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"If this film is so 'naturalistic' how come not a single fucking animal has any GENITALS?"
Jacob Nion, YMS Highlights - Lion King Promo Cringe that I missed

Just because humans are uncomfortable with the subject of nudity, doesn't mean we're the only species to get our nudity censored in fiction — it is just as common for regular everyday animals to get this treatment as well.

This is usually a concession of realism for the sake of the artist, as most artists would prefer to avoid drawing an animal's genitals or anus themselves, taboo or no taboo. It can also be a product of stylization, to which animals are especially prone, and which tends to remove unappealing or unimportant features, oftentimes to make them cuter (for example, stylized dogs tend to lack claws and lips). Other times (by which we mean most of the time), whether or not Fido has gonads is way beside the point, so it's simpler to leave them out unless you mean to draw attention for a narrative purpose or a cheap gag. That's not a form of censorship; it's just Law of Conservation of Detail (just like how Nobody Poops).


This is technically Truth in Television for animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, bony fish, and invertebrates, whose genitalia are typically visible only as a small underside "vent" between the rear limbs (and easy to miss even without feathers or scales to obscure them). It isn't the case with male cartilaginous fishes, which have claspers to facilitate copulation in reality.

On the other hand, when depicting mammals (aside from monotremes — platypodes and echidnas), there's a common assumption that an animal's natural fur will adequately preserve the creature's modesty. However, observation of most real mammals will show that their fur is actually thinner in those places (so it doesn't get soiled when nature calls, and is easier to clean if it does). Also, many species' coats of fur are just too short to adequately conceal the features of their genital or anal area in the first place. Anyone who has seen a male pig, male cattle, or male dog (both desexed and intact ones), for example, will have no doubt noticed the prominent pair of features (testicles in intact ones, penises in both) between its rear legs (and on the belly in the case of dogs and cattle). However, fur mostly concealing the animal's genitalia is actually the case in some animals. As a rule of thumb, mammals that live further north will have thicker and longer fur and are more likely to justify this as the longer fur protects their naughty bits from the cold. There are also some animals that can actually retract their genitalia when not using them, such as the aforementioned echidnas.


The sole exception to this censorship in Western media is the four teats of the female cow (and also quite often the male cow), which are always present, thanks to the iconic image of the country milkmaid. The only time cow udders were ever censored was in the early 1930s, when Moral Guardians became offended by the showing of Clarabelle Cow's bare udders in the 1930 Disney short "The Shindig." Other female mammals, even goats, are almost never shown with explicit mammaries, even in scenes where her offspring are shown nursing from her. Japanese Media also tends to avert this with male tanuki, which are often depicted as having gigantic testicles as a symbol of luck.

For the purposes of defining examples, only animals who are mostly or "completely" normal in physical appearance (e.g. not visibly anthropomorphized) and animal mannerisms should be considered. For cases where a creature is sufficiently anthropomorphized that the Uncanny Valley effect might occur (such as with Funny Animals in a few cases and especially with Beast Folk), see Non-Humans Lack Attributes instead.

Note: When adding examples, limit aversions to instances in which the animals are drawn, rendered in CGI, or are otherwise not real. Many real life animals have visible genitalia, so listing aversions that involve actual animals would be unnecessary.

