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My Little Pony: The Movie (2017), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW), My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

These guesses were confirmed to be false.

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Princess Celestia was Megan from the TV Specials, movie and My Little Pony and Friends
After the latest sugarapocalypse, Megan used the power of the Rainbow of Light to upgrade herself and turn Dream Valley into Equestria.

Most Equestrians are illiterate
All the products we've seen (invisible ink, sneezing powder, drinks) all have picture labels. Twilight Sparkle was put up in a library that doesn't seem to function as a library anymore – there's no staff, no customers, and she's set up chemistry experiments in the main room. Even Twilight's fellow students in Canterlot seem pretty adverse to reading.
  • It's a Sugar Bowl library. Everybody probably follows the honor system and don't need a dedicated librarian. It was Pinkie Pie who looked up the Elements book, after all.
    • She also knew the exact page to turn to to find the flight spell. If Pinkie can read, I doubt there's much of a literacy problem in Ponyville...
  • Well, it's not like anypony except the unicorns can write. Probably, ponies of sufficient means can hire scribes (either unicorns or magical creatures with thumbs, like baby dragons) to write letters and keep records.
    • Jossed: Non-unicorns can and do write. With their mouths.
      • And it is adorable.
  • Now that we've seen a pony school, rampant illiteracy seems unlikely. Still, it wouldn't kill Ponyvillians to patronize their local library now and again.
    • Maybe the public school system is a new development (at least in rural areas like Ponyville, since 80's Cheerilee was photographed in front of what looks like a high school locker room)? It seems like all the students are in the same class, there's only one teacher, and the school is a single room. Apple Bloom is young enough to take advantage of the free schooling while Applejack, who is a little older, apparently never learned any "fancy mathematics".
      • It might be somewhat new, but it is at least old enough for Applejack and Rainbow Dash to have been enrolled, since they were the "Last" and "First" respectively in their "class" to get their cutie marks. Applejack also mentions that Big Macintosh Granny Smith were the last in their classes to get cutie marks, implying that there was school back when Granny Smith was around Applebloom's age.
      • Except that Rainbow Dash is explicitly stated to be from Cloudsdale, the main Pegasus city. It would be far more likely for a place like that to have a history of decent schooling, compared to a backwater like Ponyville. Also, "Read It And Weep" proves that Dash is quite literate.
    • Only it's Twilight's house now.
      • Just the upper loft.
      • And it's not like she wouldn't let you in and lend you books.
  • Most of the show is based around Twilight and her friends going out and having wild, amazing adventures (or at least interesting adventures.) What part of that sounds like waiting around in a library while ponies come in and browse, occasionally checking out a book or two? I'm not saying it doesn't happen, just saying that that's not what the show's focus is, so it probably doesn't show it.
  • To be fair, this is aimed at a young audience who might not all be able to read yet. Maybe fourth-wall breaker Pinkie Pie realizes this so she slapped labels onto everything.
  • Probably the real reason why you very rarely see written text in this show (one exception being the "WELCOME PRINCESS CELEST" banner in "Swarm of the Century") is to make it easier for the show to be dubbed into foreign languages.
  • In-universe, the pictures on signs all seem rather stylized and decorative. It may just be a matter of aesthetic: ponies prefer to use pictures when possible because it looks nicer than text. Letters are used only when needed.
  • Better explanation: Picture labels are used instead of text to compensate for the fact that Earth and Pegasus ponies are incapable of manipulating a writing utensil well enough to write on something as small as a product label.
  • Isn't horse vision worse than human vision? It could be that the signs are easier to recognize from a distance.

In Equestria, parents are not responsible for raising their children
Instead grandparents, siblings, other relatives or close family friends take that role. This is why we don't see any parents. So...
  • Big Macintosh and maybe Applejack were raised by Granny Smith; Big Mac and AJ are responsible for Apple Bloom
  • Rarity is responsible for Sweetie Belle.
  • Rainbow Dash maybe is this for Scootaloo as cousin or family friend.
    • Jossed. Scootaloo wants this, but Rainbow Dash is not responsible for Scootaloo whatsoever. We still don't know who is.
  • This may be true for dragons, because baby dragon Spike is living with unicorn Twilight (maybe she or even Celestia have parent role to him).
    • Twilight hatched Spike during her audition for magic school. It is heavily implied, though, that Celestia is ultimately responsible for him.
  • Twilight probably was raised by Celestia (their relations look like mother-daughter stuff)
    • Jossed. Turns out, Twilight does have parents. (Although that doesn't mean that they can't actually be her foster parents, that idea is still out in the open)
  • This may have roots in Equestria Myths as Celestia could serve parent role for her younger sister Luna (and failing at that)
  • Berry Punch should be called Over-Protective Parent Substitute Pony
  • This theory might be Jossed as of "Cutie Mark Chronicles", where we see Twilight and Pinkie Pie's parents.
    • Definitely Jossed for Twilight, as we meet her older brother and their parents appear in Canterlot during important episodes. Pinkie, on the other hand, is an Unreliable Narrator, so we have no idea whether anything she says is true.

This would explain a lot: her affinity for magic, Celestia's weird focus on her out of all the other ponies, the color of her coat (purple) and her cutie mark (stars); even her new name reflects her status as the coming night.

  • Jossed as of "Cutie Mark Chronicles" – Twilight's just a ridiculously talented unicorn that Celestia saw a lot of potential in.
    • A lot of potential, plus the Element of Magic. The only other time we've seen Twilight go white-eyes was when she befriended Nightmare Moon.
    • It's not entirely jossed. There's still the possibility that she really IS Twilight's mother, and her parents were just foster parents.
      • It's a possibility, yes, but less of one now that we know Twilight has an older brother, and both of them look like at least one of their parents.

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash are related.
Given Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's relation to Applejack and Rarity. Also, see the end of Show Stoppers. Who comes to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders backstage with Applejack and Rarity? Rainbow Dash.
  • Jossed by Word of God.
    • And now by canon – In the episode "Sleepless In Ponyville" Scootaloo wishes that Rainbow Dash was her sister, which meant she wasn't already.

Applejack has access to Hammerspace.
It explains where she keeps her lasso and, more to the point when it comes to the episode, explains where her hat disappeared to (here).
  • Jossed. In one episode, she had to ask another pony to get her rope.

Zecora will become a victim of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome or maybe just Put on a Bus
No one seems to hate her, but among the minor characters she doesn't appear to be getting as much attention from the fans as the bad girls. She also doesn't live in Ponyville, so she's not going to pop up in crowd scenes very often.
  • Jossed. Although the shift in tone from adventure to slice-of-life did mean her role as Twi's second mentor wasn't needed, she still puts in at least one appearance or more per season. She appeared three times in Season 2, and once in Season 3.
    • Also, Hasbro has made a toy of her, complete with mohawk.
  • What the future holds is hard to say, but it seems the zebra's here to stay.

Equestria is actually a post-apocalyptic world after Princess Luna's rebellion, and only the ponies' hard work keeps it habitable.
Why doesn't Equestria have natural cycles, except in the Everfree Forest? Ponies must manually turn the seasons, fabricate weather in ad-hoc factories, even go and get the migratory birds.

