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"It's time you learned who you picked a fight with!"
Yamamoto Yohko

Based on novels by Shoji Takashi, Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko is a sci-fi anime series featuring female characters. Set in the future, wars are fought differently, unlike how war originally was, which is people killing people for territory. These kinds of wars are competitive wars in which no one dies. The main protagonist of the series is Yohko Yamamoto, a girl from the 20th century who is what you call a Gamer Chick.

The show lasted on two OVA's and a 26 episode TV series which has never seen an English release of any form in North America, and the light novels were rereleased as of 2010.



  • Alternate Universe: The Chronos system, while often treated as a conventional time travel device, actually links alternate universes.
  • Always Someone Better: Madoka strives to be beat Yohko, but always end up as second to her. Whether in studies, sports, even as a pilot.
  • Audible Gleam: Whenever Madoka's giant forehead rears itself, it's accompanied by one of these.
  • Catchphrase: Each pilot has one consisting of "(Ship Name/Model Number), (Character Name), (Personal Phrase)!". Yohko's, for example, is "Super Strike TA-29, Yamamoto Yohko, Get ready! Go!"
  • Colourful Theme Naming: The four sisters of the Red Snappers have names that mean red in different languages.
  • Exty Years from Publication: For the TV series, at least; released in 1999, set in 1999 and 2999.
  • Forehead of Doom: Madoka's forehead frequently reflects light, complete with sound effects.
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  • Forgot the Call: The first episode of the TV series has Yohko suffering from this and believing herself to be an ordinary high school girl. She gets better.
  • Gamer Chick: Yohko. Her skill at video games was one of the main reasons why she ended up being suited to spaceship battles.
  • Grail in the Garbage: The second OVA episode features a crane game in the resort the characters visit. One of the prizes is a planetary system, and a particularly valuable one at that. The rest of the episode features the main characters fighting the Red Snappers for the right to claim the prize. Eventually a random kid wins it.
  • Mile-Long Ship
    • One might think that the ships are just small fighters, given that they have a single pilot and engage is space dogfights. But they're actually huge; the TA series Terra uses are easily more then ten times the length of a Boeing 747.
    • The Estanatrech is the size of a city, essentially being a mobile starbase. It doesn't count as The Battlestar because it doesn't have its own weaponry.
  • Non-Lethal Warfare: All girls do battle with their spaceships. When defeated, they get transported out of the spaceship without getting killed.
  • Old-School Dogfight: The way the fights are conducted between pilots, complete with what looks like atmospheric braking despite being in space. Even odder considering the actual scale of the ships.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: Yohko's male clone, Yohsuke. Yohsuke is actually a Bifauxnen at first, but after a certain plot point happened, Yohsuke did indeed turn into a male. Madoka wasn't amused by the revelation (that Yohsuke's a she).
  • Planet Spaceship: The third episode of the first OVA has a huge ship that's thousands of kilometers long. It's powered by a miniature black hole that has become unstable and is threatening to destroy Earth if the ship reaches it.
  • Space Fighter: The starships of the title. Their scale is deceptive, though; while they may look like small fighters, in the first episode of the second OVA, the TA ships are sent back to 1999, and we see that they're hundreds of meters long. Yohko's TA-29 is nearly the size of an entire airport.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: Yohko goes through one in the TV series after her team battles the Red Snappers for the first time and loses. She quits and declares she'll never go back to the future again, but after seeing Ayano get hurt both emotionally and physically because of her actions and Ayano's drive to continue being a pilot, she decides to return.
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Yohko and Pocky; Yohsuke and beef sausages.
  • Years Too Early: In the first OVA, after Rouge describes how she'll crush the new TERRA pilot, Yohko enters proclaiming that she's 5,670,000,000 years too early to say that. During the match Rouge says that TERRA are 100,000 years too early to catch them.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Much like her namesakenote , Yohko's Super Strike has one, called the Ever Black cannon. In the TV series it's shown that Rouge's Red Snappers Superior has one too, called the Ultimate Impulse Cannon, and is of comparable or possibly equal power.