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    General/unspecified episodes 
There will be an episode where Trixie and Starswirl will interact.
For the comedy potential if nothing else — they'd drive each other nuts.

The Finale will have Chrysalis and Tirek teaming up.
It has been revealed that the voice actor for Tirek is going to reprise his role this season. Chrysalis will escape being redeemed again in the Season Premiere and free Tirek for the finale. Bonus points if instead of backstabbing each other, they truly learn the value of friendship and become friends. But, they won't reform. It will be a nice lesson that even villains can have friends.

An international school made of various inhabitants that is based of a kingdom with a horse motif's...acquaintances list. A foundation system focusing on friendship. The staff being comprised of the current set of main characters/experienced heroes to avert Adults Are Useless. This is too big of a coincidence.

Our new set of students will be the next Class VII. Now we just need to find out who's going to be the Rean, Crowe, Olivert and Osbourne of this season if there is ever going to be on

Each of the original Mane Six (and possibly Starlight and Spike) will find a "student" of their own.
This might exclude Twilight given that's she's already had a student. It would make sense for them to be some of the teachers of the school. Given that each of them specializes in a different area, each of them could find a student in the school who happens to be struggling with something involving their speciality and take him/her under their wing.
  • Starlight already has a student of her own. Maybe Luna might take on Pipsqueak as a protegé (though with Dinky Hooves, Snips, Snails, Ruby Pinch, Liza Doolots, and Sun Glimmer already gone from Ponyville to study at the School for Gifted Unicorns, the studio might balk).

A minor overarching theme of the season, at least the first part, will involve the Mane 6 betraying their elements.
In the first three episodes following the premiere, we have Pinkie Pie betraying Laughter(being very hostile and aggravated with Mudbriar), Fluttershy betraying Kindness(becoming very cold and insulting towards the customers), and Rainbow Dash betraying Loyalty(trying to ditch Granny Smith and company for her own interests). You could make an argument for either the premiere or the movie being Twilight's betrayal of Friendship for the purpose of this theme. With so many elements(three or four out of six) knocked out so soon, it's possible that the first half of the season will be their betrayals, and the second half will be similar to the Key Episodes of Season 4, where the Mane 6 rediscover the importance of their Elements.

     School Daze — Part 1 

Some sort of Fantastic Racism will come up regarding other species besides ponies.
It's implied Twilight will be opening her school to multiple species (quite possibly all the ones seen so far in the show). Furthermore, part two is said to involve Twilight trying to re-open the school after it's apparently been closed, for the sake of "everycreature." Ergo, Neighsayer is quite possibly prejudiced against some of Twilight's students.
  • Confirmed — for all of the Chancellor's bluster about EEA standards, it's clear that this is his motive.

There will be Freeze Frame Bonuses of sad ponies looking at photos of loved ones.
Loved ones who died in the Storm King's invasion.
  • Jossed.

     School Daze — Part 2 

     The Maud Couple 
This episode will include Maud Pie dealing with another pony.
Possibly somepony energetic. For bonus Shout-Out points, it'll be somepony who is a Neat Freak, making it difficult for rock hound Maud to get along with him/her.
  • Jossed with the latter details; Maud and the new pony get along swimmingly.

Alternatively, Maud will find a romantic partner
Who will be her opposite in every way. My money's on Cheese Sandwich. And Pinkie will try to play matchmaker for them.
  • Jossed, her boyfriend is a completely new character.

Maud's boyfriend will be very much like her.
Maud has difficulty with personal relationships; it would be easier for her to bond with someone who's like her, and it might explain why Pinkie finds him so hard to get along with — he has all of Maud's differences, but none of her family background.
  • Confirmed. Mudbriar has different interests, but his behavior and mannerisms are very much like Maud, and Pinkie can't stand him at first.

The episode will be about compromise for the sake of a loved one.
The show has already done the "there really is something wrong with your sibling's love interest" with "A Canterlot Wedding". There will be nothing really wrong with Maud's boyfriend, and part of the episode will be about Pinkie learning to tolerate him because he makes her sister happy.
  • Confirmed. Even at the end Pinkie is implied to still find Mudbriar irritating, but has learned to keep a lid on it.

Maud will not get a romantic partner.
As above, Maud will interact with another pony who is her complete opposite. Pinkie will be a Shipper on Deck, but Maud doesn't come off as the romance type. The moral of the episode will be about how you shouldn't try to force your friends into stuff like this.
  • The synopsis seems to indicate otherwise — instead of Pinkie trying to nudge Maud into a relationship, it appears that Pinkie will have trouble dealing with Maud's new boyfriend.
  • Jossed. She starts the episode with one indeed.