Has it always been like this? And, if yes, why is the Everfree Forest so different? We know that there has been an ancient conflict between Day and Night, and for a long while (days? months? YEARS?) the sun didn't rise. This has undoubtedly wrecked havoc on the ecosystem. The banishment of Nightmare Moon / Princess Luna has certainly upset the natural balance even more.

A theory could be that Equestria, despite the appearances, is, technically, a post-apocalyptic world. Nature and its cycles have been more or less destroyed by Luna's rebellion and its aftermath. So now the ponies have to work hard to keep everything running smoothly. If the ponies ever stopped doing things like artificially creating weather, or doing season wrap-up festivals, then Equestria would quickly turn into a desert wasteland.

The Everfree Forest, for some reason or another (Likely the presence there of the Elements of Harmony), wasn't touched by the devastation. We can assume that neither were far away lands whose existance (and habitability) is implied by the presence of Zecora. Or perhaps there other species (like zebras) perform the maintenance that in Equestria is the ponies' job.

  • Alternatively, it's a post-apocalyptic world cased by Discord's reign of terror ruining the envirnoment with unending chaos.
    • Jossed, Hearth's Warming Eve establishes that Equestria in its founding and whatever land the ponies migrated from functioned the same way.

Ponyville was once a cultural hub.
Consider: what was Ponyville like a thousand years ago? If it existed, it was adjacent to the royal palace. When Celestia sealed her sister and removed to Canterlot, the Everfree Forest was presumably left to run wild over what was once the center of Equestria. What happened to cause Celestia to abandon such a vast tract of land? Did Luna's power help secure that area against natural weather, or is the Everfree Forest an anomaly that expanded while she was sealed? Is Ponyville a city that has withered with the loss of its central status, or is it a frontier town founded long after Nightmare Moon was sealed?
  • Only it was not adjacent. Ponies had to cross at least one river and one chasm to get to the castle, and there were many other places on their way there.
    • It's within a few hours' walk, no more than 20 miles (and probably a lot less). That's really close in geographic terms.
      • How do we know it was only a few hours' walk? There were no watches or clocks visible in the episode, so the only way to tell time would have been by movement of the heavenly bodies. Except they weren't moving, because Nightmare Moon had stopped the heavens from turning! So the journey to the old palace might have lasted days, only the episode cut all the boring scenes of the companions foraging for food or camping for sleep periods.
  • Jossed. Ponyville did not exist a thousand years ago. It might not even have existed a hundred years ago (it depends on how old Granny Smith is).

Ponyville was originally a prison/psych ward colony.
It would explain it's diversity and why the ponies in town really are all crazy. All the misfits and unfavorable ponies from across Equestria get sent to Ponyville.
  • Maybe Twilight went crazy in Lesson Zero because this past part of Ponyville rubbed off on her?
  • Jossed. Ponyville was founded by the Apple Family as what amounted to a trading post.

The first three settlements in Equestria were (in some order) Ponyville, Canterlot, and Cloudsdale.
We know from The Cutie Mark Chronicles that they are near each other (as well as Manehattan), and each seems dominated by a different pony type.
  • Makes sense. In "Winter Wrap-Up", Twilight said Ponyville was an Earth Pony town.
    • Jossed. Ponyville was founded relatively recently (hundreds of years ago, within Granny Smith's lifespan, or both).

The Cakes are unable to have foals of their own.
One or both of the Cakes are infertile. That is why they've effectively adopted Pinkie Pie. She's the daughter they can never have.
  • Jossed. In "Baby Cakes", Mrs Cake gives birth to twins.
    • Perhaps Pinkie was the child they couldn't have until advances in fertility magic/technology advanced to the point where they could. Multiple births are pretty common with invitro-fertilization.
    • Alternatively, the twins were officially adopted while Pinkie is their live-in tenant that they treat as part of the family.
  • Jossed. Mr Cake makes it quite clear the twins are not adopted. Though it does not invalidate the possibility that they needed fertility treatments.

Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo's name will get an Unreveal.
Like the first word of it being shown to be "D███y" (with the middle three letters being blocked or obscured by something else).
  • Jossed. Rainbow Dash called her "Derpy" in "The Last Roundup".
    • Un-Jossed. Complaints from parents caused Hasbro to go back and censor the episode to remove Derpy's name. She has been nameless ever since (in fact, she put in no appearances at all from episodes 53 to 64).
      • Not necessarily from parents (and she did appear in episodes 54, 55, and 57).

Twilight Sparkle is actually Nightmare Moon.
The Grand Galloping Gala (clearly going to be the season finale) will serve as Nightmare Moon's reintroduction to society, having been rehabilitated off-screen for the majority of the season. But over the course of the episode it will become apparent that, despite her best efforts, she doesn't really get what it means to be friendly, and clearly doesn't have what it takes to rule alongside her sister, who's gotten tired of presiding over both day and night. So, in order to teach her the values of friendship, Princess Celestia will (mostly) depower her, wipe her memory, and send her back in time... as Twilight Sparkle.
  • Jossed; Princess Luna and Twilight showed up as separate ponies in Luna Eclipsed.

Fluttershy was adopted and raised by earth ponies.
It seems a little strange how Fluttershy, a Pegasus, loves to raise and take care of animals, something that could easily be done by an earth pony. Maybe it's because she became interested in that because that's what her adoptive parents did.
  • Jossed – she did live in the clouds as a filly, and discovered her love of animals completely by accident.
  • However, she might have still been born on land and lived there for a little while before her family took her to live with them up in the clouds.
  • It's still Jossed. She said she had never seen the ground before, so she's lived in Cloudsdale her whole life.
    • No. Not necessarily Jossed. We don't know what happened to Fluttershy after she discovered the ground. Given how awful everyone in Cloudsdale (except RD) was to her, and the fact that nopony saw her fall (or cared if they did see), it's perfectly logical that she may have decided to stay in Ponyville, and at that point might have been taken in by somepony.

The "rock farm" Pinkie's family manages is in fact Discord's prison.
Think about it, Discord escapes from a stone prison. Stone is rock. Pinkie's family is in fact an elite order dedicated to preventing Discord from escaping, and Pinkie has been trained for such an event. Come season 2, she will display frightening combat skills.
  • She kinda already have. Consider that the rock farm seemed like a pretty boring and bleak place, and yet Grandma Pie taught how to laugh to make the scary go away(I.E. Discord, whatever it is)
    • Jossed in "Return of Harmony"

Winona was killed in the bunny stampade.
In Applebuck Season we learn that Applejack has a herding dog, but we never hear of her again after that episode, and the last scene where she is seen is right before the cornered bunnies freak out. Applejack and Fluttershy survived because of their size, but poor dog was trampled to death.
  • Jossed: Winona showed up again in Episode 32 and Episode 63/64 at the very least.

Rainbow Dash's canon pet will be a three-toed sloth.
Not only this would be hilariously ironic, but the relationship would be similar to Johnny and Plank's from Ed, Edd n Eddy, except far less creepy due the sloth just being really, REALLY slow instead of.....a non-living inanimate object.
  • Jossed. Rainbow Dash's pet is a tortoise, just like in the toyline (well, one of her toys anyway). His name is Tank.