Sub-Trope of Anatomy Anomaly, and related to Barbie Doll Anatomy (the human version). Compare Funny Animal Anatomy. See also Appropriate Animal Attire for a broader discussion of modesty and clothing as it applies to animals. Contrast Non-Mammal Mammaries, when animals have breasts and/or nipples when they shouldn't have. The desire to avert this trope is why Animals Fear Neutering.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Averted in Ayakashi Triangle: Despite being a spirit rather than a regular cat, Shirogane has visible testicles, and we get a frontal view of them quite often. One chapter showed an actual cat, and despite being drawn much more realistically, it still had a cartoonish pair of testicles.
  • Berserk averts this quite horribly with a demon-possessed horse that tries to rape Farnese. Thankfully, it doesn't get to carry out its horrific intentions before being messily decapitated by a pissed off Guts.
  • Future Card Buddyfight partially averts with Bal occasionally having an anus when farting.
  • Played straight in Cat Paradise, despite the rather frequent panels with the cats' butts in full view.
  • Chi's Sweet Home:
    • Mostly played straight, but the anus part of this trope is sometimes averted with Chi.
    • Also averted a lot with Kuroi in the manga, he is shown with a scrotum when seen from behind.
  • In the anime version of The Eccentric Family, tanuki in their animal form are distinctly lacking the attributes that define them in other depictions.
  • In a late chapter of Fire Emblem: Champion's Sword, there's a shot from under Pegasus that reveals that whatever gender this majestic winged horse is, there are no genitals to be found there.
  • Averted in FLCL with the Nandaba family cat, Miyu Miyu, who sports both an anus and a pair of testicles.
  • In the Ginga Densetsu Weed anime, every dog is drawn this way, despite the fact one character is known for biting the testicles off of his enemies. This is sometimes averted in the manga though, as some panels clearly show genitals and anuses.
  • Totally averted in Gon.
  • Zig-Zagging Trope in Hetalia: Axis Powers. Animals are usually drawn with anuses, but male animals lack testicles.
  • HEYBOT! suddenly averts this when a Burger Turtle monster needs taking down... by Awesome Fine Screw ramming his screw head into its butthole.
  • Realistically averted with Junkers, the Scottish terrier, from Junkers Come Here.
  • Dogs in Massugu ni Ikou have anuses but not genitalia.
  • Averted sometimes in Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On with Navirou, mostly when he farts.
  • Averted in My Neighbor Totoro with the Catbus- when HE jumps down from something, the testicles are definitely there.
  • Naruto:
    • Infamously averted, at least with a certain giant armadillo. In said episode, this was lampshaded with Naruto trying to figure out if the armadillo was male or female but the armadillo wouldn't show him.
    • Played straight with other animals, such as Kiba's dog Akamaru, and with the Tailed Beasts since they're sentient chakra beings.
  • Ox Tales generally plays it straight, but when there's a cork up Cecil the Skunk's butthole, said hole's scrunchy outline is clearly there.
  • Averted in Pocket Monsters, where Clefairy's penis is shown as a joke a few times (usually involving him peeing).
  • While Pokemon lacking features in Pokémon Adventures is usually played straight in the manga, there is a single instance of a Zigzagoon having a visible butthole.
  • Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon marked the anime's first subversion of this trope, with a rear shot of an Oricorio in "Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!".
  • Zig-Zagging Trope in What's Michael and Jarinko Chie: testicles (but nothing else) are shown.
  • Downplayed (?) in Wolf's Rain. The males have a slight flap/bump where their penis would be, but it's nowhere near as big nor does it look like a canine penis. Blue, meanwhile, merely has a stomach bump. Played straight with vulvas, teats, and anuses, though.
  • In the 1970 animated adaptation of Takashi Yanase's children's book Yasashii Lion (The Kindly Lion) by Mushi Productions. Muku-Muku (a female dog) adopts an orphaned lion cub named Buru-Buru after the death of his parents. During his infancy, Buru-Buru is shown drinking milk from his adopted mother but isn't depicted with teats. There is even an entire song dedicated to the titular lion cub's love of drinking his mother's milk. However, the only she's drawn with teats is during scenes where she's walking when Buru-Buru was still a young lion cub. During a montage of Buru-Buru acting more like a dog, he's drawn with an anus as he's walking. In the original book, neither of these were depicted in Yanase's illustrations of both characters.

  • Larva: Partially averted in that the larvae commonly have buttholes.
  • Pucca: Partially averted with x buttholes, such as on the lion in "Big Top Bang Bang".