     Fake It 'Til You Make It 
Post-episode guess: One of the adult ducks at the picnic in the Cold Open was one of the ducklings in Griffon the Brush-Off.
Several years have elapsed since then.

     Grannies Gone Wild 
It'll be a Granny Smith episode
More specifically, it'll be a true Day in the Limelight for Granny Smith, showing her trying to prove to her grandkids that her age doesn't hinder her as much as they think it does.
  • Partially confirmed — it involves Dash acting as a chaperone for Granny and her friends.

The Flim-Flam Brothers will return.
Since this episode is set in Las Pegasus, the Flim-Flam Brothers might still be working at that hotel the last time they were seen 2 seasons ago.
  • Jossed, unless you count their statues.

(Post-episode) Jack Pot is Trixie's father.
They look very similar, both are hammy stage magicians, and Jack Pot even uses Trixie's running gag of failing a Smoke Out.

     Surf and/or Turf 
This will be a Beach Episode.

Seaquestria will have a man-cave feel to it.
The episode won't go into why, but it will be because of all the pregnant guys.

The episode will end with the hippogriff taking a third option.
For instance, staying with his family on land during the summer and with his family underwater during the winter.
  • Jossed in the specific, but confirmed in the basis; he basically forgoes making a choice at all and continues to switch between them as he has up until then.

The CMC will be involved with this because the Map called them there.
Not sure why else they'd be caught up in an event so far beyond Equestria's borders. And considering helping others find their place in the world is pretty much their dayjob, this would be up their alley.
  • Confirmed!

The "Shoo-be-doo" riff will make a comeback.

     Horse Play 

Celestia will take the news better than Twilight fears.
Twilight has a history of assuming things will go as badly as possible, especially where Celestia is concerned. The Princess of the Sun is an expert at taking bad news with grace and good cheer. When she finally learns that they're unimpressed with her performance, she'll perhaps be hurt, but she'll take it pretty calmly.
  • Surprisingly enough, jossed. Celestia doesn't take it calmly at all, instead being genuinely furious with Twilight for not being honest about her acting skills up until Twilight blurted out that Celestia was the worst actress ever. The audience also never sees Celestia's acting performance.
    • Granted, Celestia is more upset that Twilight had been lying to her the whole time than over the fact that she's a poor actress. Had Twilight been honest with Celestia from the start, she might have indeed taken it better.

The play's title and/or storyline will reference a previous generation in some way.
  • Jossed. The play was about how Celestia's duty of raising the sun came to be, a story that's also present in slightly different form in The Journal of the Two Sisters.

The episode's Aesop will be about how everyone has a particular talent.
The synopsis says that it turns out after Celestia is cast that her "talents lie elsewhere." That could mean she's a lousy actress but good at another role in stagecraft — like directing or handling the stage lights — or it could just be a reference to her role as a princess. The point will be made that everyone is good at some things, even if maybe they're not good at others.
  • Kind of. Celestia shows a talent of being both a princess and a director, but the general aesop during the second half of the episode is that the truth is always better than a well-intended lie. She also drops a line about her stepping down which the others fall for before she reveals she's kidding, adding that she's not a completely bad actress after all.

Celestia will feel disappointed about her theater play skills not being what she expected.
To go with the above WMG about Celestia taking the news calmly and perhaps being hurt, Celestia might not find the news about her talent very uplifting. After all, she's at least a thousand years old and she's a princess with duties, and only now revealing that she always wanted to be in a play shows she's spent a very long time looking forward to it and never had the chance to make it happen until now - so after finding out that she simply isn't good with that, while she'll take it calmly, she'll also feel crushed or disheartened that her long-time wish won't work out.
  • Part jossed, part confirmed. Celestia was indeed a bit disappointed that her skills weren't as good as she thought they were, but she was also very angry that she didn't get to know of it immediately because Twilight kept the truth from her.

Somepony/dragon/etc will find a way to make it work out anyway.
Possibly by figuring out a way for Celestia to play a silent role, or to play herself.
  • All over the place. Celestia is playing herself from the get-go, but that doesn't make her acting ability any better. Twilight's final plan before she finally snaps is indeed to rewrite the script so Celestia has no lines, but that plan is scrapped after Celestia overhears what Twilight really thinks of her acting ability. In the end, Celestia doesn't take part in the play in an actual acting role, but instead organizes everyone to sort out all of the behind-the-scenes chaos.

