revealed if she is an Apple or not.

If Pinkie is an Apple, it's through her Granny Pie.
Granny Key Lime Pie. Not everyone in the Apple family is named after apples, after all (Aunt and Uncle Orange; Hayseed Turnip Truck, Peachy Sweet, Lavender Fritter). It's not too far a stretch to say there are lime farmers, too. Maybe Key Lime is/was the estranged sister of one of AJ's great-aunts, who lost contact with her family when she went into the lime business?

    S4, E10: Rainbow Falls 
The episode will be a Whole Plot Reference to Skyfall
With Rainbow Dash as James Bond, Spitfire as Q and Lightning Dust as Sylvia.
  • Jossed.

If nothing else, you could totally see Lightning Dust charging into the fray as "Boom Boom" plays.

  • Jossed.

Daring Do will come back in this episode
  • Jossed.

They're going to make a Day of the Doctor reference.
Rainbow Falls... No More!
  • Jossed.

We're going to see some ponies from Dash's Junior Speedsters' team
The synopsis is that Rainbow Dash is having trouble choosing between the Ponyville relay team and the more competitive Cloudsdale team. Maybe she'll see some familiar faces from back then (probably not Gilda though, I'm guessing she'd rather live back in the griffon kingdom or at least a place with a large griffon community. Besides, the Equestria Games are for ponies and she's a dirty feathercat *tongue-in-cheek*). She'd probably also see her old bullies too.
  • I could see Gilda showing up in some capacity. Just reveal that she's from a family of griffon immigrants or something. Besides, the Equestria Games seem to be the setting's Olympics. Having some other species compete could add an international quality to the event.
    • They're called "The Equestria Games". Some Canadians can tell you about a national sporting event called "The Canada Games". It sounds like a national competition, not an international competition.
      • Sorry, that was a poor word choice. I meant to say that having things like griffons and dragons (which we know live in Equestria) compete in the games could help convey Equestria's overall diversity.
      • That would probably be a different episode, largely because OP doesn't see Gilda living in Cloudsdale specifically.
  • Jossed, though we do see some griffons competing.

Building off of the previous guess...
...Billy, Hoops, and/or Score will apologize for their treatment of Dashie.
  • Didn't they already do that in Sonic Rainboom?
  • Conversely, they'll just revert back to being jerks.
  • Jossed. They don't appear at all.

It will have a predictable outcome.
Dash is seriously considering going with the Cloudsdale team after the Ponyville team has results about as well as Wonderbolt Academy. However, the Cloudsdale team will do something really jerky, thus nullifying any conflict and gets Dash to realize she should stay with Ponyville. It's pretty much going to be Dragon Quest except with Rainbow Dash instead of Spike.
  • The moral is probably something like "Sometimes you have two loyalties that don't work well together, and you have to choose between them. Sometimes, choosing between two things that you're loyal to is really hard, but I learnt that you should always remain loyal to what you know and to who you know, rather than to your own selfish reasons and someponies you don't like just for the sake of winning. It's only really fun to compete when you know you're competing alongside the ponies who matter to you."
    • Half-confirmed. Both of those things happen. However, the Cloudsdale team immediately cops to their mistake when called on it and aren't depicted as complete jerks.

Conversely, it will have an unpredictable outcome.
Like, I dunno. Rainbow Dash finds out she's from Krypton and has to join the Kryptonian relay team. Michael Shannon is the team captain. No, not General Zod, Michael Shannon. He yells a lot.
  • More seriously, maybe the Cloudsdale team are perfectly nice guys and Rainbow Dash's conflict isn't a black and white issue.
    • Spitfire and Soarin are part of the Cloudsdale team. It's hard to imagine them becoming the jerks of the week.
      • It does look like Fleetfoot, another Wonderbolt, will be the jerk of the week, though.
  • For all we know, Dash decides that choosing between two conflicting loyalties isn't easy at all, and she decided not to compete at all. That's almost as unlikely as the Krypton theory.
  • Half-confirmed. The Cloudsdale team is antagonistic but not irredeemable, and Rainbow Dash briefly tries not choosing at all. Of course, if both of those were guessed, then it's not really unpredictable, is it?

Derpy, or a Suspiciously Similar Substitute, will be part of the relay team.
Her clumsiness causes a bunch of problems in practice, which gives Rainbow Dash incentive to switch over to a team with a better chance of winning. If they still can't use Derpy, they'll use an un-derped but oddly similar pegasus instead.
  • Confirmed! Derpy's a reserve member, however.

The lesson to be learned is on the part of Rainbow's friends, not Rainbow herself.
Rainbow's friends need to learn that Rainbow's ties to Cloudsdale are part of who she is, and that she isn't betraying them if she competes on the Cloudsdale team instead of the Ponyville team. It's just sports, after all.
  • this is looking jossed, on account of promos showing the Ponyville team consists of Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Bulk Biceps.
  • Jossed. It's Rainbow Dash who learns that while she loves winning, she loves her friends more, and would never let her friends down for victory.

The big white muscle-bound pegasus will have a name and speaking role in this episode.
Word of God is that a "fan favourite background pony" will be named and have a substantial role sometime in Season 4. Michael Dobson's online resume lists him as voicing a character named "Bulk Biceps" as well as Dr Caballeron from Daring Don't. It seems likely that "Bulk Biceps" is the big white pegasus otherwise known as "Snowflake" and "Roid Rage", and that this is the episode in which he becomes a proper minor character.
  • This is increasingly likely as that character has been named Bulk Biceps by the flavor text on the MLP CCG card Good Hustle.
  • Confirmed; he's a member of the Ponyville Relay Team.

Rainbow Dash will find one of the keys to the mystery chest in this episode.
  • Confirmed. Well, she finds one of the rainbow things, anyway.

Either Lightning Dust or Gilda will appear in this episode.
With the cast listing, this looks jossed.

Rainbow Dash will undergo Sanity Slippage in this episode.
Upon once again having to choose between where her loyalties lie, she won't be able to handle the stress, and will start to break down. Both teams will pressure her to join their team, which will not help.

Ponyville's team is known for losing, hence the small team size in the promo clips.
The team, it seems, consists of these pegasi: Rainbow, Fluttershy (who, interestingly, was not strong-armed into it, but joined of her own free will) and Bulk Biceps]]. There has to be a reason for the likes of Flitter, Thunderlane, and Cloudchaser to not be completing if even Fluttershy is.
  • Well, the event has a set team size. All the other Ponyville pegasi are competing in other events or in reserve.

Fleetfoot and Spitfire talking Rainbow into joining the Cloudsdale team is a Secret Test of Character for her.
Spitfire at the very least knows RD wants to join the Wonderbolts, and she's one of the ones who seems to propose the idea of swapping teams to Rainbow, despite it being shown that Ponyville has only three competitors, and it seems the two weakest fliers in the entire town. All of it is a test of Rainbow's loyalty and devotion, to see how she handles being forced to make a Friend or Idol Decision, and is just another stepping stone to see if she can be a Wonderbolt. After all, the Wonderbolts are a team.
  • Seems jossed, though Spitfire is impressed by Rainbow Dash's choice.
    • Actually, in a blink-or-you-miss-it moment, Spitfire gives Fleetfoot quite a significant look before she states how impressed she is. Almost a knowing look. It's still plausible that, like tending to the Crystal Kingdom was for Twilight becoming a princess, choosing her loyalties is one for Rainbow becoming a Wonderbolt. They may have been testing her ever since meeting her in "Sonic Rainboom" (seeing as Twilight was being secretly tested since being sent to Ponyville).

    S4, E11: Three's A Crowd 
Twilight's sick friend.
The new synopsis for this episode (which fits the episode title better) says that one of Twilight's old friends will get sick, and she will have to take care of them. Possible candidates:
  • Trixie
  • Sunset Shimmer (EXTREMELY unlikely)
  • Derpy (She hasn't appeared yet... there's still hope.)
  • Spike or Shining Armor
  • Moondancer! Making a grand return from the Pilot! It sounds (to me) like it's somepony Cadance doesn't know and Twilight spends the whole episode running between the two, and quite possibly doesn't even tell Cadance she's helping a sick friend lest Cadance cancel their plans and thus, feel as if she's let Cadance down.
  • A pony we've never met but who Twilight will say she knew from when she lived in Canterlot.
    • Bonus points if this pony is voiced by Cree Summer.
    • All jossed. It's Discord.

the episode will end with both Cadance and Twilight taking care of the sick friend.
If the theory that Twilight will spend the whole episode going between the sick friend and Cadance is true, then Cadance might find out and while cancelling their plans together, the two still get to hang out while helping Twilight's sick friend. Said sick friend will give Twilight a curious, rainbow-patterned object in gratitude, which is her Key.
  • Well, they spent the entire episode looking after the "sick" Discord... but the episode ended with the Mane 6 caring for the actually sick Discord so... yes and no?

Twilight will find one of the mystery chest's keys in this episode.
  • Jossed

The 'friend' is faking their illness in order to teach Twilight (or even Cadance) a lesson.
The lesson could be anything from 'helping others is good for the soul', 'don't take a friend for granted', or 'you can't plan for everything'. Or they could be trolling, just to see how long Twilight will put up with an Annoying Patient and how much sympathy can they gain in the meantime.
  • Considering it's Discord, this is entirely plausible.
    • So very confirmed on the trolling part.