    Comic Books 
  • Averted in Bone with Roque Ja the mountain lion, who when seen from behind has a very prominent scrotum.
  • Averted in The Boys with Butcher's dog Terror, who is also drawn with a clearly visible scrotum. It's a necessary detail, since Terror is portrayed as a Lovable Sex Maniac who constantly humps smaller dogs and cats.
  • The anus part of this trope is averted with the comic book version of The Smurfs cat, Azrael.
  • Partial aversion in the first volume of the Franco-Belgian comic Seuls: the white tiger is shown to be most definitely male when his rump is shown. However, his anus isn't drawn, even though it should be visible.

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Animation 
  • Snowy the dog in the CGI The Adventures of Tintin (2011) movie doesn't have the excuse to be rendered in a cartoony style.
  • Cinderella: The mice, who follow the Pantsless Males, Fully-Dressed Females to a T, play this trope straight as well. However, this is particularly noticeable with Gus because his shirt is so teeny-tiny on him. Played straight with the other animals as well.
  • Coco similarly has no excuse with the normal Land of the Living Form cat form of Pepita and especially with the normal (non-alebrije) dog form of Dante due to the living characters’ (human, canine, and feline) anatomy being so convincing.
  • Averted in the 2003 animated adaptation of The Cunning Little Vixen, with chickens having x anuses and the titular fox in one scene having a much more detailed anus, as well as a vaginal opening, when she urinates on a badger to force him out of his den.
  • Played painfully straight in Dumbo, where all of the circus animals even have to rely entirely on Delivery Storks in order for them to have offspring.
  • Downplayed with Home on the Range, where the cows' udders are almost never seen.
  • Felidae usually plays this straight, even during the sex scene - however, some characters do have anuses.
  • Finding Nemo:
    • Poor Bruce was originally animated with prominent claspers, as would be appropriate for a shark his size. Obviously, they didn't make it to the final version.
    • This trope also applies to Nemo's teacher, Mr. Ray, in the various shots in which his pelvic fins are visible.
  • Mostly averted in Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale; several male animals' genitals can be seen at various points in the film and the female border collie Jess' mammaries can be seen after she's given birth to a litter of puppies. Main character Dog has no visible genitalia but his anus can be seen a few times.
  • In Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, there's a gag about Sid attempting to milk a musk ox, then running from it while yelling "I thought you were female". While nothing is shown, the implications are clear.
  • Averted in Leafie, a Hen into the Wild: The weasel's nipples are shown in all versions of the film, though it's not for a perverted reason. It appears to be there to cement the fact that she is the mother of the baby weasels. The ducklings on the farm have cloacas visible when they pee, but only in the original version.
  • Played straight in The Lion King (1994). Pumbaa, a warthog, has a large butt, but doesn't even have an anus. He can fart nonetheless. Played ridiculously straight in the all-CGI remake, where all the characters are rendered in very photorealistic CG...except for their naughty bits, which is especially egregious considering female hyenas are known for very large clitorises similar to penises. There is however a single aversion seemingly by mistake when Simba is climbing a dead tree over the stampede.
  • Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run mostly plays this straight as with Looney Tunes in general, but has an odd aversion where a single feral duck Daffy hits on has a visible anus while turning around to tell him her name.
  • Averted by volumes in Pom Poko, where the testicles of the tanuki are very prominent, both art- and plotwise — though this is more due to the fact that tanuki having a very large scrotum is an aspect of Japanese folklore than any bizarre decision on part of the director. In the English dub, they're called pouches, not that this fools anyone.
  • Averted in the movie versions of The Plague Dogs. The dogs as well as most other animals are drawn anatomically correct, with all three main characters' penis sheaths, scrotums, and anuses visible at points.
  • Talking Dog urinates on the metallic hand of a giant gorilla in The Powerpuff Girls Movie but we see nothing on him we shouldn't.
  • Shows up in Puss in Boots and the rest of the Shrek franchise where the cats, donkeys, pigs, mice, and other animals don't have the excuse of being rendered in a cartoony style.
  • Extremely applicable for the rats from Ratatouille, as male rats normally have testicles as big as their snouts. When Remy walks upright, his scrotum really ought to have been dragging on the ground.
  • Averted in The Secret Life of Pets. Chloe's anus is clearly visible in several shots.
