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To streamline the page, both Mushi Productions (虫プロダクション; in both its 1961-1973 & 1977-present incarnations) and Tezuka Productions (手塚プロダクション) will be on the same page.

Established in 1961 after his contract for Toei Animationnote  expired, Mushi Productions is an Anime company established by renowned Manga artist Osamu Tezuka. The companies (both Mushi and Tezuka Pro) are best known for adapting his works into animation, though the first incarnation of Mushi was also Rankin/Bass Productions' overseas partner for a while. Many household names of the early anime industry started their career as Tezuka-disciples in Mushi Pro, including highly influential directors such as Yoshiyuki Tomino, Osamu Dezaki and Rintaro, who all shaped the Anime of The '70s to considerable degree.

Between 1962 (the year Astro Boy went into production) to 1968, Tezuka himself headed the studio and give the company to the husband and wife duo of Hideaki & Yoko Hatta and lead director Osamu Dezaki in 1969. This persisted until the studio bankruptcy in 1973. By then, Dezaki, along with Masao Maruyama, Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Rintaro had left to establish Madhouse (in 1972). Everyone else that played a big part of Mushi also left to form other studios (see below), Tezuka himself forming Tezuka Pro shortly after. The company reopened in 1977 by Hideaki & Yoko Hatta, who then left in 1981 to establish Kyoto Animation.

The studio is well-regarded for producing both commercial series such as Astro Boy and deeply uncommercial avant-garde works such as Belladonna of Sadness.

More credits can be found on Anime News Network. See also Animation Staff Room, Sunrise, Group TAC, Studio Shaft, Studio Live, Studio Gallop, APPP, Studio Pierrot, Tama Productions, Nakamura Productions, AIC, Knack Productions, Grouper Productions, and the above mentioned Madhouse and Kyoto Animation, studios established by former animators of the company after the initial bankruptcy.

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Alternative Title(s): Tezuka Productions