At the end of the episode, Discord and Cadance will become friends
The final scene will have Twilight Sparkle spend quality time with both of them.
  • Partial jossed. When Twilight and Cadance discover that Discord had faked his illness (and claimed he wanted to ensure Twilight would help a friend in need), Cadance is not mad at Discord, since it allowed her and Twilight to bond, while having a bit of excitement as well.

Cadance knows Discord already.
Twilight will start introducing each other, only to find out they already know each other well, and are more surprised Twilight is friends with the other.
  • Confirmed? There are no intros needed.

Twilight will think Discord's faking it.
Twilight will not be amused by Discord, thinking it's another trick, but humoring him so he'll leave them alone. Eventually his demands will be too much, and Twilight will finally call him out and go on a tirade on why he's so annoying… only for the sickness to turn out to be real.
  • Inverted; Twilight bought his story the whole time, but he was faking it... right up until the end when he REALLY got sick.

Flash Sentry wasn't in this episode.
We see someone who looks like him make a 10-second appearance as one of Cadance's guards, but it's not him. It's not like guards in Equestria don't look exactly the same. The pegasus guard we saw simply had the orange coloration as opposed to the usual white.

    S4, E12: Pinkie Pride 

Discord will show up/make a cameo.
Because Weird Al + Pinkie Pie is already going to equal mass chaos, so we might as well have the personification of chaos himself join in on the fun.
  • Jossed.

Pinkie will get her key/rainbow object that turns into a key in this episode.

In the end, Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich will become friends through laughter.
This might be a little more Foregone Conclusion, as it's Pinkie Pie, who is more than capable of befriending everything from princesses to puddles of water, and Cheese Sandwich will give her the aforementioned Key as a symbol of the laughter they shared.
  • Confirmed. Cheese Sandwich was inspired to become a party pony because he attended one of Pinkie's parties as a foal. After he tells Pinkie this, they become friends and he does give her a rubber chicken that shines like all the other key objects did.

Cheese Sandwich will be a changeling
It could lead to a cheeselegs pun, and could be a sly way to reference another transforming character voiced by Weird Al.
  • Jossed.

Cheese Sandwich came to Ponyville becaaaaaaaaaause...
  • Raisins
  • his Cheese Sense told him to
    • Confirmed. I can't believe THIS is the correct answer, and I'm the one who posted it. Have a gander.
  • HE wants to be the best party planning party pony in all of Equestria and seeks to dethrone everypony's favourite perpetually perky pink perfect party planning Pinkie Pie party pony as Equestria's greatest party animal.
  • because cheese
  • he's travelling and it was a coincidence.
  • he's travelling and it was a "coincidence".
  • he's "travelling" and it was a "coincidence".
  • he and Pinkie are secretly BFFs from the past.
  • he's actually Berry Bubble/Bubble Berry in disguise.
  • a Noodle Incident led him there.
  • Rainbow hired him
  • he's Pinkie Pie's long-lost crazy uncle (Al did say a couple years back that he'd like to voice Pinkie's crazy uncle. Plus, they have similar mane styles)
    • He does kinda look like Papa Pinkie.
  • he actually is another universe's version of Weird Al, who found a portal to Equestria and was turned into a pony, later adopting the name Cheese Sandwhich
  • Gilda hired him to undermine Pinkie's confidence in herself. Cheese Sandwich might not know he's a pawn in an elaborate (or very simple) revenge scheme.

Pinkamena will appear.
And by extension, there will be a Call-Back to Party of One.
  • Jossed. While Pinkie is depressed to find everyone else (including her friends) paying more attention to C Heese Sandwich, she nevers falls into her Pinkamena persona.

Pinkie Pie will lose the goof-off.
And that's what will trigger Pinkamena to come back, because it sounds like winning the goof-off decides who gets to throw the party. Of course, Everypony will feel like something is missing, that Pinkie Pie flare, and somepony, maybe RD as the aforementioned callback to Party Of One, will go get her and convince her to join in the party.
  • Confirmed. She forfeits.

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich will end the episode as friends.
Because this is Pinkie Pie we're talking about.
  • Confirmed.

The goof off will be shown in a hilariously serious manner.
The whole thing will just show Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich being crazy, complete with epic music, slow motion, and repeat cuts.
  • The goof-off features the two singing and performing increasingly exaggerated party gags.

Pinkie will go too far trying to defeat Cheese Sandwich, only to receive a What the Hell, Hero? from Rainbow Dash
We know that upon the threat of no longer being the super party pony of the town, Pinkie will have a goof off with Cheese Sandwich. My guess is that she will actually win, but by going way too far and humiliating him, and/or giving him a good "Reason You Suck" Speech, right in front of Rainbow Dash. Rainbow will stop her and call her out, leaving Pinkie in a guilt filled depression.
  • Partially confirmed and jossed. Rainbow Dash doesn't call out Pinkie Pie on her behavior, but Pinkie Pie does feel guilty when she realizes Rainbow Dash isn't having any fun.

The lesson to be learned in this episode is...
There's room in this town for two talents.
  • Confirmed.

Pinkie will end up taking beating Cheese Sandwich too seriously.
And no, I don't mean the way Pinkie usually takes her craziness seriously, I mean really take it seriously. After being hurt from everypony ignoring her, she will be more and more determined to beat Cheese Sandwich, and will forget her original goal, to make Rainbow and her friends happy. She will become disillusioned in making others happy, as it really doesn't do much to help her, and the others won't be helping her situation, becoming more and more annoyed with her, and she will take notice of it. Eventually, she will give up, thinking laughter is useless, possibly becoming Pinkamena to wallow in her despair.
  • Partially confirmed. During the "goof-off", where Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich do their routine to entertain Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie—in her attempt to win the competition—accidentally hurts Rainbow Dash, causing her to realize that Rainbow Dash isn't having any fun, and forfeits the goof-off.

    S4, E13: Simple Ways 

AJ will get her key in this episode.
Not through displaying Brutal Honesty, but by teaching Rarity to be honest with herself and Trenderhoof.
  • Applejack will receive her key from Trenderhoof, who will admire Applejack for her honesty.
  • Jossed

Applejack will think Rarity is trying to mock her.
When Applejack sees Rarity trying to copy her, the idea of Rarity wanting to be like her will seem impossible, and she will assume Rarity is mocking her. Eventually she will call her out or trick her into doing something very humiliating, only to be overcome with guilt when she finds out Rarity's true intentions.

In order to get Rarity to stop copying her, Applejack will resort to imitating her.
Similar to the Recess episode "Copycat Kid" or the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Big Pink Loser".
  • Confirmed

Applejack will lie about how she feels about Rarity copying her.
Applejack will feel very uncomfortable with Rarity copying everything she does, and asks why she's doing it. Rarity will tell Applejack it's very important and desperately continue copying her. Applejack won't want to hurt Rarity, and will leave, hiding her feeling, and letting her do what she wants. Eventually she will realize she's letting Rarity live a lie and is really hurting her, and tells her how she feels, convincing Rarity to tell Trenderhoof how she feels about him.

    S4, E14: Filli Vanilli 
This will be a CMC episode, and the titular band are Sweetie Belle's idols.
CMC episode because it sounds like "Simple Ways" is another Rarity one, and it's unlikely the one directly after this is as it's title implies it's about Twilight, and they haven't had an episode since Flight to the Finish, which was a CMC episode that was Scootaloo-centric. This one will be Sweetie Belle-centric thusly:

The episode will open up with Sweetie Belle winning (or elsewise acquiring) four backstage tickets to meet her singing idols, Filli Vanilli (which due to the name of the band and nature of the show, are probably a female pop duet who like the band it's a pun on, sing Silly Love Songs among other things), and beg Rarity to take her and the other CMC members to the concert (neither of whom actually want to go because the style of Filli Vanilli doesn't appeal to either of them, but Sweetie Belle talked them into it). Sweetie Belle will discover that her idols are rather nice, but that they lip synch all of their songs on stage, something that will greatly hurt Sweetie Belle, who may have been on the verge of earning her Cutie Mark. She will give the mares in the band a "Reason You Suck" Speech, and run off home, leaving the rest of the CMC and Rarity to come find her (as a Call-Back to Flight to the Finish, where Rainbow, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle did the same with Scootaloo). Rarity, who knows more about the incident because she stayed behind to hear what Filli Vanilli had to say and once more demonstrating that she's a Reasonable Authority Figure, convinces Sweetie Belle to go back and hear what the band has to say about why they lip synch (insecurities? Can't see them going with the reason Milli Vanilli lipsynced, plus it would be a neat parallel to Sweetie Belle's own insecurities about performing on stage). Filli Vanilli will ask/let Sweetie Belle sing on stage with them by way of thanks as they give their first true live performance ever. Sweetie Belle will not earn her Cutie Mark, because Status Quo Is God, unless the powers that be are tired of the cutie mark hunting plots.

Bonus addition: one of the singers is voiced by Ashleigh Ball, as she's a professional singer (though not lip synch-er). If they are lip syncing because they're insecure about singing on stage, Sweetie Belle could learn the same lesson they do about confidence in one's abilities. That would put Sweetie Belle one step closer to earning her Cutie Mark without having her earn it. Extra bonus: the song they will sing at the end will be one Sweetie Belle composed, or a reprise of a song she sang at the beginning of the episode.