  • Zig-Zagging Trope in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, where the titular horse, as well as the Colonel's horse and the cowboys' mounts, sport a visible sheath in many shots. However, Spirit in particular lacks the necessary features to qualify as a stallion, despite the fact he is always referred to as one. And this isn't due to discretion shots either. Whilst the domestic male horses could realistically be geldings, Spirit doesn't have this possibility, making it particularly jarring for anyone familiar with equine anatomy. What's more, as a foal, he seems to even lack a sheath, and again, this is not due to the camera angle being discreet.
  • Averted in The Triplets of Belleville. Bruno is anatomically correct.
  • Zig-Zagging Trope in Watership Down. Although the dogs are anatomically correct, the bucks are generally not drawn with anything showing no matter how close the camera comes. With dogs, on the other hand, it's quite obvious. Truth in Television, male rabbits are very hard to distinguish from female rabbits, as rabbits will violently object to having the relevant area exposed for inspection.
  • Averted and Played for Laughs in Who Framed Roger Rabbit during the opening cartoon "Somethin’s Cookin". Roger clearly seemed concerned (more like terrified, understandably) when a meat cleaver hits the wall in between his legs, almost resulting in a Crippling Castration. The Near-Miss Groin Attack makes the toon rabbit gulp loudly as his eyes bug out and dart toward his crotch.
  • In Zootopia, this is played straight in the scene with the nudist animals, as the animals don't have visible anuses or genitalia — but the postures of the animals and the camera angles, not to mention Judy's reactions, are strongly suggesting what the audience is supposed to see there.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Charlotte's Web a CGI male rat has no testicles. Any pet rat owner would notice.
  • In the 1933, 1938, and 1976 versions of King Kong, Kong had no nipples (nor visible genitalia, but that's Truth in Television about male gorillas, who have very small penises). Carried over in Kong: Skull Island, with Kong lacking visible genitalia, however in the prequel comic Birth of Kong, Kong's mother was shown with enlarged breasts (not of the Fanservice variety, of course!)
  • Lassie is a female dog (note the root of the name is Lass not Lad) played by males with their belly hair coiffed very carefully to cover up the naughty bits. This started with the original film Lassie Come Home and has been followed as standard practice through all sequels and reboots.
  • Harry and the Hendersons played this one straight. Harry's fur is a bit thicker in that area, but such doesn't really conceal genitalia in hominids.
  • In Cats & Dogs, Lou is played by a couple of different beagles. Any scene in which he rolls on his back (particularly if someone is scratching his belly) will be played by a female, who naturally has less in that department. Despite this, Butch's comment on his immaturity is "He's still got his you-know-whats, for cryin' out loud!"
  • Shows up in Scooby-Doo (2002), Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield, and Yogi Bear, where they don't have the excuse of being cartoon animals. A deleted scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back involving the Scooby Gang averts this.
  • A particularly curious example is in Son of the Mask where Otis the dog is partly played by a real dog and partly by horrifying animation. When the dog is real, it obviously has the equipment you would expect but as soon as it puts on the mask and becomes animated the downstairs department is noticeably lacking. This could have been Hand Waved as being an effect of the mask itself, had it not been for the fact that the whole premise of the movie is that a human male impregnates his wife whilst wearing the mask. Ironically, a dog in the first movie urinates on a foe while wearing the mask.
  • The 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland has the family of bloodhounds. The mother of the puppies has no discernible mammaries, and the father has nothing between his legs with which to create said puppies, even when he flops down on his side in front of the White Queen with his crotch pointed right at the camera.
  • In Rise of the Planet of the Apes none of the apes have any genitalia. Chimpanzees have gigantic testicles; it's impossible to censor their parts without it being obvious.
  • Noticeable in The Chronicles of Narnia films with the animals.
  • Averted with the tiger, Richard Parker in Life of Pi as he is rendered with testicles.
  • Mr. Jingles, the mouse from The Green Mile, was portrayed by about 30 different trained mice. Because it's almost impossible to film a male mouse without catching sight of his very large testicles, all of them would've better been called Miss Jingles.
  • Downplayed in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Although the male oliphaunt which Legolas clambers up to attack has a visible penis sheath, its actual penis is as withdrawn as possible ... which is not normal behavior for elephant males, which normally extend and waggle their members as an intimidation-display when they fight.
  • Sebastian, Ratcatcher II's main companion from The Suicide Squad, shows no sign of the large testicles which an unneutered male rat should sport.

