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WMG / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S6 E14 "Stranger Than Fan Fiction"

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Quibble Pants will turn out to be the Fan Hater mentioned in the synopsis
He has the Meaningful Name, and his knowledge of the books is a perfect setup for a Bait-and-Switch. He will reveal himself as an Obsessed Hater immediately after the clip in the preview.
  • Check, although it turns out he is stubbornly convinced that the Daring Do books underwent Seasonal Rot after the third one.
The episode will end with the hater liking Daring Do
Probably just to have a The Complainer Is Always Wrong trope which is popular in idealistic cartoons.

Alternatively, the hater will turn out to be a fan playing The Gadfly.

  • Check, Quibble Pants accepts that the action-oriented Daring Do is a perfectly valid mare to idolize instead of the intelligent Daring Do.
    • Although he still doesn't like the newer books. He just accepts that they're valid.
Daring Do herself will be the Fan Hater
She hates what she feels her fictional counterpart has become in the hooves of others - a commercialized icon used by vendors to sell all kinds of merchandise (like the 'edu-vacation' seen in the preview), or used shamelessly by 'worshipers' like Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants in badly written/wildly inaccurate fanfiction.
  • Nope. See above.
Rainbow won't be able to talk about her own involvement in Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny
Either A.K. Yearling or her publisher will be at the convention and will make sure that Rainbow doesn't tell anypony the truth behind the books.
  • Check, although it's basically self-enforced.
Caballeron and/or Ahuizotl will crash the convention
Daring Do (if present; if not, then Rainbow Dash) will be forced to reveal that yes, everything in the books has been Real After All.
  • Wrong, Caballeron only abducts Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants.
Quibble Pants' and/or Rainbow Dash's detailed knowledge of the Daring Do books will be critically useful later in the episode
The exchange between Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants in the preview would seem to suggest that this sort of plot element might come into play.
  • In a sense. Quibble's extensive familiarity with the type of puzzles Daring Do used to regularly deal with in her earlier adventures becomes very useful for solving the puzzle with the seven doors.
A bit of a post-episode WMG: The seven-sided chest will play an important role later this season. After all, the puzzle needed to solve it depicted seven doors with seven ponies; said ponies match our mane 7 race make up. Is this a coincidence or foreshadowing?
Given the chest's connection to the
Aztec Mythology Creation Myth, it probably isn't coincidence.

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