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Tama Productions (タマ・プロダクション) was an animation studio founded by former Mushi Productions animator Eiji Tanaka in 1965. During their life, Tama mostly provided additional work for other studios (including Walt Disney Animation Japan, Warner Bros. and Madhouse) before they went out of business in 2011. Their successor, a companion studio known as drop (ドロップ, established in 2004), would take their spot, but eventually fell into the same fate as Tama in late 2018.

See Anime Workshop Basara, a studio founded by former Tama employee Shinichi Suzuki.

See also Jade Animation, a partner of theirs for many The Disney Afternoon shows and Golden Bell and Hong Ying, who've worked with them on several anime.

Projects worked on by Tama/drop (Stuff with Jade maked with *)

Western Animation - Disney, Tama

Western Animation - Other

Anime, Tama

Anime, drop

More credits can be found here and here

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