  • This trope is invoked in-character in Thief of Time, when Susan takes a paper tube away from Jason and informs the boy that, no, the cardboard animal which the class is constructing is a polite horse.
    • Possibly a reference to a 19th century joke campaign to clothe animals: "A nude horse is a rude horse." was their slogan.
    • Also from Discworld, the illustrations in The World of Poo include rear views of Widdler the dog, a rabbit and a pigeon. All three avert this trope by including a visible dot for the anus or cloaca, which is only to be expected in a book all about what comes out of one.
  • Very explicitly averted in Neuropath when Tom's dog rolls over and exposes his genitals. Agent Gerard find it hilarious and says it's so big it should get its own website. Then makes up some domain names. ("")
  • Ratman's Notebooks: Implied, as the narrator claims he can't tell male rats from females despite male rats having very obvious testicles in reality.
  • Averted in The Plague Dogs when the canine protagonist Rowf bonks his penis on a grate.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Helix, this is justified in-universe. Research, Inc. Arctic Biosystems has lab rats that have been genetically engineered to have no sex organs, which perplexes veterinary pathologist Doreen when she examines one and can't tell if it's male or female.

    Music Videos 
  • In the music video to Coldplay's "The Adventure Of A Lifetime" the presumably male apes neither have genitalia nor nipples.
  • Crazy Frog initially averted this, with the character having a very visible penis. However, Moral Guardians complained and his design was bowdlerised, playing the trope straight.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Japanese statues of the tanuki feature the animal with large testicles but a very small or completely lacking penis.

  • Police Force, set in a World of Funny Animals, plays this straight for the most part, as even the animals without pants have no attributes visible. Subverted with a tortoise around the bumpers, whose clenched anus can be seen beneath his shell. It's not normally visible from the player's position at the end of the table, however.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Though the card game Beasty Bar more or less plays this straight, several characters such as the Skunk are depicted with clearly visible anuses, like a real life skunk in Skunk's case.
  • Most cavalry figures sold for wargaming and tabletop games follow this trope; the designers of scale model horses used in otherwise flawless reproductions of real-world cavalry can come in exquisitely modelled detail of uniforms, tack, accoutrements, et c, on otherwise perfectly proportioned scale horses - but you'd look in vain for anything much going on under the tail, even on reproductions of great cavalry generals who, history assures us, rode whole and intact stallions.note  For modelling purposes (possibly since many figure sets are sold as "toys" for children), they are reduced to riding geldings.

    Theme Parks 
  • The mammary side of this trope is interestingly averted with the animatronic goats on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Park; this is a very rare case of goats being designed with udders.

  • Most toy animals, especially if they're aimed at younger children, lack gender-specific anatomy. This is particularly true of toy horses such as the I Love Ponies range. However, models/toys aimed at older children/collectors often subvert this trope. Whilst model horse brands such as Breyer, Bullyland, and Schleich played this trope fairly straight in the past, often depriving their stallion models of appropriate anatomy, most newer models, especially since the start of the 21st century, use sculpture models that are completely intact, even adding teats for the mares in the case of Schleich.