     The Parent Map 
The Cutie Map will call somepony/dragon/etc to deal with a problem having to do with parents.
It may be people already introduced in the show — Fluttershy's parents learning something about boundaries, Dash's parents getting a second chance to make up for their introduction — or it could be something to do with parents (or the fate of parents) yet unseen, such as Starlight's or Spike's.
  • It sounds like Starlight's and Sunburst's parents will be at the center of the friendship problem, so confirmed.

As an Actor Allusion and Mythology Gag, Starlight's mother will be a rock star.
  • While not necessarily confirmed or jossed as Starlight's mother never appears, a very brief scene shows Starlight's old room - which is filled with various "gothic" items and has a guitar in it, quite possibly alluding to rock music or death metal.

The friendship problem between the parents of Sunburst and Starlight will temporarily escalate into animosity
So basically, something will happen between the two ponies' parents that will have them become genuinely hostile to each other, perhaps even to the point of forbidding Sunburst and Starlight from seeing each other. That's when the two ponies will have to figure out how to get rid of the hostility among their parents and inspire peace between them once more.
  • Confirmed, to a lesser scale and without said conflict being the problem at hand. When Sunburst's mom and Starlight's dad interact with each other for the first time on-screen, they fight over what they should be doing regarding the town - but with the help of Starlight and Sunburst, their conflict is resolved fairly quickly.

     Non-Compete Clause 
Once Rainbow Dash and Applejack do everything that's the opposite of teamwork, their students will end up teaching them how to work together.
The episode's synopsis states that Applejack and Rainbow will take some students on a field trip to teach them about teamwork, but will accidentally end up showing them all the things they shouldn't do instead. The students will catch on to this however (after all, they came to learn about friendship and anti-teamwork obviously doesn't fall under that), and in the end they'll show their teachers what they should be doing - using all the other things they've previously learned.
  • More or less confirmed. Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's competition over the Teacher of the Month award certainly doesn't slip the students' attention, and during each activity (and their rescue mission when the teachers end up dangling above a school of bite-acudas) they all try to work together to finish it. And at the end, Gallus remarks that their "teamwork" was bizarrely genius by showing them what they shouldn't be doing, leaving it to the students to figure out what they should be doing instead. Though whether Applejack and Rainbow Dash were genuinely taught by them seems pretty vague, especially given the ending...

     The Break Up Breakdown 
Big Mac and Sugar Belle go through a Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario.
They're one of the only couples in existence in this show, and two of the other couples (Shining Armor/Cadance and Cranky/Matilda) are already married, so we can be pretty sure it's not going to be about them. But at the same time, while the show might like to explore dealing with a break-up, it wouldn't really make sense for Big Mac and Sugar Belle to break up one season or less after being put together, so they'll probably make up later.
  • Confirmed. Big Mac breaks up with Sugar Belle after he overhears her saying that she'll tell Big Mac that "We're finished", and in the end he comes back for her just as she was leaving Ponyville to talk to her in a less angry way and let her know she'll always be in his heart if she chooses to break up, and they reconcile. As it turns out, Sugar Belle was never planning to break up and "We're finished" was referring to Big Mac no longer having to deliver pies to her shop in Our Town.

     Molt Down 
Spike will undergo some sort of change, either temporary or permanent.
After all, the title involves the word "molt", which is an act of an animal (typically a bird or reptile) shedding old parts like feathers or skin so that new ones will grow in their place, and it's also a play on the word "meltdown". Maybe Spike will finally age up physically after eight seasons of being a baby dragon? Or could it be just something he goes through just during this episode, like in "Secret of my Excess"?
  • Confirmed. In this episode Spike experiences "the molt" - which is the dragon equivalent of puberty - which allows Spike to begin growing up but not without several symptoms such as uncontrolled fire burps, "stonescale" (dragon version of pimples/rash), and a really bad smell. He also grows a pair of wings during the climax as a result of "the molt" and appears to have amplified fire breathing powers.

Knuckerbocker will appear, under his true name.
  • Jossed. He never appears.

This episode will be the sinking of the Spike/Rarity ship.
Spike seems to be going through puberty in this episode, which would mean he's been a child all this time. Even if dragon adolescence progresses quickly enough that Spike could be near Rarity's age for at least part of their lifespans, it would still seem somewhat creepy for Rarity to have known Spike all this time as a kid and then fall for him once he reaches adulthood.