  • Looks to be jossed, if this tweet is any indication.
    • It's not like they haven't screwed up ordering before. It might turn out that Filli Vanilli is supposed to be episode 15.
  • It's been Jossed now that the episode synopsis has been revealed. Though again, speaking as the OP, please, go ahead and write a story on this if it strikes your fancy. Well, the very last part about Ashleigh Ball voicing one of the singers has yet to be jossed, at least.

The episode will have nothing to do with Milli Vanilli or music.
It wouldn't be the first time the episode title referenced something that really didn't have to do with the episode.
  • Seemingly confirmed.
  • Jossed. Big Macintosh is a member of the Ponytones, but he loses his voice so Fluttershy sings for him offstage while he's moving his mouth.

If the above guess is true, this will be another Pinkie Pie episode.
Since "vanilli" sounds like "vanilla" and as we all know, you add a teaspoon of vanilla, add a little more and you count to four and you never get your fill of cupcakes, so sweet and tasty cupcakes, don't be too hasty cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes and as we all know, Pinkie likes cupcakes. So going off that, this might be a Pinkie episode. Possibly with her family. With a filly!Pinkie. Because "filli" is "filly" and "vanilli" is "vanilla" and vanilla is sweet and something baked with, as already established. And Pinkie loves baking. And sweets. It might even cover how her first party came to be. Besides, the show has done same character spotlight episodes back to back before, so doing one, then spotlighting another pony, then doing the same one from before wouldn't be too hard to see happening. So I'm guessing this is the episode where Pinkie's family shows up.
  • Jossed, it's a Fluttershy episode.

Vinyl Scratch and/or Sapphire Shores are involved.
Cause, you know, music stuff.
  • Jossed.

Related to the above, Octavia and/or Lyra Heartstrings may also have an important role in this episode.
Going by the episode synopsis, it seems that there's a music group called "The Ponytones" or something. This would be a perfect opportunity to have the music ponies appear. They've hit that sweet spot where their popularity rivals Derpy with the fans and Hasbro loves to use them everywhere and unlike Derpy, there's no controversy attached to them. They've already done it with Bulk Biceps being given an important role in Rainbow Falls, so what's stopping them from using Vinyl, Octavia or Lyra here? (Also there's been a lack of Lyra in background shots so maybe they're saving her as a surprise as well).
  • Jossed.

Conversely, Vinyl, Sapphire Shores, Octavia, and Lyra will not play significant roles in this episode.
Since only Sapphire is actually a singer, and she's evidently the Beyonce of the pony world, she's likely a solo act, and the group in question is a singing group, this probably counts Lyra and Octavia, who are string musicians, out. Vinyl is a DJ, not a songstress.
  • Vinyl doesn't need to be a singer herself to be involved in the production. She could easily be put in charge of sound editing, and considering the title of the episode is a reference to a group that lip-synced at their live performances, sound editing might be involved. Also, despite having a lyre for a cutie mark, Lyra has never actually been seen with an instrument of any kind... But descriptions on her toys seem to mention that she loves singing.
    • I was working under the assumption they would be shown like a typical band is portrayed, where they don't have any sound editors and just get up on stage and play/sing. Lyra's toys and her show counterpart are different, and her cutie mark IS a lyre. Since she's a background pony, of course we never see her play. On that note, it doesn't make sense to use Lyra BECAUSE she's a background pony. She'd show up a few times in the audience as well. The Ponytones will probably be entirely new ponies. Having Lyra cameo as a bridesmaid is totally different from giving her a major role in an episode where she'll be given some characterisation.
  • Confirmed

Fluttershy will receive a Key in this episode.
  • Jossed

Flutterguy from Bridle Gossip will be making a reappearance.
A new clip has been posted on Equestria Daily, and everyone in the comments was guessing this is what might happen. It turns out the Ponytones are actually a local group and the sick one is actually Big Mac, so Fluttershy having to fill in for someone with a deep voice + an earlier screenshot that looked like Fluttershy was at Zecora's hut + the title being a reference to singers that faked their on-stage performance seems like it might add up to this.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively, Fluttershy could be asking Zecora for a potion for her stage fright.
As seen in previous episodes, Fluttershy has massive stage fright, and hates being the center of attention. It is possible that she will seek Zecora's aid to try and overcome her stage fright with a potion of sorts, but this will have unintended side-effects.
  • Jossed.

There will be a Glee reference or Shout-Out.
Just because the Ponytones' uniforms reminded me of Glee when I saw them.

     S4, E15: Twilight Time 
Twilight Time will feature Doctor Whooves doing timey-wimey things.
Because please. Just in the background, or just as a one-off gag as it was in Super Speedy Cider Squeezey 6000, since they probably can't get away with a more grandiose reference to Doctor Who.
  • Jossed.

The episode will be about Twilight and, well, twilight.
And will be about Twilight learning how to bring the stars into the night sky at, well, twilight. The title refers to both Twilight's time to take on a royal duty, and the actual time of day and night, twilight.

The episode will be about Twilight babysitting/spending time with the CMC.
If the tweet was true, this episode will have the Cutie Mark Crusaders in it. We've seen Twilight interact with them before, but I don't believe she's ever been responsible for them. So Twilight will have to find something she and the CMC can do together - I imagine her first choice would be "read them a book" but she ends up choosing a boring wordy one and the girls wander off, she has to chase after them and stop them from doing crazy things, etc.
  • Confirmed. She's helping them with their studies.
  • Elaborated: Twilight is helping the CMC with different fields of study: Apple Bloom is learning about potion maiing by testing them on apple seedlings; Scootaloo is learning how to dissemble and reassemble a unicycle; Sweetie Belle is learning how to better use her magic.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon will kiss up to the CMC.
Realizing that they're now close friends with a princess, the bullies decide it'd be best to do a 180 and start kissing up to the CMC in order to get in Twilight's graces.Because I think it'd be funnier than the obvious "Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara get a comeuppance" guess.
  • Confirmed.

The CMC will receive a What the Hell, Hero? from their sisters and Rainbow Dash for how they used Twilight.
I imagine Twilight would feel too hurt and betrayed by the CMC to scold them herself, so who better to chew out the trio for their actions then 3 ponies who are not only close friends with Twilight themselves, but also the ones that each of the CMC look up to?
  • Jossed. The only ponies of the mane 6 to show-up in this episode are Twilight and Pinkie Pie. The closest we get to a What the Hell, Hero? moment is when Twilight doubts that the CMC really wanted to learn, and that they used her to be popular with the rest of the school.

The CMC will accidentally humiliate Twilight.
The CMC, will try to use Twilight to gain popularity, but they will screw something up, leading to Twilight being humiliated in front of the masses. This will cause theirs and Twilight's reputation to go down, but they will find a way to make things right.
  • Jossed.

Twilight will be completely oblivious to the CMC using her.
  • Half-confirmed. Twilight initial believes the rest of the students want to learn as much as the Cutie Mark Crusaders do, but she finds out that they merely want to be popular by association, and believes the CMC are also only using Twilight for popularity at first.

Twilight will receive her Key this episode.
All the episodes with the character's name in the title have involved this mystery box. Princess Twilight Sparkle established it, Rarity Takes Manehatten got Rarity's Key, Rainbow Falls got Rainbow Dash's Key, Pinkie Pride got Pinkie Pie's key. With this trend, Twilight Time will get Twilight's Key (inspired by Digibrony's comments in one of his videos).
  • Jossed, although we do see Twilight has done some research into the Mysterious Box.

This will wind up like "Ponyville Confidential" but worse
When Twilight finds out that the CMC used her, she will be too heartbroken to scold them and retreat into her library. This not only get the fillies a What the Hell, Hero? from the town but the Princesses as well. It will also wind up making Diamond Tiara a Villain with Good Publicity ala Gideon, while the CMC get shunned (again) and labeled as monsters by the entire country... until they apologize to Twilight.
  • Not really.

Silver Spoon will undergo a Face–Heel Turn.
Adding onto the theory that Twilight will get her key in this episode, the keys so far have been given to the Mane 6 from ponies that have learned the value of each of the respective elements. Naturally, Twilight will most likely get her key from a pony that learns the value of the magic of friendship. Since this is a CMC episode, the pony that'll most likely fit the bill would be Silver Spoon, being shown how awful of a companion Diamond Tiara is.
  • Jossed.

Twilight will go crazy again and cast the Want it, Need it spell on the CMC.
This preview image shows many foals that seem to be under some type of enchantment, trying to get at something. The CMC will somehow make Twilight more and more upset, until they do something that makes her snap. Their plan is revealed to her, and Twilight, not thinking straight, casts the Want it, Need it spell on them to give them what they want.
  • Jossed.