    Video Games 
  • None of the animals in Animal Crossing have genitals, despite most being pantless. This is averted, however, with a purchasable tanuki statue the player can buy in-game, which has very prominent testicles because it's a common trait of the animal in Japanese folklore. Tanuki characters have no such features and are referred to as raccoons in English localizations.
  • Strangely averted by PuP in Atlas Reactor ... even though he's a robot.
  • Zig-zagged in Dog's Life. Jake has a noticeable sheath in the intro animation but in the game itself he's bare.
  • Cenozoic Survival: None of the animals have visible genitals, cloacas, anuses, nor nipples.
  • Some dog lover found the Dog's lack of attributes so annoying in Dragon Age: Origins that he made a mod that put a modest sheath between his legs... and was promptly accused of interest in bestiality by the community members. This trope is strong in people's minds.
  • In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, horses have visible anuses.
  • Zig-zagged in Final Fantasy XII. No monster has genitalia (or anything we would recognize as it), but a few do seem to have anuses — especially the wolf monsters. The wolves do have female genitalia, and interestingly enough, the giant wolves have a different texture from the regular, and they're noticeably in heat.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V: Averted with the dogs as they show a penis sheath and the cows because they have udders. The cattle and dogs also have an anus. The other animals don't show any genitalia, anuses, or other attributes. The dachshund on the Dashshound Bus logo in game also shows a penis sheath.
  • Averted in The King of Fighters series: Blue Mary's dog has a visible sheath [1][2], and Original Zero's black lion, Glaugan, also has visible testicles.
  • Averted in Knights of the Round. There is a Mad Tiger enemy, which, when knocked into the air, is revealed to have a sizeable pair of balls.
  • Mr. Tibbs, a cat with a minor role in The Lost Crown, walks with his tail held high in a few scenes where his lack of an anus is apparent.
  • Averted in Metro 2033. Nosalises have fully visible genital orifices (males seem to have a hemipenis, as only a small hole is visible in the front of their groin), and every mutant has an anus. However, their attributes can only be seen if you're actively looking for them in corpses; you'll be too busy shooting the monsters otherwise.
  • The pigs in Minecraft have nipples. Also, the cows have udders.
  • Monster Hunter:
    • Subverted with the Gigginox. A cutscene clearly shows one laying eggs out of one of its orifices. Of course, since it's a reptilian hermaphrodite, any sexual organs are not visible.
    • Played straight with the mammalian monsters such as the Rajang, Gamuto, and the Congala. None of these creatures have visible nipples, sexual organs, or anuses. The latter is especially jarring with the Congala, considering one of its signature attacks is via farting.
    • This is justified with the reptilian monsters in the series (Rathalos, Tigrex, Lagiacrus, etc.). Reptiles generally have their sexual organs inside them and can only be distinguished by close examination.
  • Averted by Neko Atsume: the cats have visible buttholes in some positions.
  • Nintendogs: Mostly played straight, even though we see the dogs pee on walks. Subverted with their rear ends, however, as they have buttholes.
  • Amaterasu, the main character of Ōkami, has a spot under her tail that appears to be an anus, averting this trope. However, it gets zigzagged, as she doesn't have any sort of indicator of gender (no vagina or nipples), which is extra weird since one attack is to urinate on enemies like a male dog.
  • The fact that Pokémon lack visible attributes (with exception for Miltank's cow udders, of course) is likely a culmination of its simple visual art style and kid-friendly target audience (and G-Rated Sex). The actual Mons can probably be assumed to still possess their attributes... after all, that Berry fertilizer (made in part from their "well, you know…") has to come from somewhere...
  • Portal Runner: Justified in the sense that Leo is a toy lion figurine in a toy world, and not many toy companies include "those" details when manufacturing animal figures.
  • Mostly played straight: The other animals in the realistically rendered video game, Red Dead Redemption, don't have any genitals or other "attributes," but the cattle, sheep, and horses do (if you look very closely in the sheeps' and horses' case). In fact, there is a cutscene where Irish cups and feels a horse's testicles to check if it's healthy. Also, the cows are shown with udders. Rufus, the Marstons' dog, is shown with an anus, but no genitalia. The lack of genitalia on dogs is especially noticeable since in-game dogs (and men) are sometimes shown peeing.
    • Averted more in the prequel, Red Dead Redemption II, where the animals have genitals and other attributes (the cows still have udders) and the genitals of the stallions and male mules (including Margaret’s "zebra") are seen clearly seen. Also, the stallion’s testicles shrink when it gets colder. Unlike in the first game, you can see the genitals of any of the hooved animals of you look closely. The great attention to realism is so much that one of the idle animations of the horses and mules (again, including the "zebra") is them defecating.
  • This is averted in the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, where the zombie dogs have visible sheaths and testes.
  • Fully averted with Toby the dog in Sherlock Holmes:The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  • Possible partial aversion in Tales of Vesperia. Repede has a very small protrusion between his legs that appears to be a sheath, but no sign of testes or anus. Artwork of Repede's posterior may also suggest this is just a tuft of fur. Other dogs, as well as the monsters, are noticeably lacking in the downstairs attributes.
  • The Sims: In the franchise in general, similarly to how Sims have Barbie Doll Anatomy note , the pet animals seen in the pet themed expansion packs lack any visible genitals, despite they having specific sexes and being able to mate (inside pet houses or through G-Rated Sex, depending on the game) and reproduce.
  • WolfQuest is intended to be child-friendly note  so all animal models preserve modesty. The male bison models do have a tuff of fur on their stomach that is usually part of their sheaths, but the actual sheath and the rest of the genital area is otherwise not modeled.
  • Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2 poop regularly, and some even squat or lift their tails to do so. Most (except for hippos) have no sign of an orifice for them to poop with, however. In the "Extinct Animals" expansion pack, aurochs cows have visible udders, but no teats.