Rarity actually can get stage fright.
This WMG may be a bit hard to believe, since she is a drama queen and a Large Ham, but it's still entirely possible that if she was put on stage with all eyes on her, she'll buckle. During the school play when she got her cutie mark, she seemed to prefer working on the costumes instead, and the one time she did preform on a stage of sorts (The Young Flier's Competition), she sure spent a lot of time on makeup and she had those gorgeous enchanted wings. She does have all the makings of a great actress, but she prefers costume design instead.
  • Jossed. "Hearth's Warming Eve" showed all of the Mane 6 perfectly capable of holding their own on a stage (even Fluttershy!).

...and that really WAS how Equestria was made!
Pinkie Pie's weird Cloud Cuckoolander logic has proven to be correct before (how do you get rid of parasprites?).

It doesn't make sense to anyone else right now, but just as the Sonic Rainboom was not a one episode, throwaway plotline, this isn't, either. As more details are revealed, the events she described will have somehow "made" Equestria, even if logically the principality had to exist centuries before Pinkie was born.

  • Maybe it has something to do with Doctor Whooves? You know, Time Travel and stuff...
  • Or maybe the story of her cutie mark is so closely related the the Equestrian creation myth that, due to her nature, she mixed up the two.
  • It fits into the fourth wall breaking idea. Why? *deep breath* Well, had there not been a sonic rainboom, Pinkie wouldn't have learned to party and more importantly the mane 6 wouldn't have gotten their cutie marks which means they wouldn't have gotten into situations that lead them to be where they were in the first episode so they wouldn't have become the elements of harmony, meaning the first episode wouldn't have been made and therefore the entire series wouldn't have been made meaning no Pinkie, no Elements, no Equestria, so it really was how Equestria was made. It all fits! Now... I need to find a trombone...
  • Take a good look at the ponies in the illustrations at the beginning of Episode 1. Don't they all look a bit familiar...?

Nope! It was just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie (apparently she can carry two or more trains of thought at the same time, but loses track once in awhile). That's a useful talent, but this guess is still Jossed.

The mysterous blizzard in Hearth's Warming Eve is Discord's doing
It's said to be long before Celestia ruled Equestria and the blizzard shatters the fragile peace between the ponies from Spike's statement. Who else would have the power and the desire to do something like that? Of course it'll be Lighter and Softer, sense it seems to be for fillies, the real version was probably a lot worse. But Discord's stained glass window appears in the same shot, so at the very least there's some continuity involved.
  • Doesn't seem like it'd be "funny" enough for him. Unless he thinks a pony version of the Donner Party is funny.

Apple Family brand apples are immune to bruising.
Whenever members of the Apple family gather apples, they apparently do so by knocking it from the tree to the ground. Even non-family members helping with the gathering don't seem to treat them with much care; when Twilight Sparkle cleared out a large batch of trees with her magic, she dropped them from an even greater height with no reprimand from the family or apparent damage to the fruits. Despite their apparent durability, they are still tender enough to consume whole and be considered "juicy". I think the family may have nearly monopolized the apple industry by developing/discovering a special apple type that blends all the ideal qualities that make them pony-appealing.
  • There's also the fact that they can be used as weapons.
    • Or it's part of the inherent subtle magics of the Earth Ponies.
  • Jossed. The apples are definitely prone to bruising. These bruised apples are fed to the pigs.

Rarity's parents were neglectful, and possibly abusive, drunks.
Rarity's parents did not care for her much. Her father had a drinking and gambling problem, and constantly sold the family's things to pay for both addictions. He also abused his wife and Rarity. His wife was so stressed by the living conditions that she took up drinking herself. One day, Rarity's loving grandmother bought her a nice dress to wear to a party, but her drunk father sold it to pay for his gambling. Rarity, who has always been trying to cover up her mess of a family life, made another dress to wear to the party, and discovered she had a talent for it. She kept making outfits until she earned her cutie mark. She left and opened her own boutique as soon as she could. Around this time, Sweetie Belle was born. Eventually, her mother got fed up and ran off with another unicorn, leaving Sweetie Belle with her father. Rarity, now that she was financially stable and had the means to take care of her, took in Sweetie Belle, which is why we never see her living with Rarity until later on in the series.
  • Jossed twice over. First, Sweetie Belle does not live with Rarity. Second, in "Sisterhooves Social" we actually get to meet their parents, and they're quite nice, although they're very salt-of-the-earth (which clashes terribly with Rarity's sensibilities).

It should be noted that someone figured out 2 words in "*o** *r** **i* c***a***r*" prior to this post, meaning that the answer includes two of the words guessed before that point.
  • Maybe the two episodes are actually episodes 1 & 2 of the third season, produced early like "The Return of Harmony" 2-parter was.
  • More information: "There is an answer with a great intuition about the real meaning of it, but no one has answeered it correctly yet." And it's definitely referring to the end of season 2, even though Italy splits the episodes into Two Shorts.
  • Update: It's not a 3-parter, just the ending of the second season. "And still, no correct answers. Try to think out of YOUR box."
  • Most are agreeing that the last word is "characters". Where do we go from that?
    • The third word could be "main", referring to "main characters". Maybe it's "More *r** main characters"?
  • And now that we've seen the first images of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor toys, the answer has been revealed ("toys from this characters").

Rainbow Dash only tolerates Fluttershy because she's part of their group of friends.
It seems like whenever Dash and Fluttershy have a scene together, RD is either annoyed with her or just... not happy. The only exceptions are the end of the "Find a Pet" song, and the flashback of when they were in Flight Camp (though that took place years ago). Am I the only troper who has a nagging feeling that Rainbow Dash just doesn't like Fluttershy?
  • Unlikely. RD is the most short-tempered of the mane six, and is easily annoyed and/or frustrated by the rest of the mane six at any given time, but doesn't seem to dislike any of them (If anything, she is exasperated more often by Pinkie). Several scenes wouldn't make sense if she didn't like Fluttershy, the best example being the opening of "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000". RD is desperate to get some cider, and not only goes out of her way to get Fluttershy to take some cider with her, but also lets Fluttershy take the place before her, hardly something she would do if she disliked her. She also humored Fluttershy in "May the best win" by letting Tank participate, despite disliking him at first. They are like any normal group of friends, and find each other quirks and flaws exasperating once in a while (AJ vs Rarity or Dash, anypony vs Pinkie).
  • As of Hurricane Fluttershy, this theory is jossed.

DJ P0N-3 is actually a snake-icorn.
Look at her in all her three-seconds of glory for a moment: not only can you not see her legs, but you can't even see any shoulders. She's a snake with a unicorn horn who took a pony-themed stage name to appeal to her equine audiences. You still can't see any legs in the ComiCon poster. Prove me wrong!

Lyra Heartstrings only speaks Italian.
It seemed a little strange that Lyra never had a speaking role at all despite having a number of background appearances. However, the Italian dub of FiM decided to have her Suddenly Voiced. Perhaps Italian is her native language?
  • She apparently also speaks Polish. Maybe English is the only language she can't speak?
  • Jossed. She speaks English in the final episode of season 2.

