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"I know it would be better to give up the booze, fags and birds, but life would be so boring, wouldn't it?"

Terry Scott (born as Owen John Scott, 4 May 1927 — 26 July 1994) was an English actor and comedian, known for his memorable appearances in the Carry On film series, the BBC TV show Terry and June, and voicing Penfold on Danger Mouse. When World War II finished, he left the navy and began appearing in Butlins' seaside comedy acts with other comedians, before he was approached by the BBC, and appeared as bit characters on their comedy shows and radio plays.

One of his first films was on one of the St. Trinian's movies in 1957, and later made a cameo in Carry On Sergeant, followed by seven other films in the Carry On series throughout the late 1960s and '70s. In between films, he continued to appear on TV, particularly alongside Carry On regular June Whitfield in Happy Ever After and popular series Terry & June, as well as starring in The Gnomes of Dulwich and providing the voice for Penfold in Danger Mouse.

Terry married twice, firstly to a dancer in 1949, and then another woman in the 1957, having 5 children within the two marriages. His life spiralled out of control when his health began to decline in the 1980s, and Terry & June was cancelled. This led to a breakdown, in which he admitted having affairs behind his second wife's back, who filed for divorce just when he discovered that he was dying from cancer, eventually dying in misery in 1994.

Let's hope that he's finally at peace now.

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Shows Examples Of

  • Ascended Extra: Could be seen like this when it came to the Carry On series. Had one scene in Carry On, Sergeant as an uncredited sergeant, and returned nine years later to be one of the main characters in Carry On Up the Khyber.
  • Bumbling Sidekick: Terry seems to be type-cast with this trope, whether playing a Carry On character or Penfold from Danger Mouse.
  • Creator Breakdown: Had this after his sitcom was cancelled.
  • Happily Married: To his second wife, until nearing the end of his life when she found his affairs and divorcing him as he was dying.
  • invoked No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Terry didn't want the news of his affairs going to the newspapers, considering that would terminate his public view of being a family man, but the media probably thought they were doing him a favor, given that he wasn't acting on TV at the time.
  • Secretly Dying: In his last few years, he still did the voice acting for Penfold.
    • When he was developing paralysis, he still did his stand-up and Terry and June in a neck brace.
  • Trauma Conga Line: His fall from grace was a very bumpy one. The BBC dropped his show, followed by his body deteriorating, a failed operation on his brain tumor, a divorce, and finding out he was dying.