     Marks for Effort 
It will be a CMC episode.
The use of the word "Marks" in the title seems to support that theory.
  • Confirmed.

Pinkie will help Scootaloo and Silverstream organize a pool party.
Scootaloo was quite taken with Seaquestria on the Mt. Aris mission.
  • Jossed.

Post-episode guess: Cozy Glow's talent is being The Chessmaster.
Look at her cutie mark; it's a rook, one of the pieces present in chess. Also pay heed to how Cozy Glow acts up until she fails her exam; she sounds slightly deceptive and dishonest in her manners and her "wrong answers" to the CMC showing her pictures of the Mane 6's Cutie Marks are "Intelligence" (Rarity's CM) and "Control" (Twilight's CM), hinting at her true disposition. Let's not forget the synopsis for the season finale which mentions magic mysteriously failing, a "dangerous mastermind", and Cozy Glow taking over the school despite being just a filly - this is likely her talent in action, which is manipulating all that's happening around her to her advantage and avoiding being exposed (like in chess).
  • Confirmed in future episodes, especially the season finale, right down to her manipulating all that's happening around her to her advantage and avoiding being exposed.
Post-episode Guess: Cozy Glow has more power than she's letting on.
Cozy Glow's cutie mark is a red rook. The Red Rook is a character from Through the Looking Glass. While he does genuinely need guidance in the field of friend making, he is also one of the most powerful fighters in that universe, and he carries a longstanding, bitter rivalry with a white unicorn.
  • Confirmed. She shows quite a bit of an ability to manipulate others which allows her to steal magical artifacts and use them to drain all of Equestria's magic within 3 days - all while only being a filly.

     The Mean 6 
We'll meet evil versions of the Mane Six
The title alone seems to imply this.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively, we'll meet Evil Counterparts to the Mane Six
  • Jossed if you don't count evil clones as "evil counterparts".

The Mane Six will temporarily go evil
  • Sort of confirmed but also jossed? While the (real) Mane Six don't go evil per se, they do become angry at each other temporarily.

Chrysalis returns in this episode.
Her master plan this time around will involve using the hairs she's taken from each of the Mane 6 to create evil clones with which she intends to frame them for certain crimes as part of her revenge plot, intending to make Starlight suffer and feel how she felt when she got her kingdom and her power taken away. This culminates in the Mane 6 getting placed in prison, leaving Starlight and the Friendship students to stop them and clear their names.
  • Well, Chrysalis is coming back.
    • Confirmed. Her plan did indeed involve their hairs (and photos) and creating evil clones as means of getting the Elements of Harmony, also including her reason for revenge being the loss of her kingdom and power. Though it doesn't involve the real Mane 6 being placed in prison, but the evil clones do unintentionally trick the real Mane 6 into thinking they hate each other.

There will be a scene where Derpy looks directly at the camera, looking absolutely adorable, and talking about muffins and Dinky to no one in particular...
...and then will turn out to be Chrysalis, who says, "I feel stronger than ever!" Of course, the real Derpy will appear later on.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, we will see Changelings terrified of Derpy on account of her having gone all Mama Bear protecting Dinky, Chirpy, and/or Crackle Pop in Canterlot.
  • Jossed. Chrysalis is the only Changeling to appear and most of the episode takes place in the Everfree Forest (with only the Cold Open taking place in the Friendship School).

Ocellus will play a major role in thwarting Chrysalis' plan.
  • Jossed.

Chrysalis' plan will go a tad too well
Whatever her plan is and what she has in mind exactly, it'll go beyond her expectations and up to the point where she wishes she hadn't gone through with it. Bonus points if Chrysalis tries to abort her own plan afterwards. Redemption (most likely at a small scale) may be possible.
  • Yes and no. Her plan has indeed Gone Horribly Right (with the clones being a bit too self-aware to want to follow Chrysalis), but Chrysalis is only angry about her clones having betrayed her when they attempt to steal the Elements of Harmony for themselves and afterwards still desires to exact revenge on Starlight.

     A Matter of Principals 
Discord will ruin Starlight's attempts to be a good stand-in principal
And Starlight will get in trouble for it. And then Discord will regret doing it and attempt to make up for it.
  • Jossed. As far as we know, Twilight never finds out how badly things went as a result of Discord's interference.

The episode's Aesop will be about the correct way to handle defeat.
Discord wants to be the principal and is frustrated when Starlight gets selected instead. He then tries to mess up everything. A logical lesson to be connected to the plot is losing gracefully.
  • Jossed, unfortunately. Discord gets what he wanted, only for it to be yanked away a second later by Twilight's return.

