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Radar / Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

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  • Cleo pulled this off a lot.
  • This exchange between Riff Raff and Cleo regarding her dog companion, Bush, in "Carnival Capers":
    Riff Raff: (whistles seductively as he walks up to Cleo)
    Cleo: (posing in the mirror) You like what you see?
    Riff Raff: You're the best looking thing on four legs, baby!
    Cleo: (turns to the side, sees Bush wake up.) Uh-oh. It's Bush!
    Riff Raff: Things are gonna get hairy... for Bush.
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  • Wordsworth spends the entirety of "Debutante Ball" "exhausted from listening to rock-n-roll nonstop for a week straight".
  • The premise of "Kitten Around": Riff Raff convinces Cleo to "go steady" in a scene that plays out like a marriage proposal (lacking only a ring); he then immediately starts seeing new girl Roxy behind her back.
  • In another episode, Riff Raff mentions that Cleo moving in would mean less time spent chasing her for "inte...lligent conversation"
  • In "Scaredy Cats", Riff Raff is jealous of Renfield, an artist Cleo expresses interest in.
    Cleo: Renfield knows all about painting, dance, music, poetry...
    Riff Raff: I know poetry, too! Wordsworth, tell Cleo some of the poetry I know.
    Wordsworth: There was an old cat from Des Moines/ Who put fleas in his sister's-*Cleo shoves him off screen* Ooh!
    Cleo: That wasn't quite what I had in mind.
  • In "Terrible Tammy", Tammy foils Heathcliff's plans to steal from the milkman. When they meet in a dark sewer, Tammy asks Heathcliff if he wants some milk.


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