     S4, E16: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 

This episode will be about Twilight (at the very least) acting as an ambassador to the Breezies.
The Breezies will be characterised differently than they originally were, possibly being anti-social and unwilling to mingle with ponies. Perhaps the plot will be akin to the Barbie film, "Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess", where the Breezies hear nothing but horror stories about the ponies and are scared of them, rather than actually hostile (with the same being true of the ponies). Twilight will be sent as an ambassador as her first official job as an Equestrian princess when the Breezies are willing to work with the ponies again over some matter (or perhaps reach a truce). However, Twilight will have a hard time playing ambassador because the Breezies are terrified of ponies, until one brave Breezy steps up and attempts to befriend Twilight- bonus points if she's the Breezy Princess. More plot will happen, chaos will reign for a moment or three when Twilight is accused of theft when the Breezy Princess gave her the item as a mark of friendship, then Twilight will help the Breezies with their true problem, whatever it may be, and in return, relations between the ponies and the Breezies is a-okay, and Twilight's first official job as an Equestrian Princess is a success. As a lovely bonus, Twilight is even rather a lot like Mariposa. Spike might tag along (perhaps as an Actor Allusion, as Cathy Weseluck was part of that same movie as the companion buddy for either Mariposa or the fairy princess; Snips'/Steven Magnet's actor played the other's companion), but perhaps this is a mission Twilight will have to undertake alone, because if the Breezies are tiny, they would be overwhelmed by the significantly larger ponies, not to mention the dragon, baby or no.
  • Oh-so jossed, as the Breezies are a Fluttershy episode and are evidently wildlife. Perahps I should stop making guesses, because this is the third time I've made a whole plot guess and been so very, very wrong.

There will be Mythology Gags.
Maybe a Breezy will have "fall allergies", or a Breezy will remember a filly named Rarity.

As an Actor Allusion, Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie will be made an honorary Breezy.
  • It's possible now that appears that the episode will focus on Fluttershy, if the opening scenes of "Three's a Crowd" is any indication.
  • Confirmed... in a way. The Mane 6 transform themselves into breezies to help the other breezies get back home in time.

The Changelings will be referenced.
Either they're actually a part of the plot or someone just says "wow, you're a lot nicer than the last bug ponies we met" when talking to a breezy.
  • Perhaps on first glance (or rather, hear), Breezies are mistaken for Changelings. Something like this?
    Rainbow: *stops flying forward* "Uh... do you guys hear that?"
    AJ: "Well it sure as hay ain't an insect, whatever it is. What d'you think, Fluttershy? You know more about critters than the rest of us put together."
    Twilight: *interrupting Fluttershy before she can speak* "Shh! Girls!... Changelings! Quick, everypony hide!"
    • Probably not on both counts, considering what Fluttershy says about them in 'Three's a Crowd'.
  • Jossed

The Breezies will look only a little like Ponies.
  • Half-jossed. The breezies do resemble regular ponies, but are much smaller, and have fairy wings.

The events of "It's Not Easy Being Breezies" happen concurrently with "Three's a Crowd"
In "Three's a Crowd", along with Twilight getting a letter from Cadence, Fluttershy also receives an invitation to check out a rare creature known as the Breezies, with Fluttershy leaving for the expedition just before Cadence arrived. As such, it's likely that "It's Not Easy Being Breezies" will be about said trip, with Fluttershy being the only Mane Six character for most of the episode (while the rest will only show up at the very beginning and the very end).
  • I don't know if this is proof or not, but the plot seems to parallel Three's A Crowd as well; Twilight running herself ragged trying to take care of Discord vs. Fluttershy dealing with overly demanding Breezies.
  • Jossed, although they do reference it and the knowledge Fluttershy gained from the trip comes in handy.

This episode will not be concurrent with Three's A Crowd
Because they aren't back to back, and it doesn't make sense to have other episodes in the middle. It will be a continuation of whatever Fluttershy was doing during Three's A Crowd except this time the other Mane Six will be involved. It might have a flashback to Fluttershy's previous visit with the Breezies though.
  • One thing that could be considered a possible counterpoint to this idea: there was a three episode gap production wise between "Just for Sidekicks" and "Games Ponies Play", the two episodes of season three that were happening at the same time. Hence, it's likely that the episodes can still be taking place at the same time, only with the Hub opting to air them in production order instead of back to back. Also, where there's a point in the two season 3 episodes where the plots eventually intertwine (Angel heading to the Crystal Empire to be with Fluttershy, with Spike, the rest of the pets, and CMC following him), there doesn't seem to any real thing in Three's a Crowd (outside of the bits with Fluttershy, which were saved for the start and end of the episode) that will end up intertwining with the Breezies episode, meaning it wouldn't be an issue to not air them back to back.
    • As a counterpoint to that, though, I've heard that "Just for Sidekicks" originally had nothing to do with "Games Ponies Play" in the first place (which would also rather neatly resolve the issue of Cadance's WTF moment of not inviting Spike to the Crystal Empire); the connection between the two was shoehorned in much later on, after the episodes had gotten their production does.
      • Pretty much confirmed, as the preview clip involves them flying through Ponyville as part of their migration with the other members of the mane six watching.
  • It's confirmed.

Going off the above, the episode will center around a character, preferably not Fluttershy, turning into a breezie.
One of the Mane Six will accidently do something that turns them into a breezy. They thus understand the breezies, but cannot communicate with their own friends. Maybe they will have a low opinion of the breezies, or disrespect them somehow, or do something to deserve turning into one, and learning what it's like to be one. That is why I don't think Fluttershy would work, not to mention she could be used for other scenes, like her investigating the Mane Character, who is trying to communicate with or maybe even avoid her.
  • Aww, it got jossed.
    • Actually it's half-jossed, half semi-confirmed, as the Mane Six do become Breezies to assist them in returning them to their homes.

Fluttershy will receive a Key from the Breezies in this episode.
May be the case, as the episode is about Fluttershy's kindness being taken advantage of by the Breezies.

Sweetie Belle will be studying with Twilight and accidentally teleport herself into the scene.

Fluttershy will end up becoming a jerk again.
Going along with the "This is Fluttershy's key episode" theory, she will end up being fed up with the breezies, and decides to stop being kind at all, period, and becomes a jerk instead. However, she will realize what she had done, cue rainbow eyes moment, and fixes things.
  • A possible variation of that idea: Instead of her deciding to stop being kind at all, Fluttershy, frustrated that the Breezies are having her do all the work, demands that they do a certain task on their own and leaves them in order to ensure that they don't seek her help. She then learns from some other pony that the task she wants the Breezies to do on their own is one that's been known to kill many of their race. Fluttershy, realizing what she's done and having her "friends to all animals" aspect kick in, has her "rainbow eyes" moment and then head back to the Breezies to save them, with the Breezies then learning their lesson in kindness and not taking someone for granted.
  • Semi-Jossed; Fluttershy does end up kicking them out of her house, but it's actually for their own good and what she needed to do all along.

There will be Breezies named Tiddlywink, Zipzee, and/or Tra-la-la.
Kind of jossed; we only learn one of the Breezies' names (Sea Breeze). It is possible that some of them might have those names, though.

The mariachi band at the beginning of the episode was created by Discord.
Because Fluttershy asked him to provide entertainment for the event.

     S4, E17: Somepony to Watch Over Me 

The Apple Parents will be addressed.
Say, Applejack tells Apple Bloom that she feels she has to keep a close eye on her, because that's what their parents would have wanted. Even if they feel that dead parents are too depressing for this show, they could at least mention that Applejack is essentially her guardian in the absence of their parents.
  • Jossed.

Applejack will get a huge "Reason You Suck" Speech from Applebloom
Applebloom will get more and more annoyed by Applejack watching over her, and when trying to prove she doesn't need Applejack, she will slightly screw up, and Applejack will end up letting her protectiveness make it get worse. Finally, Applebloom will snap at her sister, making a long speech calling her out. Applejack will angrily try to defend herself, but Applebloom will shoot her down and continue, eventually asking an Armor-Piercing Question to Applejack, who, absolutely stunned, won't be able to respond.
  • Jossed.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon will mock Apple Bloom for her sister's overprotectiveness.
  • Jossed.

For the most part, the accidents Apple Bloom will be involved in will be completely out of her hooves, and she would have nothing to do with them...
... but Applejack won't believe her, and thus have to watch over her.
  • Somewhat confirmed. It is Applejack's involvement that gets Apple Bloom in the accidents in the first place.

The lesson for this episode will be...
... for Applejack to learn that Apple Bloom is growing up, and that she needs to trust her sister to be able to take care of herself. Otherwise, Apple Bloom may do something risky and dangerous to try and prove herself to the Apple Family.
  • Confirmed.

The town shown at the end of the episode is Hollow Shades.
Firstly, taking a close look at Hollow Shades in the map of Equestria will reveal cabins that resemble the ones seen in this episode, in addition to the fact that Apple Bloom mentioned relatives in Hollow Shades in an earlier episode, it wouldn't be out of place for the Apples to visit their relatives. Finally, the mountains in the background match up with Foal Mountain on the official map.

     S4, E18: Maud Pie 

Maud is the third Pinkie sister that showed up in the Pinkie Pie book and then in the family picture in "Pinkie Pride" that hadn't been seen before then, and she's the one coming for a visit.
Probably a pretty obvious guess, but I'm making it anyway.

Pinkie's full backstory will be revealed.
Pinkie's sister is coming, so it makes sense to reveal her backstory here as well.

This episode will have a connection with Somepony To Watch Over Me.
It's two family themed episodes in a row, so maybe their plots will somehow connect.

Pinkie will get her key in this episode.
  • Jossed. Unless it turns out to be a Red Herring, Pinkie got her key in Pinkie Pride. It was the rubber chicken that she got from Cheese Sandwich. Although I will admit there's a possibility that the rainbow objects that the ponies have been receiving might not be the keys.