    Web Comics 
  • In the Mexikid comic "Love in the Time of Flies", Simon shows Pedro what a female pig looks like, but it lacks any genitals despite being shown from the rear.
  • All the animals in Housepets!. The "My Life as a Teenage Squirrel" saga leans heavily towards "they're visible in-universe, but the artist chooses not to show them", although the strip title "Then What Was All That With Grape Eleven Years Ago Huh" acknowledges that this hasn't always been the case (because early Grape had an in-universe Ambiguous Gender).
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Lampshaded when the lizardfolk Gannji complains that he shouldn't have to wear a loincloth: he has a "genital sheathe", meaning it isn't visible 99% of the time anyway.
      Gannji: I've been walking around without pants this entire time!
    • Also played with by the kobold Oracle, who invokes specifically mammalian sexual anatomy to mock Belkar posthumously.
      Welcome to the village of SUCKMYORANGEBALLSHALFLING
  • In Ozy and Millie, Ozy doesn't wear pants and apparently has nothing, except when the annual Running Gag of him losing all his fur happens, in which case he gets covered up in various ways.
    Millie: You can tell his religion by looking at him.
    Isolde: Um...
    Millie: You know, 'cause he has no hair, like a Buddha statue. Why, what did you think I meant?

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • In Adventure Time, there's a strange partial aversion with chickens, which show an indentation and scrunching where their cloacas should be, but only while shooting eggs out and for a second after.
  • The Adventures of Cippi mostly plays it straight, except in episode 3 where Cippi's anus is visible as simply a small hole.
  • Averted with Almost Naked Animals. The duck (among others) has nipples.
  • The Rex family from The Amazing World of Gumball. Everyone else mostly is of a Non-Humans Lack Attributes type.
  • Animaniacs (2020) plays this straight for reused animal styles from the original series, but puts rather large x anuses on both the "buns" and the cat in the Halloween episode.
  • Averted in an episode of Being Ian, a seagull's anus is clearly seen before flying away. Bird poop can be seen falling from the top of the screen seconds later.
  • In Code Lyoko, Odd's dog Kiwi is a rather extreme aversion, having not just a stylized anus, but also both balls and a sheath.
  • The cow who appears at the end of the 1953 Goofy cartoon, "For Whom the Bulls Toil" has udders. This is notable because this cartoon was made when the The Hays Code was in effect.
  • In Gloria's House, Gloria's cat has a stylized anus drawn as an 'x,' but despite being a male cat, is never drawn with balls or a sheath.
    • A major aversion occurs in the episode "I Wanna Go Home" that nearly gets Millicent into peril when she finds out that a black-and-white cow with huge udders is actually a black-and-white bull with a huge pink scrotum.
  • Kaeloo: Averted in some episodes, where anuses of the Funny Animal cast can be seen.
  • Kid Cosmic: Averted with Tuna Sandwich the cat, as he's drawn with an (x-shaped) anus.
  • Rufus the naked mole rat from Kim Possible. Note that he's a NAKED mole rat.
  • The genital side of this trope is averted with the horses in King of the Hill.
  • Looney Tunes: In Bully for Bugs, the bull is notably lacking testicles, despite how prominent they'd realistically be. Chuck Jones stated he wanted to make the bull anatomically correct, not to be dirty or as an attempt at realism, but because they would only add to the feeling of bulk of the massive animal.
  • My Little Pony 'n Friends has a rather strange aversion with a bull in The End of Flutter Valley whose very prominent, realistic sheath only shows up while charging.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magicnote , attention is constantly inadvertently drawn to their lack of attributes by perpetually raised tails and frequent use of from-behind perspectives.