There will be fan backlash to some degree after Luna appears again.
Inevitably, most if not all of the fan interpretations of Luna's character are going to be shot down, and Luna will end up not like some fans pictured her.
  • Jossed! By and large, Luna was very well-received in her return appearance.

Season 4 will start in early 2013.
It just makes sense. Season 3 is only 13 episodes due to syndication cash, but the production was a bit off for only 13 episodes. For example, Tara recording at a really late date, script writing for stuff past season 3 being done really early and story boarders working on stuff really late. Also, William Anderson's poem about "short seasons for special reasons, only to be followed by more seasons".
  • Jossed. Season 4 will start Fall 2013 at the earliest.

    Season 1 
Episode 18 (Show Stoppers) is going to involve one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting a cutie mark
We've seen now that Sweetie Bell has some serious singing going on. Maybe it's going to be her. After all, it is a talent contest they're going to be entering.It may be that the episode is going to be about what happens after the fact.

The non-cutie marked fillies may start to feel that the cutiemarked pony no longer really "fits" into the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the strain it will put in their friendship and sense of belonging. But they'll see that, while it was their lack of cutie makers that made them friends, it is not what has to keep them friends and they should keep friends for who they are and because they enjoy their company.

Or maybe that one with the cutie mark is going to become a bit "flaunty" and the story will focus on that. But this moral has been done already in "Boast Busters" and "Sonic Rainboom".

  • Sadly, Jossed.

The first season finale will end on a pseudo-cliffhanger.
We know the creators wanted to make the series more serialized from the start, with stronger Magical Girl elements, but the execs nixed it in favor of episodic wacky antics. It stands to reason that, if they still want to use the story arc ideas they had, they might use the fact that the show is an established success to start sneaking in more serialized material. The best way to do that would probably be to have the first season finale end in such a way that it works as a stand alone but still raises more questions than it answers and leaves the audience asking for more, which might just convince the execs to let the writers give them more.
  • Jossed.

Season finale will not just be a cliffhanger, it will be a Wham Episode
Something more shocking, something what will change Status Quo, maybe even it will take few season 2 episodes to back to season 1 format of story/moral.
  • Unlikely (he said two weeks before hand), but Word of God is that season 2 WILL be introducing some villains.
  • Jossed.

Part of the plot of the Grand Galloping Gala episode (The Best Night Ever) will involve the main characters being separated through mistaken identity.
For his boutique in Canterlot, Hoity Toity ordered a dozen copies each, of each of the six dresses Rarity designed in Suited for Success, which were originally made for our heroines to wear at the Gala. Although the Rule of Funny suggests ALL of them would wind up worn by other guests (that's 12 copies plus an original for six designs, making for 78 ponies at the Gala wearing a dress that matches somepony else's), it is more likely Rule of Drama will prevail and just a couple of each will be present; just enough to confuse and cause embarrassment.
  • Corollary: The only one not in such a dress would be Doctor Whoof, who will be wearing a Fez and a bowtie to the Gala, claiming that he really doesn't care about fashion, and his outfit is cool.
  • Jossed

"The Best Night Ever" will feature a Theme Tune Extended.
Two separate facts, when put together, suggest this:
  • Word of God says that an upcoming song in season 1 has a "pretty epic" song (featuring a 20-person choir) in which every lead pony gets a solo. Since this description doesn't match any of the songs in the episodes following the interview, the song in question must be in "The Best Night Ever", since it's the only season 1 episode left.
  • The intro of the official game Discover the Difference features the beginning of an instrumental Theme Tune Extended, raising the possiblilty of a full Theme Tune Extended existing.

The Grand Galloping Gala is the awesome winter holiday Rainbow mentions in Winter Wrap-up.
Also the GGG is in celebration of the winter solstice, and everypony stays up all night to exchange gifts, and also to admire the moon and night. The holiday was started by Celestia while Luna was imprisoned so that when she came back there would always be at least one night for ponies to take notice of the night Luna creates.
  • Related, Winter Wrap up is chronologically the last episode this season. The ending with Twilight certainly seems like a nice summary of her personal development.
  • Rainbow actually says "awesome holidays," though the GGG could be one of them. And the winter solstice thing is certainly possible, since the letter from Celestia at the beginning of The Ticket Master says that the GGG is going to be held on "the 21st." But all five fantasy sequences in Ticket Master take place during the day, so the GGG would have to at least start well before nightfall.
    • Maybe it's like Hanukkah where it's spread over several days and the 21st is either when it starts, or the end which is the/highlight of the entire thing.
  • Judging by the lack of snow, I'm calling this Jossed.
    • Actually, from as early as The Ticket Master it wouldn't make any sense for the GGG to be in the winter, as Fluttershy says that it's the one night out of the year when all the flowers in the garden are in bloom, sounds more like a springtime festival than a winter one.

Princess Luna will appear at the Grand Galloping Gala.
Considering what happened between them before, meeting at the Gala will be rather... awkward for all involved.

     Season 2 
Luna will return in season 2 but ...
Nightmare Moon will return in this season.
  • Jossed, no more Nightmare Moon in the first season.

Season 2 will open with Celestia vanishing.
Prince Blueblood will step in and start shaky before everything gets under control. Then Twilight and the other five meet a duo of other ponies who turn out to be unicorn!Celestia and pegasus!Luna (Not unicorn AND pegeasus) in more 'civilian' forms. Celestia so she can take a vacation, and Luna so she can get some friends. Celestia will find out at the end of the episode that Blueblood actually has a knack for keeping stuff together, and assign him through letter to take care of everything, so he can learn to rule in case she ever has to handle something far away (read: decides she wants to slack off). The morale will be that friends come in all sizes and roles.
  • That or because Celestia and Luna are responsible for raising the sun and moon respectively the Equestrian Empire will fall and a literal Dark Age will be upon them all.
    • I sincerely doubt that Celestia (who's been handling both for a long time) would forget about that. She'd probably take off, handle it, then get back to being just another pony.
  • As a little in-joke, the princesses' civilian identities will recycle old pony names such as "Star Catcher" and "Moon Dancer".
    • Didn't happen.

Two episodes in season 2 will be crossovers.
Word of God says that season 2 has both 24 and 26 episodes. One possible explanation for this is that two of the episodes are crossover specials and count either as MLPFiM episodes or as episodes of the other show(s) depending on the point of view.

Episode 3 will focus on the idea that just because nothing's happening doesn't mean that we can't remember all we learned about life in the mundane.
Perhaps the ultimate slice of life episode, saying that there's nothing really wrong with an ordinary day.
  • Were you expecting a normal episode? TOO BAD, INSANE TWILIGHT TIME. Also featuring barn nuking and snapping bear necks.