Pinkie lied about her sister (Probably called Maud) because...
  • She wanted to send a good impression of her family.
  • Maud is like Pinkie described, but is trying to send a good impression of herself.
  • Maud only acts that way around Pinkie.
  • Maud used to act how Pinkie described, but Pinkie doesn't realize that she's changed.
  • Pinkie is scared of Maud for some reason and tries to cover it up by saying she's great.
  • Something really bad happened between Pinkie and Maud before Pinkie left the rock farm, something that makes Pinkie not even want to think about her. She then lies so she doesn't have to deal with the past. This would explain why Pinkie didn't talk about her when telling the story of how she got her cutie mark.
  • Maud is only trolling her sister, and isn't actually any different than Pinkie described.
  • Pinkie Pie perhaps thinks that her sister is like her (as she sometimes doesn't understand that not everyone around her has the same interests as she does), while really, she's not.
  • Maud isn't actually different than Pinkie's description, rather, the Mane 5 unknowingly painted their own picture of what she's like in their heads, and when she isn't like that, they are confused, and think that Pinkie must have lied to them.
    • Alternatively, Pinkie isn't technically lying. She just says all those things Maud does because they are either technically true, or her behaviors seem normal to Pinkie.

Maud is the exact opposite of Pinkie in personality.
It would make sense since Pinkie Pie is known for being fun-loving and cheerful, and "Maud" is only 4/7 of the word "maudlin", which means that Maud would be a more cynical or apathetic pony or something of the sort. Bonus points if her full name happens to be Maud Lynn Pie.
  • Confirmed. Maud is stoic, seemingly apathetic, and plainly states at the end of the episode that she just doesn't express herself or her enthusiasm in the way her sister does. She's not even 'gloomy', she's just...subdued (excluding her Moment of Awesome saving Pinkie from the avalance).

As seen in the previews/teasers, Maud Pie has a coat on...
... and the reason she has it on is because she has a cutie mark that would reveal that she's Not So Stoic.

     S4, E19: For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils 

It's not Luna. It's actually a disguised Rarity going to epic lengths to guilt trip Sweetie Belle for ruining her dress.
Because it would be hilarious.

Luna's own Sibling Rivalry with Celestia will be addressed.
Seems like the logical thing to happen.
  • Confirmed. Luna admits that she understands where Sweetie's coming from.

Sweetie Belle has nightmares after ruining the dress, out of guilt or whatever, and that is why Luna comes into her dreams.
Similar to what happened with Scootaloo, Luna notices that a child is having a nightmare and enters it to figure out why and to try to help them resolve whatever issue is giving them bad dreams.
  • Half-confirmed. Sweetie Belle has a nightmare, but it's not guilt-related.

Sweetie Belle will destroy the dress by accident, then lie about it so Rarity won't be mad at her.
Then she'll feel guilty and have nightmares about it without acknowledging why, prompting Luna to step in. Luna will show her how badly ruining the dress has affected Rarity (i.e, showing Rarity working hard to replace the dress) and convince her to tell the truth.
  • Jossed. It was quite intentional.

Possible reasons why Sweetie Belle ruins the dress:
  • The client was being a jerk to her.
  • The client was being a jerk to her sister/family.
  • The client is Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon (and therefore already a jerk).
  • Rarity was being a jerk to her or hurting her feelings by paying more attention to the dress than to her.
  • Rarity is making her help with the dress (the title suggests that Sweetie Belle will be doing some "toil-ing", aka work) and she gets fed up with either Rarity or her own incompetence at dress-making.
  • Sweetie Belle insists on helping Rarity with the dress and gets fed up with it when she's not good at it.
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, or some other bullies, goad her into doing it.
  • She thinks the client was being a jerk to her and/or Rarity, but she's either mistaken or overreacting to them.
  • She's trying to get out of doing something and needs to distract Rarity.
  • The client is Prince Blueblood, and Sweetie Belle knows how he treated Rarity.
  • She knows that a psychopath has cursed the dress.
  • She's trying to get a cutie mark in patchwork.
  • She's in a very bad mood. Maybe Diamond Tiara's been a bigger jerk than usual, or maybe it's one of the mood swings of adolescence, or maybe she tried too much too soon in a session Twilight and Epic Fail ensued.
  • She's in heat for the first time; even the sweetest mare can get cranky in the spring. Of course, the episode won't spell it out; more likely it'll be mentioned to be spring, Magnum and Pearl will say that "Our filly's growing up", and Sweetie will have a crush on, say, Featherweight or Shady Daze. Maybe Hearts and Hooves Day will be coming up/have just been.

Update: the new synopsis reveals that she does it out of jealousy over Rarity "stealing her spotlight", so most of these are Jossed. If anyone wants to speculate what Rarity does to steal her spotlight, go ahead.

  • Sweetie helped design the dress, but everyone assumes it was all done by Rarity.
    • Expanding on that: Sweetie Belle helps Rarity to design a dress, but Rarity takes full credit (perhaps she believes her business would be affected if the customer, depending how snobbish and elitist they can be, found out that Sweetie Belle had a part in it).
    • Or perhaps Rarity, being the fashionista pony that she is, gets so caught up in the attention she's getting, that she forgets that Sweetie Belle helped her with it, hurting her feelings.
    • Or maybe Sweetie Belle, at first, doesn't mind being not credited for helping Rarity out, but overtime becomes jealous, and sabotages her sister's work.
      • Maybe Sweetie Belle isn't jealous at first, but Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are being their usual horse's-rear-end selves, and they end up sowing jealousy in Sweetie Belle.

  • All jossed.

Sweetie Belle is jealous because she is the client.
Perhaps Rarity designed a dress Sweetie was going to wear to an important event, like her singing debut. When she sees how much attention the dress is getting, Sweetie worries that no one will be focused on her performance. She destroys the dress because she'd rather not wear ANY special outfit than wear something that upstages her.
  • Judging from a recent episode clip, the part where Sweetie Belle feels that the dress(es) Rarity made for her is overshadowing her performance is confirmed.

The reason why Luna visits Sweetie Belle's dream
Based on one of the newest previews (most likely a dream sequence, as Sweetie Belle is being drenched by a storm with Rarity's face on it), it's possible that after Sweetie Belle sabotages her sister's work, she either starts feeling very guilty of what's she done, or adamantly believes that Rarity's out to ruin her life, and so refuses to see her sister eye-to-eye.
  • The latter is confirmed.

Rarity will think that Sweetie Belle is being ungrateful.
Perhaps before (and definitely after) Sweetie Belle sabotages her work, Rarity will believe that her sister is being a spoiled brat and an Attention Horse.
  • Jossed.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon end up setting off Sweetie Belle's insecurities.
However, in a twist, they're not actually doing it to be mean (though meanness will probably be in there in the form of backhanded compliments and other snide remarks for unrelated things). They actually really liked the dresses and genuinely compliment Sweetie Belle on her fashion sense, not realizing that Rarity did all the work on that part. Making things worse is the fact that they get the other foals in on it. That's why it hurts so much, because while the CMCs have somewhat learned to filter out their insults, Sweetie Belle is genuinely perplexed at what to do when they're actually trying to be nice but at the same time can't take credit for what they like.
Sweetie Belle: *Runs off crying*
Apple Bloom: Great, you just had to get under her skin like that, making her feel like she can't live up to her sister.
Diamond Tiara: What are you Blank Flanks talking about? I really thought she picked out the dresses herself.

  • Jossed. Which is a shame, because that's actually a pretty good idea for how to keep them fresh.

     S4, E20: Leap of Faith 

Flim and Flam are on the level this time.
Applejack's just being paranoid.
  • Jossed.

Applejack gets her key in this episode.
  • Addendum to this: Leap of Faith is the working title. It's going to change to "Apple something or other".
  • And her key will come from:
    • The Flim-Flam brothers.
    • One of the brothers who rejects the other brother's lying ways.
    • Granny Smith.
    • If it's not actually made by the Flim-Flam Brothers, then the real creator of the "cure-all" (who's being forced to keep secret about its negative side effects).
  • Adding on, the key will be a bottle of the cure-all tonic, or will be a notable part off the tonic machine that gets significant showing, OR it will be one of the brothers' hats (since AJ is notable particularly for her hat, and the items thus far are related to the character's most significant personal trait; sewing, speed, hilarity, nurturing).
  • Confirmed. Applejack gets her key (a coin) from Silver Shill after his Heel–Face Turn.

The Flim Flam brothers will reform.
  • Alternatively, they're already reformed but Applejack doesn't believe them. The Aesop will be that you shouldn't judge people's actions in the present on their actions in the past.
  • Jossed.

The Flim Flam Brothers are not being truthful at the start of the episode, but Applejack will get them to do a Heel–Face Turn.
All the key episodes so far have involved the characters inspiring someone to do a Heel–Face Turn, or at least act like less of a Jerkass. Applejack will learn something about honesty that inspires the brothers to be better ponies, and they'll be the ones to give her her key item at the end of the episode.
  • Jossed. The Flim Flam Brothers are being untruthful throughout.

There will be references to Flim and Flam getting run out of places like Manehattan, Apple-Loosa, and/or Dodge Junction.
  • And cameos by other members of the Apple Family in flashback, who will be doing the aforementioned "running out".