    • The episode "The Best Night Ever" plays with this trope. When Spike wants to be let into Rarity's boutique while the ponies are getting ready for the Grand Galloping Gala, she objects by stating they're "getting dressed", to which Applejack immediately points out that they normally don't wear clothes anyway.
    • In the episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", Rainbow Dash wakes up Fluttershy early so that they aren't too late to get cider. Rainbow Dash pulls down the covers she's holding up over her, causing her to blush and cover her chest with her forelegs, even though she has no visible genitals or mammaries (which would all be at the other end of her torso) (and they're all almost always nude anyway).
    • It gets played for laughs again in "Make New Friends but Keep Discord": After the Smooze covers Rarity in slime, Discord uses a vacuum to suck the slime off, removing her dress with it. Rarity's response is to cover herself and slink away, despite the fact that there's nothing to cover. Though Rarity being Rarity, it's easy to believe that she wasn't embarrassed so much about her nudity as being seen without a dress at a high-society event.
    • "Father Knows Beast" plays with it the hardest, having Sludge strike a seductive pose and then stand up, with only a robe over his top half. Twilight finds it rather hard to not notice his crotch, and the camera shows a perspective from between his legs, with a part of the background actually looking like male parts.
  • The Oblongs:
    • Zig-Zagging Trope with the miniature horses in one episode; the horses lack genitals, but they have anuses that look like the letter "x".
    • Averted with the dog Scottie, who has both a visible anus and sheath. No testicles are shown, but since he's a dog, he could just be neutered.
  • The cow in the Private Snafu cartoon, "Chow Hound", has udders. This cartoon was made during The '40s, when The Hays Code was in effect. However, since Snafu cartoons are US military training cartoons, The Hays Code didn't have an effect on them.
  • While generally played straight in Samurai Jack, one scene in the final episode required Jack to find milk for a lost baby boy, leading to a few depictions of female animals with visible udders, although his attempts to milk the wild animals were not entirely successful.
  • Partial aversion in the Sanjay and Craig episode "A Tail of Two Slithers". As the yak leaps over a gate near the end of the episode, his anus can be seen for a couple of frames.
  • Annie/Bigette the goat, a recurring character in The Smurfs, has udders.
  • Splash and Bubbles: The two titular fish characters are occasionally seen from below and one song even shows a close-up of their anal fins, yet they don't have any sort of anus. Justified, since it's a kids show.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • Played straight with the laser puppies Star summons in "Star Comes to Earth", who have heart symbols under their tails where their butt-holes would go.
    • Averted with the goat/pig hybrids kept by the citizens of Mewni in "Diaz Family Vacation", which have visible anuses. However, later on it's played straight with them in "Here to Help", which may have something to do with how the scene has Star spanking them.
  • The short-lived, obscure MTV series "Where My Dogs At?" averts this hard and in spades. The show's two central protagonists, Buddy and Woof, a beagle and a bulldog, respectively, have very prominent and visible anuses and testicles. Kinda surprising for a show that aired in the early afternoon and with a TV-PG rating.

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