"Lesson Zero" will establish the absence of friendship reports for the rest of the series.
Think about it. The first regular (non-pilot) episode of the second season is focused specifically on Twilight having nothing new to report, as if to suggest that this aspect of the show is over. It wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that the episode will end with Celestia politely explaining to nervous Twilight that she has already learned everything she needed to know about friendship (with optional "I'm so proud of you") and that she doesn't need to write any more reports to her, but she can still stay in Ponyville with her friends because they mean so much to her. This way the producers don't have to stick to "one friendship aesop per episode" formula in the following episodes, like they had to in season one even when some of the episodes weren't much about friendship.
  • Well, certainly didn't establish the absence of friendship reports for the rest of the series, but it certainly paved the way for less.
    Princess Celestia: From this day forth, I would like you all to report to me your findings on the magic of friendship, when, and only when, you happen to discover them.
    • So in a way, the episode did serve the purpose of freeing the writers from having to put friendship aesop in every episode?
    • I got the distinct impression that future aesops won't be delivered by just Twilight Sparkle alone. All of them will be able to deliver them as well, and between the six (or seven if you include Spike), there's certainly enough for many kinds of friendship reports from all the mane characters.
    • I see friendship reports are still in the show, even without Twilight Sparkle delivering the letter.

The CMC will get their cutie marks in episodes 5-7.
One by one, with each episode being a focus on each one. "Sisterhooves Social" will be Sweetie Belle, "The Cutie Pox" will be Applebloom, and "May The Best Pet Win!" will be Scootaloo.
  • Alright, people, on the downbeat...
  • Sweetie Belle does not get her cutie mark, so this is already jossed.
    • There's still hope for the other 2...maybe...
      • Applebloom had the Cutie Pox, so no official cutie mark.

One or both episodes what left from s1 production and wait to season 2 premiere will be set during winter.
There is only one episode set in winter and focused on ending it. Other seasons of the year are showed but series lack any real winter episode. So it best canditade to be in those episodes.
  • Bad Grammar aside, this is jossed.

Twilight Sparkle will not be in the next few episodes...
...but whoever writes the Friendship Report will still need Spike to send them. So Twilight will have already given the group a summoncer type thingamajigger with which they can get him from anywhere and tell him what they learned that day. I could see this as a potential running gag wherein he'll be called in at the most inoppertune time (ex. doing paperwork, taking a walk, taking a shower, etc.)
  • Spike does write the Friendship Report without Twilight in "Sisterhooves Social", but we don't see how or when he was called.
  • However, Twilight had an important role in "The Cutie Pox".

The upcoming Spike episode will be a Wham Episode
The apparent, coming tenth episode of the second season will involve Spike getting a growth spurt that 'threatens to decimate Ponyville' as well as Spike becoming 'Greedy'. Well it's not too far out there for Spike to let something to go to his head, what if this is the episode that not only results ins Spike being permanently changed but also his greed is caused by a new, reoccurring villain who sets off an overreaching plot for the remainder of the season or show? Okay, so this is Wild Mass Guessing, not Wishful Thinking.
  • Jossed, he gets better.
    • However, there is certainly a Wham Line involved...

There will be a Mid-Season Twist.
  • ...involving Twist?
  • Episode Seven was May The Best Pet Win, there was a plot twist that allowed Rainbow Dash to get a Tortoise... but No pony named Twist.

The leaked song "Smile Smile Smile" will be used by Pinkie Pie as a way to get the toddlers to stop crying.
And it'll cause them to cry even more because the chorus at the end is too loud.
  • Several Pinkie songs - and one did cause them to cry, but not "Smile Smile Smile"

The first episode of the second season will still take place in Canterlot, after the Gala.
At the end of "Best Night Ever", the Mane Cast is still in Canterlot, hanging out with Spike and the princess in the bakery. The second season will begin exactly where "Best Night Ever" ended, tying up some loose ends. Maybe we will see a number of angry aristocrats demanding an explanation for what happened at the Gala from Celestia and the Mane Cast. Maybe we'll see Blueblood or the gardener again. This would also be a good moment for Luna to appear again.
  • While the Gala part is still up in the air, at least part of the first episode of Season 2 is confirmed to happen in Canterlot.
  • Part of the episode took place at Celestia's courtyard, but the rest took place in Ponyville. It also took place some time after the gala.

Shining Armor is not Twilight's brother
I know from personal experience that TV Guide's upcoming episode summaries aren't too reliable.
  • Someone has already found some errors in the guide, so this may be true...
    • The issue proper has arrived and everything seems legit so far.
  • Jossed.

"Ponyville Confidential" will involve a newspaper, and it will be called "Equestria Daily".
  • And maybe there might be a reference to the Cereal's, Seth's and Phoe's OC ponies.
    • The expanded synopsis has confirmed that the gossip column is in a newspaper (specifically, a school newspaper) but no word on what the newspaper is called.

Luna will be a main character in season 2.
Lauren Faust has said that Luna won't be appearing in the show again until season 2. However, her involvement with the plot beyond that is a mystery. Now, let's look at it this way. Twilight Sparkle needed to learn about friendship because her studies had kept her isolated from other ponies. Luna was isolated for one thousand years and overshadowed by hatred. It wouldn't be a far stretch to imagine Luna joining Twilight in her friendship studies, especially since Twilight and her friends are presumably the only ones who can blast her back to normal if she goes evil again.
  • She will be rather cynical with a bit of shyness and have no understanding of modern Equestrian life, who try not to get involved with twilight and her friends.
    • Luna a main character? No...

Season two will introduce a new character to the group.
Possibly a male one, who would basically can't stand the sugar bowl world he lives in. Needless to say, he would be both a Deadpan Snarker and a Butt-Monkey, quite possibly being a Take That! to people who bias the show as bad because it's MLP. As the season goes on, he will slowly start being less critical of the world as he starts opening up more to the main cast.
  • Also building on the theory below about season two starting with the main cast in Canterlot, he will be introduced as being a pony who is forced to keep an eye on them in case they cause more trouble. (Maybe being the son of a guard pony at the castle, who wants to keep an eye on them but can't.)
    • Also building on one of the meta guess examples where there will be a lesson about letting go of friends; in the season two finale he'll be forced to leave the group for some reason, maybe because the higher ups are finally convinced that they won't cause anymore trouble, or due to some important business that will force him to go away for sometime. Could be a bit of a tear jerker if they show that he doesn't want to leave them anymore, maybe shedding a single tear as he's taken away.
      • Would also get bonus points if he's voiced by Crispin Freeman through some miracle.
    • If the above thought is true about him being tasked with keeping an eye on the main cast, some of the aesops could be in the form of him submitting reports to his boss/father about what he learned from the gang.
  • It's possible that he'll be introduced as the science and technology pony (maybe running a fix-it shop) as a counterpoint to all the magic in Ponyville and Canterlot and to be The Smart Guy in a way that's different from Twilight. He may also be used in an attempt to give Spike a male friend to relate to and have the two of them bounce snarky dialogue off one another about the general strangeness of Ponyville and its residents as well as the obvious "Women be Different from Men, Yo" jokes.
    Pony Stark: The truth is...I am Iron Mane. *DUNNN DUNNN DUNDUN DUN*
  • You know, a new recurring male wouldn't necessarily have to be there just to offset the feminine tones of the series; who says he can't just be regarded as an ordinary friend and equal by the mane cast? There could even be some lesson in there about how boys and girls can play together without having to regard one another differently. Given how progressive the show's been thus far, it's not impossible. Plus it wouldn't necessarily conflict with the above suggestion of a Gadgeteer Genius pony, which would be an admittedly cool addition to the setting.
  • Another idea is that soon after his introduction two or more of the Mane cast will start competing with each other for his affection while he would very much rather stay just friends. Through the course of this they would find out that even though they like him, they don't have very much in the way of common interests (him being a bit more laid-back and possibly something of a geek) and eventually call off their pursuit of him (which he suddenly finds insulting). The lesson being that boys and girls can be friends without any kind of romance or Ship Tease involved.
  • Also he could be the first Pony we see who doesn't live at his job as a lesson that people are more than what they do for a living.
  • I think if they do add another guy to the group he won't quite be a mane character. He'll show up frequently and be involved when he does, but he won't be in every episode and won't be added to the opening credits. Reasons for this can include already having a rather large cast, having to work him naturally into the story rather than shoving him there for the sake of having another male character, and also to test the waters to see how fans both young and old react to him and if he fits in well probably wait until a third season (Hopefully!) to move him into the Mane cast.
  • If a male character is added to the cast, I'd rather he be just as intelligent and introverted as Twilight. In fact, make him another one of Celestia's personal projects, making them god-siblings. The intellectual Sibling Rivalry would make an interesting counterpoint to the normal Mane Six antics.
  • Honestly, though, isn't this Spike's role, essentially? Although I can see them adding another male character just to have someone Spike can talk to when none of the mane 6 are around.
  • They probably will want to keep the species equality, so if they introduce any new characters they will introduce them three at a time.
  • They have. It's Pipsqueak. He'll be the first male crusader and the episode where he joins will teach the gender equality lesson.
  • It seems like the current setup for the main characters is fine as it is.