     The Hearth's Warming Club 
It will be a homage to The Breakfast Club

This will be a Hearth's Warming Eve episode set at the school.
Given the importance of the school in this season, it's likely that this episode will see Twilight teaching the school's students about Hearth's Warming Eve and its importance as a holiday.

The episode will feature at least one song or be a full-fledged Musical Episode.
All Hearth's Warming episodes feature at least one song, except "Hearthbreakers". Besides, the series doesn't have any musical episodes in Season 7, breaking the "musical episodes once per season" tradition that begun with "Magical Mystery Cure". This episode may be the one to restart the tradition.

We will meet Hippogriff!Ocean Flow near the end.

     Friendship University 
Neighsay returns because this school will be accredited.
  • Confirmed.

Flim and Flam will have an unexpected role.
Their university is a scam.
  • Confirmed.

     The End in Friend 
Rarity and Rainbow Dash will try to break off their friendship over their differences...
...but will come to realize that differences don't matter at all when it comes to friends, and that differences are actually a good factor for creating strong bonds.
  • Confirmed. Rarity and Rainbow Dash first try to keep away from each other due to conflicting interests, but during their search for an important artifact that was taken they learn to not just have their differences dictate their friendship but also respect them, with Rainbow Dash even remarking at the end how boring it would be if they shared all the same interests.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash will bond over their favorite book series.
Rainbow loves the adventures of Daring Do and Rarity the investigations of Shadow Spade.
  • Jossed. Starlight tries this to reconcile them but it fails completely.

In keeping with the implicit Anachronic Order of the series, this episode will predate Rarity Investigates.
  • Jossed.

This will be another Yak episode.
  • Appears to be jossed as per the synopsis.
  • Confirmed
This will have nothing to do with yaks.
Since the title is a reference to a song (Yakity-Yak) not necessarily about the yak kingdom. The episode could be about not listening to what you don't want to hear, the main feeling behind the refrain: Yakity Yak (ad nauseum, blah blah, etc)
  • Appears to be confirmed according to the synopsis, with Pinkie's musical talents being brought into question.
  • Jossed. The instrument that Pinkie has taken up playing is from Yakyakistan, and she later briefly visits there.
This episode will contain a chase scene set to Yakity-Sax
Yakity-Sax was the Keystone Cops theme music, and is the traditional background tune for wacky chase scenes, both in MLP and elsewhere.
Yona will play an important part in this episode.
She will be Pinkies teacher and show her how to play the Yovidaphone.
  • Jossed.
Post-episode guess: This was All Just a Dream.
Looking at the Character Derailment, I have no other explanation.

     On the Road to Friendship 

This episode will feature shout outs to Road to Morocco.
The synopsis indicates that the episode will feature heavily Saddle Arabia, which was only mentioned briefly in the past, and features duo of characters embarking on a journey through this part of the My Little Pony world, it's more than likely that the episode will take inspiration from the movie. It could even feature a song that is similar to the one in the movie, except that it's about traveling to Saddle Arabia.
Starlight and Trixie will sing a duet.
And it will be a Great and Powerful song.
  • Confirmed.

     The Washouts 
Lightning Dust will be one of the Washouts.
The very name implies that they were unable to make it into another group, and as stunt ponies, the Wonderbolts are an obvious candidate for the other group. Furthermore, it would give Rainbow an even bigger reason to be wary — Lightning did almost kill all her friends.
  • It was an unfortunate accident and Lightning was not the only one to blame. Rainbow committed several offences that were at least just as bad and got away with it (for example Non-Compete Clause). What I am hoping for is a reconciliation between these two so that Rainbow can help her back into the academy as her wingpony.
  • Confirmed. Lightning Dust is one of the members.

Post-episode guess: Lightning Dust wound up covered in tree sap and pine needles.
Since Scootaloo probably would have.

     A Rockhoof and a Hard Place 
This episode will feature some of the mane characters dealing with a problem with Rockhoof.
  • Apparently confirmed.

This episode will include Rockhoof having trouble adapting to the modern world and coming to terms with everything he knew being nothing but long-buried ruins.
  • Apparently confirmed.

Rockhoof will end up with Limestone in a hard place (the rock farm).
Limestone is hoping for a special somepony after all.

     What Lies Beneath 
The Diamond Dogs will return.
The title implies some kind of subterranean activity, and the Diamond Dogs were shown to live underground in their debut appearance.
  • Jossed.

