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Radar / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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Even little girls' shows aren't above sending in a few stealth fighters once in a while.

Getting Crap Past The Radar is when the writers intentionally sneak past mature content. Please think about whether your example is genuine or if you've just read too much into it before adding an example. Mentions of Alcohol or alluding to its existence does not count as Getting Crap Past the Radar. Parental Bonuses may also not be necessarily examples. Read the main Getting Crap Past the Radar page if you are unsure if your example is an example, or if you are just reading too much into things.


  • In "Hurricane Fluttershy", they slipped in a reference to steroid use and a certain one of its side effects with a white pegasus boasting bulging muscles and rather tiny wings.
  • In the Cold Open for "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", Rainbow Dash barges straight into Fluttershy's bedroom to wake her up, and rips the covers off. Fluttershy's reaction? She blushes and covers up her chest with her forelegs. The squeak she emitted as she did that certainly didn't help.
  • As noted elsewhere on the wiki, the Changelings' modus operandi resembles that of succubi crossed with actual fairy changelings.


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