Season 2 will feature Nightmare Moon possessing at least one of the mane cast.
Since Word of God has confirmed that Luna was turned into Nightmare Moon by some kind of external force of evil, and that season 2 is going to have a recurring villain, it seems awfully likely that this being will reappear in some capacity. It might just possess Luna again, of course, but "Party of One" and "The Best Night Ever" have demonstrated that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are fragile enough to be potential targets as well. They both react very badly to being unappreciated — just like Luna — and might likewise be corrupted in a moment of weakness.

After a few episodes of villainy, Luna will then join the remaining mane characters and will wield either the Element of Laughter or the Element of Kindness in Pinkie Pie's/Fluttershy's stead to defeat Nightmare Moon and return whoever to normal.

  • If Nightmare Moon (or whatever was behind Luna's transformation) wants a powerful host, Twilight would be the perfect candidate. A "Twilight Moon" with Twillight's Glowing Eyes of Doom would be awesome and frightening at the same time.
    • Or, as part of a Bait-and-Switch, whatever possessed Luna will try and trick the Mane Cast and Luna into thinking it wants either Luna or Twilight in order to distract them from its real target Spike, adding the almost unstoppable power of a dragon to its own.
      • Sadly, this never happened in Season 2. But since Season 3 is currently in production, we can still dream.
  • Strangely enough, "Luna Eclipsed" showed that Luna is capable of physically transforming into Nightmare Moon on a whim (except for the fangs). She just doesn't like to anymore.

Pinkie Pie's mental fragility will be an argumental point during season 2.
Word of God confirmed villains during season 2, which means a confrontation against the bearers of the Elements of the Harmony. Pinkie seems to be the weakest link among them, so by breaking her into another depression pit, the Element of Laughter is removed from the Big Bad's way.
  • Unless the villain isn't throughly annoyed of Pinkie's antics. Pinkie isn't really that easy to break. We've only seen one breakdown from her once.
  • And that breakdown came from her thinking she'd failed in what is almost literally her only reason for being alive — making those around her happy.
  • Pinkie Pie actually is not that easy to break. From what we've seen, as long as she has friends, she's happy and (relatively) stable. The easiest of the Mane Six for villains to break would probably be either Rainbow Dash (provided you could find something faster than her) or Fluttershy (just use evil magic to turn all the critters against her).
  • If Discord turns out to represent the thing he's named after, perhaps another villain could be dubbed Fear and Pinkie Pie's element is his Kryptonite Factor. It'd certainly justify trying to get Pinkie Pie out of his way.

As a counter to the above: Pinkie Pie's personality will become a plot point in Season 2.
Word of God confirmed villains during season 2, which means a confrontation against the bearers of the Elements of the Harmony. Perhaps the Psycho Rangers speculated above will be counterpoints to the mane cast (Elements of Discord?)

When Pinkie Pie goes against her opposite (Element of Despair?) rather than give in, she will cause Despair to undergo a Heel–Face Turn by sheer force of her joy. And it will be the most Manly Tears inducing thing in the show to date.

  • Extra points if it involves a Disney Dog Fight between the Elements of Harmony and Elements of Discord/Chaos/Whatever.
    • I second that!

The following is my take for 226 (Read as Season 2, Episode 26) of this series.
The episode would be called "The Best Day Ever" and it takes place on the Summer Sun Celebration — Nightmare's "Night That Last Forever" last for one 24 period. The Mane Six and Spike gets ticket to this year Summer Celebration at Canterlot — but the signer is unknown — Pinkie Pie thinks it's Prince Blueblood — much to Rarity's dismay — while Twilight Sparkle assumed it is either Princess Celestina or Princess Luna. It turns out that everyone gets to do what they wanted to do at G.G.G: Applejack sells her apple treats, Pinkie Pie visits plenty of the parties, Rainbow Dash gets to show her stuff to the Wonderbolts again. Rarity meets Kara, a dark blue unicorn, Fluttershy fixes up her relation with the Castle's animals from G.G.G, learning the most animals were trying to sleep on that night, and Twilight Sparkle gets to talk to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The mane ponies learn that Kara is Prince Blueblood twin sister who brought tickets for them at S.S.C. for themselves in order to make up for the mane ponies's night at G.G.G. The Aesop here is that sometimes friendship can come from unexpected places.
  • Kara? Wouldn't a name like... "Night Wish" be more appropriate in the Land of No Real Human Names? Only a few outlandish names like Lyra are actual names that apply to their cutie mark or talent (in Rarity's case). But they're a relatively big stretch.
    • Well, there is Pony Joe...
      • Yeah, but "Pony Joe" is a commoner. It also might just be a nickname he got, based on how coffee can be called a "cup of joe", as doughnut shops typically have coffee, too. Kara is such a random name to pick. Like it's their own name, or their Ponysona's name. And besides, why say the name of the pony? Why not just say she'll be Blueblood's sister and leave it at that?
  • Looks like this didn't happen at all. Although there was a celebration, and it was a Wedding.

Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo will make an apperence in every episode of season 2
She was in almost every episode in season 1, but now the animators will make it a point to have her appear in every episode of season 2.Evidence for this is her appearance in "May the Best Pet Win!" She is the only background pony in the entire episode, and she's visible for only a few seconds. This is just the animators hiding her so they can say she officially appeared in every episode.

Twilight will not write a single friendship report untill the season final
Last season the 3rd ep connected to the final why not this season?
  • IIRC, Twilight has written reports even after ep 3. I think
  • Twilight as written only one Friendship Report since Episode 3, that was in Luna Eclipsed. Other than that every letter has been from somebody else (somebody because Spike writes one). We've also started seeing episodes without any Friendship reports.