The Diamond Dogs' culture will be expanded upon in this episode.
Given how many of the non-pony species are being placed in the limelight in recent seasons, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Diamond Dogs get this same treatment as well. To that end, we'll likely see how their society functions, and what kind of leadership they have, among other things.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, the Diamond Dogs won't appear, and they may or may not be mentioned.
It might sound like it has to do with the underground, but the title may not be literal. In addition, the released synopsis talks about students cramming for an exam and discovering an unknown section of the school wherein it's implied that they'll find out much more than what they wanted - and so far it's not known whether this section is located underground or not and if the newly discovered knowledge will in fact involve the likes of the Diamond Dogs (especially since the episode where they appeared involved a friendship lesson).
  • Confirmed. The Diamond Dogs don't appear, and they aren't mentioned either.

     Sounds of Silence 

The episode will be about constructive communication.
The Kirin have taken a vow of silence to avoid hurting anypony's feelings. Fluttershy and Applejack (who are deeply suited for this, being the elements of Kindness and Honesty) may show them the problems with not speaking and demonstrate how to communicate disapproval and contrary opinions properly.
  • Semi-confirmed. Fluttershy and Applejack, with some help from Autumn Blaze, help teach the Kirin that one should not have to give up their emotions to avoid anger, and that it's okay to disagree on things.

The Kirin's leader will be like pre-Heel–Face Turn Starlight.
Much like how Starlight forced her entire village to give up their cutie marks while secretly keeping her own, the Kirin's leader enforced the "No talking" ban on all her people while secretly keeping her own voice. She'll then be exposed as a hypocrite, leading to everyone turning against her and demanding their voices back.
  • Jossed. The Kirin's leader, Rain Shine enforced the vow of the silence in a genuinely well-meant attempt to prevent an incident that led to their village being burned down.

After the Kirin learn that they were wrong to go silent, they'll apologize to Autumn Blaze for the way they treated her and ask her to come back to the village. But Autumn refuses, having grown accustomed to her new home.
  • Jossed. After the Kirin regain their voices, Rain Shine invites Autumn Blaze to come back to the village, which she accepts.

Applejack will use Big Macintosh and Princess Celestia as examples.
While teaching the Kirin why silence isn’t always the answer, Applejack will explain how her big brother was once a talkative know-it-all when he was younger who decided to be less chatty following an incident. Additionally, she’ll also bring up the “Horse Play” incident in which one of her friends lied to Celestia about her acting ability in order to avoid hurting her feelings.
  • Jossed

The BGM will be simply amazing.

     Father Knows Beast 
The new dragon isn't Spike's real father
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively, he is Spike's real father and the episode will have a surprisingly mature message about overcoming parental abuse
The synopsis claims that "Spike is ready to do anything his 'dad' says in order to learn how a to be a 'real' dragon". Spike's dad will likely take advantage of this and make him do all sorts of things that are painful, harmful, dangerous, humiliating, etc. until someone (possibly Spike, possibly Twilight, possibly Rarity...) finally puts their foot down and demands that he stop treating Spike so poorly.
  • Jossed, as Sludge (the dragon in question) isn't Spike's father at all. However, he does take advantage of Spike and goads him into doing "dragon" things (including but not limited to moving out of his room, making a mess of it and sleeping outside) so that he himself would enjoy the things Spike enjoys.

Garble will meet Spike again.
He has never seen Spike with his new wings and I want to see his reaction.
  • Jossed.

     School Raze — Part 1 
Chrysalis is going to make her second return this season
Under the alias Cozy Glow.
  • Jossed. Cozy Glow is her own pony.

Neighsay will return with an army.
An army of pony supremacists. Their goal is to destroy Twilight's school, then usurp Princess Celestia and exterminate all non-pony races not just in Equestria, but the entire planet.
  • Jossed in part 1. However, after his Heel–Face Turn in part 2 he uses what magic he has left to use a portal to get to the Royal Sisters and return with a large calvary to stop Cozy Glow.

Neighsay's rebellion will be an allegory for the Nazi Party, and it won't pull any stops. There will also be quite a bit of commentary regarding the Trump administration, but not in a way that directly links Trump to Hitler.

  • Trump, for all his faults, isn't as bad as Hitler.
  • Jossed.

Scootaloo will actually hit it off with Gallus, for a combination Bilingual Bonus and Call-Back to The Stare Master.
Gallus is Latin for "chicken".
  • Jossed.

