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Characters / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and the whole "G4" universe, for that matter, has a wide array of colorful, memorable characters. So many characters, we hardly know what to do with them all! So we've separated them by Cast Herd. Heh...

For classic G1 through G3.5 characters, as well as G4.5 characters, go to My Little Pony. For characters from G5, see here.

Main Characters

Supporting Cast

  • The Princesses – Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Flurry Heart.
  • Mane Family Members – The Mane Cast's family and relatives.note 
  • School of Friendship – Students from the Ponyville School of Friendship.note 
  • Supporting Cast, Ponyville – Recurring minor characters from Ponyville.note 
  • Supporting Cast, Other Locations – Recurring minor characters from elsewhere.note 
  • Animal CompanionsLoyal Animal Companions.note 


  • Major Villains note 
  • Dangerous Creatures note 
  • Jerks and Bullies note 
  • Redeemed Antagonists note 

The World of Equestria

  • Races – The races of Equestria and the wider worldnote 
  • Historical Figures – Important figures from Equestria's history. note 
  • The 2017 Movienote 
  • Expanded UniverseCanon Foreigners appearing in EU material such as the IDW comics and storybooks.
  • Toyline Exclusive — Toyline God-Created Canon Foreigners. invoked
  • Miscellaneous — Characters who appear in non-toyline merch, web games, social pages, and other non-canonical official sources.

Minor Characters

  • One-Shots – Plot-relevant One-Shot Characters.note 
  • Other Characters – Ancestors, in-universe fictional characters, false identities, and Companion Cubes.note 
  • Background PoniesRecurring Extras, Bit Characters, Living Props, Creator Cameos, and Spear Carriers.
    • Common Background Poniesnote 
    • Special Background Poniesnote 
    • Other Background Charactersnote 

Equestria Girls — Characters appearing in the Equestria Girls spin-off series

  • Heroinesnote 
  • Villainsnote 
  • Supporting Castnote 

Alternative Title(s): My Little Pony Generation 4, My Little Pony Best Gift Ever, My Little Pony Rainbow Roadtrip