There will be a song or two.
  • The production number is Season 4, Episode 21, which was among those listed in the cryptic Tweet that hinted the episodes that will have song. Hence, you can most likely expect to see a song in this episode.
  • Confirmed.

Applejack will learn her lesson about honesty and receive her Plot Coupon from the Flim Flam Brothers.
  • Semi-Confirmed. Applejack learns her lesson about honesty, but doesn't get her key from the Flim Flam Brothers.

Applejack may resort to lying in this episode.
We've seen before that the Key Episodes are centered around the Mane 6's respective element. The Rainbow Eye moments are when they "strayed" from their element or friends (such as when Rarity gets her Rainbow Eye moment when she believed she sacrificed her friendship with her friends for success, Rainbow Dash after her conflicting loyalties between her friends and her dream, Pinkie Pie when she realized Rainbow Dash wasn't having fun, and Fluttershy when she learned that she needed to be firm with the breezies), and that they need to reaffirm their respective element. With Applejack representing honesty, she may lie about Flim and Flam's cure-all potion (in this case, it works as advertised) to save face, and to get back at them for trying to ruin the Apple Family business. She'll get her Rainbow Eyes moment when things get out of hand because of her, and admit to lying, with her lesson being that truth can hurt, or that lying is easy, but honesty is always worthy it.
  • Or perhaps the tonic merely has a placebo effect on those who try it out (like Granny Smith). Applejack finds out about it, but is torn between telling the truth and Granny Smith being upset, and lying to spare Granny Smith's feelings.
  • Confirmed.

Applejack will not be getting her Key from the Flim Flam Brothers.
But from someone else who's working with the Flim Flam Brothers and lying about the tonic's effects to create credibility, but grows a conscious when he/she starts to think of the consequences, or starts having doubts about whether it's good to lie.

     S4, E21: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 

This will be the drugs episode.
It's practically a rite of passage for a cartoon to have an episode that deals with drugs.
  • This was Jossed by the writer.

Rainbow's dream will be very nearly, well, dashed.

Someone will get up on the mic at some point.
Hence the title.
  • Jossed, unless you count Pinkie Pie's impromptu rap number about the history of the Wonderbolts.

Rainbow Dash will reference the Wonderbolt Badge from "Rainbow Falls".
I don't actually expect this to happen, but I'll throw it out there.
Hey Spitfire! Don't get me wrong, I'm really really grateful for you giving me that badge the other day, but it keeps giving off this weird Rainbow glow. Is that normal?
  • Jossed.

This episode will be about Rainbow Dash studying for a written exam.
Rainbow Dash has already demonstrated sufficient physical aptitude, but being part of a military-esque group would likely require some intelligence as well. Having Rainbow Dash do some egghead things would be better for comedy and character development.
  • Seems confirmed by the extended synopsis. The test is about the history of the Wonderbolts, which would lend itself best to a written format.
  • Confirmed

Twilight will be helping Rainbow study
There are two different possibilities here:One: Twilight is the source of Rainbow's extreme exam cram techniques, which will end up burning her out due to not being able to study like Twilight does.Two: Twilight will be the voice of reason offering help and reasonable study habit advice that Dash ignores in favor of a more extreme idea that she concocted herself.
  • Semi-confirmed. Twilight initially helps Rainbow Dash study the way she does: reading books, lectures, flash cards, and pop quizzes, but this hardly helps Rainbow Dash. Later, Twilight finds out Rainbow Dash best learns when's she flying, since she has to constantly scan the skies for hazards, and uses this knowledge to help Rainbow Dash learn the history.

Considering the title, it's possible the test is a verbal test.
Since one says "testing, testing, 1, 2, 3" to test a microphone, it's possible the test deals with Rainbow learning to verbally take charge of a situation should she be the only Wonderbolt around to offer help or be the highest-ranking Wonderbolt. Instead of Twilight helping her, it'll be Rarity and perhaps Fluttershy helping her be calm but commanding, polite but authoritative, in control but reasonable, etc. I say Rarity because she knows a thing or two about acting and if it's a serious situation like this is more likely to be helpful than when teaching AJ to be frightened of a fake Timberwolf. Fluttershy because she can teach Rainbow how to be kinder to ponies, since Rainbow is still prone to being tactless. Rainbow's unconventional methods could deal with cutting corners, trying to find a medium where she doesn't have to switch between attitudes (and thus ends up falling flatter than a hay pancake since she'd be either too much of one thing or not enough of another), actually trying to manage everything by herself when she can assign a team member or two to tend to the civilians or alternately trying to pass off as many jobs to other ponies as she can so she can focus on the situation at hoof... Something along these lines. Also there will be a song because Rainbow has yet to get her own.
  • Jossed. It's a written test.

Rainbow Dash will resort to cheating.
  • Jossed.

The test will be something that Rainbow Dash will be something she didn't expect/is completely unprepared for, even with her friends' help.
Rainbow Dash will be beating herself up over the test thatshe'll have to do, only to find that the test is much simpler than she thought, or it's nothing she nor her friends would have anticipated.
  • Jossed.

The test is more of a Secret Test of Character than an actual test.
Rainbow Dash might fail on the test that is given, but she managed to do something that the test givers wanted her to do all along (like some display of loyalty, or integrity). Thus, she passes their secret test.
  • Jossed.

Rainbow Dash will find out that General Firefly is her ancestor.
And the fact that she never knew this because she couldn't even be bothered to look into her own family's history will be a real eye-opener for Rainbow Dash.
  • Jossed.
    • Well they could still be related in some way, there's just no mention of this in the episode.

     S4, E22: Trade Ya 
The synopsis for this episode is going to play out very literally
"The cast finds out exactly how valuable their friendship is", at what apparently is a stock market of some kind, It probably wouldn't be a surprise to find out that somehow their friendships(or maybe even themselves) get put up for sale by accident.
  • Jossed. None of the Mane 6 actuality trade their friendships away, unless you count Rainbow Dash heat-of-the-moment trade of Fluttershy's pet services for a Daring Do book.

The Friendships of the Mane Six are used as a leading market indicator
The group visits the Exchange and their status as multiple times saviors of Equestria finally gets notice when, after a small argument between them, the market goes into panicked decline only to recover after the argument is resolved. They go on to find out that the stability of the national economy depends on them remaining friends so they can continue to save the nation on a regular basis.
  • Jossed.

The "Traders Exchange" is actually a swap meet, with one of the characters swapping an item that is important to another
  • Confirmed.

Twilight will receive her Key this episode.
With the summary being about ponies learning just how valuable the friendship is, combined with the fact that this is the episode that is airing out of production order, there's a good chance that Twilight will get her key in this episode (with it airing later in the season due to her key being saved for last).
  • Jossed.

Spike will play a major role in this episode
Two reasons why this is likely:

1. Spike is the only character who has yet to fulfill his "two episode quota" in terms of focus episodes, and if episodes 23-24 are going to be a two-parter involving the Equestria Games, this is pretty much the only episode left for Spike to have a major role.

2. Suppose this is indeed Twilight's "key" episode: in each of the "key" episodes, the tests not only reflected each pony's Element of Harmony, but also involved an element associated with their respective Cutie Mark origins (expertise in materials for Rarity; speed for Rainbow Dash; party-throwing for Pinkie Pie; a motherly way with animals for Fluttershy; family for Applejack) When it came to Twilight's Cutie Mark origin story, she gained it after hatching a dragon's egg that contained a baby Spike. As such, if Twilight's test doesn't involve her status as a "pony of destiny" (another possible route for her), it would instead involve how close she is to her first real friend, Spike.

  • Both jossed. Spike hardly appears in this episode. His only appearance is to trade his mint condition comic for another.

The Mane Cast will literally trade their friendships.
Possibly a Magical Mystery Cure type reality alteration happens, and they end up dealing with a perceived reality where they became friends with others, who are nowhere near up to snuff as each other.
  • So...congratulations X, you're the new Rainbow Dash?
  • Jossed. None of the Mane 6 actuality trade their friendships away, unless you count Rainbow Dash heat-of-the-moment trade of Fluttershy's pet services for a Daring Do book.

The Mane 6 will have their first real fight.
And it will be not unlike the scene Discord showed Applejack back in "Return of Harmony". If Twilight gets her special plot item doohicky in this episode, it will be after she reunites her friends, perhaps in a way similar to how she did it in "Return of Harmony" or "Magical Mystery Cure", where she reminds them of what their friendship really means.
  • Semi-confirmed: Applejack and Rarity argue over which item they should trade all of their possessions for, and who is the better friend.

The episode will have a "Gift of the Magi" Plot
With the plot being about the Mane 6 learning "how valuable their friendship is", it's likely that each of the ponies would trade off one of their own items in order to get something that interests one of the other characters.
  • Semi-confirmed: By the end of the episode, Applejack and Rarity both get the other something that the other would want.

One (or few, or all) of the Mane 6 will trade away an item that belongs to another one of the Mane 6.
In trying to get things that they want, they'll trade away things belonging to another one of the mane 6, thinking they won't need it anymore.
  • Played with: Applejack and Rarity argue about who should give up their belongings for the other for an item.