Cozy Glow is Neighsay's subordinate
In other words, Neighsay secretly hired Cozy Glow to sabotage the School of Friendship, as revenge against Twilight for undoing his attempt to close it down in the premiere. The synopsis for the first part also says that the magic of Equestria mysteriously began to fail - this may very well be Neighsay himself who's casting some sort of powerful spell (the premiere did have him display quite a bit of magical power) to lure the Mane 6 out of the school and into Tartarus, perhaps as his idea for "arrest for going against the EEA".
  • Apparent at first but then jossed. Neighsay and Cozy Glow weren't in affiliation with one another, and as a matter of fact Cozy Glow wanted Neighsay out of the way after he takes Twilight's place as headmare (or headstallion in this case).

We will learn Cozy Glow's backstory.
  • Jossed, unless you count Tirek's mention of him and Cozy being pen-pals with the latter contacting the former about stealing magic.

Post-Episode Guess: The spell Cozy Glow used to suck up Equestria's magic was originally created by Star Swirl, or is at least a modified version of one of his spells.
It would explain how he knew so precisely what would happen and when it'd happen/how long it'd take. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a spell of his was used for nefarious purposes.

     School Raze — Part 2 
This is the episode in which Tirek is going to return
The synopsis mentions the Mane 6 being stuck in Tartarus.
  • Confirmed. While he doesn't escape, he provides vital information behind the recent happenings with disappearing magic.

Cozy Glow is connected to Starlight Glimmer
Or at least have thematic parallels. Cozy Glow's name is very similar to Starlight's father's Firelight. Both are being built up throughout the season.
  • Jossed.

If Neighsay returns, he will get his comeuppance in this episode.

After leading his army to the doorstep of Twilight's School and threatening to burn the place down, Princess Celestia will intervene, and give him an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, saying that she's disappointed in him, and then strips him of his position on the spot. This then culminates in him trying to take one last stab at Twilight, her friends, and their students, before he is then arrested by Celestia's guards, leading him to a Villainous Breakdown that ends with him screaming in rage and swearing revenge as the guards lead him away.

Or, considering how much of a role Tartarus plays in this two-parter, it's more than likely we'll see the Princesses condemn him to be locked away in Tartarus, and perhaps become a cellmate to Tirek.

  • Jossed. It's Cozy Glow who gets locked up in Tartarus.

These Neighsay guesses seem harsh. I think he will instead have a change of heart and come to realize how wrong he was for being prejudiced.
As usual, Twilight and friends will completely forgive him.
  • This could be possible if done right. It would take some serious Character Development in order for this to happen. To this end, the story would have to take a brief glimpse into his past and how he came to develop his views in the present. This past would have to involve something that would make him more sympathetic than how he was portrayed in the premiere. And even if he is forgiven, he would still feel that he deserves some kind of punishment. In that regard, Twilight and friends could tell him to resign and they would grant him a full pardon, which he would then accept.
  • Confirmed. When he gets rescued by non-ponies and learns Cozy Glow was behind the mystery of magic forces failing (after she uses the other students to chain him up and disables him by taking his magic medallion off), he realizes his error in believing non-ponies would misuse friendship for power and performs a quick Heel–Face Turn before creating a portal to get to the princesses.

Alternatively, a threat from inside the school attempts to use the lessons of friendship to turn it to their advantage.
  • Confirmed. And Cozy Glow is behind it.

Might be a nice bit of catharsis if, after the villain is defeated, Neighsay comes back to try and horn in how he knew "other creatures" would be a threat, only for one of the Princesses to present them the culprit of the crisis; who's a PONY! And he's utterly flabbergasted over how a pony could do this to their own kind.
  • Confirmed. When he learns that Cozy Glow is responsible for the failing magic, he finally realizes that ponies are no different than non-pony creature.

Alternatively, this kind of threat could allow the heroes to band together and pull an eventual Shut Up, Hannibal!, and deliver their own "The Reason You Suck" Speech, saying that everything that this character has tried to claim is dead wrong.
  • Confirmed to a small extent. After Cozy Glow is defeated, Twilight gives her a small one about how friendship and power are not the same thing.

Tirek ends up escaping
When the Mane Six end up in Tartarus in the episode they come across Tirek. Most likely due to the chaos that the Mane Six would cause with being in Tartarus and eventually escaping. This would give Tirek a window to escape from Tartarus and eventually return in a later episode.
  • Jossed. He's still in his cage by the end of the episode.

Tirek will threaten Dinky, and Derpy will kill him in a fair fight.
  • Jossed.

