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Naomi Grace Scott (born 6 May 1993 in Hounslow, London) is a British actress and singer.

Scott is currently best known for portraying Kimberly Hart in Power Rangers (2017) and Princess Jasmine in the live action remake of Aladdin, which followed earlier roles in various television works.

Selected filmography:



  • Invisible Division (2014)
  • Promises (2016)


She provides examples of:

  • Actor-Shared Background: Her mother is a Uganda-born Indian and her father is white and English. Her roles tend to reflect this as well, as she has been cast as characters with both Indian and Anglo names.
  • Fake Nationality: In Lemonade Mouth and Power Rangers, she portrays American high school students and in Aladdin she portrays a royal of a Middle Eastern kingdom, albeit a fictional one that seems to include some very light Indian elements. Charlie's Angels (2019) also has her play the American Elena.