That comment on This Very Wiki to the effect that Apple Bloom's fleur-de-lis was being replaced in the French dub with a cheeseburger (long since zapped as unfounded) was actually straight from the pony's mouth.
I'm guessing it was an unofficial leak from the studio doing the dubbing.
  • No, she simply spoke in an older form of French.

Ancient temples, the Sapphire Statue/Stone, and Ahuizotl don't exist in Equestria.
They were all just made up for the book.
  • What. No. You lie. They exist, they have to. They're just like Hogwarts; they only exist to those who are worthy. THEY EXISSSSSST. The Sapphire Stone is totally on display in the Canterlot Museum most days, the exhibit is just on tour in Buckshire right now.
  • Jossed as of "Daring Don't."

    Season 3 
All thirteen of the episodes scheduled for the third season will actually be an hour long, each.
  • Surprised by the continuing loyalty of the bronies, and the stable appeal of the show on the Internet, Hasbro will change the format but not the content (half hour, stand alone episodes presume your audience will miss shows and won't be able to literally watch them at any time they please to catch up — and adults who watch the show have shown they can successfully entertain themselves with their own off-canon versions if they disagree with how it was written).

Season 3 will only contain thirteen episodes, but will consist entirely of two-parters.
Seeing how they presented the finale, it could be possible that they're introducing an entirely new structure: forty minute long episodes. They **have** been looking for a way to appeal to the fans while retaining their original charm, and doing this could introdue more complex plot lines, more opportunities for deeper villians, and generally more ways to build Equestria and explore its contents. This would probably allow the show to kean more towards Faust's original vision, and could possibly pave the way for overarching plot lines in later seasons. Also, this would clean up some of the fans' worries about the show Jumping the Shark, and would most possibly increase the quality of the show, as there will be fresher formats amd more open space for both lessons and conflicts. However, this is all speculation, and they will most likely reveal thirteen more episodes as the third season nears.
  • The thirteen confirmed episodes were already revealed to be 22 minutes each, and two-parters can't add up to the odd number 13, so this guess was Jossed before it was posted.
    • What was generally meant here was that there would be thirteen episodes in essence, having twenty-six from a technical standpoint. However, this rebuttal still stands, just if the original post is modified to specify that there would be twenty-six episodes but thirteen major plot lines, it could still apply as an unclosed guess.

The "Failure Success Song" will be the Cold Open of "The Crystal Empire - Part 1".
It has already been confirmed that this song will be part of episode one. The fact that this seems to happen before the Crystal Empire plot kicks off and we never do find out what she wasn’t prepared for would place this at the beginning of the episode. Also, Spike’s line, "Uh, prepared for what, exactly?" would be the perfect moment to cut to the intro.
  • Jossed by the 8-minute preview clip.

The Crystal Ponies will hate the fair the Mane 6 set up for them
Then the cast would probably have to go find another way of 'saving' them, whatever that means.
  • Jossed. The Crystal Ponies really like the fair. Until they find out the Crystal Heart is fake...

The Crystal Ponies will be jerks with hearts of gold.
They would hate the Mane 6 at first, but then warm up to them later.

Scratch that, 100+ Pinkie Pies will cause so much chaos that all of Equestria will be in jeopardy!
Makes sense.
  • Jossed. They deal with the problem before Pinkie could spread that far.

1000+ Pinkie Pies will cause so much chaos that the Fourth Wall itself will be in jeopardy!
This could be The End of the World as We Know It!!!

A bazillion Pinkies will all sing the Smile Song simultaneously...
And it will fix everything that is wrong with the world.

Pinkie's consciousness will be spread between the clones.
  • Jossed. They have to tell each other about their experiences.

Each Pinkie clone will have a different personality.
Or, perhaps more likely, will represent a different facet of Pinkie's own personality, much like in A Piece of Pie.
  • Jossed. They're all the same personality... sort of. The real Pinkie is the only one capable of a full range of emotions; the clones are all Genki Girl all the time.

The others will think that the additional Pinkies are changelings.
  • Jossed. They're aware that Pinkie magically cloned herself.

There will be a cutaway gag to Gilda shuddering when Pinkie discovers the nature of the magic mirror
"I sense a lameness in the horse."
  • Jossed. No Gilda.

There will be a shout out to the "duplicator" story arc of Calvin and Hobbes.
I can't be the only one who's hoping they'll reference Calvin and Hobbes sometime.
  • No explicit one.

The magic mirror is the real reason for all the repeated background ponies
Looks like Pinkie wasn't the first pony to get this idea...
  • Jossed. Hardly anypony knew about it, including Twilight.

Magical Mystery Cure and the Coronation are NOT the same thing
We know Top Draw was working on a some mysterious "1x66" project related to ponies a few months ago, so perhaps the Coronation will be a made-for-TV special, which airs on the same day as Mystery Cure.

The title of the episode, if its not "Princess Coronation", will be "Twilight Princess"
Hey, they had an episode called "Dragon Quest", why not another Video Game Shout-Out?
  • A Jossed theory draws near. Command?
    • Jossed. The title is "Magical Mystery Cure"

The eponymous cure will be sold by the Flim Flam brothers
A "magical mystery cure" sounds like just the product for a pair of Snake Oil Salesman unicorns.

Discord is the one who provides the cure.
He's officially made a Heel–Face Turn as of "Keep Calm and Flutter On", so it's possible.

Hearing about the Princess Coronation will be what causes Twilight to cast the Destiny screwing-up spell
She will freak about about possibly leaving her friends, try to cast a spell to modify her destiny, and end up altering everyone's destinies.
  • Bonus points if Twilight wound up a princess as a result of the spell.
  • Alternatively, Twilight (mistakenly) casts the destiny spell, which makes her into a princess, but also alters the destinies of all her friends.
  • Jossed - the extended synopsis confirms that she is made an Alicorn because of the destiny changing spell, but only because she FIXES it, not because her destiny is swapped.

The episode's title will be "Princess Coronation
  • The episode's writer M.A. Larson didn't recognize that title, though the episode's title may be similar to that title advertised by The Hub, like how they advertised "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1" and "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2" as the My Little Pony Royal Wedding. (The episode's title is, or at least was, something odd.)
  • Jossed - the title is Magical Mystery Cure.

The last two (or three) episodes of Season 3 are part of a two-/three-parter called "Origins of Harmony."
I don't remember where (I think back when I was so anxious to know what happened in Season 3), but I saw a screenshot of VERY secret episode titles, or something along those lines. One of these was "Origins of Harmony." If my guess is correct, then these episodes will be about how Celestia and Luna, when they were younger, discovered the Elements of Harmony for the first time, and used them to bring peace to the world.
  • Part 1 will be about discovering the Elements for the first time, and how they stopped Discord with them.
  • Part 2 will feature the Princesses overthrowing King Sombra.
  • Part 3 will show how Luna fell and became Nightmare Moon, and how Celestia was forced, tears and all, to banish her sister to the moon for a thousand years. The end here will be quite a tearjerker.
  • Did this screenshot mention a villain named Nocturne or a seventh Element of Harmony? Because "The Origin of Harmony" was a fan's episode idea that people were adding to Wikipedia's list of MLPFiM episodes as the first two episodes of Season 3 (along with a fake third episode titled "A Derp in the Life" and later up to four more fake episodes) back in March 2012.
    • (Original poster here.) That's probably where I'm getting it from. Still, it's three blank slate episodes we know nothing about; why are all three secret if the finale is only a two-parter? Aside from that, the post there was in March. Who knows? Season 3 didn't premier until November.
  • Way jossed. The finale is only one episode and is not titled Origins of Harmony. As proven above, it was a Wikipedia prank.

