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Even little girls' shows aren't above sending in a few stealth fighters once in a while.

Getting Crap Past The Radar is when the writers intentionally sneak past mature content. Please think about whether your example is genuine or if you've just read too much into it before adding an example. Mentions of Alcohol or alluding to its existence does not count as Getting Crap Past the Radar. Parental Bonuses may also not be necessarily examples. Read the main Getting Crap Past the Radar page if you are unsure if your example is an example, or if you are just reading too much into things.


  • In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twilight has to rush to check on Fluttershy, and she puts Spike atop her by ramming him with her head. Thankfully, her horn stays a bit to the side. However, later in the episode, she has to pull the same maneuver to rescue him from a swamp, and her horn is nowhere to be seen as she races with him atop her head...while he has a shocked expression and his limbs splayed out, upper body rocking around, yet lower body firmly stuck in place.
  • In "Spike at Your Service", Spike gives Applejack a massage. His claw-hands go quite far back on her body, basically only massaging her rear area, and she makes quite a pleasured face.
  • "Filli Vanilli" sees Big Mac sweating as he spies Fluttershy (who's singing for him since he lost his voice) out the window while singing in front of a bunch of kids. Fluttershy at that moment is getting into the rhythm by...twerking rather intensely.
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  • "No Second Prances" has Trixie doing an escape trick involving being eaten by a Manticore and then teleporting out. She however can't teleport herself, but Starlight is able to. Naturally, drama unfolds right before the trick, and so Starlight doesn't want to help, but a crying Trixie does it anyways while clearly indicating that if Starlight doesn't help, she'd like to die from it. Starlight of course does come around in time, after Trixie has merely suffered a change to her normal outfit, but torn up.
  • "A Rockhoof and a Hard Place" features the titular character struggling to find work in modern society, and, after he's seemingly exhausted his options, he asks to be turned to stone, implicitly permanently.
    • This episode also sneaked in a genitals joke. Twilight flashes back to when she tried to get Rockhoof a job as a delivery pony. In said flashback, he yells that he's looking for Cranky Doodle Donkey, who, and I quote: "Has a rash in a very embarrasing place".... yikes!
  • "The Mean 6" features clones of the Mane 6 who end up killed by the Tree of Harmony as it detects them as fake copies of the element melting them. This was one of a handful of episodes that leaked in a pre-broadcast form, which showed a more intense melting. The final thing however isn't that much better.
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  • "Father Knows Beast" sees the usual joke about nudity, but with a twist in that Twilight is rather freaked out by looking directly at Sludge's crotch as he took on a seductive pose. As well, when she is framed by legs, part of the background, on the top of a door is in just the right spot to suspiciously resemble his male genitalia.
  • "The Beginning of the End" sees Sombra's return, and the Mane 6 eventually realize as they did in the first episode that the elements of harmony aren't just the physical items, but are within them. In the episode's script, Sombra's second blasting just has a flash of light, but in the actual episode...he's torn apart in a way you can briefly see his skin separate from muscle if you're paying attention.
  • In "Frenemies", Chrysalis is seen to still have the purple wooden remains of Mean Twilight, which in addition to being basically the skull of a former minion, is awfully phallic in shape for something for her to be holding close.


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