We will finally see why Neighsay is so prejudiced towards non-pony creatures.
At some point in the finale, one of the ponies might say "I don't know what happened that led you to become racist" and Neighsay will reveal the reason why he's a racist in his backstory and why he became the pony he is today.
  • Confirmed to a small extent. Neighsay mentions that he believed only ponies should share friendship, and then adds that the non-pony students taught him how wrong he was.

Neighsay will have an Even Evil Has Standards moment.
Adding on to this, it will reveal that Neighsay simply wanted apartheid, but Cozy Glow sought the wholesale extermination of all non-pony races in Equestria.
  • Somewhat both confirmed and jossed. Cozy simply wanted to steal all of the magic in Equestria, but never to exterminate other races. Neighsay only wanted to change the School to fit EEA standards, and he's horrified when he learns that a PONY was planning to use friendship as a weapon.

Cozy Glow will turn out to have been Chrysalis all along.
She turned herself into a filly in order to enter the School of Friendship and try and destroy the bonds Twilight and Starlight have with their friends and others. Occasionally, she'll take on a different disguise when it suits her purposes (as shown in the preview animatic), but she'll spend most of her time as Cozy Glow.
  • Jossed. Cozy Glow is her own pony.

Queen Chrysalis will perform a Heel-Face Turn due to her experiences as Cozy Glow.
Chrysalis would have to learn lessons about friendship and make friends with other students to keep up her cover as Cozy Glow. After she reveals herself and sets her evil plan into motion, Queen Chrysalis will start to feel guilty about hurting her new friends. This will lead to her reformation. Thus, Queen Chrysalis will be defeated once and for all by the "Cozy Glow" of friendship.
  • Jossed. As Cozy Glow is her own pony, Chrysalis never makes an appearance.

Cozy Glow will be revealed to be Queen Chrysalis' daughter.
She sent her child disguised into the school as a spy and it was through her she learned of the Elements' presence in the Everfree forest. It will also be through her daughter learning friendship that will ultimately turn Chrysalis too.
  • Jossed. There are no hints of her being a Changeling at all, especially with her not spontaneously changing her appearance when all magical creatures lose their abilities (which should include Changeling transformation as well).

Neighsay will be forced to spend time with each of the non-pony races as punishment for his crimes
It would be a good way for him to learn about all of the different cultures.
  • Jossed.

Cozy Glow will backstab Neighsay.
The synopsis for part 2 says that Cozy Glow will further her plot to take over the school. And if Tirek really does come back, she'll have him steal Neighsay's magic, and this could make him realize that ponies can just as dangerous and unpredictable as non-pony creatures.
  • Zigzagged here. It's revealed that Cozy was actually working for Tirek, and had Neighsay chained up when he tried to take over the School of Friendship.

The Young Six will become the new Element bearers.
And here's who each student could represent:

Ocellus = Magic

Yona = Generosity

Sandbar = Kindness

Gallus = Loyalty

Silverstream = Laughter

Smolder = Honesty

  • Maybe confirmed? When the Tree of Harmony intervenes, they glow like the Element colors, implying a connection. However, they differ from this WMG



Sandbar—Kindness (Got this one right)

Gallus—Magic/Friendship(more likely the latter)

Silverstream—Laughter(also got this one right, and small wonder.)


Neighsay's arc will not be resolved well.
There are distinct possibilities of him either mending too easily or else being dealt with with a jarring self-righteousness (in which the writers and the mane cast forget "Bridle Gossip" and "Shadow Play"), or possibly even passing off racism as completely unrepentable. There is also a risk of false dilemmas being passed off as fact, especially the there-is-no-misguided-only-moustache-twirling variety.
  • Jossed.

Neighsay will be revealed to have been Good All Along.
  • Confirmed. Everything he did was for the safety and wellbeing of Equestria, even if he just went about it the wrong way about it.

The season will have a Bittersweet Ending with Neighsay still being racist towards non-pony creatures, but willing to take an effort to overcome it.
It could make for An Aesop and a dose of Reality Ensues teaching us that some people who are racist towards others will not change their views overnight, and it will take some time for them to get over their bigotry.
  • Jossed. Neighsay fully gets over his bigotry after the Young Six rescue him.

The season will end on a Bookends fashion.
Just like Season 5 with "The Cutie Map" and "The Cutie Re-Mark", this season started with "School" in the title, and will have the same title in the finale. It also began with a confrontation with Neighsay, and will end with one.
  • Confirmed. The season began with Neighsay being racist towards non-pony creatures, and ends with him fully accepting them.

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