     S4, E23: Inspiration Manifestation 
Rarity loses her creativity from:
  • A curse.
  • Burnout.
  • Nearly being brainwashed by the Macra while on a journey with Doctor Hooves. (Look up "Rarity vs. Giant Crab")
  • Having to deal with Diamond Tiara's increasing incessant demands (reference to this tweet, even if there's no indication this is the episode this refers to.
  • Rarity falls into a slump when the performer she's designing for rejects her latest creation. She then has no idea what to make on such little time of the festival.

None of Rarity's new ideas will be her own
Perhaps a side-effect of the spell Spike has put on Rarity will be that the ideas that she gets will not be of her own, but of other people.
  • Thing is, there was already a plagiarism episode in this season. And it was a Rarity episode to boot. Unless you're proposing that it will directly deal with more plagiarism than Rarity Takes Manehattan did.
  • Jossed. The ideas are all from Rarity made manifest.

Rarity will become overinspired.
Spike (and possibly Rarity) didn't Read the Fine Print which specifies, naturally, that it's a fiddly spell with possible side-effects. Bonus points if it comes from some old and dusty tome that Twilight borrowed from the Canterlot library for light reading, and it's a book of forbidden spells she never actually intended to learn. The side effects include:
  • Over-inspiration
  • Insomnia (caused by the over-inspiration)
  • Paranoia (that her ideas will be stolen)
There are also different stages to the spell:
  • One, the spell works just perfectly at first, and Rarity produces a number of beautiful dresses.
  • Two, Rarity slowly starts to seclude herself from others and neglects her friends and Sweetie Belle. Possibly becoming a jerkass in her paranoia about her ideas being stolen
  • Three, Rarity's designs start to look poor, due to being inspired by everything under Celestia's sun and Luna's moon.
  • Four, Rarity's designs start to go unfinished due to being constantly inspired by everything.
  • Five, Rarity can no longer make anything because it never gets past the drawing stage before other inspiration hits.
Either the counter-spell cannot be found (and thus Zecora or even Discord must be consulted), or Rarity refuses to have the counter-spell used on her ("I have never been so inspired before!") until she reaches the fifth stage.
  • Semi-jossed. Rarity becomes so inspired by her "works", that she basically goes mad with power.

In the end, Rarity's inspiration will be from Spike, or dragons in general.
  • Semi-jossed. Spike is the one who finally calls Rarity out on her inspiration spree, telling her what she has to hear, not what she wants to hear.

There will be at least some Rarity/Spike Ship Tease.
Since this episode is centered around both of them. It will just be teases though; they won't go so far as to make them an Official Couple or anything since Status Quo Is God (regarding the main characters having official relationships at least) and some of the fans don't like the pairing anyway.

Rarity gets turned into a changeling that feeds off of inspiration instead of love.
The teasers are really emphasizing the green magic here...
  • Jossed.

Rarity's career will very nearly go ashcan.
  • Jossed. Though she does lament when her first project is rejected by the performer she's working for.

     S4, E24: Equestria Games 
The end of this episode will lead directly into the season finale.
With all the build-up, it wouldn't make sense to limit the Equestria Games to just one episode. This episode would probably act as a prologue to contain most of the set-up for the finale, so they can get right to the action in the next episode.
  • Considering that it's a Spike episode and deals with the Torch Lighting ceremony, it's more than likely that the Games don't actually start in this episode.
  • Both jossed. The games came and went within a single episode, and there's no hinting in-series (in this episode, at least) about the coming threat.

Spike, not Twilight, will get the final key.
  • Jossed.

Derpy will appear.
Pretty sure that's confirmed (right of Fluttershy).
  • Confirmed. In fact, she appears quite prominently in this episode; she doesn't speak, but doesn't hide somewhere in the background.

This is the working title and will change to make a fabulous pun on torch lighting.
Because the description makes it sound less like it's got a single thing to do with the actual games and everything to do with the Torch Lighting Ceremony. Alternately... this is the title, and the Games will be horribly interrupted partway through Episode 25, and this episode is the most we'll actually see of the games until the end of Episode 26.
  • Jossed.

Doctor Whooves will be involved in the torch thing somehow.
Because Doctor Who shout out.
  • Jossed, although he does show up in the crowd next to Roseluck.

Spike saving the Crystal Empire will be referenced.
  • Confirmed.

Spike will somehow screw up the torch lighting ceremony.
Spike will maybe trip and set something else on fire in the process. However, Spike will care more about embarrassing Twilight than embarrassing himself. He will run away, not wanting to confront Twilight, thinking she will be mad at him. However, when Twilight and Spike meet, she will tell him the lesson, that you should never be afraid to make mistakes the first time around. The ending will have Spike light the torch and the games will begin next episode.
  • Semi-confirmed. Spike gets stage fright, and is unable to light the torch. Twilight, wanting to save Spike the embarrassment, lights the torch herself with magic in secret. This at first makes Spike believe he can light things on fire with his mind, but Twilight tells him otherwise and bursts his bubble. This leads him to try and prove himself to everyone, but ends up making himself look like a fool in-front of everyone when he tries to sing an anthem when he doesn't know the words to it.

Shining Armor will play a pivotal role in this episode.
This will be his first appearance since "Magical Mystery Cure", which was 24 episodes and 1 movie ago, so the writers might have something important planned for his return. Perhaps he'll be the one who helps Spike overcome his nervousness?
  • Semi-jossed. He appears, and has speaking roles, but his role isn't that big.

Spike will help avert a great disaster.
As seen in a recent preview, Spike gets stage fright from having thousands of ponies staring at him. This stage fright causes him to choke-up, and be unable to use his flame breath. Perhaps later in the episode, a great disaster occurs, which finally spurs Spike into action, and saves the day.
  • Confirmed.

     S4, E25-26: Twilight's Kingdom 

Discord will not go back on his Heel–Face Turn and Twilight's power-up will not permanently affect the other princesses.
Just because I've already seen people guessing that these things will happen and I disagree.
  • Jossed. Discord does betray the other ponies. It also seems unlikely that the other princess are forever affected by the power transfer.

Discord will trick Twilight into thinking that he has gone back to being evil as part of some elaborate scheme.
Either to teach her a lesson or to trick the real Big Bad into thinking he's on their side (or both).
  • Jossed. Discord does turn bad, but not to teach Twilight a lesson, or trick Tirek.

Twilight will be really upset that Celestia asked Discord to help and not her, but this will somehow tie in to whatever lesson she learns to get her key item.
  • Semi-Jossed.

Twilight will get her key item from...
  • Discord
  • Princess Celestia
  • jointly from Celestia, Luna and Cadance
  • from the other Mane Six members
  • Spike
  • Star Swirl the Bearded (idk that he's actually gonna be involved in any way, but it would be interesting)
  • all of Ponyville
  • the Big Bad of the finale
  • Prince Blueblood (who has learned not to be such a horse's rear end)
  • She gets it from Discord, who got it from Tirek, which originally belonged to Tirek's brother, Scorpan.

The Princesses giving their magic to Twilight will prove to be completely ineffective in and of itself
While it will give Twilight a significant power up it will prove to be ultimately useless until the Mane Six open the mystery box which will be used to beat the big bad of the season.
  • It's looking more like they gave her their magic to protect it from the Big Bad.
  • Semi-confirmed. The other princesses transfer their powers into Twilight to keep their Alicorn magic away from Tirek; however, Tirek uses Twilight's depowered friends as a bargaining chip to get Twilight's new magic. It works.

The final confrontation of the episode will be a Battle Royale
Including all four Princesses, the Mane Six, Discord, Shining Armor, and a miscellaneous collection of others vs the Big Bad and his/her/its forces.
  • Jossed.

The villain will be greedy.
  • Confirmed. Tirek's greatest desire is power and more magic.

Whatever event Derpy is ultimately in, she/her team will win.
Just because.
  • Partially jossed as the games have already occurred in the previous episode, but whether Derpy actually participated or was just there as an emergency replacement & never replaced anyone throughout the whole thing is unknown.

The villain Discord is tracking down won't be a villain at all.
It will be Discord all along.
  • Jossed

The villain will be Grogar from the old MLP "The Return of Tambelon" special.
He's still stuck in the Shadow World, and is trying to get out; Discord is needed because he can somehow enter and leave other worlds as he pleases. Just for kicks, it'll turn out Discord was once Bray, Grogar's loyal donkey lackey, transformed by some kind of chaotic magic.
  • Jossed. The villain is an updated Tirek.

Discord will lose his powers.
Maybe he'll be turned into an ordinary pony or other kind of creature; it could be as punishment for an attempted double-cross, or done to him by the Big Bad.

Celestia asked Discord to look into matters instead of Twilight because she and the other princesses are supposed to stay and watch the Equestria Games.
Twilight is a figurehead now, it would look bad if she wasn't at the games since they're meant to represent unity and all. Plus all of Twilight's friends will be there and some are even participating, so Celestia probably figures Twilight would want to stay anyway instead of running all over Equestria looking for bad guys.
  • She probably won't explain this to Twilight though, and Twilight will take it to mean Celestia doesn't think she's capable of doing it.
    • Jossed. The Equestria Games have come and gone in episode 24.

The villain will be an escapee from the depths of Tartarus.

