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Studio Live (スタジオ ライブ), established in 1976, is an animation studio founded by renowned animator Toyoo Ashida. Most of their work consists of subcontracting to other studios as well as pre-production in areas such as character design, technical direction, and script writing. They are largely infamous for the atrocious animation for the OVA Roots Search. However, they've also worked on such notable anime as Sailor Moon, Space Battleship Yamato (3rd series), Case Closed, and Magical Princess Minky Momo.


A complete list can be seen on Anime News Network.

Other Anime Studio Live has worked on include:

As main studio

As Support


  • The Transformers

Tropes Associated with Studio Live:

  • Off-Model: A lot of their OVA work. Roots Search is possibly the worst offender. Kanzenshuu also discusses how abysmal their work on DBZ was in comparison to either Seigasha, Studio Junio, Studio Cockpit or Toei themselves. Cosprayers also fits this trope rather nicely.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Studio Live animators Hiromi Matsushita and Kazuko Tadano were the inspiration for Sailor Moon episode 21's Victim of the Week Hiromi Matsuno and her friend Kazuko Tadashita. Both Matsushita and Tadano worked on Sailor Moon, Tadano as the original character designer.
  • Signature Style: Their artwork, especially in more recent years, involves a lot of sharp points and definition in the faces.