This (Just for Sidekicks) is a holiday episode.
That’s why it will be aired Out of Order. It’s been moved to coincide with the holiday it is about.
  • More specifically, my guess is it's a New Years episode. "Spike at your Service" is "possibly episode 9 in broadcast order", and will be aired on December 29th. A week later would put it as close to NYE as they could get.
  • Most likely Jossed. Episode eight will be airing after "Keep Calm And Flutter On", which is airing on January 19th.
  • Jossed. Seems to have been moved in order because it directly ties into episode 64 ("Games Ponies Play").

The episode (Just for Sidekicks) will feature the first appearance of canonical Horses
Come on, they're already confirmed by way of screenshot to be showing up at some point. If not here, then it will most likely be Episode 11.
  • I think that they're going to appear in the "Magic Duel" episode. They're going to be from "Saddle" Arabia (no I'm not making that name up), and watch Twilight show her magic, alongside the Princess.
    • Yup, this one is jossed. They did in fact show up at the end of "Magic Duel", a few episodes earlier.

It (Just for Sidekicks) will not air at all during this season
The episode may air but not until season 3's Season Finale airs. Or it may be an DVD-exclusive episode first and then air as part of the next season later on, But don't expect to see it before the season ends.
  • Jossed, episode aired as normal.

This will be a Rarity episode.
So far, Twilight, AJ, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie have gotten episodes that focus on them, and a different upcoming episode is probably going to be a Fluttershy one, judging by the title. That only leaves Rarity to have an episode of her own.
  • Jossed, it's an episode about Spike, the CMC, and the pets. Seems we'll have to wait til Season 4 for Rarity to get another episode.

This episode will redeem Gilda.
Thus far it seems the overarching theme of the season is 'redeeming antagonists'. Babs Seed, Trixie, and Discord are all getting such episodes, why not Gilda?
  • Perhaps the seeds of this episode will be planted in the episode involving the spoilered text. Like, an exchange of letters over a period of time.
  • Most likely Jossed, the released synopsis gives no indication that Gilda will reappear, unless she makes a short cameo.
  • Jossed. Had nothing to do with Gilda.

Season 3's finale will be the final episode
Every girl-oriented cartoon Hasbro has ever made has been subject to the 65-episode Curse, and Season 3 only had 13 episodes ordered for it. This adds up to an even 65. The series will then be sent off in style with the mystery 66-minute mini-movie. In that movie, Twilight becomes a princess and leaves Ponyville, the CMC finally get their cutie marks, and everypony reluctantly goes their separate ways.
  • Jossed. Twilight became a Princess during "Magical Mystery Cure" itself. The CMC are still blank-flanks, and Hasbro did in fact put in an order for 26 more episodes to make Season 4.
  • Also jossed with the send-off...They didn't budget it as a sendoff episode, and it was in fact rushed with just the MAIN plot.

     Season 4 

The "Daring Do" adventure novels are actually ghost-written by Derpy
And Daring is actually her Mary Sue Author Avatar. Both ponies are pegasi. Derpy is pale grey with a light yellow mane, whereas Daring is dark yellow with a dark grey mane. Derpy's eyes are yellow, and Daring has purple eyes—the complementary color to yellow! And Lauren Faust originally intended to give Derpy the name "Ditzy-Doo". We don't really know what Derpy's talent is (aside from breaking things and enjoying muffins)—perhaps she has a house full of broken typewriters from writing some manuscripts...

Or Derpy is actually "Daring Do"
During one of her epic adventures something went wrong and she suffered a concussion and subsequent malfunctioning eyes. Unable to continue her old life she settled down in Ponyville for a quiet retirement while selling the rights to her story, the novelists embellished the stories a good bit and resigned her for the covers.On her part, Derpy doesn't want attention drawn to her that could ruin her retirement so she doesn't talk about her past life to anypony.This could explain why she shows up at all major events, members of the Canterlot elite funded her adventures and now invite her to their advents.

Twilight Sparkle will be turned into a Vampony
But she'll find that undeath is overrated as she can't be around her friends without hungering for their blood (or Life Energy since it's a kid's show), can't see her beloved mentor's sun again, and doesn't cast a reflection. So she'll find a cure for it by the end of the episode.
  • Wrong pony — it's Fluttershy. But apparently Equestrian vampires are very different.

Schizo Tech
Multiple cases of the use of electricity in previous seasons have been dismissed as either A Unicorn Did It or, in the case of flashbacks, Unreliable Narrator. "Rarity Takes Manehattan" shows streetlights and marquees with electric lights consistent with Manhattan in the present or the very recent past.

The finale of the Equestria Games storyline will be aired in conjunction with the Sochi Olympics.
Jossed. None of the episodes between February 7 and 23 (or near them) will feature this.

Pizzas have not been invented by ponies.
I'm rather surprised that the single most popular party food is not seen at any party shown in the show. We've seen lots of birthday cake and cupcakes, but no pizza! A real shame too... Pizza is a great food to have, they don't even need to have any real meat on them.
  • And how is a pony supposed to hold a pizza slice, let alone take one from many (outside unicorn telekinesis, of course)?
    • Not much of an objection when the ponies already deal just fine with cakes and pies.
      • Not exactly Jossed, but the My Little Pony Friendship Celebration Collection Set (Toys R Us exclusive) features two ponies called Sweetie Swirl and Firecracker Burst having pizza together. How do they hold their pizza? With plastic rings, of course!
      • Now its definitely jossed since Pinkie Pride had several pizzas shown, both in imagine spots and at the party itself.

Twilight will give up or be stripped of her alicornhood at the beginning of season four.

On the first guess, Twilight will either become stressed out by her newly-gained princess duties, fearful of never getting to see her friends again, or angst over the possibility that she'll live on forever while they age and die. Thus, she'll decide to relinquish her power and position in exchange for the simple life she once had before. Then, Princess Celestia will reveal that, by choosing her friends over power, she has passed her greatest test, or something to that effect.

For the second guess, the new Big Bad shall be either banished or imprisoned, only to reveal that their true plan was to remove the alicorn power from Twilight, and possibly at least one more alicorn. At this point, either Twilight will happily accept being normal once again, or spend an entire season trying to get her alicorn powers back.

  • This one actually predicts the season 4 finale quite well. The Big Bad does want to steal Twilight's alicorn powers, and she does give them up choosing her friends over power.

Twilight will turn evil in the Fourth Season.
We all saw how bad her Super OCD is and Word of God said that something possessed Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon. Whatever causes her to turn to the dark side, she would become a Knight Templar type of villain who demands order. She's essentially the opposite of Discord, where order instead of chaos would reign. Her Superpowered Evil Side will show that extreme Order is not good. Her friends and family are forced to stop Twilight even by any means necessary. But most importantly, can she stop herself?



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