The villain will be possibly the most dangerous villain yet.
Why else would Celestia not only send Discord out to catch him/her, but then need to give up hers, Luna's, and Cadance's powers to Twilight to save Equestria? This villain will probably be very dangerous, as in, Omnicidal Maniac, Knight of Cerebus dangerous.
  • We know now that the villain is Tirek.

Celestia will permanently give up her powers.
According to Word of God, Celestia took Twilight in as her apprentice because she wanted Twilight to be her successor. Who's to say that this isn't Twilight's day to take over? Celestia won't be killed or taken out of the game by this decision, but she will be Brought Down to Normal and so it will be Twilight's job to rule Equestria by day and raise the sun from then on.

And since I know someone's gonna say something: No, I don't think this'll change Twilight in any way, other than her mane and tail getting flowy like Celestia.

  • Alternatively, Twilight will turn the raising the sun and moon powers back over to the Unicorn population in general.
    • Both jossed.

Celestia chooses Discord over Twilight to kill him off.
Because Celestia sees Discord as a threat.
  • Why would she have gone to the trouble of trying to reform him and putting up with him when he's not in Ponyville then?

The villain is a resurgent Pony of Shadows.
  • Jossed.

Despite giving up their powers, Celestia and Luna won't lose their magic manes.
Because Celestia knows what kind of dung will hit the fan if Celestia's mane isn't pink when it's not in full-flow mode. Also, they're still goddess-tier, powers or no, by lieu of being immortal.

Twilight will not actually end up with her own kingdom.
The title is a misnomer, and is only her kingdom by virtue of her being the only one able to save it. She won't take over for Celestia (yet), since if she did, Twilight wouldn't be in the fifth season very much.

Smooze factors in somehow.
Maybe the Smooze is immune to all sorts of magic except for one spell powered up to night-impossible heights and that spell is powered by friendship AND magic.
  • Jossed.

The mystery box contains:
  • The Rainbow of Light.
  • Earth pony strength for Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash; horns for Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash; and wings for Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity.
  • Something that will not have occurred to fans at all.
  • Rainbow Power.
    • Confirmed!
  • A new Seedling of Harmony.
  • Nothing; the power was inside them all along.
  • An egg, and the next season's arc will be about them caring for it until it hatches.
  • Some combination of the above.

Big Macintosh's "ticket to Alicorntown" was genuine, and he will become a Prince in this episode.
Some of the joke titles for Season 4 eps weren't jokes after all, so what other "jokes" might be serious?

The Big Bad will be a Knight of Cerebus.
The episode will start out comic, them WhoaWhatTheHayJustHappenedWhoOrWhatIsThisMonster!?
  • Spike's bragging I think counts.

Celestia is gonna screw up at some point
Either she forgets to put faith in her faithful student or something else happens that puts her rule into question.
  • Confirmed! Sending Discord turned out to be a bad idea.
    • Not to mention telling Twilight to tell none of her friends about the current situation with Tirek (and her receiving the alicorn magic of the other three princesses), when she should know full well that Discord has information about the rest of the Mane Six (not to mention Discord specifically informing Tirek of Fluttershy when he initially captured him).

Discord is also an escapee from Tartarus
The extended summary of the finale reveals that the new villain escaped from Tartarus. The reason Celestia send Discord over Twilight is because he and the new villain have some history together/ he knows the creatures of Tartarus better than anyone else.
  • That could actually be pretty cool. We get some worldbuilding Discord backstory.
    • Not sure how to rate this. The villain recognizes Discord, and mentions he broke free, but Discord was imprisoned in stone, we never technically saw him in Tartarus.

The new villain will act as a deliberate foil to Discord.
Say, he's a stoic guy who prefers the direct approach, in contrast to Discord's hammy showboating.
  • I wouldn't call Tirek stoic, but it's safe to say that this guess is otherwise confirmed; Tirek seemed more concerned with gaining more and more power, whereas Discord just wanted to fool around and mess with ponies.

The Princesses are giving Twilight their power because the new villain doesn't know she exists.
The new villain has spent so much time in prison that he's not fully up to date on current events. As far as he's aware, there are only three alicorn princesses. Since the villain wants to steal their powers, the princesses give them to Twilight for safekeeping: the villain won't go after Twilight at first because he doesn't know she exists. This will tie into Twilight's concerns about being forgotten.
  • Confirmed.

Celestia sends Discord because his magic is different from normal kinds of magic so the villain won't be able to drain his powers (she thinks).
Although considering they need Twilight to fight him in the end, it probably won't work.

Discord will taunt Twilight to spur her into action.
As seen in Princess Twilight Sparkle Part2, after the Mane 6 sends Twilight off to protect her, Discord taunts her over her decision to leave her friends behind for her own safety, and even claims that she considers herself more important than anyone else. This gets Twilight running back to help her friends out. In Threes a Crowd, Discord put Twilight and Cadance through such an ordeal tending to his "sickness" just to see if they were still friends (even though he was most likely trolling them). In this episode, Discord will taunt Twilight into believing that Celestia has more faith in Discord than in her faithful student. This will get Twilight to double her efforts to stop the villain, and regain Celestia's favor.

The power in the box will defeat the villain because:
Like Discord's power, it differs from normal magic, so the new villain can't steal it. Alternatively:

The power in the box will make the mane six too much for it to handle.
It's a magic stealing monster of some sort: because Friendship IS magic and what the mane six are going to get likely will run on it like the Elements, there isn't a finite point to it. So when the villain tries to steal it, it'll find there's no limit to how much they can send its way and overload it.

Mane Six: There's no end to our friendship!

Discord will fool around too much until the villain becomes too powerful for him to recapture himself.
Discord's Fatal Flaw is his pride. Instead of the villain proving stronger than him, his own ego and habit of fooling around will be what lets it become the world threatening entity that it's implied to be.
  • Jossed. Tirek convinces Discord to betray his friends.

The new villain is a draconequus.
Because...why not?
  • Jossed. Tirek's a centaur.

The new villain will (try to) steal the Friendship of the Mane 6.
Since it's been revealed that the villain can steal magic, and that Friendship is Magic in the pony universe, the villain will try to steal the friendship of the Mane 6. If he succeeds, it may (temporarily) make the Mane 6 friends no more.

At least one version of Doctor Hooves will appear.

Coco Pommel, Spitfire, Cheese Sandwich, Seabreeze, and Silver Shill will all appear.
They have apparently supplied the means whereby Equestria actually has a chance.
  • Confirmed.

The villain is an updated Tirek.
The recent trailers show the villain with a similar face to Tirek.
  • Confirmed, the villain is indeed Tirek.

The villain will be Krastos the Gluemaker.
Just because.
  • Jossed. As humorous as that would be, the villain is an updated Tirek.

Diamond Tiara will be a victim of the new villain's Cutie Mark draining powers.
For some Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Addendum: however, it will do nothing to change her attitude to the CMCs, either establishing her as a hypocrite, or revealing that she never really bought the whole anti-Blank Flank attitude to begin with and it was just a really easy way to mess with some kids she hated.

Discord will be drained by the villain. However, it'll work to the villain's detriment.
Discord is chaos embodied, so draining his magic will infuse the villain with chaos magic. Unfortunately, chaos magic is notoriously difficult to control, Discord only having a semblance of control by way of thousands of years of experience. It will either be a Xanatos Gambit, or I Meant to Do That.

One of the CMCs will get her cutie mark at the end.
We already know the status quo is going to be shaken up.
  • Jossed.

Derpy will appear, sans bubbles.
Maybe Drowning Her Sorrows in Sugarcube Corner, or maybe Dinky will be trying to cheer Mommy up (as the fandom goes wild).
  • She does appear briefly.

Tirek is Star Swirl...
...who turned evil in ages past and took a different name. Why no bells? He used them to distract Cerberus.
  • Jossed. In fact, Star Swirl was the one who helped convince Tirek's brother, Scorpan, to turn a new leaf.

The final showdown will have Tirek use the Rainbow of Darkness
It was his main weapon in G1 after all. Most likely in a Beam-O-War he loses to whatever is in the Rainbow Box just like his original self.
  • Jossed.

Tirek will be Killed Off for Real
Tirek was the first MLP villain to suffer this fate and is shaping up to be a massively powerful and evil threat (given his primary ability is an incredibly destructive one in a world MADE of magic). It's likely he'll face the same fate as his original incarnation and Sombra. Bonus points if it happens by trying to absorb the contents of the box, only to be overloaded.
  • Jossed. He is imprisoned once again.

The spell from the Season 3 finale will be related somehow.
The spell switched around ponies' cutie marks and destinies. Tirek's magic-draining takes away ponies' cutie marks.
  • Jossed.

will try to use the Mane 6 as hostages.Once the Big Bad realizes that Twilight has the Princesses' power. He would try to use them for a Hostage For Macguffin scenario. However The Princesses would do everthing in their lack of power to make sure Twilight wouldn't jeopardize Equestria for their sake. So the villain Tirek would threaten to drain the other Mane 6 of their magic or turn them into feral dragons unless Twilight give him their magic. Alternately, he might have already done one of these things and would only return them to normal in exchange for the magic (actually going through with his end of the bargain in either case would be optional)
  • Confirmed. When Tirek realizes that he and a powered-up Twilight are on equal ground, he uses her friends as hostages to get her power.

Twilight's key is the friendship journal.
  • Jossed. It is the medallion Tirek first gave Discord as a sign of good will and trust.


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